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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy with a look at today's top stories. hope for an end to the government shutdown. optimistic that a deal with be struck. dozens are dead after a boat capsizes often the coast of italy just miles were last week's disaster. >> the nobel peace prize of 2013 is to be awarded to the organization prohibition of chemical weapons. >> a watchdog group wins the nobel peace prize.
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>> president obama and congressional republicans have met face to face, and signs of a thaw seem to be emerging in the deadlock of the government shutdown. >> to both sides of the aisle. he may not want to call it a negotiation. that's what i would call it. and i do view that as progress. >> there has been constructive talks. when it comes to the house republicans in particular there is an indication of a recognition that we need to remove default as a weapon in negotiations. >> wall street likes that both sides are talking. the dow was up 111 points, the second triple-digit gain this week. let's go out to mike viqueira for the latest developments in
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washington. mike, good evening to you. are we getting closer to a deal or further away from the deal? what's the direction? >> reporter: it appears we're getting closer. we're closer than we were on the outset of when thursday morning came. we know that the president and speaker boehner spoke, and very details coming out on that. that can be interpreted as an positive side. by all accounts they're in a sensitive stage, and it's no way a done deal. they said it was their turn to come to the white house after hous.many were optimistic for se kind of talk even though the president has insisted all along we won't negotiate with that figurative gun to his head, the republicans are insisting that's exactly what is going on. lindsey graham, a conservative from south carolina, he was very
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optimistic after speaking to the president at the white house. >> you'll see something come out of the hous house to reopen the entire government that will have changes to obamacare that will not destroy the program but make it better. there is a deal to be had to raise the debt cerealing in the next 48 hours and relief some of the pain caused by the affordable healthcare act. >> reporter: there is one stumbling block that seems to have emerged. jay carney appeared very late in the afternoon today after the markets closed appearing before the press and the white house podium at 4:00 eastern time. evidently the white house after tuesday the president said quote/unquote absolutely when said he would open to a shorter term. having second thoughts now. that is not optimal. they're looking for something long term. it's known that senate democrats and house democrats felt very strongly that way. here's jay carney. >> because our economy can't endure that kind of an approach
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resolving our budget differences, and the proposal that puts a debt ceiling increase at only six weeks tied to budget negotiations would put us right back where we are today. in just six weeks. >> now you've got to point out that the senate is going to be in over the weekend, and stephanie, the reason they're in is because they have their own plan they're going to be working on to extend that debt ceiling by a year. it was clear then harry reid left the white house yesterday he was unhappy about this idea of negotiating with republicans, especially while the government is still shutdown and that government shutdown appears to be on the table. all of this co-mingled, stephanie. >> it's all being out there. it's like spaghetti to the wall. what is the next step in the process here. it sounds like the sticking point maybe this is a longer shorlonger-term deal or a
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shorter-term deal. >> reporter: that's if we're reading the tea leaves correctly of what is coming out this afternoon. but everyone is keeping it close to the vest. the conservatives have brought us to this point and they're insistence that the healthcare initiative to be delayed or de funded now is off the table in these negotiations. but many conservatives are insisting that it will be brought back. we do know that the two sides are talking behind the scenes. this is a closed-door negotiation at this point. everything being held close to the vest. >> when it comes to those hardcore conservative, the tea party conservatives, do they have the power within the house and the numbers to block any potential deal? >> reporter: well, the numbers and the power. that's two different question. they do have the numbers on paper. they're not the majority in the house. they're probably a quarter of the house. it's the way the house works, the dynamic of the house of
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representatives. they obviously have the power because we're at this point at their behest. we're going to bring. poll that is driving the republicans and has many concernconcerned. the quote/unquote establishment republicans that gets such disdain from the tea party gropes. who is to blame, a poll, 31% said the president. and 53% say the republicans are. and the republican party as a whole, 24% approval rating, an all-time low in that poll. the tea party even below that at 21%. those are abysmal numbers, and part of what is driving the g.o.p. to the table right now, the 12th day of the shutdown with some six days to go before a potential default. >> about to enter a third week. mike viqueira reporting from the white house, mike, thank you. a potentially catastrophic storm is heading towards india's
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east coast. the winds are expected to reach 166 mph making it equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. >> reporter: people along the coast are being evacuated ahead of the cyclone. we've learned 12,000 people have already arrived at one government shelter, and it's expected tomorrow 40,000 people will be there. will there are hundreds of small fishing villages and communities that are right in the path of the cyclone. it's estimated a million people will have to be evacuated before the cyclone hits. many trains are canceled for tomorrow. the only choices people have are to make their way inland to one of the shelters or else buckle down and hope for the best. in the meantime, the indian army and air force have been asked to
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be prepared. >> let's go to our meteorologist. >> meteorologist: yes, we've gotten the latest in from the jointify toon warning center. they've kept it a very strong system. like you said we're looking at a category 5 system, equivalent to a hurricane. gusting winds to 195. those are not done by recognizance planes but by movement. we don't send planes into these storms. we can only compare this to the storm that hit the exact same area in 1995 to figure out what kind of damage we're going to be seeing with the storm. preparedness has gotten better since 1995, but storm surge from that storm went 12 miles inland as the storm made landfall. this is what we're looking at now. one thing that has changed is the forward movement of the storm. it is still very slow, 7 mph.
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we're looking at the storm making landfall on saturday evening. so it's going to be a little bit later. that's not a good thing because what happens is it actually makes rainfall in one location across the region. that's going to be a big problem. let's take a look at the storm surges as i told you about. just to the north of the storm we can expect to see 20-foot storm surge and that is going to be pushing in towards the west. we'll keep you informed all night long as well as the typhoon that went through parts of the philippines. >> thank you. another deadly boat accident off the italian island of lampedusa, a ship carrying hundreds of my grants capsized today. authorities confirmed that 27 bodies have been found. the shipwreck comes a week after a migrant boat sank off the sicilian coast. we're joined now by phone from malta, carl, i know that the
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maltese participated in the rescue effort. is that done and over with now? >> reporter: well, stephanie, the rescue operation has been suspended because it's nighttime, and it's very difficult to identify survivors at sea. but at dawn the rescue operation is expected to continue. over 200 my grants have been rescued, but unfortunately 33 have been confirmed dead, some are infants. the rescue efforts have been going on for a number of hours, and its thanks to a maltese aircraft that launched a life raft to the migrants soon after the boat capsized. it has reportedly saved many lives, and this could have been a tragedy much bigger. unfortunately, 50 remain dispersed at sea.
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that's why the search and rescue will continue immediately at daybreak on saturday morning. but the issue is turning out to be a very important political one as the maltese media addressed, saying there is no more time for words. no real action has been taken so far and no solutions have even been provided. they're sharing the common position in europe because this has now become a serious european problem. malta has done its duty to save lives at sea, and they will attend meetings of head of government in the european union and will not leave brussels until a real solution has been reached especially on its proposal for burden sharing where all european member states
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must accept to take over a number of my grants which are landing on both islands causing a serious burden on both little islands in tackling the immigration problem in the mediterranean. this is a second major disaster in the mediterranean sea. a number of my grants have lost their lives. we must report last week 350 people lost their lives when a boat also sank. just before they reached what many my grants expected to be the beginning. >> carl, you said there were ten babies that were among the 27. bodies killed. these are families that are actually trying to reach safety. >> this is a phenomenon which has now been developing over the past months during the summer. we have seen over the last years a number of men who have reached the european shores, and it is now more than obvious that the families now are trying to reach the rest of the families in europe. obviously being the women and
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children who are traveling and making the treacherous journey across the mediterranean sea in the rickety boats. >> thank you. the air force has fired the general in charge of all of its nuclear missiles. u.s. officials say major general michael kerry was removed because of what was described as a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership. kerry is being investigated for alleged personal misbehavior which have not been disclosed. still ahead on al jazeera america, why this day has special significance for pro morsi supporters. and ho how the federal shutn could effect your beer. >> did the egyptians ever think that aid would ever be cut? >> never >> fault lines explores the
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enduring relationship between the american and the egyptian militaries... >> i don't think we will suffer now, we have already airplanes...tanks... >> they haven't changed the nature of what they provide us...why would we want to change what we provide them? >> fault lines business as usual? egypt and the usa tonight, 9:30 eastern on al jazeera america
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>> human rights watch has released a report detailing war
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crimes by the rebels. it issued a report alleging war crimes by the assad regime. this is a report of rebels who killed 190 civilians in the attack and called it a war crime. the group in charge of destroying syria's chemical weapons stock pile is the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. opcw received the pre the prests honor was a surprise to many people. >> reporter: for a second year in a row an organization won the peace prize. >> the nobel peace prize of 2013 is to be awarded to the organization prohibition of chemical weapons opcw for its
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extensive work for eliminating chemical weapons. >> reporter: it was a surprise announcement. the opcw has until recently been a relatively obscure body formed in 1997 to implement the national weapons convention it's been thrown in the global spotlight. a team of 30 of its experts are in syria now to start the ambitious project of destroying all of its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. more in thissers will soon follow for what is widely seen to be a mission fraught with danger. >> the recognition that the peace prize brings will spur even stronger commitment and greater dedication. i truly hope this award an willl
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bring efforts of peace in this country. the prize going to an organization is not to everyone's taste. >> the inspiration should come from the inspirational acts of an individual. not from an organization. and i think--i hope that in the years to come it won't become habit to give these wards to organizations. i hope it will go back, i think to pretty much individuals, and the individuals services. >> but in some way the opcw winning the nobel peace prize does hark back to the reasons of its award, disarmament. >> we'll go to a former senior policy officer for the opcw. great to have you. were you surprised to hear that
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your colleagues won the nobel peace prize? >> i think it was a surprise to everyone, but i think it's great. it has been quietly working away monitoring the destruction of chemical weapons stock piles. making sure that other toxic chemicals are not used for nefarious purposes. they've been doing a great job for a really long time. it's great that it's getting this recognition. >> besides syria, which is putting a spotlight on this organization, where else might we see opcw and its work. i know russia has continued to get rid of its stock piles. are they part of that? >> absolutely. there are 189 states that are part of apcw, and it included not just russia, the united states, india, albania, south
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korea, iraq. now russia and the u.s. had the biggest stock piles, and that has taken longer than anticipated, and that's still jog been now. >> how large is the organization? >> it's 500 people. it's not huge but a good size. >> i don't know if you heard in the piece but there has been some controversy that the nobel prize has been awarded to organizations versus individuals. why do you think the nobel committee decided thon water? >> well, obviously the nobel committee starts off with a commitment to disarmament which this organization has been working on for 16 of years. >> that's part of its history. >> and now of course the organization is i in the spotlight. it's doing very important work and it's a nice gesture of work for what the opcw is doing. >> there was a lot of spec
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speculation that the mallali, from pakistan, where you're from, would receive the nobel peace prize. >> well, on one hand, it was a disappointment that mallalering a didn't win, but she's young and there are many years ahead. >> feeling confident about a deal in the debt ceiling. the dow is up 111 points, this after the biggest point gain of the year on thursday. tony harris will be talking more about that as he fills in for ali velshi on "real money." how is this budget battle hitting ordinary people? >> you're reporting on it, and we'll report it tonight. consumer sentiment fell to the lowest level in january because of the concerns of the en pass in washington.
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800,000 federal workers have been furloughed, a and many others are working without pay right now. but many are worried that the government crisis could implode the entire country. that's an entire policy if the u.s. defaults on its debt. >> what about the impact on repailers. arretailers, is that impacted y? >> everyone like you and me going out and shopping, so in that vain the fact that retail sales rose by 2.4% in september in the run up to the current crisis to washington should all give us pause. now the back to school season is seen as a pretty good indicator of what retailers should expect for the holiday shopping season, and what that said it doesn't look particularly good. we will delve into that side of the story coming up.
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coming up at the top of the hour, "real money" if you can believe it, tony harris stepping in for ali velshi. >> i will believe it, and i will be watching. thank you very much. three poultry processing plants in california linked to a salmonella outbreak will remain open for now. foster farms has made changes to its farms in livingston. it has been linked to a salmonella outhe break that has infected 21 over 200 people in 7 states. the same sex marriage starting october 21st, governor chris christie argues that a single judge should not be able to imagine that decision. christie said it should be up to voters to decide. new jersey offers civil unions but not marriage for same-sex
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couples. >> i understand there is a loss to talk about in the nfl tonig tonight. >> that is right. adrien peter has died today. the boy whose name was not released was believed to have received injuries consistent abuse. the boy's mother was take boy--- >> the bucs are scheduled to play the eagles on sunday depending on the containment of the mrsa outbreak. the dodgers are trying to
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get to baseball's biggers stage for the first time in a quarter century. greinke will take the mound while kelly gets the nod from st. louis. sit tight. we'll have more in the program. >> people in the drone industry will gather together to discuss how the drones can be used in emergency settings. annie gallagher has more from gainesville, florida, one of the sisters of the u.s. drone industry. >> reporter: this is a maverick, and inside its carbon fiber body this tiny aircraft carries in it cutting edge technology. it's controlled by a preprogrammed flight a path and offers a bird's-eye view of the ground below and can launch from just about wherever. buyers from across the spectrum are lining up for training session. >> you can look at it, track it,
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you know, we can also do this, agriculture, we can do pipeline inspection, we can so we're getting kind of feedback that the plane is more versatile than we even thought. >> reporter: and small highly advanced drones are increasingly being approved by the u.s. government oh to be used in civilian air space, making this a booming business. the applications are limitsless. these craft are being bought by the u.s. military, civil engineers and emergency services. but as this technology becomes more advanced and the eyes in the sky more prevalent there are concerns about privacy. for human rights lawyers it's the lack of regulations that worries him the most. >> the model framework, the circumstance and the restraints. i need to see that as a matter of public policy of a great power. i need to say that. needless to say i'm uneasy about it, but i'm not the only one. >> reporter: but at the facility where the mavericks are designed
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and built there were no concerns about privacy. the company's ceo say drones have been used to fight fires and save lives. >> we input information in our cellphones, these violate our rights more than any unmanned aircraft system. >> reporter: while the debate over the use of drones continues to heat up its estimated by 2015 there will be more than 7,000 of these craft in the skies over north america. al jazeera, gainesville, florida. >> coming up on al jazeera america, secretary of state john kerry makes an urgent visit to afghanistan. details on that trip coming up. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. >> share your story on tv and online.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. a week after a deadly boat accident off the coast of italy, it has happened again. a boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsized off the island of lamedusa. at least 27 have died and more than 200 have been found. >> republicans leaders from the senate met with president obama today. no deal was reached on the government shutdown in debt
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ceiling but both sides say they are still talking. well, the shutdown has hurt a lot of businesses big and small, but here's one that you may not have heard of. micro breweries. the shutdown may keep new beers from making its way to your neighborhood bar. we report from denver. >> reporter: the sights, sounds and taste of a beer lovers' paradise. the beer festival in denver. some 50,000 hop heads pouring in from all over the world for a weekend of beer bliss. but even here 1700 miles from ththe hangover otherwise known s washington the government shutdown is, well, killing a lot of buzzes. >> all right, so this is it. >> yeah. >> some day this construction site will be former future a brewery and tasting room in differently. james howet has his forments
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tanks but he doesn't have his approval from government. >> we're losing money potentially that we could be open. >> reporter: what's holding things up is a little known arm of the treasury department. >> the permits online. >> reporter: known as ttb, that's short for alcohol and tobacco tax and trade. they approve new beers that are sold in bottles and cans and licenses new breweries and okays new beer recipes. but thanks to the shutdown none that have is happening. the shut down is not going to hurt the big guys like miller and unhouand anheuser-busch. they're going to rank out the things they always have. but out of colorado, it's not exactly little. doing $200 million in annual
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sales thanks to beers like coconut curry. but ceo kim jordan said the shut down is bat for her bottom line, too. >> for instance, the spring beer that we may not be able to launch at all because we're unable to get the labeling for it, all of that r & d, all of that raw material purchased. that's hundreds of thousands of dollars. and then there's lost sales. >> reporter: but biology teacher turned brewer thinks he has the answer. a beer summit. >> i can invite john boehner and give him some test batches. anybody, i would be glad to give them beer and i'm sure it would change their minds and the whole thing would be solved in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: given the stalemate in washington, who knows, wayne a couple of cold craft brews would get things moving again. al jazeera denver. >> and with us live from
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fort collins, colorado, kim jordan, ceo of new begum brewery. great to have you with us. maybe a beer summit is just what washington needs. let me ask you, when you first heard about the shutdown, did you foresee this happening? that you would not be able to introduce your new product? >> no, we actually had that moment where you think, oh, no, things that we hadn't anticipated with, you're thinking about the political climate, but the actual affect on our business came later. >> essentially from what i understand you had these new labels that you need to be approved by a government agency that's part of the treasury department. and because that agency is closed you can't get the label done. can you just use old labels? >> reporter: well, we are at this point phasing out old labels because we had a plan that was meticulously developed which is not always like us, but we were particularly proud that
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we were ready for this. we stopped buying labels because we had planing to from the old look to the new look. we're excited about that, but we may have to piecemeal things together as we go forward because obviously we can't sell beer without labels, and we don't know at this point what the ttb is going to be able to recover in terms of backlog work. >> all right at this point they have two weeks of possible work that still needs to be done. you also said in the piece that you produce a seasonal beer. you produce a beer in the spring that could be in agenc jeopardy because this agency approves recipes. >> they approve brewers, permi permits, they approve labels. if we're not able to get that
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approval in time to brew, i think the biggest frustration is just not knowing what will happen once they get up and running again. they were already overworked, the craft brewing movement has exploded, which is fabulous, but they went from about 45--day window to a 75-day one, and now we're anticipating that it could be--it could be over 90 days. >> that must be very worrying, stuff you would never think about, collateral damage from this government shutdown. kim jordan, thanks so much for joining us. and we've been taking a closer look this week at members of the republican voting bloc in congress who insisted on de funding the affordable care act as a way to end that shutdown. we take a look at senator mike lee in utah. he won his last election with 62% of the vote. president obama in comparison won just 25% of the vote in utah
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in 2012. libby casey is live at the capitol, and libby, i understand that senator lee is the lesser known partner of senator ted cruz who led this fight to de fund obamacare. >> reporter: senator cruz ma lee a freshman but he stood by the side of senator cruz. when he spoke on the floor was the push to de funder. senator lee talked about his passion of de funding the healthcare law. he's a life-long utahn, a family man and a member of the the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. he shares the mormon religion with former presidential candidate mitt romney. he's an attorney and rows to his
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profession to assistan assistant attorney and worke. senator lee talked about his vision for the republican party. he said it has to be less with what they don't like and more about what they do want to accomplish. >> but to my mind what the party of ideas is really missing is ideas. for too long yo republicans have put off the task of conservative reform agenda to meet many of the new challenges of the 21st century. >> now despite lee's calls for new ideas what he's most known for right now is what he dislikes which is the healthcare law. he has been put on the defensive even in closed door meetings with fellow republicans who are angry with him and senator cruz
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for what they call poor strategic choices. he says that the establishment, so-called establishment is unhappy with him. that recently on a talk radio show. he admits that, but he said that he has no apologies about the tact that he's taking. he told some voters today, and it was met with a standing ovation. and among that crowd it is still a ringing message. what do people back home think? back in utah his approval rating has slipped 10% in the last six months. recent poll out from brigham young university, his alma mater show 51% of voters disapprove of what he's doing. and here's an important number. 57% say mr. lee should work harder to compromise. >> hmm, he still has his base. libby casey, reporting from the hill. thank you. and so we asked senator lee to
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the wall joining congressman gohmert, congressman mash, and congressman meadows who wanted to de fund obamacare before passing the budget. we have just learned that breaking news, that the state of south dakota and private partners will pay to keep mount rushmore open. >> reporter: well, it has been 100 days since mohamed morsi has been ousted as president in egypt. al jazeera has this report from cairo. >> reporter: on the streets of cairo, young and old, the muslim brotherhood, anti-coup, wealthy and not so wealthy protesting against the government. the original plan to march to tahrir square. egypt has been in crisis for the
6:41 pm
past 100 days. after hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the elected president's rule of law. his former defense minister was ready to capitalize on the growing unrest. >> i ask that next friday all honest and trustworthy egyptians must come out. but why come out? they come out to give the mandate and order that i can confront violence and potential terrorism. >> reporter: on july 3rd the military removed morsi from office, and provoking the muslim brotherhood to take to the streets. a crackdown on brotherhood sit-ins killed hundreds in violence that horrified egyptians. >> when he began to kill people, and began in this way, we were all unified because there is justice. we're talking about justice. >> reporter: on october 6th, the anniversary of the 1973 war with
6:42 pm
israel this decision. in tahrir square supporters of the new government protest against the coup. 57 more are killed. >> the president is clear that we are not able to continue with business as usual and we're not proceeding with the deliver of certain military systems. following on the result of the review directed by president obama we will announce the future of our relationship with egypt once we have made the notifications there was little interest in any american pressure on friday, but many calls for justice for those killed in the protests. >> we are not listening to the americans cutting aid. what matters to us and the important thing is the importance of the egyptian
6:43 pm
people. >> reporter: morsi will go on trial for those killed outside of the presidential palace. but what about those killed, we should start looking for those killers. >> reporter: ththe security courseforcesare trying to strane momentum around cairo. they're all facing the majority of egyptian people are just too squared or disinterested to join the protests. >> reporter: the silent majority might not approve of those in power, but for them the time has past for further unrest. now they just want to get the country back on its feet. al jazeera, cairo. >> secretary of state john kerry will hold another day of meetings with afghan president hamid karzai. kerry made a stop in that country for urgent security talks. we have more fro from kabul.
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>> reporter: secretary kerry's meeting with president hamid karzai. security agreement is necessary for u.s. forces to stay here in afghanistan beyond 2014. that's when the n.a.t.o. mission ends here. the security mission versus been going on for more than a year and seems to be stuck on two main points. the first is whether u.s. forces will be allowed to carry out missions in afghanistan on their own after 2014. that's something that president karzai opposes. and the united states has balked at president karzai's suggest that it's threatened by its neighbors. there is a question of timing. u.s. officials said they would like to see this agreement concluded by the end of october, and they've gone as far as to say to karzai's government if the agreement wasn't conclude they would consider pulling all
6:45 pm
u.s. troops out of afghanistan at the end of 2014. that doesn't just jeopardize an u.s. mission but a future n.a.t.o. mission because nato countries are expected to withdraw their commitments if there is no security agreement. the future n.a.t.o. mission designed to help train the afghan security forces and scene rather as critical in afghan security. if all of that goes away, so, too, in jeopardy will be billions of dollars worth of aid. this u.s. afghan security agreement is a very important agreement at a critical time. officials say they need to know what any follow-on mission will look like so they know what kind of commitment they're going leave behind. what kind of forces might be here beyond 2014. that's why they would like this agreement concluded quickly.
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>> darren hanes is here with sports now, and darren, i understand an nfl player got terrible news. >> reporter: that is right. the two-year-old son of minnesota viking running back adrian peterson has died. the boy whose name was not released per the family's request was believed to have suffered injuries consistent with abuse. joseph partisan, who is the boyfriend's of the child's mother was taken into custody and initially charged with two felony counts. now while the american league championship get going tomorrow night. the st. louis cardinals and l.a dodgers get going tonight. michael eaves, the dodgers well rested as they held off the braves in four games. >> reporter: yes, they're making their first trip to the nl credilcssince 2009.
6:47 pm
but that was under the old own ownership. now it's the new ownership. it has taken awhile for those investments to start paying dividends. >> head together national championship for the first time since 2009. >> reporter: that's how the dodgers advance to the national league championship series. but this team's story begins long before the game-winning home run. it begins with colette colette n the mega trade that proud gonzalez and others to los angeles. it was a gold creative move, but it didn't pay off immediately. and still into this season the move did not pay dividends with their manager on the hot seat. but then things began to turn around.
6:48 pm
the rocky's debut coincided with ramirez's return from the disabled list. the dodgers won 68 of the final 116 games, and clinched the. national league west in style. but this was the first step for this team, who have much higher aspirations. >> reporter: not only did they make those trades, but they signed greinke to a huge contract in the offseason. >> the cardinals, how are they handling the quick turn around? >> reporter: they're handling t with their young pitchers. they went it adam wainwright but instead they're going to have two youngsters going in game one and game two. tonight it's joe kelly.
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>> yeah, joe has earned this. he started off this season, and i said it many times. he showed us so much and earned our respect coming out of spring training and a fight for that fifth spot, and nothing that he had did not do. but it worked out where he was going to be working out of the pen, and getting very few opportunities. but when he did get the opportunities and made the most of them and continued to come in here regardless of what his role was and tried to figure out to help our team win. those things paid off in the long run. if you stay the course and you buy in to the overall philosophy and realize you're going to have your chance. when you have your chance and you made the most of it. so when the starting opportunity became available it was obvious, and joe continued to push and work and show us that he's ready for an opportunity like this one.
6:50 pm
>> now during the regular season the dodgers and the cardinals met seven times with the visiting team winning five of those seven games. i'm sure the dodgers would love to get off to a nice start here before going in for games three and four. >> that's correct. because the winner moves on to the world series. all is on the line. >> good to see my home team the dodgers still in the game. coming up on al jazeera, comic book characters all coming to live under one roof this weekend. comic con is in the big apple, and we're taking through. your savings, your job or your retirement. whether its bail-outs or bond rates this stuff get complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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>> thousands of comic book, tv show fans are descending on the
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annual comic con gy jamboree. and many use it as an excuse to dress up in crazy character costumes. we joined in the fun. [♪ music ] >> reporter: it's not every day you find babafet playing the accordion on the street even in new york so we knew something was up and then we realized. >> come to the new york comic con. it's a blast. >> reporter: before we even got inside we ran into nikki from new jersey, a little chilly as the marvel comic book character red joan i can't. >> i've even gone so far as to tax determiney some feet which is gross. >> reporter: inside it'sing in but entertainment as far as the eye can see. the center is packed, and the fans of comic books, graphic novels and films and they're coming to meet their faith authors and stars of those
6:54 pm
shows. many have dressed up in costume. >> i'm eli and i'm batman. >> i'm anthony, and i'm playing from assassin creed two. >> i'm poison ivy. >> i'm arie from league of legislation. >> this is scorpion from mortal combat. i'm subzero from mortal combat. my daughter alexis is a little rebel pilot. my beautiful wife dresses up, too but today she's not in costume. >> reporter: the chance to meet the stars, characters, and and writers. these guys are all with dark horse comics. >> they become such a part of your life that you want to share it with people. if you could share it with 50,000 other people why wouldn't you? this is the biggest clubhouse. >> reporter: stan came from atlanta. if you couldn't guess he is a
6:55 pm
zombie. he has been doing this since avenues kid. >> i love zombie movies and shows like "the walking dead" put it in the forefront. >> reporter: if you're looking for fun and you want to dress up or dress down, give comic con a try. next year as this event sold out fast. al jazeera, new york. >> kevin coming up next with the forecast. >> reporter: coming up on "real money." consumer confidence falls to an alananall-time low. will americans start o closing their wallets right before the holidays? and why many of us want to refinance our mortgages now. we have that and more on real money.
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6:57 pm
>> from space cyclone phailen from northeast to southwest. we're talking over 700 miles wide. there is the eye. a lot of bands are making landfall. it is just about ready to go to sunrise in india. a lot of people are going to be without power. flood something happening and evacuations are ongoing, and it is going to be--it's saturday, and today it is their day that they're going to be seeing landfall later this evening.
6:58 pm
of course, india does not have the same infrastructure as we do here in the united states, so a category five hurricane or the equivalent cyclone is going to be devastating for that country. rainfall over 20 inches and wind speed at landfall at 160 mph. the main population area is right there on the right side of the storm. and that is where the population is greatest. so we're going to be seeing, millions of people who are going to be affected by this storm. bangladesh you'll see flooding as well. now the other storm, the typhoon, is leaving the philippines leaving on the western side towards the south china sea. it will regroup and this storm will impact vietnam. we're seeing a storm system make its way across the northern planes. this has brought damage in terms of winds and flooding as it made
6:59 pm
its way up here to the north. we've seen storms and bismarck is at 51. minneapolis is the 74, and it's that comin contrast of temperats that make the storm so strong. over the next several days the cool air will move in behind the storm. we do have tornado watches and warnings, and that is where the storm, that will continue on for the next several hours. here across the east, well, a lot of the same. this storm system as you see right here has been hovering here for days. we've seen a lot of rain. most of it over here towards new jersey, pennsylvania, west virginia. new york, you've seen a couple of showers but we've been very lucky here over the last couple of days. we thought we would see more but most of the rain has pushed over towards the east. that's a look at your national weather. your headlines are up next.
7:00 pm
>> i'm stephanie sy with a look at today's top stories. republican leaders from the senate met with president obama today. no deal was reached on the government shutdown and debt ceiling. but both sides say they're still talking and some republicans say they're op optimistic that a del will be reached soon. for the second time within a week another boat full of migrants capsized off the coast of italy. three dozen were


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