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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> bosnia starts it's first post-war centers. >> iran has accused the israeli prime minister of saber rattling in the address to the u.n. general assembly in the last hour. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that israel will not allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. >> he does not sound like ahmadinejad, but when it comes to iran's nuclear weapons
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program the only difference between them is this: ,ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing, and rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a wolf who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. well, like everyone else i wish we could believe rouhani's words. >> we're live now at the u.n. headquarters in new york. james, we just heard from benjamin netanyahu urging the united nations community not to fall for iran's claim offensive. >> very strong word speech just days after that historic phone call between president obama and president rouhani. he's saying israel certainly doesn't trust the iranians. look to rouhani's past and if you look to his past as a negotiator and national security
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adviser this is a man who is not a man who should be trusted. israel was prepared if necessary to go it alone mill taylor if it had to, and he recalled a year earlier when he came up with that diagram at the united nations. this is what he said. >> last year when i spoke here at the u.n. i drew a red line. now iran has been very careful not to cross that line but iran is positioning itself to race across that line in the future at a time of his choosing. iran wants to be in a position to rush forward to build nuclear bombs before the international community can detect it and much less prevent it. >> and james, right after that speech iran immediately responded. what did they say? >> yes, it is normal that the
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end of the general assembly to have the right to apply. thihe chose to be the very last speaker in part because of religious holidays in israel. as soon as netanyahu stepped down it was time for the rights to apply and iran was the second country with a right to reply. these were the words from a counselor of the iranian mission here at the united nations. >> we just heard an extremely inflammatory statement by the last speaker in the general assembly's general debate in which he made allegations of nuclear activities of my country. i do not want to dignify such profound accusations with an answer other than to categorically reject it.
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>> as the general assembly com s to an end. they heard from israel, they heard from iran as well. who will they believe? >> i think we're going to have a big test of that coming up in over just two weeks' time. we heard all the words, the rhetoric and the tone setting and climate setting by all sides, those who believe iran, and who believe iran for now and want to go down the diplomatic track and those like the israeli prime minister doesn't trust iran and doesn't think the rest of the world should trust iran. in many ways there will be a meeting on the 15th and 16th taking place in geneva. that will get down to detail of iran's nuclear program. i think that's when this will be right at the top of the agenda once again. >> we'll see what comes of that october 16th negotiations. james, thank you for speaking with us.
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saying in america and million americans are now at home on unpaid leave. a political back and forth which is now forced the shutdown the government. it all happened when politicians failed to agree on a budget for the next six weeks. at its core, to a law that provides healthcare coverage to millions of uninsured americans. speaking a short time ago the u.s. president had this to say. >> obama: we know the longer this shutdown continues the worse the effects will be, more families will be hurt. more businesses will be harmed. so once again i urge house republicans to reopen the government. restart the services americans depend on, and allow the public servants who have been sent home to return to work.
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this is only going to happen when republicans realize they don't get to hold the entire economy hostage over ideological demands. >> we're live in washington, d.c. kimberly, it's just after 2:00 in washington at the moment. what's going on with the partial government shutdown. how is it effec affecting the c? >> just behind me you can eoff in the distance the washington monument. that's shut down. the smithsonian museum a little further back shut down. reagan national airport, it's open, it may be hard to make out. it's open but the air traffic controllers are not happy right now because they're being told they have to come to work but they may not get paid. there are federal office buildings filled with thousands of workers who showed up. we're told they're going to have to go home. we don't know how long it will be until they come back to work. again they may not see that
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paycheck. these are the real effects of the government shutdown taking place. it's labeled as a republican shutdown, blaming the republicans and the u.s. congress, calling them extremists, saying that in fact, it is because of their ideological differences over his healthcare reform law that this is happening, and that americans are experiencing what could be a very, very difficult time as a result of this partial government shutdown. >> kimberly, have we heard from the republicans? have we heard their response to his accusays? >> we're hearing that in just a last few moment there is another proposal that may be in the works three potential proposals to try to resolve this. but i can tell you right now the mood on capitol hill is especially with the democrats in the senate because the two bodies in capitol hill, there
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are two of them. the house of representatives dominated by republicans and the senate dominated by democrats are not seeing eye to eye. these two chambers have to agree. there was an effort made late last night before the shutdown by the house republicans to try to negotiate. it was something that was turned down very formerly this morning by democrats in the senate. but now we're hearing there is another proposal in the works. as so we're going to have to see how this plays out. the bottom line is that the president's healthcare law has come into affect today. that can't change. for many americans. for the first time they're going to get health coverage that was denied to them. it's going to come down to the american people to see how this plays out in many ways. are they happy with the healthcare they're getting? what kind of message are they going to send to their congressional members. that's going to have a lot to do with how things are developed on capitol hill and how long this
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will take to resolve. >> you mentioned the american people and the back and forth between the republicans and democrats. how did they react to this looming government partially shutdown? >> i think there was a feeling because this congress has been so dysfunctional for so long, i think many americans truly didn't believe it was going to come down to this. they have come so close so many times. at the last minute i in the 11th hour something was worked out. not until the 1990s have we seen the government shut down taking place. now that it's happened they're disgusted. there are people who have traveled from outside of the united states who have gone to the statue of liberty or come to see the washington monument who may not ever get back here again and are truly frustrated with a government that is so dysfunctional. approval ratings have never been
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lower. and new numbers could come out that even see that number dropping. >> thank you for keeping us updated on the situation there. kimberly halleck from washington, d.c. >> a new team of chemical inspectors have arrived in syria. as part of a plan to destroyed chemical weapons. >> u.n. backed inspectors go to syria to scrap the country's chemical weapons. they have until november 2014 to complete their mission. downtown is a battle zone. all government buildings here.
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>> the problem that we have is to go into the whole area to see that it is safe. >> the fighting was intense here but most of the buildings were destroyed. >> despite the lack of resources our fighters experience, they are fighting for the people, for the city. >> these fighters captured one of the biggest army check poin points, but it's a fight that's come at a price. people here live constantly in fear of snipers. they have locked alleys with covers to prevent snipers from shooting. from the outskirts of damascus rebels posted this video. it appears to show bodies of government soldiers that were child while they were trying to launch an attack.
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despite daily shelling the rebels still hold. from damascus the rebels have set up a new training you want. they say these are the best fighters in the area. ready to use all their knowledge to whoever is willing to fight against president assad's army. >> well, we are an unit. our goal is to teach the art of war, fighting tactics, using weapons and storming buildings. >> all that is a rebel storm hold. government troops are using their military might to recapture this strategic area which is a few kilometers from the presidential palace. al jazeera. >> we're getting reports from egypt that anti-military
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protesters, let's get more from our correspondent in cairo whom we're not naming for security reasons. now you are there on the ground. can you give us an idea of what's happening right now? >> well, one of our producers has been down to to the square. the there is nothing happening now. the traffic is moving normally, but what happened earlier a couple of hours ago a small protest of about a hundred people told us that they were passing through tahrir square, and significant it was the third time that anti-military protesters have gone through or tried to go through there. they were passing through when they say that local street vendors started fighting with
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them. so the police arrived. they split the two parties up. we were told that nobody was injured, and the protesters say their intention was to march to tahrir's square. to stand there for a short period of time. but they have no plans to stage a sit-in, but mayorly to walk to tahrir square. but now our producer tells us that it has returned to normal. >> is there a possibility that security forces may come back out on to the streets justs to ensure that peace is enforced? >> well, there is still a curfew in parts of egypt, including cairo. that curfew does not begin until midnight, but the security
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forces come out from the streets to make sure that the curfew is respecteed. we are building up to army day on sunday, 6th of october, where there is going to be a display of military hardware and the big procession through the tahrir square. this is a symbolic march. don't forget there are marchs all the time. in various parts of kay row and egypt. people begin marching in small groups, but this is symbolic simply because they manage to walk through tahrir square. >> thank you for updating us on that very short protest that occurred in egypt's tahrir square.
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>> now still ahead on the program for the first time the vatican is revealing details o. and bangladesh war crimes tribunal sentences a leader to death. and can barcelona avoid another slip up in scotland? we'll have the latest of the big games right across europe in sports. >> greek police say they found weapons and nazi memorabilia inside the homes of officials of the right wing golden dawn. >> yes, remarkable developments taking place over there emerging on tuesday as golden dawn politicians appeared in court. the party head along with other leaders are among 22 people
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arrested in a crackdown after the deadly stabbing of an anti anti-fascist rapper. barbarnaby phillips reports. >> this is how they came to court. a party in disgraced, accused of under minding democracy, this is what the greek police say they found in houses belongs to golden dawn's leaders. fascist memorabilia, and it seems a movement prepared to use force. [♪ singing ] >> golden dawn still has its supporters. they say at a "a" corrupt government is persecuting their party to draw attention away from its own failings. later in the day, all of golden dawn's most senior figures were also brought to court. here come the golden dawn members of parliament. they've been behind bars for over three days. during that time they've been
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vilified as neo-nazis. now they have the chance to put their side of the story in court. >> but can this be a fair while or will it, in fact, be a witch-hunt? >> i'm sure they get a fair trial, and the judges today, they are very, very specific in what they're sensing. they're very fair. >> with heavy police presence around court. but some of those arrested, and several senior officers have been suspended because of suspected links to golden dawn. all suggesting a movement that grew out of economic crisis cannot be easily crushed no matter how these trials proceed. al jazeera, athens. >> youth unemployment in italy has reached an all-time high of more than 40%.
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the over all job figure stands around 12% and third largest economy is renewed by new political chaos. we have reports from italy's financial capital milan. >> rising unemployment, and tough challenges facing italy today. italians would face another hike in sales tax. the number of people out of work once again rose. what has affec it has effected s youth. and many are angry that it is a political system that is letting everybody down. >> they do not realize what is going on around them. that's why there is this drama.
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>> people are taking the worst of it. i have a degree, and i have been looking for a job for the last three months but i found nothing. they don't let young people into the job market. >> much of the instability has been blamed on corruption that has been afflicting the country for decades. now italians are used to sort of thing. they see the current turmoil being the latest in a long, long, long line of crises that has come to define italian politics. >> they're often deriders and almost criticizers. despite all the scandals berlusconi has been involved in, he happens managed to stay in the game. >> every week we have an apocalypse in politics. berlusconi is playing hard, he doesn't want to give up.
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you take the philosophical approach or you start crying. you don't want to cry. >> reporter: but even in this power-based milan people feel its time for him to retire from public life. they're taking the vote of confidence on wednesday, pushing it on to resolve as soon as possible. it has been affects italy's economy, but the question remains will political costs contain a situation that sees italy sliding out of control once again go at least three workers are trapped after a gas explosion in germany. they're stuck in a mine shaft in central germany. seven were initially trapped but some have since been rescued.
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the vatican has taken another step to being transparent. it shows in 2012 the bank made 117. million dollars four times more than the year before. it's been dogged by scandal including an investigation into alleged money laundering. we have the vatican correspondent for "the irish times" and wha explains what is behind the bank. >> this is the first time that the vatican bank has released such a report. the thing that motivated them to do this goes back to the election of pope francis last nights. in the meeting the cardinals had, one of the things that come up most often is the mismanage of vatican bank. and pope francis took it on to
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clean up and founded a special commission to look into it in june of this year. he was appointed just before the pope took over. and he's the man they found for the report. >> they wanted a church with a modern spirit that gave hope to the poor. as he opens talks on vatican reforms. he brought in eight cardinals all around the world for three days of brain storming. you it's expected to discuss how to give women a greater role in the church. russian president vladimir putin supporters have nominated
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him for a nobel peace price. i'll be back with more news from new york. >> in bangladesh a special war crimes tribunal has sentenced a political oppositionist to dea death. >> the first member of the bangladesh's main opposition party to be convicted of war crimes. he's a senior member of the party and has been found guilty on nine charges and has been sentenced to death. the public welcomed the verdict. >> this is the verdict that he would be hanged to death. we freedom fighters are very happy. we salute this verdict and feel like the nation is free from
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digress. >> but his son said the evidence was not configured. >> the verdict was not surprising really because we were only given five defense witnesses to defend 23 charges where the prosecution side had limited number of witnesses. >> there was violence across the country after the sentence was afound. choudry is the seventh to be convicted of war crimes. critics at the trial say they are politically motivated aned an accusation come bounded o coy emergence of leaked documents. the prime minister set up the tribune in a until 2010 to investigate alleged abuses in a war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
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but the trial led to violent protest since january and more than a hundred people have died so far. further unrest is expected in the coming months. >> and still to come. >> takes a lot of money out of my pocket, my family's pocket. >> i would not have a job. i think they need to get to work. >> hundreds of thousands of government workers are forced to stay home without pay and the key issues that led to the government shutdown. plus running away from home. refugees risking everything for a chance of a better life. the "20/20" world cup with test cricketers joe will explain it all.
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my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'ç]
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come, it is here. >> yes, let the games begin. he is fighting for his baseball life and some $46 million. a-rod and all of his attorneys were there fighting his 211-game suspension. the hearing is expected to last less than five days, after that the group will decide to uphold, reduce, or overturn the suspension. if the suspension is upheld, rodriguez would lose some $32 million in salary, and he wouldn't be back on the field until he is 40 years old. the big story tonight, people, the rays will be taking on the rangers in a tiebreaker in
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arlington, so we decided to bring in our mlb columnist rob parker. >> welcome back. a recap of our top stories. iran has accused the israeli prime minister of saber rattling. after his address to the u.n.
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general assembly in the last hour. prime minister netanyahu said he would knoll allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. the u.s. president said the longer the government remains without funding the worse it will be. a new team of weapons inspectors have arrived in syria, 20 experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived in thinthe capital of damascus jusa short time ago. let's go back to what prime minister netanyahu has to say about hassan rouhani.
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>> the only waves iran has generated in the last 30 years are waves of violence and terrorism that it has unleashed in the region and across the world. ladies and gentlemen, i wish i could believe rouhani, but i don't. >> joining me now, thank you for coming on the show. now it does see that prime minister netanyahu is determined to dampen an hope from iran.
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is he a lone voice. >> yes, pretty much. supporting president obama's overture to the iranians. the united states very much would like to resolve the dispute with iran peacefully, diplomatically and equitably and according to the rule of law which allows iran to create enriched nuclear power to help its citizens. netanyahu produced a dramatic, powerful argument which was mainly designed to reinforce the sense of the israeli public and government that they must not allow nuclear t iran to get a nr weapon. but to the west of the world he looked like a frenzied fear mongering, exaggerating many of the accusations.
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he's very much a lone voice diplomatically i think. >> at the same time iran was able to reply immediately to the speech pointing out the irony of israel's anxiety over the nuclear proliferation. >> mr. president, you talked a lot about the middle east without mentioning that israel is the only one in the region that possesses all types but is not a party to any of the treatings banning them. more over they you did not talk about the 2012 conference establishment of wmd free zone in the middle east. >> is this something that the international community will take into consideration?
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>> can you hear me? >> now i can hear you. >> yes, right, is this something the fact that iran did point out that israel talked about nuclear proliferation, is this something that the international community will take into consideration especially the next time prime minister netanyahu hints or questions military action against iran? >> yes, i think so. there are really two important things going on here. the israelis have boxed themselves into a corner by constant by talking for the last 15 years saying the irans are going to have a weapon in six months, nine months, one year, the red line is near and it's not happening. the israelis want to be able to make any law they want unto
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themselves to have nuclear weapons, colonize arab lands, and the world is tired of that. the united states government and people are very firmly behind obama's overtures to iran. there is a serious clash now that is looming between the american president and his people and this existential fear mongering. this is something that is looming. obama could really draw on the support of the american people seeing a peaceful resolution with iran is beneficial to everyone including israel. >> thank you for your insight. rami choury.
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>> moving on bosnia is holding it's first post-war census, which some have said might raise old feelings. >> during that conflict an estimated 100,000 people were killed, and 2 million driven from their homes. the census was taken in 1991 just before yugoslavia's collapse. the country then had a population of 4.4 million people. 43.5% declared themselves at muslims. serbs were the next largest group at 31.2% and croats making up 17.4% of the population. we have reports from sarajevo.
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>> bosnia will have it's first population census since the civil war in the 1990s. >> i think it's good that this census is being done. it's good to know how many of each group are living here, where they are and how many people have returned to their homes. >> after the last census in 1991 bosnia's population was 4.4 million. this time the overall numbers should allow a more accurate number of those killed and displaced in the war. it will break down numbers to evidence of ethic wa war crimesc cleansing. it's thought more than is hundred thousand people died in the war. some two million more were displaced. the peace agreement created a three-way share of power based
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on pre-war demographics. it's a balancing act that weighs heavily on development and reconciliation in bosnia. >> i think this system of government is ideal because it is the only way they can rule. because there is no economic or political cram that we create. it is nonsense. they don't have it. they just held this politics of ethnic interest. >> for that reason a still small but growing number of people reject the idea of national identity based on ethnicity. >> on the other side i would like it to be a state where actually all people would be in terms of community, in terms of their worth. >> in census terms a fourth group, the so-called "others" include other ethnicities and those who prefer to see themselves as bosnians above all. but bosnians are still a
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minority in a divided country nearly 20 years after the war. >> the u.n. is urging aid organizations to work more closely together to deal with syria's refugee crisis. the high commissioner also had more warnings about the risk to global security. >> it's no longer enough to support from this point of view, there is a structural impact in economies and societies that are hosting them that translates itself into a serious threat to regional stability and to global peace and security. >> it's not just syria's immediate neighbors who are feeling the pressure of the refugee crisis. many syrians are among thousands of my grants who packed in boats
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to italy's shores this year. in southern sicily where some of them have ended up. >> they're exhausted and hungry. these men and children travel from the syrian towns across the desert to libya. they then paid $2,000 each to get on to a small boat to europe. they were rescued by the italian coast guard after three days at sea. >> we were sitting up on the top deck, and we were shocked to find another 300 people below us. there was a storm and the boat took in water. that's when we called for help. >> this man said that the italian authorities forced them to be fingerprinted, beating some of the refugees. >> this is a free country, why they treat us like this, i don't know. >> local authorities deny using force. the southern town is already home to hundreds of african my
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grants. most of them want to leave italy is head for northern europe. but while they're here they depend on local help. >> i'm not an racist but this is an exceptional situation. now there are just too many of here. why are they here and not other parts of italy. >> the mayor is doing his best to calm any tension, but he admits his administration has run out of money. >> there are many people oh here out of work. they can't pay the bills. the state is giving immigrants more attention than it's own citizens. >> out at sea the italian coast guard waits for the next distress call. over the past year thousands of lives have been saved. there is very little what the italian ghost guards ca coast g.
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they must take them to shore. this recent footage shows the dramatic chase and the rare capture of the 30-meter vessel with almost 200 mostly syrian refugees. the italian board guard say they arrested several on board. now there are hundreds of syrians and other my grants waiting in libya for the next available crossing in thread. they're way toker from policy and also war, risking everything for a chance at a better life. al jazeera, southern sicily. >> hungary has passed a law which bans people from living on the streets. they could be fined, sentenced to community service or even imprisoned. the government said there is enough emergency accommodation
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for people to find shelter. that wraps up all the news from europe. >> thank you very much. still to come, the islamic solidarity gains comes to a close in indonesia leaving the host with plenty to celebrate. that's all the details in sport. x
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>> welcome back. in the west african country of guinea, more than 50% of people live in poverty and unemployment
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is high. it's very difficult for women to post themselves but some new projects are helping businesses. >> when she received a loan of $300 from a micro finance organization for women, her life changed forever. the loan helped her start a business selling dried fish in a market. she makes $500 a month and employs two people. >> i know the valley of micro finance. my yesterday and today are not the same. my children are in school, and i even bought a television for them to watch because i don't want them to end up on the street, and i'm able to buy more fish to sell. >> jilesa is one of the lucky once. >> there are many women looking for cash to start their own business but there are only 15
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micro finance openings. he have to have a guarantor to get the loan. the interest rate is 1 her 1%, e money has to be paid back in a year. >> having helped thousands of women out of poverty through micro finance. they received new equipment through such financing. she said the government should take the lead in making small loans available if it's serious about job create. >> all acts particularly the government need to take micro finance seriously. >> but that won't be easy. interest rates below the commercial rates as high as 25% and most people don't earn enough to open an bank account. the government has set up a new
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agencies to make small loans. >> it's too early to criticize us. we're putting reforms in place. >> the reforms that have been made have helped people like gilesa but more is needed. the hope of many is that it will become more accessible to them, too. >> egypt's muslim brotherhood has appealed a court bill to seize all its assets and disband its members. >> this charity is usually full of people who need help, but not
2:49 pm
any more. the loom and seeing machine are packed away. the classroom isent. it was funded by th--people are afraid to come here. they're saying it's related to the muslim brotherhood. >> a court reeling against the group has stopped its activities an ordered its assets including bank accounts to be seized. some argue the organization does not have any money. only it's individual members. >> there is a fallacy of the money of the muslim muslim brotherhood. there is nothing that is called the money of the muslim brotherhood. what is there is money of the
2:50 pm
people inside the muslim brotherhood. they donate from it. >> as for the charities funded by the muslim brotherhood members, many may be difficult to track down. >> some of the charities continue underground but no comparison with what they had before the cool off. many of these charities function in remote areas and small towns and it's a mix of clan, family and tribal met works as well as the ideological of the members not necessarily the organization of the members. >> in the back street of cairo these are the poor that benefit most from the group's charity. they come here for food, clothes and medicine. sometimes they even get meet. >> truthfully we knew this was at not a cultural event.
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>> many worry with the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood intensifying, it won't be long until they'r they. >> so far no goals to report there, dorthmund against march marseille. >> the men and women's games were winners in the opening in
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beijing. beating straight sets to advance to the second round. and serena williams is into the third round. some extraordinary grunting on display in this match. wins, and claiming the 6-4, 7-5 victory. serena's big sister videoous in second round action yesterda. new nhl season gets under way with the stanley cup champions blackhawks in action against the washington capitals. jessica taff reports.
2:53 pm
>> reporter: turning the run into must-see tv scoring two goals in the final 17 seconds in game six against the bruins and take home their second stanley cup since 2010. the season to start nearly as perfect out of the gate. chicago starting the regular season with the record 24 consecutive games without losing in regulation. >> it was the first period, the first win, and just seemed to start off on the right foot. i think some would prioritize in this season, there are a lot of things to achieve. let's worry about getting off to a great start. >> there are just a few reminders last season. one glaring momento of the payoff that comes with the stanley cup. >> the last ones ising with special. >> etched inside the team's
2:54 pm
motto "one goal." the blackhawks will have one more chance to relive the glory of last season when their banner is unveiled in their season opener against washington. >> i know we've had some say in the history of chicago blackhawks. >> they know that it can repeat itself and be part of another team celebration as the capitals tonight has them on guard. >> the last year we played in l.a. we had our warm ups ahead before we played the game and came out pretty strong. scored three goals if th in thet period. maybe we can take something from that. >> make sure all the distractions, the fanfare and event will enjoy it. >> we're excited to get the ceremony over with. i appreciate what we've done and going forward this year. >> jessica taff, al jazeera. >> the last remaining scots in the post ten.
2:55 pm
they beat the texas rangers 5-2 to secure the final world cup league. it came down to the extra tiebreaker beating 1-0 in the third inning in the seventh inning, the rangers pulled a lucky break. 4-2 up and two men on base. this hit to centerfield was ruled catch clearly when it wasn't. >> afghanistan has been in the spotlight recently. their footballers won the first ever tournament last month. now their cricketers are
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qualifying for the world cup. this time they're attempting to reach the 50 over world cup due to be held in australia and new zealand in 2015. the team had to beat kenya in two qualifiers this week. the first coming up on wednesday. >> we're just working. we will stick to our basics and do what we did in the last 12 months. we was want to wash out this sen as well. >> it's the host that will be celebrating most. he event seen around 6,000 athletes compete across 13 sports. they managed to claim 36 goals and six more than closest rivals
2:57 pm
iran. >> islamic solidarity games is about winning. but it's about unity and a look at of the leaders from all the islamic countries can learn and see about the meaning of having an event like the islamic solidarity games. we can see the threats are there, and in the spirit of the unity are there also. this is very important. not only for the athletes but the leaders. >> appreciate it stay with us here on al jazeera. we've got another full portion of news straight ahead on the top of the hour.
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