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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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united in their anger, u.s. spying claims overshadow european union talks in brussels. the other top stories on al jazeera, the international criminal court says the kenyan deputy president william rooto must appear in court during his trial. appeal rejected a court in china up holds the sentence against bo xilai and voters in madagascar go to the polls to choose a new
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president. ♪ new leaks reveal that the united states has routinely monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders, the latest disclosure was reported in a british newspaper after germany and france called for talks with the u.s. to limit spying. al jazeera's tim friend reports from the european union summit in brussels. >> reporter: leaders launch in another day of talks over u.s. spying allegations increasing, rather than diminishing. europe wants talks with washington to resolve the issue before the end of the year. a lot is at stake here. the united states and the european union are currently negotiating a big free trade agreement but the president of the european parliament from the germany opposition party has suggested that those talks should not be suspended.
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when merkel arrived at the summit she hinted long-term damage to u.s. relations, not just in germany but across europe. >> translator: with regards to the national security agency, i have made it clear to the american president that spying between france is unacceptable. i said that in june when he was in berlin and in july and also yesterday in a phone call. it's not about me, it's about the privacy of all german people between allies and there must be trust and this trust must be rebuilt. >> reporter: they held talks with the french president whose country is another nsa target. u.s. ambassadors in berlin and paris have been summoned and the two leaders had coordinated an action plan. merkel says she wants a pact that would put limits on spying between the u.s. and its
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european allies. >> translator: france and germany will see to it by the end of the year we will have cooperation between the united states, germany and france and a framework for how our intelligence services work together and germany and france worked closely on it and others will join at a later stage. >> reporter: the gravity of the situation is not lost on washington. >> we will not comment publically on every specified activity and made clear that the united states gathers foreign intelligence like gathered by all nations. >> reporter: they knew the u.s. was watching citizens but extent of the operation revealed by whistleblower edward snow den shocked and angered politicians and they will have to move move swiftly to regain trust. >> reporter: we have tim friend
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standing by to talk to us in brussels and good to see you and how much miss trust and anger is there to the united states as far as you have been able to tell watching proceedings and how much should be political bluster and grandstanding? >> the statement that came out here in brussels says that there needs to be a rebuilding of bridges between the washington and european capitols in view of these spying revelations. the other point that the european leaders are making here is that this lack of trust far from increasing the efficiency of intelligence and the way it's used to combat terrorism could actually jeopardize that. if you don't have trust between allies, if one is doing something to the other without the other knowing, and people
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are -- become weary of each other you start to jeopardize the whole purpose, the central purpose of this whole exercise. and you were mentioning in the introduction the new revelations in the guardian newspaper in london. more from edward snowden the whistleblower and former nsa contractor who has leaked all this stuff and we are getting more as well from lamon, the leading french newspaper, talking about french intelligence officials going to the united states while sarcozy was the president of france and suspected that the presidential residence had been hacked into, united states denied it, but clearly this sort of thing has been going on for some time and it's really come to a head here now. >> day two of the meeting
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underway, will they be able to look past the scandal and get back to what was to have been the top issue on the agenda, the question of migrants and syria refugees and hundreds of crossing the mediterranean to get to european shores? >> yes and i think we will hear about that quite soon because this summit wraps up at lunchtime here and they will be issuing a statement and they will be outlining what they intend to do about that. as you say this was their primary purpose in being here for this summit, that alongside the economy of course, which is always in the background because of the crisis in the eurozone and immigration is top of the agenda and if they ignore it it looks like they forgot the central purpose and been distracted completely from the spying and they can't afford to let it happen and shortly we will hear a bit more of what they intend to do about the
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terrible tragedy playing out the mediterranean. >> reporter: thanks for that. deputy president william ruto must attend his crimes trial at the international court in the hague and they reversed an earlier decision in june excusing him from attending much of the trial before the tribunal. peter has been monitoring the court ruling and has more for us now from the kenyan capitol nairo nairobi. >> reporter: they had to deal with when the trial judges have the authority in principle to give the accused the rights to be excused from part of their trial. on that score they found the appeal, the trial judges were right to consider his request to be excused but that they overstepped the authority and granting what amounted to a blanket excusel. the trial judges said that he could be excused from appearing
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throughout most of the trial apart from certain key parts of it but the appeals judges say that was too much and said that, in fact, the trial judges should be allowed to adjust their court calendars and should be allowed to grant adjourn ms for brief periods for specific circumstances when william ruto has to come back to kenya to deal with certain crisis and certain official duties. generally what it means is william ruto must be present for the entire duration of his trial in principle and that only from time to time will he be allowed to come back. >> reporter: he was tipped to the top but his spectacular fall from grace has now been sealed. former chinese politician bo xilai lost his appeal against the sentence of corruption and abuse of power and we report from bejing. >> reporter: the trial was meant to show how serious china's government is about
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fighting corruption and the first time a politically sensitive case was heard in the open. ultimately the public still only saw what the government allowed them to see. but unlike usual defendants in chinese courtrooms the 33 million people refused to go quietly. he was, after all, dipped to challenge for the presidency before all of this. the media savvy did not show atonement in hopes of leniency and ensuing appeal could only serve to embarrass party leaders further. >> translator: things have improved compared to the past but trial was open and just. they were following procedures, sure, and predetermined by chinese leaders and it's all just a show. >> reporter: in his speech after being president in november last year he am knowledged that if the corruption was not dealt with it could destroy the communist
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party and anger has grown and the government has also been careful not to expose too many details that may be further detrimental to the party as a whole. since 2008, 32 officials have been charged with corruption-related crimes, 10 of them brought to task under his administration. a government report also noted that in the last few months of 2012 alone more than 700 politicians fled the country with over 400 billion u.s. dollars. but many here believe that there is more going on than just a moral crusade to cleanup the party's ranks. >> translator: the anticorruption campaign conducted by the chinese party is just a tool used for a political power struggle and it can't eradicate the corruption from the system. >> reporter: until a more reliable structure of checks and balances is put in effect questions will remain about
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party leaders true intentions and consolidating power this way could still work against them no matter how carefully they attempt to craft the show. al jazeera beijing. >> reporter: they are choosing a new president and the first national vote since a military backed coup in 2009 and it has been postponed three times this year and tanya reports from the capitol. >> reporter: these sisters used to earn $30 a week selling baskets but that was before the political and economic crisis. now they struggle to earn half that. and yet with 11 children between them their need has never been greater. they supplement diet with vine leaves because food prices are now so high. a cup of rice costs 15% more than it did last year and the family has one wish from friday's election. >> translator: we are hoping
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for a president who can manage the country, someone who will help poor people like us. >> reporter: madagascar has been gripped by political crisis since 2009 when they had a military backed coup and condemnation and international donor said the ties wiping out 40% of the government's budget and slashed spending and pushing more people into poverty. the world bank says 92% of them life on less than $2 a day making it one of the poorest countries in the world. across the spectrum from education, access to healthcare, roads and facilities and employment levels, madagascar's development has reversed regardless of who the next president is, the people's demands are the same and want real progress and see improvement in their lives. it's a condition of the international media that neither the current nor former president can run for office but many of
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the 33 candidates are aligned to one or the other. >> translator: i don't have a good feeling about this. the election was prepared in difficult conditions in a hurry. the main candidates don't get along and it's dictated by outsiders without taking into consideration all the personalities and that makes me uncomfortable. >> reporter: no matter how big or small a step to democracy will be welcomed here and tonya page at madagascar and al jazeera. >> there is more to come including pushing nature past the perimeters and we meet the argentine who is refusing to sell because of pesticides. those in detroit are going more than the extra mile to get healthy produce. ♪
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♪ hello again, these are the top stories on al jazeera, leaders are meeting for the second day of a summit over shadowed by revelations of u.s. surveillance, germany and france are calling for talks after u.s. monitored the phones of 35 world leaders, kenya's president ruto must attend crimes against humanity trial at the criminal court in the hague and they reversed an earlier decision in june excusing him from attending much of the trial before the tribunal. and china rejected an appeal from former politician bo xilai and upheld a sentence of life in
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prison and he was guilty of embezzlement, bribery and abuse of power lost month. argentina industry may be growing but farmers are accused of using more pesticides than ever to get larger harvests and use of chemicals is often unregulated and close to populated areas as monica reports it's causing health problems for rural communities. >> they own a grocery store in the country side. but they won't sell what is produced in local farms. he says there is so much pesticide in the region, fruits and vegetables are unhealthy. and he has lung fibrosis and blames it on pesticides spraying in the farm belt. >> translator: they took my life away and life is a journey and i will not make it to the end, my life has been shortened.
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>> reporter: most country side is planted with soy but it wasn't always the case and it was corn and other grains before as well. people here remember the days when the price of soy was so high internationally everybody started planting it. the country was called the bread basket of the world. growing and harvesting was faster, seeds and pesticide blends were sprayed on crops and activists say there were no regulations and those farming methods come at a cost, according to a report by doctors. >> translator: we have to take matters to hand and speak about what is going on because if they don't talk about it the government will keep signing up companies and they will keep harming and killing people. >> reporter: the report claims blood samples of children show chemicals in their bodies and cancer rates have increased and findings are disputed because there is no direct link to
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pesticide use. argentina government regulates spraying near schools or homes but activists say it's not enough. >> translator: spraying has to be controlled nationwide, spraying should be one kilometer from homes. >> reporter: they have taken the fight to congress and wants to warn millions they believe they could face health problems if the use of chemicals is not controlled. monica with al jazeera argentina. >> reporter: at least one person has been killed in an explosion at a factory in mexico at the blueberry plant in the northern city there, dozens were injured when a boiler exploded causing the factory roof to collapse. al jazeera's adam has more. >> the blast occurred thursday afternoon, many of the injured presented second and third-degree burns after the
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blast and a vat exploded in the ceiling of the factory and bringing the ceiling on the work floor and trapping some workers in the process. more than 200,000 mexicans work this factories along the u.s. border and wide-ranging safety records at the border factories because they invest and open factories to pay lower wages in mexico and less oversight from the government and there are worst safety records than other countries in the world and worse records than europe and u.s. and that is not to say they are all prone to blasts like this but they are looking to see what caused the blast in mexico on thursday. >> reporter: dozens injured after university students clashed with riot police and they were demanding the resignation of the head of a college overalled miss management. police used tear gas to disburse
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the crowds. u.s. civil rights groups are calling for a federal investigation into the new york police department surveillance of muslims, 125 organizations want the justice department to look into what they call religious profiling. and investigation by the associated press showed that people were paid by new york police and people paid by new york police have infiltrated mosques to keep track of muslims and student associations, restaurants and book stores have also been monitored. new york city commissioner and mayor have consistently defended the methods as a deterrent to future attacks. the council on american islamic relations is one of the groups calling for the investigation and the government affairs managers said the surveillance hurt the muslim community. >> it had a very chilling effect. it effects the community from religious, business and a social
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standpoint. mosque leaders are afraid to speak because they are spied on and afraid to attend the mosque less they be followed. students are afraid to organize. community organizations are afraid to assemble and provide services. it's also had a chilling effect on the community's ability to reach out to new york police in case they themselves become victims of spying. i think the best strategy to keep new york safe is to have all communities regardless of race or religion have a strong relationship with the new york police department and if committee members are afraid to approach the police and report what they see are illegal and criminal activities, then the city, the state and the nation is less safe. so for what the nypd has admitted for six years where it spent $62 million a year it has
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led to zero leads or prosecutions of terrorism-related charges. so they have spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars and they had zero results. twitter set a share price for the public offering due to trading in early november. shares for the social media giant are priced conservatively than facebook which had a disastrous debut on the stock exchange and we report from new york. >> there is a lot of anticipation and speculation around twitter plans to go on the stock market and we have numbers that people can work with. they will release 17 million shares at 17-20 a share, that is slightly lower than estimated cost about a month ago and puts the company at about $11 billion. what happens next is the company's executives and financial advisors will go around the country and make presentations to mutual, hedge funds and financial institutions and encourage them to invest in
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the company, a public video on line presentation will be put on the internet shortly. the only thing we compare it to the resent experience is of course facebook which debuted the stock in may 2012 at $38 a share and went to free fall and a humiliating experience for the company's wealth and it managed to crawl back and get the stock price to something turning a product and it's $127 billion. the good news for twitter people think it has not reached the peak on the platform and hoping a good debut on the new york stock market and exchange in november will restore confidence in consumer internet companies. one of the largest cities in the united states has not had a super market chain in years. it had been a struggle for detroit residents to find healthy food until now. a new organic food store has opened but can residents of the cash-strapped city afford it?
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heidi reports. >> reporter: detroit, beautiful from a distance, but a different picture as you get closer. there is blight, hunger and crime. and to make matters worse detroit has had no major grocery store in decades. without a car, it's hard for locals to even find healthy food. >> it's really tough, i have to pay someone and wait around for a ride and pay someone if i want to get a cab, i have to get the cab and i have to wait when i'm done shopping. >> reporter: without any transportationov it's just the corner market that is the only place you can buy food but it's not good food. in this store the only options for protein were eggs, balonga or this bacon which expires in less than a week. >> a bad type of meat or whatever and get your greens or something and they are wilted or
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sour and too long in the package so it's almost a non-win situation really. >> reporter: a win is what whole foods market is trying to create. the national chain opened a detroit store in june despite skepticism how could an up scale organic place survive where the death of heart disease is 50% higher than the u.s. average? >> regardless of what some demographic studies may show our shoppers are here in detroit. >> reporter: it appears to be paying off. the parking lot is full and the check outlines are packed. some shoppers drove more than ten miles to get here saying nutrition is worth the higher price point. obviously it's not possible for one grocery store to feed a city so many detroiters rely on unique grass root needs for getting fresh fruits and vegetables, peaches and greens is a service that offers
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residents fresh produce. >> going up and down the streets like an ice cream truck and we make sure people, if they don't have transportation we are there and people who want healthy food and in wheelchairs and don't have transportation and there are reasons they can't make it to the market so we go to theirs. >> pineapple and plumbs and mushrooms and not too bad. >> reporter: and getting better, reflection of the spirit of detroit. >> we do what we do, we are survivors. we are are detroiters. >> reporter: i'm with al jazeera detroit. to columbia where the national narcotic agency is running an auction of property that once belonged to drug lords and they are worth more than $40 million but the narcotics agency discovered that many precious pieces have been stolen or sold illegally and we have this report from bogaton.
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>> reporter: selling what is left as the drug office biggest auction yet has 80,000 pieces for sale, jewelry, real estate and art valued at more than $40 million. >> translator: we have all sorts of objects and art pieces starting at $10 u.s. and valuable pieces and some that are false. the drug trafficker wanted status buying art but easily fooled. >> they turned the first floor of the building into what they are calling a museum and a few valuable portraits and fancy motorcycles and a painting playing pool with friends and images of the virgin mary to whom all bosses were devote and what is missing is the truly valuable stuff. in 1996 the government passed a law that allowed them to
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confiscate any assets whose owner could not approve they were acquired legally like this huge mansion behind me in the richest neighborhood. it became the antinarcotic tool feared by the mafia and it made it a car get for corruption and billions of dollars in drug assets disappeared and at least 14 congressmen are under investigation for naming friends or relatives as administrators of seized property and she has been appointed to the agency and says corruption was so rampent that it was scrapped altogether. >> translator: the drug office has gone through worrying times that is investigated by the da and taken actions against the people responsible for the crimes that were working here. >> reporter: and not all has been lost, thousands of pieces are slowly being sold and the
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government says this time the proceeds will help pay for compensation to the victims of columbia's drug wars. al jazeera. >> reporter: a reminder you can get more on all our top stories, go to our website, al, that is al an up or down payment. why can't the majority of americans can't buy a home. and social security is it there for you to retire? and twitter goes on sale by as early as november 7th but does it have the right game plan? i'm ali velshi and this is real money. this is real money. you are the most important part of the show so join our live conversation with the next half hour, use


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