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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ . >> this is al jazeera. >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. with your top stories. the battle over u.s. government spending the republicans make their move. >> still in custody, pakistan's former president arrested again, a day after-granted bail. a plan for a country in crisis the u.n. security council aims at ending the turmoil. >> and barbar in london, the stories we are
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following in europe, could a similar be pill be used to fight the degenerative brain diseases like alzheimerss. britain clamped down on migrant taxes to public services. >> with the sport one of the greatest ever we will have reaction and analysis out of india. later in the program. hello republicans say they are offering president obama a temporary deal. the measure would allow the government to borrow more money for a limited time. house of represents said the president must agree to negotiation over opening services can have been shut down for close to two weeks. >> over the course of the last ten days we have been trying to have conversations with our democrat colleagues. they don't want to talk.
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president doesn't want to talk. we tried to offer a bills only to have them rejected by our counter parts over in the united states senate. so what we want to do is offer the president today the ability to move, a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, in agreement to go to congress on the budget, with his willingness to sit down and discuss with us a way forward to reopen the government and to start with deal with america's pressing problems. >> we haven't heard from the president but we have heard from his prez secretary. saying that the president while stale waying to see
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the legislation, the top republican in the out of representatives in the u.s. congress, he sals said that president obama is happy that coomer heads have prevailed. so what question with with take from this, well, it seems there is a bit of a warming of relations but the president still standing first, saying through his spokesperson, that while he mae sign a bill as long as it does not have any policy changes attached to it, this is something that he must be very clear about, the president has said all along he will not negotiate, he will sign something that raises the u.s. debt limit, but not if other policy demands are made. >> the president believes we out to pay our bills. the president believed they out to turn on the lights and the president has always been willing to negotiate and work out and find common ground with republicans over our long term budget priorities. but he is not -- again, going back to it like the assertion they are going to use punishing the
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american people as leverage, doing harm to the american economy, that's unacceptable. i think he has made that clear. >> so how does all of this effect the partial shut down going on in the u.s.? >> well, right now nothing changes in terms of partial government shut down, now in it's ten day, that will continue. that will be important is a meeting coming up in about two hours time, after the white house, it's going to be taking place, and it will republicansrepublicans in the u.s. house of representatives and what they are going to be talking about is not only this offer, that has been put forward, legislation in the tangible you remember to, but there will be discussionses this something republicans have intimates that they want to talk about. how to reopen the government. so the ball now is really in the democrats court, in president obama's court to try and see whether or not they will be willing to work wit wilg
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totable about reopening this shut down. >> all right, thank you. reporting for us from washington. >> former pakistani president has been arrested once again. he is accused of ordered commandos to storm islamabads red mosque in 2007. he is also accused in the case of former prime minister's assassination. on wednesday, his lawyer said he was cleared to lead the country after being granted bail in three other cases. >> pakistan's former military ruler is rearrested at his farmhouse where he has been detained for over six months a new case was registered just a month ago on the orders of a judge implicates him in odder eking the attack on the red mosque in which a number of people were
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killed in 27. the former military rulers lawyers were jube lent about the fact that their client has been granted bail in three important cases against him. and as such that he was able to move around the country, as well as go out of the country, that, of course, will now be a difficult thing. the former military ruler is likely to spend more time at his farmhouse where he had been under deception. his lawyers of course are saying there will be appealing for bail. he may be granted bail, because he already had been granted bail in three more important cases against him. however, for the moment, it would end all speculation that the former military ruler was planning to leave the country. >> he was held for several hours on thursday after he was taken from his hotel room.
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left less than 24 hours after his abduction from a tripoli hotel. he appeals for calm. >> there are many deals with redealing with. >> the prime minister was set free after three militia brigades threatened to use force, but who were the motives behind the kidnapping? last saturday's u.s. led raid to aperture an al quaida suspect, and the libyans, they accused the government of caluols with washington by having advanced knowledge of the race. though this was denied. he is thought to have issued 4:00s to military guards who had been blocking an oil refinery.
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a blu blurred image is said to have shown the moment of abduction. people came from the attorney's general to arrest the prime minister. they are from the committee of rebels. they came in and detains the prime minister without damage. >> new arrests had been issued, nor had there been an older to detain anymore. what has emerged is a disturbing picture of a weak central government, and the militias are parading for their ends. and the kidnapping at the highest level of government. where no official appears to be safe. the mysterious abduction
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and release of the prime minister highlights the continues instinct, and the threat to state institutes that are meant to form the backbone of a new democracy. al jazeera, tripoli. >> the u.n. security council has pass add resolution calling for more support of the african republic. which was established in july. more from the u.s. >> u.n. officials will tell you if it isn't a failed state now it could be soon. that alliance which took control earlier in the year is itself splintering and fighting itself, there is a humanitarian emergency. now the u.n. security council has voted on the new resolution supporting a strengthen u.n. political mission in the country and african peace keeper whose are supposed to take control, take order but the french
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ambassador told reporters will be extremely hard, one factor is the presence of the hordes resistence army. that group that first started in uganda in parts of the c.a.r. >> the country is 3,000-kilometers square, we now that the terrorist group is -- is using the eastern part of the country as a strong hold. so obviously, the challenges are important. >> the new resolution gives the secretary general 30 days to come one a full report on the situation inside the country. of african troops into a u.n. peace keeping mission. >> still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, the u.s. suspends hundreds of millions in aid to egypt, cairo says it won't surrender to pressure. >> in southern why so
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many migrants are using north africa as a route to europe. >> coming up in sport, nadal continues his incredible come back journey. and the rest of the action from the shanghai master that's a little later. british scientists say they are a step closer to developing a drug that could me vent brain diseases. the experimental research was just taken on mice at the university of lester, and focused on rogue proteins which develop on the brain. it was diagnosed in 1998, after hisnd has stopped working so well. >> i went in to i would describe it as free fall.
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a kind of dealing into the past, and wondered what caused it. >> 16 years on and his symptoms have developed and learned not to second guess them. >> you can't really take anything for granted. the condition changes day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. depending on stress, anxiety, whether or not your medications are working. they all play their part. and no two days are the same. and no two peel with parkinsons are the same either. >> understanding the puzzle, is a huge challenge. but scientists at the university of lester are hailing what they are calling a turning point. they have been looking at the root causes of such conditions. clutches an normally shaped proteins when they
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appear the body often reacts by killing off nerve cells, leaving the person with loss of memory and function. but the researchers have shown that by giving an experimental drug they can stop the body from attacking brain cells. at the moment this has only been achieved in mice. human trials are five to ten years off, but campaigners are watching closely. >> i think it is important we are talking about this important scientific finding, but we must always bear in mind that it could be a long time before we get any success in patients and we know this is very difficult, and unfortunately many attempts to fail on the way. we have a long way to go still, i'm afraid. >> but the news gives hope to many people living with diseases like the one bob has. >> i think hope is the biggest ally you've got. because without thaw yo have nothing. >> al jazeera. >> europe is set to be sinking into a period of deepening poverty.
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that's according to a new report by the reds cross societies which studies the effects of the economic crisis and policies. well the survey carred 52 countries from the european union, the ball kins and eastern europe. a 75% increase in the number of people receiving food aid during the past three years. and of the more than 26 million unemployed 11 million have been out of work for longer than a year. well, earlier i spoke with the european director for the international red cross, that she explained how many families are stuck in a collective dispair. >> today we can say that the crisis has taken root, at household level, at community level, and at national level. what we are seeing is that in some countries today we have an
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unemployment rate of more than 60%. with these households where a whole family has to live on the income, and maybe from a grandmother or grandfather. and that means that the situation at households level is radically changed since the outset of the crisis in 2008. >> the crisis very hugely felt in greece where unemployment continues to climb, and many blame partial stairty for the country's crippling recession. figures shows that the job less rate reaches 27.6 in july. that translates into more than 1.3 million people being out of work. which cuts access to
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services like healthcare, for people who can't prove that they have a right to be in the country. yet it is becoming difficult for migrants to get support. they reported that doctors are increasingly demanding a passport and proof of resident before they agree to treatments. slur young people like this young man are unable to see a doctor. >> women who are pregnant, don't access care until very late. there is a case of a woman who gave birth by herself on the bathroom floor of her hotel. putting their health at great risk. >> things like this have happened before the flag ship immigration bill.
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under the plans some migrants would have to pay upfront into the health service. more dramatically, the same legislation would deport people convicted of a crime before they have the right to appeal so they can't put down roots and then claim they have the right to stay. the current government has promised that it would cut net migration levels to the tens of thousands and clearly you can't do that without trying things that have never really been attempted before, of course many people say it isn't very liberal, that migrants are a boom rather than a burden. these things says the government about fair, and widespread public mood. >> for most people who are out there, hardworking paying into the system, they will say it is not fair that people can carry on living here illegal, come in and use our public services. it is a national health
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service, not an international health service. >> yet some activists say the aim is to destroy universal rights. >> the government is tries to break a consensus around entitlements for all, regardless of status in the u.k. you know it's actually we are seeing a much more devicive politic coming over when it comes to employment, and opportunities in the u.k. that are resulting in creating second class citizens. >> what is undeniable is that many migrants are being sent a mes is sag. >> well, meanwhile the influx of migrants into europe continues and people living on the italian -- or island are demanding quick action. this following a promise
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from the e.u. of an extra $40 million to help deal with the thousands of asylum seekers that are arriving. last thursday, hundreds died and many are still missing after a migrant boat sank. >> well, refugee advocates say the ship wrecked victims are part of a worldwide crisis which shows no signs of easing. more signs on that now. >> barbara, in fact most of the migrants were from somalia, the coastal town is often chosen by african migrants trying to cross illegally into europe. >> the united nations set it up in 2011, when thousands of refugees set the conflict there. the u.n. left in june, some people were given more that are $1,000 to move.
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but some of the refugees chose to intend the cash on illegal boats to europe. there is concern here some of the former residents may have died off the coast last week. a few hundred people turned down the money, and decided to stay. >> i would like to get a better life. but i don't know how to get it. because without food and medicine, so how i can get a better life. i don't know. >> tanzania is closest to italy, but many are leaving on boats like this because there's less security there. they have been drifting for days. >> tanzanians are leaving too. he made fit this coastline and then to france. but returned after he couldn't find work.
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mo ham mad wanted to try his luck again. >> when we got there i felt like i crossed the seas and then i went back home with nothing. i didn't achieve anything there, i really regret coming home. >> in 2011, the italians made a deal with the government to deport illegal tans kneian immigrants. >> they think they would find a big deal, they expect to find money easily there, a lot of people manage to get lucky, and others not so lucky. >> more than 5,000s have made it to europe since january this year, but the weather is about to change. and as is seas get more choppy, fewer boats will be attempting this dangerous journey.
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there are so many reasons why asylum seekers will continue to risk their lives for a chance to live in europe. the special tribunal investigating the assassination of lebanon's former prime minister has identified a new suspect. the court has indicted on charges of terrorism and intentional homicide. four members were charged in 2011, with plotting the attack, but have not been arrested. egypt has criticized a u.s. decision to suspend hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. the state department says the interim government must show progress towards democracy if itn't ways funding to resume. u.s. secretary of state says the suspension to
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egypt does not mean that relations two enthe two are being cut. while several nations have recently prompted financial support to egypt, on wednesday, kuwait announced an offer of $4 billion in aid. just the day before, the u.a.e.el promises $3,000,000,000.1 billion is a grant and $2 billion in interest free loan. but the biggest package comes from saudi arabia and that's $5 billion made up of a mixture of cash and free oil. eric theyser from the washington institute and he is joining us out of washington. so, practically what difference does this suspension of aid mean by washington, when you see the numbers that are being promised by countries like the gulf to egypt. >> the aid is not really what it does to the
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capabilities, and in fact, the aid cut is really not even that large, it is $260 million, of course all of those offers from the gulf that you mentions are much larger than $1.3 billion. the point of the aid cut is to send the message that the u.s. administration is very dissatisfied with the way it has handled the post period. my own view is that dissatisfaction is certainly well placed. the killing of 1,000 egyptians has been very unacceptable. but at the same time, the way in which this is being communicated to the military, is quite poorly timed. >> well, yeah, eric, i wanted to ask you, why, in fact, the u.s. is doing this at this particular point, do they just want to show, in fact, that they are doing something? and the government as well has come out and said they won't surrender to any american pressure, so does this actually really put them under any
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sort of pressure? >> i fear that it doesn't. aid is a very specific kind of tool, military eight is really the kind of tool that is yeah used to build a strategic relationship. it gives access -- overflight rights it is an important component of the broadest relationship, it's not typically a good teal for promoting democracy, it is not an democratic actor. with the hope that it will get them to act in a way that is not in a position, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. >> and eric, you mentions that the u.s. has it's own interests in egypt. keeping the security in the sinai swell the navy bases, would the u.s. do anything to jeopardize it's own interests.
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>> you would hope not, and i think that exactly what this aid cut for the relationship really remains to be seen in the coming days and months. how long does this cut last, is really an open questioning. of course, according to the road map, i think this was to have a referendum on a new constitution by december at the latest. so hopefully they will meet that time line, and if they do, hopefully the aid will resume. >> all right, eric, thank you very much, that's eric trigger speaking to us from washington. here with the al jazeera news hour and still ahead, a climate of fear in international labor group demands more protection for migrant workers and the winner about this week's nobel prize for literature, and you will find out which team prevailed in baseball's sudden death series. details are coming up in sports.
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leaders have put forward a deal to temporarily raise the debt limit for six weeks. treasury secretary has said there would be irrevocable damage if the u.s. defaults on its debt. libya's prime minister has returned to his office just hours after being abducted at gun point. in the early hours of thursday. the u.n. security council has pass add resolution calling for more support for the central african republic. the council has agreed to bolster the union which was established in july. and international labor delegation has criticized quit car. more than one laborers are working on construction projects ahead of the 2022 world cup. >> these are just a hand full of more than
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1 million workers who left fir their country in look for a jot in qatar. he survived with an injury to his shoulder buzz his colleague was killed. but it isn't just that work, where these men suffer. many live in overcrowded labor camps they sleep where sanitation is often poor. the fight of migrant workers has become more of an issue for "tar ever since it was aworded the world cup. unions and rights groups have criticized do what are for not san francisco enough to protect laborers. rah global trade union representing those in the construction industry. >> there is some concerns over companies that
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confiscate passports but this is illegal. and we prohibit this practice. another improvement we have introduced is an increase in building siting inspections and banning companies from making staff work during 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the summer, when the temperature is too hot. >> for many of the migrant workers here the risks associated with their working conditions are huge. but they take those risks because for them, qatar provides employment, and with that a chance for a better life. >> the problem is that many companies take advantage of that, and despite the labor law being pretty good on paper it is not properly enforced and that is what allowed employees to overwork their staff, confiscates their passports over even with hold salaries. >> when it comes to health and safety, longevities and their payment, and this can be
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resolved it is important for the government, to address this very quickly, they have to increase three times or five times their inspection, they have to create health and safety committees. >> almost everywhere you look you will see a building site. it is all costing billions of dollars. what many groups are asking is what will be the human cost of all this. at least 44 nepalese laborers have died in recent months. the authorities dispute the figures. they also say are to blame for many of the poor conditions they have to endure. the thousands of people come to the city looking for the employment
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agencies that sell dreams of big money, in the gulf and malaysia. in the crowds there are many waiting to make money off these workers. >> people come to us. we get $100 from the man power agency. i sent around 60 people a year. >> some find themselves in harrowing situations like maya who does not want to be identified. >> they sent me to the broker, he called me for an early interview, locked me in a room and raped me. four days later he put me on a plane to saudi arabia, i was not let out of the room. >> she became pregnant and the broker promised to bring her back if she sends him money, be uh the tickets never came. she managed to hide the pregnancy and gave birth in a public toilet. she was jailed but eventually returned home with a newborn baby, no
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money, and no passport. despite many stories like maya's, the accused never get shorter. the department of agenciesent has agencies that sent migrants to work overseas. >> people don't come to us directly and trust the brokers from their villages. these middlemen demand money from us. >> just in the past two months over 400 complaints have been registered by returns. >> foreign employment connected with human trafficking and the trend of this keeps changing plus the stakeholders involved keep changing on a daily basis resulting in a complex situation. >> and this is where all would be migrant workers come for work permits. >> 35% of the national economy is supported by the money that migrant workers like these send home, and despite the stories of decredit and exploitation, hundreds
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still come up here every day hoping to fulfill their dreams. al jazeera, cat man due. >> the island of madagascar is facing a outbreak of the bubonic plague. the disease is rare but it becomes prevalent in hot conditions. the international red cross is warning it could become an epidemic if proper action isn't take. to the u.n. resolution aimed at helping to end the turmoil in the staff african republic. in january a peace deal was signed but the unity government was short lived. weeks later rebels invaded the capitol and over throw the president. and in the nine months since, the rebels have
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been accused of murdererring unarmed civil lewding and destroying hundreds of homes. >> at the institute for policies studying so you heard there, what the rebels are accused of doing, the u.n. also very concerned about what is going on there with the reports of rapes and killings and lewdings. the u.n. had pass this, what does it mean for the central african republic? >> toe bring attention to this issue, that really is falling off the radar. the issue of the humanitarian concerns with civilians being targeted, reports of rape and real kind of looting going on in communitying and also people being force out of their homes. so there is a dramatic need to pay attention. and i think the security
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council basically said, let's commit to an election with a timetable, in a set period of time, 18 months to try to bring long stem stability to the republic, let's rep, the country became independent in 1960. you had military leaders dominating the scene throughout that period. and now, there is an opportunity for the central african public to regain its footing to put the needs of the people first. >> the revolution also chalks back, and new peace keeping forces heavily involves elsewhere including somalia. so can they get enough support for the mission? >> well, i think there is a need to support the
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i.u. and the resolution does that. there is also a commitment to within the 30 day period have imafen date and a timeframe in place, to transition from an african union to a lounger peace keeping force. so there is clear support for the union force, but there's an understanding that whether you go from the 1800 there, or the 3600 that are expected to be there, it is still insufficient. and there needs to be longer term support through u.n. long team mission on the ground. that's what the resolution calls for. >> do you see a case of somali style intervention, the way the french going in as they did in mali? >> well, i think clearly we recognize that foreign intervention has it's long term implications. these unintended consequences whether it's mali, or libya, the consequences are severe. so that is quite frankly
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a last resort and should not be a resort that's being pushed forward now. i think there is some concern, that because the central african republic is a former french colony there will be a similar path of very-handed french intervention. and i think the african union is advancing a different path, and that path brings not only peace keepers but a political process that will deal with the long term needs of the people of the central african republic. >> it was good to talk to you, thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> let's cross back to barbara in london now with more news from europe. >> a legal challenge is being mounted against the re-election of az exrbijan's president. pictures emerged online on wednesday, which appear to support
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allegations of ballot stuffing or multiple voting. well, observers working with the organization for cooperation in europe have been highly critical of the voting process. >> repeat allegations intimidation. even physical attacks in the lead up to an election day, which we found seriously flawed. >> green peace has spoken to al jazeera about its concerns for activists being detained over a protest. the activists and the freelance journalists have been charged with piracy which carries a sentence up to 15 years.
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they are convinced of the justice of their cause. >> i think the sacrifice already made by the activists as highlighted the problem about needing to defend the arctic, the fact that we are running out of time on acting in the climate change, and in that sense, the sacrifice of the activists is not been in vain. >> they were arrested when they tried to boarder russian oil rig, they have been accused of piracy, nonsenses says green peace, which says this was a peaceful protest to draw attention to the dangers of exploitation of the arctic sea. presents green peace with its biggest crisis since french secret agents blew up one of its ships almost 50 years ago. be the activists and your honor lis coming from 18 different countries, giving this dispute a very international flavor. >> in london, russell
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brian worried about his brother, who is traveling with green peace as a freelance camera man, and has been held in a cold cell for weeks, with no idea of what will come next. >> not for me to except on russia's -- what they are looking to do politically. allky do is hope that the government to kind of end this nightmare for -- and it is a nightmare, it is horrible. end it for my family, and release kieron and the families of the other 29 on the ship. because it is horrible. and it's not fair, either. he is -- he doesn't deserve to be in jail. he is not hi doesn't deserve to be there. it can ruin his life. and i wouldn't -- i wouldn't like to see that for my little brother. >> now the activists may face new charges, as
2:44 pm
allegations they had illegal drugs on their ship, which is strenuously denied by green peace. >> president putin has said he doesn't think the green peace about vests are pirates. but he says he has no control over the russian judiciary. al jazeera, amsterdam. >> the father of accused u.s. intelligence leaker has arrived in moscow. while snowden says he stands by his son who is wanted in the u.s. on charges for allegedly revealing details about surveillance programs. he was granted asylum by russia earlier this year. >> he was found guilty of using the proceeds of blood diamonds to finance
2:45 pm
rebels during that country's 11 year civil war. two french defense minister has met his troops to explain why he is cutting thousands of posts from the ranks. >> around 20 minutes from the german boarder. this is home to 1,000 servicemen and women, many who have been involved in operations in places like jordan, and also in most recently in lebanon. now the visit by the french defense minister comes in the same week that around 8,000 job losses were announced for next year. now the troops here are obviously keep to know how that will effect them. but of course the announcement beg as bigger question, how will france cope if in a few years time it has to be
2:46 pm
involved again in a big military intervention in a place like mali. at alice -old atelier's munro. judges described her as a thorough but forgiving chronicler of the human spirit. she spoke to a canadian station shortly after her win. >> it just seems impossible. it seems so -- just spreaded thing to happen. that i can't describe it. it's more than i can say. >> while we are on the subject. another major award, this time for haw moon rights. the european parliament has named her for the freedom of thought. for encouraging young
2:47 pm
girls and women to stand up for their rights. she was almost killed be i the tab ban in pakistan where she had long campaigns for female education. she is also in the running for the nobel peace prize. and that prize will be announced on friday. >> thank you, barbara, well, after the break we will be looking at another contender for the nobel peace prize. plus, we look back at the remarkable career as he announces his retirement, robin be will here with that story.
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safety to help thehis own victims of sexual violence. stephanie decker has his story. >> dr. has received awards for his work before. a gynecological surgeon, he is risking his life to physically fix the bodies of women which have quite literally been torn apart. >> all the victims have been raped with unbelievable brutality. those who managed to survive reached the hospital in a state of indescribable physical and psychological damage. often they are destroyed by bullets or sharp objects. unheard of before in the history of the region. >> her survived an assassination attempt at
2:50 pm
his home. and had to flee the country with his family. the two months later he returned to a heros welcome. >> my decision to come back is motivated by the fact that i'm determined to continue fighting against the sexual violence which is happening here. and also by the determination of the women. we will not be intimidated. >> and so he is back at the hospital, which he founded over ten years ago, it is a rare haven for thousands of women who arrive violated beaten and broken. he has become a world expert in repairing the savage bodies of rape victims from grandmothers to young baby girls and he has become their voice. calling an 30 own government and the international community to do something, 16 years on. al jazeera. >> now it is time for
2:51 pm
sports here is robin. >> hello, india's greatest sports men has announced his retirement. over next month the 40-year-old will walk away from the game after playing in the two tests with the west indies. if he plays boast matches he will be quitting after his 400th match. he has already retired from the shorter formats of the game. >> well they release the statement by the correct board i have been living this every day, it is hard for me to imagine a lite without correct, because it's all i have ever done. he went on to say it's been a huge honor to represent my country and play all over the world, i look forward to playing my 200th test on home soil. al jazeera correspondent has the later from new delhi. >> like many sporting greats and their respective fields there have been question marks about his performances
2:52 pm
particularly the last two years but try to the man he has been, be the sports personality, he has kept his word that he would retire or step down at the time he felt right. at this particular time, we should mention as well if he plays through as you have mentioned in knot, november 14 will arguably be one of the biggest sporting days in indian history, and we are say whether it's at him home ground, perhapses that this game will take place there won't be a spare seat in the house. >> let's take a lookack at the career of the man named the little master which has been an eventful one. on the same tour for india. only 16 years old the finally year -- that was against england now he developed into one of the best batsman and sonoraned the little
2:53 pm
master tasker and bake the fiction in the history to pass 10,000. ten years later he led india to world cup success, sports two centuries and become the most kept player along the way. 2012 he became the first creditor to reach 100 centuriesnal centuries that was in both formats. and then announced his retirement from the game in december. he is the highest scoring in both test and r.d.i.s. and he stores 18,126 runs in one day. >> and -- because -- one player who was cleared all sorts of the costs and i don't see any player coming in several
2:54 pm
decades that would be belove. >> his teammates have been in peek action against australia. 20 over the house managed to reach a target of two more to spare, winners by six, and this one and only t 20 international. football now, the issue of a break away competition to replace the championships league has been a talking point. furrish clip claims that the method of splitting money is unfair to smaller clubs. >> i think it is the future of the football, it has to be creative, and not after ten years, as soon as possible. because football is a big industry, and growing industry, and they bring
2:55 pm
a lot of support, and also energize the football in general. >> that car incredible come back journey continues. he is through to the quarter finals of the shanghai masters. the spaniard rallies from 5-2 down in the second set. to beat argentina's carlos 6-1, 7-6. federer was knocked out in the third round, the former world number one claimed the second in a tie breaker but he recovers to take the mac in three sets. the swiss star still hopes he can end the season on a high. >> i could have done many things better, could have done many things worse, so just going to move along, i can still finish strong. i believe that, not much time left, but if i do qualify for london, that gives me an extra shot there, and i usually play
2:56 pm
well indoors so i hope this year will be one of those years again. >> the top seed and defender has entered. and he will be in the next round. one step closer to baseball's world series that qualified for the national league championship series the r a third strait year. >> and the curve ball hit deep to left field, goes back looming up and it is gone. >> the cardinals beat the pirates 6-1 in the decides game five. is first ever n.b.a. game saw the houston rockets beat the pacers on thursday. the lead took the turn to the basketball obsessed man nip la. they led the rockets with
2:57 pm
15 points. added six more to lead houston to 116-96 wins. the nba continues with a stopping time. >> all of the day's big sports stories on our website, is the address. >> that's your sport. >> all right, thank you, we will see you later on, do stay with us, we have more news coming up that's in a moment. stay tuned.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
this is al jazeera live from new york. there is a plan on the table to end the deadlock. and house republicans say they will support a plan to temporarily extend the borrowing authority.
3:00 pm
two sides were discussed the plan at a white house meeting this afternoon. the obama administration is freezing military aid to egypt the move is in response to the violent crack down of the military since former morsy ouster the freeze includes apatchy helicopters and 260 million-dollars in cash, and does not effect eight for counter terrorism.


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