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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> u.s. counter terrorism operations are precise and lawful and eective. >> these and other killings documented in our report. >> if the white house takes on a human rights report that criticizes the u.s. for killing civilians with drones. >> anger with improving relations with iran and trust station wit -- frustration with syria's civil war is causing a rift. >> the report dispoints but
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offers up go good news as well. we'll look at where to find the "help wanted" signs. >> it's one of the most controversial tools in modern american warfare. drones. they have been celebrated as way to target mil militants without putting u.s. troops in danger. but today two human rights groups say the wid widespread uf drones has killed civil yanks -- civilians. we have more on the story. >> john, just two months ago president obama declared that america's use of drones is legal an only targets enemies of the united states. the reports released today charged the u.s. with indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.
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amnesty international focused on drone strikes in pakistan. the investigators say they researched nine of 45 drone attacks that happened between january of 2012 and august of 2013. in one strike they claim 18 labourers were reportedly killed. >> the most challenging situation we had to face was the complete and utter secrecy of the u.s. authorities. because of that we can't be 100% certain but we are concerned that these and other killings documented in our report may constitute war crimes. the pakistan prime minister visiting washington today expressed concern about u.s. drone policy. our political parties in a national conference declared the use of drones is not only a continued violation of our territorial integrity but also detrimental to our efforts at
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eliminating terrorism from our country. this issue has become a major issue in our bilateral relationship as well. i would stress the need for the end to drone attacks. >> yemen is another frequent targets of drones. the u.s. launched 80 killings there since 2009 killing 473 people among them si r -- civilians we found that despite assurance from president obama it's killing innocent civil civ. this is a clear violation of law. if it indiscriminately killed it should be held responsible. earlier this year president obama spelled out the don' drone policy at the united nations assembly. we have the use of drones for those that pose the imminent
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threat to the united states where capture is not feasible. aamnesty international accuses the president of escalating the use of drones. from 2004 to 2008 the bureau says there were 2 24 drone stris in pakistan. in 2009 there were 56 and in 20 2012011, 127. the united sayingse nations is criticizing the strategy. in a new report the u.n. alleges that over a nine year period drone strikes killed 2000 people and at least 400 deaths were civilians. yemen and pakistan says this violates their sovereignty. the question is whether the united states talks to yemen and pakistan when they do this what
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do we know? >> we heard from the amnesty watch they say that both nations are cooperating with the u.s. in those drone strikes. you heard the prime minister of pakistan criticize the u.s. but on the other hand he didn't say he was here to receive over a billion dollars of aid. you can judge the junctio juxtan of the aid. >> aamnesty international says the u.s. needs to change their drone policy. they need to release the strikes and ensure that u.s. policies follow the laws of war by taking precautions to minimize harm to civilians. and stop the government from using lethal force. >> they want to respect the right of all people and not just
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their own sit accidents -- citi. >> those accused should receive fair be a bubble trials. >> the saudi intelligence chief says his country is is not happy with america right now. but the secretary of state says his comments may be premature. >> the leaders of the u.s. and saudi arabia have been extremery friendly exchanging kisses and, stafstaffextravagant gifts. they said their country will shift away from the united states. allegations that john kerry seemed to dismiss after meeting the saudi foreign minister. >> i saw the comments present pd today. before this conversation took place.
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people need to touch base and get a sense from the prince himself who is the foreign minister exactly how he sees this. >> saudi officals have made clear for years they have been uunhappy with what the obama station has done. calling for the ey egyptian president to stop down. but it's become much more tense lately. the saudis unhappy with the us overtures towards iran and it's refusal to launch strikes in syria. they said they wouldn't take a seat on the u.n. security council. >> whether or not saudi arabia takes a seat on the security council is their own decision. >> there are analysts here in washington warning the obama administration not to take this lightly. i think the americans would make a mistake by underestimating the importance of this decision. the saudis are not people that take risk easily and not make
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statements that they are not concerned about. >> but there are strong economic ties between the two countries. the u.s. exports 1 17 prime $17n of good to saudi arabia. and much of that from oil. but the u.s. is now the world's largest producer of oil. reducing some of saudi arabia's influence. the oil markets have barely moved on the latest news. saudi arabia has looked to the u.s. for most of it's military harold wear. hardware. >> last week they agreed to solve $6.8 million of missiles. so far washington doesn't seem that worried that is going to happen. we talked to a saudi cal column.
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>> i don't think each country can afford to break up with each other. there is a lot of important relationships at stake between both countries. yes they don't see eye to eye on some issues. but this is not a novelty. they have done the same. they have had the same stance with the israeli-palestinian issue and the invasion of iraq. september 1 11th was a great acid test in relationships with both countries. i believe they'll pass through this one as well. some frankness and bluntness is required to discuss this issue on the table as well as behind closed doors. >> efforts for a peace conference on syria has stalled. they met in london today in hopes of launching talks next
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month. the main opposition group says sitting down with the syrian president would make them traitors to the revolution and assad has given no indication he will step down. >> it's clear that both sides will continue to fight and to fight and to fight. and in the end the greatest victims, the people that suffer the most are the syrian people themselves who are being driven from their homes and killed in the most wanton violence. >> kerry says there is a great stake in syria. the displacement of millions of people in that country. >> sixty bush fires are raging throughout australia and 200 moment200homes have been destrow south wales. >> based on the forecast and the size of the fires it's expected to become a whole lot worse yet.
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>> fires are expected to flare on wednesday with hot dry windy weather. to prepare for it 800 firefighters from around the country arrived in now south wales. they will help the crews that have been working on site non-stop for days. >> good evening. i'm going to take you straight over to australia. we havwe have a change in termse weather pattern. notice the clouds in that south eastern area. this is a frontal boundary. when a frontal boundary goes through fire areas you do get rain but you could get lightning. and that is one thing they don't need. that has now pushed through but behind it we'll have dryer air in it. this is what we are looking at right now. sidney is osid -- sydney is on t and the firing fires are back ho the west.
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thethey have connected the fireo they could have control on this. we are looking down towards the southeast. we are going to be watching these fires as well. we do expect this area, john to get much larger. >> the price of an education is going up at some california community colleges. the reason why and the angry reaction to that plan. >> plus the jobs report that was delayed by the government shutdown. we'll til tell you the numbers d why some companies are struggling to find qualified job seekers. >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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>> california is experimenting with a college program. injurjr. college students are bg charged more to take classes. >> but the two tiered system is getting a big "f" from critics.
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>> jennifer what is the rye rean from campus. >> students and fac faculty are urging the board of trustees not to implement this program ab 955. the board of trus trustees is mg on whether or not to move forward on the idea that has sparked controversy across campuses. it's production time at the student newspaper at long beach city college. and on this day students are writing and talk you go about this. >> this is a chance for a lot of students to actually. >> the opportunity is to allow six california community colleges to charge five times as much for winter classes.
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instead of paying $46 a unit the same class would cost $208 a unit. the fee hike is being called an experiment by california's govenor. many students say on a surfashiosurfastissurfast -- sus like a good idea. if those classes are not affordable doesn't that defeat the purpose? it creates a tw two-tiered syst. rather than us as low income students blues bloc because wed it. >> as controversial as this is. it's the best option we have. >> our community college system which is supposed to be open access for all essentially turned away half a million students last year. they were allowed to come into the college but they weren't given any of the classes they need to transfer or get a two
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year certificate. unde. >> under the plan the colleges can funnel the revenue back into the school to help with financial aid. and williams says they will spend less in the long run. they'll get the classes they need to gra graduate or transfer sooner. the faculty of california community colleges disagrees. >> california community colleges were founded on the princple of equitable access. what ab 995 does it turns that fill oses fephilosophy on it's . >> at least two of the community colleges invited to participate agree and are taking a pass. >> one is undecided and the over other is not eligible because of
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enrollment. >> we have a mission at long beach to ensure that we open up as much opportunity for students. these courses are in addition to what we would normally offer. and students can choose to make the investment or not. >> with course offering declining by 21% since 2008 because of budget cuts it's clear that something needs to be done. it will be up to the students to decide if the states experiment makes the grade. genjennifer london. long beach. >> joining us is jessica the students of thpresident of the t engagement club. jessica wel welcome. nice to see you. >> what do you think of this program is it a good idea or not. i don't think it's a good idea we have a population of students that are living under the poverty line and raise being tuition even for a number of
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courses during winter and summer session does not seem like a viable option for students that can't hardly pay the already $46 tuition price. >> there have been cut-backs in education in california and including at schools like this where they have cut back on courses. how would you solve this budget short anshortfall? >> i would look at the state legislators to come up with ideas to raise funding for the college. when our legislators are supposed to stand for the interest of our students and the interest for students is to to e able to afford college. >> isn't it a system of haves and have nots when it comes to education. >> to go to college it costs up academy awardupwards of $60,000w
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do we solve this problem? >> well the idea of a community college is to increase access to the community. it's not just about students going to four-year universities. it's not just about students with means that are able to afford to go on to higher institutions. it's about creating equality for students that can't afford to pay a four-year university fee. saying there is a two-tiered system in education in the one sense it's true. there are always students that have more money and can afford to go to a uc school or private institution. that is not what community college is for. it's for those students that cannot why should we exclude those students from an institution that it's trying to protect. >> what are you students trying to do to change this. >> we have been talking to our
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board at the trustees meetings. we have been creating coalitions with long beach community organizers and we have been going into classrooms and talking to students. we handed out a petition and garnered 600 student signatures in three days. and we are trying to inform our students on what they can do to let the administrators no they ar --know they are not in suppof this bill. >> this is a pilot program it's not in effect yet. >> true. >> what does that mean? does it mean it will be tossed out in temporary time. we have five years to prove the program is successful or unsuccessful. i would recommend to students that do not agree with this program to protest the classes if we do not turn out the number of students that are required to make the program successful we would lit th let the administran
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know we are not in support of the two-tiered college. >> jessica have you been involved in a situation like this before. >> no i have not. >> tell the me whatell me what d the reason you are. i am not a student that would be affected by this bill. >> mmy parents can afford to sed me to school. you meet so many people that are unable to pay for their classes or unable to pay for their children's lunches at school. and so, being in this kind of college kind of politicizes you and lets you know that there are other people with other struggles that are outside of your bubble and i couldn't ignore it anymore. >> jessica we appreciate you sharing your point of view with us tonight. thanks very much.
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it's time for business news. >> the labor department says was 148,000 jobs created in september. that is weaker than expected. one bright spot hik hiring from high-tech they are being held back because of qualified candidates. >> at new york based digital ad start up the trade desk they are looking to hire. >> we are currently at 30 employees. we could be easily at 100 to 200 in the next couple of years. >> only if he finds qualified candidates. >> there is a shortage of software engineers. that is something that we are always looking for whether it's in the silicon valley or here in new york. >> according to a resent study of advantagessed nations the
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u.s. is fall behind in key skill sets, such as math ranking at 122 out of 24 in the nations surveyed. >> the job wanted ads are going up and there is a high level of employment. and we have to raise our game. >> the trade desk is rising to the challenge by investing heavily and honing the skills. new recruits. >> every hire we bring in goes through the training academy. it's intensive training that they have to learn about our industry. >> he would like to have a bigger pool of candidates to what does it from. we could add ten more tomorrow if we had the people to hire. >> this morning's jocks report t was welcome news on wall street. >> the disappointing numbers would continue that the fed will continue to buy bonds to support the economy.
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>> apple is banking on a new i pad to compete against samsung and a amazon. it weighs one pound and starts at 4 $99. the tech giant has been losing ground in the global tablet sales. apple's share of the marc markes cut in half to 33%. >> the irs is delaying the start of the filing season by as much as two weeks. they need more time to update their computer systems because of the 16 day government shutdown. but federal taxes will be due on april 15th. >> and it pays to be a boss. ceo salaries are soring. leading the pack facebook chief mark zuckerberg took home $2.3 billions last year.
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it's the first time that all of the top ceo's received over 100 $100 million in compensation. well michael is back with sports. it's that time of. er i -- year in baseball whe changes are being made in the front office. the cincinnati reds have their man. pitching coach brian price will be the team's 61st manager. he replaces dusty baker. prior to joining the red staff he spent ten years as a pitching coach in seattle and arizona. >> the cardinals received good news before the start of their second world series. allan craig who has kno not plad six september 4th will be available as the team's designated hitter. game one is tomorrow night at
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fenway park. >> and in proper benefit scandals that dates back to 2002 has come to an end. the foo football and basketballm are losing description. description. -- scholarships. they would allow the football team to play in the bcs title game. >> we'll have more sports coming up later in the program. >> a chicago neighborhood keeps getting covered in black dust. we'll have more on where it's coming from and what residents are doing about it. the dramatic attack at the ballet. a dancer who is accused of attacking the director heads to court when we come back.
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rights groups say deadly strikes violate law and could be classified as war crimes. >> john kerry downplaying the reports of a rift between the u.s. and saudi arabia. he is referring to comments made by the saudi intelligence chief. who says they are shifting away from american policies the comments were made before a meeting with the saudi foreign minister. are the whitthe white house is .
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here to talk about the affordable care act in his state is congressman rush holt from new jersey. >> thank you for being on the program. good to be with you, john. >> i believe you held a round table in new jersey to talk about this. what are you hearing from your constituents about the problem with this we website. >> i'm always talking about constituents and healthcare is a big item. yesterday i held a roundtable to talk about the roll out. i heard what i call basically good news. >> there is no doubles that the
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we --no doubt that the web sitee trouble ssome. we have already in new jersey 300,000 people covered under the expanded medicade. and this is for lower income people. and the patient advocates made it clear that this is already making a very big difference, a very positive difference. in my own disstric district i he 600,000 young adults that are covered on their parents policies. there are 100,000 seniors that are taking advantage of the medicare with no co-pay an no charge. and there will be 100,000 people in my district that will be getting coverage that don't now have coverage and don't have any place to go when they get sick except maybe showing up at the
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emergency room and counting on the charity of the hospital. >> and i understand your feelings about what you think are the positive aspects of the plan. isn't this is a colossal mistake in a roll out of a plan that has been in the work for years and millions and millions of dollars have been spent on this? >> yes, it's unsatisfactory and unacceptable with the way the next stage of the healthcare law roll out is going. >> who is responsible and who can fix this? >> obviously the administration the department of health and human services. they are responsible and heads should roll. there should be some new people in there quickly. but, i want to emphasize, that there are many parts to this healthcare law. >> you know there have been
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problems -- >> what has been implemented so far has worked well and the public likes it. so if the past is any guide this is going to work. and every major piece of legislation. and any healthcare legislation has problem. medicare was fought v vo sieve . an many of us thought it was a bad bill and there were a lot of problems rolling it out. it's now working very well. and i will admit we were a little harr harsh in our critic. but even as we criticized it we members of congress and others held town meetings and put out blast e-mails to help it work as well as it possibly could. i'm sorry to see my colleagues here in congress hoping for
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failure and doing what they can to torpedo it. instead of helping it work as bevebest as it can. >> you talk about heads rolling some republicans have called for the secretary to be fired. do you think that is a good idea? do you support that? >> no i don't support that. no, i don't support that. this was web design, it was coding, it was public relation neannouncements. i don't think that is directly traceable to the secretary. and besides, this is not fatal. we are two weeks into this program now. and a lot of people are already registering. and over the next month i'm sure more will. >> this program is a center
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piece of the obama presidency in many ways. and yet while republicans are claiming that obamacare is one of the worst things that has happened to the government when this website rolls out, when people can sign up. it turnin turns out to be a coll problem. you say the secretary is not responsible. but if she is not responsible who is. i don't know the organization chart of the health and human services. >> bu but more important than punishing people we get someone in there to get the web design right and software right. she is not going to be working out bugs in in the software. >> i guess not. >> i also want to point out, again and again we have to revisit important pieces of
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legislation social security has been changed over the years since 1935. later it was changed to include spouses medicare has been changed almost annually many times. it includes coverage now for younger adults who are victims of als lie lou gehrig's diseaser end stage kidney problems. there are changes made all the time and when the changes were made for the prescription drug coverage there were enormous problems. >> it sounded the it sounded the this sounds now. and after a few months we were beyond it and now man after many years in the program we love it. >> we watch to see if the government will be able to fix this part of the program. congressman good to see you again. thank you john. >> a community in southwest
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chicago says every time the wind blows dust comes into their homes. now residents have had enough and environmental groups are stepping in. >> from her second floor apartment suzzana gomez can see mounds of black soot. >> you see how it's much thicker not like regular dust. >> because of concern of what is in the air she tries to keep her kids indoors. >> it's hard to breathe around it and in the summertime you can see it stuck on your skin. >> these piles of crumbly powder are a by product of petro petrom refinement. >> the united states is where tar sands oil the dirtiest of the dirty oil in the world is being refined.
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it's being refined and leaving a waste stream. >> it's shipped from bp's oil refinery to kcbg terminal. >> i called this morning. >> the community activists say when the wind blows clouds of black dust blankets their neighbourhoods. >> the dust travels throughout the community. and our concern is it's in the air we breathe and it afor examplaffectsour property valuee children playing outdoors and brooepbreatheing in this stuff. >> there are carcinogens that are riding along with this dust from this type of source. so all of these can cause long term health effects. >> no state law requires petcost tcoto be enclosed they are investigating their permits. kcbx did not respond to al
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jazeera requests for comments but bp did. >> they said bl bp had communicd their expectations that they will comply with the requirements. the concerned citizens are hoping that it will lead to better containment or restriction for petco. >> i worry about it all the time. >> bp's refinery is the second largest in the country. but it i it's not running at ful capacity ent. capacity ent--yet. they are expected to produce 2 million tons annually. >> the people of a small missouri town are rallying calling for justice.
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on the heels of pressure an protest. a special prosecutor has been called in. last year two boys were charged with sexual assaulting a 14-year-old girl. but the charges were dropped. and joh johnathan martin is in mariemaryville where there has a rally for justice. what do w we know, johnathan? >> john, i a lot o a lot of peoe concerned about what sort of image this is puttings o puttine town. this was originally a protest. and a special prosecutor has been assigned to the case people who showed up were more here to rally in support of the two alleged rape victims. mariemaryville, missouri a townf 12,000 people find itself in a national spotlight as hundreds
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of demonstrators rally in support of the two girls. the two girls claim they were sexually assaulted in 2012 but then the charges were dropped by authorities. the controversy has gh give fene entire town a bad perception. >> anyone in the community that wants to respond to ha these allegations become a tar get. the girls say they were raped by two 17-year-old classmates. >> a third is accused of recording it on a cell phone. the girls endured bullying and harassment after coming forward. the local prosecutor dropped the charges saying thi there was insufficient evidence and the victims refused to cooperate. >> the case was handled perfectly from beginning to ind. it was unfortunate that the
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prosecutor didn't persue the charges. >> one of the attackse attackera football player. knenow a special prosecutor has been assigned to re-open the case. >> and i'm thankful i believe we will get justice in maryville. ultimately the truth and the facts are going to come out in this case the people that have been critical in this community are big enough to accept what the truth really is. >> and that special pro prosecur spoke out yesterday saying that she and her office plan to investigates this case and look into it without any gear or -- r or favor. >> it's time to head to washington, d.c. jo jo.
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joi e is here to tell us what is coming up. >> tonight we are going to tell you how advocates are using a novel approach. a federal law for promoting women's athletics on college campuses. >> you may be familiar with title 9 and now university are being held accountable for protecting women against discrimination. including discrimination when they accuse fellow students of rape. it's being led by two women from the university of north carolina even key figures on campus have admitted was a problem. >> i think we were reluctant to classify as a sexual assault because it would be counted in official numbers. we put much more emphasis on preventing plague plagiarism thn preventing rape. that was a reality. >> a new complaint on similar
8:45 pm
grounds has been filed against the university of connecticut. we'll have those stores ahead at the top. hour. >> the ballet is an internationally renowned classical ballet company based in russia. but the drama ow on stage has spilled over to the courtroom. one of the dancers has been accused of orchestrating anas ad attack. he was outside of his apartment in moscow when a mixture of urine and su sulfuric acid was thrown in his face. he returned to the opening *69 season last month after
8:46 pm
undergoing 22 operationings. he can see nothing out of his right eye. and he can't make out faces with his left eye just light and dark. >> first of all i want to tell everyone hello and i'm happy to see you. it's important to me. de medicde mediciddmitry was an. the trial will ones again shine an uncom uncomfortable spotligh. just a time when the ballet company was trying to put the a i fair behind them.. two other men are facing trial. one is accused of throwing the acid and the other of driving him to the scene of the attack.
8:47 pm
it has done nothing to dim the ambitions of these young girls. treatmentindreaming that one dao may take a place on the famous stage. we try not to pay attention to the swab ills. are are are arsquabbles. the ballet is one. brightest things that exist. >> sometimes you should be careful what you wish for. the backstage dramas can be more grueling than the demands of russian ballet. >> the state university football team is back and ready to play. but have the players grievianses grievians -- grievances been resolved? we'll have that next in sports.
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and
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desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> the foote bat ever ever food ba the football team is back and ready to play. >> a lot of stories coming out of this incident. after a week of boycotting practices and forfeiting a game and sub par equipment the gramly football team is ready to resume their season. it not only put the program in the spotlight it brought more attention to the plight of plaque collegues anblackcollegey try to remain ree relevant.
8:51 pm
it's been a long week for the university head coach. >> sleepless. i have had most of the time you know worrying about the kid. making sure that you know the the university was concerned. concerned about the firing the female took a stand refusing to play on saturday and boycotting practices. everyone here wanted to play. to get what we want we feel is right we had to take a stand. >> the protest was unprecedented and sparked national headlines. >> grambling was put on the map
8:52 pm
by the coach h eddie robinson. who has sent 200 play ishes to the n.f.l. gram bl ling president says the university is in emergency mode. close to kle to declaring finanl oxygensy. he is trying to turn a black eye caused by the student protest into a green. >> if there is one very good out come right, of receiving national attention it's it has given us an opportunity to talk about the financial plight the fact that we have last 60% of our state funding in the past years. grambling is the jewel of the sew 5 clack college and
8:53 pm
university. many of which are on the edge of extension. the main reason 90% of black students choose to not attend black colleges. since the pu pub publicity he is receiving hundreds of phone calls. they know they can leave behind be a legacy but also a better conditions for the future of the university. >> joining us now is long time football writer who is authoring a book on black college and universities. we appreciate the time tonight. let me ask you this. what are the most pressing issues facing acbu's? is it money? >> i think it's two thing. number one the integration of the college football particularly in the south qr most owheremost of the hsbc sche
8:54 pm
located. the kids are being recruited by the auburns and the lsu's of the world. and as the report alluded to is economics. you take a school like the university of texas their athletic related revenues 163 million lsu 114000000. grambling's 6 million. and the schools predominantly feeders to the n.f.l. only 40 million. those are the main implements right no --elements that are hue hbc schools. >> i grew up in the south and if you talk to the older people the
8:55 pm
worst thing that happened was the hbcu. we are not talking about the best athletes. the wheels start in giving money to the athletic programs. the alumni of those schools, some 6 of the best students dont go to the schools. they are going to the lsu's. a few years ago i had a defensive back who played at jacksonville and is now at detroit and was drafted from bethune. and the best thing that happened for the black athlete in the south was the integration of the colleges. the worst thing that happened to the hsbcu schools was the integration of the big colleges like the georges yea georgias a. it's had a real impark impact or ability to raise funds doug
8:56 pm
williams raised 11 millions $11. so president is right. if there is a galvanizing thing that comes out of this ka it is catastrophe it's brought attention to the schools. >> that is not an issue just to grambling it's all of the schools in the south. >> thank you very much. kevin has weather right after this.
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>> hello again the snow is ending i now. we do expect the snow showers to come back. indianapolis you may have eskimo as -- snow as well. chicago at 38° and we expect to see cooler temperatures and freezing for some locations. >> new england, boston specifically, we are looking at
8:59 pm
rain right now. tomorrow is the first day of the wortherworld series at fenway p. there are going to be showers around and showers are going to be hit and miss until 8:00 p.m. the second game 50e 50° and maye 45° when the match starts. and st. louis temperatures at 64 all the way through the rest of the weekend. here are the temperatures we expect to see across the area. let's go back and see the freeze and frost warnings expected across the ohio river valley. >> you want to pay attention to the areas the roads may be a little slick and we expect the temperatures to rise up nicely. that is a look at your weather. the headlines be ar are up next.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler and here are tonight's top stories. deadly u.s. don' drone strikes o take out militants in pakistan and yemen could have been war crimes. that is acording ting to two new reports. >> relations between the u.s. and saudi arabia are just fine despite reports of growing divide. kerry is referring to comments made by the saudi inte intellige chief. those comments were made before the meeting with the saudi foreign minister. >> the people of a small missouri town are


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