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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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>> good morning, and here are the stories we're following for you. iraq's prime minister is meeting with president obama in washington. asking for weapons to fight al qaeda. a powerful storm hits ohio and is threatening the northeast. and documents for people signing up for affordable care act in the first days after launch. the relationship between the u.s. and iraq about to face a big test. the iraqi prime minister, maliki, visiting the white house
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today. and he said that the violence has killed thousands of iraqi. 1,000 people dying in october alone. mike is live at the white house with the preview of the sitdown, and what's on the agenda in >> reporter: first and foremost, del, the number that you just mentioned. 882 iraqis have died just in the month of october alone, and the violence that's racking that country, many fear that it's moving into civil war. maliki. three hours meeting with the president, and he has been in washington for three days, and he has met with vice president, joe biden, twice already. and he gave a speech, and his point this. the violence in iraq is not sectarian, and many believe that it's exactly that, many of maliki's opponents accusing him
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of fostering the strike against the sunni minority in iraq. they are using it as a staging ground to launch attacks into iraq. the destabilization of syria is bad news, and for allowing iran, one of bashar al-assad bringing weapons into syria to fight the rebels there, and that ongoing civil car. here's one other number as we consider this context with the president of the united states. more than 100,000 iraqis lost their lives in the conflict with the increasing violence and with increasing concern he wantsa an
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patchy helicopter, and the white house is said to give it to him >> the u.s. has lost influence in iraq, and some are not happy about it, so what influence does the u.s. still have there? there >> the u.s. still aids them. and not just in terms of military boots on the ground. the president in 2012 he had ended the u.s. in iraq, and the administration is going to be very loathe to do anything that resembles more military aid to iraq, but with the country sliding into more chaos, they're going to be called on to do more, but just not militarily. >> a powerful storm hit parts of ohio last night, and now getting ready to lit the middle east.
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more on what we can expect. >> we'll have a few days of stormy and windy weather. the storm is moving through the northeast, and very damaging wind. it did move through the northwest earlier, and this is what it looked like as it hit ohio. damaging winds as the storms rolled through ohio. we're seeing wind gusts close to 70 miles per hour. downed trees in many areas, without power, and that's where it was yesterday and last night. and today it's affecting the northeast. and not only affecting air travel, but numerous reports coming in, downed wires, and trees down, and many people without power. now, here is the high-wind warning, and the severe line of showers in the last six hours, and they're racing to the east. wind damage, many in pennsylvania, and the line here already through new york city. through long island. and as the storms move through, damaging wind gusts and heavy rain. and once this clears out, the
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wind will pick up over the weekend. >> thank you very much. the obama administration has been saying that millions of people have already visited the affordable care act website, and the problem is, that's only one barometer for failure. and the other problem is those who have actually assigned up for the exchanges. >> reporter: even the president admits has problems >> right now, the website is too slow, and people have gone stuck >> but just how many people have gotten stuck or how many have enrolled are figures that the obama administration has been denying the public for days now. >> you have no numbers on who has enrolled? >> we'll have them mid november. >> exact numbers in the first days were off to a slow start. by the second day, only 248
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people had enrolled nationwide. unique visitors in the first 24 hours. the chairman of the oversight committee requested and released the notes. and he's one of the republicans already calling for health and human secretary, kathleen sebelius, to be fired over the website glitches, and now he's demanding answers on ep role. numbers through a subpoena. in a statement, he said: secretary sebelius insists that the enrollment numbers to the site are not reliable right now, and they will be released in mid november. right now, the site is up and running, accepting applications,
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al be it a little slow. >> the government is hiring some of the top tech companies, and they have recruited the largest software company, along with google and red hat and dozens of others. edward snowden, offering to help germany in the suspected phone tapping of merkel. giving him a letter to give to the chancellor. he called the actions of the u.s. government harmful and offered to visit germany to help in its investigation. >> >> and meantime, john kerry has acknowledged that the u.s. overstepped it's boundaries. he defended the nsa's work, and he said that it was party that the agency had gone beyond what was necessary to keep the country safe >> in some cases, i acknowledge as does the president that some
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of these actions have gone too far, and we'll make sure that that does not happen in the future. >> the president is going to cairo on sunday, the day before morsmore so -- >> the rising tension of the region, israeli war planes are striking on syria. >> israel is not confirming flor denying the reports, they don't usually comment on these. we have had reports of alleged israeli airstrikes in syria. one in january, and that was believed to be on a convoy carolinaing hezbollah. and in october, reports of a
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strike on the syrian-lebanese border. again, no reaction from the israelis. but what we do know. israel takes the threat to hezbollah very seriously. it's a red line, and they're watching it closely in syria. and if any weapons get transported to any hostile group, especially hezbollah, they would take action. but israel has no comment. >> today, more than 47 million americans have less food on the table. that's because of the federal budget cuts to the food stamp program. and it could be just the beginning. stephanie boswell has more from new orleans. >> reporter: monshell and her four-year-old have to watch their spending. though she has a job in local government, she needs help from snap, the local food stamp program >> between light bills, water bills, everything.
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nursery bills, i just couldn't really afford to have food in the house. >> reporter: monshell receives $364 a month in food stamps, and she's grateful for that. but like 47 million other americans, she's about to face life with less help putting food on the table. >> the bottom line is, people are going to go hungry. >> reporter: the second harvest food bank in new orleans serves meals to 2,000 people a year who are at risk of going hungry louisiana >> we're very, very concerned about the reductions going into effect. the affect here louisiana would be like if second harvest stopped distributing food today. we distribute 20 million meals a year. and we're going to lose 41 million meals because of the cut. >> the average family will receive $40 less a month. that could mean the difference between eating and going hungry.
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second harvest are seeing what they call a new face of hunger. workers with jobs, they aren't earning enough. and they're still living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: gayle was once in snead of snap, and now runs the food pantry. >> i remember raising my boys by myself. and i went to apply for food stamps, and i was turned down. i was working, and i've always -- i worked for the federal government. but i was among the working poor. >> reporter: now that the word is getting out about it, her regular customers are already looking for more help. monshell says that she'll have to dut back somewhere, but not on nutrition for her son. >> he loves his apples and bananas and especially strawberries and grapes. i have to keep him healthy.
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>> reporter: second harvest is used to helping people through that end of the month gap in the grocery budget and with these new cuts, that gap is only going to get wider >> still ahead on aljazeera america. >> i'm john henry in detroit where general motors is betting on electric vehicle.
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>> new abortion restrictions are set to go into effect in texas today. the federal appeals court ruling to reinstate the controversial regulations, while a lawsuit moves forward. admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. the lawyers for planned parenthood and other abortion providors have regulations that don't protect women and are shutting down one-third of the abortion clinics in texas. in response to the appeals court decision to halt changes
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to the stop and frisk policy. they said it amounts to racial profiling. the law enforcement officials claim that it helps to bring down the crime rates. f >> warner was accused of rape at the university of north dakota, he was found guilty. but a police investigation found that his accuser was lying. though the charges haven't been dropped, he can't come back to school. we look at the week long series of sex crimes on campus, and something is wrong. caleb warner spends most weekends hanging out with friends in fargo. but in the last years, his life has veered off in a dramatically different direction than there's. a sexual encounter with a young woman, a former college student, sends his world spinning out of control. >> she came over to watch a movie. and i thought i liked a girl and
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i wanted to be alone with her. and they went to their rooms to study. we had sex there, and afterwards, we cuddled >> did she object? >> no. no. >> was there alcohol involved? >> you weren't drinking? >> no. >> neither of you were drinking >> but caleb said that he told her he did not wish to be her boyfriend. and soon after, she ended their relationship and filed a sexual assault charge with the university. if caleb was on campus, the standard for guilt was far lower than the courtroom. it's called preponderance of evidence, meaning that the student, more than likely or not is not guilty >> if someone is going through this, what about the standard? >> it's a judgment call, and to be fair to the university, if you're sitting on your side, you don't want a rapist on your campus, and even if this guy
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didn't do it, you're going to just expel them because it's not going to come back to get you >> does it go against the accused? >> every time. >> in 2010, the relations committee found warner guilty, banning him from campus for at least three years. >> they said, we think you're guilty, and then they go, we want your final comments. and i started to talk, and i was crying, and i was just devastated, and my lawyer just kind of grabbed me. and he said, stop talking, it doesn't matter at this point, whatever you say doesn't help. >> aljazeera, grand force, north dakota. >> tonight we're investigating the issue of sex crimes on campus, and in the final report, we talk to the students and the parents. can you see it tonight at 9:00 eastern time on aljazeera america.
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>> well, the first day of november already looking a bit like october on wall street. the dow up, following up last month's big gains. slightly higher. on the report about u.s. manufacturing, up 7 points right now. the three big automakers are celebrating a big october. gm with a 16% gain, ford with 14%. it was the best october in a decade. and chrysler also having a strong october. sales rising 11%ty. >> and the giants of the u.s. auto industry are rolling out more cars than ever before, with a push from tess la. a small california-based upstart that's cashing in on transportation. we went to the detroit factory.
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>> the world's largest in the future is electric. the latest to roll off of the assembly line is the new cadillac elr. detroit's innovation is in part, silicone valley because of tess la mothers >> tessla has the vehicle with the most range. the next chang for tesla is to move into the lower range of price for vehicle, and that's something they're working on. >> that's where gm is trying to outrun tesla, as tiny tesla drives the high end market, the model s goods for $71,000, gm is
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steering for the middle the road, with a broad range of hybrids, and an upcoming chevy impala that runs on natural gas >> as a market that we anticipated, and we're trying to come up with different product offerings to come up with a broader spectrum. >> the chevrolet volt came out in 2010, and it has a backup gas-powered engine. they're making the spark ev in korea. when they make that gamble on electric vehicles, they're no longer a niche business. but gm is hedging it's bets, with a fleet. they can match tess la's 480 range, making it 60 kilometers on electricity before the fuel powered engine kicks in.
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tesla can fuel in half an hour, compared to 6 hours with the volt. they will test it. >> it's still one step behind tesla, but for a full line manufacturer like gm, that's just fine. >> they have to look at what kinds of things do they do right now, and do they need to do it right now? it's okay for them to say, tesla is take the lead. it's not like tesla is taking all of the sales out there. they're not. >> in other words, gm is willing to succeed the race for speed as well as it wins the popularity contest. aljazeera, detroit. >> john, from the chevy volt plant in detroit. >> up next. >> my career, helping families through this type of thing. i never had to look at my own. >> the story of a freak accident that could lead to a medical break through.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america al, these are the headlines. the focus on how to counter the deadly attacks in iraq. a powerful storm, bringing heavy rain and winds to the northeast, stretching from virginia all the way up to maine. newly released documents revel only 6 people signed up for insurance on the day that the healthcare exchange opened. and 48,000 people need to enroll each day in order to meet the government's goal of having 37 million signed up by march. in florida, the first successful nerve wrap surgery. being so new that the doctors needed approval from the food and drug administration just to do it.
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>> it was supposed to be an enjoyable day of boating in the bay, but a boat propeller sliced her leg. the doctors weren't worried about saving her leg, but saving her life. >> her injury was so severe, she was coming here in shock. she was in the brink of pretty much collapse. >> as a police chief, her father had found himself in the scenario countless times, but it doesn't prepare him for what he saw >> seeing your daughter in that type of state, i spent my entire career helping families through this type of thing, and never had to look through my own. it was devastating >> once she was stabilized, the doctors saw an opportunity to restore movement to her batred
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leg. the boat propeller had severed the sciatic nerve. they wanted her to be the first person until world to undergo a nerve graft. >> just to have the chance to do something bigger than myself was a great feeling. the first was to use her nerves to repair her sciatic nerve, but it was going to be hard to get enough donors to be part of this. and that's where the surgery came in. >> we took cells that were isolated from her nerve, grown in culture, and put back into her nerve to give her more nerve material. >> it has been two weeks since she underwent the nerve regeneration surgery. recovery will be measured in years with a lot of physical therapy ahead. but they're optimistic >> it's a long way to get to where the nerve was injured and
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go back to the foot, about two feet. and the nerves grow about an inch a month. so this repair strategy will give her sensation back in the leg and will hopefully give her some motor recovery. >> reporter: although too soon to determine how much of her leg will recover, she remains grateful and determined >> until then, i take every day as a gift, i guess, and get through it the best i can. >> press is now a pioneer in nerve graft surgery. and they hope that they will be able to use the same surgery to cure paralysis. >> talking about a complex storm here in the northeast. we have a line of strong storms moving through now, creating wind damage from pennsylvania all the way up to the northeast. and then the storm intensifies
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and will create wind weather everywhere with this high-wind warning and watch in effect for the entire area. not only tomorrow, about you through sunday as well. right now, we're focused on severe weather. this is a line of storms that moved through pennsylvania in the last six hours. wind damage, and trees down and power outage. here in new jersey and many up here through new england. wind causing damage with the trees. and that line will continue to move east. ering severe thunderstorm warnings, and damaging winds expected as the showers and storms move through. it has moved through manhattan and long isle. and the next six hours, it will be off the coast. a brief period of heavy rain and the wind will pick up. now, the wind may die down a little bit. but eventual the storm intensifies and creates more wind over the weekend.
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many arrival delays in new york and la guardia, and jfk and washington d.c. not seeing much in travel delays. it's improving through the day as the storms move out. rain now, it's cooler and it will be windy. the wind could easily gust up to 55 miles per hour as the storm intensifies in eastern canada. drier there. and this area will see the wind pick up and the temperatures drop as it brings in even colder air through the weekend. del? >> it has a thriller of a weekend, the annual village halloween parade. and thousands of people turning out for the largest halloween public celebration in the u.s. last year's parade was canceled because of power outages due to super storm sandy. that's it, and thanks for watching aljazeera america, inside story is next, and as
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always, check us out 24 hours a day on "inside story." hello, i'm libby casey. the capitol has been buzzing with high profile congressional hearings on nsa surveillance and the problems with the dare's rollout. in the halls of congress there's a heavy weight lobbying campaign under way to push comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's mark


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