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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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talks were held tonight at the white house. so far it is still a stand off. >> all we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness to the american people over obamacare obamacarele. that's what it's about. congressional bickering won't help the workers face another dayton side lines with no pay.
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>> it's costing tax payers and the shut down price tag at more than $587 million-dollars and counting. >> no deal tonight and no sign of a deal in the future. there was closed door meeting between president obama and congressional leaders in the white house tonight. but when that meeting was over, the move was grim, both sides appeared unwilling to budge. we begin with mike at the white house. >> this is the first time the president sat down with congressional leaders on monday night in to tuesday. the these were worthwhile to describe the discussion in the wing that happened behind closed doors. it lasted for about an hour. it's heading in today three of a
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government shut down. john boehner came out saying the president will not negotiate. but genre stated his position. >> we sent four proposals and they rejected all of them. we will sit down and try to resolve our differences. we will not negotiate. we had a nice conversation but at some point we've got to athrow process that our found eurs gave us to work out. we have been playing on the house side to sit down and work with our senate colleagues it's time for them to appoint -- all wear asking for here is a discussion an fairness for the american people under obamacare. >> they said john boehner has gogotten his way.
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it's too late. they won't budge. they won't denegotiate under threat. there's no daylight between them. the president and the white house left it to harry reed to carry this bat until to congress and decide on the tactics standing firm, refusing to entertain any oh of the motions or any of the alterations that the house sent the senate. still we have this impact and harry traoed spoke about house republicans once again. he will talk abouting a culture and talk about parks. we will talk about health care and we will talk about anything that you want to talk about. >> and he says no. all i want to do is have a short-term. we have the best staring us in the face. he wants to talk about a short-term cr, my god.
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if they were concerned about the long term physical affairs of the country and we said we are, too. let's talk about it. reiterates that the president will not negotiate over threats from the white house. >> whapb what happens next depen
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the case from the republicans. >> the question that everyone is asking on capitol hill is whether the thra*eu come up with a compromise
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about $3 o300 million a day. the economic consulting form ihs global insights crunched those numbers. the government accountability office is unable to verify the
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figures because it's been closed down by the shut down. the stalemate weighed on stock prices today. dow closed down 50 points today. they were also down today. several works are not the only works by the deadlock. it's also hitting businesses that cater to those workers. it's especially true in washington. >> federal jobs take 30%. of all jobs in washington, d.c. they don't cross the street to eat. >> it's not government. >> since the shut down began, business here has dropped 90%. half the staff will stay home on
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thursday. more of the shut down continues. >> the chamber of commerce told does it's too early to tell what the shut down will have the across the u.s. but here in the nation's capitol, businesses are already taking a big hit. fewer federal employees say it leads to less traffic. u fewer passengers. he says since monday he lost 40% of his business. >> at the end of the day when you go home, it's not many in your budget. the gas station a few miles from capitol hill is usually packed in rush hour. business has fallen by 50%. >> people like magee hope
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lawmakers will come soon. the government shut down will last longer than a week they will fear they have to shut down their businesses too. >> as several programs close their doors nationwide, many of the countries most vulnerable are struggling to get by. andy gallagher reports. >> volunteers at the shelter for working homeless is a long-teldd ambition. >> reporter: she's one of the network can in the program. when the annual salary is as much. she's already relying on friends an family to help her stay here. she's worried about what will happen if she's forced to leave. >> meals won't be served and children will not have the same day-to-day contact that they do
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that has some stability. things could change for the worse for the people who are most at risk. >> they refly on funding for federal government to keep the doors moving. we will face serious problems along with a parable shut down. >> this is hurting some of it. this is hurting the homeless families and their children who are not going to have a kneel. who are not going to have a safe place for their to be so they can work their way out of homeness. >> reporter: the effects of the partial shut down felt. the local government officials, the message for politicians in washington is simple. get back to work. deal with the your constitutional responsibilities are. >> the fact that people are
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frustrated won't come in to supplies and replicated across the entire country. but it's a very real effect on those who depend on government programs. while politicians struggle and glen suffer. for many that is simply unacceptible. little rock, arkansas. well the government shut down has left the thousands of families the to find daycare for their young children. some of their preschool centers are closing due to lack of funding. the closures could effect almost 19,000 children. that's out of more than a million enrolled in the program nationwide. in addition to education, head start also provides kids with food and medical care. i spoke with a teacher. the shut down means her daughter sophie can't go to preschool. >>vy no income and my child's not getting any education.
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and she learns a lot in one day at school. and i teach a lot in one day at that school. not only is it effecting my families, it's effecting thousands of families around the united states. we heard speaker of the house come out to night. we heard the senate a majority leader come out to night and say no deal. what do you say to that? >> i'm upset. i knew they would come to an agreement when they all sat down. i'm a christian and i'm not going to bash anyone. i just feel like both parties need to come together and be united. we are one nation under god. they are supposed to come to a conclusion together i feel. ty just feel like it's none
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stepbs nonsensethat this is hap. my heart is the with head start. i'm trying to test this out as long as i can because i love my family and i love my children they work with. sophie loves head start and i don't want go in where else. i want to be part of head start until i can't be part of head start no more. it breaks my heart that this is happening. not only to me and my family but to all the other families. >> thanks to wendy for talking with us tonight. everyone has an opinion. we will take a closer look at how some of the media is covering the government shut down. >> many americans are running in to problems as they sign up for health care exchanges all part of the affordable care act.
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the government says it is working quickly to resolve the problem and that coverage doesn't take effect until january 1st and open enrollment ends next march 31st. >> a cluster of thunderstorms from nebraska all the way up across southern myself and now wear seeing a long thick line of lightning strikes. not what we expect in the lightning capitol of the world but florida. that's getting a little bit of the break from the thunderstorms but what we are seeing some flood advisories coming up. pit's from the tense amount of rain that's coming down. now, we're going to be watching two major storms overnight tonight. one of them developing in the gulf of mexico is actually farther south toeuft and closer to cuba and it's been slowly
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moving and will continue to do that here through the weekend. we expect it by sunday or monday to push in to parts of louisiana, alabama, spheup missi and florida. coming up, i will tell you where we will get some mountain snow and we can use that for our water tables as we move in to the north west. . a terrible accident in tennessee far chartered church bus traveling back to north carolina. the bus blew a tire on interstate 40. the bus then crossed the medium, slammed in to a big rig an an suv before turning over. 8 people killed, 14 people, 6 of the dead were on the bus. the government shut down big risks in to some of america's most vulnerable citizens. people who rely on soup kitchens to meals on wheels. we'll hear from them next.
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well the story of grid lock in washington has been dominatinging the newspapers across the country. come theytors, blogers, editorial writeers are all speaking out. we invited two riders tonight. the editorial rider with the "la times" tonight in la tonight. the executive editor of fearless media. it's good to see both of you. you wrote a piece in the la times that is entitled since you are shut down sham a desperate attempt to score political points against the political care act. why did you feel the need to speak out on this? >> it was pretty clear from my
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advantage point. they were bringing something to the table that didn't necessary belong in a revolution. it's an issue -- we were going to get a deal. >> a lot of people say it takes two to tango. it depends on whether you think affordable care act is the law of the land and duly enacted and legitimate and needs to be implemented. if you don't, then yeah, bring it up. hold the government hostage and see what happens. >> if you do think it is enacted then it seems like -- let me november dan. and you wrote a piece for al and where the shut down coverage -- we need journalists to thoeld politicians for extremist actions not to ten able them.
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what are journalists doing tone able them. >> this story is an amazing story and the government shut down and the congress' basic job is to keep congoing. something is terribly long.. there needs to be an enter sense. the press needs to explain to people who th what the problem . >> didn't john do just that? >> john did aned a mir rabble job like that. people don't do editorials so much. they read the lines of the front page and the t it said congress fails to stop shut down. it's congress that is to blame.
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it's also clear that the issue isn't how much they are willing to spend. they agreeed on that. issue is whether or not you can go ahead with the affordable care act. if if you are looking from that advantage point then you easily argue that it's not two weeks ago but u two years ago.
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and republicans have been trying for a long time, house republicans in particular to, get leverage to get the democrats to negotiate on this. >> i understand that part of it. isn't it also the responsibility of the president of the united states to lead it has the president done a good job and is that an important part of this discussion and this debate that's going on in our country. >> it's a very important part of the discussion because when people keep telling the president to leave and he doesn't and it's not his fault. there's a problem. the fact is that the media needs to explain who did what. the more people you talk to before the break know that congress is not working. if there's going to be any accountability, people will be healthy if there is any for the
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t the public to respond to this. people have to know what it's possible. there's no argument as to where this is coming from. >> i wills is special that some of the congressmen are getting phone calls and e-mails and raising hell about what's going on. >> if you look at the ones that are pushing hardest and they are solidly. hind them in their districts, the affordable care act is a travesty without any republican support. >> and, there is this notion that they have to fight. so those guys are not feeling heat so much the. >> let me ask you both about this. why does the president do that and a lot of coverage in that sort of sense. what do you make a relationship between the president and the
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leaders in the house. >> it's not an issue of tone or friendship. this is an issue of strategy and incentives and the republican leadership has taken an opposition tpogs. and this is not something that someone in this case can bridge. >> let me ask you what reaction you're getting. >> the piece i wrote for al jazeera yesterday, i think it touched on an issue that people are concerned about. the press is not doing the job and doing a job that people need the information to hold accountable. >> i about 30 seconds. >> i'm hearing some of the sig signs. they are pointing the finger at republicans. a number said why are you
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talking about the special deals that congress is giving itself oobama care. there's a glimpse of reality in there somewhere. they think that there's another truth here that -. >> the games are packed off. the department of defense has suspended all travel this week. >> so saturday, the air force will kick things off at 11:30
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a.m. eastern time while they are up against boston college at 12:30. alex rodriguez is appeals his suspension in connection with the scandal. according to the new york daily news. a-rod's defense team are saying he didn't know the substance he was taking are illegal. a-rod people are denying that -- rodriguez admitted to using performance enhancing drugs in 2009. question the, is the nfl -- will be pack the starting the line up against the san diego chargers. a nasty concussion two weeks ago. it was so bad at filling in, the third string quarterback and will be the thao*eus makin hight
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stringer. we'll be right back. . .
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welcome back. tragedy for a church traveling from tennessee back to north carolina. their chartered bus crashed on a tennessee interstate. one of the bus' tires blew about to miles northeast of knoxville. the bus veered across the medium. at least 8 people were killed and 14 this others injured. the ceo and some of the countries and the president obama to talk about the debt ceiling. the treasury department says the nation's borrowing limbs must be increased or the government can begin detaulting on its bills. lit badly thurt economy' recovery. 800,000 federal workers are heading in to a third day with no pay. president obama and the house and senate raersd met and they couldn't reach an agreement with funding the government and john boehner left the white house accusing the white house not
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being to negotiation but house minority leader says republicans keep moving on a budget deal. >> now if the stalemate continues even more for the needy will be shut done. it takes a closer look at who's at risk. it's the t some of the poorest people. seniors depen tkept on their social security checks and men and woman fresh out of rehab. many are also homeless. a few more weeks before they run out of money. one of the -- people wonder about what they stand to lose. >> everyone in my liveing or lifestyle we all hurt. .
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>> we have to take on obama ca care. >> the programs here are running and not funded by government and a catch and there will be an effect to rely on federal assistance until now. >> meals on wheels and others can be forced to suspend service if they shut down the last days but weeks. the department ofin agriculture now closed have programs in food banks across the country. those programs will this stop along with other meal service a*eu relying on federal funds. >> we will see ourselves. throw safety so when that safety net is stretched as it will be with the shut down continues, people will fall through that safety net and we will be there as much
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as we can to catch this. the kitchen has never turned the way anyone from lack of food. >> that will take its toll and an extra burden for this already heckive population. >> i want to bring in gop strategist. he's the former staff member from george w.bush. it's great to see you. as you watch this unfold, what do you think about what happened tonight? >> well, i'm just sorry that there wasn't more progress made. it doesn't help the financial markets and they are worried that the republicans and democrats aren't talking to each other. it doesn't help that they didn't
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make any progress. there's no rog resz made which is unfortunate. >> it's sud -ply unscientific. the republicans really took it on the chin and then today, this may have switched against the democrats a little bit. how you see it? well, i think the country will take it on the chin of course. any time you have a government shut down, you have money so it's not a group with the government and from the standpoint between the republicans and democrats, you have both sides blaming the other. maybe the republicans took a hit and maybe the democrats are looking like the ones that are less flexible. at the end of the day they have to start talking to each other because we can't have it two weeks down from now and hit the debt ceiling and not have this resolved. we don't have to raise it. >> what is the republican party?
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>> well, the republican party is in dialog with itself. >> . it's led by tea party members. >> and remember when it comes to politics, more politics are local. those members of congress and the house are republicans come from tea party districts saying that they were able to shut the government down to stop obama care. for them is a badge of honor. for the majority of republicans and for in main stream republicans this, is a difficult time. many of us are willing to negotiate to get the government moving again and put o be bama care aside far moment. >> they were on a house floor today. there were democrats screaming at the top of their lungs saying all we need the 20 votes so we
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can pass this budget bill and open the government again. >> well, everybody needs to tone it down a little bit. shouting at each other doesn't help the country. certainly, the president can be helpful in all of the by negotiating with republicans. even negotiate on issue of putting obama care back on the table because it's already the law. certainly they come to the table and say we've got some stuff for you. perhaps we can get this continues revolution done and get the government funded and back open again. he holds a lot of the cards and if he can reach out to those republicans perhaps get this thing resolved and deal with the debt ceiling. >> we had an editorialle writer from the "l.a. times" and another from washington, d.c., one tellinging us how he's t the
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republicans are holding the country hostage. how do you respond to that comment? >> well, it's the right to speak their minds and clearly the legislative allowance for members to do what it is they've done. it doesn't feel very good. obviously right now while the country is financially stable t it might be to be shut down and especially heading in to the debt ceiling discussion but at the end of the day they have the freedom to be heard. now the question is whether or not speaker boehner can get the republicans together and get them to be one accord and whether or not the president can exercise the leadership -- when you bring people to the table and are able to find some kind of agreement so we can get this resolved. everybody has to tone it down. is there something that
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gives you hope tonight? >> i have been along a long time. i worked for the united states senator and worked in the senate body and worked in the white house for the u.s. president. i have seen these. we had 8 under president reagan which wasn't fun. >> how do you compare this? >> right now we don't know. i'm hoping and praying that this one is a short one. it's like this many of the short ones we had under president reagan it didn't last more than few days. the question is after the initial day or two of tough call. if the parties are willing to come to oh the table and saying here are the bargaining chips. we don't mind if this is expendableable. are politics getting tougher? or is it cyclical? >> it's cyclical for the sides are talking to each other like
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they once did. there's another that are facing difficult challenges from the opposeing party. president johnson did and he's able to get voteing is rights. >> so, it can be done even when there's some bickering and the difficulty from the opposition party and it's possible for the president if the president happens to have that kind of will to get things done for the country. >> jay is in philadelphia for us tonight. it's great to talk to you. thanks very much. >> great talking to you, too. >> democrats in the house are also focusing on immigration reform.
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so far, house republican leaders have yet to act on bipartisan reform legislation pass bid the senate in late june. now to syria, u.n. weapons inspectors are working in dangerous conditions night. fighting is rageing near damascus. at least 19 people have been killed since monday. the fighting under scores the risks. they are trying to find sights where they continue their worth on dismantleing syria's chemical weapons. >> the. >> the president of kenya is washing a swift response to last week's attack on a nairobi mall.
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>> it stretches out by the air force. >> the kenians are just over a year. >> the militants aren't likely to have a direct contest against the weapons. the kenians haven't pushed farther in to al-shabab territory either. >> it's cautious when coming in to somalia. it's back in 2006. if they are coming too hard and the casualties to band together and giveen them out. after al-shabab first kidnapped aikidnapped aide workd
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killed tourists. the west gate attack is question on the plan. >> our position in somalia, the country went to somalia because the al-shabab activities are -- with that said, and therefore we were not posted out and we will continue to take action on that front and our security in the country is protected. >> now, the west gate attack, the kenyan military is under a trepbs pressure to go after al-shabab. and the group has changed. it's their interest to hold against the kenyans big guns. >> they're not prepared to engage in any war anyway.
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they decided to go under ground. >> so even if they attack the al-shabab's position. that will not have an impact on the spot this the short-term. >> and the kenyans take their way. >> they will see if anyone shoots back. tonight there is no response. >> al-shabab is holding their fire. on to sports now. the race and indians played a one-game-winner take-all show down tonight. for the world's top architect, the future is now. still ahead, a look at some of the most innovative buildings in the world and what do we expect from the next generation of ddesigners.
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[[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer.
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what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories.
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a if group of hispanics sued the sheriff accused of detaeupbg them because of their race. >> we will make sure they comply of the requirements. >> theer riff' the sheriff's ru- well the best-sell author of high-tech thrillers died today in baltimore. tom looks back at his remarkable life and his career. >> the novels read like action
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packed movie scrips and many of them became just that as well as best-selling video games. a form shin yo form insurance se hunt for red october was an instant success. >> this thing could park a couple hundreds more in washington. the stpaoeu craft was so detailed that a secretary demanded to know who had leek leaked him classified information. clancy said was spooky to know that he this made up things. people who believe in something, people with news and a mission will make the world better some way. >> his last book is scheduled the for publ publication in dec.
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if. it was hot in cleveland. simple math next to oh the indians and raves. over 44,000 fans. the indians started a rookie tonight -- and the 23-year-old got roughed up in the third. oh my goodness. can u you get it any harder? they were actually cut by the phillies this year and will raise a 1-0 lead. tampa back in business. they are on the left field and james noni was kicking it in the to high gear and raised a 3-0 lead and that will be more than enough for alex.
11:49 pm
the kid was like david blaine working his magic here. how about rays. this is just it. they would go on to beat the indians 4-0-shut down and now they off to boston to face the red sox in the al division series starting on friday. now other baseball news. the highest stake player making $13 million-dollar a year. you would think he would be on the post-season roster think again. the atlanta braves left fielder. a three-time all-star offset -- he's only batting 179. here's the deal, that is not a good thing. braves will taken to la dodgers best of five series.
11:50 pm
we have been thinking far while. put your best 25 up there and ultimately that's without getting in to details on this and that. we feel like we put our best 25 out there. we'll have the best pitchers on the hill tomorrow night. >> you get those butterflies before every game. you get the anxious energy but once the game starts you forget about all that. >> i think you have pressure all the time. it's warm and all that. so you feel the pressure of th
11:51 pm
that. just like i'll ask my prayers to do and try do for myself is make sure you cut all those surrounding circumstances away as much as possible and manage a baseball game. in the nfl, the indianapolis colts will make a big statement come sunday in the 3-1 start. they'll be hosting the undefeated seahawks. you can argue that seattle, the best team in the league is bar none. in order to be the best you have to beat the best. >> the biggest game of the year. we have two a piece. >> they have all the attributes. they can also tkafp ball. it's also big.
11:52 pm
we have our work cut out for us. we're excited about challenge. the navy air force game as well as the army boston college is in danger of being cancelled because of the government shut down. according to u usa today, the game is back on. the department of defense has suspended all travel for athletics but that has staid. tiger loves it. the opponents are much younger now.
11:53 pm
that's one of the reasons why guys want to take the teams. once they get a taste of it. how much fun they will have and what goes on and the come rodry and we don't want to hear from the americans every year. it's special and to represent your country is more special. >> the americans have dominated it since 199 1998. they have boston in the alc. >> tiger sounded like an old man tonight. desaoeurpbs from dozens countries tkpa*tered in singapore for the world's agriculture festival. they gave them a chance to check tout building of the future. >> the futuristic -- it's to the starkly simple. its festival brings together designs from all over the world plus the people who created them. recognized as the world's best
11:54 pm
architects. >> it's like in a toy shop. it's dialog and the sper action. and stuff from incredible variety as one of the hotels. from the boutique hotel in hong kong. its urban environment. to this offering from singapore. praised for its environmental achievement and creating green space equivalent to double the occupying. >> the new contour and formation. that will remind you of a
11:55 pm
result. >> as the host had its fair share of short listed nominations in a number of categories symbolizing th asia. the complex in which the festival staged itself is now one of the city's architect call icons. >> it's -- this festival moved to shay twto asia two years go o plans to go back. pa. it generated activity. a growing number of those coming from north america and europe but it's taking place in asia.
11:56 pm
>> and redec rebecca is back wie weather right after this.
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a very cold storm moving in it will feel a lot like winter it's going to be tracking in to the mountains in to the rock kiss and wyoming in to the valley too with some heavy wet snow and as it moves up to minnesota, we will get heavy rain with this. and temperatures behind it are cooling quite a bit. we are looking at an outlook of rain or snow. and i want to point out that washington, oregon just a few scattered showers. we're seeing it taper off to the west of the cascade mountains. they're still going to be around but the bulk of the precipitation is traveling in to the mountains especially. we have a lot of winter weather advisories and have winter storm warnings too. we will have snow levels dropping between 6,000 and 7,000 feet. at times as we get in tomorrow as well as 5,000 feet for wyom
11:59 pm
myself g so it's going to be chilly outside. we will get that wet snow bringing in tomorrow problems around casper and in to other cities stretching up in to san diego. as we look at the satellite here over the pacific ocean. overnight tonight are temperatures the 30s to mid 40s. quite chilly from the west and over towards billings montana. now, we will look at the the cool wind and look that the storm. these low pressure and sit wound -p uptight as it tracks north of washington state. the winds are going to be increasing in the south and southwest. it will be dry here and dry winds, santa ana, california will be blustering for you so we have concerns about fire weather. we have snow coming down to the north of you. so the day tomorrow to west is cool, still pretty comfortable for many part os of east coast.
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