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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton coming to you live from new york. here's the top stories at this hour. just four days to a possible default, but senate leader harry reid says talks today with his republican counterparts r productives. dozens of women and children were killed during a stampede at a religious festival in india. growing concerns after red cross workers are kidnapped in syria. new drone technology on display at a conference in new york city. we look at the controversy surrounding their use.
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good to have you with us. today's attempts to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling focused on the senate. the two sides remain far apart. the senate has now adjourned for the day, but the members spent much of the afternoon laying out their positions both on the floor and in talks behind closed doors. there's been talk of a short-term increase in the debt ceiling, which the country is scheduled to hit on thursday, october 17th. but a white house statement issued after president obama spoke by phone with house minority leader nancy pelosi praised her efforts to pass a one-year increase hinting that the administration may reject any attempt to fix the problem for only a few weeks or months. the house and senate will both be back in session tomorrow. we want to bring in john following the process from the
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capitol. where do we go from here, john? >> reporter: where do we go from here, tom. that is the $64,000 question. nobody really knows. what we know is the house and senate are back together tomorrow, so there may be progress and they better get something done quickly because time is running out. that debt ceiling needs to be raised by thursday. what happened today was that the senate met and the headline of the day was harry reid said he had a telephone conversation with mitch mcconnell following up on their face-to-face meeting yesterday. he thought it was optimistic regarding how the conversation went and the chances of actually sorting out a deal on the debt ceiling. take a listen. >> i've had a productive conversation with republican leader this afternoon. our discussions were substantive, and we'll condition those discussions. i'm optimistic about the prospects for a positive conclusion for the issues before this country today. >> reporter: also talking about telephone today, minority house leader nancy pelosi speaking to
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president obama and making it clear that she thinks that any deal regarding re-opening the government or raising the debt ceiling by thursday should be at least 12 months in length calling for a clean continuing resolution and a clean debt ceiling raising deal. elsewhere in the senate today, what we had, as you said, tom, in your introduction was a parade of senators coming to the microphone and having their say. particularly republicans who rather got swamped on saturday by the democratic message. so lots of very fine words in the senate today, but no real movement, no real progress. nothing tangible. tom. >> senator reid is optimistic. how optimistic are fellow lawmakers? >> reporter: there is a feeling, i think, that there's something going on behind the scenes that we can't quite put our finger on. it seems to revolve around the majority leader and minority leader in the senate. so that is the feeling here. of course, the susan collins plan is still out there. democrats rejected that, but
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she's not giving up. that's also a glimmer of hope. what is of particular interest is that the polls are really blaming the republicans. there was a "wall street journal" nbc poll out last week and much talked about in the media today. of those polled they were asked the question who do you blame for all of this? the republicans 53% and the president 31%. that's a 22-point margin in president obama's favor. the issue of blame was discussed by michael ensey, the senior senator in wyoming. he said there's blame to be put on the shoulders of both parties here. >> we went to the white house the other day, and the president did a marvelous job going through a speech and then questions and answers. i was very disappointed at the end, because the end speech was, give me what i want for the shutdown in government, give me what i want for the debt limit increase, and then we can talk.
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the reason we're talking is because we have the government shutdown and we have this looming debt ceiling problem. there ought to be other ways to talk. we don't. so like i say, there's plenty of blame to go around. >> reporter: michael enzi. there has to be something on the table, tom, by wednesday. if the senate approves it, it hassing to to the house. team is running out on the debt ceiling, which is the most serious issue pressing on everybody at the moment. >> let's talk about the time line. if it's not reached by thursday, october 17th, that's the deadline put forward, what happens? >> reporter: well, the united states runs out of money basically, because we saw jack lew, the treasury secretary, appearing before the senate finance committee last week. he made it very clear he was speaking on behalf of the american people and to the people that he answers to in the congress. he has to be transparent with both of those constituencies.
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if it is not raised, he'll have $30 billion in the pot. that's not enough money to run things in the united states and pay all the bills. he said no congress in 224 years failed to raise the debt ceiling. the real worry is people that bought american debt. if the american government can't pay interest payment, that is a break of trust. that's very serious. economists the world over including the managing director of the international monetary fund warned a recession if not a depression here and around the world. it's that serious. >> john is following i wish i could say the progress but we'll call it the process for now. thank you. war veterans in washington sent a clear message to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle this morning. thousands showed up to rally at war memorials in d.c. and across the country. they say veterans have been dishonored due to the shutdown. they ask congress to introduce legislation that would prevent my member of government from
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closing memorials except for maintenance purposes. at least 89 people have died in a stampede during a religious festival in india. we have the report. >> reporter: some of these pilgrims had been fasting for the past nine days. on the tenth day they went to pay their respects to the hindu goddess dorga, but the festive mood turned as thousands of people tried to cross a bridge. witnesses said rumors spread it was collapsing. that caused a stampede that killed dozens. it happened in datia district in central india. it starts on a bridge over the river and a number of victims jumped into the water. they were trying to get to the temple on the other side. people across india are marking one of the most important festival in the hindu calendar. crowd control is a persistent challenge in india, especially
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during religious festival. . millions of people on india's eastern coastline are recovering from the country's strongest storm in more than a decade. the kie clone made landfall late saturday night. at least 17 people have died and hundreds of millions of dollars in crops were lost. authorities say the death toll would have been much higher, but hundreds of thousands were evacuated before the to remember hit. for the late on the cyclone and other systems in the area, let's turn to rebecca stevenson. >> up to 12 inches of rainfall with this storm. the cyclone moved onshore and brought winds about 125 miles per hour. there's an exceptional amount of damage, and there's pictures pouring into the newsroom from people devastated from returning back to what used to be their home. they've been dealing with all this rain and mudslides, and we've been seeing pictures of
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damage and destruction like this with large, high profile vehicles knocked over by winds but that heavy rainfall tracking up towards the north-northeast into the mountains where we're expecting to see some more heavy rain come down from the tropical moisture. otherwise, back to the tropical story, we're watching other storms. one in particular that plowed across the philippines, caused about 13 deaths and had some powerful wind gusts and a lot of flooding. that is nari. nari is headed towards vietnam and expected to make landfall as we get into late monday and tuesday. one of the pictures from the philippines from destruction, people are pushing debris like this off the roadways in the philippines. still a lot of cleanup coming in here with all the trees and mud coming down. this is coming in for vietnam and even over into thailand as we get into the middle of the week. thaila thailand's problem is they've already had excessive flooding in the last few weeks, and so now we're expecting to see the same storm that devastated the
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philippines move and hit vietnam around the city of hu and farther down towards thailand. we'll have more on the u.s. forecast coming up. >> rebecca, thank you. while an accurate assessment of the effects will take several weeks, reports say the death toll is relatively modest in part due to an improved communication system in india. we have that story. >> reporter: it may look low-key, ut but the india meteorological department is credited with predicting the cyclone as early at the 8th of october, giving relief agencies time to prepare. as a result, government authorities today are being commended for launching an extensive disaster management program before the cyclone hit that included moving more than 800,000 people to safer ground. >> this is for the department specifically and in general for the country as a whole because
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you know, the cyclone kills people. if you have a good system you can provide good lead time. >> reporter: skripkauskas the most powerful to hit india in more than a decade and has the potential to kill a lot people than it did science helped. the reason that scientists were able to accurately predict the cyclone is there's more than 600 automated weather systems across the country. the coastline here as a digital radar network that closely monitors weather conditions. in the calm after the storm, people in india's states saw the full extent of cyclone phailin's power. the storm made land on saturday with winds of up to 200
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kilometers an hour. destroying the power communications lines as well as homes. >> translator: i had been living here for 12 years, but have never seen such a state. >> reporter: it could have been much worse. despite the devastation, only a handful of casualties have been reported. >> the india rf has done the biggest deployment for a single disaster. so far about 2,300 people, including medical first responders and other technical people with heavy equipment to deal with search and rescue. >> reporter: a cyclone similar to phailin killed 10,000 people just 14 years ago. the fwovt government plans to
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keep using advanced technology to prevent that from ever happening again. >> right now the international red cross says there's no contact so far with gunmen who kidnapped seven workers in northern syria today. they were seized outside the city this morning. a spokesperson in syria said the relief team had six red cross aid workers and one local volunteers. we get more from other reporter on the story. >> we understand that the six staff members as well as the syrian red crescent volunteer were kidnapped when they were returning back to damascus after spending three days in the province. they were assessing the medical needs and providing medical supplies to doctors in that area. now, according to syrian activists, they do believe that the islamic state in iraq has an al qaeda affiliated group is behind the kidnapping of the
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staff. now, there hasn't been any claim of responsibility from that particular group, but this is what syrian activists do believe. now, in another piece of information that we've been gathering, the nationalities of those kidnapped are not revealed by the icrc, but information coming from activists do suggest that some of the them are arab nationals and as well as foreigners. two suicide bombs went off in damascus. according to state media no casualties were reported from the explosions. they showed footage of two burning vehicles, a fire yin and images from inside a nearby building where windows had been blown out. also in syria more evacuees from the war-torn region. about 3500 people left an area
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right outside damascus this weekend. it's a reonthat underwent weeks of fighting over the last two months. so far more than 2 million refugees have fled their homeland. coming up next on "al jazeera america" a gun show in new york welcomes a special visitor who is a shooting victim and staunch gun control advocates. drone technology is not just about air strikes on foreign soil. we look at how it impacts people's lives right here.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. the u.s. laz used drones for years, and the future of drones is out of the battlefield and into everyday life. the newest evolution of drone technology is on display at d.a.r.k. in new york city. these much smaller versions could serve a host of civilian functions and can cost as low as
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$300. drone builders say this is just the beginning, but there are some concerns. law experts at the conference addressed issues of privacy and liability. >> what are drones really but flying smartphones? if you build a drone, a third-party can write an app for it, whether it be a corporation or some kid in a basement. how do you allocate responsibility among the person that owns the drone and the person that writes the software where bones are on the line instead of just bits? >> the legal concerns come as more and more drones take flight in civilian air space. for example, the issue of drones mounted with cameras whether used by law enforcement or journalists is launching worries about privacy. we spoke with missy cummings. she's an associate professor at m.i.t. who first researched drones while on active duty as one of the navy's first female fighter pilots. she said drones do a more effective job on certain tasks than people. >> there's an innate fear that
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humans have that somehow the world around us is changing rapidly by machines. so i think it's important to recognize that people feel unmfrtable as technology pushes forward in ways we haven't seen before. there's no argument that drones in lots of applications in krop dusting are far superior. >> as the ugrows, many states are considering or have passed regulation regulating them. drone legislation has been proposed in 42 states and enacted in eight shown right here in red. it's still under consideration in six states, the ones shown in green. the aclu recommends legal limits on how drones can be used and whether armed. many of the state bills eflekt nose concerns. these require probable cause warrants before law enforcement agencies can use a drone. some states require law enforcement agencies to report their drone use to the
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legislature. some have taken steps to ban the possibility of arming drones. earlier i spoke with the director of the electronic privacy information center domestic surveillance project. amy talked about privacy concerns in light of growing drone technology. >> when you think about technology, it's just getting more and more advanced. the only way to stop what the technology can do, what information it can collect is through legislation. you don't want law enforcement to put up a drone over the city square and track somebodies everyday movement. these are all very personal details about a person. when you track them over time, it can paint a very real picture of somebody's life. that should be limited. former arizona congressman gaby giffords who surfed a deadly mass shooting in 2011 was at an unlikely location today. she toured a gun show in upstate new york. giffords, still partially paralyzed, was there to support a call for ieter fwun control.
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we have more. >> reporter: it might be one of the last places you'd expect a shooting victim to be, at a gun show. >> gabby, one of our females in new york. >> it was safety, not sales that brought the former congresswoman here. >> now is the time to come together. be responsible. democrats, republicans, everyone. >> her visit, along with husband markely is part of the couple's national campaign to expand background checks for gun sales. her crusade ties to the history of her assailant, jared lout ner. he purchased his gun legally in arizona. his mental instability never legally determined, and that allowed him to pass the state background check. for the past two years giffords, who is a gun owner herself, has appealed to congressional lawmakers to close loopholes that allow criminals and the mentally ill to purchase guns.
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>> you must act. be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> reporter: while gun control legislation failed in congress, states like new york have made it harder to purchase firearms. the s.a.f.e. act passed in new york earlier this year expands a ban on military-style weapons and requires mental health officials to report threats. the organizers had made an agreement to adopt rules that
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will track sales at shows, provide on the spot background checks and man dane proof of purchase before buyers exit the building. it's a model giffords sees as a gun control compromise, one that doesn't infringe on second amendment rights. giffords still struggles to walk, speak, read and write, but she is determined to take her gun control message to an audience least likely to want to hear it. ray lynn johnson, al jazeera. we want to give you a preview now. check out "talk to al jazeera tonight." tonight's guest is independent senator bernie sanders of vermont. he's a strong critic of obamacare, which he says does not go far enough. >> what about obamacare? >> obamacare is a good, moderate, republican proposal which does important things. it expands health insurance to another 20 or 30 million americans. very important. it puts some restriction on what
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private insurance companies can do. if we're serious about providing health care to all people in a cost-effective way, what you have to do so is move to a medicare for all single payor program. >> whether you say single payor, our talking about nationalized health care. >> actually you're not. that's what the united kingdom has. single payor is what they have in canada. you don't have private insurance companies, but people can go to private doctors and clinics and so forth. >> but the government is still the single payor? >> yes, exactly. >> and that means what, for me, as a taxpayer? >> here's good news for you. guess what it means. you don't have to play bluecross blueshield $16,000 a year anymore. aren't you delighted? >> if we were to redirect funding -- >> look, i've been subjected to the 30-second ads that take about what you want.
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bernie sanders wants to raise your taxes. your taxes go up but you don't pay 12, 14, $16,000 a year to a private insurance company. >> watch the full interview tonight. "talk to al jazeera" airs at 1 10:30 eastern right here on al jazeera america. it's that time. let's get a check on sports. darren hayes joins us. what's on deck. >> the last time tom brady beat drew brees was 14 years ago. he wasn't even an nfl player. brady was a senior at michigan and brees was in his junior year in purdue. today at foxboro with five seconds remaining in the game, the patriots quarterback fiently got his first nfl win over drew brees when he found tofrp kins for the 17-yard game-winning touchdown. the patriots downed the new orleans saints 30-27 and sit alone on top of the afc east
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standings. no cover, but it's a win. the denver broncos came into today's game against the jaguars as a 28-point favorite but struggled during the 35-19 win. peyton manning threw four touchdown passes but lost two fumbles and through an interception. that resulted in a pick six. no sean ma rain notice had three touchdown runs to help to improve the broncos record. charles ran for two touchdowns and 28 yards as the chief are unbeaten. the chiefs piled up ten sacks ending a six-game losing streak ge against the raiders at arrowhead stadium. that's sports this hour. i'm darren hayes. >> thank you. native-americans from across the country are gathering in oklahoma for their annual convention. still ahead on al jazeera america, from health care to climate change, you look at some of the issues facing some of the most marginalized communities in the u.s.
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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welcome back to yz america. i'm thomas drayton. here's a look at the top stories this hour. at least 89 people are dead after a stampede in india. thousands of hindu pilgrims were on a bridge approaching a remote temple. the stampede started when a rumor spread that the bridge was about to collapse. the international red cross is still waiting for word from gunmen that kidnapped several workers in syria today. officials believe it was an al qaeda-linked group that seized six aides and a local volunteer from northern syria this morning. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. senate has adjourned for the weekend, and there's still no deal to end the government shutdown. democrats and republicans remain divided. the country is scheduled to hit a debt ceiling on thursday, october 17th. the house and senate will both be back in session tomorrow. a number of national parks and monuments have been re-opened to the public, but it's not the federal government that's behind the openings.
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instead, states are footing the bill. the statue of liberty re-opened this morning after being closed nearly two weeks during the government shutdown. it will cost new york more than $60,000 per day to keep lady liberty operating. mount rushmore is also open again. south dakota will pay about $16,000 per day for expenses. in arizona the grand canyon has re-opened to visitors. the state has agreed to pay $650,000 to keep it open for the next week. so in total about a dozen national parks are set to re-open via funding from individual states. you know the federal government shutdown is causing problems on florida waterways. we have the report from miami. >> reporter: for power boaters in south florida's biscayne national park, columbus day weekend is traditionally the biggest party of the year. the waterway south of miami is home to some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the
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nation and providing access to nearby havens like elliott key. this year because of the federal shutdown the park is officially closed. >> you can boat through the park but can't anchor in it. >> patrolling the waters is not a matter of putting up a sign and closing a gate. >> we have hundreds of miles of boundary out in the ocean, unmarked boundaries. so we're putting the word out that people are closed. we're asking people to stay away from the park. >> with 30 park rangers furloughed, state and local law enforcement officers are pitching in with the challenging task. boaters who ventured out were given this noi and told they could do if they were fishing or transiting through the intercostal waterways. they could only anchor if they were seeking safe haven. >> if you use it as a safety harb harbor, you don't get in trouble, right? >> that's your argument. >> that's my argument in court. >> it's kind of confusing. i don't want a 5,0$5,000 ticket.
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i ant can't afford that. >> reporter: also closed nearby is everglades national park where fishing is prohibited and at least 100 boats gathered last week to protest and send a message to washington. >> the park being closed means we can't go fishing and make money, and that means the days of fishing we're losing we don't get back. >> reporter: the fishermen are not the only one feeling the financial squeeze. >> federal employees across the country are having to think about their finances and make temporary arrangements, because we are not getting paid at this time. >> reporter: which means on top of the angst over the spectacle in the south florida bay, park rangers charged with protect the monuments feel the pain themselves from the government closure. al jazeera, miami. it's time for our regular sunday evening look at the week ahead. the federal government has been shut down for 13 days now.
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negotiations between president obama and house republicans failed saturday, and all eyes turn to the senate. majority leader harry reid says his talks today with minority leader mitch mcconnell was productive, but that's as far as it went. iconic national parks in five states are re-opening includes the grand canyon and statue of liberty. states are fronting the money, but most park workers remain furloughed. as bleak as it is, it could get worse. the debt ceiling must be raised by thursday or the u.s. will default on debt with widespread consequences from wall street to main street. joining me now, political analys analysts. good to have you with us, gentlemen. >> pleasure. >> can we start with the optimistic note from senator harry reid. this is what he had to say today, and then we'll begin our conversation. >> i'm confident that the republicans will allow the government to open and extend
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the ability of this country to pay its bills. i'm going to do everything that i can throughout the day to accomplish this. americans want congress to re-open the government, take the threat of default off the table and sit down to talk about a long-term budget deal that creates jobs and strengthens the middle class. i'm confident and hopeful it will be accomplished. >> senator harry reid is confident after conversations he had with senator mcconnell. should we be just as confident that we're near a resolution? >> i think it remains to be seen. i think when the markets open tomorrow morning, we'll see what happens. if wall street takes a big dive, it will put the shock and reality into the hearts and members of congress and hopefully get them to act. >> dominick, what does it take to reach a deal? >> that's an excellent question, thomas. i wish i could have the optimism that the majority leader has, but frankly i don't because no matter what he negotiates with
8:35 pm
senator mcconnell, the fact of the matter is it has to go back to the house. as we know, if it doesn't pass muster with house tea party conservatives, none of this is going anywhere. it's just theater if it doesn't get past tea party. >> you put everything on the table and entitlement reform and obamacare. what remains on the table? >> you've seen house republicans quietly move off on their resistance to some form of reform on obamacare and focus mother on debt deficits and spends. you've seen some movement from house republicans. that gives a lot of people comfort that perhaps a negotiated settlement is in the works. >> congressman paul ryan is pushing a deal but will they bite? >> i think democrats are willing to come to the table. they have core issues like the republicans do, and it's a good sign it appears that obamacare is off the table.
8:36 pm
no president is going to, one, negotiate as we look ahead with, if you will, with a gun to his head. no president is going to give on their signature achievement. with that said, i think democrats are willing to negotiate one other issue. >> we talk about the back and forth. why did it take so long for reid and mcconnell to get together and have the conversation? >> they both knew their caucuses were dug in. mcconnell knew whatever deal he could negotiate in his own caucus would be under the scrutiny of his brothers and sisters in the house of representatives. similarly, in harry reid, you had a bipartisan deal that went up for a vote and went down. that was the deal that senator john manchin, democrat of west virginia and susan collins of maine cut where it was a repeal of the medical devices tax of obamacare. even that went down. i think both sides know they don't have their troops rallied. >> you have some plans as you
8:37 pm
mentioned, senator collins laid out a plan among other plans where you can afford the or fund the government, i should say, for another four months, raising the debt ceiling for another six months. down the road, aren't we facing another nightmare and revisiting this conversation that we're ultimately just putting off? >> that's the wing thing democrats have made clear, thomas. they're not interested in band-aid short-term solutions. they want something more long-term so we don't keep going through this, especially into the holidays. as we look ahead to this week, the one thing to look forward to is what will speaker boehner do? at the end of the day it comes back to the speaker. will he permit an up or down vote on this? we think the answer is no on that. you know, things can change. what is he going to do to cater to his tea party members? >> what is he going to do? is he looking to save his job? there's a lot of questions. >> there has been, and i think
8:38 pm
he's demonstrated by holding firm. a lot of members of the tea party caucus and other right-leaning members of the house caucus, the republican caucus rather have been, we'll say, pleasantly surprised the speaker has held out. i think he's earned his stripes in their minds for being a tough negotiator. as a republican i take great heart in knowing once we do put this behind us, the republicans will have drawn a line in the sand about their seriousness or the seriousness with which they intend to confront issues of debts and spending. >> is ted cruz the de facto head of the republican party? >> i think democrats would love foster senator cruz to be the head of the republican party. >> i think republicans still have something to say about that, though, hopefully. >> as it relates to what's going to happen, it's very interesting. my point is this. i know this is not political, but the pain of the american people. thomas, you did that story at the top of the hour about the national parks, the statue of
8:39 pm
liberty. americans are hurting. americans are being furloughed, and we expect more of our leadership. in politics perception is reality. if this thing defaults this week, it's not going to be good throughout the world as it relates to the american economy. >> let's talk about the hurt that so many americans are going through right now and some of the blame game because it's back and forth. republicans are blamed and now democrats are facing the blame. in fact, listen to what senator enzi had to say about the blame game. >> we went to the white house the other day. the president did a marvelous job of going through a speech, and then questions and answers. i was very disappointed at the end because the end speem was give me what i want for the shutdown in government. give me what i want for the debt limit increase, and then we can talk. the reason we're talking is because we have the government
8:40 pm
shutdown and we have this looming debt ceiling problem. there all to be other ways to talk, but we don't. like i say, there's plenty of blame to go around. >> nbc poll, 60% of americans said they would vote everybody out of congress here. do you think people are seeing the system as a failure. >> there's no question with headline-grabbing events, the situation we face now, americans get depressed and wonder why the leaders, the men and women they elected can't seem to do their job. yet, divided government is something we seem to want. >> what does this say about the republican brand? >> it says right now a snapshot in time, my colleague is correct. it really is only a snapshot in time. that the republican party is in trouble. their numbers are about 28%, lowest ever. there was talk that they might have a shot at taking the
8:41 pm
senate. i don't see that scenario happening any way, any possibility now. i even jump out on a limb and say if they're not careful they might lose the actual house if they're not careful. >> no way. i disagree with dominick on that. you look at the seats in play, and they're in states that the president lost handily. >> that's true. >> no prognosticator that i heard thinks the house is in jeopardy of going into democratic hands, which embolds the republicans to dig their heels in to say we have to do something about spending in this country. >> you asked about the republican party, and the fact of the matter is, each side is spinning. this is self-inflicted. this is self-inflicted, and if you're the president, how do you negotiate with someone that's taking you over a cliff? >> on the track we're going on right now, will the u.s. default? >> i don't know. i hope not, but right now looking forward, i'd have to say yes. >> remains to be seen.
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appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> gentlemen, thank you. thousands of people are gathering in tulsa, oklahoma for the 70th annual national congress of the american indian convention. on the agenda, how to preserve native languages to climate change. >> the national congress gives the u.s. 565 federally recognized tribes, a unified voice and position in the dealing with the government. this year along the issues, it's also dealing with the partial government shutdown. many tribes are hugely reliant on the federal government for the most basic of services. as a result, many are deeply suffering as a result of the paralysis on capitol hill. this year's conference coincides with columbus day here in the united states. that's the celebration of christopher columbus' first voyage to the americas. for those here say columbus day
8:43 pm
is another sign of how poorly understood the narrative is. >> it continues in many ways to say, you know, you're not there. you're not -- you're not counted in our mainstream society. your individual history is of no value. how would you like to say, hey, here i am. i found you. i discovered you. what would you say? how can you find me? >> i've always been there. >> other issues to be discussed, violence against women and the ability of tribal authorities to prosecute non-native men for sexual violence committed. 87% of assaults is committed by non-native men. the oil and gas boom on the country socially, native-american womens reporting a spike in assaults against them
8:44 pm
that coincides with the influx of thousands of workers exploits the new natural resources. in egypt supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi are calling for small protests around the country against the military-backed interim government. they advised against a large take-over of the cairo's tahrir square where massive protests have often ended in violence. dozens of protesters and security forties have been killed in the past two weeks. an american citizen detained in an egyptian jail for more than six weeks was found dead in his prison cell. the cause of death was an apparent suicide. the man was identified by the state department as james lund.d he was arrested in a security crackdown that followed a car bomb in late august. he's the second foreigner to die in egyptian custody since last month. rescue crews are searching through the rubble of a building in northwest colombia searching
8:45 pm
for survivors. it collapsed late saturday night in an exclusive neighborhood in the country's second largest city, medallin. many are trapped in the high-rise apartment. they say many lives were safed by an early evacuation when cracks responded in the building friday night. the missing, nine are workers who are there to repair those cracks. argentina press has been released from the hospital. 63-year-old christina kirscher has been released. the surgery caused her to abandon campaigning before congressional elections that take place later this month. there are a lot of terrific gains in the nfl today, wasn't there? sports will be back to give us a look at week six in football.
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8:48 pm
darren hayes joins us with a look at sports. a lot on the plate in nfl sunday. it's playoff time in baseball. this is a must-win for the red sox in game two at home in the championship series. in the first game last night, the red sox almost made history in a negative way. they almost became the third team in postseason history to be no-hit. that ended with one out in the ninth inning, but the old saying is great pitching will always beat great hitting. right now in the alcs, the tigers have a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning. avila hit an rbi single to brick in victor martinez.
8:49 pm
in the national league championship series, who wouldn't be happy with the two games to nothing lead? that's where the st. louis cardinals stand after taking a game one and game two against the l.a. dodgers. today both managers addressed the media looking towards game three tomorrow night in l.a. >> well, we're going to approach the same way we have the last couple of days. you know, individually take, you know, sdaish doesn't get easier for us with wainwright. basically, you know, trying to put a plan together. each guy has to basically put a plan together and they need to stick with something else for the hit and try to square him up and keep it to the same thing we've been doing all year long. >> fortunately our guys have trained themselves since february to play them one at a time, and regardless of what happened yesterday, good, bad and different. they've done a nice job staying consistent with that. the last time the patriots
8:50 pm
quarterback tom brady beat saints quarterback drew brees, how about 14 years ago? brady wasn't even in the nfl. it was during his senior year at michigan when brees was a junior at purdue. they met once again. let's start it off in the second. pats up 10-7. stevan ridley gets his second touchdown to the day in his first game back after a knee surgery. now it's 17-7 patriots. saints are down 17-10 in what everything thought was a battle between quarterbacks, brees hands it over to robinson for the 2-yard scam per. late fourth quarter and the saints down by six. drew brees goes for it all for a 34-yard score. that will make it 24-23 saints. we're not done. saints are up 27-23. why would anyone doubt tom brady here? mr. clutch himself puts the pats in position to win and connects with kimbrough thofrp kins for
8:51 pm
the win. they improve to 30-27 the final there. >> well, we knew that we were down one, and if we missed it, they were going to, you know, hopefully kick a field goal like they did and we'd have another chance. so i don't think we were very discouraged, you know. we just said, look, we have to do better. if we get it back, we have to certainly make more plays. there was little margin for error at the end based on the situation we were in. guys made great catches and certainly the last one was a great catch in the corner of the zoned. a 28-point spread coming into this game with the high-flying denver broncos against the jaguars. peyton manning connects with wes welker for the 20-yard score. 14-0 broncos. at halfway point through the spread, the jags score 12 unanswered points, then manning, he's going to fight tight end julius thomas for the touchdown in the core of the end zone. now with nate moreno there, he
8:52 pm
gets one of three touchdowns on the day as the patriots pull out this one 35-19 in this one. meanwhile, the chiefs looking to remain unbeaten, and it was the jamaal charles show today. the chiefs running back got two touchdown scores on the day, the first one 7 yards out. he finishes with 78 yards on the ground. the chiefs beat the raiders 24-7 and improve to 6-0. heading into week six of the nfl season, the noshgsz jets and pittsburgh steelers are going in two different directions. the jets are one game behind the top spot while the steelers are winless this season and looking bad on both sides of the ball until now. mike tomlin and the steelers coming off a bye-week and looking for win number one. third quarter, third and 2 for the steelers. check out ben roethlisberger. pitch and catch. there's the 55-yard touchdown strike. that puts the steelers up 16-6. the ups and downs of gino smith continues. smith is picked off in the red
8:53 pm
zone, and that's a big boo-boo. late in the fourth, smith again gets intercepted this time from the 12 yard line. that seals the game for the steelers, 19-6 is the final there. >> if they came out, they played exactly how we thought they would. we knew they'd be fresh and flying around and they were. mike tomlin does a great job with that team. you know, they outplayed us. >> for the most part, you know, we were able to move the ball. coming into the game we expected to be in a ground it out type of game. their record doesn't indicate the type of team they are. they have a great, smart defense and they came out and played smart today. >> in buffalo the bills are down 24-17 with under two minutes to go, but they're driving. e.j. manuel connects with marquee goodman on a strike. they tied it and went into overtime. in o.t. a 43-yard field goal by
8:54 pm
mike nugent, money. in minnesota adrian peterson played with a heavy heart today after the death of his son on friday. this one, however, was all panthers. cam newton threw for three touchdown passes and rushed for another as carolina steam rolls minnesota 35-10. finally, in chicago all eyes were on over 40,000 runners for the chicago marathon. security was heightened following the boston bombing in april, but that did not distract the winner in a record 2 hours, 3 minutes and 45 seconds. as for the women, kenya's rita jetu crossed the fin irline first running the race in two hours, 19 minutes and 55 seconds. i'm darren haynes, and that's a look at sports. >> and also earned her $100,000 and a $40,000 bonus and probably an endorsement deal out of this. that was her personal best by the way. >> maybe some new shoes and
8:55 pm
other stuff like that. >> one could only hope. stay tuned. at the top of the hour, comic books go to war, but first, tonight meteorologist rebecca stevenson has the forecast up next. my name's nicole deford and i'm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
today was the last day, the final day of the austin city limits music fest, and it got canceled because of flooding, because of rain. very heavy rainfall. in fact, we're talking about a foot in a 12-hour period. we have downtown austin report over 10 inches of rainfall today. from the storms that are coming up from the south-southwest. now, you may be looking that direction and say, that's coming out of the el paso area, even farther down towards mexico. that's right. this is a tropical storm sitting in the pacific that is pushing up a lot of moisture into texas, and we've been seeing significant rainfall. we had a daily rain record of 3.15 inches for austin, who actually totaled more than that, a little over 5 inches has been falling in that rain gauge of
8:58 pm
austin. so we have flash flood warnings. we have a severe thunderstorm warning farther south in the texas area, the closer south to san antonio. all this rainfall is coming down so fast and quickly, we've had a lot of emergencies happen in the state. so we're looking at rainfall totals in san antonio approaching an inch in the last 24 hours. the water vapor satellite, this is where we look for the moisture in the atmosphere. you can see that in the greens, and look at that pile up from the baja peninsula from the tropical storm into texas. this is going to continue for the next two days. in fact, we're going to see a band of this rain start to return as we get into later tomorrow evening and into tuesday as well. we're also going to have that heavy rain shoot right up and make a bull's eye over parts of arkansas in the next two days. so if you live in arkansas, get ready. it's going to get very rainy and it's going to stick around for a while. it's going to be very heavy rain when it comes. another spot of rain and snow that we're watching is in the northwest.
8:59 pm
we've got a good-sized storm moving through wyoming bringing you more mountain snow. in fact, right above 8,000 feet we're looking from anywhere from 6 to 12 inches including some of the mountains of montana to the west. now, we're seeing this particular storm track over towards the dakotas, and that's where the winds are picking up and we're going to get significant rain out of this storm for the dakotas. a lot of flood watches in effect as that storm makes its way eastward, again, tomorrow into tuesday. it's got a lot to prepare for this week. in the warnings, very cold in the columbian basin. you have a freeze warning in effect overnight tonight. here's the winter advisories in effect for the northwest, for parts of central montana into the dakotas and, of course, into nevada and utah as well. so the mountains, you're going to help get that snowpack going for ski season. it's going to sneak up on us definitely, and as we look at the storm, it's bringing showers into parts of southwest. thanks for being with us.
9:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera live from new york city i'm thomas with a look at today's top stories. 89 people are dead after a stampede in india. thousands of hindu pilgrims were on a bridge approaching a remote temple. the stampede started when a rumor started that is the bridge was going to collapse. island yeaindia is recoverie strongest storm. cyclone pi phailin hit the coas. hundreds of millions of dollars of crops were lost. >


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