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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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looking for some improvement. mioses. this is al jazeera america live from new york city. with a look at today's top stories. there is no good reason why we can't govern responsibly. despite our differences. without coming from a manufactured crisis to the president said the congress must get working on the budget. more details from nsa including on how the crvment cia relies oe
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reports. they rely on evmen e-mates e-mae calls. the booker is filling the seat o and will be sworn in at e ind of thend of the month. if confirmed he will replace janet napoltano. zblwho stepped down. inside story is next. inside story is next. there are two important governors races to watch this year. new jersey and virginia. we'll look at the candidates and the issues and the national implications. you are watching "inside story"
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from washington. hello every one i'm david dd shuster. election day is one month away. in the garden state the past republican has won the election and has gained the support of many voters. in virginia the government shuttle dowshutdown widen the g. these gubernatorial candidates have spent money on the ground and the airwaves struggling all the way through. this comes as voters across america are expressing major
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dissatisfaction. we'll talk about this tonight but first some background. >> i think the govenor at the last date he was called bullying by saying it was an example of strong leadership. >> in the race for new jersey govenor. she punched hard at govenor christie. >> govenor christie rem represes the combination of bully. and that is what has some democrats to support him. >> at this point christie led in the polls by 30 points. you want to start throwing stones, you better get out of your glass house. >> thbono charged that christies giving tax breaks to big businesses at the expense of small businesses and christie accused bono of being a big spender. >> the govenor says he was consistent at the last debate.
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he is consistent on the side of the wel well think. think -- well think. wealthy. >> to beat christie bono has a lot t to over come. embrace president obama saying he thought the president was helpful to the storm ravaged state. it was a rare moment that contrasted with the usual partisan approach. but christie has always tried to be above the left right fray. with eyes on the biggest job in washington in 2 2016 he told the philadelphia inquirer this week "if i was in the senate right now i would kill myself. with what we see going on in washington, d.c. they could use a dose of new jersey common sense. ". he surely has seen the national polling on the shutdown
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that it's deeply disheartening the pub. 80% of the public are dissatisfied with the way the national is being governed. the pollsters also cite washington's dysfunction as a top concern above the economy and employment. >> that may be no where more evident than in virginia. he was neck and neck with his democratic opponent seeking the zbogovenor's office. but as the shutdown began the gap between the two deeply unpopular candidates began to widen. >> my job is to protect the health of women. i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinel limili. he wants do make all cases of.
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170,000 federal employees live and work and many are out on furlough. as attorney general he sued the federal government over the aforable care act. and an outspoken skeptic of global warming. >> cuccinel limili's platform is fixing the economy and improving education and clean nearing. energy. the fu the money and the mud are flying on both sides of the race. cuccinelli use used big money do his connections. >> allegations swirl that mcculof made a fortune. hilhillary clinton plans to
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campaign with him over the weekend. he has be been accused of fund-raising tactics he has raised more than any candidate has. voters in both states head to the polls november 5th setting the stage for what might come in next years' midterm elections. i
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>> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified
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here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. and welcome back. we are talking about two gubernatorial races in new jersey and virginia. we'll start in virginia with mark fisher of the washington "n post" and bill schneider. mark fisher let's start with you. you are seeing any apology thatg with cuccinel limicinelli. >> there will be more attacks in the final days. but the trend has been clear throughout the fall. that cuccinelli is in deep
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trouble and the government shutdown has hurt him badly. there is a tremendous well of illwill against washington. >> the possible defel default ad there is ken cuccinelli who is taking the stink himself. >> more so in virginia than other places because the closeness of washington, d.c. therthere is a tremendous awares of the shutdown by people who are not getting their paychecks and forced to sit home. ken cuccinelli has had to do this dance and saying i'm for the tea party and cutting government spending and taming the monster in washington on one
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hand and i'm trying to pro tent- protect the voters in this state. and terry is not mr. clean when diit comes to public per percep. >> seymouhe is more associated h washington, d.c. than cuccinelli. it's hurting cuccinelli. if the government shutdown had not happened how would you see the race playing out. >> . >> i think it would be closer. but cucinel limit li would havea problem. is the fact that he has taken positions on issues like climate change and women's rietsd and rd women's health. he is losing badly because he is doing so poorly with women.
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>> ken c cuccinelli has been in trouble with the healthcare act. he has an agenda that is extreme. going back to his time in the state legislature he has spoken out about abortion and excitedly about gay marriage and he has takent taken a firm position. he is a man of princple and he doesn't mind being on the wrong inend of a 39-1 vote. it's perceived as not being a moderate that governor mcdonald has governed as. he said i'm going to be more moderate as govenor and he is
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true to his word. >> and the hard line conservative positions that may have worked 10 or 15 years ago but the demographics have been changed. a third of the vote in the cast in northern virginia. i grew up in northern virginia and southern virginia. we used to cal call fairfax couy north virginia, like it was west virginia a separate state. a different universe. it is a major partly of the state and drives the state economy and heavily dependant upon and linked to the government. there are 56,000 federal contractors that are squeezed on the shutdown and that is part of the state that doesn't vote like the rest of the state. >> the urban areas are trending momoderate and the rural areas e going more conservative.
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the rural areas the southside of virginia, those areas are probably align more with the tea party. the tea party doesn't have much traction in northern virginia. it's not fertile ground for the republican party. the split in the republican party is visible in virginia. where you have pragmatic business types in northern virginia and the old south in the other part of the state. >> how much has the tea party helped in the state. >> >> it's not clear that the conservative base will come out in strong numbers. there is aroun an enormous drop. and that usually accrues to the benefit of the republicans because it's a non-white population that comes out in a presidential year especially for barack obama sits home in this year. this time we may see a shift in that equation.
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we may see for a first time as a result in several decades that virginia breaks it's pattern for going to an opposite party in the year of the presidential vote. this would be historic and it would send a warning signal for their ability to retain majority in the south givent wha -- givet happened with the shutdown and obamacare. >> this does sound like it's terry mccullough's race to lose. does that change his campaign strategy? >> he is running a cautious campaign. if you watch a lot of tv in the washington or virginia areas he does not appear in his own tv ads. averaged cuccinel limili's campn puts him in them all. where he is wearing a hawaiian shirt. they are trying to make him look
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like a sleazy deal maker. a wheeler dealer. it's not working in part because mcculloff is no where to be seen. they run a tightly controlled message campain. it's fair to say, given the perceptions that that is still being vastl vast trumped by ther they have over the government shutdown and the republican party should bare the blame. >> this is becoming a nationalized race. that may be good in a sense. voters in virginia don't care for either candidate very much. theand so both candidates have a negative image. i supposed last best hope for cuccinelli that the mcculloff
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people say home. if there is a blizzard in virginia next month they'll come out to vote. that is the theory at least. and that is the one thing that could help ken cuccinelli to win. it's which candidate they dislike the least. >> the big issues that we are talking about at the internationanational level,womee action are being settled at the stated level. what would it do to virginia suppose the democrats are able to capture the gubernatorial race how does that change things on where virginia goes. >> it makes us think of virginia not just as a purple state but a purple state leaning blue which would be a historical change. virginia has been run by republicans in richmond in resent years. but both of it's senators tim cane and mar mark warner.
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>> it's one that has had to go to the middle and cut deals and we take a great deal of pride in that in virginia. the virginia way. you would see that solidifying if you had a legislation la le t voted for mccull off. we'll move our discussion to new jersey where the republican govenor chris christie appears poised for an easy election and what is driver driving it. you are catchpin are watching i" stay with us. ...and then you experience zero g's >> this is a modified dc 8 with about 28 different instruments on the outside... >> it's one wild ride...
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>> we're flying at 300 feet over the gulf of mexico... >> climb aboard nasa's laboratory in the sky... >> techknow - 7:30 eastern on al jazeera america that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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>> what is leading this particular race? is it because he is seen in a moderate state or what is going on with christie. >> it's both. it's primarily the personality. people like a lot the democrats and rupts an republicans and independence. he is scoring in groups where the republicans don't do well in normally. this is all due to president obama comes to new jersey and he is on the tarmac and christie has been out campaining campain.
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>> when christie is asked about possible run for president he is not ruling it in or ruling it out. his supporters are hoping to launch him for the run. are you picking up any details that he is starting to put the presidential run together. >> i do get a sense they are honing in on seve certain demogc groups. that is not to win november 5th. >> they want a decisive number they want to show they are electable and a blue state and electable on a international -- national scale. they want to get numbers of hispanics and african americans and women. >> if they can do that they will
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go to 2016 presidential primary and say listen, it didn't workout last time and didn't workout two times ago. you need to elect somebody who can actually win. i'm a conservative govenor in a blue state. i won by a huge margin and i won a third of the black vote and i won 60% of the female vote let's say zblerchlts i'say. i'm the guy you need to beat hillary clinton. >> are there any elections besides the midterm elections that the public can draw how well he is doing. >> if christie wins big as expected in new jersey a blue state and cus cusp coup cusp c .
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that is a powerful message. >> a tea party ca candidate cann a presidential primary because of how the republicans have set up their nomination contest is that fair? >> that is fair and a big problem for chris christie. they look at him embracing and locking arms with president obama. he was the govenor -- chris christie and charlie chris. >> he embraced president obama early in the term. >> and he got thrown out of the party. >> he was thrown out of the party. he embraced the antichrist. >> how does chris christie respond when people say hey you are too close to the democrats. and you should be towing the party line and how does he deal
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with that criticism. >> he ticks off the ways he has been a conservative govenor. he spoke to the pro life rally. and he rejected funding tore for planned parenthood. he vetoed a couple of gun bills. he fills in a lot of boxes that conservatives would want. almost all of the boxes. just some of the optics like that incident with obama that didn't fare well for him. he would say before that he was romney's number one surrow gat. disgat -- surrogate and i was te speaker of the republican convince. he is going to remind everyone the loyal republican and true conservative he has been and he hopes that is going to work. paying your dues is exceptional if you are running for the republican party. >> the govenor makes an argument
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i will always do best for the people of new jersey and what was best for them after hurricane sandy was to get the relief to them as quickly as possible. president obama supported that and that is why i was happy to work with him. >> there are a number of rums republicans that the best thing that chris christie has going for him. when was the last time tha republicans carried new jersey in a presidential contest? >> you would have to go back sometime. it might have been 1988. >> i was about to say 1988 with bush an. >> that has to make a republican insider salivate if they can get past chris christie may not be one of us he works with obama. if they can get past that he has cross-over appeal that increases the changes of the republicans in 2016. >> that is a reasonable
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calculation. what you say when you mention chris christie they say rino. republican in name only. >> why? because he embraced the antichrist. and he embraced obama. that is it for him. we don't walk to him anymore. >> and for chris christie he says oh, no i have a record. it suggests that he is pragmatic and he has taken moderate positions while governing. >> he has. he expanded medicade and he dealt with a democratic legislature on a number of issues. >> he says listen i have a democratic legislature and i couldn't loosen gun laws it would be a futile effort. i was as conservative as i coud be given the constraints of new jersey. hnew jersey won by a larger
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margin than in '08. this is a obama loving and christie loving state. if that is true for the country that would be remarkable. >> let's go back to the public anger of voters in washington. they want to get things done. how important do you see that playing out over the next two years and perhaps that is the big benefit for christie. that is a benefit for christie. it stayed tha said that democraa more favorable opinion of chris christie than their own cane candidate. the democratic state senator. they have a higher opinion of the republican than of their own candidate. that says something. >> how do you see the race finishing? chris christie wins and it's a blow out. is there anything that could close this state in new jersey.
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>> i don't think so. chris christie was about to car carpet bomb the state. he has painted christie as a liberal. i don't see it likely being a blow out. i see it getting a third of the democratic votes. he is running against d ct dc cd washington, d.c. he is taking advantage of the new cycle and he looks to be coasting to victory. >> coastalling to victory and setting up a race in 2016. thank you. we appreciate it. that is it from the team here in washington, d.c. and from me david shuster for now. you can keep the discussion going by logging onto the facebook page. you can send us your thoughts on twitter i'm david schuster, thanks for watching.
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justice. >> over 50 years ago in the early days of the vet no, ma'am war, american forces began using a potent new herbicide known as "agent orange." it was designed to clear forests divid i have provided the vet kong with food. the deadly effects of that poison can be seen in the sickness and disabilities that have affected millions of people and the feeling of shame they have induced in some american vets.


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