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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:15pm EDT

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too t glitches caused some delay. many watched the beach ball on their mac or that loading loop on the pc as the website refused to load or reveal error messages but open enroll ment did go live on october 1st. help smooth out the process for those americans signing up for obamacare. navigators are spread out around the country. karen basha is at the forefront to help navigators reach the arch insured in florida. she is the head of the epilepsy foundation. she dispatched 17 navigators in 35 counties. karen 1y0i7bd me now. good to see both of you. you look great. if you came up to me to help me get through healthcare, i would welcome you with open arms. are you getting a warm welcome for people? do people find you, or do you find them? >> people find us, ali. we have gotten a lot of phone calls today. we probably had close to 100
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people calling. a lot of them because they were trying to navigate the system, themselves. and we were also out in the community and we had people come to us as well. all in all, i have to say, most of the people were very kind, very patient, very understanding. it's day 1. obviously there is going to be some sort of glitches, and they were all very understanding, very patient. obviously, there is always a few that are anxious. >> sure >> to get the information. >> it seems to me florida has not made it all that easy for people to figure out how to deal with obamacare or to get information. tell me a bit about this. >> well, i think that people in general are just not as educated about obamacare as we would like them to be. >> that's where we come in to play. we are here to help people understand the system, understand the benefits that are available to them, help them navigate and make the choices that are best for them and their families. i think overall, in general, i
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think the number is something like 70% of the population has no clue really. >> yeah. >> what it is. >> that's why we have a few months to get this all worked out. nobody has to do anything by today. adrienne, let me ask you: what are some of the most common things you have to deal with or people ask you? >> well, as a patient navigator, one of the more common questions that i receive is: how much am i going to have to pay on a month to month basis for my health insurance? obviously, that depends upon a number of factors. primarily on the person's income, and thankfully there are a lot of tools we can use to kind of calculate an estimate of how much they will be paying for those monthly premiums. prior to the actual filling out of the application through the health insurance marketplace. so, that's probably the most common question. other questions are about specific kinds of eligibility, you know, whether or not they have to get insurance, if they already have insurance, or if they have insurance through
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their employer, how long they have to be able to enroll in the marketplace. the answer to that is, they have up until march 31st to be able to. >> so no one has to panic. it just opened now. don't worry if the computer didn't work and your website didn't work. we will get it all worked out. thanks to people like you across the country. karen bashagozi and adri aan madriz. it's here and you might as well understand how it works. the full effect of insurance sold on obamacare he knew changes will not be felt until uninsured americans are covered. we have asked to lay out the next key dates and why they matter to individuals and business owners. >> today, americans who have been forced to go without insurance can now visit healthcared .gov.
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new year's eve day is the next milestone, the earliest day coverage kicks in. consumers have six months to pick a plan and will face a fine around tax time if they are still uninsured by april. several other parts of the law kick in on january 1st. for example, the term, "pre-existing condition" becomes a thing of the past. insurers are no longer deny coverage if you are sick or raise the price of your premium if you are a woman. insurers can't put annual dollar limit on how much of your medical costs they will cover. if you suffer from an illness like cancer and want to take part in a clinical trial, your insurer can't drop you or reduce your coverage. medicaid coverage will be available for low income people who live in states expanding the program. that means a family of four earning up to about $32,000 a year will be he will visible for free coverage. what if you are an employer? there are big changes coming for you, too. starting next month, exchanges for small businesses are scheduled to open. owners with fewer than 25
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employees could be eligible for tax credits. if you run a bigger company, 50 or more employees, you have until january 1st, 2015, before you are required to cover all of your full-time workers. now, here is a big one. starting january 1st, 2018, the law imposes a 40% excise tax on employer plans that cost more than $10,200 a year for individuals and $27,500 for families. but for now, as america's new health exchanges roll out, all eyes are focusing on how many people actually sign up. david ariosto, al jazeera new york. >> coming up on real money, an obamacare expert answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the new law, including those you sent us and then we look at people with less than credit records are having an easier time getting auto loans.
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that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko ç]
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my rusty copy of obamacare.
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it's called the patient prorex and affordable care act. you wi you will hear it referred to as aca. we have read it so you don't have to. the exchanges are open for business. along with technical glitches, there are plenty of questions. here is kamida patel. she worked in the obama white house. she is a practicing physician, a fellow at the brookings institution in washington and she knows this law inside and out. welcome. thank you for being with us. let's get right to the questions. one of the most popular questions is: do i qualify for medicaid? and we received a tweet about that from gianne. she asks: i am 56 years old. when am i eligible for medicaid? >> there are two things, one is if you are asking about medicaid, which is the program for people who are poor and under generally the age of 65, it depends upon what state you live in. so you will have to look. state-specific. remember not all states expanded with their medicaid program. but most states have. and if you are not living in
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states like texas and louisiana, then you will have access to the medicaid program. >> some people confuse medicaid and medicare >> medicare, exactly. so medicare generally is for people over 65 who qualify for medicare and then for some disabled individuals, you can also qualified for medicare. i like to think there is care for the elderly, aid for the poor. that helps you think about which program. >> we don't know which one the viewer is looking for. the important thing would be to check, call one of these navigators or go to alan is an unemployed, disabled veteran who wants to know if he is required to sign up for health insurance. >> all individuals are required to sign up for health insurance unless you have a hardship that you live in one of these states that didn't expand medicaid and unless you get out of the qualification. >> that's very limited. so a disabled veteran generally, yes. but they should also look in to
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see if they can qualify for services through the va health system, the veteran affairs healthcare system. if they don't qualify through the va system, not all veterans qualify fully for those services, that's exactly what these exchanges that started today are meant to do. >> he is disabled so he may >> medicaid, medicare. >> it's a good question. he could fall into a few good categories >> alan has more options today than a year ago. >> frustvation given the technical glitches. jonathan ask: when is it going to bloody work? how is it going to affect people getting enrolled? >> in the state of new york where we are sitting right now, we had over 2 million people get on to the website and the biggest complaint, it was a little slow. so, it is day by day getting better and better. one thing i can say is everyone wants it to work by january 1st. >> that's when it's important. thank you for clear answers. we are going to need yto use yo a lot more as this rolls out.
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a mixed bag for auto makers in september after a hot summer. new car and truck sales at general motor fell 11% last month from a year ago while ford gained about 6%. chrysler sales rose 1%. one reason for the downshift in sales in september is that it had two fewer sales days. that matters. september's lack luster auto sales came after more than two years of consecutive monthly sales gains for car makes makers. >> that's strong sales, something on part of a market that may make some people nervous. sub-prime buyers. you heard that before. people with less than perfect credit scores or a credit score of roughly 700 or lower. stacy tisdale has the report. >> you get a car and you get a car. okay. maybe it's not as easy as oprah made it but it is easier to get an auto loan these days even if your credit isn't stellar. people who used to be considered prime borrowers are finding themselves in less than prime
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territory. >> it's customers that have had some pick-ups, some defaults on major credit card loan for example. other car repossessions in the past or foreclosures on mortgages. >> experience has new vehicle loans from buyers with less than prime credit scores increased 8% in the second quarter from a year earlier. and banks are ramping up their sub-prime lending, 36% of their car loans went to these borrowers >> not everyone has stellar credit but people know about this opportunity. we are seeing a lot of growth in sub-prime as banks and other lending institutions see an opportunity to finance people and make money off of it >> reporter: the risk for lenders may not be all that the sub-prime name implies. trans union says delinquency rates, 51/2 %, are where they were two years ago. and experts say car loans are usually one of the last bills consumers will default on. >> people see the value, i think, most in their car. >> it's the gateway to their life, how they go to work, how
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it they go to school. people generally don't default on their car loans. >> stacy tisdale, al jazeera new york. >> final thoughts tonight, something you may not realize. we talked about a government shutdown. members are congress are still getting paid. that while more than 700,000 government employees face unpaid leave and no guarantee of pay once the deadlock is over. a 1992 law prevents members of congress from voting themselves a pay raise but it protects them from getting a pay cut. the currents salary of congress members is $174,000 a year. that means during each day of the shutdown, lawmakers are earning a total of around $255,000. not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. tell that to the government worker who doesn't make that much in five years. while all eyes are on capitol hill, my final thoughts are really with those government workers. >> that's our show for today. thank you for joining us on wednesday. how the government shutdown is dealing a blow to thousands of young kids and their parents who
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depend upon federal funding for child care. i am ali velshi. see you on "real money." hi i'm lisa flep your you are in the stream. how effective are the non-violent peace efforts in the israel conflict?
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>> they have put down their weapons to find a solution. they hope to to end the cycle of violence between the peamtion and israelis. like many other groups believe dialogue and reconciliation are the only ways to