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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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good evening, everyone, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. disturbing pictures from the heart of the nation's capitol, another security scare in d.c., ends in gunfire. >> we have no information that this is related to terrorism or anything other than an isolated incident. >> for the police. [ applause ] >> the one thing congress could agree on was the security provided by law enforcement. the lockdown is over, but the shutdown is not. >> you don't negotiate by putting a gun to the other person's head. >> the president's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has
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lead us to this shutdown. ♪ it was a frightening day in the nation's capitol, the sound of gunfire and a high-speed chase sent people scrambling for cover. authorities locked down the capitol and white house for more than an hour. when it was over the drive the car they had been chasing had been shot and two officers injured. libby joins us with more. >> this began near the white house when a woman in a black sedan tried to breach the barricades. secret service stopped her. she ended up leading them on a high-speed chase through the streets of washington, d.c. it all ended here behind me near the u.s. capitol building.
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witnesses in the neighboring blocks said they heard a series of rapid-fire gunshots. those were believed to be that of the capitol police. the woman was killed and there was a child taken from the car. that child is a one year old, and we talked to witnesses who said they saw the officers go grab that child and bring her out. incredibly dramatic events especially here in the nation's capitol. everyone was in lockdown mode. everyone was told to stay in place until it was ascertained that it was just this one woman in her car. officials don't believe it was related to a terrorism event or act, they also don't believe this was an accident. because there are so many secure areas around the house with and the capitol, sometimes a car does go the wrong way, but officials say that is not what
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hand here tonight. >> what else do we know about how this unravelled? >> we know this was a woman. she had connecticut license plates on her car. we are not yet releasing the identity, pending the official announcement, but just crazy when you take in to account how close this was to high-security areas. officials in washington say she did not get very close to the white house, but as soon as she breached those barriers that's when the secret service got engaged and realized this was potentially a threat and they needed to try to detain her and turn her away. >> libby do we know anything else about the child? >> we know it was a one year old. she was put in protective services, and we'll listen to find out what else. we believe it was a young girl.
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one witness said it was very dramatic how the capitol police and other authorities were able to rush to the car, get that child and pull her out to safety. at it was witnessed by more people really than might normally have been around because so many folks around here are furloughed. a lot of the young people i talked to are here in washington for an internship or first job, and they were all at home killing time waiting to get back to work. >> all right. libby thank you. there were plenty of witnesses including several lawmakers and a couple visiting the capitol. and they described what they saw and heard. >> we thought we heard shots, saw a lot of police cars and then we heard shots. and then the police told us to go back. >> we heard three, four, five
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pops, probably. and we were just walking -- >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> we were not yet -- we were in the grassy area that walkway where people park, and then they told us to come back and get behind a car. >> uh-huh. >> the circle was where the car was, and the officer that we saw doing the shooting, we were about a hundred feet up from that. >> i kind of dropped down to my knees and then everybody -- i said to my husband like where do we go in where do we go? >> one journalist videotaped the black car racing through washington. if you take a look here, you can watch this woman on the right there, she has got the sign, and to the left of her is where the black car pulls up and hits the barricade. that car crashed into the barricade in garfield circle
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just outside of the capitol grounds. the vehicle is quickly surrounded by police, and then the driver puts it in reverse, and just after this is when shots were fired. [ gunfire ] >> now watch what happens next. so she goes around the circle, more than once. david shuster has been following this story, and he is going to tell us how all of this unfolded. david what happened? >> john the individual you just saw was near the capitol. but it all began as libbying pointed out by the white house. this is the white house here, the lincoln memorial is here,
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let's give you a little different view. this is where the secret service barrier is set up. police say that the woman drove her black lexus this direction and had an altercation with the secret service where the blue pen is. and at one point, she essentially ran a secret serviceman over. she then turned around and headed toward the cop - -- -- capitol. this is garfield circle. and this is where the video from the tourist -- there you go. so this is garfield circle perhaps 200 yards from the west front of the capital, and that's
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where capitol police got involved. they see the black infinity. they try to stop her into talking, she decides not to and starts to lead them on this chase. now watch very carefully as she loops around this other circle. she makes the loop. she is going north and then she heads back up here. this is the second circle, and now she makes a right here at constitution avenue. she is making a right here at constitution avenue. let's let the video play one more time. again, there she is on 1st street going north. she is going to go out of view and then make a right on constitution avenue, and you can't see it. this blue pin is here for a significant reason. police has been notified that there was all of this activity. here at constitution and 1st there are barriers that are
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built into the ground that will flip up. when there is a emergency the capitol police will have for the barriers to go up and block the street. the barrier went up after the black sedan went through, but just before a police car went through. the barrier goes up, the car is ruined. the driver of the capitol police car hit the barrier. he was pulled out of the vehicle and taken to the hospital. again, these barriers exist to try to shut down the streets to the capitol. that's what damaged his car. there was no incidesid incident the black sedan and the capitol police car. the black sedan went here to the
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corner. this is the supreme court. this is the union station. this is the capitol building. very high traffic area in terms of security, and apparently she tried to make a u-turn here and that's where police were able to corner her and opened fire again, this time killing her. you can understand why so many people would have seen all of this, and why tourists would have been able to get pictures in front of the capitol. a very dramatic incident in the midst of an extremely high security area, and that's where it all ended. again, she led capitol police on this incredible chase. a very dramatic incident. and any time there is an incident like this, where they have to cause the barriers to be lifted, the entire capitol area is put on lockdown, and that's
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why there were so many dramatic tweets going on of people saying shots fired at the capitol. >> yeah, a lot of moving parts, david. thanks for explaining it for us. of course the deadly incident interrupted congressional debate over the government shuck detroit. president obama blamed john boehner and mike viqueira is following that part of the story from washington. the president has strong words for speaker boehner today, right? >> right, john. and there is no indication this is going anywhere any time soon. the president said the construction company where he gave his speech was the benefit of small business loans and they won't be able to get their money
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because of the shutdown. but the president had a second goal in mind, john, he was trying to isolate and put pressure and essentially call out john boehner trying to make him put that senate bill on the floor with no strings attached that will keep the government funded. >> it should be that simple. but as i said, the problem we have got is that there's one faction of one party in one-half of one branch of government that so far has refused to allow that yes or no vote unless they get some massive partisan concessions in exchange for doing what they are supposed to be doing anyway. >> reporter: thus far the president -- the republicans in congress have resisted that -- that pressure from the president. what they have done, john is put
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these piecemeal bills on the floor, keeping the parks and world war ii memorial open, the museums for veterans they have some money there. they are not buying it they state a ruse. >> we must fix and restore the american people's faith in our economy and their trust in government. especially before we reach our debt limit deadline in a week or so. it's time for the president and senate democrats to put partisanship aside and sit down at a table so we can work out our differences. >> now that's either a danger or an opportunity. if a shutdown bleeds into the talks of raising the dead limit, congress doesn't vote to raise it then the country could conceivably default and all kinds of catastrophic
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consequences according to economies. the president was supposed to go to asia, and he has canceled two trips on the back end of that. now it is appearing that the president won't be able to make any of the trip. >> thank you, mike. joining us from washington is a former republican congressman who served for 18 years. good to see you. >> good to see you as well, john. >> you have wrote in the "washington post" speaking about house republicans who had voted no on the bills. they take such a dim view of their job that a trained monkey could do what they said, and you said sadly the situation is becoming one in which the monkeys are running the zoo, but aren't these congressmen doing exactly what their constituents
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asked them to do? >> they are. and i'm sorry i said that, because a lot of monkeys called me afterwards and complained with the comparison, but they are. they come very, very scarlet districts. but you can have the right go off to the right, the left go off to the left, but there has always been this middle. the president's attitude, we're not going to negotiate, and the speaker's attitude we're not going to give until the president gives. there is a way out of this thing, and they need to find it. >> president obama had some tough words for speaker boehner today. where does the speaker stand in the republican party? is there someone else that could replace him as a result of this? >> no. you know what, the fact of the
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matter is, these 35 men and women that are sort of causing the problem -- and opening day 12 of them voted against him for speaker. that's really unheard of. these folks will not be governed. he, however, there's a report out tonight that he -- he knows that default is a horrible, horrible thing, and he knows that he is not going to let that happen, and he'll figure out how to make it happen. but when president obama was senator obama he voted against raising the debt limit. there is room here to fix this and they need to get it done. >> you a student of history and also someone who has served in the government. give me a sense about how this shutdown compares to others. >> this one is bad, because i was here for the one in '95 and '96. and that one was the first time in 40 years that the republicans became the majority in the
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gingrich revolution, so you would expect some friction at the time. and it was a lot about numbers. it was our feeling that the government was spending too much. that's the way this fight started. now it has shifted thanks to senator cruz upping the antito ideology. and anybody who thinks the president is going to say, i was wrong, obamacare is horrible. >> you said boehner is going to find a way out. how is he going to find a way out? >> well, this is dependent on the president stepping up too. this is going to go into the debt limit. so i think you'll be in a position where both things are going to be solved and have to be solved at the same time. there are things that the president had put forward that won't cost him anything. for instance, the medical device
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attacks. the keystone pipeline, everybody in town knows the president is going to okay the keystone pipeline. president through out chain cpi on social security, if he gave a package, some combination of those, the government would be reopen and we wouldn't be defaulting. >> we'll see whether that comes true. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. fallout from the government shutdown could have an impact on the midterm elections in 2014. as jennifer london, a district just east of los angeles is considered a toss up. >> reporter: strip malls suburbia and historic route 66 best describe the district.
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but beneath the tree-lined streets, the political landscape is not as neat as tidy. conservative republican gary miller won his seat in 2012 in an area that is increasingly friendly towards democrats. and miller's reputation as a hard liner on immigration reform hasn't won him a lot of favors among latinos who make up roughly 51% of the district's population. but people in this accumulate tee, some 40 miles east of downtown l.a. are also talking about jobs, health care, and the government shutdown. >> hello? i mean my goodness, it's just -- oooooooooh. it's very frustrating. >> reporter: liz serves more than just breakfast at the coffee shop, she is not shy about offering a healthy side of hol -- politics. >> gary miller isn't a shining
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example of coming to fight for his constituents. i know i will not vote for him in the next election. >> around town miller's other constituents have this to say. >> he is not really in line with my values and my -- my political orientation, and he's not in line -- i mean i'm a big fan of obamacare. >> i don't think they are going to listen to a kocongressman fr this area. >> congressman miller hasn't spoken publicly about the shutdown, but in a written statement he says in part . . . miller did not address his fight for reelection, but metro editor for the local paper, ryan
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carter, says regardless of the government shutdown, don't count miller out just yet. >> he represents an area that spans from ontario all the way to parts of red lans. and in redlands there is a strong contingent of conservatives, and he might very well have some backers in a race. >> backers like john berry. the con vansing coordinator for the tea party patriots. >> gary miller has held the line and done the things we need in order to get our financial house back in order. >> and you think we need a government shutdown? >> it is only being shutdown because obama wants to shut it down. because they have passed bill after bill, and obama has basically thrown a temper tantrum and said he won't negotiate. >> back at the coffee shop liz
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says he and her customers don't see it that way. i believe the election was some a referendum that the people wanted obamacare to go forward. and they are still two years later still kind of pissy about how the election turned out, i think most of our customers believe it is stupid, and makes them roll their eyes and makes them want to be even more disconnected. >> reporter: some may feel disconnected from washington now, but come november they'll have a chance to speak their minds at the voting booth. ♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren, the hurricane hunter planes are flying through this tropical storm that is developing, and that is good,
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because a lot of information comes in as the flights go in and out of the center of the storm. otherwise you would just be look at the satellite picture. a cluster of storms this is nowhere near the center of the storm. so it's not intensifying much, but not weakening much. 8:00, winds 65 miles an hour, just below what is needed for a hurricane, and it is forecast to intensify just a little bit. these are all plots from the center of the storm, and they do show that it will turn, but it looks like it is focusing between louisiana and florida, timing with that storm looks like it could be over the weekend, saturday night to sunday. tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings are already in effect, a latest look is coming up on the national forecast. pro immigration groups are celebrating in california. coming up on al jazeera america,
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a new law signed by governor jerry brown offers new opportunities for undocumented residents. status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> what do you think? >> consider this. unconventional wisdom.
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al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >>introduces america tonight. >>in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer.
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in california governor jerry brown has signed legislation that allows undocumented immigrants to get a driverer's license. if they pass the written and road test they will be given licenses with a mark on the front to distinguish them from regular diver's licenses. california will be issues the cards in 2015 and they expect 1.4 million people to apply. ♪ michael eaves is here with sports. >> yeah, wide ranging but all three of our nation's service academies will be allowed to
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play football this weekend despite the government shutdown. the defense department had to grant permission for navy to host air force and for army to travel to boston college this week, because the games are paid for with non-appropriate funds. although future games are still uncertain. josh freeman has been released after attempts to trade him failed. [ technical difficulties ] and the head of cutters 2022 world c world cup organizer says he is confident the cup won't be taken away from qatar. he says there is no time limit for fifa to decide which months are best to play the world cup.
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we'll have more sports news in about 20 minutes coming up here on al jazeera.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler, and here are the headlines. chaos this afternoon in the nation's capitol as shots are fired after a car chase from the white house to capitol hill. [ gunfire ] [ sirens blaring ] >> two police officers injured and capitol hill and other government buildings were placed on lockdown, the suspect was killed. the capitol lockdown was take place just as lawmakers were again meeting to talk about the budget stalemate. the house was considering legislation that would restore funding to individual programs and members of the senate were considering new talks with the president, but at the end of the day neither side has moved closer to an agreement. blame john boehner that's
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today's message from the democrats. republicans not surprisingly pointing fingers at the president. >> the only thing preventing people from going back to work and basic research starting back up, and farmers and small business owners getting their loans, the only thing presenting all of that from happening right now, today, in the next five minutes is that speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote. >> the president's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has lead us to this shutdown. >> we shouldn't be a dysfunctional government. there's no reason to be other than one man, and that's speaker boehner. >> why is it that the president of the united states and the democrats in the senate are having such a hard time taking yes for an answer. >> the only thing preventing john boehner from putting this clean bill on the floor are the
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demands of 30 to 60 members of the tea party caucus. >> if somebody wants to blame me, fine. i'll take the blame. but shouldn't we remember what our duties are here? >> more than 18,000 employees at the national institutes of health have been sent home because of the shutdown, and that's starting to have an impact on medical research around the country. allen reports from a cancer clinic at the university of washington. >> reporter: this doctor is a cancer fighter. with a 50-person laboratory and clinical staff and a $4 million a year budget. tax dollars pay for most of it. >> about 50% of our laboratory-based research is coming from the national institute of health. from the clinical standpoint, all of our clinical trials are
8:33 pm
funded by the national institute of health. >> reporter: at the clinic where new developments in boosting the immune system are tested on human volunteers, one trial has already been put on hold. they can't schedule a required on-site visit by a federal regulator. >> a lot of our parents have been through the convention therapies and their only real next treatment would be through a clinical trial. >> reporter: no other country gets more research agencies get more than this one. >> the unknowns are very difficult, so if it was going to be done this week, then, oh, that was a nice little drama in our lives. but longer than that it does start to have an impact. >> meanwhile there was tremendous frustration over the
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political fight. >> it is ironic that the reason why all of this is happening is because people are battling about people's access to health care. >> while they are already beginning to feel the effects of the shutdown, the doctor says she won't have a good idea on any major long term impacts for at least another two weeks if this lasts that long. well the national guard is having to stand down because of the government shutdown. president obama signed a bill to keep members of the armed forces paid, the measure did not include the national guard and its employees. but a new house bill was passed today intended to end the furlough of guard. the house has joined the senate in passing legislation that provides social vie -- visas for
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iraqis who risked their lives to help u.s. trips. the program expired earlier this week, putting an estimated 2,000 app dmags limbo. since 2007 the visas have allowed more than 12,000 iraqis to enter the united states. international weapons inspectors in syria dismantled that country's stockpile, and they say they are making progress. the inspectors say they are hoping to begin disarmament next week. the revolution calls for the elimination of syria's chemical weapons says it must be completed by the end of next year. a boat full of african immigrants sank off of the coast
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of libya. hundreds of people were on board and more than 100 have died. >> reporter: a grim scene on an island where many hoped to start a new life. a boat sank as it tried to reach the italian island. italy's coast guard said the boat ran into trouble and set off flairs which is likely to have started a fire. >> translator: the boat caught fire and everyone started to panic. they pushed forward and caused the boat to capsize. >> reporter: more than 100 people were pulled from the waters and taken to shore, but it's believed that 500 were on board, including pregnant women and children. it is one of the deadliest
8:37 pm
immigrant accidents. the second this week. >> behind this tragedy, and many other tragedies, there are criminals and criminal networks who are exploiting human being in despair, and the reality is that snuggling is a crime that is generating huge profits for these networks, so we really have to step up our efforts in order to fight these criminal networks. >> thousands of desperate migrants arrive every year on unsafe and overcrowded vessels, hundreds are dead or missing, but boat loads of migrants will still make the journey despite the risks involved. 13 members of the internet hack group anonymous have been indicted. they are accused of care rig out cyber attacks against international websites trying to shut them down. it accuses members of targeting
8:38 pm
government financial institutions, lawmakers and other organizations who oppose the philosophy of the group. it says it's goal is to make all information public regardless of copyright laws or privacy concerns. republicans in texas have held on to the governor seat for the last 13 years, today one woman said she is hoping to change that. heidi zhou-castro reports. >> reporter: at the convention center where she received her high school diploma, wendy davis is beginning her quest of graduating from state senator to governor of texas. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy -- [ cheers ] >> -- to be the 48th governor of this great state! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the annual non-partisan report out this
8:39 pm
week shows davis trailing her likely opponent 29-21 with 50% undecided. a dallas republican media consult act who worked on mitt romney myth's campaign said those numbers got his tension. >> 50% undecided in the race. number one it's awfully herbal and people have not gotten engaged in the race. they know the candidates but they haven't looked at it very closely, and then that seems like an awfully high number, and if i was general abbet i would be a little concerns. >> reporter: he says the only way that davis can win over the red state is if her opponent commits errors which is unlikely. davis's fund-raising pails in compare to abbott, but it is early, and she can have a
8:40 pm
positive impact on the democratic party even if she loses. >> if she can get to 45 or 46% in the general election, that will be a huge victory for her. >> reporter: she said she is used to being the underdog who comes out on top. she was a teen mother who graduated from harvard to become a successful lawyer and state senator. >> by the time i was 19 i was already on my way to a divorce living in a tiny trailer with my daughter. it wasn't uncommon for me to come home to find my power turned off or my phone disconnected, and there are a lot of people in our state today who can tell similar stories. >> reporter: supporters know it will be a hard climb to the governor's mansion, but they are excited. >> she has already shown she is passionate about the people of
8:41 pm
fort worth. >> reporter: davis's advisors say they believe her campaign will revial a new generation of reporters, and david ratliff says for davis to win, quote, lightning would have to strike. it's time now to head to washington, d.c. and joie chen standing by to tell us what is coming up on "america tonight." hi, joe whic -- joie. >> good evening, john. would you have the presence of mind to start your camera controlling to capture a scene like this. there at one at one of the
8:42 pm
office buildings, causing the u.s. officials to come to a final face off. joie thank you very much. you could soon own a piece of twitter. the social media site filed the papers to become a publicly traded company. they hope to raise $1 billion by selling shares. it will be the biggest tech ipo since facebook last year. >> finally, the last piece of the puzzle, the advertising markets have really cracked open over the last two years, and we're definitely seeing engaged
8:43 pm
consumers on the network, and maybe it's a more powerful mechanism than facebook. >> the race for the world sere i haves in full swing. michael eaves joins us next with action from the major league bail's post season. plus the big easy is known for its music -- ♪ >> -- but for many musicians in new orleans, life is anything but simple. how the community is trying to support its local talent. tomorrow night, fault lines investigates wage practices in the restaurant industry. >> the employers have the upper hand out here. they can steal from you and face very little if any consequences. >> basically this industry is saying, "we don't have to pay these workers at all. they should work for us but we don't have to pay them. >> two thirds of low-wage workers experience wage theft every week. >> you're telling me that these people are allowed to treat people like this and you can't do anything?
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[[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. consider this. unconventional wisdom. ♪ well new orleans is known world over as the birthplace of jazz but for many musicians life
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is hard. very few have health insurance. andy gallagher shows us how some residents are working to support the city's music scene. >> reporter: new orleans is one of the planet's unique industries. shaped by cultural diversity, rich architectural gems, but perhaps most importantly this. ♪ >> but many despite their devotion and talent live close to the poverty line. >> we have to do what we have to do to survive, you know what i mean. it will be a long day, and we barely make 40 to $50 a day. >> reporter: but help is at hand. this community was built with artists like edward lee in mind. he owns a house here and has a safe and creative place to live.
8:47 pm
>> you have different musicians from different genres that are in an area of one block. it's amazing. >> squeeze. squeeze. squeeze. >> reporter: on the other side of the city, the musician's clinic treats more than 2,000 artists and their families. they provide care for the estimated four out of five musicians that don't have medical insurance. >> we have to give them the dignity and theest -- theest teem that what they are doing is vital and i think they deserve it. >> reporter: the birthplace of jazz has always too often become an early grave for the city's
8:48 pm
musicians. one of the early musicians is buried somewhere in an, mark grave. above all else it's about preserving the soundtrack of the city. ♪ one member of the cardinals did something to put him in the company of babe ruth and michael eaves is here to tell us about it. >> yeah, he is a great star who has had a great career in the post season alone. but if there was one sent mental favor had to be the st. louis
8:49 pm
cardinals. this series marks the first time ever that the cardinals and pirates have met in the playoffs, and this game one was pretty much over not long off it started as the cardinals erupted for 7 runs in the 3rd inning. as the privates star a.j. burnett failed to register a single out in the 3rd inning. the home run by beltran tied him with babe ruth for eighth overall with the post career post season home runs. >> he has pitched top games. we know that. but like i said today he was able to fall behind the count and we were able to take advantage. he is a guy that sometimes you have to be aggressive, but sometimes when it is not getting there for a strike, you have to
8:50 pm
be patient. and put himself in his count. as soon as i hit it i knew the ball was going to be gone. [ inaudible ] post season so to be able to come through like that, i really enjoy it, and at the same time i'm happy with the opportunity. >> the american league division series gets underway tomorrow as the detroit tigers begin their quest for a second straight trip to the world series. their biggest off season acquisition can help them do something they haven't done in 29 years. ♪ >> from the time he first stepped on a major league field, torii hunter played the game with pride, passion, and pa as, coupled with a million dollars smile made him a five-time all star, and an all-time fan favorite with both the twins and angels, but this past off season, l.a. hold its clubhouse leader that there wasn't enough
8:51 pm
money to resign him, but yet a month after hunter landed in detroit, the angels signed josh hamilton to a five year $120 million contract. at first hunter felt betrayed but ultimately he realized the angels did him a favor. >> it was a great -- great thing for me. and i'm my own scout. i can make my own decision, i'm a big boy, and i chose to play with the tiger. >> hunter has hit above .300 though majority of the season. even at 38 years old, he is still one of the best all around outfielders in all of baseball, and could be what detroit needs to win the world series. >> just to say i did it, just to
8:52 pm
say all right everything is complete in baseball. i don't want to leave this game and never went to the world series or win a world series. >> no matter a player's talent or desire, nothing is guaranteed in sports, but in hunter's case you would be harted pressed to find one more deserving. >> i believe it all on the field. i bla a passion, you know, and because i know this game a great game, and i don't want to take it for granted. i know what it has done for me. so i tell all of the young guys, what has this game done for you? and hopefully you can play with the game are dignity and integrity. and when you do that, you play the game to a fullness, and nobody can take it away from you. you can always look back and say i gave it my all. >> now to golf, the biannual affair pitted an all-star roster
8:53 pm
of golfers from the united states against non-european international stars. this year's tournament is being held in ohio. and the americans jumped out to a commanding lead early. at one point the u.s. team was up in all six matches. thunderstorms in the area delayed play for a while, allowing the international team to gape late momentum and cut the u.s. lead 2.5, before play was suspended for the day. >> all right. thanks very much, michael. a big celebration down under, tall ships from around the world have been sailing into sydney harbor for the week-long international fleet review, and modern warships are participating in the kninaval
8:54 pm
exercises. the fleet first sailed into sydney harbor on october 4th, 1914. it is the most valuable diamond in the world. the flawless 60 caret gym is worth more than $60 million. it is the biggest diamond to go into auction. stay us dave has more on tropical storm karen. real money.
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well thanks to the shutdown, federal employee fur lows have been in effect at both the national hurricane center and at the federal emergency management agency, but a new tropical storm system called karen is in the gulf of mexico, the white house says that means some federal workers are now back on the job. >> fema has begun to recall federally funded employees that protect life and property as they prepare for potential
8:57 pm
landfall for tropical storm karen. >> let's bring in dave with the latest. >> the hurricane center was not effected, but what could have been effected was the hurricane hu hunter flights. they go in and around the storm giving us vital information that really gives an indication on how the storm is developing and where the storm will be tracking. so it flying right now, and all of that information comes back, 65 mile an hour wind. it's not really weakening, but it is just below hurricane strength and is forecast to strengthen to a minimal hurricane right there. but as it turns to the north and northeast it will go back to a tropical storm. the timing is between 1:00 saturday, and then inland by 1:00 sunday. this entire area is the potential track. don't just focus on the center. it can be anywhere from
8:58 pm
louisiana to florida, and this area will narrow significantly the closer we get to landfill, but all of the information is put into that and that is the forecast track from the national hurricane center. it gets updated throughout the day. another track of this storm is in the midwest not too far away from the tropics, but we're looking at snow here. a storm will develop and intensefy over nebraska and south dakota, winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings are in effect, wind will be picking up, and that will reduce the visibility. a foot of snow is possible with this, at least. and this warning is in effect throughout the day tomorrow. the storm will continue to intensify on the boundary of the warm and cold air. now it will track south of minneapolis, just a cold rain there over the next three days, not a great weekend saturday and
8:59 pm
sunday, 63/55 with steady rain coming down and drying out monday and tuesday. warmer air in chicago will lead to thunderstorms. the storm moves through and then the temperatures get a little cooler. this could be interesting mere on monk, new york as that front comes through, the remanents of karen could be moving up the coast, and that could give us heavy rain on monk with a temperature of 77. before that comes in, thunderstorms are possible on friday. saturday and sunday it is dry but still fairly warm, but we'll watch the tropics closely, because the front will bring up a bit of moisture and that will be a heavy rain on month, with a temperature of 77 degrees. we'll continue to watch the tropics closely, and have updates throughout the evening. stay right here. a look at the headlines is coming up next. ♪
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