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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> hello, welcome to aljazeera america. i'm jonathan betz live in new york. >> the government decides to pay furloughed government employees and the pentagon orders back most of its workers. >> there are enough democrats and republicans in the house of representatives prepared to vote to reopen the government today. >> the president tries to put more pressure on republicans to end the shutdown. >> the gulf coast braces for tropical storm karen, but is the storm fizzling? authorities put evacuation orders in parts of louisiana. ♪ theme
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>> we start tonight with developing news that navy seal operation againstal show bob militants in somalia. the raid targeted a senior leader of the group. al shabab is behind the killing of 60 people in a mall in kenya. the u.s. raid was carried out early this morning on oh the somali coast. earlier tonight, i spoke with rosalyn in washington about the raid you in somalia. >> there are reports indicating that u.s. navy seals may have found their target, a top leader of al shabab at a beachside villa in the southern part of somalia. other reports are indicating that may not have been the case, that while the raid may have taken place friday into saturday, there was actually no one found or captured.
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it's not unusual to have this lex of confusion, but what is surprising is that the u.s. military is steadfastly refusing to talk about what if anything might have taken place in somalia in the last 48 hours. we should point out it's not unusual for the u.s. to provide some quiet military assistance to the interim government in somalia, and it's a change from its posture over the past 20 years during which the u.s. was essentially nowhere to be found inside somalia and groups such as al shabab was able to establish not just a military toe hold, but a kind of local influence, as well. >> does it seem that this raid is connected to the attack at the kenyan mall just a couple of weeks ago? >> that would certainly seem to be the logical outcome. the u.s. has been increasingly concerned about al shabab and other organizations that have some sort of i in fat weighs wih
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al-qaeda and a threat to u.s. and allied security, the idea that al shabab may have planned a mumbai type of attack, locking down a major commercial and tourist hub in nairobi for several days is of great concern to the obama administration. the obama administration doesn't have any compunction going after those considered to be a threat, and of course i'm referring to the case of osama bin laden. >> how much threat does al shabab have to american interests? >> there are numerous reports al
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shabab has been recruiting young men particularly in the minneapolis st. paul area, the largest expatriot community of somalis in the united states for people who are first generation, maybe second generation still trying to deal with the adjustment of the particular lifestyle that we have here in the united states. the idea of someone coming in and using some sort of spiritual inspiration coupled with the ability to use one's fist or more particularly one's semiautomatic rifle is attractive, and because the community has not been fully integrated into the larger community there in minnesota, it has been particularly challenging for the u.s. to try to help the local somali community a sway this, so you have that transit atlantic connection that is very much a
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concern to the united states. of course, that has gone up, because before now, you didn't see al shabab doing anything outside of the borders of somalia, to go into a country which is a long time ally of the united states and carry out this sort of attack is very, very alarming to u.s. officials. >> meanwhile, kenya's named four suspects from that mall attack. newly release security video shows four men carrying a.k. forth sevens. 10-15 attackers were claimed to have been involved earlier. reports say senior al-qaeda figure indicted by the u.s. for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings in east africa have been captured. a u.s. team seized the seepor leader outside his home in tripoli. he is now in american custody. if confirmed, his capture will be the latest blow to al-qaeda. it's lighter ship has been
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consistently targeted since the death of osama bin laden. >> defense secretary chuck hagel recalls most of its furloughed workers as time ticks away toward the looming deadline. today, president obama called on house republicans to end the budget stalemate. >> we can vote to open the government today. we know that there are enough members of the house of representatives, democrats and republicans, who are prepared to vote to reopen the government today. >> we are live from capitol hill. john, why the announcement dade, do you think? >> well, you know, today here on capitol hill, jonathan, it was all about two things, really, getting back pay for furloughed workers and getting furloughed workers back on the job. that was here and also down the road at the pentagon, because we heard from the defense secretary
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chuck hagel who said he and his lawyers have interpreted a law signed by president obama last monday called the pay our military act, worked out a way to get hundreds of thousands of civilian workers who work for the d.o.d. back on the job as early as monday or tuesday. that's not just here in d.c., but around the country and world. take a look. >> come back to work, that's the order from the secretary of defense to nearly 400,000 civilian employees worldwide. on saturday, chuck hagel announced that thanks to a law guaranteeing u.s. troops paid during the partial government shutdown, the pentagon can eliminate if you are lows for employees who's employment contribute to the morale, capability and readiness of service members. some of that well being lies in the base department store or commissary where military families can stretch their dollars. theship down forced all com sears to close and it's ruining
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thousands of family bugs. >> i would say that it's kind of ridiculous that you're taking that away from the people who are fighting for your country. that's ridiculous. >> even with the pentagon staff recall, hundreds of thousands of other workers are in limbo. at the johnson space center, only those assigned to mission control are on the job. other nasa employees wonder what will happen to them and father families if the white house and the congress don't strike a deal soon. >> i think they're playing chicken with our lives and we've been through a pay freeze, and now this? i've had enough. >> meanwhile, the president and republicans in congress spent saturday pointing fingers at each other. >> what we can't do is keep engaging in this sort of bringsmanship where a small faction of the republican party ends up forcing them into bringsmanship. >> it doesn't make any sense if the president has an axe to
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grind to the opposing party, why he would want to put the american people in the middle of that and enforce the pain on them. >> but so far, they are no closer to ending the shutdown. it's a political stalemate that's incomprehensible to millions of americans who now realize just how much they do count on the federal government for their well being. >> more figures for you here. 350,000 civilian defense workers who work for the d.o.d. 86% of outside washington, d.c., because there are bases all over this country and all the way around the world, as well. in the house today, here on capitol hill, they put through two votes. one was to get military chaplains back on the job. i think a helping hand from above when it comes to that. they voted to give back pay to all the furloughed workers around the united states and around the world.
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we don't know when, but presume it will come swiftly after the shutdown ends. >> no end in sight on that. live from capitol hill, thank you. >> the website at the heart of the new health care exchange is going down for repairs. glitches have shut down the marketplaces which debuted tuesday. many users have been unable a sign up or compare prices. the site will be down for a few hours this weekend, starting each night at 1:00 a.m. eastern. the president says not to worry. >> it is true that what's happened is the website got overwhelmed by the volume, and folks are working around the clock and have been systematically reducing the wait times, but we are confident that over the course of the six months, because it's important to remember, people have six months to sign up, that we are going to probably exceed what anybody expected in the amount of interest people had.
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>> coverage will not begin until january 1. open enrollment ends march 31 of next year. >> as many as nine tornadoes have hit nebraska and iowa. more than 15 people have been hurt. videos shows extensive damage in nebraska. it will cost millions of dollars in indianapolis. >> more extreme weather in south dakota. areas walloped with up to three and a half feet of snow. three people there were killed. the storm is forecast to end later today in what is described as an unusual record-setting fall snowstorm. >> tropical storm karen threatens to bring high winds and heavy rains. storm watches have been discontinued along the gulf coast. the national hurricane center left part of the louisiana coastline under a storm warning. are they breathing a sigh of relief down there? >> yeah, jonathan, big time sigh
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of relief here. here in in a beautiful evening, we had a few rain bands come through. the thing is thatness karen is quite out there. it's sitting about 100 miles off of the coast of louisiana, tick-tocking through. it appears it's going to cross the very bottom of the marchs, but right now, no signs that it's going to come into the alabama or mississippi or even florida coast lines quite yet. we may see outer bands, but those winds are going to be very low and the rain minimal. >> what are authorities telling
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people to do there? >> well, the tropical storm watches have been lifted across the four states, except for certain areas like in louisiana, like you see in grand isle and the caughter parts with flooding because of low lying areas. here in biloxi, the national guard put in action yesterday when everyone thought this would turn into a can the one have been relieved of their duties. many emergency responders have been told that you can go home and relax now, because the track of this storm, which was originally going to perhaps calendar lop this area as a strong tropical storm or even a low grade hurricane, category one, it's not going to happen. everybody really sort of at ease tonight and certainly the people walking around the board walks here in biloxi, almost laughing at it, but extreme caution as state finishes keep saying, keep
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your wits about you, you never know what mother nature can do. >> you never know with a storm in the gulf, for sure. thank you let's get more with the latest on the storm track. i know the concern for a lot of people especially in southwest louisiana is the rain this storm may bring. >> that is true. we are watching excessive rainfall. this one is just sitting out over the gulf of mexico, weakening. we are seeing the thunderstorms move off over water. we are going to look for the track of the storm as it heads inland to move across the coastline. we don expect anything during the next 36 hours. what that storm's going to do is slowly move up towards louisiana. that's where we're going to get our heaviest most intense rainfall or thunderstorms coming off this system. it's going to diminish and fall apart as we get through tomorrow
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night. when we look at concerns, florida, tropical storm watch, dropped. as we look at any other tropical storm watch, the only one we have is going into a warning right off the area of new orleans right around that louisiana coastal border panhandle. we're going to watch that for problems around high tide, when the waters rush in. we don't expect a big storm surge, but high tide and water coming in, there might be problems. >> the snow cover in the u.s. a bullseye where we've had all this snow, wyoming into south dakota, you have been hit so hard. 21 inches is what's being measured in rapid city. rapid city's daily record snowfall tailed was 24 inches. we're still sees all the snow for the mountains, it's a nice
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little start to our snow pack. let's hope it stays. i'll have more details coming up. >> pro immigration rallies are being held in cities across the country today. demonstrators are asking congress to pass an immigration bill introduced this week. republicans have refused to consider the bill so far. >> in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel lent his voice to the call. >> wherever they come, they always come here, to the most american of american cities, the city of chicago, to give their children a chance at the american dream, to give their children an education, a vision. >> in rallies across the country, including who are in new york, we are joined live on set, you were at that rally earlier and there were a lot of people. >> more than 1,000 people flooded the square near the brooklyn bridge asking congress
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to pass an i am allegation reform that carves out citizenship for 11 million undocumented workers already here. many demonstrators came with their children, calling on president obama to stop deportations. >> families are getting destroyed, and families are -- the children are getting left alone in their homes. they don't know when their parents are coming back home, and once they find out, they don't have anywhere to go. >> they say the time for reform is now. after that rally, thousands of protestors, it was really amazing, marched across the brooklyn bridge in solidarity. >> what happens next to this group? >> they're headed to washington. they're just gathering steam. on tuesday, there's going to be a rally at the washington mall and they're going to have a can cert, huge rally and keep pushing congress for this. >> thank you for that. still ahead here on aljazeera america, big plans with --
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excuse me, i've forgot be my place. russia taking an unprecedented step against green peace protestors. the outrage overhear arrest and steep charges. >> what he would do if he owned the washington redskins. that story is next.
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[[voiceover]] from al jazeera media network comes a new voice of journalism in the u.s. >>the delta is a microcosm of america. [[voiceover]] we tell the human story, from around the block, across the country, with more points of view. >>if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a motel to living in their car. [[voiceover]] connected,
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inspired, bold. >>about a thousand protestors have occupied ... antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> what do you think? >> consider this. unconventional wisdom. >> ili's coast guard denied it was slow to reach a sinking boat carrying hundreds of migrants. it took authorities 45 minutes to reach the ship wreck. the coast guard said it took 20 minutes. residents and survivors paid respects to the victims today. 100 people have been confirmed dead so far. we have more. >> coffins of the 111 bodies recovered from the sea after wednesday's ship wreck, among the victims chirp, too vulnerable to survive the
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disaster. most of them here were attempting to reach europe for a better life, instead met with a tragic end. at the immigrant reception center, those who survived have been attempting to piece together their lives. this 18-year-old made the journey with his friends. they did not survive the voyage. still suffering from shock, he remembers some details from that night. >> fire. yeah, after that, 107 people in sea, and 355 above is died. >> how did you make it over? did you swim? >> authorities are attempting to process new arrivals as quickly as possible, but they can barely keep up with that challenge. hundreds of people have been arriving every month, more than
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half of those here are syrian who have escaped the war. the conditions here are barely habitable. >> we need transfers more quickly, because the conditions here are not human, so we ask institutions to make this happen more quickly. >> there is only room for 250 people, meaning many here including women and children are forced to sleep outside in the open air. >> for those who live here, commemorating the loss of life they say is the least they can do. this have been many tragic incidents involving the migrants here. authorities need help giving them the help they deserve. they may feel the word is
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indifferent to their appeal, but what is certain is that the boats will continue to come and for those who make it here, the chance for a dignify life in europe is worth the risk of that per i willous journey. >> in at this timely's coast guard has come to the aid of two other boats carrying migrants across the mediterranean. 200 passengers were rescued when their boat hit choppy water. 120 migrants were pulled from a ship sinking off the coast of sicily. most of the passengers were from syria. >> there are new efforts to gain the freedom of environmental activists in russia. they are facing piracy charges. we report. >> outside the russian embassy in london, hundreds join the call for the release of 30 green peace activists accused of piracy. >> i don't think that they should be being held.
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they're here to benefit everybody. they're not pirates. >> even putin came out and said they are clearly not pirates. how they can charge them for that is blarney. >> many say russia has crossed the line. russian authorities boarded green peace's vessel, arresting the 28 activists and two journalists onboard. the organization says the piracy charges they now face are unheard of. >> these charges are outrageous. this was a completely peaceful protest. we've been involved in peaceful protests on hailing and nuclear testing for three decades. we've never faced this kind of situation before. >> the netherlands have launched legal action whether russia had the right to seize the ship at all. >> i've never seen such charges
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during all my years as a lawyer. >> under russian law, the activists could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison if convicted, but people here say the cause for them to be released won't stop until authorities release them. >> it hopes to begin oil production later this year. aljazeera, london. >> it's big night for the playoffs in baseball. we have more. >> the american league taking center stage tonight. tigers took the first game in their divisional series at the a's game two later on tonight in oakland and in boston right now, the red sox have a one game lead
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in their series with tampa and hope to make it two tonight. big poppy, the long bomb in the first. boston has a 6-4 lead in bean town. that one is in the top of the eighth. elsewhere, sponsors decided to amend the government's shutdown that was to include sports competition for military institutions. sponsors combined to pick up the tab in order for air force to face navy. the battle began. navy would win 28-10 in that one. >> teddy bridge water making a strong case for the heisman trophy so far this season. the louisville quarterback has thrown 16 touchdowns, and just one interception this year and led louisville to a 5-0 record and number seven ranking and the cards are-7 victory today over temple. those are your sports headlines this hour. >> the shutdown prevented president obama from attending
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an asian summit. we'll look ahead and see if that could hurt the united states. that's next. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm jonathan bets. our top story, there are reports that a navy seal operation was held against al shabab in somalia, tarting a senior leader of the group. al shabab killed more than 60 people in kenya at a mall two weeks ago. the u.s. raid was carried out early this morning on the somali coast. it is not confirmed whether the operation was successful. >> a senior figure has reportedly been captured in libya. the u.s. team is said to have seized him outside his home in tripoli. for more on that raid, we talk a
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a member of the united nations al-qaeda monitoring team. >> it's interesting that there's such operational activity over there and none of these targets are very easy, so clearly there's been a lot of planning. i remember that the west gate mall attack in kenya has prompted the american special forces and intelligence community you to take advantage of whatever information they have to try to deal a blow back against al shabab and also against al-qaeda, because i guess the benghazi attack is still pretty fresh in everybody's minds, even though it's already a year old. so attacking al-qaeda in libya, taking people out there i think addresses one of the threats that the united states and her allies have been seeing in that area. >> why do you think this happened today, this weekend? >> well, i don't know that this weekend is particularly special. i'm sure that those operations happen when all the pieces come together, when there's an
8:31 pm
opportunity to match with the intelligence and forces in the area and so on, so i don't suppose they're waiting for an early saturday in october or anything, but nonetheless, it is significant that they have forces out there ready to take advantage of any opportunity that does occur. >> the person target'd in libya northern as an al-qaeda operative, what do you know about this person? >> he goes back a long way, one of the original al-qaeda figures. he's very famous, well known. in fact, one of the very few senior al-qaeda figures who's still at liberty and maybe he's no longer from what we here. i understand that he's also been indicted in the courts here in the united states for involvement in the 1998 bombing of the american embassies in nairobi. >> he was indicted in 2000 for those embassy bombings. what can you tell us about him, how badly wanted was he no. >> obviously,en 1998, there were
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over 200 people killed in nairobi and including 13 americans and several people killed at the other embass. these old cases, you know, you may feel well, 1998 is a long time ago, a lot has happened since then, but it's very important in the expression of american resolve, western resolve and the fact that you're pursuing justice, people are answering for the crimes they committed, despite the time lapse between the crime and punishment, i think it's a very good sign to send to al-qaeda and other terrorist gaps that they don't fade away, that the memories remain fresh and law
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enforcement continues to pursue them. >> the assumption is that the people behind the bombings in 1998 are not democrat duringly connected with the people who attacked the mall in kenya. >> no, interestingly enough, one person involved with al shabab, killed a couple of years ago, again, in mysterious circumstances, by the somali forces offed involved in both the 1998 bombs and in the more recent al shabab activities, so there are links there, but i don't think he himself was involved with al shabab. >> explain to me connection here. why would special forces target al shabab in somalia and separately target an al-qaeda target in libya. they're not seemingly connected. it does seem awfully coincidental, though. >> it does seem, perhaps it was something jointly planned. if the opportunity had occurred
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to take out a senior figure for example in afghanistan, that would have happened, too. it's not that they thought ok, now we're going to focus an that part of africa. >> you do not believe the people involved in the embassy bombings were involved with the leaders of al shabab. >> i think the guys taking part in the west gate mall, for example, are young guys, probably in their 20s, from the looks of them. 1998 was a long time ago for them. these al-qaeda movements tend to be quite young, of coursal doess zahari is older. >> i think there is still a
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great deal of activity in collecting intelligence. there's no lessening of the war focused specifically on important targets. whether there's a change in the overall strategy of how you address terrorism in the united states is another matter, because of course we have to move on, dealing with the whole issue of why people would want to join al-qaeda in the first place. >> it's an aggressive confrontation. often tiles, we think about the u.s. using drones or strikes to take out these different leaders, but these were men on the ground. >> yeah, and that's pretty balancey to do that sort of thick. it's not easy to mount a raid on land, much easier to do it by drone. it's a lot of trading and preparation for that sort of activity. we see now that there is some capability. i mean, i have to add that i don't know the detail of the attack particularly in libya and who was involved in that.
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>> an asian summit went ahead today without president obama who canceled his trip because of the government shutdown. secretary of state john kerry instead. he described the shutdown as the robustness of american democracy. >> a senior advisor joins us to help us understand where relations go from here. where do they go from here? >> well, anytime a leader isn't able to meet with his counter parts in important sum mitts, that's always a negative aspect to that. one missed summit or two missed
8:37 pm
summits aren't really going to have a lasting impact. you asked apex leaders would you rather president obama deal with the problems at home, particularly the debt ceiling issue, then i think they would say if it means that he has to be absent to deal with that significant problem, particularly the debt ceiling, then so be it. >> so no feelings hurt. how does all this disarray in washington make the u.s. look to asia? >> well, i think the optics are important. if you see the united states sort of involved looking inward, trying to sort out a lot of its pick problems and then you see this political chaos, if you will that's going on, then there is this question, is the united states as engaged in east asia as they should be. now, of course, on the
8:38 pm
background, what's going on now, you have the chinese president doing a tour of southeast asia, and he's been addressing the indonesian parliament. he's been talking to his counter parts in key southeast asian countries, and he's been bringing up proposals, making proposals that are attracting a lot of attention, particularly for example, he's recently made a proposal about a supporting an asian infrastructure development bank. it is an important issue for southeast asian countries trying to deepen their integration. infrastructure is an important part of that. if the chinese say we'll support an infrastructure bank, evening wide, we'll put some money in, then people ask well, where's the united states. so, the optics are important,
8:39 pm
but certainly the economic front, the absence of president obama at the two summits that he was supposed to attend does sort of underscore, china is there, coming up with some ideas, is the united states onboard. now the united states is leading this, as you mentioned, these very important transpacific partnership trade talks which are extremely ambitious, so president obama was expected to brief the leaders on the negotiations, which are going on separately from the two summits that he was supposed to attend, again, if the united states leadership is somehow distracted from pursuing these talks, then a lot of the partners involved in these talks and there are 12 countries in the region on both sides of the pacific involved, then there must be questions whether this ambitious set of trade arrangements, of trade talks can really be concluded by the tarts of the end of this
8:40 pm
year or beginning of next year. >> asia is a big focus of the united states, particularly president obama, he is sitting this one out, we'll see if he can make the next one. thank you for that insight. we appreciate it. >> president obama weighs in on the sports controversy involving a nfl team. >> still ahead, all you need is at least $25 million to own a picasso and one of his sculptures could be yours. [[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors. >>banging your head over and over again can be a bad thing. >>every time i would do heading i would see stars. [[voiceover]] it's all fun and games until tragedy strikes. >>a former player kills himself. >>we have to stop playing the game, or we have to find a solution.
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[[voiceover]] there's more to america. more stories. more voices. more points of view. >>from our headquarters in new york ... [[voiceover]] now there's a news channel with more of what americans want to know. >>i'm ali velshi, and this is real money. >>this is america tonight. >>our news coverage, reporting, and documentaries explore, inspire, and reveal more of america's stories. >>i'm here to investigate genetically modified salmon. >> between smart phones, lap tops and tablets, we spend much of the day connected to the
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internet, but millions of americans have no internet access or very slow access because of the cost. chicago is launching a program aimed at closing this digital divide. >> a funny thing is happening in the chicago public library. >> you click on this link. >> among the book worms, students and those looking for shelter from the elements are a growing number of would be cybernauts. >> most of the patrons don't even know how to use a mouse or key board. >> it's a divide that's and see easy to find as the abandoned homes and check cashing shots in chicago's impoverished south side. >> we are becoming when it came to technology a tale of two cities. if there is a divide between the front door of the home and the front door of the school, children fall between that
8:44 pm
divide. >> when it comes to broad band, wealthy neighborhoods are a land of plenty. the poor struggle to improve their positions and their children's. >> that's it. >> this is the correct user name? >> yeah. >> the elderly and immigrants struggle to catch up. >> if you want to break the cycle of positivity, you better make sure that all of our kids have those 21 century job skills, including completely computer literacy. how are their kids doing their homework, looking for job opportunities, how are they applying for a job. >> chicago is leading the way to break down the barrier between on line haves and have notes. >> chicago libraries offer free internet and training. >> there are a lot of things people take for granted, opening your email, putting together a resume. >> the city has partnered with
8:45 pm
comcast, which has connected 14,000 low income families here and more than 200,000 nationwide with one hundred fifty-dollar computers and broad band internet for less than $10 a month, hoping to bridge the digital divide. naomi's family just crossed it. >> we use it for homework, i use it for my orders, i sell avon. >> it's a start, but there are millions more impoverished families hoping to move up. >> president obama weighed in against the name of washington's nfl team. redskins have long been criticized among american indians who say the name is degrading. daniel snyder has animately refused to change the name. in an interview, obama said he would consider a new identity for the team. >> i've got to say if i were the
8:46 pm
owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sizeable group of people, i'd think about changing it. >> nfl owners scheduled to meet in washington monday. members of the united indian nation plan to protest. >> other professional college sports teams have long used native americans as mascots. nfl kansas city chiefs, babe's atlanta braves. cleveland indians, but there's been a slow movement to change some names. st. john's mascot the red men were renamed red storm. stanford switched from the indians to cardinals in 1972. >> some changes with with these controversial names, but the
8:47 pm
redskins, so far not changing anything. >> if my morningside chiefs can change to the mustangs, and right on the same area, i'm sure. there comes a time when inevitably politics and sports collide, that time is now. another change looming is the name change. president obama even weighed in on the topic. for more, we go to rob parker, columnist for the on line sports site shadow league. thank you for talking about this hot button issue. what is your reaction to president obama actually weighing in on the controversy? >> bravo to president obama for not being afraid to stand up and say something. you know, this is an issue that he easily could have side stepped, said i don't own the team and it's up to the owner, but he didn't do that. that's how you get change in this word, good people have to stand up and say hey, let's make
8:48 pm
something happen here. >> for you, we've seen dan snyder vowing to never change the name. why do you think he is holding back so much? >> this is one of those things that i always look at and say let me see, if the nfl would have said to him, dan, you can buy the washington redskins, but you have to change the name, i guarantee you, he still would have went through with the sale and changed the name. the reason he doesn't want to do this, he's a rich guy, it's his team, he doesn't want to be forced to have somebody tell him what to do. rich guys don't like that, that's the problem. there's no other reason. >> along the lines, do you think the nfl can demand that? they've had the washington bullets change their name because they didn't like the connotation with the gun violence. could the nfl have them change that actually? >> i don't know.
8:49 pm
i mean, the late owner of the washington at that time bullets didn't like the situation. he did change the name, which was great. the wizards didn't miss a step. i don't know if the nfl can force him, but we've seen commissioner roger good dell soften his stance. he said no way, no how, now saying you need to listen to the concerns of other people. as time goes on and from snyder's standpoint, i don't understand why you can't call them the washington skins or something else. you can sell all this new paraphernalia, so it would be a lot of money for him. people would look at him as a good guy and not a bad guy. >> you've seen roger good dell saying they should change it. do you see this as a sign that things are turning, leading toward the change? >> i think with the big time people, the commissioner,
8:50 pm
president and all these other people protesting at this nfl meeting coming up, when all these things start to hit, you've got to reevaluate it and understand is this really worth it, do you need to take away from the team and have people look down on the team, especially since we've seen teams change the names. we brought it up earlier, st. john went to the red storm instead of red men. they didn't miss a beat. if they would have changed the name of the washington redskins, it wouldn't matter one bit. daniel snyder should worry about winning football games, not the name of the team. >> lastly, can you weigh in on if this does change, would this set a precedent for other teams? >> it could set up other things, we're all going to go that route. things change in life.
8:51 pm
it's not the end of the world. most people are just stubborn and don't want to be told what to do. >> thank you very much for joining us. it is funny to think a government shutdown would affect sports, but when you play for a military institution, it can happen. sponsors made sure it didn't happen in the case of the air force-navy football game, sponsors pig picking up the tag to get the team to the game. navy the early 7-3 lead. air force would strike in this one, not by air, but right on land. check him out, barrels through the defense, 18 yards for the score. they had the lead at the half, but navy comes back and goes on to win.
8:52 pm
it is they are second consecutive win over air force. >> moving to another top football team and heisman candidate teddy bridgewater. >>ed rhett sox are leading game one of this al series. a huge homer gave the red sox a 2-0 lead. he would go on to hit another home run in the game. this one right now, the score is in the eighth with the red sox leading wait. final on that one took me up, joe. >> 7-4 in the ninth. >> 7-4. that one in the eighth. if they win this one, of course
8:53 pm
they'd have a 2-0 lead. >> i cheated. i peeked. >> i was trying to look. i didn't know. >> he is considered one of the most prolific modern arties of the 20th century, creating masterpieces up until his death at 91. a famous picasso sculpture in chicago is about to hit the auction block and could bring a record price. >> andy warhol once said if you look at something long enough, it loses all of its meaning. >> i see eyes, a nose, maybe an elephant. >> the monumental work on chicago's daily plaza have kept people guessing for years. when it was unveiled in 1967, reportedly almost no one applauded. one columnist wrote the sculpture had cold, mean eyes.
8:54 pm
two models are eyed made of the work, going up for auction. >> these sculptures you don't see frequently, so it's a rare opportunity to acquire a great work by the master. this work, estimated at 25-$30 million is something we hope to achieve a record price for. >> little part of a collection widely considered the most influential cart dealer of his time. this collection including orpik kass sows could future between $170 million to to $40 million. many art enthusiasts hope the model picasso kept for himself will soon call the windy city home, as well. it was picasso's work that touched off respect and desire for art installations around the city. >> they could have picked a
8:55 pm
figurative thing, but went to a challenging artist and said make us something, and he did. picasso never visited chicago and never explained the sculpture. >> the precise problem in reading it is what he was trying to make. it is difficult to read. it is not an accident, that's what he was making. >> a mystery and a masterpiece that will surely make for a monumental sale. aljazeera, chicago. >> rebecca stevenson is next, with weather. antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> what do you think? >> consider this. unconventional wisdom. that's all i have an real money.
8:56 pm
victoria azarenko on august 20th,
8:57 pm
>> two storms to watch tonight, one in the midwest bringing record snowfall as to south dakota and one in the gulf of mexico threatens florida, louisiana, mississippi and alabama all day today and yesterday. computer models show this is going to fall apart and that's essentially happening as we watch the storm weaken quite a
8:58 pm
bit. while the coast of florida over to alabama has had sunny skies, each been getting showers moving up through louisiana. the showers will continue, because we still have a tropical storm storm watch in effect there. going to the national center for environmental predictions, it's giving us a good estimate of rain totals here in the next 24 hours. you can see all the heavy rain in the gulf of mexico staying out over the water. that's three inches of rain. i still believe we can get some thunderstorms rolling up, especially watching out for louisiana and alabama and mississippi, we could still get thunderstorms that would bring an intense amount of rainfall. we look at the storm in the midwest that brought the snow into the rookies. that is threatening a lot of flood watches from michigan into indiana. that is staying over three-inches of rain. bully there for parts of indiana. so while our blizzard warning, gone, done, snow wrapping up, winds easing off slowly for much
8:59 pm
of the midwest, but there are our flood concerns in michigan, stretching down for between ohio, indiana, we're going to be watching this particular storm to dump a fair amount of rainfall in that vicinity, otherwise, we're going to see freezing temperatures for the morning hours as you wake up with the snow on the ground. that is going to be the pattern. all that snow. tonight, freeze. we're going to gettize out there, slippery roads and sidewalks and upons, too. we warm up tomorrow, above freezing, it will melt and freeze again overnight. this storm is really packing a punch. we've had tornado watches put out for tonight. we've had a couple of tornado warnings, because we had such strong storms rolling in. the outlook is for that train to track off to the east. it's been great in the northeast, tomorrow hot and humid. we get rain pushing in for parts of maine and new york. things are going to start
9:00 pm
changing for all of us. this is al jazeera america. here's the latest headlines tonight. a navy seal operation in somalia that targeted a senior league of al-shabab. the reports say the raid happened early this morning on a somali coast. there are conflicting reports as to whether the operation was successful. reports that senior al qaeda figure indicted with by the u.s. for his alleged role for the 1988 embassy bomber has been captured. a team seized the senior leader outside his home i


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