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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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[ technical difficulties ] have differences we're in a time of crisis that we'll sit down and at least have a
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conversation. really, mr. president, it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk. >> the speaker was referring to jean specirling, and what he wa saying is exactly what the president has said, that they are not going to respond to this hostage taking. a pew pole say four and ten americans say the federal government can go out that deadline without major economic problems, but 64% of conservatives that identify themselves as in the tea party agree the debt ceiling really doesn't matter. >> so, mike, we see that
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obviously congress is back to work. a number of furloughed employees might be wondering if congress will get to work on the idea of back pay. is that something that we can expect some action on? >> that is an interesting question, tony, because all along when the house has passed these piecemeal bills, nih, any number of sensitive issues that are near and dear to the democrats. the democrats have said it is gimmick. so these furloughed federal workers may have an extended period of time off, but may end up getting paid for it. >> mike thank you. libya wants an explanation to from the u.s. after the u.s. captured an al-qaeda leader.
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he has been linked to the 1998 u.s. bombings in kenya that killed more than 220 people. hundreds of miles away, navy seals tried to capture a leader of the al-shabab group. but it looks like that mission failed. >> the pentagon admitted late this afternoon, their target in somalia did get away. seal team six, that is the same group that got osama bin laden, stormed a seaside villa here south of mogadishu. the americans, though, took on heavy fire and had to pull out. we have confirmed today the target of that raid is this man. he is a kenyan from somalia, but he is known kifrply at -- simply as ikrima.
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he is thought to be involved with three terror networks. he recruits a lot of al-shabab members. leaked reports say he also planned several other big terror plats, including un offices in niairob nairobi, and a airport attack in kenya earlier this year. but the raid still shows the u.s. can put pressure on al-shabab whenever it chooses. >> thank you. somalia has been an unstable country for decades which makes the challenges even more difficult, peter has more. >> reporter: this is the tip of somalia's spear against al-shabab. the militia snaps to attention on parade. these men have had a checkered
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history at times fighting with the government sometimes with al-shabab. for now they are the government's defense in the south. this man served along kenyan forces to drive al-shabab out of their hometown a year ago. the kenyan troops have been confined to defending key installations like the airport. they have the equipment to hold the attackers back, but don't have the local knowledge needed for the much more complex task of managing security. and that says the defense manager is the heart of the problem. >> this is a wake-up call for the region, really. with the only solution -- the best solution is to support somalian government so we can take care of our internal security and fight al-shabab. >> somalia is still struggling to emerge from two decades of
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near constant war. camps of the displaced are everywhere. there is no way of tracking people, so it is relatively easy for al-shabab to move about undetected. they are trying to control the town, but we warned that members of the islamist group are everywhere. the local security services say the solution to defeating al-shabab is to give them the training, capacity, equipment so they can take on the enemy. they say they are the ones that know the language, that understand the culture, that really understand what they are dealing with. >> but they have a reputation for indiscipline. the commander acknowledges that things aren't perfect, but says there is a solution. >> translator: we can do this job. we can fight the enemy. the biggest problem we have is that we don't get help from the outside. it is important to understand that they can't beat al-shabab
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if they don't work with us, the somalis. >> so the international sponsors face a difficult choice, leave the state weakened, or create an effective fighting force out of men with questionable loyalties. and here to talk about the u.s. raids in africa is brian fishman he is a counter terrorist research fellow, and joins us live from mountainview, california. is it legal for the u.s. to swoop in with special forces as was the case in libya and capture a man in another country? >> well, at this point, two administrations have deemed it is, the bush administration and the obama administration. and i think it's important to recognize that these kinds of raids, though dramatic are not
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out of the ordinary when we think about the war on terror since 9/11. u.s. troops have crossed borders in afghanistan and somalia previously, and we have seen folks holed out, and held on to u.s. naval vessels while they are interrogated and then nut the justice system. i think this is why this fight is so complicated, because it combines using force. >> i'm wondering is this kind of activity legal under international law? >> well, i -- international -- yeah. international law, i think
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is -- is an amorefis concept to begin with. in libya at least vocal members of the government have expressed dismay that this kind of operation occurred, but i think it's also worth noting if many of these cases we have seen governments express frustration with the united states publicly but privately support them. these people pose a threat to the international community and local governments, and there are times, i think when it's easier for local politicians to wag a finger at the united states, while also subtly approving of their behavior. >> so why risk american
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casualties with the special force's raid, the attempt at somalia, what was accomplished in libya. why not launch a drone strike for example in libya? >> for someone who has been around al-qaeda for 20 years, this is the kind of person that has a lot more value alive than dead -- >> couldn't you make that argue for a lot of the suspected al-qaeda leaders who have been targeted and killed? >> absolutely, i think the calculation is whether or not you have an environment per misive enough for a special operations raid. i mean there is -- the pakistani government's hostility to u.s. trips on the ground is what drove the movement to the tactic. much like in yemen. but ultimately i think when you
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look at counter terrorism campaigns historically, they succeed most when they are driven by good intelligence, utilize very effective law enforcement institutions, so the u.s. should want to and does want to capture people and then usher them in a judicial process -- >> but does the capture of this alleged al-qaeda leader, instead of killing whim drone strikes, does it suggest the change of use of drones against these al-qaeda leaders by america? >> i think it suggests the possibility and concern about obviously the use of drones, but putting u.s. troops and personnel on the ground isn't exactly warmly received around the world. >> true. >> but i think there are certain
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environments like in tripoli where putting those troops on the ground and raising the prospect that you can capture someone and ultimately try them, the risks outweigh the cost, and that lends it's a to special operations. >> brian appreciate it. brian fishman with the new america foundation. brian appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, tony. 12 years ago today the war in afghanistan began. that ongoing struggle and the latest in the country's violent history has resulted in some significant changes. >> reporter: this man says the cookie business in iraq wasn't good under the taliban. he remembers the day the war started and he hoped for change. >> reporter: we didn't have any
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facilities. there were no roads. no security and no buildings under construction. no businesses. no industry. compared with then, it's 100% better. >> reporter: he now ships cookies all over the country. before the streets with policed by taliban squads. businesses here wonder how long it can last. 12 years after the united states came to afghanistan their biggest concern isn't freedom, it's security. the new prosperity has brought crime, notably against the wealthy. but the taliban is not a major threat here in the city, and women are not only out on the streets but in schools. that wasn't the case 12 years ago. english teacher spent most of her high school years studying in secret. >> i remember the time of the
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taliban. we were at home. we did nothing. >> reporter: thissing student was about 6 years old when she had a run in with the taliban. she went to the local shop for candy, and the taliban objected. >> they pointed their guns at me. what are you doing here? you are a girl, what are you doing here? go home. >> reporter: under the taliban virtually no girls went to school. today they are 41% of the student population. more than 5.5 million afghan refugees have come home. while it is mainly peaceful here, there is still fighting across the country, most often in afghanistan's east and south. afghan forces are in charge of security and take the brunt of casualties. america's longest war has put power back in the hands of the afghan people and isn't over yet.
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♪ it is a very impressive storm that is moving across the eastern seaboard right now. let's take a look at on the radar summary,e especially up here. the red lines the thunderstorms. we're getting a lot of wind out of this system. that is the frontal boundary, and then we have showers behind this. when it came through new york the skies got incredibly dark. we saw a lot of wind damage and structural damage there. they have reported about 60 mile an hour winds across that area. within the next hour, most of it here in this region will be in to the atlantic, but this is the wind damage that we saw. in new jersey we are talk about these counties there. up to the north, massachusetts,
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up through the hudson river valley as well. that is where the wind damage was the strongest. severe thunderstorm watches in maine. parts of new hampshire. but from new york, new jersey, maryland, delaware, we are talking about the system out, and just rain is falling. most of the watches have been relieved or elevated in that area. >> appreciate it, kevin thank you. still to come on al jazeera, how the impact in washington may effect one of the safest investments of all. ♪ complicated but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down the confusing financial speak and make it real.
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so in business, stocks sinking as investors worry about the deadline to extend the debt ceiling. the dow falling nearly 100 points, and the s&p and nasdaq
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falling on a one-year low. ali how serious are things starting to get here? >> i was trying to avoid it. but 138 points, you would think big deal. but this has been day after day after day. once in a while in the middle, the stocks will go up for a while, but really it's eating away at your earnings. the dow hit highs about a month ago. you have still done very, very well all year, but you have really taken a hit. and there's nothing else going on. there is no other real reason for stocks to have pulled back. this is largely because of concerns about the debt ceiling. this isn't as much about the shut down as the debt ceiling. people are getting quite worried tony. >> we have one senator saying
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the whole idea about the 17th -- the calamity right. that's just not true. what do we know, ali about what a default would look like? >> this is a good question. four, five years ago, in fact almost exactly on a september day, on sunday, some of the smartest people in america, all of the ceos of the major banks, sat in a room and said it is going to be okay. and then the economic system ground to a halt. credit stopped flowing, and we had the biggest recession since the great depression. so one doesn't know how markets react. this is the united states government which has not defaulted on a payment since 1790, 1790. people trust the dollar.
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that's why the dollar is the reserve currency in the world. so i don't know if anything is going to go wrong, but we have an economy that is chugging along nicely. why would you take this kind of a risk? so all of those people who say let's not settle the budget issue? maybe they are right. if they are wrong it is going to be really bad. >> wow. you'll talk about this and more at the top of the hour? >> absolutely. >> thank you. scientists working off of canada's pacific coast are opening a window on a distant world almost 3,000 feet deep in the pacific ocean. daniel lack takes a look. >> back to where we were. >> reporter: with just a laptop and the internet, the under-sea world comes across for this geologist.
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the parade of sea life in front of the lens keeps him entertained between earthquakes. >> if we zoom into the fish, there is another one coming right at the camera. checking us out. at tracked by the light or the lasers. another camera module tested, images and data collected are streamed online and put in an archive. scientists from more than 12 countries are invited to watch. in this video from 900 meters down the moving creature is a hag fish. watch another animal pops into view and eats the fish. it's an elephant seal and no one has seen them at that depth before until this 14 year old boy found it online. >> translator: i want to be a
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byologist, and now the scientists send me videos to see if i can find another discovery. >> reporter: the project uses robotics, and a tethered rover that is called wally that is run remotely. its daily walks help the network gather vast amounts of new data on sediment and die logical life. >> reporter: we are going to be gathering these long-time series of data at frequent intervals and that will allow us to really characterize what is happening in this environment. >> reporter: eventually the goal is to make it possible to replicate the work, setting up more networks beneath other seas, and adding to a growing body of knowledge about the oceans of the world.
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michael eaves is here with a look at the sports headlines. and i love close out games. >> one team is trying to make it happen tonight. the dodgers are sending their ace to the mound on short rest in hopes of clenching this series at home, instead of having to go back to atlanta for game 5. kershaw won game 1 on thursday. earlier today the as took a two-run series advantage. thanks in part to anibal sanchez. oakland will host game 4 tomorrow. and in the nhl the philadelphia flyers fired their head coach today after three straight losses to open the season, making it the earlier firing to start an nfl season since 1971.
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he lead the flyers to three straight playoff appearances before they missed the playoffs last year. [ technical difficulties ] >> the question is what will it take to put the u.s. government back to work. coming up, we will took at some possible solutions to end the mess in washington. [ technical difficulties ]
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories this hour. there is outwage in libya after a man who is believed to be the mastermind of the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzan tanzania, and hundreds of miles away navy kneels tried to capture a leader of the al-shabab movement. but that looks to have failed. there is still no end to the stalemate. president obama said there are
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enough republicans and democrats in the house of representatives to end the shutdown, and for more perspective, and to put the government shutdown in some perspective here, is a fellow at the brookings institution. do you see the shutdown lasting much longer? >> well, you know, if they -- the republican leaders have a real incentive to take things to the very last minute. at that point their backs are really against the wall. right now it is less clear that there is enough pressure on them to make them pull the triggers, so it expect it to go down to the wire. >> so is the budget
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[ technical difficulties ] >> the story that we face some kind of calamity on october 17th, that just isn't true. >> well, it's a little tricky. that's the only date the treasury has officially given. so that's when they say they can't be sure anymore to have enough money on hand to make the payments that are due. it is possible that they will pull some tricks out of the bag at that point and be able to make payments for a few more days, but i think october 17th will be enough of a deadline to focus minds going into that day. >> we're getting signals from the administration that at least the obama white house is open to some kind of measure that extends the debt ceiling for six weeks, is that the beginning of a negotiation here?
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>> like i said, i think they are probing for things that make help things fly. maybe they will be looking for just a way to find more time and keep talking until they can find something more satisfactory to both sides, but, again, i think everyone is trying things out. it's not clear how close we really are to actually coming to the table right now. >> do you believe a debt ceiling with things attached gets off of the ground, or does it appear to be at least at the moment, a non-starter? [ technical difficulties ] >> well, we'll see. i think one thing, there's a distinction that can be meat between concessions about process and concessions about substance.
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so the obama administration will be more likely to agree to something like a fast track for revenue neutral tack reform in the coming here. it's more likely that they could make some kind of deal like that where the white house would say we haven't been held hostage. but we're willing to move forward. >> even as you talk through these points, it just sounds like this is so much about pride and ego and so little about the american people who are furloughed and out of work right now. philip appreciate it. philip appreciate your time. thank you. and we have been taking a closer look each time at members of the republican voting block who have insisted on defunding the affordable care act. take we take a look at justin
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amash. he won his last election in 2012 with 53% of the vote. in the similar district president obama earned just 46%. libby casey takes a closer look. >> reporter: justin amosh road the tea party wave to get elected. he is only 33 years old, making him one of the youngest house members. he uses that youth savvy in mobile media. he justifies to his constituents why he feels the way he does. he is a proponent of linking, funding the government with defunding or rolling back the federal health care law.
6:37 pm
here is what he had to say last month. >> we're talking about delaying obamacare for a year. which is something the president has asked for employers. i think we're doing the president a favor. if anything the president should be asking us to delay it because it is better for him politically. >> >> reporter: the congressman has been very critical of president obama and the democrats. he is not afraid to criticize members of his own party either. congressman amash called john mccain one of the hawks on that issue a man on the extreme fringes. he also has taken some interesting stances on the nsa. he cosponsored with a liberal
6:38 pm
democrat john conyers on the legislation. on guantanamo bay, he says that prisoners should not be held indefinitely, and he is one of the few republicans to bring them over to the united states. this all-equals a libertarian grab bag, which has given him a high national profile, but has raised concerns and questions back in his home district. in the "washington post," philip rutter can reported that congressman amosh -- [ technical difficulties ] this potential fiscal cliff situation with the debt limit could mean for their businesses. so there's chatter about him getting perhaps a more moderate competitor in the primary next year, so watch for that, and watch for the congressman in terms of his national profile.
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tomorrow's meeting will introduce her to the representative from texas. filling in for president barack o.the u.s. would remain commited the shut down back home is in politics. >> it has begun the engines of both within our global economy while many nations are going through tough times. the economy are suffering from current evaluations. the conduct is the highest -- despite these setbacks, japan's prime minister reassureed other leaders that his government would continue to push for economic growth.
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>> translator: help to create a spacious economy and regarding security and safety, we want the regions to be free and based on the rule of law. according to indonesia -- it was important that leaders show confidence at this summit. it will ensure we could continue in our growth, not only for this weekend but to ensure that we would see a global kpheu globalc recovery. we do not do that. if we could deliver that. you would have the proof for global economy. >> .
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since 24 years ago, they tried to reduce barriers and promote along nations along the pacific ocean. china is the second largest economic in the pacific across the u.s. and the has more roles as leaders in the region it was unprecedent on monday and celebrated his birthday at the summit. despite all the words, the region is going through a difficult time. many are worried and have more careful measures is instead. >> the united states supreme court court kicked off today, this fall the justice will be tackling issues that are not as quite high profile as resent years. the case to experts including an impact, david joins us now for a closer look. >> it's not as high profile but these case can do have some reach and the supreme court is
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going to revisit on what a university can consider admissions to where protestors can stay outside at abortion khreupb eubabortions can contri. the court is being asked to reverse a limit that's been in place for a watergate scandal 40 years ago. the john roberts, the court has dismantled for parties and organization. they will now allow unlimited contributions to candidates as well allowing the rich to buy more political power. on abortion, issue that prompted marches like this one in washington. there will be a massachusetts law that's stab issues a proper stone that will demonstrate outside clinics. it will decide that the buffer
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zone and protestors and first amendment rights for free speech. on affirmive action, it's not just michigan and spartans will be watching when the state talks about race for the admissions. it will include admission practices at public universities nationwide. the court will visit issue of contraception. this birth control pill must be covered by insurance that is offered through workers through their employers. the coverage requirement is unconstitutional. woman's rights do something that nobody has ever questioned insurance plans that cover viagra. what happened during the week, president obama has used the power the to put administration officials and judges in to office while the senate son break and unable to convey
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nominees. anthony kennedy is the one in the center. he gave a speech that mentioned the role that the supreme court now plays. he says any society that has the nine judges to result on serious issues of the day is not a functioning democracy. well, the nine unelected judges in the supreme court usually function by dedelivering their ruling in the late spring. in wands washington, d.c. the hometown football team has pressure to change its name. the opponent made tphud washington. their movement is tpw-p been gio gain movement. . what started as a small
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protest 40 years ago, it aimed at stripping redskins at changing the redskins name. they have white house backing. president obama's weekend comment seemed as game changer to those who wanted the use back. if i were the owner of the team, i'd think about changing it. >> when he first heard the president's remarks the leader leading the name change campaign was astounding. >> it's including americans and -- the first redskins goes back 200 years to a time when the american scouts carry a hefty price tag. they have an awkward part when it goes to relations. there's a lot in the league to have a black player.
6:46 pm
they said in a written statementstatement:constant expo racial slurs in a public entertainment arena can have the help of those people being targeted. >> in the moment, people will have higher levels of mental and physical health problems and worst, it will predict poor mental and physical health over time. >> the term redskins would be short lived. >> having a new mascot doesn't change our sense of community and ideas about how we want to represent ourselves. >> it may take a while for the
6:47 pm
redskins names to disappear. >> change the -- they are optimistic to bring about change monday and they here against big business and in a city they say was tradition about morality. al jazeera, washington. >> coming up in sports, the story of josh freeman. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. consider this. unconventional wisdom.
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what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating
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news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. mike eves is here now. game 3, it's the world series. we have fall out on the field. the very nature of baseball leads to some tension moments during the play off. with the fate of the game on
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every single pitch and sometimes that will move over to emotional outbursts. case if point, the american league division series between the oakland as and after jumping on the as early and hanging off the to the win. the tiger's offense has opinionn hanging in check. josh ready with the as up with the home run but detroit came up to tie the game. he has games this season and for violations. the detroit is right back in the game. but anna belle who led the games this year ties his career high by giving us three home runs in in this game. in addition to redic, smith also took it putting oak land up 6-3. now all they had to do is close tout game. they will go to mr. emotional. all of a sud -p he gets in to a
6:51 pm
verbal with the victor martinez after a foul ball. that's two strikes but the benches were clear during this altercations but no fists were exchanged. nothing happened, oakland wins it. they can close out this series tomorrow. >> in the national league, pirates with the chance to close out the cardinals in their divisional series. they will start who came with an out of no hit ter with the final start in the season. they will not be ready to have their series end. striking out 9 through 7-inchings. and matt holliday provideed is all that would need in this sixth inning. let's go back. he took a no hit tore the 8th inning. facing pedr oh o alverez and there goes the no hitter, this goes the shut out. besides giving the no-no and just one for the pirates and
6:52 pm
they will get closer. they go on to win 2-1 in st. louis wednesday. now to the nfl and two weeks after he was benched as a rook e back up. josh is mentioned to minnesota to go bring it. it struggled with con sis sentcy to stop this season with him as a starter. now free tpha*pb suspected to take over for minnesota's starter is still owes an additional $6 million-dollars from the tampa bay buccaneers. the oakland raiders release their start today. he started in place and the raider's week-forloss to the redskins. they were partially critical after the game and then clinches -p up to the rookie.
6:53 pm
and more with the quarterback news, philadelphia eagles will make it again after michaelle vics injured his left hamstring against the giants and can keep him off the field and both came in in relief with two touchdown passes. the eagles beat new york and he will get the start this weekend against the buccaneers now sunday's game will be the 13th time and miss the game during the injuries and become the starting quarterback back in 2010. now in hockey -- just three games in the season and all three will have losses for philly. they won the stanley cup in to 2006. it was last season's collapse coupleed with this season 4-3 start that led to today's firing. assistant coach the sudden team with the organization will take over. >> from day one f i was concerned about how the team
6:54 pm
looked and i think obviously -- we still got a long way to go in terms of the season. it was more of how we played. so it was unacceptible. we don't look like a team at all. and i felt just that feeling i needed to have the decisions. >> right now, it's been struggling. they needed the change. i think he did some very good things to this organization. it's a tough day that you had to let somebody go it' time to make a change and i would never say to paul you can't make a change. >> i have always been in my mind and now i'm the head coach. i would like the to thank them. >> all four sports affiliates replace their head coach, all four. >> all right. i 'appreciate it.
6:55 pm
>> some 40 countrys are meeting for the bridgestone world solar challenge. cars must get 90% of their energy from the sun. drivers are seeing more savings at the pump. the latest survey find the average price far gallon of unleaded is 14-cents to $3.38. that's 45-cents cheaper than this time last year. there's plenty of rain in the forecast. then, it's your money with ali velshi. >> with investors large and small are starting to burn just thinking of the damage a default will do to their wealth? and is buying gold a smart move? we'll help you take the emotions out of your approach to keeping your money safe. all that and more on "real money."
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my name is jonathan betz.
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hello, welcome back.
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this has made hand fall and quickly dissipating. look at the video that has come in from china. this will make land fall over half a million people were evacuated off the coastal areas. a lot went on and the rain was completely exexcessive, we saw a lot of rivers overflowing and believe it or not there's one of three typhoons that will make it this far north along the china coast. the storm is not dissipating and a few lingering showers now pushing up now towards the north. the big problem now is this has pushed over parts of oa okinawa. we are looking at winds of 139 miles per hour. that's a category 4 hurricane this the atlantic. it's moving quite quickly over the southern part of japan and different rain over south core radio e yeah.
6:59 pm
wconsidersouth korea.we have sen temperature because of the storm system that made its way through. remember all the snow we saw here? well rapid city has increased temperature. here across the northeast, completely different. we have that coal fron cold frog through u. filteringing in behind it. philadelphia is 18 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. pittsburgh 25 degrees colder and up towards boston. you 20 degrees warmer than you were yesterday. that won't last. now your national weather. your hea headlines are up next.
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top starries. seven days after the government partially shutdown, there's still no end to the stalemate. president obama said there are enough votes to end the shutdown. there is outrage in libya after a leader was captured outside of his home in tripoli on saturday, he is believed to be the mastermind behind the u.s. embassy bombings in kenya. hundreds of miles


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