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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> > al jazeera obtains a leaked intelligence report indicating the kenyan government was warned about the westgate mall siege. >> at least 30 people are killed in a bombing in pakistan - the third blast to hit the city in a
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week. >> we'll tell you why this small space in shanghai could do big things. >> robin adams here with the sport. a publicity seeker at the marathon finish line couldn't stop history being made. >> hello. gunmen attached a college in north-east nigeria, killing 50, according to an official. the gunmen entered a dormitory at the college and fired on sleeping students. they are members of boko haram. they are looking to create a muslim state in the north of country. >> what is the latest you know about the attack, ahmed idris.
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>> the military have been deployed in large numbers to the scene of the crime and are running in investigations. like you said, more than 40 people have been said to have been killed in the attack. the military have not given an official figure. they are more in control of the situation at the moment, and official figures come from them. what locals are saying is that more than 50 may have been killed in the attack that took place last night. i have a report suggesting 18 people with gunshot wounds have been taken to hospital. what we know at the moment - dozens have been killed, a dozen has been injured and the military deployed in full force to the down to beef up security and investigate the incident. >> boko haram is behind the incident, says the military, but it has not been confirmed. is the nature of the attacks changing at all?
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>> the military - i spoke to a senior military officer, and he confirmed boko haram launched the attack. the latest incident is more like an escalation over what has happened over the last two months. the military launched a crackdown after a state of emergency was launched. for two months things quite end down in yobe. all of a sudden, in the last three or four weeks, incidents started popping up over the place since then. more than 300 might have been killed by suspected gunmen, members of boko haram. >> what is the government planning to do about this? >> well, apart from the military crack down, vigilanties have been encouraged to set up in various parts of the north-east, especially in yobe state and
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other areas to some extent. these vigilanties succeeded in identifying members of boko haram and handing them to the military. it didn't go down well with boko haram. they launched the attack targetting the vigilanties who succeeded in their work to identify boko haram. the military had it easy when the vigilanties launched a crack down, because they feel these people understand the locality better and know who might be involved in the attacks. >> thank you for bringing us the latest there, ahmed idris. >> kenya's government is facing questions over whether it ignored warnings over the siege on the shopping center last week. a leaked report says security was informed of an alleged
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attack. al jazeera has a copy of the document. it says: >> in january this year the report looked at gunmen storming a building and holding hostages, like the attack last week. earlier this month the israeli embassy in nairobi raised concerns on attacks. and revealed somali-based al-shabab fighters were given refugee cards to enter kenya. >> all this is damaging for the government if it's true. >> we have been going through this report. what is damaging is at the end of the report it lists the resipiens of the intelligence report which includes top cabinet secretaries, and we understand the intelligence chief was going to be questioned
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by mps on monday. the government at the moment is refusing to comment on what they say is a leaked and unverified report. they'll come under heavy scrutiny. there are so many unanswered questions at the moment. not only about missed opportunities and why wasn't security beefed up at westgate if it was on the potential list of al-shabab targets, but also to do with the forensic operation which is going on behind me. we are hearing reports and they are very credible reports that these attackers were able to rent a storage unit or a shop inside where they stored some of their weaponry. three stories collapsed. we don't know why. there are so many people, dozens of people who are unaccounted for. >> dozens unaccounted for - that
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must be dreadful for the families waiting to hear? >> yes, exactly. morning is over officially in kenya. we had church services today. we had services at mosques on friday and services every day at hindu, siek temples. this country is in mourning, trying to understand why it happened. the leaked intelligence report does not help. when you speak to analyst and people on the streets, they want heads to role. they want something to be done about this. if it is true that the government ministers were warned, if it is true that they did nothing, people are extremely upset about that right now. >> thank you very much indeed for bringing us the latest from nairobi. >> there has been explosions in the iraqi kurdish capital.
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it's believed the target was the security direct rate. four have been killed, dozens injured. >> 15 students were killed in northern syria, dying in a government air trike on a high school. the students were outside in the courtyard preparing for mourning glasses. it's not clear if the school was the intended target. >> u.n. inspectors in syria continue to investigate the sites of chemical attacks. inspectors left the hotel in damascus sunday morning. their destinations were not known. a team of experts would investigate seven sites. >> a court in barr rain is given gaol sentences to 50 shia activists. many received 50 years behind bars. among those arrested was where protesters called for the dynasty to give up power.
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the acting president for the barr rain center of human rights joins us from london. >> what is your reaction to the sentencing? >> we know that these - the entire process of this trial from the beginning, up until the verdict was delivered - none of it was according to international standards - when we are talking about the abduction from people's homes or the torture or the way the trial was conducted. this is why actually all of the defendants in the case, including the lawyers decided to boycott the court and did not attend the hearing today. >> the defendants are accused of forming an illegal group, training elements to commit violence and vaneda lis m. is there a part of the -- vaneda lis m. is there a part of the group that condones committing violent attacks. >> a small group of people have
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been using stones or throwing things at security forces using excessive force against protesters. the majority of the movement is peaceful, resorting to nonviolence. >> the claim is that terrorism was among the means used by the group which had contact with a foreign state. that is trouble a reference to iran. does the group have any funding from iran? >> no, of course, we are looking at a situation where the evidence used in this case are confessions taken under torture. we are looking at a situation where terrorism changes are used, including children, and we are looking at a situation where terrorism, the way that it's defined, an internationally criticised definition, basically carrying out human rights activities, they can be regarded as terrorism because of how
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vague the terrorism is. there's no case that they have committed crimes, they are taking torture confessions to use against them in court. >> thank you for taking the time to talk to us. >> israel says its arrested a suspected spy at teleavooef airport. the man is a belgium citizen spying for iran. he entered the country under a false name, photographing the u.s. embassy. peter sharp joins us. you have more information about this business. >> yes, he was arrested, alex manns was the name he travelled under. he is of iranian extraction, 55 years old, born in iran. 10 years ago me married a belgium woman and had belgium citizenship. the israeli security
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intelligence agency here says that he was recruited by iranian intelligence to - sent by iranian intelligence to spy for the islamic republic, and was making business contacts allowing him to travel through to israel. he made three trips to israel in the last 12 months. he was arrested at the international airport on september 11th, and that news was revealed today. >> the announcement of that arrest comes as the israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu makes his way to the u.s. to attend the general assembly. benyamin netanyahu said he'll tell the world the truth about iran's nuclear ambitions. it's the reaction to last week's telephone call between president obama and iranian president hassan rouhani.
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hassan rouhani will also travel to washington to meet president obama. >> this morning i'll travel to washington to meet president obama and address the u.n. general assembly. i represent the citizens of israel, rights of the people, i'll tell the truth in the face of the suite talk and files. one must talk facts and tell the truth. telling the truth is vital for the security and peace of the world and vital far the state of israel. >> is the timing to the announcement of the spy arrest political? >> i think you could argue that quite comfortably. the man, alex mann was arrested two weeks ago. the intelligence service only put this out a few hours ago, as president benyamin netanyahu is arriving in america.
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of course, it will be - it's a gift for the israelis. they'll say, as they go to the meeting here is further evidence that the rainians aren't to be trusted. you are right when you said this is the first reaction. benyamin netanyahu's response at the airport. first reaction to that historic 15 minute telephone conversation. the perseized warming of relations between -- perceived warming of relations between tehran and washington is going down well. here it's perceived with a chill and almost shock, in some cases horror. this is not what israel wants. they don't trust the iranians, or hassan rouhani. you talk to political analyst here, they say here is a man that was not open and honest when leading the iranian negotiating team. briefly - it is worth pointing out the relations ben obama and benyamin netanyahu improved dramatically since obama's visit
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in february. it's notable since the iranian warmth came across, there has been no ball-horn diplomacy with people shouting from country to country. benyamin netanyahu keeps things under wraps. cabinet is not talking about it. he'll make his case clear to barack obama when he meets him in the white house monday afternoon. >> peter sharp live in jerusalem. >> still to come on al jazeera... . >> the ayes are 231, nays 292. >> house republicans set to shut down the government over the health care issue. >> lionel messi's week goes from bad to worse as he goes off injured during a soccer match.
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robin will have the details of that. >> 30 people have been killed in an explosion in pakistan, the third attack in peshawar in a week. the blast, injuring 70 people happened near a crowded market and police station. it was a few hundred metres from the church. domenic cain has the latest. >> this is the immediate aftermath of the explosion. the car bomb was detonated near a police station. on a street crowded with families attending a busy market. >> translation: there was three of us in the bazar, i was in front, my friends behind. there was a blast, flames were everywhere, people were running. >> in the chaos dozens died,
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many wounded. >> translation: i talked with a rick shaw driver, i heard the blast. i was on one side of the road, family on the other. shrapnel hit me, i looked where the fire was. several bodies were on the ground. >> no group said it carried out the blast, but it is the third fatal attack in peshawar in season days. on friday 17 were killed in the bombing of a bus carrying government employees. last sunday the city's christians were targeted by suicide bombers. 18 were killed at a church. it prompted protests across pakistani cities. these attacks an upsurge in violence in recent months. >> president sharif condemned it as an attack on humanity, one
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that may see 130 dead in just the last week. >> bombings and violence linked to pakistan are likely to be discussed when mr sharif meets his indian counterpart. the indian prime minister singh said pakistan had work to do. >> india has committed sincerely to resolving issues with pakistan, including the issue of bilateral dialogue on the basis of similar - how, for progress to be made, it is imperative for the territory of pakistan and the areas under its control are not suitable for aiding, abetting terrorism directing against india.
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>> a writer and analyst who specialises in defense and political issues believes the violence has been triggered by the pakistani offer of a piece deal. zahid hussain. >> there has been a rise in violence. and the center of that is the capital city. this is basically the response of the taliban to the pakistan government's offer for a peace deal. i think it shows that the taliban are not interested in peace, they'd like to continue with violence, and put more pressure on the government. it's apiece. of the government and the ruling party has been apply kating the taliban. it gives them more space to them. nobody can dispute that this problem should be resolved if it
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could be resolved through peace, that would be the best. it's clear that the taliban are not interested in peace. so the offer of unconditional - i think probably it is a mistake. i think probably if the government was to speak to the taliban, they should actually be put under certain conditions. it should not be a kind of condition free, and it will help the taliban. the messages that the taliban are getting from the ruling party is that of weakness. that is from the head of the pgi party, which has gone to the extent of demanding that taliban should be allowed to open office in peshawar. it has given a mass if apiecement. >> aid agencies are continuing to work to give relief to areas struck by earthquakes. the areas are remote and some
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are complicated by the presence of rebel fighters. a second quake struck balochistan province, days after a first quake killed 500. run -- hundreds of homes were destroyed. >> fuel cuts will be stuck to in egypt. the cuts are the only way out of the economic situation in sudan. the president is facing pressure to repeal the measures from his own party. several leading figures signed a petition calling for the move. >> how are austerity measures affecting fuel prices. a litre of petrol before subsidies cost $0.70, overnight it dropped to $1.29. cooking gas cost $3.40 and is now $5.70. it had a huge affect on the
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price of transport and food and hasn't gone down well in a country where the average person lives on less than a dollar a day. we have more from khartoum. >> what is interesting is what the the people have said to president basheer. they want people prosecuted for firing on protestors. while the reforms, the fuel prices would rise, because the subsidy would be listed, the shock is the brutality with which the government cracked down on the protests against them. >> al jazeera interviewed the interior minister and he thinks there'll be an investigation into the deaths. it's too early to say. the government is still responding. we haven't had a response from
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the letter sent to president basheer. we'll see in the coming days how significant the voice of dissent within the political establishment here is on what the government does net. >> an army camp has been targeted in tim buck tu, the first attack since july. a vehicle blew up in front of the base, four killed. >> separatists pulled out of a separatist a few days ago. >> vote counting is under way in givenee's parliamentary -- guinea's parliamentary election. 1700 candidates competed for 114 seats in the national assembly,replacing the interim government running the country. >> the ruling party, the social democrats, is set to stay in
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power in austria. in a series of corruption scandals could threaten their majority, which is predicted to benefit the greens and the far right freedom party. >> the latest crisis comes after berlusconi removed his party. it is hoped an election will be withdrawn just seven months after people have casted a vote. >> on sunday italy's coalition government is hanging by a threat after ministers announced resignation. ber loose coney said he asked his ministers to resign because of government announcements. prime minister said that that's a microscopic lie, calling the decision mad and irresponsible.
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he says that the real reason behind the decision of berlusconi to ask his ministers is imminent, from a committee that will rule on whether berlusconi should allowed to rule after he was expelled and charged. >> the question is really is the decision to get the ministers to resign over the alleged tax sales like really a gift to the italians as he says, or a gift to himself? >> another member of the greek golden dawn is under arrest in athens after being on the run. >> christos, the number two, turned himself into police headquarters on sunday. 21 golden dawn members, including the leader and four mps are charged with belonging to a criminal organization. the party denies being involved
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in violent attacks. many human rights groups support the arrest, but say that more work needs to be done. >> the extreme right neo-nazis in parts of society are there. arresting the leader and some members of an organization doesn't mean you deal as a whole with the group that gave them power. >> the ministry of defense in britain is looking to recruit hundreds of computer experts. they'll work to protect computer networks and data. >> let's get a weather roundup with everton. >> we see some of the worsted flooding. north-west of india lots of
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cloud. here we have seen around five days of heavy rain, which led to around three major dams bursting, overflowing, and we saw around 4,000 evacuated from their homes. we see pictures of the indian military rescuing 200 people as a result of the floods. further north, 91mm of rain in the last 24 hours. i think we'll see the totals over the next 24 hours as the area of low pressure and rain makes its way west wards. more flooding rains coming back. heavy showers down the western and eastern coast. it will bring further showers. >> floods into thailand into laos and combodia. it could get worse in vietnam. typhoon woochip is making its
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way in. damaging winds, but also we are concerned about the rain that this area of cloud will bring in over the next couple of days. heavy rain coming in to central parts of vietnam. i think some of these areas could see another 200mm of rain or so. by tuesday the wet weather not as intense, but further flooding to come. >> thank you everton. still to come - egyptian government facing pressure over rising food prices. not heap to help you, a pay roll card system in the u.s. is fulling foul of employees. >> major league baseball bids farewell to one of its stars. that's coming up in sport.
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>> hello. let's take a look at the top stories now. gunmen in nige attacked a college. 50 students were killed in their sleep, and the army is blaming boko haram. a leaked intelligence report says a kenyan government was alerted of attacks on the westgate mall ahead. siege, raising concerns on whether or not leaders ignored the warnings. 40 died in an explosion in pakistan, the third attack in a week. the blast happened near a crowded market and a police station. >> the attack on a college in
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nigeria - boko haram is being blamed. they came to prominence in 2009. it launched more attacks in the last two months after president goodluck jonathan ordered a crack down. the somali based al-shabab said it attacked kenyans. >> it promised allegiance to al qaeda. tens of thousands are believed to have belonged to the group. >> we talk to a middle east analyst who has written on the subject of al qaeda. just to go back to the kenya attack. how do we know orders are coming from al qaeda, and it's not an attempt at self agrandisement. >> the leader of al qaeda is
9:32 am
coming to grips on al qaeda, especially on africa. he is expert in the field, and he was taking or paying allegiance to alabama in 2006. i'm not surprised if there was a contact. >> the leader of al-shabab was fighting. he obtained good relation. good contact. what they told you is absolutely true. >> when you say it's true, have you seen evidence that the relationship is as strong as they are suggesting. >> in civil statements he praised al qaeda, this is considered proof, al qaeda literature. al-shabab will know the
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extension of al qaeda, and africa and somalia. >> why did he take the route. osama bin laden didn't want to be associated with al-shabab, as far as i can gather. >> he wasn't running at first >> zawhiri was a field commander, coordinating the work of al qaeda. he was highly interested in africa, he maintained good relations with al-shabab and other organizations. he knows very well the area, and stayed in sudan for about four years. he would like to internationalise al qaeda, and was behind setting up a world organization in 1998. he is specialising in africa.
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>> putting the various groups together, apparently linked to al qaeda in this way. does it mean the west is going to take a concerted approach to them. we heard from the kenyan foreign minister from al jazeera -- minister, does it mean by linking with al qaeda, some of the groups who didn't have attention will get more attention from the west's anti-terrorism operations? >> yes. i believe they will. this is the aim of the attacks on westgate shopping center in nairobi. al qaeda is clever in manipulating the media. they did so successfully. there's a surge of al qaeda activities in africa, syria, iraq. i'm not surprised the theories, which was adopted by the american administration that al
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qaeda is weakened and eroding. it's wrong now. al qaeda proved to them that it is active. there's islamic state in iraq. there's boko haram, there's al-qaeda in north africa, al qaeda in that part of the world. it seems now that there was strategy of saying al qaeda was wrong. i believe now they will revise the strategy and think about the situation, and this is what happened, and nairobi is a warning shot to the americans and other services that al qaeda is back strongly, so i believe the coming months or years will witness more activities of al qaeda and africa. >> thank you abdel for your
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thoughts. >> the egypt interim government introduced a $2.4 billion plan to fight poverty, reducing public transport costs, reopening some factories, capping the price of fruit and vegetables. we have this report and we are not naming the correspondent for security regions. >> egyptians are fed up with rising food prices. the cost of tomatoes went up 7%, koouk cum bers 13% and green beans 36%. >> translation: food is too expensive. dates, the cheapest thing are too much. we can't afford to buy fruit. >> market sellers have been told to drop prices or the government will fix them. however vendors say the problem is with the wholesalers. >> translation: i welcome the prices imposed on us, we'll try to abide but the wholesalers
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sell at high prices that we can't even buy. >> this month the government announced the minimum wage for public servants will increase by 40%, starting in january. many say this is not enough. >> translation: the government found increasing the minimum salary to $107 a month will go to the pockets of merch ants, this is why we loaded the idea of price fixing. >> the government waved fees for children in state school. there's a $70 million plan to open factories that closed over the last two years. catching a bus might be cheaper. the government is talking about reducing public transport prices, not everyone is convinced it will make a difference. >> i swear we hear this all the time and nothing happens. if it does, just for a short period, this happens with everything - transportation and food.
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>> a reason why so many people demonstrated against former president mubarak and the muslim brotherhood is because they wanted social justice. the interim government knows it has to deliver on its promises to the poor. >> the government is scared and they are seeing an unrest with the people. there are enough reports predicting there might be a revolution of the hungry, especially if we can't control the prices. fruit and vegetable prices are falling. it's too soon to know whether this will be enough to keep desparate egyptians from protesting in the street. >> the clock is counting down for u.s. lawmakers who have less than 48 hours to reach a compromise over the u.s. budget for face a government shutdown. the house of representative's passed a bill to keep the the government run, but would delay president obama's health care law from coming into cores and
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take away funding for its programs. obama vowed to veto the bill. we'll see what happens if a deal can't be reached and the government shuts down. 800,000 federal employees, a third of the government workforce would stay home without pay. active duty soldiers would stay on the job but pay would be delayed. national parks would close, affecting hotels and local businesses, and it would slow down the american economy, affecting the world. gary automa, in a professor, told me how the situation could pan out. >> congress has the right to apropriate money. part of congress, of course, is under the control of the opposition party, republicans who control the house. it means they have leverage over the administration and they are trying to use it to restrict the
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implementation of barack obama, the health care reform. it will probably result in a government shut down, it probably won't last long. >> looking at opinion polls, north korea and congress are about the same, 12%. so they don't want to add to the allure or the aroma surrounding congress. they worry about that. they have the republican guard within the republican party to deal with, who look at it to pressure and make statements to their own constituents. >> china is trialling a free trade zone in shanghai as a part of a promise to liberalise the economy by the president. scott hydler explains. >> it's part of the chinese administration's effort for economic liberalisation they
9:41 am
launched a free trade zone, contributing to the national economic growth rate of 7%. it's been built as a laboratory for economic reform. >> it covers less than 1% of shanghai. the chinese government wants this area to do big things. it launched a free tried half hour from the business district. within the 29 square kilometres of the free trade zone there is less state control over interest rates and foreign investment. import and export duties have been removed. there are reports that foreigners could come in. in 1990, shanghai was looked at to usher into a new economic era. >> with the new free trade zone the premier hopes shanghai will
9:42 am
lead china into economic change. >> something that the premier's program won't do is impact the chinese economy that much. >> translation: the premier pushed hard for the free trade zone to show the resolution of the economic reform. it's more symbolic. he wants to copy the experience for hong kong. it's not a free trade port or a free trade zone. >> it's hoped the project will help the growth in china's economy. already it has boosted the local economy in the zone. >> translation: my company benefitted from it. sales are twice as much compared to last time. if you want to sell property, someone will buy it without hesitation. >> what most economists want to
9:43 am
see is how the expansion will be realised on a national level. the government has been guarded with details and plans, making clear it is a pilot project. >> the government and economist will track the progress in the free trade zone. change is not expected for two to three years. there'll be indications when the stock and trading markets open in asia on monday morning. >> still to come - why the humble salt shaker is off the stable in some restaurants in mexico's capital. >> and new zealand moves close to to another rugby title. we'll have that story in a moment.
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>> hello again. a number of companies in the united states are switching to a new system to pay their employees. payroll cards are a type of debit card loaded with people's salari salaries, and loaded with problems. kath turner has the story. >> natalie used to like walking at mcdonald's until the company gave her a pay roll card. it's loaded with an employee wage and then used at the atm. the problem - fees. >> i called hire-ups to find another way of direct deposit, a cheque, something. they said i could activate the card or not get paid. >> she quit, hired a lawyer and sued mcdonald's. if natalie used the card now
9:46 am
each time she checked her balance it would cost between $1 and $3. each purchase brings a fee of $0.50. withdrawing cash costs up to $6. if she was cautious and didn't use the card she'd be charged with an inactivity fee of $7.50. it's not much when you are paid $12.50 an hour. the card is becoming popular. companies save millions a year by switching from pay cheques to pay roll cards. >> the prepay card industry is growing. it's been around for a while. it's new. there's a wide range of companies involved. there's a spectrum of costs associated with the cards, protections that people get, and other kinds of abusive practices. >> corporations insist they offer staff multiple ways to be paid and it helps low wage
9:47 am
workers who do not have bank accounts. >> employees have the option of being paid by direct deposit or check. >> in a statement to al jazeera, wall green says they sought to create a program with terms favourable and possible for employees that choose to be paid that way. >> go on line and check applications. >> natalie is looking for work online and at job fairs. >> they are taking advantage of underage kids that don't under fees and debit cards. they are taking advantage of people who are less fortunate or struggling to find a job. >> natalie would rather be unemployed than watch her small salary become smaller, without touching her money. >> mexicans have begun unhealthy with diabetes, heart disease and
9:48 am
other illnesses at epidemic levels. they have overtaken the u.s. for the highest rate of obese tie. in response salt is being targeted. we have the story from mexico city. >> like millions of fellow mexicans. this man is facing a health crisis. he has high blood pressure and is diabetic. it's so bad he can't work. he hopes the clinic will help him get back to good health. >> food tastes different. it's not like you can eat it. people who are healthy shouldn't eat too much salt. >> the head of the clinic saw patients struggling with weight or blood pressure. >> it's a health issue, we don't have the proper infrastructure to deal with the complications for these patients. we practice preventative
9:49 am
medicine and focus on early detection. >> nearly a third of mexicans have high blood pressure, many die from diabetes. mexico city launched a campaign to bring down salt consumption levels. the idea - people have to go through the hassle of asking for salt and having it delivered to their table. mexico's iconic restaurant was the first to put the shakers away. >> every day fewer people are asking for salt shakers. if you eat a certain type of mexican food or have tech eela people will ask for it. considering that, the program is dead-on. >> but the fact is millions more mexicans eat in the street than upscale restaurants. >> this food, tackos and greasy
9:50 am
sandwiches is what people use. if not salty enough, people will add extra salt. >> processed food is everywhere. most is packed with salt and fat. critics say the government should regulate junk food to regulate the problem. something unlikely to have. in many restaurants the shakers are off the table. it's a start. >> time for the sport with robin. >> kenyan runner wilson kipsang broke the world record at the berlin marathon. >> ethiopia's gabriel s ajs -- salessi got the race underway, but, look, i - yes.. not even a fan at the finish
9:51 am
line could stop him. he shaved 15 seconds, and nearly a minute ahead of the second place getter. the previous time was set by another kenyan. it's wilson kipsang's first win of the year. it was a 1/2 finish for kenya in the women's. winning in a time of 2 hours, 13 seconds. >> football mad atletico madrid finally won on a night which should have belonged to a new signing. richard nickal son reports. >> in the spanish cappal the crowd had to wait for the second half to see the debut of the world's most extensive player. gareth bale came on as his side trailed 1-0 to atletico.
9:52 am
the early lead grabbed for the visitors. an eighth goal for the season. it took a while for bale to get involved. he tested the keeper. the visitors extended their lead. it came off the cross bar. >> substit tute levelled things with a few minutes remaining. his shot well saved. >> they ran out 1-0 winners, unbeaten. they are second behind barcelona. >> a day after testifying in court over charges that he defrauded the spanish authorities of $5.4 million, lionel messi was on the field showing why he's worth so much money. it didn't take long for the arge tine star to score his eighth goal. putting the catalan giants up.
9:53 am
he asked to be substituted because of a thigh injury. he may miss the barca league match on tuesday. >> his side won, the spanish with a new club record with a 7th consecutive victory, the best start to a season. >> an early result in the la leagua. an iltempered affair seeing eight yellow cords. a moment of ildiscipline decided the game, a penalty conceded with minute on the clock. the goalkeeper almost saving it, blocking the penalty. it was rebound. 1-0 to le vente. >> there's more games to look forward so.
9:54 am
>> he's been in the job a few months, manchester united boss david moyes is feeling the heat. in fact, the english champions made their worst ever start to a season picking ep seven from a possible 18 under moyes. an early goal was cancelled from morgan. the 2-1 victory for west brom, the first over manchester united in 35 years. >> it's a difficulty story for ars. they beat swans si at the liberty stadium. >> smithfielder aaron ramsay is giving them a 2-1 win. juventus beats torino. >> the match one of seven italian top ties on sun. not many goals in the catches
9:55 am
going on now: >> ajack second in the dutch lead after a relatively easy night. the eagles were their opponents. ajax scored four goals in five minutes, a welcome boost. >> germany - dortmund held on to the top spot. they scored in the first half tweets. pa player who has been at the center of much transfer speculation, robin levandoski got on to the score sheet, hitting the back of the net twice. >> they were 5-0 winners in the
9:56 am
game. >> munich could only manage a lack lustre win over spurrs. they were level on points with dortmund. >> new zealand are on the brink of defending their rugby championship title claiming a bonus point over the win against argentina. the all blacks with a 33-32 victory. the springboks were winners and within a shout of claiming the crown. the boks beat australia. they face new zealand in joez next. >> andy pettit finished his year in fashion, in the major league baseball. the 41-year-old.
9:57 am
he struck up five, walking two in his first complete game since 2006. his performance caps a career posting records for most post-season winds. >> maryland - the boston red some took a hit, losing 6-5 to the baltimore orioles with c pierce doing the most damage. >> that is the sport. thank you for watching. >> thank you. before we go just time to show you pictures of a tiny canine record breaker. milly is a small dog, weighing half a kilogram. the 2-year-old chi weigh weigh's stature has been recognised by the guinness book of records. i wanted to hear the bark. that's it from us, more news in
9:58 am
half an hour. bye for now.
9:59 am
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welcome to al jazeera. here are the top stories. congress moved the federal government one step closer to a shutdown. early this morning the house of representative's passed a bill from the government. only if congress agrees to delay the affordable care act and kill the tax to pay for the act. the bill moves through the senate where democrats promised to reject it. if a shutdown happens, entitlement programs will continue, including medicare, medicade and social security. tsa and border control officers will work. however, 800,000 federal workers and other agencies will be


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