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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city, i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. a student gunman opens fire at a northern nevada middle school. j.p. morgan nears a $13 billion settlement with the u.s. justice department. the continues to cause problems. gunfire interrupts a surburban reno, nevada middle school. police say a student killed a teacher and then turned the gun on himself. it happened in sparks, just east
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, a few miles east, of reno. that teacher was trying to protect students when the student shot him. maria ines ferre joins us with more on this story. maria. >> tony, i'm going to show you where the shooting occurred. this school located in northern nevada, four miles from reno, where the sparks middle school is located 800 students. the first 9/11 call came in just 15 minutes before classes started this morning. swaswat teams and fbi responded. we just got an update from the local police a short time ago. here's what they had to say. >> the injured students has -- one has gone through surgery and is out at this time. the other individual is doing well. the one deceased is a staff member of the school. the sparks middle school. the other deceased individual at this point in time appears to be
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a student/suspect in this case. >> we haven't gotten to all the witness interviews just yet. and the initial stuff as you can imagine, the best description is chaos. i can't say whether or not he was targeting specific people or going on an indiscriminate shooting spree. >> the one teacher who has died was trying to intervene. he was called a hero. >> thank you, maria. the proposed settlement with jp morgan chase is a record for a bank. patricia sabga is here with what we know. patricia. >> there are reports they have gotten close to reaching a tentative agreement. >> a tentative agreement. >> the waters have turned angry
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for the nation's largest bank. at $threaf $13 billion, the teng agreement would bagreement woul. amounting to half the bank's profits for last year. >> they are anticipating paying more. >> the deal being discussed reportedly will not settle a crm probe into the bank's practice hes. >> while they are willing to pay money to make these allegations go away, they are in fight of a criminal investigation and what that might reveal and for the prospect that some of their executives might be held criminally liable. >> alleged rigging of the key libor interest rate, but for all
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its legal headaches not one senior manager at j.p. morgan has been publicly targeted by authorities. and as we say tony these are reports of a tentative deal that could be reached by the doj and j.p. morgan. this represents half of morgan's profits over last year. >> we have heard about these fines and negotiations. is main street any safer from these bad mortgage practices? >> of course, you know, that is big question and not only are they any safer from bad mortgage practices but wrongdoing in general. when we take a look at these raft of probes. and of the people we have talked to and i have talked to the general consensus is no. the general consensus is that until a senior manager is held to account that we really won't see a fundamental change. >> patricia, appreciate that. we'll continue on this vein just
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a moment here. much more on this story coming up a little later in our program. we should tell you that patricia will have much more about the j.p. morgan story tonight on real money with ali velshi. the reported settlement for j.p. morgan is a record for a bank. but how will that help homeowners? jonathan betz is here with more. jonathan. >> it's a record $13 billion settlement for jp morgan. here's how it could break down. $4 billion will reportedly settle claims with fannie mae and freddie mac. another $5 billion, that goes to penalties. and the last $4 billion goes to homeowners. so who will get that money? it's not yet final, but earlier settlements focused on people who are underwater. they owe more than their homes are worth and are behind on their payments. they perhaps could get a break on how much they actually owe. others may be able to re-finance with lower interest rates.
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and then there's a chance people who've been foreclosed upon could get a cash pay-out. jp morgan's settlement is not set.. but this is possibly the framework. and analysts point out that $4-billion for homeowners is not be as big as it seems. it's not nearly as large as earlier bank payouts that helped hundreds of thousands of families. still supporters say it is certainly a step in the right directs tony. >> all right thank you jonathan. a german news agency say, secretary of state john kerry was asked about the reports today during a new conference in paris. >> as president obama said in a speech he gave at the united nations general assembly just a few weeks ago, he said we in the united states are currently reviewing the way that we gather intelligence. and i think that's appropriate. and our goal is always to try to find the right balance between
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protecting the security, and the privacy, of our citizens. and this work is going to continue as well as our very close consultations with our friends here in france. >> the french newspaper lemond claimed the united states monitored documents per month, leaked by nsa rpg edward snowden. >> the timing couldn't have been worse, u.s. secretary of state john kerry stepped off the plane in paris and was immediately embroiled in controversy. ing the nsa spied ofrench citizens according to lemonde, not only suspected terrorists but also leading political and business leaders. it prompted angry response from
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the french foreign minister. >> i have summoned the u.s. ambassador, he will come to the foreign ministry this morning. we knew this since june and we need to take action. it's unacceptable and we need to make sure it won't happen again. >> the u.s. ambassador arrived at the french foreign ministry to hear france's displeasure. this was supposed to be the day that john kerry prompted officials about the being syrian issues. now he's are faced with these revelations. would have sent a chill through u.s. french relations. >> according to the newspaper, 70.3 million phone calls were interpreted in a 30-day period after january this year. the french public ask shocked.
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>> translator: the french authorities were not informed, that america muting held accountability. >> translator: to target a specific individual that is potential danger. why not? to target an entire population that is a problem. >> reporter: the documents came from the former u.s. security contractor edward snowden who has been given a haven in russia. he's wanted on espionage charges in the united states. >> unacceptable and against the law, that's how the mexican government is responding to reports that the u.s. hacked into conversations from felipe calderon. tell us more about these allegations please. >> well these are only allegations that came you out in a german magazine and yes they did talk about the e-mails how former president felipe calderon
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and those of his cabinet were spied upon by the united states. what we know already is that there has been quite a bit of outrage here on sunday from people in the government calling for further investigation and they're also asking that the foreign ministry is asking to meet with the u.s. ambassador in mexico. similar of what we've heard reported here in france the government is not happy and they're seeking answers. >> and rachel is there allegations and then there are calls for the diplomats to come together and to talk this thing out but is there expected to be any real fallout from this? >> reporter: well contrary to what happened last time, we need to reminder our viewers that a bit ago, similar allegations came out, it was known that the u.s. was spying on current president aenrique penna nieto's running for office, and that did spark response, but countries
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like brazil took a much harder line against the united states. it plooks like this time mexico's feathers are a lot more ruffled. some political party members are saying there might be consequences but we remind our viewers that the relations are very co-dependent. it would be interesting to see how this indeed plays out but as we can report from here, people are not happy about the current situation. >> all right, rachel, good to see you, thank you. fact of the matter. secretary of state john kerry was in pair -- paris to tk about syria. kerry was asked about ending the syrian civil war. >> it's very hard to see how iran can be constructive in the absence of their willingness to come for the purpose of the negotiation. so they concept geneva 1 and want to be constructive in helping to set up a transition
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government. that's a different issue. but until that happens it would be very difficult to see how it can be constructive. >> and the cleanup around the damaged fukushima reactor is far but completed. some residents will be have to wait a few more years before they will be allowed to return home. a report was released today, harry faucett has the details. >> hampering the recovery effort at fukushima daiichi station. made it clear their assignment was to look at the affected areas nearby. the latest situation at the plant was for the next inspection team to assess. >> the issues online site fukushima daiichiing nuclear power plant are not under the
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scope of this mission. the government of japan and the agency recently announced that another follow-up mission to the on site commission on activities willen deployed along the last quarter of this year. >> team has spent a week talking to japan's national and local governments as well as those in fukushima prefecture. comprehensive measures ensuring food safety, public confidence was vital and communicates strategies have to be constantly reevaluated. earlier this month, the plant operated, tepco announced six of its workers have been sprayed with radioactive water, groundwater leaks into the reactors and radioactive water spills into the sea. workers begin to remove spent
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fuel rods at reactor number 4. >> the worst one that everybody was looking at was number 4.they emptied the radioactive fuel after several years of radiation from the core, one month before the earthquake. and they put it in this spent fuel tank. then the earthquake happened. then the explosion happened. and that fuel is a mixture of uranium and plutonium. >> the iaea report came as a less, cleanup in some of the most contaminated towns is so far behind schedule that residents wrote have to wait up to three extra years before they could return. harry forcett, al jazeera. . >> firefighters are worried that a huge fire could merge with another fire, to create a megafire, heat and wind. sydney officials say more than 200 homes have been destroyed, many others have been damaged.
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hundreds of firefighters from all over the country are working to put out the flames. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren. looking at the fires on the map there, shows exactly where this is. here's sydney. close up view says there are three complexes here in the blue mountains and these two could merge, could even merge with the one north of springwood. that would create three fires merged together. the wind is pushing it towards populated areas, that is the big concern over the next 24 to 48 hours. you can see what is causing this wind direction change, storm is spinning clockwise, in the southern he hemisphere, that's w they spin there, changing that wind direction initially and increase the wind speed. once that storm moves off the
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storm may come in from the south and bring in some much needed moisture. does not look like the rain could make it up to sydney but could bring in cooler air and possibly moisture. a lot of the firefighters are volunteers, in that section of the country and some of the areas are coming from areas impacted by the fires. they are exhausted working so hard. blue mountains fires they could merge, that is what could happen near sydney. the wind direction will change and the wind will increase in speed, cooler this weekend though and there is some rain possible. we'll certainly keep a close eye on that radar, see if that rain makes it up towards sydney. watching the radar in the forecast, i'll somehow where. coming up later. court fight ore women's rights in the state of texas. a month later the special memorial for those killed in the kenyan mall attack. a first for the state of new jersey, recognize same sex
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marriage. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. same sex marriage is legal in new jersey. governor chris christie dropped his challenge, today, and the ceremonies will take place at midnight, there are now 13 states where gay marriage is legal, 29 that ban by constitutional amendment. jersey city one couple recently said i do. >> this was the perfect backdrop for one new jersey couple, meredith and leora, who are actually legally married in new york state but they wanted it in their own home state, made sweeter by the fact that
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governor chris christie is not going to file that appeal. same sex marriages are here to stay. meredith one of the women we spoke to said she didn't think governor chris christie deserved a medal for, quote, doing what he should be doing. their children were at the ceremony with them. stephen phillip also presided, they had a member of their faith community, rabbi stevenson who was also there. they said that the biggest thing for them is the fact that their kids can go to school and not have to explain that their parents are in a civil union, they can say that their parents are married. and that is the sweetest part of today for them. >> in italy, a state service for more than 300 air tr air eritre.
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meantime, meantime immigrants unable to travel to sicily held their own memorial for the victims. newly released surveillance video appears to show kenyan sol jergsoldiers looting the mall, y in kenya are angry over the footage but taking time out to remember their loved ones. peter greste has more from nairobi. >> difficult angry questions for just a brief period to memorialize the victims that were killed in the westgate attack. each family of the victims has planted a tree to memorialize and one of the things you notice is the incredible range of names. an asia, a kenyan from the coastal regions. we've got western names, french, english so on, there was a
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nigerian that was killed in the attack. it speaks to the incredible range of ethnicities, backgrounds, muslim, hindu, were involved from across the country. the organizers have set up this plaque, a temporary plaque like that for a very good reason. as the authorities continue to search through the rubble they're still finding the remains of the 16 bodies that still have to have names attached to them. so once those names are finally finalized once we get a complete list only then will the authorities be able to put a permanent plaque and memorialize all the viments killed in the -- victims killed in the westgate attack more than amonth ago. five men accused of planning the 9-11 attacks will be back in a military court in guantanamo
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bay, cuba this week. al jazeera's rosiland jordan explains why their case is proceeding so slowly: >> legal experts say that's due in part to pretrial hearings at guantanamo bay. >> all sides are worried about the legitimacy questions. fairness is achieved to the maximum possible. the quirky consequence of that is things are going much slower than usual so therefore calling into question the very legitimacy that this longer pace is supposed to ensure. >> at this week's pretrial hearing prosecutors will ask the judge to start the trial on january 22nd, 2014, they say too much time is wasted on irrelevant motions. however, defense lawyers say they're required to do everything possible to save their clients' lives. they want to see all communications between the bush
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administration and the cia about the defendants, their capture and the torture they suffered. they also want the black sites where the defendants were held to be preserved as evidence. plus the lawyers want the government to stop monitoring their meetings with the defendants. >> i am bad news. >> and then there's this request. defendants want all the information given to the producers of the movie zero dark 30, hollywood knows more about the way the defendants were tortured than they do. experts say it's highly unlikely that they can persuade the judge to do so given the significance of the case. >> that's part of why this is all taking so long. is because you know we're walking through each issue very, very carefully because i think everyone realizes that the yietion of history are -- eyes of history are upon them. >> trying to balance the rights
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of the accused with the government's attempts to hold them accountable. rosiland, of al jazeera. gls the is as low as 10 yards. craig gleason has more from hong kong. >> we're right on the harbor here in hong kong, some hundreds of miles away from harbin, we couldn't see several meters across the harbor. harbin, the index 2.5 which measures particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers. 300 is considered hazardous, and the world health organization considers anything over 20 dangerous. the air was considered not only
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toxic but deadly in harbin today. and most of china is fueled in terms of energy by coal-thermal power stations. likewise people use to cook coal stoves and ovens which creates very heavy particulate matter, and causes a great deal of respiratory problems, many hundreds of thousands of people die each year due to pollution and it's becoming an increasing problem which china will have to tackle. because this issue also creates a great deal of social unrest. >> ah yes, jessica is here now with your sports headlines. >> thank you sthank you very mu. the colts got a huge win over their form he quarterback andrew luck's favorite target is done for the season.
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chicago bears are also going to lose their favorite defensive weapon, jay cutler. and tigers managers jim leyland stepped down as the manager of the tigers following detroit's al championship loss to boston. the 68-year-old manager saying he is not retiring, he just doesn't want to be in the dugout anymore. and the nfl has lost one of its long time owners. bud adams junior passed away at the age of 90 of natural causes. moved the oilers to tennessee and changing the namings to the titans in 1996. those are your sports headlines, tony. more in the show. >> appreciate it. thank you. next in al jazeera america. understanding the myth surrounding the roma people.
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president obama defends the affordable care act as glitches continue to delay the online rollout. ft. rollout fp
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here's a look at your top stories right now. two people are dead after a shooting at a middle school in northern nevada. police say the shooter is among the dead along with a teacher at sparks middle school. two others are critically wounded and recovering at a nearby hospital. bankinbanking j.p. morgan ce has agreed to a huge fine to settle investigations into bad mortgage loans. deal negotiated with the department of justice could be worth $13 billion. secretary of state john kerry is in france to meet with arab foreign ministers but facing questions the nsa spied on french civilians. kerry wouldn't comment but is
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reviewing the way the u.s. is gathering surveillance. a visually frustrated president obama says he's doing everything to fix it since went on line october 1st there have been more problems than signups. mike viqueria joins us live from washington. mike, the president could have been starting his own infomercial. what was his message? >> the website was an embarrassment, another said someone should be fired. and tony those are just the democrats. the president took to the rose garden under heavy criticism that this website, now this is the place where folks go to enroll in so-called exchanges. if you don't have insurance or if your insurance is not supplied by your employer, you sign up for health care, get on these websites. pitch man in chief is another
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way to put it, touting all the benefits that we've heard time and time again. it's good health care, the prices are good, everybody should sign up, there are benefits here, you can stay on your parents policy until you're 26, you can't be barred from a policy because of preexisting conditions. many of the bullet points we've heard before, we are three years into this and the president is still touting them despite the criticism. the thing they have said ever since since october 1st, there are more glitches beyond this point. 19 million people have gone online to check out this website, these exchanges. but today here is what the president has to say about those problems. >> the problem has been that the website that's supposed to make it easy to apply for and purchase the insurance is not working the way it should for everybody. there's no sugar-coating it. the website has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process.
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and i think it's fair to say that nobody's more frustrated by that than i am. >> and the president ask sending in a team -- is sending in a team what he calls the best and brightest, a tech surge, working 24-7 to fix these problems. the administration is saying it's going to be fixed by the deadline. >> so mike here is the political question. how are republicans reacting to all this? >> how do you think they're reacting to all this? they have been quite critical. they say it's a disaster, a train wreck. and here is the problem republicans have had, tony. the message and opportunity to provide a political message to score political points have gone by the way side. they wasted 17, 18 days on their debt ceiling strategy, trying to tie it to obamacare, that wasn't popular. they are wasting valuable time,
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over the course of last several hours, tony. >> mike viqueria at the white house. banking giant j.p. morgan chase has agreed to pay $13 billion to settle investigation into bad mortgage loans. joie chen us is my good friend susan lisovicz, a visiting business professor from arizona state university. >> great to see you tony. >> great to have you back on the program. take us back a little bit on this, right? and how j.p. morgan chase actually found itself with these bundles of mortgages. because as i recall, it wasn't heavily invested in that end of the business, was it? >> it's kind of the tale of two stories. and that's why the wall street journal is saying that this is a watershed moment in u.s. capitalism, that j.p. morgan chase is being shane down.
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>> right -- shaken down. >> right. >> j.p. morgan was actually riding through housing crisis as the strongest of the big banks. >> clean and green, right. >> a lot of the wrongdoing outlined in this tentative settlement involves two companies, bear stearns and washington mutual, they were shotgun marriages. who was holding the gun? the government. because the government knew that the failure of these two companies would create such dire consequences for the u.s. economy, jamie dimon, the ceo and chairman, said publicly before he was doing the u.s. economy a favor by doing it. now five years later, a very differently story. >> isn't he the man who was actually negotiating this deal? the man at the center of this, the man who was running the bank, we don't know what
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wrongdoing the bank is going to admit here, when all is said and done. but the man who was running the bank is in position to negotiate the deal. the jamie dimon character would you talk to us about him please? >> it's a very unusual circumstance. first of all, jamie dimon under fire, managing the bank through a lot of crises not only what's going on with the government right now but some other cases everything from how it hires in china to the london whale. >> the london whale, yes. >> to rigging electricity prices in the western part of the u.s. has by all accounts been the chief negotiator on the phone in person in washington with attorney general eric holder. my guess is, this is just the way he does business. he's a very passionate forthright knowledgeable guy whether you like him or not. this is way he manages and right
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now he's got full support of the board. one of the board members said today he's the best manager i've ever met and i'm old. >> right, right, are there other times when he was discussed pretty openly as a possible treasury nominee, i remember those days. but he's run into this bad patch right now. and folks have been wondering for at least the last couple of months, is it time for jamie dimon to stop down and leave this bank? >> well, what you would think, when you look at what's hand with say citigroup and bank of america their executives didn't survive this kind of crisis. >> sure. >> no, you've got very prominent banking analyst mike mayo saying -- >> testify lon. >> -- he's been called the testify lon ceo. -- teflon ceo. a resounding vote on whether
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someone an executive should have these two position he as ceo and chairman, it's just too much power. he survived it, 70% of the vote. so it seems like he's in a good place and that j.p. morgan is one of those rare companies that could survive. if it comes to pass, a $13 billion settlement, it's already put away, it's putting away $23 billion -- >> the cameras were out in front as he was showing up for work, his idea was let's power there this, keep moving. >> i he was upbeat and he said everybody was eager and the morale is good and he wants to get this behind him. there are certain crisis management experts who would say that's right. face it get rid of it and move forward. >> susan great to see you. >> like why tony. >> come on back and see me again, all right? >> thank you tony. a abortion battle is being
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fought in texas, strict new abortion laws taking effect. heidi zhou-castro is following this. >> in their words leaving for practical purposes an abortion blackout in the western half of texas with the exception of only elpaso. a university of texas study find 22,000 women will be denied abortion services next year alone so attorneys for those abortion providers as well as the aclu are asking for an injunction. they say the law is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced starting tuesday. there are severely portions of the law, the part of it offering the most trouble for abortion providers is the requirement that a doctor must have admitting privileges within
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30 miles of the abortion clinic. that's difficult here in texas because many of those doctors travel from major cities to these more rural clinics to provide abortions. but hospitals though in those rural areas require that doctors sometimes have residence within that local community. other hospitals require that a doctor submit a certain minimum number of patients per year. abortions are outpatient procedures and doctors try to keep their patients out of the hospital. so planned parenthood and others are saying the rule does not fit the specialty and it is unfair to single it out. >> the law requires doctors have have admitting privileges but no other medical specialty is required to have this requirement. >> after the baby's been developing in the mother's womb
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for five months, that's a long time, it mrs. protects the -- it also protects the mothers, it also says that when there's a botched abortion or a complication we want to make sure that mom has access to an emergency room. >> you just heard from the republican state lawmaker who supported this bill during the summer. that was a largely passionately contested fight at the texas state capitol with thousands on both sides, swarming the capitol, protests erupting and finally, climaxing in that 13-hour filibuster by state senator wendy davis. the argument is long over now. the judge already says he expects a quick ruling however, both sides have said they will appeal perhaps all the way to the united states supreme court. >> thousands of tips are floating in, the belong angel
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was found during a raid at a gypsy settlement in greece last week. bearing no resemblance to the family she was living with, authorities became suspicious. after the family changed their story many times, authorities took the girl under care. she was not related to the people claimed to be her parents. now people are trying to figure out possible american ties and if she's related to other missing children cases. but who are the roma people? al jazeera's roxann saberi is here, these are one of the largest throik minorities in europe. tell us about the conditions they live in. >> many of the roma live in poverty in europe and face discrimination according the human rights activists. i spoke to a director of amnesty
4:43 pm
international and she was telling me many of these roma faced racially based violence, ten to 12 million live in europe about half of them in the european union. >> they say that they come from egypt or india. but this is you know centuries and centuries ago. and actually roma are europeans because they are part of european citizens. >> what kind of discrimination do they face? >> tens of thousands of them have been forcibly evicted from their homes every year. and we have monitored numbers of cases of forced evictions. roma are often also denied access to jobs and to quality health care. they're victims of racially motivated violence. and are often left unprotected by police. and without access to justice.
4:44 pm
>> you referred to their living conditions and a survey released last year found that on average less than 30% are in paid employment and about 40% live in households lacking at least one of the following, an indoor kitchen, shower or bath or electricity. why do you think they live in such conditions? >> it's because of the widespread discrimination that they cannot have access to education. not having full access to education they cannot have guaranteed full access to employment or to be able to actually be in the employment market, just as anybody else. by not having access to employment, then that leads to doing random jobs here and there. sometimes in the black market. you know, and this is what happens, is just a lifestyle not chosen by them. >> so why should other people
4:45 pm
care about the situation of the roma, perhaps americans who might be watching this, why should they care about the way roma are treated in europe? >> when we're talking about a europe of 21st century, to have that kind of segregation which is a racial segregation, i think is just absolutely unacceptable. and every single story of roma that we hear, is just makes you angry. because this should not be happening. they are european citizens. >> can you answer in 30 seconds jizerka, what needs to be done? >> what needs to be done, there has to be a political will. there has to be a political will by the european government. there has to be political will by the european commission. by -- and by other countries as well. i mean people need to also
4:46 pm
recognize that this is not -- this is not the world we want. anymore. >> around 1 million roma are thought to live in the united states. they are generally assimilated more into society here than they are in europe. tony. >> appreciate it. still ahead on al jazeera america. hip hop diplomacy in iraq, a message of peace. news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified
4:47 pm
here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america.
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>> hip hop and the middle east, two things that don't ordinarily go together but a group of young message from iraq is using urban music to cross cultural barriers. they call themselves the step crew, and they recently made their way to dearborn, michigan, b.c. onlieri has more. >> on a sunday afternoon the sounds of hip hop music emanate from the walls of the arab american mutually in dearborn, michigan just outside of detroit. and these young men who traveled here from iraq are taking center stage. they call themselves the ten
4:49 pm
crew. who have embraced burn culture. it's like, i go account just got up. you know, it was something really inspired me. >> six years later, hussein and his dance mates made their way to the u.s. and auditioned for american voices a nonprofit organization based in st. louis, missouri that provides musical and dance training to young people from around the world. after 12 months of training
4:50 pm
sponsored by the u.s. state department the group emerged with new steps and a name. the step crew, as they are called, ask now displaying -- is now displaying their talents across the u.s. but forming the step crew has not been easy. some of them literally risked their lives by dancing in their home land. in parts of iraq hip hop music is forbidden because lyrics that speak to sex and use of drugs is forbiddingen there but some view this as art. >> hip hop as a way to get a positive message to young people and try to find ways to go beyond ethnicity, and confessional differences and
4:51 pm
find a way to unify around a common art form. >> i guess it's kind of like inspiring to express myself more. because it's different here than in iraq. so just imagine, if they could do it, i could do it, too. >> it's what hip hop is, you know, brings people together. >> the step crew will spend the next week performing this both boston and new york. they hope the day will come soon when they're able to share what they've learned here with those back in iraq. b.v. onileri, al jazeera, detroit. >> jetion ca is here with the day -- jessica is here with sports, jim leyland kind of moving on, right? >> he's staying in a different form it seems. leyland resurrecting his retirement, now he says he's
4:52 pm
stepping down following tigers game 6 als championship series against boston red sox. plaild is the winningest coach. head's going down because of loss and then he dropped that bomb on it. the 68-year-old has spent 50 seasons in the major, starting as a player and ending as the major league's most successful managers. he's not retiring but doesn't want to be in the dugout anymore. are being peyton manning losing to his former team mate. as the colts handed the broncos their first loss. >> kind of in some ways somewhat relieved this game is over and i feel like hopefully, we'll have a chance to play these guys again. because that would mean we made
4:53 pm
the playoffs. we've got a long way to go before then but you certainly see them being in the postseason for sure. and i think if there is a next time it might be a little bit easier just because of -- it was somewhat of an emotional week and it can be a little bit draining. >> no doubt. so much talk about from this week in the nfl so with that let's pick the brain of our nfl analyst anita marks. let's recap must-see tv, colts-are broncos. did andrew luck really out-play peyton manning? >> if you look at the evening that manning had, the bigger story was the fact that the can colts made a statement. they beat those three teams alone are 17 and 1 against the
4:54 pm
rest of the nfl and 0 and 3 against the colts. that says a lot. this team is in it to win it. they're going omake a run for the super bowl. >> kansas city the only undefeated team left standing. are they best in the nfl right now? >> with all due respect, they are the only undefeated. this is a pass-happy nfl they have a quarterback that is goes the one of the best running backs this jamal charles, they don't pass the ball a lot but i believe the seattle seahawks to me are the best team in the nfl right now. percy harvin might be able to play week 8, who knows maybe he waits until after the bye but once they get per have i harvin back i don't believe anybody will be able to beat the seahawks. >> still lost in overtime thanks othat new rule to the jets.
4:55 pm
what are your thoughts on that game again? >> it's nice to get gronk back, i'm sure tom brady was happy to see him back. are they contenders? are they pretenders? because of the way they won, because this penalty was called on a very obscure rule this was added to the nfl. i think they're pretenders. i need to see more from the jets. i think the patriots are in it to win it. they are the team to compete in the afc for sure. >> you can't count tom brady out. which will you think prove to be the biggest loss to their team? >> we were just talking about the colts. for them to lose a wide receiver, reggie wayne, andrew luck, his second year in the nfl, young wide receivers that veteran leadership, the fact he's gone for the remainder of
4:56 pm
the year with an acl, that is the biggest hit and the biggest loss. some might say jay cutler, hopefully the cast in chi can at least win -- in chicago can at least win two, they get him back in two weeks. >> final question, vikings and giants, is this the week we see big blue get their first win? >> i'm so worried about it, they have no rushing attack. i don't think he plays in the fact that josh freeman is the quarterback in the minnesota vikings, he's got a strong arm, going ostretch the field, teams are not going to be able to put nine in a box against adrian petersen. i think the giants go 0 and 7 nirt. >> you've made the same noise i did when somebody asked me that this week as well. >> it's so sad, because they are such a storied franchise. it's the most shocking thing so far in the nfl.
4:57 pm
>> thanks anita. we can't wait to see you again. a tough night for the giants. we'll see how it comes out. >> it's a cool start to the week, meteorology dave warren a look at the forecast. explore issues relevant to you.
4:58 pm
>> i'm meteorologist dave warren. looking for cooler temperatures from the north. might get down to the freezing mark the first time this season about cold air 38 current temperatures in fargo and minneapolis. easily dropping down to the freezing mark or below in this area. cool air just stops here through
4:59 pm
the midwest. that's the front moving through, right along that boundary we're getting just a few showers. pushing through indiana and illinois right now and will continue to move east and develop a storm on the east coast. meantime freeze warnings, we'll get to the freezing mark or blow -- below. that's the blue color. frost advisories not quite to 32° but you can still get frost on surfaces with a light breeze. minneapolis, where it could happen first time this season we have freeze watches and warnings in effect. radar, not seeing many clouds across the northeast. the front will move east and develop into a coastal storm. a look at the headlines is coming up.
5:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm tony harris. here's a look at the top stories. two shootings in reno. the associated press has the familteacher identified as michl landsbury. secretary of state john kerry in france it to discuss middle east peace bu. president obama addressed the


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