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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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welcome to "al jazeera america." >> having such conversations, talks, negotiations shouldn't require hanging a government shut down for economic chaos over the heads of the american people. >> i certainly didn't come here to default on our debt. >> washington stalemate. both parties are so far apart that they can't agree on when to talk. new leadership the woman president obama will nominate to take over ben bernanke's post as the federal reserve. hundreds in the nation's capitol want issue back on the front burner and to make their point
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political leaders commit acts of civil disobedience. plus, the building block to the universe. the men behind this year's nobel prize for physics with the idea they call the god particle. day 8 of the federal sh-t st down and it looks like the first 7 days. plenty of political finger pointing and not a faint progress. today, the president took the stage first. white house correspondent was in the briefing room. mike, was there anything new at all? >> you're right. we're 8 days in to the shut down. we have 8 days to go before a possible default with the federal government. day started with a lot of promise. president picked up the phone
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and called john boehner. after dualing press conferences between the president, he was in the briefing room for more than an hour today and john boehner, it was clear that we were right back where we started first thing this morning and that is at a stand off. the president had two missions today. first, he wanted to continue this tkr-pl bea drum beat involn boehner. it would keep the government open far short period of time up until next month. putting pressure on john boehner saying both were there if they will help democrats to push across the finish adam. >> let's put people back to work. there are enough reasonable and democrats in the house who are willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed.
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as soon as they proceed against every item in the budget. >> job two for president today. there are those that call default denyers. they look at this impending deadline of october 17th, john. it's thought that bad. the president is alarming people, needlesly, the government can get by. it can pay its credittors, it can prioritize. the president is having none of that. he was sounding the alarm and will. catastrophic to the nation. >> we have senior citizens who are koupbgt on their social security work arriving on time.
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>> reporter: far brief time we felt we thought we had a short time with with the president. he would agree with the short-term extension of the spending bill and the debt ceiling. that would bring him to table with republicans. john boehner appearing the more than an hour after the president here at the white house shut that door quickly. >> we go live to capitol hill. >> reporter: he is saying we are only going to negotiate if we can talk about the debt ceiling and also the government shut down. he says those have to stay on the table. president obama wants them off the table and he'll talk while john boehner says that will with. equal to* by republicans. >> i certainly didn't come here
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to default on our debt. >> the last 40 years, 27 times the debt limit has been used to carry significant policy changes that would in fact reduce spending and put it on the same path. >> speaker boehner sayinging they have to be the able to negotiate using the debt seal ohinceiling. there's a lot coming from the senate. they will raise the debt sealing with no strings attached. it's a tough lift because it would need 60 votes in the senate. that means a coalition of republicans and democrats to get over that threat of a filibuster which comes 60-vote threashold. they keep moving the target. now they're talking about cutting back on spending.
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>> former chair of the national republican party. republican. the fighter getting closely linked to the federal shut down and we're no closer to seeing a resolution. >> thank you. the shut down is also having an impact on the families of those who served in the military. those who made the ultimate sacrifice. in the past few days five u.s. service members have died in afghanistan. the pentagon says their families will not receive $100,000 in death benefits. it was designed to help them we with request immediate financial
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leads. as the u.s. approaches the deadline to raise the debt ceiling, fear of default is growing and so is the debate of what will happen if they are unable to pay their bills. jonathan takes a closer look at the impact. >> the shut down means the government is not working but it means that it's basically out of money. if you've maxed out of your credit cards but you try raise your credit limit. how much does the u.s. government spend. on thursday just last thursday the united states brought in $110 billion-dollars. that's like taxes, farmers paying, also on that same day the freshry spent $143 billion-dollars just from thursday. united states is in the red, $33 billion-dollars. so to pay those bills it borrows money. this is what it is, $16,699
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$16,699,000,000. they called all be at risk in theory. there's a huge impact on the economy. the value of the dollar so american products sold over seas are not worth as much. stocks, 401k, bonds, they all go down. they try to have loans or higher interest rates. people stop shopping. some argue it may not be as fast. perhaps the treasury will pull off the accounting tricks and fay things that really matter. many economists want the default globally and could trigger a recession worse than the one we just went through. big changes at the top of the federal reserve, the white
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house says it the nominating tomorrow to suck saoes succeed e as chairman. she is expected to continue bernanke's policies. his term ends in january. there's two stories that can effect an already jittery market. he's the senior economists at economic analytical research. what impact did that have on the market? >> it should have a calming impact. it is, as we've indicated a moment ago. not a very close ben bernanke. she's a steady hand. she will not come with the same controversy that larry sumers will have come with. >> her name has been out there for a while. they also knew her as the president of san francisco so she has a lot of experience.
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she has a lot of government experience and a calming influence. >> let's go to the government sh-t down. we've already seen some impact today with with the big down day for the political markets. if this shows a few days longer, what impact. we don't know what they are holding up. we don't know if it's not being respected. you have to realize all of what government does. there are workers who are not working right now and will be able to borrow from credit unions and every day expenses. >> unless something else happens and that can be the debt
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ceiling. talk to us about the next shoe that might drop. >> that is. it's a matter oh of trust as credit is a matter of trust. it's no longer pure. >> what would first happen. >> there's a misconception about who holds most of the debt. many people believe it's japan and/or china. it's largely held by the social security trust fund.
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if it doesn't get paid, social security benefits an checks are in jeopardy. that's an immediate problem. nobody else will lend us money. there are ripple effects that go throughout the rest oh of the economy. plus, the hit we'll take in the foreign markets. >> the last time the u.s. debt got close to this deadline, the dead ceiling deadline. they downgraded the united states. what other impact is coming? >> that's the trust aspect. the interest rates are set by the certainty of payment. think about it this way. if i lend you dollar and you walk at the end of the room and
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ask you to pate back in a minute and i keep my eye on you, there's virtually no risk. if you go around the corner, i don't know what's going to happen to you because there's a larger element of risk. i get compensateed for that. >> interest rates would go up. >> they oh would. >> how much? >> anybody's guess. it was actually 1979. we actually exceeded the debt ceiling on a technicality far couple of hours. and interest rates went up. what that does -- if the ten-year treasury goes up, mortgage rates are tied for the ten-year treasury. it's going to be more difficult to borrow. combine that if the fha is unable to process loans and the housing market will collapse and is in serious trouble.
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>> then the global effect. it's other nations who are willing to lend us money and their budgets are based on money they get and the foreign exchange with us. >> you have your own economic trouble and i assume that they are watching it very closely. >> asia is. certainly china is, certainly japan is. it's not only the financial aspect, it's a diplomatic aspect that they can't trust us on this, can they trust us on something else. >> when we hear from some politicians that it might not be that pad. >> i would say that's wishful thinking on their part. >> i think it is out of the lack of understanding of how markets work, what their debt ceiling means. they do believe, critics have said that we're already overspending and this is just a way -- >> what would you say to those people who are making those decision. >> go back to college and read economics 101.
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it's as simple as that. even if you stay a way from the numbers, economists get blamed a lot talking about numbers. it's a simple science. science of human behavior. if you go back to the idea, if i can't trust you today, i don't believe you're going to pay me back today, am i going to lend money you tomorrow? >> it's great to talk you today. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. well, we are looking at a big change in the atmosphere. yesterday we saw wind damage reports. things will change and we are going to see now is a lot of rain. we are hoping here in the coastal region in the united states. the big problem will be that little storm we talked about last weekend. it's going to be here.
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especially the outer banks left from three to four inches of rain in the next 24 hours an more rain after that. it will be on what is happening there. now, no rain is from the northeast. that's what we had last night. that's severe weather. that will be the cold weather. it's freezeing in the northern parts. we will keep you informed on that. >> thank you. the researchers who discovered the so-called particle are the nobel prize for physics. the royal swedish award is awarded. the $$1.2 million prize. the academy credited the scientists to the contribution on how atomic particles are able to acquire mass with the world that exists today. al jazeera has the report. >> in the beginning, thus was a
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big bang. >> wind storms in particles. these became the building block. >> one theory was and continues to be tested at the research center near geneva. scientists have been shooting atoms the at great speed down the tunnel. see what happens when they collide. in march they consume the existence of the particle that they believe the to energy and to mass and holds everything together like glue. now know pel prize winner, peter hicks. >> it's so lit until the beginning about where this article might be. how high an image machine will have to go before it could be discovered and it's being a very long development over the years over the technology energy.
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scientists are understand how it works. >> like other important discoveries in the past, they hoped over time it will lead to a new understanding of the physical world and new technologies could change the lives of us all. >> the arrested for their passion. still ahead, several house members in washington taken in to custody had an imtpraeugs imn rally. the changes it's making to the ipad and when to expect it on store shelves.
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on the national mall today, protestors ral throeu rallied te immigration reform. eight democrats were arrested.
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200 other protestors were arrested as well. there are more than four million people on the waiting list for family visas or green cards. some live outside the country put the majority live right here and some have been waiting more than a decade for their immigration papers. jennifer london has that story. >> it's been more than 12 years and alberto who asked that we not use their last name for fear of deportation. he's still waiting for their green card. his sister a u.s. citizen filed a family-sponsored petition on his behalf. >> it's been so long. they are waiting and waiting. >> he still dreams of working in an auto body shop but without
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papers he can't get a job. >> have you thought about returning home to mexico? >> it's going to be hard. the millions of undocumented immigrants in the united states who applied for papers are stuck. they can't move forward with their new life here but at the same time they are unwilling to return to their homeland. >> in our home country or where we came from we are no longer effected. we are enemy to oh the state. >> there is one reason, those who are undocumented know if they leave the united states they will not be allowed back in. and will be separated for their families who live here. the familys are torn apart. advocates for immigration reform say imgrants from central america experience long wait time. sometimes up to 30 years. so they may arrive with a temporary visa but decide to
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stay after their visa expired which means they are now here without tk-bg menation. >> we've had situations and the children end up in foster care. we have seen horrible -rb horrible situations. >> the wait list for mexicans who petitioned under the family category is particularly long with more than 740,000 people waiting and the list continues to grow by 4500 people a year. in part, because of the sheer number of people wanting to come in and placed on number of green cards or visas that are issued each year. >> there's no reason on why we are accepting that we have backlog that fit 10, 15, 20-plus years. it doesn't make any sense. that should be a stop to that. >> immigration policy expects say it's not a back law, it's a wait list. every pwo*d one has to be processed and not relatives are
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given the same pr priority. we led in over a million a year legally. it's not like we're not incredibly generous with the numbers coming in to this country. you can bring in your sister or your brother or your adult child. they are going to to go to back of the line. that's where alberto finds himself. >> to have on my mind, it's to have -- are you still waiting for that better future. >> oh, yeah, of course. >> reporter: alberto continues to hope, even as he, and millions of others continue to wait for perhaps many more yea years. >> in business, apple is expected to release this newest
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ipad on october 22nd just in time for christmas. with all things digital, it will be center and lighter and have more powerful processes. the pressure is on for apple to innovate the lead -- it's under pressure from samsung, google and amazon. a pair rent company said profits fell 70% and the worries about bird flu and the lower earnings are forcing the company for the next quarter. shares in yum are tanking and after hors trading. there will be an end between tweeter and twitter. on friday the bankrupt tweeter home entertainment group surged. now they will distance it from the social media site.
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>> it's piling up in the nfl and michael is here with sports. it will undergo next surgery to prepare an injury. how the hope was that less than rehabilitation will allow bradshaw to play this season. the falcons fear that they have lost receiver yul julio jones ar he injured his foot and the loss to the jets. he's scheduled to see a foot special list yesterday. jones had surgery on the same foot prior to his rookie season in 2011. the nfl's international series. commissioner announced today that the league will add a third game to the london schedule in 2014.
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they will all get a home game next year. more than 83,000 fans attended the vikings win over the steelers in week four. we will have more sports news coming in 20 minutes. >> when we come back, the pentagon makes a new appointment to help empty prison at guantanamo bay. losing out on a multimillion dollar deal. reaction from boeing after japan airlines says it's buying from a competitor.
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president obama rejected claims that steps can be taken to avoid default and congress fails to act. >> there's no sill vir bullet. there's no magic want that allows us to wish away the that could result in us not paying our bills on time. >> it was a small opening. an hour later, john boehner shut it down. >> . that's not the way our government works.
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>> there's going to be a negotiation here. we can't raise it without doing something about what's driving us to borr oh o with w more money and live beyond our means. >> i'll spring for dinner again but i'm not going the do it until the more extreme parts of the republican party stop using john boehner to issue threats the against our economy. >> the latest victim of the shut down, families of the fallen are not receiving their so-called debt benefits. $100,000 when a loved one dies
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in combat. >> i'm ashameded. i'm embarrassed. all of us should be. the list goes on. people of innocent americans who are fallen victim to their reality that we can't sit down and talk like grown ups. >> hen the dust settles, the mission was one day closer to a possible default an the shut down continues with no end in sight. al jazeera, the white house. >> a changing in leadership. perhaps the world's most powerful institution. the white house confirms president obama is nominating vice chair to replace ben bernanke as the fed's new chief. "real money" ali velshi says the timing is surprising. >> the announcement was not to go on now it' no secret that it was going to be janet. the rules of how the fed
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chairman becomes the vice chair. the vice chair becomes automatically if someone is not nominated or confirm bid the time the term expires in this case is in tend of january. one way or the other, if president obama wanted it to be janet yellen. she served since 2010. bernanke's second term at the end of january. now he had merged as a leading contender. she was in this strange campaign battle. there's never been a campaign far fed chair. most fed chairs, i would say the public wouldn't know who they were going to be before they were named. there are people who wanted larry summers versus people who wanted janet yellen. sumers withdraw after a lot of
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opposition. she is 67 years-year-old. she will be the first woman ever to run the federal reserve. it has to be confirmed with the senate. the big challenge facing ben bernanke and janet yellen is to do with all this money that they put in the economy. they will start tapering if they see unemployment down lower and economic growth stronger. we were thinking it will take place maybe in november. if the u debt ceiling is breeched, that's the mess that janet yellen is walking in to. > japan airlines choice for making their mega jets said it
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could be bad news for boeing. >> boeing had a lot of trouble with fires. do you think it played any role in this? >> good question. a multimillion dollar question around tonight. a question about how much those 787 problems played in this deal. their initiative by air run bus will go long before its on board problems and fires that put that fleet on the ground but most analyst believe it couldn't have hurt the fail speech to look out and see every 787 in the world ground as they were nailing out the details. shocking for boeing an pig win
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for airbus. they have been trying to break in the major airlines for a long time. it was a handshake that sealed the deal yesterday. 31, a350s. that almost certainly paid much less than that. the new version of the 777, the production has been stop and go and that's where analyst are calling a paper airplane. the airbus is able to say here's an a350, touch it, test it, fly it. boeing is putting the best possible on this. they released a very short statement. it's disappointed that the selection will continue to provide the most efficient an innovateed product in services
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that meet longer term requirements for the strong releasingship with jal over the last 50 years. it dramatically changed after that deal yesterday. >> the first delivery expected some time next year and the a350 oh should be in service for jal and their long hall flight. not good news for boeing workers an we spoke with an engineer representative today. there's a disappointment that has to change every time the company is shut out. it's in the coming years and the impact on boeing and the northwest and it's a huge economic impact. a big economic impact here and we're talking about japan and the specific region.
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it's in an expanding market. very lucrative market. they say it will be coming out. industry analyst says it's not that much of a surprise here. the market will buy from. obviously that's going to fire up competition. you should mention some analyst are saying that the airlines might have paid cost or below for these planes for the a350s nap might be the price they pay forgeting in to a very lie verye
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market. the military has warned there will be disaste disastrous cons. there's three days of naval exercises and were effected by weather. the general stuff and said it's an emergency order to keep themselfs the fully ready with the company launch operations. it's every move with the japanese aquestions from source and the public forces. they also warranted unpredicted if the u.s. and allies continued
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to be haeu behave this way. >> accordinging to the resent journalists, the spy agency told them and the intended within three years. they tested a long range rocket and a launch site. both of them happening.
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the tone shifted again with north carolina attacking the south korean president happening again by name. it's trying to have -- they decided to switch practice aga again. >> the o oh bama named the second test with closing the detention center at guantanamo bay. question is whether the facility is necessary for the u.s. to clear it. >> that's when -- nearly five months after the president renewed his promise to glows guantanamo. the president announced that its on way and long term congressional lawyer. both men are being held an cleared for relief. lewis' job is clear the backlog
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a federal judge said he can be released due to his severe mental illness. the administration the still fielding questions about the capture of accused al qaeda operative al-liby on saturday. >> we know that mr. al-liby helped plan and execute that killed hundreds of people. a whole lot of americans and we have strong evidence of that and he will be brought to justice. >> congressional republicans think the administration is making a mistake. >> this system of using navy
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vessel, maybe warships compromises our ability to gather intelligence. but the best tool we have, intelligence gathering is time itself. >> the administration says it won't be sending anymore people to guantanamo bay. the reasons are the cost of the prison $$4.7 billions since 200 the and rising. u.s. taxpayers end up paying the price. >> reporter: the challenge for its u.s. counterparts. >> al jazeera, washington. >> let's go washington, d.c.
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now. tell us what's coming up on "america tonight". >> good evening, john. we will talk act the courage of pakistan. we will meet the journalists who first brought her story to the world. >> she's telling -- and a newly published -- she is nominated to be the first nobel peace prize winner. she survived an aas the nation attempt a few years ago. she continues to fight today. we're going to meet the journalists who brought her story to the world's attention coming up at the top of the hour on america tonight. >> remarkable young woman. >> coming up in sport, the story of how professional sports are helping to resraoeu are revitaly in trouble.
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diane nyad made history last month. she is swimming for 48 hours. virtually non-stop in this two-lane pool built for her in the middle of new york city to help the victims of super storm "sandy." the whole focus is not some athletic record it's for the people who endured. so my feeling the least i can do is endure for these 48 hours. >> hurricane "sandy" hit it hard. a lot of people wot homes. she cede let's go to new york and see if we can do this. last month the 64-year-old made
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history. >> they have their stories on the front page. really don't get that much money to evacuate. they finally said get out. they said was valuable to us and we left. >> their home was come meetly destroyed. their neighborhood unrecognizable. >> there were dumb sters and con containers all over the place. >> it looked like something we were in the movie. i thought it was a movie set when we got back. >> this event will raise funds for a non-profit relief
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organization that has already helped raise millions for "sandy" victims. >> hurricane "sandy" happened a year ago. there are people who are still very great needs. it teamed up with proctor & gamble and they are paying for all the profits of this event to make sure that every penny raised here goes directly to "sandy" victims. it's for volunteers who want to swim alongside nyad. >> but many are just folks wanting oh to help out. >> we were hit pretty heavily by hurricane "sandy" and we were ensraoeuted to come and support diane nyad and this wonderful cause. today a special volunteer and the 13-year-old daughter alyssa. she joined nyad for 15 minutes of her two day mission. a mission to help bring some relief to tense of thousands.
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very impressive lady. she makes you feel inadequate. >> first cuba now this. >> you're here to talk about baseball. >> detroit has been a rough city. >> they will jump out to a 3-0 lead. that was until he got the tigers an the fans in the game with a home run to tight at 3-3. >> you give the as again and
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with the half of the meeting. victor martinez evens the home score. it's in the appearance of the play but after review the umpire said the call would stand. they will deliver the sing toll give them the first league of the night. they added the three home runs in the 8th and held on far win forcing a game five in oakland on thursday. who let the tigers continue this trek to back-to-back world series. city of detroit have their own adversity. the tigers and detroit's other sports teams will help with pride an hope. >> greatness is a word not associated much with destroying in resent years. the buildings an shuttered schools and high employment an bankruptcy looming and trying to score a different type of relief. the kind that it won't get for
8:53 pm
washington, d.c. >> sports has a way of finding that common thread that can bring people together. it's not a long range solution. a long time sports columnists for the detroit free press. he knows the importance of the city. they have an opportunity to giving this city something to feel proud about. something for three hour, they can forget the fact that you will not have a job. it might take you an hor and a half to come by. it's not the end all. it is something. i think it helped build up the psyche down continually for years. you can't help it but help build up that mind set. >> reporter: that spirit is felt throughout most of the city like here in a local barbershop in
8:54 pm
detroit. if we follow our teams and -- we are no matter what. >> sports means anything for the city of detroit. they are out strong and the tigers playing strong. it's really strong right now. the city is in need. >> the city of detroit was in no greater need than 1967. a police raid in an after hours par ripped it apart leaving 11 dead and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. more than four decades later, the city still wears the social and economic scars from those five days in july. >> i was 7 years old during the '67 riots. vy never seen the national guard going down in the streets near any house. to this day i still remember my neighborhood -- spoke from the
8:55 pm
riots will be seen from downtown detroit. move to do something about the mounting violence. in fuel uniform walked to an area where trouble was brewing and was talked about ending the violence. >> really grew up and to see him do that. it was special, also. you can't make those things up. it's spontaneous and in his uniform and it meant a lot to the vehicle and it did and to us. >> the tigers -- they win their first world series and several years. it kind of tkpal vanized the city that it didn't pure the economy. it didn't pure the relations in the city put for four months that summer and the tigers played and they came that evening and everything else stopped and everyone was together for a common purpose and that was to see the detroit tigers.
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detroit's motto translated is we hope for better things. it shall rise from the ashes. and sports in detroit have been a are e occuring source of hope and faith as the city plans to reset the financial future and the sports team will continue to play their role on and off the field in keeping the spirit of detroit alive. john henry smith, al jazeera, detroit. >> good to see some hope coming back to the city of detroit. thank you. >> the weather is next.
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the snow is the 2 and 5 inches there. the high temperature of 71. that's your weather and more coming up next.
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