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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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running out of time and out of options. congress moves a step closer to a government shutdown as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle stake out their claim. spoiler alert. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu comes to america to discuss the smoke screen that he says iran's president used to fool western powers. paying to get paychecks. many low-wage workers are losing money every single time they get their checks. and threading a needle at 100 miles per hour. now, we'll show you how this daredevil stunt am ca -- came ta screeching halt.
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good morning. in the al jazeera america. we're one step closer to a government shutdown, and late saturday night house republicans passed a spending bill that would delay the affordable care act by at least one year. the bill will be sent to the senate where democrats have vowed to reject it. president obama promised to veto any legislation that strips him of his health plan. more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the house of representatives passed a spending bill largely along party lines to keep the federal government funded and operating through mid-december. it has big strings attached. first of all, it will delay implementation of the federal health care law known as obamacare by one year. it would also repeal a medical device sales tax. while that tax is controversial,
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some say it is necessary to help pay for the health care law. another bill passed unanimously, and this one would ensure that members of the military get their paychecks even if the federal government shuts down. the action now goes back to the senate in this game of legislative ping-pong. the senate is unlikely to pass or express any interest in the bill to fund the government because of the strings attached related to the federal health care law. the senate may have more of an interest in the legislation that would ensure members of the military get their pay, but even if they do, that stent take care of the big, looming question which is how they come to terms with the other side of the congress and figure out a way to get a spending bill pushed through both bodies before monday at midnight. that's the deadline when the federal government has to go into partial shutdown mode if congress can't come to an agreement. >> now, some lawmakers tossing around terms like "high noon"
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and others compare it to past wars, the bitterness of the house debate on saturday night did not bode well for compromise. let's take a listen. >> alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson hated each other so much, but that hate that they had for each other did not come before the love of their country. your hate for this president is coming before the love of your country because if you loved this country you would not be closing it down! >> if we were to blame this just on the tea party or some extreme group, we would be ignoring history. this government has been shut down 17 times, mr. speaker, and 13 of those times it was when a democrat was in that chair. >> if a shutdown does happen, not all government programs would be affected. entitlement programs would continue including medicare, medicaid and social security. the tsa screeners and border
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patrol officers would also keep working. however, 800,000 federal workers in other agencies would be put on leave. passport and visa applications wouldn't get processed and national parks and museums would closed. you thought your facebook page was private. think again. new documents leaked by edward snowden show that the nsa has been collecting data map out people's connections on social media. documents reported by "the new york times" show that since 2010 the nsa has used vast amounts of phone and internet data to figure out just who is connected to whom and to what extent. they report by analyzing the data, they can find details about online friends and can even pinpoint an individual's location at any given time. it can also know who a person travels with, and the nsa further analyzes the data by
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plugging in possible available information from bank codes, voter registration, tax data and much more. an internal bulletin revealed they took in 700 phone records per day in 2011. by august of that year it had 1.1 billion cell phone records every single day. a new report says poor communication is partly to blame for the deaths of 19 arizona firefighters in june. they found inadequate radio communication caused 33 minimum fits of ra silence, and the blackout happened just moments before firefighters were taken over by flames. the findings rerealed that an air tanker carrying retardant was hovering overhead right when the firefighters died. >> not all facts are known or will be known. even after in hiin-depth analys some questions won't be answered. it reconstructed the events and developed conclusions and
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learning discussions based on information available to obtain. >> officials say there's no indication that emergency crews were reckless, negligent or violated protocol. an explosion in pakistan left at least 38 people dead or more than 100 injured. police say a bomb exploded in a market in the northwestern city of pashawar a week after a double-suicide bombing that killed at least 80 at a church. on friday 17 people were killed when a bus carrying government employees were bombed. in syria 15 high school students are dead and several others injured after their school was hit by government shelling. this comes just days after a car bomb exploded outside a mosque that killed 30 syrians. meanwhile, international experts are planning to start inspections of syria's chemical weapons arsenal by tuesday. the u.n. security council voted unanimously on friday on a resolution to secure and destroy syria's chemical weapons. president obama and u.n.
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officials praised the approval. we have more from the turkey/syria border. >> reporter: speaking to syrian activists inside syria, many of them express skepticism about this chemical weapons deal. they were worried about the regime's compliance. one even specifically told us it's like the international community is procrastinating when it comes to dealing with the bashar al assad regime. ordinary citizens tell us while some don't know the details of the deal because, of course, there is significant infrastructure damage in the country and something as basic as watching television is quite the luxury for many people. others expressed concerns about the fact that this is specifically a weapons deal that is only concentrated or focused on chemical weapons and many told us what about conventional weapons? the main tool by which many syrians, 100,000 syrians will killed over the past two and a half years? a lot of skepticism and concern from within syria.
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a contrast, of course, to that mood of celebration and how this deal was held in the united nations in new york. a lot of rain and flooding for people in the pacific northwest. we're here with a look. >> thanks, morgan. we continue to deal with the rain today into tomorrow. as people push back to work on monday. the reason for an area of olympic will circulate in the bay of bengal and will usher in the rain not just today as i said but the next several days across the gulf alaska. you see that counterclockwise flow off the pacific. yesterday we had quite a bit of rain, damages winds, flash flooding on the roadways, and we'll continue to have to deal with that the next several days as is. when does the break arrive? on tuesday into wednesday we begin to see just a bit of sunshine. now, look at the radar currently. we have the rain spreading across seattle, just a few light showers and activity will pick up through the afternoon and evening.
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as far south as northern california, so if you travel along i-5 keep that in might not. these are the watches and warnings out currently right around olympia. we have a flash flood watch in effect, because the rain continues to accumulate there on the roadways. elsewhere we have high pressure in control across the northeastern portion of the u.s. so today a lot of folks in the northeast will enjoy a great deal of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s all the way from new england down into our nation's capital. you get into the 80s once you paush down towards atlanta. look at the rain across texas. we have a strong thunderstorm getting ready to push through san antonio. just east of san antonio towards dallas and into houston into the next several days. this is beneficial news. i'll tell you why a little later in the show. we've seen excessive amounts of drought. because of the cold fronts that continue to push through, that continues to lessen. i'll explain that a little later in the show. back to you, morgan. >> thanks so much. meanwhile, millions of
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american workers are hit with extra salary fees as part of a relatively new payroll scheme. more companies are switching to payroll cards systems and high fees mean that some workers actually end up earning less than minimum wage. the new york attorney general is investigating whether the system is even legal. cat turner reports. >> reporter: natalie used to like working at mcdonald's until the company gave her a payroll card. it's loaded up with an employee's wage used at an atm like a debit card. the problem? fees and lots of them. natalie wasn't given a choice. >> i went home and called higher-ups to see if they could find another way, direct deposit, a check, something. they told me i could activate the card or not get paid. >> reporter: so she quit, hired a lawyer and sued mcdonald's. let's have a look at those fees. if fatly was using the payroll card now, each time she checked
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her balance it's $1 to $3. each purchase brings a fee of 50 cents. withdrawing cash can cost up to $ $6. if you didn't use the card she could being penalized with an inactivity fee of $7.50. that doesn't leave much when you earn $7.25. about 50 u.s. companies use the payroll card system. most are big name retailers and restaurants and is increasingly popular. companies can save millions a year by switching to payroll cards. >> the prepay card industry is happenedly growing. it's been around for a while, but it's still relatively new. there's a wide range of companies vovlinvolved. there's a whole spectrum of costs associated with the cards and protections that people get and other kinds of abusive practices. >> they insist it helps low wage workers who don't have bank acts. walgreens started to use the
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payroll cards in 2004. its employees have the option of being paid by direct deposit and by check. in a statement to al jazeera, walgreens said, we sought to create a payroll card program with the intention of providing terms as favorable and eenlly possible for employees who choose to be paid that way. >> go online and check applications. >> reporter: natalie is still looking for work. she has a 7-year-old daughter to support. >> they are taking advantage of underage kids who don't understand fees and debit cards. i think they're taking advantage of people who are less fortunate or just struggling to find a job. >> reporter: natalie would rather be unemployed than watch her small salary become smaller without even touching her money. the consumer financial protection bureau issued a bulletin warning, employers against using only payroll cards to pay workers. they say by law workers must be
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able to choose how they receive their wages. greek officials are cracking down on a kn neo-nazi party. why many locals say the building collapse at that killed dozens of people should serve as i awarning to those who live nearby.
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now to a follow-up story that we told you about yesterday. a former u.s. soldier nicknamed rambo pleaded not guilty saturday to charges that he plotted to kill a federal agent for nearly a million dollars. joseph hunter, who was extradited from thailand on friday, told a federal judge he was not guilty when asked about his plea in an unsealed indictment. it describes the 48-year-old hunter as a contract killer and leader of a trio of former soldiers that were trained snipers. the search for survivors a building collapse in india is over. the final toll is 61 dead and 33 injured. al jazeera reports on how illegal construction makes incidents like this one all too common in many parts of india. >> reporter: rescue workers rush to a pile of debris after a body is spotted under the rubble. there's no cheers for
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celebration. the person is already dead. the last survivor pulled out alive was a man in his 40s on saturday afternoon. people who live in the area sand and watch along with those who have missing family. some mourn while others stay optimistic. >> reporter: we will be okay once all of our family have been found. >> reporter: the rain has slowed down res could yous efforts. the five-story building housed about 100 people. police arrested the man that rented the ground floor. it's alleged his illegal renovations led to the weakening of the structure and the collapse. notice was given for residents to vacate the building, but that never happened. they say it's raur for them to be repaired or demolished because people have no where else to go. sometimes official collect bribes and allow them to stay. others say poor construction materials are to blame. >> translator: there shouldn't be corruption in the building process.
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they should use the best materials. only then will the buildings last. >> reporter: officials estimate there are close to 1,000 buildings in need of a major repair just as this one was, but some people say that figure is much higher here and in the rest of the country. >> there were 100 building collapses in mumbai between 2008 and 2012 and five collapses in the last few months aloaning. one week after a deadly attack at a mall they face questions about the security. kenyan official received warnings a year ago saying al shabaab members were plans suicide attack at that mall. kenyan officials were told, suspected al shabaab operatives are in nairobi and are planning to mount suicide attacks tarlthing west date mall. the modus operandi including
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mumbai attack style where they storm into a building with guns and grenades and probably hold hostages. we are live from nairobi where more. what more can you tell us about that report? >> reporter: i've got report right in front of me, and going through it, it's extremely detailed. it's basically a situation report from the national intelligence service here in kenya briefing ministers and top officials in this country. it dates back, as you say, a year ago. specifically westgate was mentioned a year ago as well as a church and a mumbai-style operation. also, what's interesting is that in september so this month there was apparently 15 al shabaab fighters who managed to get hold of refugee cards, so they could cross over from somalia into
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kenya into the refugee camps and may have gone on to different places. at the same time as all this pressure being put on the government, we have this forensic operation which is complex and extremely delicate going on in the westgate mall just behind me. we know that fbi agents are involved in the operation. they've been sifting through the building very, very slowly getting any kind of evidence or any clues including ballistic dna evidence as well. what they want to do is get to the bottom of the rubble, the three stories that collapsed, and try to work out whether some of these fighters managed to escape through tunnels or with some of the people who escaped on day one and day two or whether they're buried and dead under that rubble. that's one of the big things that people here want to know. they want to know whether these people are still out there. >> live from nairobi. thanks so much for being with us this morning. meanwhile, iran's president is trying to explain the purpose of his historic phone call with
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president obama to his own people. that's because the diplomatic overtures had some in iran very, very upset. hassan rouhani is back in tehran after attending the united nations general assembly in new york. as soon as he arrived, prote protesters gathered outside the airport chanting death to america. rouhani responded by saying creating a dialogue with the u.s. is in the interest of the iranian people. >> translator: the conversation i had with mr. obama on the phone was mostly about the nuclear issue. i said in the telephone conversation that the nuclear program is not a right of the iranian nation and a matter of technical development, but also and more importantly it is a matter of national pride for the iranian people. >> reporter: iran's supreme leader has backed rouhani's efforts with dialogue with the u.s., but some citizens are still skeptical. >> translator: when mr. rouhani
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became president, obama signed an order with new sanctions against iran and cars and other things with his own handwriting. this is a clear sign they're in no way seeking talks. unfortunate unfortunately, this phone conversation happened. >> however there are other iranians who are excited about the prospect of renewed relations with the united states. the israeli prime minister is set to challenge his charm offense. benjamin netanyahu has arrived in new york today, and he's hoping to challenge per sencept that iran is less of a nuclear threat under the new president. peter, a "new york times" writer wrote this morning that for israel learning of a phone call between obama and row hanie was the gop political equivalent of discussing your best friend flirting with your main rival. is that true? >> translator: i will tell the truth in the face of the talk and onslight of smiles.
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>> the perceived increase in warmth between tee rohn and washington has caused a real chill across jerusalem. president netanyahu doesn't trust the iranian president and iran, and he'll pass that message on to president obama when he meets in the white house on monday. here's what prime minister netanyahu had to say as he left tel aviv talking about an onslaught of smiles. he promised to tell the truth. >> translator: i will tell the truth in the face of the sweet talk and the onslaught of smiles. one must talk facts, and one must tell the truth. telling the truth today is vital for the security and peace of the world and, of course, it is vital for the security of the state of israel.
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>> peter, we're also also just receiving reports that israeli security forces have arrested an iranian spy. someone they say was recruited by the iranian revolutionary guard, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: well, the timing of this is interesting, isn't it? it's just hours before he meets -- president netanyahu meets president obama. the alleged spy is a man called alex mans who holds a belgian passport but was brought up in iran. he was arrested on september 11th. that's two weeks ago, but the israeli security services chose to announce his arrest at this stage, which is as we said just before the talks with president obama. he's said to have been recruited by iranian intelligence to carry out spying activities in israel.
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he was a brief to forge business contacts, which would allow him to readily visit the country. he visited israel three times since early last year. he's 55 years old. his original name was ali scattered mansuri. ten years ago he married a belgian woman and travels under a belgian passport. he's told his interrogators that he was paid $1 million to carry out spying activities for the islamic republic. >> peter sharp is jerusalem. thank you so much for joining us this morning. many greek citizens are welcoming the arrest of leaders of a neo-nazi political party this weekend. but the crackdown on the golden dawn paerpt is prompting protests. barn bephillips has more.
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>> reporter: they marched into court after a dramatic day in athens and this sudden change in the far right party's fortunes will delight many greeks. not all. supporters of golden dawn gathered to protest against the arrests, furious at this turn of events. >> translator: golden dawn is here. they cannot be imprisoned. it's not in retreat. we will fight until the end. >> reporter: we can see the leaders of golden dawn being taken away from police headquarters under escort. these are extraordinary scenes in greek political history. the first arrests of members of parliament since the restoration of democracy in 1974. it seems clear that the greek state is now drned to crush golden dawn. >> translator: golden dawn tried to test the endurance of democracy. today they received their
7:26 am
answer. my criminal report was as a supreme court prosecutor that created the possibility for the first time to bring together many he pending cases against golden dawn so they can be dealt with as a criminal organization. >> reporter: golden dawn surged in power and popularity as greek's economy collapsed. it uses nazi-like symbols and wants i am the grants to leave greece and has been accused in attacks on ethnic minorities. it was the murder of a left wing rapper that finally prompted the greek state to act against it. the crackdown on golden dawn is welcomed by governments across europe, but it could lead to more instability here in greece. if golden dawn is forced out of parliament, the coalition government has a series of bi-elections against a backdrop of economic collapse and widespread disgust with the entire political class.
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barnabe phillips, al jazeera, athens. >> despite the arrest they keep their parliamentary sees unless they're convicted of a crime. golden dawn holds 18 seats. lawmakers in washington have had months to come to an agreement on the budget, but ned, they're one against pushing the country to the brink of a shutdown. we'll speak with someone trying to bring compromise back to congress. i'm in miami. critics call it a $2 million boondoggle. we'll tell you about a stadium with few fans and a price tag many are angry about. baseball's american league wildcard race is still very wild and very much a race on this, the final day of the regular season. details later in sports. >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger...
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>> tonight...the premier of "budrus" >> the primary concern of the fronts is security that trumps everything >> how could a wall designed to divide, unite israelis and palestinians al jazeera america presents... "budrus" premiers tonight 9 eastern.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold.
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>> al jazeera america, there's more to it. welcome back. i'm morgan radford, and the top story at this hour is the potential for a government shutdown that is becoming more likely after house republicans voted on a budget bill to delay president obama's health plan. the bill goes to the senate, where democrats have vowed to reject it upon arrival. president obama has threatened to veto any legislation stripping the affordable care act. let's bring in jonathan miller, and he's the co-founder of no labels that helps to encourage problem solving over idea logical gridlock. thank you for being here this morning. the latest new york time/cbs news poll shows president obama's approval rating has sunk to 43%. will this standoff hurt the president in mid-term elections. >> i don't know whether it will
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hurt him specifically, because he's not on the ballot. it will certainly hurt anyone on the ballot, an incumbent in washington. what's going on here is not just simply disappointing but reprehensible. and i think the american people recognize this. unless this is resolved without a shoutdown or more importantly but without impinging on the good credit of the united states, i think that the midterm elections could be a real throw the bums out type of deal where there would be a dramatic political change. >> mr. miller, the politics surrounding the shutdown have been pretty intense, and at times intensely personal. let me play you something congressman david scott of georgia said last night. >> alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson hated each other so much, but that hate that they had for each other did not come before the love of their country. your hate for this president is coming before the love of this
7:32 am
country because if you loved this country you would not be closing it down! >> there you can see a very impassioned representative scott mentioning this hate for president obama, but he didn't flat out say why. why do you think we see such betrayal now? >> another great example is the ronald reagan/tip o'neal relationship. they were on different soyeds of spectrum, one liberal and one conservative. they worked together and dealt with tax reform and entitlement reform. you know, right now we have a system that's broken. right now we're seeing a civil war going on within the republican party, and so with at no labels try to put the focus on what the american people care about, which is jobs. we're recovering from the recession. the recovery is going slow. let's get the focus on jobs, stop all this nonsense of trying to shut government down or put out -- or somehow threaten the
7:33 am
good credit of the united states and focus in a bipartisan way to create jobs and our jobs first program will put aside all of this and automatically raise the debt ceiling until we have a point of 6.5% unemployment again and that we can focus on bipartisan solutions to the economy. >> now, congress and americans do care about jobs, but the truth is we've been here before. we've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and coffee mug. how can congress fix the budget crisis so it won't be held hostage every single time politicians face a new bill? >> what we at no labels have called for is a complete change of the system. we have a broken hyperpartisan system right now. while the war right now is going on within the republican party, the problem in general is a bipartisan problem. if they go to, they can check out the reforms they
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propose to try to fix the way the incentives work in washington. for example, we have our signature piece of legislation called no budget no pay. if they don't pass on time, they won't get paid. with things like that changing the way that the dynamic of congress, we have legislators that are less having to focus on simply their partisan interests and more focused on the country and their constituents. >> jonathan miller, co-founder of no labels, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. in sudan police have opened fire on hundreds of mourners at a funeral of an activist killed during anti-government demonstrations as the protests continue to grow in the capital city of khartoum. al jazeera has more. >> reporter: the sound of swelling discontent. these crowds call for revolution. the dictator will not rule us they chant.
7:35 am
for six days people have been demonstrating in sudan's capital of khartoum, and witnesses say the government is responding with force. >> it's extremely peaceful demonstration today, and we got surrounded by police and by the army. they shot rubber bullets. >> reporter: the protests began after the government lifted subsidies on fuel and cooking gas. overnight prices nearly doubled. if the trigger was economic, the momentum appears to be turning political. people are demanding an end to president bashir's 20-year rule calling him a kill. dozens have difficulted in the crackdown but one in particular touched a national nerve. he was killed as a march went by
7:36 am
his pharmacy on friday. the 26-year-old came from an influential and respected business family. thousands of people turned out for his funeral including the presidential adviser who was heckled by mourners. the unrest is turning into one of his biggest challenges yet. he faces dissent from within. 31 prominent members of his ruling party have signed a petition asking the president to reverse the austerity measures and to hold all people accountable. sfiet the results of violence, sudan's information minister insists security forces are targeting only those involved in, quote, terrorist action. >> we are very sorry for those that were killed. i'm sure we're going to do an investigation. any sort of peaceful demonstration, we're going to accept it and guard it and nobody will stop it.
7:37 am
>> reporter: it's in the grip of spiraling inflation. people are struggling with food costs, and precious revenues have all but tried up after oil-rich regions became part of south sudan in 2011. now public anger is being directed at the president himself with some saying it's time for true democracy. >> almost 50% of the population in sudan lives below the poverty level. garment factory workers have been protesting bangladesh now for days. they're nanding a raise because most garment workers there make less than $40 a month. thousands are joined in the latest demonstrations at the capital of daka. >> reporter: these are some garment workers nanding better wages. their salaries are some of the lowest in the world. there have been protests like these across the country for the past week. some of them have been so
7:38 am
violent that they prompted the government to deply paramill tear groups. the protests shut down factory and brought the garment industry, the main driver of the economy, to a near standstill. the workers are demanding the minimum wage be increased to $104 a month. >> reporter: >> translator: how can we get by? my rent is as high as my salary. then there's food and other expenses. >> reporter: garment workers earn an initial $38 a month, a little more than a dollar a day. but she says that's not enough to make ends meet. >> translator: we only get to eat meat once a month. fish is rare for us. we live on i diet of potatoes and lentils and sometimes we eat rice and chiles. you can't live on this salary. >> reporter: she worked for a factory that makes clothes for some of the biggest international brands. while workers made their nands, some international brands have
7:39 am
hinted they could ship their orders away to other countries if the unrest in bangladesh continues. he's the vice president, and he accepts that workers races need to be raised but faces pressure from brands to keep the costs low. >> we have to get it from them as well, because we ask our consumers to increase the prices. they have a lot of room. so there are room to play. >> reporter: we contacted government ministries in charge of overseeing the industry as well as representative was international brands, but they refused our requests for a response. the intensity of these latest protests made one clear. no matter what the argument against their cause, many workers are no longer content to be taken advantage of it.
7:40 am
al jazeera, dakah. the prime minister of bang lash desh spoke to the u.n. general assembly on friday but made no mention of the unrest in her country. firefighters in aw all trai ya are finaling making ground. firefighters managed to save an iconic lighthouse in sydney in danger of being ungulfed. now let's get a check on the international forecast. >> thank you. we have a cold front we're tracking across the central portion of the country just to the east of minnesota pushing across michigan now and extends intoo central and eastern portions of texas. look at the map behind me. cold front continues to advance as i said, and we're looking at some stronger storms just to the east of san antonio right now. they make their way towards houston later on in the day. very slow-moving storms you can see here, and that's the trend as we track into the next 24 to
7:41 am
48 hours. so the north the cold front really bringing some light showers across the great lakes all the way down into areas just to the east of chicago. further south, as i said, the rain continues to fall more heavily across portions of texas. this is good news if you're along i-35. take it easy on the roadways, however. this is beneficial rain because we have been dealing with exceptional levels of drought. look at the latest drought monitor. this is the one from september 17th. you can see the red areas here across portions of texas and watch how that really does become less bright as we track into the next couple of days. we'll continue to see that really delineate as we see more rain push through the region. across the gulf of alaska, we have an area of low pressure circulating here continuing to draw the moisture into seattle all the way down into portland. as a matter of fact, we have some footage to show you from last night. heavier rain was falling across the region. we'll show you that footage in a moiment. damaging winds and also
7:42 am
torrential rain falling making it very difficult for travelers along i-5 to get around. look at the map behind me. we'll continue to deal with the rain today, and the moisture continues to push onshore. later on in the day another strong area of low pressure will push onshore, and heavy rain expected along i-5 from seattle right around the foothills all the way down into portland and northern portions of california. they need the rain there, but it comes at a price. damaging winds in addition to a bit more heavy rain. so i want folks to use precaution there. when are we getting a break from the rain? i think seattle will continue to contend with it this afternoon into monday with the dense cloud cover. you're not really looking at temperatures out of the upper 50s. it stays in the upper 50s. you don't expect it into the 60s this week. tuesday into wednesday looking mostly cloudy, by thursday finally i think you see a bit of sunshine. temperatures elsewhere, a lot
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cooler in chicago than it was yesterday. we were at 82 trees in chicago yesterday. today at 69, and that's compliments of the cold front. high pressure will build there. sun is going to shine, and that cooler air pushing in out of the north and west and that story across the middle east as well. high pressure is in control. we're looking at a great deal of sunshine through the course of today, not just today but the next five days in new york city while temperatures stay in the 70s. back to you, morgan. >> sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. thanks. it's become a common plea from sports teams across the country. team owners come to local leaders asking for taxpayer money to build a new stadium. well, al jazeera spoke with fans and business owners in miami who are upset about the financing of their new baseball stadium and the failed promises that went with it. >> reporter: it's been another lackluster season for the marlins with empty seats and storefronts around their half a billion dollar stadium paid for
7:44 am
by taxpayers. even fans are disgusted with the marlins losing streak. >> unless you bring a winning franchise, the stadium is as nice as its promises. >> reporter: there was also the promise of a economic boom and revital sfwlags of the surrounding little havana neighborhood when they voted to pay for the stadium in 2008. as the owner of the bar and liquor store close to it, he envisioned fans taking a seat at bar or buying liquor next door. he said since the stadium opened in 2012, not only has his procht profits not risen, on game take they stay away because of traffic. >> translator: these politicians must be referring to jobs inside the stadium. as a business owner we don't see any changes. you could even say it's hurting us. >> reporter: taxpayers pay up on to $2 billion through 2049 thanks to interest rates on the bond. on top of that the s.e.c. is investigating the financing to see if there were any
7:45 am
irregularities like withholding information. the miami mayor oust z hi predecessor based on his opposition to the deal. he said a good deal could have been negotiated, but in this case it wasn't. >> the only good that can come from it is eventually a change of ownership, a more competitive team and hopeful any in the future more economic development will go to the area and you'll see more activity. i don't see it happening in the near future. >> reporter: the marlins refused to speak with, but in february the owner took his message directly to the fans when he placed an ad in three of south florida's major newspapers. he said that the majority of public funding came from hoelgs taxes, the burden of which is incurred by tourists visiting or city not the resident taxpayers. many are attacking the county's method of financing for its contribution, but the marlins had nothing at all to do with that. there's still anger over the price tag and the politics behind it. >> transparency is key and
7:46 am
accountability is key. people learn from experience. this experience here in miami has become a national conversation. >> in florida the aftertaste of the marlins stadium deal lingers. earlier this year the florida legislator for pea doed the question to ask voters to fund renovations to the football stadium. and speaking of sports, it's coming down to the wire in baseball's american league, and john henry smith is here with this morning's sports. john. >> morgan, i know we're football fans, but we have to give it up to baseball on this sunday. it takes center stage today. it's the final sunday of baseball's regular season and there's high drama as three teams scuffle for the two coveted wildcard spots. tampa bay entered saturday with the cleveland indians. things started off well enough in for ropt. they had a 1-0 lead in the first on the rbi singled by will
7:47 am
myers. things went downhills from there, unless you're a blue jays fan. they chased chris archer r by the middle of third, and he gave the fans a ball to chase. the rays lose to the blue jays 7-2. they dropped two in a row with the wildcard on the line. dpien that result with a win on saturday between the indians and rangers and you have all three teams very much alive going into today's final regular season fames. hey, want to hear the craziest scenario? the indians have now won nine in a row, so they probably won't lose in minnesota. but if they do and the rays and rangers win there's a three-way time for a.l. wildcard. that would result in single elimination playoff games monday and tuesday to settle it. over in the national league the reds and pirates duked it out to see which one would host the other in the wildcard game. the pirates did everything but grow six feet tall and turn
7:48 am
green. pittsburgh had six home runs in this game and five off the reds start starter. walker hit two. pirates win 8-3. they will host the reds in the national league wildcard game this week. to college football. the marquis match-up went down in georgia. they came back to try and win in the stadium he dreamed of playing in as a kid. lsu versus number 9 georgia lived up to the hype. he led a 75-yard fourth quarter drive that resulted in a jeremy hill go-ahead score. tigers up 4, just over four minutes to play. he once xoets for the bulldogs starting job responded. murray to wesley to cap a 75-yard drive of his own and put the bulldogs up 3. the student body whoops it up between the hedges. florida wins.
7:49 am
s.e.c. top ranked alabama hoeing ole miss in the battle of 3-0 teams. it wasn't much of a battle at all. the tide rolled rushside over the rebels. bam got 121 yards from yellen and another 99 from grak. a couple pchances with a dominating defense and you get a 25-0 whooping with the number one team in the land. in south bend, indiana notre dame hosted oklahoma. they set tone on this day, but the offense held, too. bell to hester ties the game. there's a 30-yard touchdown pass from tommy reese to a wide heef open troy nicklaus. the sooners had an answer to that. bell applied the dagger by hitting sterling shepard. it's oklahoma's second win against notre game in seven
7:50 am
tries. gamecocks seek their seventh seed conference win. they have a devastating loss and kwoeshg connor shaw had to leave the game with a sprained right shoulder. spurrier said shaw would be out two to three would beings. south carolina fell behind 12-0 from tailback mike davis. he blazed for 167 yards as the gamecocks hung on to win 28-25. that's your look at sports this morning. morgan. >> what are the gamecocks going to do without shaw's silver shoulder? >> they have mike davis, and he's a running fool out there. >> just blazing. thanks so much. one squier square mile at a time china is becoming more capitali capitalist. we'll see just how business owners are hoping to profit from it ifrnlt he did it again. a daredevils amazing flight and very tight leads.
7:51 am
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