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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the u.n. arrob league tells the opposition they have to attend a peace conference. ♪ hello, i'm adrian and this is al jazeera live from doha and a power crisis in gaza as the territory runs out of fuel, the search for millions of missing people around the world and the discovery of what could be the largest masked grave from the bosnian war. >> get off my driveway. >> the mayor of the city under pressure under a crack smoking
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video. ♪ in the past couple hours the u.n. arab league told the opposition what it must attend peace talks in switzerland and they are trying to build a framework for negotiations to end the fighting and involving rebel fighters and politicians is difficult and the comments are a day after reports of an israeli air strike on a weapons basin side syria. >> i'm going to meet representatives from russia and the united states in what we call the tri-lateral and we have been working together for quite some time now. and i think that probably in the afternoon or the second day, the representatives of the rest of the p 5 will join us and other countries. there are some very, very
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serious efforts being developed everywhere to try and make this conference possible. but, you know, we will say it when it happens. >> reporter: let's go to al jazeera and in beirut in lebanon where they are going in the coming hours and they say geneva two will not happen or go ahead without opposition but that are divided whether to take part and the conditions it wants for doing so. >> absolutely. they said it would be preferable to have one opposition united speaking under the same umbrella or attending under the same umbrella, which is actually not the position of either syria or russia. they seem to think there are several oppositions and they seem to think or they are backing what is called the domestic opposition, that means
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opposition parties that are based in damascus and never taken up weapons against the government. so you do have very difficult issue to solve there before going to the geneva two conference if it happens. also you have to bear in mind that the geneva two conference will implement geneva one and it clearly called for a transitional government. and the big problem you have here is that the syrian national coalition which is a coalition that has been recognized by the international community said there is talk about transition if bashir is part of it and says it will only go if we are talking about ways for him to resign or to step aside. that is not the position that damascus is holding at the moment. nonetheless the media, the state-controlled media today in syria was this visit to brahimi
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and a national realization that is only a political solution that could stop the conflict inside syria. >> reporter: thank you in beirut and russia appealed to both sides in the war for a compromise so peace talks can go ahead the prime minister wants the conference in geneva to take place before the end of the year. he criticized the syrian opposition for demanding assurance of assad departure as a condition for the talks and russia has been the most powerful ally during the conflict. meanwhile israeli jets have reportedly attacked a military base in the town of jabla and seems like it targeted missiles and we are in jerusalem. >> they do not comment on these matters and we had reports through the year of israeli
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strikes within syria and one happened earlier in january, that was believed to be a syrian convoy carrying weapons and later in the year also targeted in latakia and believed to be a missile depot at the time and they did not comment and in october reports of a strike on the syrian lebanese border. again no reaction from the israelis. what we do know is that israel takes the threat of hezbolah seriously and watching the even events in syria and if weapons were transferred they would take action and the line from israel is no comment. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state admitted for the first time the national security agency may have over stepped the mark in the intelligence gathering. speaking at a summit on thursday john kerry said i assure you that innocent people are not being abused in the process but yes in some cases it has reached
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too far. we are going to try to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. he added the president is now doing a thorough review in order that nobody will have the sense of abuse. meanwhile indonesia has claims that they used spying hubs for the u.s. and the foreign minister said the country was deeply concerned over the allegation. they came from information leaked from former nsa contractor edward snowden and said the government had not broken any laws. thailand is one step closer to passing a controversial amnesty law that could allow return of the prime minister. thousands of people are protesting against the draft bill and morae rallies are planned and we have more in bankok. >> in the early morning hours of
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friday the thai house passed the controversial blanket amnesty bill, something the opposition party has been strongly against and protests in the months since this was first introduced back in august and the last couple of days the opposition party in the headquarters here has been calling protesters in from the country and the numbers at 10,000 and could grow through the day on friday and the passage of the bill was a surprise on friday and supposed to take place saturday morning. there is concern with this bill that some people who have been convicted of crimes over the past decade plus will be allowed -- let out of jail and a former prime minister in exile. there is big concern of what might happen to thousands of protesters on the streets of bangkok and a hot button issue, 5,000 police out to keep the peace and as the hours going on friday it will be interesting to
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see how many more protesters come to the city and how peaceful they remain. workers are striking for better pay and better conditions. 2 million people took part in strikes on thursday and the police say the figure is actually much lower. china has named the group it thinks is responsible for the attack in tiananmen square and says the east islamic movement organized the attack and wants independence in the northwestern region of xchl injiang and people died when the car crashed and bust into flames. they are talking about the fukushima nuclear plant and he is not usually involved in politics and they are outraged at his action and say he breached the constitution.
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the fukushima plant has been leaking radioactive water after being crippled by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. beijing had a protest saying japanese troops disrupted live fire exercise but japan minister of defense has rejected the allegations. >> translator: keeping a strong surveillance presence is a completely normal activity and we can't except what china says. we are looking to protect the territory. >> reporter: 18,000 japanese troops are taking part in one of the biggest military drills ever and will simulate the storming of an island chain that china and japan lay claim to and it's an ex escalation of what is a bitter dispute between the two countries and robert mcbride reports. >> china and japan have been
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here before but both sides are talking and this is deeping and they send war planes into disputed air space and sea. the prime minister has warned his troops rid yourselves of the know shun that just the existence of a defense force could act as a deterrent and china warned any firing on the unmanned drone aircraft would constitute a serious provocation, an act of war of sorts and the question is how far will they back this up. >> both sides can be calculated and would lie and they would like to be known to the public they are doing the best for the country. >> reporter: previous encounters on the island have inflamed passions on both sides playing to domestic agenda. china and nationalism the
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significance of the dispute is obvious, military is unlikely and both sides are willing to escalate the war of words knowing they can do so with impunity. as in the past observers believe economic realities are likely to be a sobering influence. >> the business community from both sides would like to pressure the governments to be more like russia and likely the government would listen to them. >> reporter: ping is facing equal pressure from members of the chinese government. >> at the same time there are people within the chinese leadership which i would call hard liners or more adventure leaders and take more risks than in the past. >> reporter: coming up, against this and knows the danger of an accidental military confrontation and take the dispute into areas nobody wants to go and whose outcome nobody can foresee. rob mcbride al jazeera hong
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kong. >> weather update next on al jazeera and still to come on the program recognizing a third gender, we will have more on germany's pioneering lead in europe plus the police operation against organized crime in malasia and thousands of arrests and dozens of weapons being seized. ♪ this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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♪ hello again, top stories on al jazeera, the u.n. arab league to syria said they must attend peace talks for progress to made
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and they are building a framework for talks over the war in syria to happen in the coming weeks. israeli jets attacked the town of jabla and targeted russian-made missiles. thailand's lower house passed a controversial political amnesty bill to allow the return of the former prime minister who is in self-enclosed exile. they are highlighting the issue of people who have gone missing in conflict and natural disasters and the discovery of a mass grave in bosnia thought to be the largest from the war further under scored the challenges to locate and identify missing persons. >> reporter: this is believed to hold more than 700 bodies.
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>> translator: bodies are found piled up 10 meters under the ground surface and some identification documents were found next to bodies and we can say that victims were residents of four villages. >> reporter: the victims, muslims bosnia and killed 1992-1995 bosnian war. they searched house to house in a campaign of ethnic cleansing, an estimated 30,000 people went missing or presumed dead. >> translator: my mom was killed. she was killed by her neighbors, people we socialized with, people who used to have coffee with us. >> reporter: forensic teams think the grave site could be linked to another 10 kilometers away and taken years for them to locate the site of braves and many were bulldozed and moved
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around and this also meant remains of bodies were often separated making identification difficult. >> translator: if we take into consideration the number of remains of victims that have already been exumed from the site and what we found so far we can confirm this is the biggest mass grave. >> reporter: the astrocities have been known but burial places a secret and quiet. it's hoped the latest discovery will give those who lost family in the conflict some answers and eventually peace. gerald tan with al jazeera. >> reporter: estimated 1-2000 children born each year is neither boy nor girl and intersect and they are the first to recognize the third gender and babies born without clear gender determining characteristics can be registered without a sex on
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their birth certificate and charlie angelo reports. >> reporter: neither a boy or girl she spent her life in fear, pain and shame all because of doctors' decisions and making sure the same doesn't happen to anyone else. >> i was born with genitalia and doctors couldn't tell if i was a boy or girl and 2 1/2 months they castrated and when i was three they cut my genital to make me look like a girl. >> reporter: babies are born every year like this and hospitals in germany carry out operations like this and these protestors want a law that stops that. all it does is allow parents to select blank instead of male or female on birth certificates.
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germany green party proposed the change and admit parents could still feel pressure to operate. >> translator: we need to raise awareness in hospitals, among medical staff and ensure parents are not pushed to make decisions their children will blame them for lateren instead we need to wait for when the child is grown up so they can decide for itself whether to change something. >> reporter: there is questions to live without a legal gender in germany and australia allows individuals to identify themselves as intersect and europe is slow to change. with the new law germany is widening the gender debate and charlie with al jazeera. >> the military in kenya and the man who killed in nairobi said they bombed the base in samolia
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but they said the attacks didn't happen and we have a spokesman for the kenya army. >> al shabaab is located 50 kilometers east of the town and it's a training camp that al shabaab has been using and putting them into kenya. >> reporter: the iraq prime minister is appealing for help to stop sectarian violence in the country and he made the plea with a visit to washington where he is visiting president obama in the coming hours. almost a thousand people were killed last month alone in iraq, the highest monthly death toll since 2008 and patty reports. >> reporter: who is to blame for the carnage seen daily on the streets of iraq? prime minister maliki message to
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the u.s. this is the work of america's arch enemy al-qaeda and telling media and forums and leaders he needs their help to stop this. the group's resurgance is because of the war in syria but people say he shares part of the blame for shutting out the sunni community and said he is creating conditions for another civil war but the prime minister told the conference he has done nothing wrong. >> translator: as long as i act in a constitutional way then no problem. if i act in an unconstitutional way please let me know when and how and tell me to go back to the constitutional. >> reporter: at the white house promises the president will raise concerns about how maliki governs but there are indications they will not block or slow 16 fighter jets or vehicles. >> it's necessary in denying
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assistance would be contrary to our interests. >> reporter: they may help by sharing more intelligence but analysts don't expect a huge shift. >> status of force agreement doesn't provide for more u.s. personnel obviously or trainers or advisors. the equipment that we sold to him is already in the pipeline. i don't think he will get more equipment. he probably wants more intelligence cooperation. there may be some moves to try to provide contractors to help him. >> reporter: the u.s. budgeted $200 million to improve the security situation in iraq. in the past in exchange for aid and weapons the u.s. demanded iraq stop letting iran use the air space to transport weapons to syria and officials are more focused on the violence in iraq and what it could eventually mean for the u.s. and it's security. the prime minister will ask barack obama what he is going to do to help stop it and hope he has an answer, patty with al
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jazeera in washington. >> reporter: four palestinian fighters in gaza have been killed by troops and violence broke out across the border into the gaza strip and the latest in the area. electricity is cutoff across most of the gaza strip due to shortage of fuel and that forced production to stop at the power plant and supplies a third of the territory's electricity needs. in september the gaza energy authority warned of an impending shortage of feel. joining us live from gaza is deputy head of the gaza energy authority, thanks for being with us sir, what is the problem here and why has gaza run out of fuel? >> actually, i can't hear properly but i will tell you that our plant has been shut down due to shortage of fuel and now the stock is zero.
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we will depend on fuel coming from the egypt and for the last one month we have shared fuel oil without part of the taxes from palestinian authority. they promise us it is without taxes, free of taxes. but now actually last week they told us that they will go with the full taxes which we cannot afford the amount of money for that. therefore we shut down the plant today and it's already shut down at 6:00 in the morning today. so our program of distributing the power for the people is too much and only the power will lead six hours to consumers and off the next 12 hours which will effect all of the services sector and the life on gaza.
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what i can transmission of that is water pumping and the water plant treatment will stop, hospital will be effected and all other parts of life in gaza. >> reporter: so there is nothing that you could have done to ensure that the power was kept on in gaza? >> no. we could not. we are trying for almost last one month. we try and everyone in gaza and we raised the matter to the united nations from some of their organization here and we talked to european union and talked to all their people here. but no one could do anything for us and all promises and we reach to zero stock of fuel in gaza. >> reporter: you are rationing the power to 12 hours a day. how long before gaza completely
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blocks out, if you have run out of fuel, how long is it before there is no electricity at all? >> i don't know. actually the fuel which was available in gaza is almost for daily consuming. and we could not get any stock for more than three, four days before. that was coming actually in one law. no, it's smuggled from the egyptian border and there was a program from the european union to supply power to the plant but it has been stopped by two years. now actually the money which is available to purchase the fuel is not that much which we can part shares if you will to run the power plant. >> reporter: thanks for being with us, that is the deputy head of the gaza energy authority.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: more than 300 people are protesting in rio and demonstrators taking part in the antigovernment gathered in the district and police are arresting people unfairly and using a newly-passed law to target organized crime to do so. 14 people died in nicraraga from the dengue fever and they have been sent to fumigate homes there. congo are hunting for rebel fighters in the forest on the border and soldiers pushed the m-23 rebels out of the last major stronghold and they have fled in the jungle it's believed on the eastern border. police in canada say they have video that shows the mayor of
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toronto smoking crack cocaine and this footage was reported six months ago but couldn't initially be found. rob ford denied using the drug and daniel lack reports. >> what can you tell us about the police probe? >> a bad day began with photographers outside his house asking why police were investigating him. he had no comment but his anger was obvious. >> get off my driveway, get off my property please. >> reporter: last may two media out lets seen a cell phone video that seemed to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine and making racist remarks and the video could not be found and the police have it and the chief said it's what they have described. >> it's fair to say the mayor does appear in that video but i'm not going to get into the detail of what activities is depicted on that video.
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>> absolutely shocked. we have been shocked frankly for a few months. >> reporter: much of the same reaction at city hall where they called to r for the mayor to explain the video and linking him to drug gangs and the back drop of lurid halloween decorations on the walls of the mayor's office. this is not the first time the mayor is in the public eye for the wrong reasons and he was elected three years ago as a tax cutting person and allegations of drug use kept haunting him. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself but unfortunately i can't because it's before the courts. i have no reason to resign. i'm going to go back and return my phone calls and i'm going to be out doing what the people elected me to do. >> reporter: so far the mayor is standing firm against allegations that might have failed other politicians and
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it's true only the voters can remove the mayor really and that in a general election not until next year but revelations lie ahead and the video when it's eventually produced in court. the pressure on them battled mayor is bound to increase, daniel with al jazeera toronto. this is "real money." you as always are the most important part of the show, so please join our conversation for the next half hour, use the handle at aj"real money" on twitter. so washington budget battles are heating up again. this week the renewal of a farm


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