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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. here are the stories we're following for you. >> obama: they got what they wanted. now they're trying it figure out how to get out of it. >> president obama points the finger at the tea party for the government shutdown. now the shoutdown on a global scale. first iran and now north korea. thsecretary kerry said they're open to talks with jung-un. >> president obama came out swinging today. the president went to a small construction company outside of
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washington, d.c. this morning, and he blamed house speaker john boehner for the government shutdown. >> obama: the only thing that is preventing all that from happening right now, today, in the next five minutes is that speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to anger the extremists in his party. that's all. that's what this whole thing is about. >> we have complete coverage of the government shutdown. libby casey is on capitol hill. but we begin with mike viqueira at the white house, good afternoon, mike. so did the president say anything that we haven't heard already today? >> reporter: stephanie, i'm afraid we're still in the shouting stage and the two sides are talking past each other. notwithstanding the president was talking face to face with all four of the republicans and
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democrats in the house and senate. to call out speaker john boehner if that senate bill, the so-called clean cr with no strings attached it would pass. the problem about john boehner he would have to defy the base of his party was it would pass with democratic oh votes. that's something that simply isn't done. the president trying to isolate and pus pressure on john baner. >> obama: i'm going to repeat it. there will be no negotiations over this. the american people are not pawns in some political game. you don't get to demand some ransom in exchange for keeping the government running. you don't get ransom and exchange to keep the economy running. >> reporter: the president said he won't negotiate. he won't negotiate with a gun to his head because of the ransom situation that he is talking
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about. and it's ditto. some people feel it's a much more important deadline that comes october 17th when congress has to raise the debt ceiling, and that could mean a sharp rise in everyone's interest rates. the president said he's not going to negotiate on that. >> it should be that simple. but as i said the problem we've got is that there is one faction of one party in one-half of one. branch of government that so far has refused to allow that yes or no vote unless they get some massive partisan concessions in exchange for doing what they're supposed to be doing any way. >> reporter: stephanie, the democratic strategy all along has been the same they think republicans and john boehner will have to crack. they think they have the political upper hand.
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>> we don't often hear the president get very impassioned the way he did, calling it all a farce, but besides making speeches what else can the president do? >> reporter: john boehner is doing what congressional leaders have done throughout the course of the history of republicans. they're waiting out their caucus, let everybody punch themselves out and wait for things to become clearer when the dust settl settles. they thought that would happen yesterday but we're still here. >> we now turn to libby casey live on capitol hill. libby what is happening on the hill today? >> reporter: we're seeing the house continue with a series of piecemeal votes. instead of looking at the whole federal budget they're attacking it peace by popular piece. today they're looking at a bill that would pay members of the national guard, the reserve and fund the department of veteran's affairs.
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yesterday they funded the nih, the national institute of health, and eric ca canter stood with those in medical training. you can hear the majority leader making his case why they should pass this nih bill. >> we pass the bill in the house last night to reopen trials to give hope to patients who may not have hope otherwise when they find their kids have cancer. i believe that senator reid must take up this legislation today. for the sake of those children and their health. >> so you get a sense of the tactic republicans are taking. no dice. democrats say it's all or
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nothing. while they care deeply for children, veterans and members of the national guard and reserves this is not the smart approach to funding the government. as they continue on their track they're not getting any close for any compromise. >> it'it's p.r. battle going ond is there any sign that either side is going to compromise at this point? >> reporter: we're just not seeing it. much like the president they're calling out house speaker john boehner by name. this is interesting politics in the history of this. this is a hasert rule, this refers to the former speaker of the house, and long time speaker and that is if the speaker does not have the majority of his team on board with a bill then you don't get it get to the floor. that's the legacy of someone like speaker boehner would not let a bill that his caucus doesn't support get to the a
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floor. so the question is what power does speaker boehner have? and we heard democrats push not just personally to speaker boehner but also why would they negotiate. they don't feel it's a good precedence going forward. here is senator chuck assumer. >> what happens when this has to be renewed. by holding a gun to their heads we got what we wanted. we'll up the ante this time. >> reporter: democrats saying there is no incentive for them to compromise at this time. >> thank you. wall street is down again. concerns about the government shutdown grow. and with that the shutdown has forced a delay in tomorrow's jobs report. and one more whammy, treasury tech jack lew said if congress
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does not act to raise the borrowing limit soon with cosee an economic catastrophe worse than the 2008 final crisis. as the shutdown continues economists estimate it has cost tax payers 587. million dollars. that reflects the roughly 12. $5 million in lost wages and productivity every hour which adds up to $300 million a day. if the government stays closed a week it could cost tax payers, 1. $86 billion. the economic consulting firm global crunched those numbers. they're unable to verify the government because it has been able to shoulddowbeen
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closed as well. what is this going to mean for the average american? >> the way that it affects the cdc, 68% of the workforce is on furlough. i'm standing here in atlanta where there is normally 8500 employees. today i'm told by some folks inside there is just about a few hundred, and so things very, very quiet. now the average american, here's how it will affect them. these guys here, they track and map infectious decease diseasese country. they took the pulse of the nation's health and they are the c.i.a. to getting the booed guys. these guys get infectious diseases and viruses. they look at the way things are going to spread, and then they send in field teams to isolate those and stop many americans from dying each year.
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that's at risk. that's the headline. americans' health is at risk because the cdc is not operating at its full potential because of washington's inactivity. >> even before the shutdown the cdc was already dealing with a budget crunch. >> yep, exactly. sequestration cut 5% of thorough budget, and so all the different departments that make us safe including monitoring bio terrorism, of all things, that's one of the things that they do here, all of that has been cut. so this is a really tough situation here and something that these scientists, searchers are really concerned on on day three of the shutdown. >> thank you. the use of drones and possible talks with north korea. those items top the agenda in a meeting between secretary of state john kerry and top japanese officials. >> on the table today were three
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major issues. the nuclear question from north korea, also the issue of the territorial dispute with japan and china over the south china sea and cybersecurity. for u.s. ally, south korea, north korea is still a concern particularly given the missile test in february of this year and the saber shaking when it said it would march against south korea, japan and u.s. they said they would engage north korea after turning it's back on north korea because of this rhetoric. but the pressure from japan and china to some degree, who doesn't like the bully boy in their own backyard. there is a lot of your for u.s. to reengage north korea.
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john kerry said he had a list of conditions to enable that to happen. let's take a listen to that right now. >> north korea needs to understand that the united states of america is prepared to engage in negotiations, providing north korea makes it clear those negotiations begin with the issue of de-nuclearizing the korean peninsula. >> in nigeria, a charter plane crashed an open field. six people survived the crash but 14 others were killed. the brazilian made plane was headed to ondo state. nigerian i've ration officials are investigating possible engine failure. more than 100 people drowned after a boat sank off of southern italy. it was traveling from libya when it caught fire.
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the agency believes hundreds of my grants off the horn of africa were on board. we have more. >> a grim scene on and island where many had hoped to start a new life. a boat carrying hundreds of my grants from africa sank as it tried to reach the italian island of lampedusa. italy's coast guard said it got in trouble and sent off flares, which likely started the fire. >> the boat caught fire and everyone panicked. they pushed forward and caused the boat to capsize. >> rescuers arrived at the scene in the early hours of the morning. hundreds of people were taken to shore. it's thought 500 were on board, including pregnant women and children. it's one of the deadliest boating accidents involving my grants and the second one this week which has led to calls to
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prevent such calls from happening. >> behind these tragedies there are criminals who are exploiting human beings in despair. the reality is smuggling is a crime generating new profits, so we really have to step up our efforts in order to fight these criminal networks. >> reporter: thousands arrive in italy and malta in crowded boats and vessels. many will take the journey despite the risk involved. >> the government shutdown isn't just a concern in the u.s. next on al jazeera what the head of the international monetary fund has to say about the gridlock in washington. this is the 900-page document we call obamacare.
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it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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>> today is the cut 06 for people who want to register a claim for the september 11th victim compensation fund. the fund was set up to help pay for medical expenses for people who lived or worked near ground zero after the attacks and became ill. the number of applicants has gone up as the deadline has neared. only 20,000 people had applied as of late june. the list of claims that qualifies for the compensation is long. from asthma to lower back pain to traumatic injuries and certain types of cancer. 2. $77 billion are awarded in tax free accounts anywhere from $10,000 to 5. $5 million. the imf is concerned about the stalemate between the house and house republicans. >> the ongoing political uncertainty over the budget,
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over the debt ceiling does not help. the government shutdown is bad enough, but failure to raise the debt ceiling would be far worse. and could very seriously damage not only the u.s. economy, but also the entire global economy. people around the world are confused. they're bemused but certainly not abuse amused by what is hapg in this country because it will effect the global economy it were to materialize. i personally have huge trust in policymakers and i hope very strongly they will find a way to end this issue. thiit is mission critical that s be resolved as soon as possible. mission critical. >> so could the government
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shutdown about the grinch that stole christmas? the national retail federation is warning a prolonged shutdown could hurt shoppers. right now they anticipate a retail increase of 3%. boeing said deliveries of some of its new 787 dreamliner jets could be delayed because faa officials who sign off on the planes have been furloughed. united technologies warns 5,000 of its workers could be let go if no agreement is reached by november. the company makes helicopters and engines for the military. tpesla's stock has been downgraded.
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tea car caught on fire when it s hit. tesla said that the driver got out okay. massive amounts of water has been used to cool reactors in fukushima since the 2011 tsunami damaged the cooling system. charges from a protest staged last month in the arctic ocean, crew members of the greenpeace ship targeted a russian own energy company. it has yet to begin operation. the 30-member crew including activists from 17 countries are being held in custody in the northern russia city. a tropical storm is heading towards the u.s. nicole will give us the details. that's coming up next.
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that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm stephanie sy. a search for survivors is underway an ever a boat off the coast of italy went down. the head of the international monetary fund is calling on the u.s. to break its stalemate. the shutdown is bad enough but failure to raise the debt ceiling could hurt the economy. >> stop this right now. >> president obama called out the house speaker for holding off a vote in congress. he said that john boehner is the only one preventing the shutdown. the bureau of land management has closed 4,000 field offices nationwide and 97%
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of its staff has been furloughed. >> here in the western united states the landscapes go on forever. mountains, plains, rivers, forests, and deserts. sure, it's pretty, but the mission of the bureau of land management is to make sure all this scenery makes money for tax payers. the blm manages 40% of all federal land, that's 245 million acres. the blm supports logging, ranching, and outdoor recreation, but energy development on blm land, coal mining, oil, gas drilling. that's where the big money is. as much as $6 billion in revenue for the federal government. we wanted to find out what happens to blm operations when the government shutdowns. i started by calling the main numb fonumber in colorado. >> hi, we're currently closed
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because of the government shutdown. >> hi, you've reached the bureau of land management. i'm currently unavailable because of the government shutdown. >> i got nowhere. in fact, after four calls all unanswered i was redirected to the first number i called. all webs were redirected to the parent blm national. and the blm has 10,800 employees, 10,200 are on furlough because of the shutdown. the 6 of hundred essential employees still working will do things such as run the blm wild horse program, control blm land. since we couldn't get anyone on
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the phone we decided to drive out to the blm regional office, and you guess it. >> we're trying to go to the bureau land management building. we've been making calls and no one is answering:. one of 28 federal agencies, we wanted to find out how many are work and how many are working during the shutdown. they said thanks to the shutdown they couldn't answer our questions. they said to e-mail the service administration in washington. gsa told us to e-mail the office of management and budget. we're waiting to hear back from them. thanks to the shutdown we can't find out how much of the nation's business isn't getting done. al jazeera denver the blm manages more acres than any of the nation's agencies. and also has the smallest budget and fewest employees.
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>> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell, and we're going to give way to the weather because we have tropical storm karen. as we take a look at the tropics, the hurricane hunters as i mentioned earlier, they were furloughed. my air force reserve unit where we fly into the storm. people were brought back, sometimes going in unpaid to find the system. winds were found even a little more robust than expected. we have kinds to 65 mph. that's just under hurricane katrina gore. as i put this into motion you can see where this moving from the caribbean into the gulf, and some of those outer bands have been impacting florida. miami, you see the rain yesterday, that was part of it, and the cloud cover getting to florida. this is going to bee line more to the north. it looks like it will make
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landfall between louisiana and the florida panhandle. we had one tropical storm andrea. but this could make it up to a hurricane level. watch this as it makes that landfall likely saturday night. the hurricane hunters are coming off furlough for this. it looks like fema is being recalled from furlough already in anticipation of this system. also because we have the strong winds and the storm looks like it will intensify we have hurricane watches up. you can see this especially for alabama, mississippi, and part of the florida panhandle. that means by tomorrow we could start seeing some of those hurricane conditions, some of those strong winds moving in even in anticipation of the landfall. this is something that we'll watch very closely as we head towards the weekend. you can see the clouds shields in parts of florida.
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besides that the coast is moist recently. we'll really get moist thanks to the tropical system today and tomorrow. that's not even our only system. in the midwest we have this broad area. we have a disturbance and some of this will linger for many days. temperatures are dropping ahead of this system, 60s, 70s, behind this, 40s, some places by tomorrow won't get out of the 30s. the rain that you're seeing in parts of, for example, the dakotas, this will change from rain to snow into tomorrow, and in some place notice rockies, wyoming, parts of montana is already snow. so that's going to make those roads very treacherous out here. and if you're not getting the snow a large area of seeing storms very wet. be safe. >> thanks to our resident hurricane hunter nicole mitching.
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i'm stephanie sy. stay tune for al jazeera for al. evil morales. president of bolivia. why is he so critical of the united states? and why does he want the united nations moved from new york? plus, is he still offering asylum to edward snowden. joins us on talk to al jazeera. >> president morales, it is great to meet you, and have this opportunity to speak to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much for this opportunity to speak with you about different aspects that have to do with the life from the country, the region, and the continent. >> our pleasure.


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