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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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. good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. making progress - senate leaders reportedly close to reaching a deal to reopen the federal government. >> more secrets. the nsa knows who you have been emailing and chatting with online. >> a member of al qaeda in new york - a man indicted more than 10 years ago for bombing american embassies in kenya about to face trial in the united states. >> oil spill in north dakota - why farmers and residents knew nothing about it for weeks.
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day 14 of the deposit shutdown is ending on an optimistic note. weeks of finger pointing on capitol hill could be winding down. democratic and republican leaders are confident a deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling will be done by the end of the week. we have more from white house correspondent mike viqueira. >> well, a deal in the senate may be at hand in the nick of time. the gop politics that brought the nation to the brink means there's no n -- guarantee that a senate-passed plan will pass in the house of representatives. >> president obama visited a washington food bank where he greeted furloughed workers. >> if the republicans are not willing to set aside part san concerns to do what is right for the country, we stand a chance
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of defaulting. >> there are signs the worse may be avoided. senate leaders said the right things in the core doors. >> i'm optimistic that we'll reach an agreement. >> i share his optimism. >> i feel good. >> on the table - funding the government until 15 joint enterprise, and raising the debt ceiling high enough to last until mid february. a key question - can house speaker john boehner get a senate deal through the house. conservatives pushed the speaker to adopt a hard line on cutting spending and rolling back obamacare. they are angry with john boehner. they were dismayed when forced to swallow the fiscal cliff deal. this time it was to be different. they failed to tie it to obamacare. house conservatives are on the sideline and mitch mcconnell,
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another target of conservative mistrust searches for a last-minute deal with democrats. >> perhaps tomorrow will be a bright day. we are not there yet. we hope it will be. >> negotiations are at a sensitive stage it was viewed at a positive development when a meeting called by the president at the white house between republicans and democrats, house and senate leaders were postponed because they were hammering out details behind closed doors. >> now here is the timetable members of congress are facing. on 17 october the government will no longer be able to borrow money. the treasury says there's $30 billion in the coffers, running out between october 17th and 22nd. social security, veterans and medicare may be on hold.
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22 october default if bills not paid. finally, november 15th, another $29 billion interest payment is due. if the economy slows and tax payments fall short, a default could occur. >> looking at the reactions on wall street. the do you started the day losing money. then when the afternoon joint press conference was announced on capitol hill, stocks jumped into positive territory. despite the meeting being put on hold, the dow finished up 64 points. the head of the international montry fund is warning u.s. lawmakers to settle the debt ceiling situation before the global markets take a hit. christine lagarde says the u.s. needs to give certainty to the rest of the world by paying i iits bills. >> one thing is certain around
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the table, if there's a degree of lack of trust, it would mean massive destruction the world over. we'd be at risk of tipping into recession again. >> the national security agency is collecting millions of contact lists from personal email, instant messaging account, according to documents leaked to the "the washington post" by former nsa contractor edward snowden. according to the report in the newspaper many of those acts belong to americans. the spy agency says they are attempting to find intelligence on terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. >> a suspected al qaeda figure arrived in new york city to face federal terrorism charges. 49-year-old abu anas al liby was indicted for his connection to the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in tanzania and kenya. in 2001 he and other suspects were indicted.
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in the court documents it alleges as early as 1993 abu anas al liby planned attacks with other al qaeda figures against the u.s. in response to american military action in somalia. there was a $5 mill reward for his capture. >> we are in downtown mann hatton in front of the federal courthouse where abu anas al liby was processed and was expected to be seen by a judge some time on tuesday. abu anas al liby is a suspect in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania, leaving 224 dead. the u.s. government says abu anas al liby was working with al qaeda and helped to coordinate the attacks. he was picked up in a raid in tripoli libya, outside of his home, and brought to a military vessel where he was entergated for about 10 days before being brought back here to new york
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where he'll face a federal judge again on tuesday. >> hours from now in geneva switzerland diplomats from the u.s. and five major world powers will sit with iranian negotiators to talk about their nuclear program. the goal - to reach agreement on an issue that has produced deadlock. >> it's been six months since iran and the p5 nations met to discuss the suspected nuclear weapons program. the obama administration heads to geneva, skeptical and optimistic about ending the dispute. >> if there's a deal that diminishes iran's ability to dash towards a weapon, obama could sell it as an important step forward for u.s. national securitiy. >> the new iranian president
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hassan rouhani says questions about his country's nuclear ambitions can be settled in six months. the u.s. insists they will be judged by their actions. >> we have made it clear to iran , they can have a peaceful nuclear program. >> for start e -- starters the u.s. and other members want reyne to: -- iran to: >> in exchange the p5 plus one promises to impose no new sanctions and ease restrictions op iran's oil industry. >> the p5 plus one has to deliver something for the
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rainians. on the iranian side there's huge expectations. relations may be warming between iran and the west, is there a long-term benefit to the u.s.' efforts. >> if we were able to establish a measure of trust, there's a number of areas - syria being one of them - where we could see it producing benefits for the u.s. and iran. >> the americans need to take into account the concerns of its allies, the saudis and the israelis. israel's prime minister made it clear he does not trust iran's public relations campaign. >> iran wants to be in a position to rush forward, build nuclear bombs before the international community can detect it and much less present it. >> while washington enters the talks with its own goals in mind, it has to make sure it has buy-in from its allies. >> a 7.2 magnitude earthquake
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hit the southern philippines and was centered about 35 miles deep below the town of karman. we are live from a neighbouring island with more. if could you feel the quake, and what is the extent of the damage in the area? >> yes, about 20 minutes in the morning, the earthquake - the epicentre, two hours by boat from here, in the province of baho in karman. it is known to be a tourist destination and this is a long weekend in the philippines. the local government is worried because of the long weekend. now, according to the national report, school buildings collapsed and some roads are not
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passable at this point. local government is saying that rescue operations are under way. they have closed the airports and coastguards are not allowing boats, commercial and private, to go in and out of the area. now, the earthquake was felt as far apart as the southern philippines. they'll assess the full damage in a few hours time. >> we are hearing that four people were killed, and a number of others injured. are we talking about a densely populated area where the quake hit? >> yes, definitely. in fact, the provins is densely populated. the other areas - the province is one of biggest cities in the philippines, in particular the big region.
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according to the local government, what they are worried about is because communication lines are down, that some of those rescues - those supposed to go there, might not get there in time. the government is saying that they are grateful that, in fact, it's a national holiday. some school buildings collapsed, there were no students inside and those provinces have been spared. >> thank you for your report. >> it has been a rocky night across the northern plains, we have another storm system going through. if you remember a little over a week ago there was one storm system that brought over 4 feet of snow to the western part of south dakota. this evening we are seeing snow from another system.
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we don't expect to see that much snow - probably about 16 inches when it's all said and done. you can see the pink and the blue, the pink indicating a mix, the blue the snow, as well as this here going through parts of kansas. we had thunder storm watches out. you can see the line of thunder storms is moving across parts of kansas and nebraska. this will go on all night. you may want to keep on your radios. there could be a bit of damage in terms of wind and hail in many locations and icy roads to the north. >> thank you. we are starting to get a look at the damage left behind by the cyclone that slammed into india's eastern coast. cyclone phailan caused flooding, destroying tens of thousands of homes. officials say 25 died. they credit - they think it could have been more had it not been for the massive evacuation effort that moved nearly a million people out of one of
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india's poorest regions. less than when a psych len hit in 1999. a food fight over food labelling. washington state's battle over product containing genetically engineer ed ingredients. and the problems the government shutdown has caused the flu season.
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tomorrow could be a frustrating day for commuters in san francisco. bay area rapid transit workers are threatening to strike if they can't reach a pay deal. the management said they made a final offer which included a 12% pay raise. unions say it's not enough. a strike means destructions for 200,000 passengers. >> the flu season is getting under way. the agency that monitors the spread of the violence is short-staffed. because of the shutdown two thirds of the staff at the
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center for disease control are not working. private companies are producing flu vak scenes, but the cdc is not publishing a weekly flu report and is cutting down on flu surveillance. here to talk about how the flu season could be affected by the shutdown is professor corey. tell us about specifically the impact that this shutdown could have on flue season. >> i tell you, i have never been so proud and frustrated to be an american. people don't realise what the center for disease control and prevention do every day - they are about prevention and civiling what is going on with -- sur veiling what is going on with our viruses around the country. a simple scenario - if there's a pandemic a third of the people working there will be able to
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work. that doesn't make me feel safe. i don't think the american public should be safe. we are not trying to fear monninger. let meet get specifics about this. monitor and tracking. how does that help to prevent the spread of flu, or does it? >> let's think about this. remember a couple of years ago we had the h1 n 1 shot. when the regular flu vac een was produced, we didn't know about h1 n 1 at the time. because of the surveillance we got everything together and offered a shot to cover h1 n 1. i was on the board that publy sissed this. without the surveillance, the vak seen would never have been produced or saved all those lives. >> when we point on the surveillance of the flu, and put it on the program or it gets out on the website, it raises awareness of the flu, and people
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go out and get the vak een, right. >> no one likes the flu vak seen. the only thing that makes you get it is the steadfast commercials saying, "go get the flu shot". people think they get the flu from the flu shot. you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. you feel bad, but that is not the flu. the flu is two weeks on your back, 106 fever and possibly death. 25,000 a year in the united states die from flu, from 20,000 to 30,000. people need to take this seriously. >> is it possible at all because of the shutdown there's not going to be as much flu vak een available, or do people have difficulty getting it. >> the cdc doesn't distribute the lion share of the vak seen, private manufacturers make the vak een, the cdc has a part in
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it. it will be available, and should be in the same quantity. people won't have the impetus to go out and get the flu vak seen without education. every year we go out and educate people, because they don't get it that that many people die every year. we have to remember in 1920 - between 1918 and 1920 $50 million people decide in the world from the same flu we have today, and a million in the united states, in that one year. same flu. >> you have been educating people tonight. good to see you. thank for joining us. >> in sepah gal tribe heelers have just as much report as doctors if not more. many parents are so poor they choose the healers over proper medical care. the president came up with an idea - free medical care for children under five. >> protecting a child from harm
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starts here. in this hut is a healer. the senegalese called him an mahabu. he's believed to have healing skills. >> translation: the spirits gave me this gift. doctors treat, but i heal. i never get it wrong. >> this man's son is home suffering a fever. there's no doubt that an evil spell makes her sick. he gives her prayer beads and gives her a potion. >> he gives me natural remedies. it's no different to what you get in a pill, but seeing a doctor is expensive. >> in a country where most earn less than $2, spending anything close to a dollar for medical treatment is unaffordable. not enough mothers take their sick babies to hospital. too many die of illnesses that could be prevented with the
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right care. >> the senegalese government is offering free health insurance for everyone under five years of age. >> emergency care, vak sinations and doctor's visits are paid for by the state. rm. >> without a proper health care system the country will not develop. it's important to move forth universal health care for all. >> inspired by president obama's health care reform, the government formed it maki care after the former president. his government subsidised health insurance, encouraging low-income insurers to take it out. the state is spending $10 million to fund the reform. >> translation: this is not enough. politicians need to explain why getting health insurance is in everyone's interest. >> plans are to scale up the program to include adults by 2014. i asked if it is feared that could push the malibu out of
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business. >> he is not worried, believing health care reforms are governed by spirits. >> washington state is the battle ground in the continuing fight over genetic engineering and the food weed. citizens initiative is on the ballot, requiring clear labelling on most, but not all food containing genetically engineered ingredients. a contentious big-money campaign is under way. >> the food fight brought in there 23 million campaign dollars, $18 million of that on the no side. >> food regulations conflict with standards, making no sense. >> it's six, not costing a dime. >>. all: not a time. >> we have a right to know if food is genetically engineered. >> it's about product labelling and genetics engineering - which
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is complicated. most food sold in washington would have to be labelled as genetically engineered. and here is what that means - any foodproduced from an organism or organisms through which the... >> while i read here is what the two sides say the campaign is about. >> you may look for a certain ingredient. i may look for another. it's about what information i need to make the best choice for myself at the grocery store. >> it provides ipp accurate, scint and inaccurate information. it will increase the cost of groceries by $450. >> ..such as microinjection, mcrae... >> here is what each side says about the other. >> are they lying to the public? >> they are misleading the government. >> they are ridiculous and lying on tv.
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>> the no campaign is funded by farming interests, major food processes and chemical companies. the yes side by the national food industry and individual donors, the biggest support national soap maker. >> ..transferring genetic material. >> dr tony bradshaw from the university of washington. to simplify things on the science side. >> genetic engineering is the introduction of dna from one organism to another by an asexual process, usually an injection. >> on the political side get ready to decide for yourself. this is a fight that could be headed your way, says dr todd donovan. >> calve was the opening salvo. this is the next battle.
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>> if approved this will be the first law of its kind informant u.s. enacted by initiative and the vote of the people. mark morgan is here with the headlines. the dodgers making noise. >> we had a tight pitchers dual. every night the games are close. after dropping the first agreement of the mlcs the dommers return hoping the different scenario would change their fortunes. >> 11 for the series before this at bat. boy, he whacks a triple into the corner - he struck out four times. adrian gonzalez - dodgers leading 3-0.
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dodgers trailing 2-1. dallas knoi player suffering a quad ra sep win, expected to be out three or four weeks. he hasn't missed a single game in the nfl. marco murray injured. he will be likely out for the cowboys next game against the eagles. >> packers quarter back aaron rodgers without a target. wide receiver randall cobb on that play suffered a fractured fib u la in his right leg, missing 6-8 weeks. 29 catches gone this season. that's it for the sports headlines. more news next.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. here are the headlines: at least six people died after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the philippines, hitting a southern island. nearly two dozen others were injured when the top of a roof
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collapsed. the nsa is collecting millions of contact lists from personal email and instant messaging accounts, according to documents leaked to the "the washington post" by former nsa contractor edward snowden. it is used to track terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. >> with a financial deadline two days away democratic and republican leaders are optimistic a deal will be done. on the table several plans reopening the federal government and raising the debt ceiling. the shutdown furloughed at least 350,000 federal workers. >> i think the risk might be going up because of the difficulties in congress, the direction is hard to pin down. >> the showdown in washington could make the stock market a risky venture. >> but there is possible talk of a deal to reopen the federal government and raise the debt
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ceiling, and all by the end of the week. here is con gregsal correspondent libby casey with more. >> progress emerging on capitol hill. we have the broad outline of a deal. it would raise the debt ceiling into february and get the government back up and running through mid january. it could give both republicans and democrats things they want, minor changes to the federal health care law and calls for a group of congressional leaders to get together and work on deficit issues over the next couple of months. if the deal can be reached, it's about time. the american government has pretty much had it with washington. a new poll shows everyone coming out a loser. president obama fared the best. he still got a 53% disapproval rating. republicans - only a fifth of americans appreciate their tactics and techniques.
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democrats have a third of americans approving of how they handled the situation. republicans numbers have dropped, and a key voting block - political independence are especially frustrated. president obama went to martha's t bowl, a food bank in washington dc where the first family volunteered in thifg's past -- thifg thanksgiving's past. >> the american people made it clear that's not how we do business. there'll be differences between the parties. we don't need to inflict main on the american people or risk america's forefaith and credit is damaged because one side is not getting its way. >> leaders in the senate of an upbeat tone. major ity leader harry reid, and minority leader mitch mcconnell said on the floor that they are
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making progress. >> i'm optimistic we'll reach on agreement that's reasonable in nature this week, to reopen the government, pay the nation's bills and begin long-term faith. >> i share his optimism that we'll get a result. >> the next step - selling the plan to the caucuses. republicans will go behind closed doors and hash out their opinion. democrats will do the same. even if they agree, there's a question on whether the senate will sign on. every day of negotiations brings us closer to the deadline. >> debate over the debt ceiling is not new. the federal government borrowing limit has been raised dozens of times. the debt ceiling hit new mights in the past few decades. >> jonathan betts explains how the debt climbed to $17 trillion. >> the united states has pretty
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much been in debt since its founding. every few years the limit is raised. republican presidents raise it more often. but the amount borrowed went up under democrat presidents. it rose more under ronald regan. much to pay to build up the military during the cold war. the debt limit tripling during at 80, topping a trillion. under george w bush it was raised five times. bill clinton saw the debt ceiling go up four times, jumping 44%, but the nation's debt went down during the cloint's years. it's one of the few times it happened. then president george w bush - raised sooech times under him. debts double. it brings us to president obama.
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he's raised the debt limit five times, this is the sixth. the amount borrowed has gone up 50% and he hopes to raise the limit by another trillion. the u.s. started with less than a trillion of debt in 1980. it soared over the past three decades, approaching $17 trillion in debt today, and more money needs to be borrowed. every time the debt ceiling is raised the government spends more, and that limit is met and often soon exceeded. >> social security, cost of living increases will be the smallest in 40 years. according to an analysis by the associated press the increase will be 1.5%. automatic increases were adopted in 1975. the government was scheduled to announce the annual cost of living raised wednesday. it may be delayed by the
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government shutdown. if congress fails to raise the debt ceilings, social security debts could be delayed. we catch up with retirees at a senior's facility who can't afford to that are to happen. >> social security is what i live on. without that i will eventually wind up in the street and so will my disabled son. that's how important social security is to me. i earned it. >> shirley worked for 40 years as a beautician, paying into her social security. today she counts on it for everything. >> food, rent. medicine. over the counter things, and payments for my insurance. things like that. transportation. by the middle of the month i'm delving into my savings, what little there is left. the u.s. treasury secretary warned that in congress failed to raise the ceiling social
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security checks could go on the chopping block. >> it's a serious threat. it's political pawn. we know that social security payments have not created av luns among seniors, but have kept seniors from being impoverished and declared below the poverty line. more than 50 million retired workers and aged care workers receive social security. mike owned this pizza joint for four years, serving up slices to seniors across the street from the river dale senior center. >> we need every bit of business we can get, absolutely. >> seniors on social security are facing head winds. come january the cost of living adjustment is affected at around
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1.5%. with medicare on the rise this group says it's not enough. >> it's not only hurting us, it's hurting the nation. it's hurting the young, the newborn, and the older, all the way through to the elderly. i just don't understand how people with good conscience would be elected officials can treat the public the way they are treating. >> economists warn that if a u.s. default extends until the end of this month millions may not see a social courty payment come november. well, the financial crisis is having an effect on some people's career decisions. according to a poll from the associated press and the national research center, 82% of working americans over 50 say they are likely to work for extra money after they retire. half say they are expecting to work longer before retiring -
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three more years on the average. workers 55 and older are the fastest growing labour sector and are expected to make up a quarter of the workforce by 2020. the survey says higher job satisfaction, but shrinking investments is behind the extra years of work. >> food prices in the canadian arctic are high. a 10 pound bag of flour there costs $34. as daniel reports, the cost of food has families struggling. >> everybody sleeps in here. >> israel and his family share a 2-bedroom apartment with his mother and sister. his wife doesn't have a job, and pay has to cover grocery bills. >> i spend 95% of my pay on groceries. because of that my line of credit is getting bad.
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my first priority is feeding my fam limit >> no roads connects this place to the rest of canada. everything arrives by air or ocean. it has some of the most expensive food in the country. with the high transport costs, two supermarket chains selling goods across a vast areas. photos posted by shoppers shows fruit juice for $50, $50 water melon and a kilo of beef. that protest grew into demonstrations by people who rarely if ever had been part of such movements. >> when we protested there was a lot of questions, a lot of comments on this is not the way. if we don't do anything about it, then it's going to be there forever, and people will struggle. just below the arctic circle, this is a self-governing
11:41 pm
canadian territory. among the challenges of living this far north - poverty and malmute rigs as a nom addic people face the unfamiliarities of settled life. they are seeing evidence of that at the soup kitchen. >> this is a hunting culture, a lot of people are frustrated over barriers that emerged over the last 30 years or so since the establishment of the settlements today. now you are dependent on the grocery store. it brings in a range of issues. >> for thousands of years they gather the food from the land and the ocean. now as reluctant towns people they are dealing with challenges that their ancestors could hardly have imagined. >> investigators are searching for the cause of a pipeline break that spewed more than 20,000 barrels of oil into north
11:42 pm
dakota farmland. >> you can see the line. >> up here. >> you smell the tyre, you may smell petroleum. >> you can. >> steve harvested wheat on this combine when he drove through an oil slick. he sensed a problem days earlier. >> even the yard a week in advance, i could smell something. we are a mile and a half away. >> what he found was hard evidence of pipeline own had ruptured, gushing 20,000 barrels of crude. surface oil was burnt the next day. area residents were not informed for almost two weeks. >> we are 30 to 40 miles from the missouri river. >> dennis is the director of water quality for the north dakota health department, saying the state took necessary precautions and no notification was needed. >> if it got into ground or
11:43 pm
surface water where there was a potential to harm drinking water, fish or wildlife or the public, we would have notified necessary authorities. the ruptured pipelines 5 feet blow the surface. it's resting further down. clean up is underway on the spill. so far workers recovered roughly 2,000 barrels of easy to reach crude. >> we dug trenches to a clay lair in the soil, and the oil flowed into that. >> the company has to come up with an extensive plan to clean up the rest. >> the company says it remotely monitors pipelines 24/7, checking for pressure and dumping operations. the company says it has personnel in the field checking pipelines routinely.
11:44 pm
north dakota has 8,000 miles of pipeline, the second-largest producer in the u.s. >> in the tiny town of tioga some residents worry about the next one, and want a quicker response. >> years ago it was greeper and cleaner. it -- greener, and it isn't any more. >> the land can be made farmable again. he's not sure. >> trying to be positive. they say they can make it better, as good or better. time will tell. >> jensen is hoping for oversight as they look to oil for a future. >> coming up in sport - the national league championships shifts to los angeles. mark morgan with the highlights. want to marry someone from south korea, there's rules you need to follow and salary requirements
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muslims from around the world started their yearly pilgrimage known as handling and began to gather in a tent city in the saudi desert. it's a sourny thatable-bodied muslims must make once in their lives. it lasts for four days and based on centuries of conditions of the prove et mohammed. south korea is introducing new rules for citizens looking to marry foreigners. the nation is trying to tackle problems in multicultural marriages. harry faus et has that story. >> nita came from south korea to
11:48 pm
the philippines with a korean marriage. there's is one of 270,000 multicultural families, a figure expected to triple by 2020. the marriages run into trouble over language, money, gaps in age and culture. >> it's hard and difficult because of the tradition. korean tradition is different. koreans said man is heaven, and then woman is land. >> after early difficulties nita said her marriage flourished and she's a translator at a multicultural center where other foreign wives go through a program of cultural adjustment, tailored to help them meet the expectations of husbands and in-laws. >> next year the government is bringing in new rules. the spouse will have to speak a
11:49 pm
minimum of korean and have a minimum income. >> a broker said it will not hurt. >> translation: the government things strict regulations would prevent brokers arranging marriages. many individuals do it. they'll continue their business, and it's difficult for the government to control them. >> the wider challenge is tackling discrimination against multicultural couples and their children, a phenomenon in the basketball league where mixed race koreans have to move teams three years to prevent one team getting an unfair advantage. >> when they first told me about it i was bothered and upset because, i mean, being half black, half korean, i have been through a lot of prejudice on both ends. i fear for my son - not fear, i hope the best for him, being
11:50 pm
here where it's a culture that doesn't know much about other nationalities. >> it's a hope that a growing number of families share, that in a country whose racial make-up is changing, attitudes will keep pace. >> mark morgan is back with sports, and the baseball post season is center stage. >> i was not a math major. "02 is not bad, 0 "3 in the best of seven - it's harder to come back. >> work the numbers. >> after dropping the first two games of the nlcs the dodgers returned facing a must-win in game 3. hanley ramirez in the line up despite a fracture in his are rib. runner on third sends one to wright. that will plate mork ellis.
11:51 pm
gone gal ez on second. dodgers lead 1-0. he is fired up. two batters laid - a first hit in the series off the base of the wall. he was 0 for 11. he struck out four times in the last game. gonzalez comes home. dodgers take a lead and the rookie is fired up. we move on, dodgers pitcher limits the cardinals for three hits, striking out for. dodgers with a win, beating cardinals 3-0 in la. after the game the tabling was about uys's performance. >> he's pitched big in a lot of games. he pitched well and handled it well. i think the experience of the last series really helped him today. i think we have seen him aggressive with the fast ball and you see that with him. it sets everything else up.
11:52 pm
>> he's thrown a couple of good games against us. we couldn't get anything going. we get one opportunity, and base running, play end up containing the innings. he controlled the counts, the plate. he did what he wanted to. over in the alcs five tigers' pitchers struck out batters 17 times. matt scherzer took a no winner before the game was blown. the series tied. game 3 tonight. >> justin burr lander takes the hill to -- verlander takes to the hill to try to shift momentum to the tigers. >> that's the great thing about the team. whatever happens tomorrow, we can have max and others.
11:53 pm
every guy has their unique ability to shut down a team in their own way. >> on monday night football the colts took the field in san diego, two victories against the 49ers and seahawks. philip rivers and company driving. trailing 3-0. watch rivers. he's looking and finds one. right there. 22 yards for the touchdown. san diego never failed. the chargers held the colts to three field goals. indi failing to score a touch down. chargers win it 19-9. >> week six of the nfl even is in the book. anita marks stopped by and we discussed several topics, including the status of rob.
11:54 pm
>> the patriots doctors cleared mark to come back. he's practicing. there's detention in the locker room, not understanding why he returned to play. week 6 was the week to return. he hired his own doctor, dr andrews - we know who he is. gronk hads an abscess in his forearm. the patriots - he had four surgeries - insisted that he put in a metal plate which was infected, an staph infection. the question is will gronk return. >> is the team shopping for an impact receive as we speak. >> there are a few wide reverse out there on the market. josh gordon from the cleveland browns. kenny from the ten esy tightans. and if the -- tennessee tightans, and if the giants move, there's a possibility.
11:55 pm
if they lose gronk and the atlanta falcons lose, tony played for them to win a super bowl. it may not happen in atlantic. kansas city and the patriots could be an interesting landing place. keep an eye on that. >> we will. the next scenario could be interesting. eagles quarter back nick faulds, throwing three td passes. will we have a controversy, is that the right word. we have one. if you look at the stats and what nick faulds brings to the offence, you have a quarter back who may be a better fit. this is where it's dicey. the players in that room look at michael vick as their leader, their guy. this is his first year, chip kelly, he wants to lose the locker room. if he goes with nick faulds, because he believes he's the better quarter back, does he
11:56 pm
lose the locker room. michael vick is their guy. it's a difficult situation for chip kelly, and will be interesting to see who he goes with once michael vick is healthy. >> we don't know if he'll be fit, but a huge game between the eagles and cowboy. of the week of the gronk. >> big week. >> thank you. stay with us - weather is next.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
clsz well, the government of china is putting up $819 million if you can fix this problem right here. the pollution across china, of course, everybody knows about how bad it is, the smog, but for the city of beijing, they are saying if you can fix the problem, bring the level down to a particular particle level, they'll give you $819 million in rewards, and that is something people are looking to do. we'll keep you updated and see if it will be fixed. in other new, we are now looking
11:59 pm
at a typhoon that made landfall towards vietnam. this is typhoon nari. it went over parts of the philippines, was deadly, caused a lot of mudslides and land slides and we expect to see an amazing amount of water - 16 inches, coming into parts of vietnam of the the other one we'll talk about is what will happen in the north to japan. you could have a landfall of this system. it is expected to make its way to the north, and close to tokyo. the models say tokyo will be hit. we need to see what the next couple of models moving to the north or south. it will be a big problem. to the united states we have a tropical system to mexico. all the clouds that you see streaming in are because of the system in the pacific. rain across texas, a lot of flooding expected. it will be a rainy day. let's have a look at your national weather.
12:00 am
welcome to al jazeera america, i'm john siegenthaler, here are tonight's top stories. the death toll from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the central philippines is rising. at least 10 people have been killed. several others were injured. people rushed out of buildings and homes as aftershocks continued. the morning earthquake struck 35 miles deep, not causing a tsunami. >> there are signs from capitol hill. >> i'm optistic we'll reach an agreement reasonable in nature this week. >> i share his optimism that we'll get a result that will be acceptable to both sides. a


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