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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> are the people who have poured into the streets are they being sheltered inside someplace? >> i do not know the answer to that, but you where absolutely right. we're not seeing a mass rush of people being ushered into the streets. one of the concerns with lax
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concerning safety is that it was designed in such a way when there are long wait lines to get through the ticket process or get through security, you will have long lines outside of the terminal. it is interesting we're not seeing any of that right now. so dell, i think we don't know if they are having people sheltered in place. but what they have done with the people is not clear at that time. >> jennifer i want to update our audience. the twitter account for lax, read that terminal three has been evacuated, that there may have been a gunman inside, and there are reports in local media that shots were fired. there are also reports in local media that at least one person may have been wounded. there is no official confirmation of any of this information coming out of los
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angeles at this point. we have a map of terminal three, you say again, we're talking about frontier, virgin atlantic, what other airlines? >> jet blue, spirit air, and virgin america, virgin australia operate out of terminal three, dell. there's also reports coming in -- and we haven't independently confirmed them, but they might be evacuating terminal 2 as well. so we're waiting to hear confirmation on that. >> so we have any indication as to whether or not the terminal two evacuation, if indeed that is happening, again, this is breaking news, no nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. there are reporters on the ground. there are police and fire officials on the ground, we know what twitter is saying, but what
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are you hearing about evacuation of terminal 2. >> well, the l.a. times is siting an official that says they are evacuating terminal three, and looking at evacuating terminal two. they are neighboring terminals, so the idea would be to clear the largest perimeter possible. and we're not hearing any more specifics about the actual incident. there are reports that someone came in with a rifle and shot a tsa worker at terminal three. but again, we want to be very careful with the eyewitness accounts that are reported on twitter, but what we do know is there a great deal of police activity at lax.
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terminal three has been evacuated. they are or are in the process of evacuating terminal two. and that's what we know at this point. >> jennifer, walk me through the inside of the airport, as i look at that graphic we had, it appears the terminal is connected with one of the tram systems; is that true? and that may need to why terminal two may have been evacuated if it was a moment of egress for the shooter or shooters. we don't know whether there is within shooter or more shooters, none of this has been confirmed, but how far is that subway system from the area where they believe the incident right have taken place? >> there isn't actually a subway system at lax. the terminals are all connected by walkways that you can sort of see through this map. you can very easily and rather
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quickly walk to terminal two, and again, there are no subway systems that take passengers -- if you go outside to the airport, you pick up and drop off passengers, and you can take shuttles to the various terminals, but when you are inside, you are walk to a long corridor between the two terminals. so if you land in terminal three and you have a connecting flight from aware canada, you can simply walk very easily between the two terminals inside and also outside of the airport, dell. >> so for those of us that are familiar with airports on the east coast, those m don't stand for metro, those are walk waist or pathways, and is this an international terminal or a domestic terminal? >> terminal three is domestic. the international terminal is
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the tom bradley terminal. so this is a domestic terminal. again the flights are frontier airlines, jet blue, spirit air, virgin air. you can take an international flight out of a domestic terminal. so if you were flying out of terminal three on virgin australia, you could possibly be going international, but it is not the designated international terminal. it is primarily domestic. >> i want to couch the information that we are broadcasting now, because we realize that the initial report that come in when an incident like this happens, are frequently wrong. that's not the fault of the new organizations but simply the times that we live in which people are sending out tweets of what may have happen rather than
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the official versions of what happened. again, the report that we're hearing is that a gunman opened fire; that one person may have been shot. there are reports that that one person may have been a tsa worker. there are also reports in local media that a tsa official then went through the airport telling everybody to get down. some people are reporting that they heard a pop, pop, pop, and that is when one witness said everybody hit the deck and started running for cover. lax on its official twitter account is confirming that terminal three has been evacuated. our jennifer london is there right now. jennifer is there anything that i have missed? >> no, no, dell. and it's worth pointing out that the eyewitness reports that
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we're seeing constantly on the twitter feed, they provide immediate information, but we want to be very cautious with reporting those as fact, and we have got. i'm looking at the twitter feed right now, somebody says don't go to lax right now, blocked off streeted closed. we know that to be true, but in terms of the details and facts of the incident, we're still waiting for confirmation on that. local media continues to report that terminal two has been evacuated, and that perhaps a tsa agent and the suspect were wounded in the shooting at lax, but we do not know, dell, if the suspect is in fact in custody, or if anybody else has been injured in the shooting. we don't know what caused the shooting. we don't know how this suspect may have gotten inside with a gun. we don't know the motive behind the shooting.
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there is plenty more that we don't know than what we do know. >> jennifer from the images we are looking at, it appears that the traffic at terminal three has also ground to a halt. you are seeing aerial pictures of that particular terminal. planes do not appear to be moving. also from what i can see, jennifer, it looks like the fire department has been held in place. and i would ask you, have you seen any ambulances coming or going at a high rate of speed, and right now we're seeing images of what appear to be gunmen going through a parking lot. but have you seen any ambulances coming and going, indicating if someone had been shot or wounded that person has been taken out at a high rate of speed? >> no, i have not seen that. i have not seen any ambulances
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coming or going. there has been reports that on the 405 and 10 freeways which are some of the key freeways for people to access the airport, that they have seen reports of numerous emergency spe speak -- vehicles speeding down the 405 with their lights on. we do see some ambulances that are parked at the terminal, but we haven't seen any coming or going from the scene at this point. >> we want to caution our audience that sometimes videos can be deceptive. we saw officers searching what would appear to be a park garage, but it would be routine in instances like this, where the information is just trying to come in, that they may not know if there was more than one shooter, or whether or not this shooter acted in concert with somebody else and whether there are other areas that might be
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affected. so much as changed in the days and months and years following september 11th, that no stone can be left unturned. and i just saw moments ago what appeared to be passengers who had been evacuated from the terminal. it appears they are standing outside. to the left of the screen, you will see them just as the helicopter moves and pans over. you are starting to see what appears to be passengers and employees who appear to have been evacuated. you can see them right there. are you seeing what i'm seeing? >> i am dell, and the bottom area of the airport that's the arrival where people have come, they are collecting their bags, and getting their shuttles or rental car buses or being picked up. so the bottom level is where the arrivals are. departures are on the top level, and what i'm seeing right now, dell, are people walking out.
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it looks like they are taking people from the planes. i'm seeing people carrying their bags actually out on the tarmac right now. is that what you are seeing? >> that's exactly what i'm seeing. and the problems that officials face when there is an incident like this, you have a crowded terminal filled with people, and you have reports of a gunmen, and reports of shots being fired, all of a sudden each and every one of those people not only becomes a potential witness, but also a potential suspect in a potential crime. they can't be allowed to leave for fear that they may have information that authorities need to close this case, and there is a good chance that they will be taken to an off site location and then questioned one by one. we have some video that we just got in, it appears to show an officer -- there we go. that is a tsa officer appearing
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to have blood on his hand. i'm going to let the video role. it appears jennifer that he may have been shot, wounded, but not seriously as it appears that he is in a rather big hurry to get someplace fast, and had he been seriously hurt they would not be allowing him to do that right now. again, this is video that just came in, that uniform being indicative of a tsu uniform. there is blood on what would be his left hand. they were treating some type of wound to his left side. i have a feeling he is probably being taken to an ambulance, but that might be the reports of the person that we'll being told might have been shot. also there appears to be another person in a wheelchair of some type. and now we're seeing another person being treated on what would be a triage unit outside.
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but we need to couch this by saying all of this is just what we see. what we know at this point is very, very little. jennifer update us again on what they are telling you there at the scene. >> what -- what -- and let me make it very clear, dell. i'm not actually at lax. but from the reports that i'm getting in from our news room here in los angeles is that lax is on tactical alert right now. they have closed and evacuated terminal two and three, domestic terminals within the airport. what we -- the -- the reports that we're getting in at this time yet to be confirmed, dell, i just want to make that perfectly clear. there has been at least one tsa officer shot. it is believed that the suspect may have also been wounded. we do not know the motive for the shooting. we don't know if there were
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other officers involved. it has been reported this is coming from eyewitness accounts going up on twitter feeds and then this is being reported from an airport official to "the los angeles times" that the shooting occurred at a tsa check point at terminal three. witnesses on the ground report hearing gunfire and then immediately being told to duck, cover, hit the ground, and then evacuate the area. the -- the surrounding -- some of the streets or the street here los angeles, century boulevard which is one of the main streets to access the airport, that is being closed down as well. >> jennifer i'm going to interrupt you for a second. because we have a contributor on the phone right now. dr. todd curtis. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> can you tell us what is
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happening right now? what type of security measures are in place, especially when you are talking about an airport the size of lax and thousands of customers, and that may be an understatement. >> lax is a unique airport. it's not only a major airport, it's a very high profile airport which has had events in the past like this. so this is probably something the los angeles police and airport police have dealt with. and one key thing to think about right now is when it comes to securing the airport, there are multiple levels of security at the airport. tsa, which was the focus of the shooting actually is not a law enforcement organization, and they don't have weapons training or defensive weaponry to protect themselves. >> what are they told to do if there is a gunman. >> in general they defer to the law enforcement and other security personnel at lax.
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very likely you are going to have law enforcement there, especially in an emergency situation like this, and there may be additional resources there because of the nature of the airport that are federal resources, but again, it's a fluid situation now, and it is unclear who may have been involved in counter acting this attack. >> as you look at these images, tell us what you see that we might have been missing. >> there is the police presence trying to secure the facility. it looks like traffic has been slowed down or even blocked going into the airport. think of it as a ring of terminals where you enter in one part and leave in that same direction. they can block traffic relatively easily, and it looks
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like there are people being vakva evacuated on the roadside as well as on the other side. >> and dr. curtis we're seeing reports that a tsa employee may have run through the terminal telling people to get down and that shots were fired. would that be consistent with what they are trained to do? >> i'm not familiar with their specific training for a situation like this. >> but they are not armed? >> that's correct, they don't have weapons. there might be a specialized agent who might have bomb and drug sniffing dogs, but they don't have weapons. they have to rely at other forces at the airport. >> dr. curtis, hold on a second, because i have been handed a note, that federal officials say
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the incident has ended, but for the time there is no getting into the airport. roads have been blocked off. jennifer london with you still with us? >> yes, i am, del >> are you hearing these reports that the incident has now ended at lax? >> yes, the reports that we're hearing is that the incident is essentially over and that the suspect is in custody. there were reports that there may have been two tsa agents injured. that's not confirmed, but del, we did see the video of the one tsa agent with blood ophis hand, and there was another being taken away, we believe in an ambulance. again we want to be very careful with the reporting here it's hard in covering these types of
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incidents to get the confirmation in real time as it is happening, but we are seeing, del, people being ushered into big shuttle buses, and it looks like they are starting to move some of the passengers out of the area. >> and i have somebody on phone right now. michael doern are you there? >> yes, i am. >> mr. doern, you are an expert in homeland security. are these passengers now free to go on to their next flight or is this an active crime scene? >> it will be an active crime scene and as your last expert said it's a very fluid situation. but they had a shooting in july of 2002 at the ticket counter, two people were killed and the ticket agent killed the shooter. they have contingency plans for events like this, but to be secure, there will be obviously
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some significant delays. they often in events like this they do have to search additional people, and there is fast-moving information. so at this point, you know, it is hard to say. it's possible that he was trying to defeat the check point or got -- trying to sneak a gun through and it was detected and once he was challenged opened fire. they don't know these things at this point. and they are be interviewing people and pulling security footage. >> michael i need to play traffic cop for a second. >> sure. >> jennifer, i want to let you know if you get information -- again the federal officials are now saying the incident itself has ended -- if you get more information feel
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free to interrupt at anytime. but michael i want to go back to you, is this a nightmare situation for law enforcement, because you not only have thousands of passengers and thousands of pieces of luggage. does that luggage now go on unchecked? >> well, del, they have elaborate procedures. i wouldn't describe it as a nightmare. it sounds like the incident would quickly resolved in terms of an active situation. however, anything big going on in an airport as large as lax, i fly, you know, most weeks several times, and you know a good rain storm can shut things down, so something like this can be very challenging. >> michael we have new video in. i want you to take a look at it
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and tell us what you see -- i believe this is the same tsa employee. it is either the person being evacuated at the time that we saw the tsa employee being treated. i believe that might be the employee himself. i watched as you were talking moments ago, and it appeared that he took his shirt off, and that person appears to being prepared to be loaded on a gurney. based on your experience and my experience as well, this does not appear to be an active shooter situation. is that what you are seeing from the video itself? >> it's hard to say at this point. sometimes active shooter situations are interrupted quickly too. my best-informed guess, is that -- again, he may have tried to force his way through the check point. we have had that happen, an attack at the u.s. capitol, so
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it could be something like that, or one of the things you see at the check points you have a metal detector and you detect a weapon, sometimes the violator will attack you to try to escape. >> okay. update us again on exactly what we know happened. >> well, dell, reports started to come out around 9:30 pacific time this morning of shots fired at lax terminal three. that is a domestic terminal. airlines, frontier, spirit, jet blue operate out of that terminal. reports started to come in that a tsa officer had been shot, and there were reports from people inside the airport going through the check point at terminal three that shots were fired right before the security check
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point. before passengers go through the metal detectors, so if you imagine waiting in that long line where you are getting ready to take your laptop out of the bag and take off your shoes, that's where reports are coming that shots were fired. there were reports that the shots came rapid fire. people were hitting the floor, terminal three was immediately evacuated. terminal two has been evacuated as well. we understand from the los angeles police department, they are saying they are on a tactical alert, due to a, quote, major incident at lax. we have put in numerous calls to officials at lax. they are not giving any official statements at this time. they are referring everyone to their twitter feed right now.
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we don't know the reason, the motive the gunman may have had, or the extent of the injuries -- >> and again, the key information being that the federal firms and the officials on the scene are now saying this particular incident has ended. >> tsa is not confirming one way or another at this point, dell. but the reports coming from other sources, not the airport itself and not tsa is that the incident has ended. it's undercontrol, but the airport is still in sort of a lockdown mode. they are not letting people come into the airport or leave the airport. the roads and streets surrounding the airport are closed down at this time as well. >> and jennifer this is new video coming in.
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it appears to be another person being transported out of the terminal this time, which would indicate that the reports that we were hearing that maybe one or two people were injured are indeed true. we are going to take a break for a moment -- right now we are following the situation at lax where there were reports at 9:30 this morning that a gunman opened fire. and those reports have not be confirmed. there are reports that a tsa agent was wounded. the entire terminal itself was evacuated. we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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hello and welcome back. i'm del walters in new york. we are following breaking news coming out of lax, los angeles international airport. reports surfaced at 9:30 on the airport's twitter feed that there was a shooting situation there. there are reports that at least
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one person may have been injured, a tsa agent, and there are reports that another person may have been injured this. the federal officials are now saying the incident is over. but we have heard nothing from tsa. there were report of a man opening fire inside of terminal three, which was evacuated. are also reports that a tsa agent ran through terminal three and said everybody get down. we want to go now live to a correspondent who has been monitoring the twitter accounts, and social media playing once again a role in another story. >> dell, we have two people that are there that have been tweeting this


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