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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> i think it's also credit to the assad regime. >> encouraging word from the u.s. as syria allows inspectors to start destroying chemical weapons. coming up in the next half hour more than 50 dead in violence in egypt over what was a day of unity. >> a woman is attacks over every four minutes in the country.
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reporting from india, where social workers estimate over 70,000 children work in these coals mines. >> first, the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry says syria's president assad could take the credit for starting the process of destroying chemical weapons so quickly. mr. kerry thanked his counte counterpart sergei lavrov. kerry said the fact that work had already started should be welcomed. >> i think it's mrs. credit to the assad regime for complying rapidly as they are supposed to. now we hope that will continue. i'm not going to vouch today for what happens months down the road. but it's a good beginning.
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and we should welcome a good beginning. scott heidler is live for us. john kerry saying the syrian president can take the credit. this is a definite olive branch isn't it? >> definitely. you never thought thought you would hear that from the secretary of state over the syrian president. that's taking vehicles and things and crushing devices and taking some of the weapons, the dloifer delivery weapons out of -- delivery weapons out of service. making sure there are no more chemical weapons in the country. destroying them, that step is going to be a more difficult one but the secretary said, it's a
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good beginning. >> now they're going to set a date. scott stay with us. but the leaders gather in bali, the global recession will be near the top of the agenda. a free deal in asia pacific is likely to be why signed this year. the tpp is a potential agreement between 12 countries. u.s. president barack obama session he wants to reach agreement by end of this year but others say it may take longer. china has not been invited to participate in the talks. let's go back to scott. scott in bali, th wags call apea
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chance to chat. >> the tpp the transpacific partnership is a good example. that's one of those very important issues that will be discussed on the sidelines like we heard with the syria issue. obviously with president barack obama not coming, has down graded this, to push through those negotiations that the united states wants to conclude by the end of the year. and the absence of president obama is described by one of the leaders as disastrous. the leaders who are here, there are a lot of issues that can be discussed on the sidelines and also some of the crns that can push aside the trade agreements but the big one will be that tpp
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agreement. >> thanks scott. a bombing has killed at least six people in pakistan that were taking part in a vaccination procedure. pakistan is only three countries in the world where polio is still endemic. typhoon flow, more rain is expected in the next few days. at least 51 people have been killed in egypt, in events commemorating if war, more from our correspondent in cairo now. >> downtown cairo on sunday. a day for celebrating the
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military. instead it saw gun fire, tear gas and civil unrest. this was ramsey street north of tahrir square. across cairo protestors took to the streets. some tried omarch on tahrir square, symbol of resistance from january 2011. but security was title. in places, police used tear gas to control the crowds. antimilitary protesters over what they consider an illegitimate government. >> we have to see the streets are full of people which struggle against this killer and we will do our best. >> okay, we are all the muslim people, all the egyptian citizen people we are all one human,
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okay? glk but tahrir square painted a different picture. forming acenter of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1973 october war with israel. for hours crowds queued to get through security checks in the square. some had come with one purpose in mind. >> the anticoup people can't come here. we are willing to die and sacrifice ourselves. >> across egypt, it was oday marked by celebrations on one side and protests on the other. from suez to minya, south of cairo, violence scenes. reports suggest a number of dead and injured. october 6th is a day of military might in egypt, a day
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in which its people marked that are thanks for their its exingse but today,. >> don't you know that you are the light of our eyes? this is the truth, we don't forget. we learned in the army never to forget and we wirl never will never forget you are standing with us. >> emergency crews in italy recovered the bodies of 84 more people off the coast of lampedusa. over 100 more are thought to be missing. italy's immigration minister
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has pledged to improve conditions where survivors are being housed. omar, outside his hope in tripoli. now the libyan government wants an explanation from washington. >> this is where anas al-liby's family said they saw him captured. >> masked men came out of the car but the driver wasn't masked and one person was adjusting his mask when he came out. from their features they were obviously plibbian. they told him to get in the car close the door and drove off. it seemed like they had drugged him.
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>> al-liby had been wanted for 15 years. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says it was a legal operation. >> he is a key al qaeda figure. and he is a legal and an appropriate target for u.s. military under the authorization of the use of military force passed in september of 2001. >> al-liby is suspected of involvement in the twin attacks on u.s. embassies in kenya and tantanstanzania. his brother says he deserves to be tried at home. >> this is a work of prioriticy to kidnap my brother. they were supposed to present documents to the libyan government and my brother was
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supposed to be tried here in libya. >> supposedly interrogated on a u.s. naval ship. caroline malone, al jazeera,. >> a bank in nairobi offers new clues about a westgate shopping center siege. with the main stories on al jazeera. since 1996, we've told the human story. from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view. >>this river is their road to freedom. [[voiceover]] committed, inspired, bold.
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>>we're on the frontline, but it's under attack. al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization.
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>> you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top story. the united states says it's working closely with russia for
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the syrian resolution. he praised syria's president for cooperating with the chemical weapons destruction. it's a good beginning he said. more than 40% of the world economy at apec. at least 51 people were killed across egypt during events commemorating the 40th anniversary of the war. the worst of the fighting broke out in the capitol. anticoup protesters tried to enter tahrir square. tafic, this was a day of celebration to remember the war of 1973. but it went sour didn't it? >> both sides tried to claim that vic industry for their
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opposing camps. led to a considerable number of deaths on the anticoup or pro-morsi side. >> the government reacted it is reported of using live am nis against some protestors. is that valid? do you see the truth of that? >> if you look at the number of deaths there had to be live fire. probably not all cases bird shots were fired and also tear gas. i would suspect many of the deaths happened overnight. obviously the considerable number of events means this is a significantly event and i would posit, it might put more momentum into the anticoup camp that was losing momentum. and on successive days they've
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mobilized protestors and caused provocation from the military government itself. >> so you think this is a miscalculation? >> definitely. definitely. maybe this would have subsided over the next few weeks or the next few days. and now we have a little bit of a resurgence in the anticoup camp who have another event to point to. this wasn't a one off event, it is the same camp, systematically hitting back at anyone opposing them. at the same time i don't think the brotherhood has an ability to expand to a broader base. this was from the original fund of supporters that they have. >> the is this perhaps evidence that the egyptian elite are divided about how to move forward with the muslim brotherhood? >> well, of course they are
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divided but i think those people who are divided such as mohamed el baradai who prefer engagement with the brotherhood are perhaps in compile. we'll have to see if that actually actually can work in any sustainable peaceful manner in coming months. >> would it have been possible for the government to say bring down the muslim brotherhood for want of a better expression through nonviolent means? >> for this current government, they could use legal means and they could use the means of outlawing them and disbanding the actual movement. but it's very complicated. because it's so entrenched in egyptian society. they have many pillars. disbanding the muslim brotherhood itself is a very difficult proposition.
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but the only way for the army to prevent the brotherhood from marching onto that square and that's the calculation they made. >> tahif brahim. thank you for joining us.(k) a fleeft 31-a 350s, a shuj blow to the airlines boeing, the u.s. company has been struggling since its flagship dreamliner was temporarily grounded due to battery problems. >> the a-350 has just completed its tent flight last month and the development is in full progress towards the launch in 2014. no doubt by 2019 it will be in a fully prepared state. >> police in kenya say last month's attack on the westgate shopping center was planned
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quite bit ahead. september 6th reconnaissance the siege. they're seen entering a bank and collecting cash to purchase a car. september 21st prevented security forces from getting inside. killing of a muslim cleric in mombasa last week. andrew simmons reports. >> uncovered what should be part of the investigation into the murders much four men, one of -- murders of four men. mom-basa when it was ambushed last thursday night. some muslim community leaders and human rights activists
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saying this is the latest in a string of extra-jucial cilings bjudicialkillings by the police. least of all actually doing a forensic examination of the vehicle. >> but mombasa's police chief initially suggested his men were examining the car. >> it is in mombasa. >> in your custody? >> yes. >> i'm afraid that isn't correct. i've just seen the car. why aren't you examining it? >> it was brought by a breakdown so we did our initial investigation. >> after friday's riots in which four people died, the police are on high alert. two somalis were arrested on
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sunday though not connected to the westgate mall attack. there's fear by this man who said he was arrested, beaten and forced to become an informer. >> what can i do to protect myself but my life is in danger. >> one human rierts group has a dossier of over 20 people who could be targeted by undercover police. interthis is what we've been telling the government that when such acts are seen or undertaken within the community it oant furthers sympathy for al shabaab and terrorism. >> this was their message: >> stop this before we find ourselves in a full religious
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confrontation. >> and there was also a call for muslims to cooperate with the police but they don't trust the police in the wake of westgate mall, the tension persists in this part of kenya's port city. andrew simmons al jazeera mombasa. interthey're known as rat holes, india'india's dangerous and unse mines. tens of thousands of children are exploited by the industry in the northwestern state. from there mig alayer sends us this report. >> 17-year-old starts another day by crawling into this mine to dig for coal. but just a few minutes in he realizes, there's something wrong. a heavy rock has collapsed on another pipeliner crushing his legs.
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the workers manage to free him but natesh is clearly shaken. >> sometimes i have to work alone so that's when i'm really scared. i just feel like getting out of there. >> natesh has been working in coal pits since he was 15. local activists believe around 70,000 children like him work in these so-called rat holes because adults are usually too big. the conditions in these mines are absolutely horrific. i'm standing on a temporary wooden platform and there's a drop beneath me. as you can see there are cabins around here and the children climb in here to mine for coal. they literally have to climb on their stomachs to mine for coals. when there are accidents the workers are sometimes buried alive.
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the mine rs have no safety equipment or training and live in squalor next to the coal pits. asina has been lobbying the government but nothing has been done. >> children have been dying in these rat holes, they're not being reported because these are in the context of our state is actually illegal migration. >> landowners use manual methods to dig for coal. sessina is trying to get them to use modern methods so child labor will not be needed. >> i don't mine for that. >> what about coal mining? >> coal mining we are not
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concerned with that, we are dealing own in limestone. >> natesh knows children work in these mines because he is one of them. his only goal is to earn enough money to some day leave. >> that is our web page on india. intriguing india is the title and there's a child miner on the home page. lots of in-depth coverage. click on the link called india spotlight all that at just to repeat, brazilian police have moved into shanty towns, elite police battalion, military police and the navy. the operation is part of a broader drive by the authorities
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to drive out the drug traffic in the favelas, bus ran off a remote road, and police are looking into the cause of the accident. argentina and uruguay are locked into a row over chemical use of a plant to pollute the river. you're gay insists that standards are being met. >> the plaza is owned by a finnish company but it has become the symbol of grievances between countries. the plant's location is next to the river that divides argentina and you'r uruguay.
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, so every time there's protest they block the border and of course you can imagine the consequences for trade between both nations and the kind of chaos that creates. so it's a very, very big problem because of its location and it has symbolized for decades conflict between the countries. the argentinian side has threatened to block the border. as they have done in the past, this was blocked for nearly half a decade because of the protest. and the uruguayans claim its not a major pollutant.
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>> officials believe it will address the number of sexual offenses. >> special courts to try and convict more sexual offenders. they say rape and other sexual offenses are not reported. >> especially a girl, it is knot easy to tell the family i got raped, she got raped when she was like 14 but she only told her parents when she was like 20. so all along she couldn't say anything to anyone. after she told her parents nothing was done. she just got cancelled. >> south africa is one of the highest rates of rape. >> outside the war zone this is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman.
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most of the cases of rape is not reported, we don't have information about the extent of this type of violation. >> the murder of 17-year-old aline boyleson. south africans are used to these headlines. one man recently arrested for raping his daughter, he said it was his right to teach his daughter how to have sex. >> victims and witnesses will testify in private. officials will also get training on how to deal with victims. more perpetrators will be convicted and convince victims to report rape.
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>> 118 accurat car at diamond, 9 million dollars and all a girl's best friend. ness. >> in southern tajikistan, a family gathers for a celebration. 19-year-old zarina is getting married. it should be a day of joy yet like many weddings here it's tingd with sadness. her groom f asksrook is getting ready to take on new responsibilities but to do that very soon will have to leave his wife and go to russia. his father explains he has no


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