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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler in new york. debt deal outline. the plans proposed by both houses of congress to the president to end the standoff. embracing for impact. the evacuations are under way in india as a powerful cyclone is about to hit the coast? and the announced visit the necessarmessage that john kerryr the president of afghanistan about the u.s. troops. ♪ more signs of progress on the 11th day of the government
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shutdown. the white house and the senate republicans met earlier today in an effort to break the h deadlo. >> to members of congress of both side of the aisle. he may not want to call it a negotiate that is what i would call it many i do view that as progress. >> there have been constructiontive talks an when it comes to the house republicans in particular there is an indication of a recognition that we need t to remove default as a weapon in budget negotiations. >> and again the stock market reacted positively. the dow wag was up 111 points ad they hope it will help the u.s. avoid a default. mike viqueira joins us from the white house. what was accomplished at today's meeting. >> unlike the last two weeks.
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no one took to the senate potted yum tpotted -- podium to call te other guy a name. john boehner had a telephone call and we had little information about that. and this is moving toward the break of an impasse. when will it happen and will there be a dramatic last minute collapse before it does. it was the republicans that came to the white house that presented president obama with their plan yesterday with a six-week extension on the debt ceiling. today it was the senate republicans turn. the republicans have remained the moderate the opposite of a tea party republican, she she ws to extend it to late january. of a the republicans dame back - came back fro back to the capitm the white house, lindsay graham
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had something to say. >> i think you will see changes and i think you will see an of over the by the house to raise the debt ceiling fo not for a yr but for a period of time there is a bill to be had to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling in the next 4 hour8 hours that will relieve the pain from the affordable healthcare act. >> they are talking about re-opening the government part and parcel. we talked about the republican plan opening the government and lifting the debt ceiling and extending it by six weeks. and today the white house spokes enjaspokesman jay carney says te president is balking at that now. >> you know proposal that puts debt ceiling increase at only
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six weeks titte tied to budget negotiations would put us right back to where we are today in just six-weeks. >> now for a second westboun wea row the house and the senate will be in it. the senate will be voting for a one-year extension. that is behind the scenes and into the weekend, john. >> one plan is a one-year kick it down the road and another is six weeks. and then there is not rea not ry certainly of opening the government again, is that right? the government opening is a fate dufaitdu compleat. >> remember they put forward their six-week plan. they didn't mention anything about re-opening plan. what is emerging is coming from the senate republicans and susan collins something around that
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and something similar to what she wants to do a four month extension of the debt ceiling and re-opening of the government and odds and ends that go with it? >> re-opening the government but for how long? >> but again that is under negotiatnegotiation. the democrats want it as long as possible. there are many republicans in the senate that want it to be a year past next years' midterm election. that is not a coincidence there. all of this i is in negotiation with the republicans on the house and senate side. >> here we are at the weekend now. what is going to happen now. >> it's all behind closed doors. there was a convention value voters and many tea party members and ted cruz was there speaking. he had the 21 hour quasifilibuster and he said obamacare should be delayed or
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refunded. ted cruz was here at the white house and he stood up and challenged the president at that meeting by rolling back his obamacare. but ted cruz is the only one talking about it now as a serious part of any emerging deal. mike viqueira you need a score card to keep track of these. katrina pearson joins us she is a tea party activist in texas. she is running for the 32 district of dallas. it's good to see you. >> thighthank you, john good toe here. >> give me your concerns. conce. sense what plan do you propose? >> you know maybe we should do a six-week extension and have this debate a little longer. weir starting t wewe are startid unfold. >> thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving.
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and it's enough time to keep this debate public. we should have been having this discussion a couple of years ago however. we have a six-week deadline and the threat of the government shutting down again, is that the way you would see it? >> this congress has been kicking the can down the road since this president has been lerkted. elected. there is nothing new here. we should be facing the nation and to th not giving obama the n check to do that. if we need six weeks to do that, let's take it. >> if the congress can't agree in six weeks then the government would be shutdown again and you would be for that, is that right? >> cts i thini think we find oun the same situation but if we can't predict the future we shouldn't predict. >> how well has the government shutdown gone so far? >> considering it has happened a few times in the last decades.
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it's gone the way it has in the past but this president is choosing to hurt americans rather than come to the table and negotiate. what we are seeing is where the heart of this administration is. >> you don't have any problem with the government being shutdown for now? government is shutdown because the people's congress has shut it down. it's not a matter of what i think. i think that congress should come together and do a what is responsible for the american people. put down the budget and be fiscally responsible on the constitution and hold discussions on obamacare. >> those are broad statements that you just made. specific will i what woulspecif? >> we need budget cuts and we need to talk about letting go of the sequester. >> where would the cuts be? >> first you can start with fraud and abuse and waste. , nobody even wants to do that. now we are talking about letting
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go of the sequester cut which congress agreed to in the last proposed budget discussion and they want to let that go. that lets the american people know that this congress is not serious. as you understand as a politician that is trying to get elected when you start talking about cuts, especially cuts in social security and medicare and other important issues, would you cut back in the park system? would you cut back -- >> how about we start where areas wier it i where it's not l government's roll. >> where would that be. >> chinese prostitutes in china. there are several items we are paying for this this country that we should not be paying for. >> the budget is pretty big. i'm not sure that that would make it. i'm serious, though. , th t the problem that we haved is some politicians are not willing to make that tough decision. and tell us where they were ee wiltheywould make those cuts.
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i'm wondering you running for congress is willing to talk about that today. >> there are areas we can cut. we can go lean on sigma. go department by department. what we are seeing today is actual representation for a change. >> what are you hearing from the constituents in the 32n 32nd district what do they say about the government shutdown. >> the si constituents in 32 arn align. we voted for ted cruz. we elected ted cruz to do what he is doing. we are talking about the debt ceiling here and obama is obviously going to raise that even further with the implement implementation of obamacare. states are dumping prisoners onto the exchangings that is another thing that is not
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accounted for with obamacare lergs. wlergs -- legislation. we have to look at it closely before we are all stuck with it. miss pearson thank you for joining us tonight. >> sure. >> it could be the fear fiercest storm of the year. cyclone phailin is picking up speed. it's a a equivalent of a categy 5 hurricane. power outages could last for months. tens of thousands of people have been told to flee the region. and our meteorologist kevin corriveau is standing by to tell us where and when landfall is expected: >> we are looking at saturday night for the landfall. this storm is as strong as katrina and twice the size of hurricane sandy.
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we are dealing with something extremely powerful. and for india, as john said, this takes on a completely different meaning because of the infrastructure. this storm is to mang to make ll in an area that is not able to deal with storm surge very well. we have winds 1 160 gusting to 0 miles-per-hour. expect it to make land full at 1:30 here in the united states. now it's going to be the right hand site oright-hand side of t. this is where it's turning. this is where the storm surge is going to be the biggest problem. we are talking about 20 feet plus storm surge. in 1999 a similar storm made landfall here. the water went 13 miles inland that is how bad we are talking about in this area. we are going to keep you updated for the next day as it makes
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landfall and what happens after ward. we expect to see quite a bit of flooding across this area. the tract is not going to change totoo much we think. it's going to make land fall in this area. that is one thing about this stomple thastorm is inconsisten. major general michael kerry was in charge of the nuclear missiles. he was fired because of a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership. his removal is in response to an investigation in to alleged personal misbehaver. he led the 20th air force which is responsible for 450 ballistic missiles. it's the second time this week they have fired a high ranking officer in the nuclear link of command. navnavy advice vice admiral gare
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over saw all of the nation's nuclear arms missiles and bombers and sub marines. a key member of the taliban is now in custody. mehsud. he is part of the ttehrik-e-taliban. with us is a al jazeera security contributor. how does a navy seal like this go down? >> it starts off with a profile of this person being floated around to the places where the us intel against authorities think he might be. they include this that profile who that person is and who his associates are and what his skill sets are and what they think he may be doing.
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an thinand they hope for a hit. when they get a hit this is the process of putting together this operation. what they will do to fine him and it's a find, fix and finish operation to desit decide how te going to get him and where they are going to put him and what they are going to do once he thetheyget him. and it's a finally oiled mash me that has to be done just right or it could be a big problem. >> it's much more dange dangeron sending in a dproan e drone el e u.s. military taking this path that be than a drone path. >> when you kill him the information dies with him. there is an understanding and information in the intelligence community that that cash or large dossier of intelligence that was collected from those high value al qaeda targets that
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are in gitmo now are starting to dry up. they have been out of the game for so long that information that they have is not useful in many cases. when you kill these people with drones you don't have anyone to sit down and talk to and get information from. they are looking for a way to jump start the intel chain again. >> there was another attempt to capture a terrorist in africa recently that the us was involved in. and it didn't go as planned. we heard it had to do with intelligence. why is intel agains intelligencl when it comes to something like this. >> inteintelligence is critical because even if you have a bead on someone some place. and you have electronic intelligence you still need some kind of human on the ground intel to guide you typically.
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so in this particular case, some how either he found out through either observation or some other way that something was going on. and this is why keeping intelligence clear, keeping it safe, and secure is important. but i can tell you talking to military an intel against officials all week they said this wasn't a complete failure at all. they believe one successful thing that came out of this, they sent a message to el krema that we know where you are and we can come and knock on your door any time. j.j. thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. secretary of state john kerry is on a state visit to afghanistan to talk about a deal with u.s. forces in afghanistan. jennifer glass has been following that story from kabul.
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>> he is meeting with president karzai is to try to get movement on security talks between the two countries the security agreement needs to be in place if the u.s. forces are going to stay in afghanistan beyond 2014. that is when the nato mission ends here. they would like to see the agreement concluded by the end of october. that is the date they gave to karzai's government is. if it is not in place the united states will withdraw all forces at the end of 20 i 2014. that is a follow on nato mission that has been agreed upon. if there is not a agreement in place their soldiers won't stay beyond 2014 either. if there is any question about security that could jeopardize the billions of dollars in international aid that afghanistan need to survive. the u.s. agreement the pivotal
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agreement to the future of afghanistan and the relationship to the international community. rescue teams in the mediterranean are at the scene of another boat that capsized with mig migrants aboard. they were stranded 65 miles off the island of lampedusa. coming up on the 25th anniversary of national coming out day, we'll look at how school systems are gealin dearlh openly gay and transgender steufnlts. students.
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a the verdict is still out on whether a key part of the president's affordable care act is working no data on howp how y americans have signed up for health insurance. there were reports of bugs and
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glitches with the website. the white house blamed that on high consumer interest. the experts say that the problems are due to probably a couple of factors including software issues. don't expect any enrollment data until november. traders on wall street seem confident that a deal over the debt ceiling is likely. once again stocks finished up for a second day gaining as we said 111 points. yesterday the dow saw the biggest gain of the year. the index closed up more than 1% for the week. this is more evidence that the government shutdown is hitting shoppers the report has the consumer the worst in nine months. and google wants to be more hiklike facebook. they are looking to make money
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by selling user data by selling name, photo and product reviews the information will be used in advertise manadvertisement simin facebook and it's part of google's new terms of service. today is the international coming out day. a day to recognize those that are publicly gay, or transgender. 117 states have banned all forms of sexual orientation and expression. and four states have laws on the books that bar discrimination. most states don't have these laws later this year the senate is to vote on legislation that will pr protect lgbt employees across the nation. a growing number of children identify themselves as transgender and we report on one family's experience. >> this is zoe and she is 11 years old.
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she lofltio loves gaming and jan the drums. >> zoe is a strong kid and you might think of her off your guard she presents as she can take care of herself. five years ago she no longer could keep to herself. she was born a boy but felt like a girl. >> three years ago she changed her name from ian to zoe. >> everyone was good at making a switch. zoe''s friends a and classmates reaction is part of the gender tied. tirred. tirred -- tide. >> this is a new step for our society. they train how to address transgender students. he was then a she. besides which bathroom a child
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uses he wants to change the way we think about gender roles. >> how do we reframe gender. how do we create a gender inclusive environment that works for all kids when none of us drew ugrew up experiencing that. >> two years ago the seattle school distinct set up guidelines. at the same time garfield high school had an influx of teams identified as such. >> they are not going to be able to learn and have barriers to learning if they are not accepted for who they are. seattle schools have implemented guidelines experts tell us that transgender students feel marginalized. 778% of students report being harassed in school. zoe's mom feels good about how things are now. but she worries about the
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future. >> the teen years and puberty and hormones and zoe not feeling she is in step with her peers. not just feeling,. >> and really not being. a growth in adolescents and schools across the nation as they try to figure out how to might the needs of transgender students. well darren is here with sports. and it's another big night in st. hughest. louis for baseball. >> the world series is on the line for this one. the cardinals and dodgers are playing for the right to to o the fall classic. it's fitting these story the franchises start tonight's series in st. louis. the first pitch is in less than 2520 minutes. the red sox who announced
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that jon lester was their game one starter had a change of heart. clay buckholtz will start game two on saturday at fenway park. that means lackey will be pushed back to game three. buckholtz was 12-and-1 and 1.74 era and a decision in the loss to the race in game three of the the algs. the two-year-old son of viking back adrienne peterson has died today. the boy whose name was not released due to the families request. the bu boy died from what appeas to be abuse. >> thall of those stories and me coming up later on al jazeera america.
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i'm john siegenthaler averaged here is our top stories. >> there has been a lot more talking and no agreement to
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avoid a federal default and end the government shutdown. the republican leaders had lunch with the president at the white house and the president spoke on the phone with the house speaker. they proposed to raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown and it also calls for cuts in the benefit programs. let's inter to libby casey who y casey who is at the capitol ton. >> the house and senate will be in tomorrow. here is what we are going to see. the democrats are pushing forward a bill that will raise the debt ceiling. but it would need republican support. the house republicans have a discharge position. they want to force a vote for a clean government. the house will be talking about tomorrow, one more of these piecemeal bills. this has been a g.o.p. approach. fund the government one piece at a time. and tomorrow they are looking at something that is under talked
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about. a native american and alaskan native programs that funds health and safety. those programs are on pause because they are not getting government money. really it's treading water. the big news is the republican prproposal. two proposals one from the house and one from the senate. the house is a short term deal and the hughes house a longer . the two groups are not talking too much. they poe boat both took their ps to the house and they are seeing the division in the republican party. we did see a couple of senators make the trek across the capitol to talk to house speaker john baboehner. but right now all eyings are on the republicans, john. >> susan collins is speaking out. is any republican in the senate
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going to listen to what susan collins has to say. >> absolutely. she is a moderate republican and she is taking about a longer term debt deal. what she is trying to deal with is the medical device taxes. she is putting that on the table. we are hearing that there is a growing agreement and perhaps a bipartisan one and this could be the path for forward but house republicans would have to sign on too. >> how are they dealing with the back and forth. wall street reacted like to thee deal is going to happen. and here we are at the binged wd and no deal at all. >> you know the news that came that we are in a holding pattern came when the ma markets are closed. >> the wall street journal nbc
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poll they are blaming the republicans. president obama is coming out smelling a bit more like a rose. he is holding steady with his approval rating. there is a note of caution for democrats. they do need to take a note that 40% of americans believe that president obama should negotiate with the republicans now and that is significant, not wait. let's take a look at the numbers. more than 20% of the public is very upset about how this is going. sorry 24 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of the g.o.p. less than a quarter of americas and 20% have a fav favorable opn of the tea party. let's look at how the economy
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confidence is doing here in washington. 14% believe the nation is heading in the right direction and 17% think the economy will improve in the next 12 months and 63% are less confident than they were before president obama and the coulde congressional republicans started talking. >> is that why we are seeing movement because of the polls? >> you can bet that contributed to that. >> public opinion does not change so dra dramatically in a short time frame. so it has people listening. >> joining us now to talk about the impact of the government shut tow ishutdown on small buss hester clark. hester met with president obama to address their concerns. she works with several federal
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agencies. it's good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about the meeting. what happened? >> it was a good meeting. our president listened to us and he listened to our concerns. we each had an opportunity to tell the story of the impact on vitindividual businesses. >> what is your concern? >> my first concern is my employees. i want them, the government to do for them what they have prepared for their lives. they have done what we have asked of all of our sit zpen cis which is to be good citizens and get an education an and prepare themselves for the work force. i have great employees and there for they can't go to work and i can't pay them. >> that is my biggest concern. >> how does it trickle down you don't get the business you normally get because the government is shutdown. >> yes we are not able to go on
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the work site or perform the business of the government. and there for our employees are impacted and not able to put in the labor hours that we have contracted for. >> you have a communication firm that is doing government work normally. >> yes, we do program management services in several federal agencies. >> have you had to layoff some of your employees how many. >> we have not laid them off. they are furloughed. 20% of our work force has been impacted by our shutdown we have a new hire that cannot even begin the process because he is not able to get his e verification completed because it's a part of the government process. >> the small business is the life blood of american business and clearly the impact is really being felt by people like you. so, tell me about your real
8:37 pm
feelings about what is it going on in congress right now. >> you know my real feelings can't be said on regular tv. what i would like for others to know, i'm just representative of so many other small businesses. and we just want to work hard, do our very best and then to have our employees to be paid for their work. and we are asking to be able to live the american dream. that is simply what we asked our government to provide for us. >> did you hear anything else that surprised you from the group that met with the president? >> just an enormous diversity of products and services of those of us in the room. and all of us are facing the same dilemma. we are all in the same place right now that is we are i impacted by the shutdown. >> this afengt affects not only businesses that are contracted with the federal government, but as people spend less money and
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workers are laid off it affects the overall economy as well, correct? >> it does. it affects everyone i know that i have impacted throughout the day has had some level of impact to their business or daily lives. >> what if this goes on another week? >> i don't know. i don't know. i have to figure out away to care for my employees. >> you hesitated when i said that. and i saw the look on your face. if it does go another week it could be critical for you. >> it's a loss of revenue and impacts the way we do business. it's impacting not only corporations but small businesses are impacted. it's a riple eferkt. effect. we have to find a way out of thidilemma. >> there is one riple effect the shutdown is turning off the tap on new beers.
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the sights, sounds and tastes of a beer lovers paradise. the 32nd annual great american beer festival in denver. >> some 50,000 hop heads pouring in from all over the world for a weekend of beer blitz. even here 1700 miles from the hang over known as washington, the government shutdown is killing a lot of buzzes. >> all right, so this is it? >> yeah. >> some day this construction site will be a former future of a brewing and tasting room in denver. james has his fermenting tanks and blueprints for the bar. but what he doesn't have is a license to brew from the federal government. >> every day that passes from the shut ee shutdown w shutdowng
8:40 pm
money when we could be open. >> what is holding things up is the ttb the alcohol and tobacco and tax fraye trade bureau. they approve new beers that get sold in bottles and caning canst thanks to the shutdown none of that is happening. >> the shutdown is not going to hurt miller and budwiser. but who it's going to hurt is the smaller guys who have built their business on seasonal bruce. new bel belgium is not little. they are doing $200 million in annual sales. thanks to beers like coconut curry. sphwhrrnghtbut the shutdown is r bottom line. >> the spring beer we are not able to launch at all because we
8:41 pm
can't get the label for it. all of the r & d and the raw teermaterial purchases and then there are sales. >> i didn't invite john boehner to come down and i will give him some test batches and i would be glad to give them beer and i'm sure it would change their mind and the whole thing would be solved in a matter of minutes. >> given the stalemate in washington who knows a couple of cold craft bruc brews could get things moving for forward again. some of america's iconic national monda monuments will on again despite the government shutdown. beginnings this weekend the statue of liberty will be again open to visitors. and on monday the grand canyon and mt. rushmore will re-open, under the agreement that the states will pay for national pay service personnel, private fund
8:42 pm
are being used to re-open mt. rushmore. this years' nobel peace prize goes to the organization for the prohibition of weapons. here is what the goveno govenorl said about this o honor. >> all of those that have committed to banning chemical weapons. i look forward to accept this award in humility and in recognition of the staff both past and present. >> syrian officals welcomed the nobel decision saying that the president's commitment to destroying chemical weapons is there. zplenchts they failethey failede 300,000 people killed in the war. we are heading down to washington. wwe have been talking about it n the control room and none of us have been down to the studio.
8:43 pm
it looks cool from our stand point. maybe you can give us a tour in the next we are ee week or something. >> hopefully we will be able to so much news is happening here in washington. we are a few blocks away from capitol hill. we can see it from the window. >> you have the best view of the capitol in washington? >> well i think so. i think it's a good one. if you come down and visit us we'll give you a tour. >> tonight on our program we going to talk about a industry that in trouble and for an inusual reason. we are going to go fishing off the tough shores of maine and meet lobster men and the harvests are bigger than ever and they are so big they are sinking the lobster industry. we'll find out from adam may who will spend a day on the atlantic and he will explain to us why a
8:44 pm
surplus is a bad thing. >> some people will survive and some people will not. some people will leave the industry and try something else. >> i d do know what we'll have r us if we don't have fishing. we'll also be watching out for cyclone phailin. some people are couldn' compario hurricane katrina. and that is coming up on air america tonight. >> i was watching with the coast and it reminded me of the tsunami when it hit that side of india and down the coast. it does not look like a good situation. thanks very much. >> it really will be difficult and we'll keep a a sharp eye on
8:45 pm
it. we'll take a look at the cardinals. and it's just another day in new york city. be comic con comes to the east coacht and certainlcoast and cet disappoint. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next on al jazeera america
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>> tonight... from lucrative denfense contracts, to behind the scenes lobbyists... >> did the egyptians ever think that aid would ever be cut? >> never >> fault lines explores the enduring relationship between the american and the egyptian militaries... >> i don't think we will suffer
8:47 pm
now, we have already airplanes...tanks... >> they haven't changed the nature of what they provide us...why would we want to change what we provide them? >> fault lines business as usual? egypt and the usa tonight, 9:30 eastern on al jazeera america dardarren haines is back with sports. this is a sad story involving a n.f.l. star. the two-year-old son of adrian peterson has died today. he has said to have suffered
8:48 pm
injuries consistent of abuys. thabuse. >> the boyfriend of the boys mother has been taken into custody. the defendant was arrested last night, as a result of the investigation that was conduct the by the police department. it was a practical cause arrest. there is no accompanying david affidavit on file with the clerk's olfson. olfson -- office. mr. patterson was arrested without innings dent an incidend the investigation yesterday and was arrested yesterday evening. >> he has vowed to play sunday by thibut this is before he heae tragic news of his son's passi passing. >> one thing always bounce back is that the good lord never gives you more than you can bear
8:49 pm
or handle. i'm tough. i plan on playing sunday. i will be playing sunday. ready to roll, focused and worried about getting a "w" on sunday. football is something that i always fall back on. it gets me thank yo through tou. and it's been around the guys in here. that is what i need. and you know being able to go out and na play the game i love. and the things i go through. >> i will say it a thousand times. it helps me, you know, play this game to a different level and i'm able to release, you know a lot of my stress through the sport. the minnesota vikings have assessed the situation and say they will give it 24 hours before they make any decision on his statue status.
8:50 pm
thank you to my family and fans and fans of other teams for their support. god bless everyone and thank you so much. the new york giants are 0-and-6 for the first time since 1976 and their star quarterback is on pace to throw 40 interceptions that is two off the league record. no n.f.l. team has started 0-and-6 and made the playoffs since 1990. tom kaufman on finding a solution. >> i am as dispoints th disappod upset about this loss as i have been about a loss for a long, long time. there is reasonses fo reasons f. everyone wants to know why are you not winning? why haven't you won. what is it? as if it's something that is difficult to understand or some premise that not many people can
8:51 pm
figure out. it isn't. it really isn't. >> when you take a hard look at what is happening it's not that difficult to understand. >> if you loo look at the defene side of the ball. no turnovers and no sacks. >> elie should have seen the corner. and it would have helped him to go somewhere else whether ruben was right or wrong. and i'm sure he will tell you the same thing. >> the first pitch has been thrown in st. louis for the national league championship seriesment thseries the road tos been anything but easy for the cardinals. the team that is a perennial post season favorite has dealt with adversity from the getgo. plain and the most competitive division in baseball the cardinals learned early that it would take the entire roster and
8:52 pm
beyond to have a successful season. >> we continue to have confidence. we know we are a good team and we have the pitching and defense and offense and we have to keep believing in ou ourselves. >> with two fifth on the shelf they found the stablity they needed in the catcher. he was as reliable as ever at the plate. hitting.3 is the. 3 -- .319. >> i didn't want to let go and i was happy he was my catcher. this is why i signed back here. >> behind molina's mentor ship he transitioned to a big game pitcher. if pitching and defense win championships then the cardinals have put themselves in a perfect position to succeed. all-in-all it comes down to execution and limiting the
8:53 pm
disdistraction. and regardless of expectations our guys have done that on a consistent basis and i can't see why they won't continue. an updated score at the bomb bottom of the first we are tied at 0-0. new york comicconis th con e east coast comic adventure. it is where we found the most enthusiastic and creative fans in rare form. >> it's not every day you find bubba fat playing accordon on the street and even in new york. and then we knew something was up. and then we realized. come to new york comicconit's as a blast. we ran into niki from new jersey. >> i even went as far to
8:54 pm
taxidermy some feet. it's pretty gross. >> inside there is nothing but entertainment as far as the eye can see. >> one hundred thousand people are expected here. they are fans of comic books and tv shows and books and films. many people have dressed up in costume. >> i'm batman. i'm and think i'm playing a character from assassins. i'm poison ivy. this is logan and he is doing scorpion from mortal combat. i'm terr terry and i'm doing sub zprozerofrom more it will morta. >> a big draw for the fans is a chance to meet the stars, characters and writers these guys are all with dark horse
8:55 pm
comics. >> it becomes such a part of your life and you want to share it with people. when you have an opportunity to share it with 50,000 other people why wouldn't you? it's the world's biggest club house. stan came up from atlanta. if he couldn't guess he is a zombie and he has been doing this since he was a kid. >> i love zombie muffle mufflesd shows like "the walking dead." >> if you want to dress up or dress down as a character give comic con a try. next year though as this years' event sold out fast. kevin corriveau is back with the weather after this. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere.
8:56 pm
why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. my name's nicole deford and i'm
8:57 pm
al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected. the country of the india is about to wake up on saturday morning and this is what they are going to be dealing with. a cyclone that is in the bay of
8:58 pm
bengal. many people are without power right now. there are three things i'm concerned with this storm. one is a 1 160 miles-per-hour wd that is stem wit consistent wita category five. it's going to be striking at night. and three the storm is moving very is legally. ivery slowly. it's moving six to seven miles-per-hour toward the west. the storm surge is going to be devastating we expect these things to last until the next 24 hours until it makes land fall and then we will see the storm starting to weaken. up towards the philippines they have seen a typhoon poosh push d land. and by sunday this storm is going to be heading toward vietnam. a ca category two or three hurricane. and over twort towards the east,
8:59 pm
another typhoon in the making. this is not making it's way towards the philippines we think it will go up and be a factor for japan. that is enough for the bad weather for that region. for the united states we are looking at wind damage for this storm right here. toward the northern plains. look at the circulation we are seeing with it. on the back of the storm we are seeing wind damage. and to the front of the storm we are seeing severe weather and tornados are coming down in parts of north dakota. this is going on for several more hours. the tornado watches are in effect right now for parts of the minnesota. temperature-wise we are seeing the temperatures are helping to fuel it. that is where you get the contrast and that is what makes the severe weather. we'll bring you more on this later. that is a look at the national weather. john has your headlines up next.
9:00 pm
♪ good evening everyone. well come to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler. here are the top stories. the stock market closed higher for the second day as talks continued in washington about ending the budget impasse. the dow was up 111 points and the dow gained 323 points as thinthey looked for a compromis. winds are spinning at 160 miles an hour with hurricane phailin. the forecasters say it could be the fearsest storm of the year. emergency crews have rescued a dozen


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