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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> > and... . >> i'm kath turner in new york. the world's leaders are here for the united nations general
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assembly, which should mean a captive audience, but who is listening - the rules are not the same for every country. >> the top story on this newshour - thousands of protesters rally in sudan to voice anger at the rising cost of fuel and other commodities. human rights groups say 50 have been killed in recent days. harriet martin has the story. >> this is the reaction of sudan security forces against some of the people protesting here on friday. gunfire is heard as demonstrators run for safety. it is a city 140km south-east of the capital. >> in carr toum demonstrators called for the downfall of the government. this protester explains how they
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ran from bullets. >> it was not a case of authorities trying to disperse peaceful protests, but trying to injure and kill protesters. they shot into the side street, ammunition. >> the protest began monday, after the government cut fuel sub-sidies. the price of petrol and cooking gas doubled. >> sudan lost 70% of petrol revenue when it gained independence. crude oil is the main source of income. the government says cutting fuel subsidies is a way of saving moneys, maintaining that protesters has a right to voice anger, but will not stand for violencism. >> we are expecting the administration - this is usual, it happens in every country that has reforms. this happens.
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we said that. it's not administration, it's exactly some sort of riot, some sort of attacking of people, burning shops and stealing and taking action. >> hundreds of people have been arrested - mostly on charges of vandalism. the rallies are the biggest against the government of omar balashir since june. property has been destroyed, and many have been killed. how many is disputed. the government acknowledged the deaths of 33 protesters. human rights groups say at least 50 have been killed and accused the government of using excessive force. medical sources reveal the actual number of people killed is higher. >> that was harriet's report from khartoum and joins me live.
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hundreds arrested. many have been killed. there has been considerable tension in kharthoum. i wonder if there'll be more protests today. >> it's a strange city to be in. lots of things that are not normal over the last few days appeared to go back to normal. more people were on the streets, cars on the streets, buses running. there were no longer long queues at petrol stations. there was panic that the petrol stations were being burned and displays diminished. there was more demonstrations. an estimated 3,000 people turned up to the furniture of a pharmacist killed yesterday in the protest. very much it's a med pattern here, but protesters continuing today. >> i wonder if the protests are changing shapes.
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correct me, but initially they were about fuel subsidies, rising costs of commodities, especially food, because of the lifting of the fuel subsidies, but have the demonstrations changed, the focus and target changed? >> yes, i think over the last 24 hours what we have very much seen is a total focus now on bringing down this government. there's much more targeted messages coming out of the demonstrations and protesters. we saw the head of the parties talking about the need for a transitional government and constitution. there has been a shift in the last few days away from the issue of the fuel subsidies being lifted which was, indeed, the trigger at the beginning of the week for the demonstrations. >> during the demonstrations, if they were to continue in the light of the fact that the
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government is using live ammunitions which could either take the people and protesters off the street or provoke further trouble. >> well, just judging today from the number of people that attended the funeral of this young pharmacist, it certainly seems that there's a large number of people who have not been put off. of course, these deaths are incredibly shocking. it's the first time in the history of regime, which has been in power for 24 years, that the number of people have been killed in street demonstrations, so that is a disincentive for people in khartoum and elsewhere in sudan. >> thank you, harriet martin. >> coming back to europe. supporters of greece's far right golden dawn are protesting in athens. they are angry at the arrest of several mps and senior members of the party, including the
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leader, charged with forming a criminal organization. authorities began an investigation after a member murdered an antifascist rapper. before the killing golden dawn was popular, entering parliament for the first time in 2012, and won 21 seats by capitalising on the financial crisis and rising crime rates. golden dawn won 18 out of 300 seats in last year's elections. the country is suffering high unemployment, a rate of 27%. opponents described anti-immigration policies as neo-nazis and says golden dawn islinged to 150 racial attacks. >> let's go to john psaropoulos for the latest developments in athens. it's strange that mps can be arrested. what happened to parliamentary privilege, john? >> there is parliamentary immunity, but it can be lifted by a vote of the body poll tick.
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it has been lifted and there has been precedence. there has been cases where mps asked for immunity, asylum, so charges could be cleared and rumours against them. in this case there'll be no hindrance to the police and the prosecutorial authorities to proceed with the charges because of the seriousness of them. they are criminal charges, and we don't yet know the full charge sheet. we know only that the main charge concerns participation in a criminal organization. the fact that the police force used its counterterrorism unit to investigate and prosecute the cases shows the seriousness with which the police are dealing with them. at the same time we don't yet know the full constitutional, if you will, implications of mps arrested while they are in office. from what we have heard from the constitutional lawyers in greece, their political status is not affected until they are
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convicted. at that point they have to step down as mps and by-elections have to be held. political implications of this trial or several that may follow may overtake events. some people are talking about a general election being necessary to clear the air. >> i don't know how many seats they won in 2012 - one party says 18, another says 21. if they had won anywhere between 18 and 21 seats in parliament, there must be a broad spectrum of support for the party. >> they hold 18 seats at the moment. five mps are in the hands of police, and one more is being sought after. the attitude of the party, i think, is basically to pollittisise the issue, and this is the statement made by one of the mps presenting himself outside police headquarters. he said that the rotten political establishment has taken out a contract against a
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legitimate political party and we are witnessing the execution of that contract. he says it's proven by the arrest of the general secretary while all the other party lead erts circulate free -- leaders, circulate freely. responsibility lies with the rotten establishment. he said golden dawn is here, it is not in prison, it's an idea. they'll go down fighting. they are trying to make as much political capital, that they are being ganged up on. they are trying to say this is proof that we are a truly free political movement, not subject to the shackles of the rest of the political establishment. >> john psaropoulos in athens. thank you, john. >> iran's president has gone home to a mixed reception after his historic phone call with the u.s. president obama. an egg was thrown at hassan rouhani's car as he left
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tehran's airport and people chanted anti-american slogans, but others gathered to show support. hassan rouhani and president obama's call was the first contact between leaders of the countries in more than three decades. >> the iranian president arrived home from the trip to the united states to a mixed reception. at the airport schoolchildren, iranian supporters of hassan rouhani, his diplomatic efforts in the united states, cheering for the president as well, calling him the envoy of peace. among that crowd of a couple of hundred witnesses say there was hardliners, members of the paramilitary who apparently hurled eggs at the president and at his car as he left the airport. they were charging death to america, and other kinds of slogans. according to the reports a member was almost run over by the president's motor cade.
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investigations are underway. after that historic trip to the united states speaking at the u.n. general assembly returning home to not only well-wishers, but people with a different message for president hassan rouhani. >> lots more to come on the newshour from doha, including some spurning for egypt's commander in chief to run for president. and - cooking up a fresh start. a new scheme in japan is helping convicts move on from their criminal path, out of cells into conviction. >> and the latest scores from white hart lane. the latest scores and results in sport. >> the united nations has agreed on a resolution to destroy syria's chemical weapons arsenal after weeks of negotiations.
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the 15-member security council voted unanimously in support of a deal put forward by the u.s. and russia. james bays has had report from the u.n. haurs in new york. >> three weeks ago military action in syria seemed close. >> i'll put the draft resolution to the vote. >> for now a different outcome. a unanimous vote by 15 security council members to authorise the disarmament of syria's chemical weapon arsenal. a resolution based on the deal drawn up by the u.s. and russia. >> together the world with a single voice for the first time is imposing binding obligations on the assad regime, requiring it to get rid of weapons that had been used to devastating effect as tools of terror. >> his russian counterpart made it clear what this is not. >> translation: resolution does not fall under chapter vii of the u.n. charter, and does not allow for use of coercive use of
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measures of enforcement. >> there was plenty of talk about what happened after the meeting, talk of trying to stop the war, and a new date for the much delayed geneva peace conference. >> we have agreed, it has been expressed by the secretary-general that the aid - i don't remember the wording - was mid november. >> the problem with that is that the sirrian opposition never said they'll attend the gepp -- geneva conference, and the syrian regime demands that bashar al-assad be president no matter what happiness. the original conference was set for june, during the delay thousands more syrians have died. >> another earthquake hit south-west pakistan. it's the second in a week. this one was 7.2 magnitude and was centered in the balochistan region. they are dealing with the
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aftereffect of tuesday's earthquake, killing 500. >> kamal hyder reports from where that quake first hit. >> even though the district of awaran and the adjoining areas saw 16 aftershocks after the deadly earthquake on tuesday, the government is now reporting that this particular earthquake was a new one. the epicentre this time, south-east of iran, and we are told that it was at a depth of about 14km, which would make is a considerably strong earthquake. we are getting preliminary reports that there may have been damages to villages in the adjoining districts as well. we are trying to assess the situation to see whether there are reports of casualties. so far we have been receiving reports of damage, but there is still no official confirmation. the earthquake was, indeed, felt in the city of karachi, where
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people were forced to come out of high-rise buildings, and the assembly of balochistan was meeting and had to be evacuated. indeed yet another powerful earthquake. it happened in less than a week from that earthquake in iran. >> voting has started in givenee in the first democratic -- guinea in the first democratic election since 1958. the lead up to the poll has been marred by violence. 50 people have been estimated to have died. the election has been a long time coming. in 2010 there were violence when they were supposed to have been held. they've been cancelled five times. the opposition accused the electoral commission to have an advantage. lists of voters and polling
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station have been manipulated. the african union has been monitoring the elections and says most problems have been resolved. we have more from givenee's capital. >> thousands of guineans showed up to cast their ballots in the historic election. there's a first democratic parliamentary election to take place since the country's independence from france in 1958. at these polling stations there has been technical hitches. initially the polling station opened slightly late. there was an issue with ballot papers. some electoral officials complained of there being not enough ink. it seems things are a little more organised and people are getting the chance to vote. >> everyone taking part in the election has to present a voter's id card for verification once in the booth. after doing that they go to this gentleman who has the ballot
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papers. there are 22 candidates running to be mp for this area. after they pick up a ballot paper, they take it over to the booth where they privately choose the candidate that they'll vote for. it's a little bit of a challenge because literacy rates in this country are low. 72% of people are illiterate. after picking up the ballot paper, chosen a candidate, they come to the ballot box and cast a vote. >> the head of egypt's military is a focus of a number of grass-roots campaigns who wanted to run for presidency. >> the general oversaw the crack down on the muslim brotherhood, leading to more than 1,000 being killed. our correspondent who won't be named for security reasons. >> you can sake general abdul-fattah el-sisi in milk, plain or crunchy. some want him to be the next
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president. the head of the armed forces is attracting a cult following. >> so many are happy to serve a strong man. we have that culture, if general abdul-fattah el-sisi comes to power, without the political training, i am worried he'll fall into that trap. >> there are at least five separate campaigns calling for general abdul-fattah el-sisi to run for president. this is a country that has been controlled by the military for almost 60 years. the only interruption was the year-long presidency of the democratically elected mohamed morsi, who was deposed by the military at the beginning of july. not everyone wants general abdul-fattah el-sisi to replace him. >> translation: who in the political arena is suitable to be president? who can people trust to hand over the country. this is not the time to experiment with new political leaders, it will lead to the loss of our country.
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>> the growing admiration for general abdul-fattah el-sisi reminds some of al-masa who ruled from 1956 to 1970. he was popular but led a government responsible for wide-spread human rights abuses. >> general abdul-fattah el-sisi is willing to accept his crack down on the muslim brotherhood, in which at least 1,000 people have been killed. >> it's the fear of the future, fear of the change, fear of the instability that the country has seen, a lack of security. they believe, because they have been kept in the dark for so long, so they believe the exceptional measures that have been taken by the military are the solution for the problems they are facing at the moment. >> general abdul-fattah el-sisi said he will not run for president, but his supporters think he can be persuaded. for them a change of heart would be, well the icing on the cake. >>
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>> tunisia's government says it plans to resign after talks with the opposition next week. negotiations are aimed at forming a caretaker administration and getting ready for elections. supporters of all political parties took to the streets in recent months pressing for change. >> japan's reoffending rates are rising. the trend is being partly blamed on social stigma and a lack of government support for released prisoners. a group of men is giving former convicts a chance to change their futures. >> making a new start in life is never easy. in japan starting again after serving time in prison can be difficult. that's what this man is doing. gaoled for theft, distanced from his family, he was offered a deal by the owner of a restaurant train - training, job, support - as long as he was open about his past.
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>> translation: i told my boss i was okay with it. that is because what happened is bad, having to hide it would make me suffer. my boss told me that. they know about me. i thought i could use it to put pressure on myself not to make the same mistake again. >> his boss is taking part in a pilot program where businesses recruit from prisons in an attempt to challenge a social stigma and break the cycle of offending. it's the first such scheme in japan. >> translation: i, myself, didn't have an academic background. i was not talented and didn't have motivation. vi become who i am today. when i look back it was because so many supported me along the way. >> japan's capacity for supporting ex-convicts is patchy at best. recovery centres for drug users, the most likely to reoffend are full. while it government wants to see more offenders put on propro --
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probags. the rate of people going back to prison since 1977 have increased. the problem, say many, is a lack of support once back in society. >> translation: the number of crimes have been decreasing. there are crimes that remain. when you look at it closely 60% of crimes are conducted by 30% of criminals. they are repeat offenders. >> this is not one of them. he has a young family to support and intends to make the most of his second chons chance. >> 21 asylum seekers died after a boat went down off the indonesian coast, headed for christmas island. seven children were amongst the dead.
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rescuers are battling strong currants and high winds and waves in an effort to find dozens more who are missing. >> in australia - firearm are trying to contain a bushfire at a tourist resort north of sydney. eyewitnesss say the blaze developed with flames leaping up to 15 metres high. >> and vietnam is getting ready for a direct hit from electronical storm widdap. the system threatening the provins is heading south-west and is expected to bring winds up to 140kph when this makes land fall. >> let's get more on that and, of course, the rest of the world's weather from steph. >> thank you. let's look at what is going on near vietnam. there's plenty of - wrong way - cloud there.
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it's training its way towards the west as well. from many of us here there has been a lot of cloud and rain over the past few days, including in cam bodia. here are the latest pictures. there's a lot of flood water on the ground. it's affecting tens of thousands of people. the flooding situation is bad. further towards the west, we have got more problems in thailand as well. this region has seen heavy downpours as well. here are the latest pictures there. to the north of bangkok, showing the bad flooding situation we have. things are going to get worse over the next few days because of the storm here. stephen was telling us this is wootip and is it making direct landfall towards vietnam. that's the direction it's headed. but slowly, so we are not expecting it to make landfall until monday. around 12 gmt we are expecting it to hit land. we are specting winds to --
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expecting winds to be sustained at 140kph , making it the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane. that's a 5 point scale. category 1 is the weakest. unfortunately, it will bring us heavy downpours. as we head through sunday, some of the dark blues, that'll be the outer fringes of this storm. you'll see plenty more blues towards the west. as the system pushes in, it will intensify the rains elsewhere as well. for many of us in cam bodia and through thailand where we have seen flooding, we'll see heavy rain. mobilize, of course as we head through monday the storm intensifies further working on to the coast when vietnam will see the worst of the weather. >> u.s. president obama urged republicans in congress to pass the budget on time to avoid a
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government shutdown. barack obama's opponents refuse to approve funding until the obamacare is repealed. >> the u.s. is bracing for a partial shutdown after congress has been unable to pass a spending bill necessary to keep the government operating after 30 september. the u.s. senate passed a funding measure to keep the government running until the middle of november, but stripped the bill of language put in by the house of representative's republicans to end funding to obamacare. from the white house, president obama accused house republicans of political grandstanding, urging them to follow the lead in the senate and approve a spending bill to keep the government open. >> my message to congress is this: do not shut down the government. do not shut down the economy. pass a budget on type. pay our bills on time. >> now, a shutdown would likely result in more than 800,000
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federal employees being forced to stay home from work, possibly without pay, including some members of the u.s. military. nonessential services will close, like passport process, federal parks and museums, and some school lunch programs. there's a chance of averting a shutdown. the bill could be passed. indications are that won't happen unless conditions are attached which are likely to be rejected by democrats in the senate. time is running out. if the congress cannot pass the spending measure by 12am washington time tuesday, a partial shutdown goes in effect. >> more to come on the newshour in the next half hour. >> no need to defect - cuban athletes allowed to play their sport outside cuba. lifting the trophy in tokyo, how a former wimbledon champion has
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a lift up the world
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a former wimbledon champion has a lift up the worla lift up the welcome back to the newshour. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. human rights groups say 50 have been killed in protests in sudan. demonstrations spread across the country after fuel sub siddies were removed monday. >> supporters of greek's golden dawn are protesting outh police headquarters in athens, angry at arrests of members and senior members. >> an earthquake hit south-east pakistan.
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it's the second in a week, 7.2 magnitude, killing 15 people. >> our top headlines story. in the protests in sudan a political analyst, waleed, and is the chairman of the governance bureau, a nongovernmental organization in sudan. welcome to al jazeera. how would you describe what is happening on the streets of sudan? >> i think the government at the beginning tried to reflect - at least in the press conference that the president gave a couple of days ago - he was trying to say it's a budgetary issue. but people are very suspicious of the fact that it's economic governance crisis. >> when you talk about an economic governance crisis - you mean they are angry at the way the economy is being handled and
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they are paying more for food and basic commodities? >> it's more than that. people are fed up with the lies that the regime has been trying to sell to them. >> this is a different story completely. isn't it? >> it's an accumulation of so many factors. people feel that the regime is devoid of moral and political impetus. they fear that they shouldn't be financing the wars, that the regime is launching. the people in the periphery, primarily people from the mountains and other parts, they fear that force is not the only means by which you can resolve political conflicts. these are the very cases that led to the icc issue, where the president became the most wanted criminal in the world planet, and it was an -- whole planet.
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and it was an embarrassment for the sudanese nation that he was denied access to the u.s., so he couldn't lead the delegation that addressed... >> the united nations general assembly. >> absolutely. both people are trapped. the government is trapped because it has already denied legitimacy. observers feel that the group have hijacked the platform. >> a group of ganksters - you are a member of the opposition. >> no, the government itself - the way it's behaving, it's a gang that has hijacked... >> has the gang been in power too long, is that what you are saying? people are not just angry about the lifting the fuel sub-sidies, but using it as a catalyst. >> absolutely. >> as a wider beef with the government? >> whatever legitimacy that the regime gets from political
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islam, they question whether it's a group representative of political islam. >> in which case omar has been around 24 years. >> 24 years. >> if it's time for change, what are the alternatives. >> now we get to the quag mire. for 24 years there hasn't been a proper process. there's a generation missing on political socialisation process. there's a generational issue. politics was governed by social and racial pyramid. that pyramid is in complete demise. the regime left the sudanese no option but to go to the streets. you have a political vacuum. that's the dangerous part of the equation. the government is trapped, it has no way to stay in power, otherwise they are going to take to the iccment the sudanese
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people don't have representative on the ground. political parties are non-existent. courageous men and women had no option but to leave the country, others were coopted and brought in. >> a serious crisis, thank you for joining us, waleed. >> the death toll is expected to rise after an apartment block collapsed in moom buy. rescue worker continued to search for survivors, 35 are dead. it's the third collapse of its kind in mooum bay. >> garment workers in bangladesh clashed with police in big demonstrations. they are complaining about low wages. we have this report from dakar. >> these are workers demanding better wages.
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their salaries are some of the lowest in the world. protests like these have occurred across the country. some are so violent they prompted the government to deploy paramilitary. it closed factories. it brought the garment industry to a near stand still. workers demand the minimum wage be increased to $104 a month. >> translation: how can we get buy. my rent is as high as my salary, mobilize there's understood and other expenses. >> workers earn an initial $38 a month, little more than $1 a day. it's not enough to make ends meet. >> translation: you eat meat once a month. we live on potatos, lentils, sometimes rice and chillies. you can't live on the salary. >> she works for a factory that makes clothes for the big
9:37 am
international brands. >> >> workers make demands for better wages. international demands hint they could shift orders to other countries if it continues. >> this is the vice president of the bangladesh garments manufacturing association. he insists there's pressure from brands to deep the costs low. >> we have to get the salary from the customers. we'll ask them to pay higher prices. we are putting tags on garment $40, but are getting $7. there's room to play. >> translation: we contact the government minister ris in charge of overseeing the ministry and representatives of international brands. they refuse our request for a response: >> the intensity of protests made one thing clear. no matter the argument against
9:38 am
their cause. workers are no longer content to be taken advantage of. >> tens of thousands of people marched through the barr rainy capital in sol darity with an arrested politician. he is held on suspicion of inciting violence. the demonstration followed scuffles between police and demonstrators. domenic cain reports. >> a protest against the arrest of a prominent politician. this was the scene in manamar. tens of thousands marching through the streets in the largest demonstration for meenths. the crowds ex -- months. the crowds expressing solidarity with the opposition party. halil has been in detention since 17 september. he is held on suspicion of inciting violence.
9:39 am
>> translation: they must understand the messages that we are peaceful and will remain peaceful as it started. >> september has seen an increase in arrests across barr rain. over a week ago hundreds gathered for another demonstration in support of halil and masouk. the head of the party had a defiant message. >> translation: we'll stay in the revolution until the end. >> bahrain experienced persistent civil unrest since the arab spring, anupricing against a sunni government was put down. talks between the government and opposition in ensuing years failed to produce results. participation has been suspended in the process now. if these scenes are to be believed, many ordinary people
9:40 am
share their view. >> those are the stories, and now to sport. cuban athletes followed their dream by defecting because a cuban policy banned them from taking part in sport overseas. we have this report from miami. >> cuba produces some of the finest athletes on the planet. major league baseball star, this man set to earn over $40 million. for the cuban government, he detected, with others, to the u.s., and the change of policy allowing cubans to play for foreign teams is seen as an attempt to change that. >> this is ultimately about an effort of the cuban political elite to reinvigorate the
9:41 am
company and reinvent themselves. >> in cuba professional athletes earning around $40 will see wages rise considerably. top baseball players could earn over $200 a month. it's no match for what athletes can earn in the u.s. sports lawyer aaron resnick said current u.s. laws do not allow anyone to do business with cuba, making new policies unclear. >> we don't know what this means. does the cuban government own the athlete? does the athlete own himself? is doing business with an agent from kooub ycuba anything? >> over the years the cuban government denounced the theft of talented athletes who played in the u.s. of late relations appear to have thawed. citizens can travel freely, send
9:42 am
money home and start their own businesses. the latest move comes with tricky caveats. until it's clear that the policy will work, relations remain frayed at best. >> the philippines military says a 3-week standoff in the country's south is over. the siege began in september when gunmen from outlying islands arrived in zamboagna. the rebels, fighting for an independent muslim state planned to hoist their flag at the city hall and took 200 hostage. more than 200 prosecutor killed. 100,000 residents have been displaced by the fighting. >> all hostages have been freed. we have this report from manila. >> there were many reports that came out. different reports came out since the standoff started.
9:43 am
now the philippine government admits that the leader, the moro national liberation front commander is at large. several of its commanders have managed to flee the area where fighting was concentrated. with the crisis over analyst are questioning whether they have managed to account for all the other hostages that are still unacted for at this point. with the crisis being said that it's over, a lot of people are questioning what happened to 100,000 people that have been forced to flee their homes. it's been increasingly a humanitarian crisis for the local government. 100,000 have been displaced. 10,000 homes razed. schools closed and a lot have not gone back to school. the philippine government says it remains to be seen whether a lot of - a lot of analyst say it remains to be seen whether it
9:44 am
means the fighting in zamboagna is over, but whether the pursuit of mlf commanders will be moved elsewhere, in delicate areas, strong holds of the more j national liberation front. >> you are watching the newshour from doha. a sunny paradise with a dark past. why are smaller countries struggling to be heard at this week's u.n. general assembly.
9:45 am
malaysia's pm is accused of
9:46 am
promoting segregation after unviling a program promoting government spending along ethnic lines. he was elected on a claim of equality but it is feared he is is shutting out other communities. andrew thomas reports. >> when elected as prime minister he promised to reverse decades of treating malaysians differently based on eth nifty, he had a catchy sloggon - one malaysia. >> despite shows of unity, he is accused of backtracking. following a controversial election earlier this year, where voting was mainly along ethnic lines, he announced a package of measures for one section of society, people indigenous to malaysia or ethnically malla. they'll be the beneficiaries of an economic empowerment play. >> the malacommunity providing
9:47 am
the majority vote need to be rewarded to show their support was not in vain. he comes in aswujing the party support base. >> some communities need help. there are some communities where poverty is common. new policies will go further soon. >> to me what the prime minister announced is the effect of other policies override the interests of the economy. that's why i say there should be more. >> some say for everything the population gapes, others comparatively lose. >> about a third of malaysia's population is not malay. most are indian or chinese much they won't receive benefits from the plan however poor or disadvantaged they might be.
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>> this video puts current politicians into archived footage to make it look like they were witness to independence. founding leaders stroef for unity. policies that segregate the trade are the statement. >> it makes me feel like what i felt all my life - a second-class citizen. you do what you do in spite of that. >> one malaysia sounds like a policy in keeping with nobodile nobel aims. some thing it will lead to a divided country >> french regulators found proceedings that could fine google. they missed a deadline to change data collection policies. 60 services share people's data. google faces a fine of up to $200,000. similar cases continue in the
9:49 am
u.k., italy and germany. >> iran, syria, nuclear ambitions, and chemical weapons, they dominate the u.n. gemly in new york. there are doze -- general assembly in new york. there are other issues not getting attention. some small countries are finding it hard for their voice to be heard. >> the perfect get away. st vincent's and the grenadines is a carbeenan holiday destination. there are more than one dozens nations in the region that will never escape the dark past. >> native genocide and slavery in the caribbean have awful consequences. >> the atlantic slave trade involves the deportation of 30 million black men, women and children from africa. from the 16th to the 19th century they were sold to trade
9:50 am
slavers, transporting them to north and south america. >> caribbean leaders want compensation from britain, france and the neth and are taking their fight to the nations. the issue figured in the general assembly. >> the need for dialogue on the topic of repatriation. >> suffered by slaves and descendants. >> when u.s. president obama appeared on monday, it was a packed house. mid afternoon on friday president gonsalvez had a different view. the room was about one quarter full. as he spoke... . >> the european nations which involved in... >> it didn't seem like many paid attention. people were burying heads in their electronic devices. european countries involved in the trade slave left seats empty. >> a former diplomat helps
9:51 am
political groups navigate the united nations and other institutions. he knows how the diplomat k game is played. >> big countries say, "yes, we are listening and pay attention to the maldeefs about the future of the porpoise" or whatever issue it is. they have hundreds of diplomats paid to prepare the lines. it doesn't mean they are paying attention. >> the top-down approach to politics is shifting. he is convinced the united nations will be the last place to change much. >> the un is the biggest international body in the world. its sheer size can be an obstacle. they get the most attention. this may not be the best forum for a country with a small voice fighting to be heard. >> time to relax. time for sport with robin. >> thank you. we'll start with football. tottenham are top of the english premier league. spurs with the lead against
9:52 am
chelsea at white hart lane in the 19th minute. john terry got his side level in the second half, heading in on 65 minutes, but as the visitors searched for the winner torres had a second bookable continues. 1-1 the final score. mann city hope to sustain. robin van percy returns from injury. gunners up to eight wins on the trot. >> atletico playing saturday.
9:53 am
atletico haven't defeated their city rivals since 1999. after beating them in the coba del ray they have hope. >> it's an important game, when you have to pay with a strong team. the key for this time - for this type of game is to have confidence, do the best, don't be worried. stay focused and try to play your best. >> from football - the latest tennis. petra kvitova beat angelique kerber to win the pan pacific open title. the former wimbledon champion came back after a second-set meltdown, winning 6-2, 0-6, 6-3, giving her a second win of the year. petra kvitova moves to seventh
9:54 am
in the world rankings, from 11th. >> in bangkok the top four seeds secured a semifinal spot. thailand opened. thomas berdic set up a meeting with gill simone. the other semisees richard gas gay taking on the french player. >> australia aiming to claim their second win of the rugby championship series in a few hours. the wallabies play south africa. the unbeaten new zealand side, argentina ahead of a clash against the pumas. argentina yet to win a match since joining the competition last year. >> tom lewis is the second-round leader at the links championship, shooting 65 at st andrew's. the event is being played over three courses, lewis plays
9:55 am
another round. peter dhoust missed out on shooting the lowest score. >> the new nba season a month away. anticipation is mounting over the returns of the game's biggest name. la lakers star kobe bryant is one. he's been on a promotional tour in dubai, recovering from a torn achilles champion. he injured himself before the playoffs in april, but is not 100% sure whether he'll be ready for the start of new season. >> it's about cutting the recovery time from monday, tough workout to be able to do the same workout tuesday and wednesday, so forth and so on. it's about shortening the recovery time. it should be okay. >> one man that should be forward is chicago bull star,
9:56 am
derrick rose. he tore a left knee anterior cooushiate, missing last season. he's expected to play against indiana next saturday in the opener. >> i'm doing fine, moving around. being in the teams. i'm feeling healthier now. last year was last year. i'm just trying to look forward and this is the new star, starting with today. >> major league baseball the st louis cardinals climped the national central title. a home run rounded up the scoring for the card analyse thrashing the cubs 7-0. this victory gives them a first national league title for four years. the pittsburgh pirates are headed to the playoffs, beating cincinnati reds 4-1, pedigree ra
9:57 am
alvanez hitting a winner. >> pittsburgh pirates take on the minnesota vikings in the first of two international series games to be played at wembley. the steelers and vikings are yet to win a game this season. >> if you look at records, yes. for us every game is a must-win. people want to throw the must-win term around. every game is a must-win. that's the way we approach it during the week and sunday. this week will be no different. we are in a different country. >> all of the day's big sports stories on the website. tennis, football, golf there for you. that's it for now. thank you for watching. more later. >> looking forward particularly to the rugby championship games coming up in the next few hours. in the next half hour - that
9:58 am
will be me. stay with us.
9:59 am
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you're watching al jazeera america. here are the stories we are following. an international team will be in syria as early as tuesday to catalogue and destroy the country's chemical weapons. the u.n. security council voted unanimously for syria's chemical weapons to be destroyed by the middle of next year. if syria does not comply the security council would approve military action, but it would require a separate resolution. >> president obama and iran's president hassan rouhani spoke in a phone call, the first time since 1979. benyamin netanyahu will meet withre


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