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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. ♪ welcome back i'm del walters in new york city. our continued coverage of the shooting this morning at los angeles international airport. the suspect now said to be in custody. jennifer london in los angeles. jennifer what is the latest you are hearing? >> we are hearing that lax is now confirming that there have been multiple victims and the suspect is in custody. the shooting incident occurred -- [ technical difficulties ]
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>> -- hearing but again to reit tait what you just -- [ technical difficulties ]
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>> security all around there, and what looks to be like a rifle, but we don't know for sure, but this is what he is tweeting, and we want to take you to his page. earlier he wrote being told to step around bullet casings or blood as lots of evidence in the terminal. now being evacuated by police escort. police are clearing rooms as we move. he also tweeted earlier, now being evacuated, the escort identity checks being carried out. also we want to show you this image that he tweeted earlier. there looks to be a rifle being guarded by an officer. >> we still have james wedick the fbi agent on the phone. mr. wedick tell us what you see in this photograph.
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what appears to be a photographer taking a picture of a gun. is that what you are seeing as well? >> yes, it looks like they have got a rifle on the ground and it looks like there is an officer standing over it, making sure nothing happens to the scene, and as you say there is a forensic photographer taking photographs. >> can you tell what type of gun it is? it is obviously a rifle. >> it appears to be a rifle for sure. >> but we heard in -- and this is always the problem with -- with the reports when they come in ip initially, everybody nowadays sees an assault rifle. that does not appear to be what would commonly be referred to as an assault rifle unless the officer's right leg is blocking the chamber. >> correct. and it doesn't appear so, but it is difficult to see. >> based on what you are seeing
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does that particular photo appear to be authentic? >> sure. it looks like a photo taken by a witness there through his camera, and sent on twitter. you can see the s.w.a.t. offi r officers there, but everything looks control. right now you'll have the forensic people will show up, that scene will have to be processed. it will probably take them the rest of the day to process that scene. >> officially have you been told anything by the fbi? >> no. >> okay. >> i would think the scene would take ten to 12 hours to process so that they get everything. they log and catalog. they not only take the photographs, but they'll make notes and they'll take analysis of -- make sure they know where everything was so it can be
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reported later in a court of law. >> brian rooney is at lax. brian tell us where you are? >> i'm at the juncture of a couple of major streets just outside the airport. it's major traffic jam. i just saw a couple of planes landing a few minutes ago, but there is no traffic right now, everything is on lockdown. planes are not taking off in other cities to come to los angeles, and they are not leaving los angeles to go to those other cities. we are told that the police chief and the major of loss -- los angeles are going to speak to the press about a half hour ago. i just joined you, so i don't
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know what you reported previously, but at this point there are a lot of sketchy details. we don't really have nailed down yet the number of people who were wounded. so we hope to learn -- >> and brian -- >> that was a jet just landing over my head, so a little bit of air traffic is still coming in. >> what you can tell us brian is -- we have gone through this in washington at the navy yard. we went through this in boston at the boston marathon bombing, but now we have an incident at lax. we have a shooter with a gun. people are on edge these days about anything. is there a sense in los angeles that people in l.a. are saying, oh, no, not here? >> i have been unable to ton talk to a single person in los angeles. i came to the airport, so i
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can't really answer that question. i think at the moment it is a small enough incident, you don't have some great number of people who are dead. it seems to be an employee-focused event having to do with tsa, so while it is not good, it's not some huge terrible random incident. i have heard radio reports coming in, chagrinned and inconvenienced travelers who are stuck in the airport loop and some who managed to get out and go to another airport, but i don't get the sense that this is being taken as a huge terrible incident. >> i want to update those of you tuning in as to what you are seeing on your screen.
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this is the lax, at around 9:30 this morning l.a. time there are reports that a gunman walked into terminal three at the airport and opened fire. the initial reports indicate the gunman had a gun, a rifle. we some images that showed what appeared to be a rifle. the official word from the officials in los angeles is one person has been taken into custody, and there have been multiple injuries. now knbc talking to a witness over the telephone a short time ago. we want you to listen to what he said. >> i was in the virgin america terminal, waiting in line for security on the upper mezzanine, and we were just standing there in line, and somebody started shooting.
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it sounded like a 44 or some big caliber gun or shotgun. i couldn't tell. and it was within 15 feet of where i was standing. i had just been dropped off by my wife and i went up the escalator in the upper mezzanine where you wait in line for security check in, and i was on the outside edge of that security check in, and the shooter was downstairs, i guess probably where the cars had been. right where the first, you know, screening would have been where you show your boarding pass or whatever. it sounded like it was coming from that spot. >> that was a witness account at knbc tv that came in minutes ago. we are receiving reports that the gunman may have been wearing camouflage, but we couch everything at this time that these are preliminary reports.
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there are other reports that authorities found a large amount of cash on the ground at the airport. but again that has not been confirmed. in today's day of social media, the social network has been ablaze. what is the latest that you are seeing ines? >> jasmine tweeted this just 37 minutes ago. and take a look at this picture. it says blood and clothes of the shooter at lax, hashtag lax shooting. and you could see the security all around there, and this seems to be -- she has taken the picture of the same place, what appears to be what josh earlier took -- >> if i can ask the director, can we lock in a freeze frame of that -- there we go. can we blow that up to see what
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type of rifle that is to the left of that officer? is that possible? or will the image be far too grainy? the officer dead in the middle to the right side, there is a gun at his foot ines continue. >> yes, and we also want to show you we have been taking a look at these images -- he is a journalist on foreign affairs that's what his twitter account says, and he just tweeted nine minutes ago, los angeles airport shooting photos, and he is tweeting it via vj319083. this appears to be the same scene that we just saw that jasmine had tweeted earlier, and also josh the one we had seen
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earlier as well. del? >> 2:14 eastern time, we are now seeing images inside the airport. a rifle to the side of a police officer. officials say the suspect has been taken into custody, but several people have been injured. we have seen at least two being transported by ambulance, but we know nothing other than the images you just saw coming from inside the terminal. if you have a loved one, give them a call, and if you have a flight it would be a good idea to call ahead. we're going to take a break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. i'm del walters in new york. you are looking at live images coming out of los angeles, lax international airport. there were reports at 9:30 that a gunman walked into terminal three and opened fire there. we don't know the extent of the injuries. that information has not yet been released. authorities are planning a news conference to update us on exactly what happened. press secretary jay carney indicated that the white house is being kept apprised of this particular situation. also the social media has been providing interesting access as to what happened inside that
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terminal. we are now starting to see the first images from inside terminal three including this image that appears to show a rifle at the foot of the police officer that you see in the foreground there. that is the rifle that so many people have been describing, and it does appear based on that image to be an assault rifle. ines what is the latest? >> this is the latest of the scene. and it said inside lax terminal, possibly the gun used laying on the ground in front of the guard. and this is just one of the angles of what appears to be the scene that has been tweeted just minutes ago. we also want to show you what earlier jasmine tweeted this image. it appears to be the same scene and also josh earlier tweeted this image as well.
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dell? >> joining me by phone from sacramento james wedick a former fbi agent. mr. wedick we are seeing the images on tv. i'm going back to the image that showed the rifle. it does appear to be what is described as an assault rifle, ar-15, m-16 depending on the frequency of the rounds. is that what you are seeing? >> yes, it does appear that way. i also saw a bit ago officials from atf arriving on the scenes. so they are the weapons experts. >> and i just saw the magazine to the rifle to the right foot of the officer? >> yes, that's exactly right. it is an assault rifle, and it
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will be interesting to see how he got that weapon into the airport there. >> based on that particular photo anything else that you are seeing other than the person that had that rifle is no longer with it, and there appears to be blood on the ground. >> there's blood on the ground and other items that people have discarded. and you can see the police dutifully making notes and taking pictures, because if there is going to be a prosecution, they'll need that later on. >> we have a security analyst based in l.a. who is also joining us by phone. what are you hearing there? >> i just want to give as we're looking at the picture, i want to give viewers a sense of where that is. in relation to the picture they are now seeing outside of the terminal. when you arrive am terminal
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three you check in your back on the second floor, and then you walk about 30 feet until you reach an employee who is not an tsa officer. then immediately, you ride up one set of escalators, and from the set of escalators to the first actual tsa check point, and of course there are security lines snaking through this area, it's a about 20 feet, and right behind the first set of tsa officers are the magnetometer, which everyone goes through. about 20 feet past that is an
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lapd officer who is armed. so there is at least one officer per check point throughout the entire airport. >> since you are familiar with this particular airport? >> yeah. >> does it appear based on that photograph of the weapon on the ground that the shooter breached what we would know as nmetal detectors? >> that is in the boarding area. i recognize it because i have taken virgin america flight right out of the gates that are maybe 10 to 20 feet from where the rifle is lying on the ground. it looks to be gate 35 through 39 just from my experience i would say, and that would mean the gunman was able to get
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through security and ran an additional 30 feet into this large area -- it's a almost a tennis-shaped area, and that's where the gates are. it's a relatively small terminal too, and if this one gunman was shooting at people and running or walking calmly through the terminal, it wouldn't take him all that long to get to the gate area, and it is at the gate area where the suspect was -- was taken into custody or stopped. >> and we should point out that there is nothing to indicate at this point in time that he violated security. as you indicate that the officers with guns would be on the other side of the magnetometers. >> absolutely. and it is a bit of concern of many within the department of homeland security and others
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that the most vulnerable part of an airport is -- is not near the planes or places that are secure, but the queue lines. the lines where people stand to deposit their baggage or wait before they go through the security lines. >> mr. ambender standby. we have now established video contact with jennifer london. tell us what you know. >> at around 9:30 there were reports of shots fired inside terminal three of lax. reports were that a tsa agent may have been shot by a gunman. witnesses inside the check point area -- this was all happening before passengers enter and go through security with the metal detector. some witnesses were reporting hearing 15 rounds fired.
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the terminal was immediately evacuated. police were escorting people inside the terminal out to a triage area. we have received confirmation from lax that the suspect is now in custody, there are multiple injuries, and we did see some video earlier dell showing at least one tsa agent on the ground with blood on his hand. another person was on a gurney being put into an ambulance, and we know the airport is in a ground stop right now, which means no planes are allowed to take off, flights arriving at lax, all passengers are being held inside the terminal. surrounding roads, nearby roads to the airport are also shut down. the los angeles police department is on a tech tick call alert. this is a live active scene, and also we know the president has been briefed on the situation.
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>> jennifer stand by. we want to show our viewers that photograph we have received via social media. we talked to the fbi agent who indicated that the gun that you are seeing does appear to be an assault-style rifle. witnesses said they saw a gunman walk in with an assault-style rifle and open fire. there are reports that the gunman may have been wearing cam mow clothes. but that has not been confirmed. there are also reports coming out of los angeles that there may have been a large box of ammunition found off site. dr. curtis, have you gleaned anything knew since we last spoke a short while ago? >> the one thing that is new is what you menninged earlier about
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the social media providing a lot of information, and specifically in a chaotic time like this, a lot of information might be wrong, but it's very, very difficult to fake a picture, and especially if you have multiple photographs coming from multiple accounts from multiple angles. so i'm convinced those are authentic and depicting what is happening at lax. if there was only a single picture, i would have my doubts. but i have no doubt anymore. >> dr. curtis, we have video of the tsa agent who appeared to be wounded -- this is the image that we broadcast a short while ago. it appears to be that particular tsa agent that was wounded. a short while after that, they
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began to treat what appeared to be a wound on his right side. this appears to be a different agent than the one we saw the first time. so it appears we have two separate pieces of video. this is all preliminary, so we could be looking at the same image, but they appear to be different. the first person we saw was a tsa agent, we know that because of his uniform, this is the second person that we saw. he too had on what happen peered to be a tsa agent. there is the first video we saw. you see the blood on his left hand, and in a moment he will get up and he will walk. he appears to be walking well under his own steam.
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so those are in fact two different images. those would be the two images of people who were wounded in the attack. the first man having dark curlily hair, this man having a much shorter air cut. dr. curtis is that what you are seeing? >> that's what i am seeing as well. and i agree it appears to be two separate people that are injured. one thing i would like to add is that one concern for a lot of passengers might be how is it possible that someone can bring a gun to an airport. point of fact, although there are very strict rules about bringing weapons beyond the security screener, the laws of the local area are ones that are relevant outside of the secure area. for example, if you are checking in luggage, you can of course bring that to the airport. of course it should be unloaded, but you could have at any given
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time many people near the terminal in the ticketing area, who could have legally loaded weapons on them. so the potential for someone to misuse weaponry can happen at every airport in the country, unfortunately it's very rare when someone does something evil with a weapon. >> we also have michael doern on the phone. he has done consulting for airport security. we now have those images, images that appear to show two people wounded both appearing to be tsarc age ents. and the image of the gun. tell us what you think? >> i'm not certain that is it an ar-15 style rifle. it has a full stock, you know, a large magazine, and it would appear to -- i would presume at
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this point, it would be the suspect's weapon. one possibility that i thought of earlier, they do have tactical weapons that police officers use. and an officer would have been would bed and dropped the rifle, but we have no reports of an officer being wounded. >> excellent point. and we should clarify we don't know what type of weapon that is. and we only know what we see. and there are sometimes that what we see isn't exactly what it is. >> yeah, and dr. curtis pointed out you can have rifles, and handguns in checked baggage. but also i did a demonstration yesterday where i had a rifle
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and 20 other weapons concealed in clothing, if you are trained it is easy to spot, and then they are slow to bring them into play. so it is probably going to be concealed in some type of carry item. they may wrap it in a blanket or have it in some other baggage. the stock appears to be a collapsible stock. so it could have been shorter than it appears in the photographs. >> based on the photo, we also see what appears to be an ammunition clip. can you tell what type of clip that is? >> it appears to be standard. probably somewhere between 20 and 30-round capacity. california has some pretty restrictive legislation on magazine capacity, but many
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people ignore those type of laws. if it's a full capacity magazine, many of them in states like california they require a block, but again, people frequently disobey those laws. >> michael doern former police chief and analyst for georgia's homeland security department. jennifer what is the latest from the scene? i noticed a short while ago what appeared to be an ambulance leaving. >> well, del, information is so slow to trickle out and as we have been saying all morning, we want to be very, very careful with the reporting. and the tsa and lax officials are holding a lot of this information very close to the vest, presumably because they want to make sure the information they put out has been confirmed. but we do know that the suspect in question is in custody. we do know that there are
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multiple injuries. we believe one of them is a tsa officer has been shot, perhaps a second tsa officer has been shot. we do know that terminal two and three have been evacuated. we also know there is a ground stop in effect at lax. and that means no flighting are being allowed to take off from the airport. flights are landing, however, del, and all passengers arriving are being put into a holding area, being held at the terminal, in essence. witnesses inside terminal three report hearing up to 15 rounds of gunfire. they say officers immediately swarmed the scene and started escorts passengers outside to the terminal. we also know the los angeles police department is on a tactical alert. they are take the lead here. and we have been told that the president has been briefed on
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the situation and will continue to receive updates. >> jennifer, i'm going to ask the control room to queue up that sound bite with the white house press secretary. but i just was handed a note that the tsa says one of their agents was shot and killed. we want to say that this has not been confirmed; that this is the l.a. times reporting that a tsa agent might have been shot and killed. are you hearing anything to that effect? >> i'm certainly seeing those reports, del, but i can tell you that we have reached out to the tsa and asked them specifically if the reports are true, and they are telling us that at this time they are not confirming that one of the agents that was shot has died. again when we spoke with them
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moments ago they said they cannot confirm that. they are planning on holding a press briefing around 11:30 pacific time. >> jennifer thank you. the reason why we are so careful is that so many times when these things happen, the initial reports are wrong. eyewitnesss sometimes see something or think they see something and it winds up not being what it is, and all of a sudden in, or two three days or weeks later you find out what the actual events are. this is what jay carney said. >> the president has been briefed on the incident at los angeles international airport by
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his deputy chief of staff and he will be regularly updated on unfolding events there. at this point the lead is lapd, but we're obviously at the federal level in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground, and will -- the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses. >> white house press secretary jay carney briefing the press. how difficult is it mr. wedick in these days of social media where everybody has a cell phone and camera, containing the information. and why is it important to contain the information? >> that information is needed for prosecution. and with the scenes that we're seeing right now, where we have the definitely confirmation if you will, we see the tsa
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personnel that have been would bed, and now you are telling me that there may in fact be a tsa agent that has been killed. that is a game changer for federal authorities, because that means that a federal authority has been wounded and/or killed, and the fbi has jurisdiction when it comes to assaulting a federal officer. so they have to take seriously collecting all of that information and make sure they get it, because i don't doubt that there will be a federal prosecution because of this if the shooter is still alive. >> mr. wedick what it is like having to process a crime scene at a place like lax, where there are thousands of people and all of them in about another hour, hour and a half are going to start approaching ticket agents complaining that they can't get
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to where they have to get, and yet you have to process a crime scene, because when you get to court, no one is going to care who was in a hurry? what it is like these days? >> it's extremely difficult. i will remind you, not only the boston bombing, but the oklahoma city bombing. in oklahoma someone was sentenced to death, but in boston that is ongoing. agents had to methodically go through all of that stuff, collect it, organize it, and make sure they can use it later on for the prosecution. >> we are seeing some other tsa agents coming out, but again, we need to remind people that the tsa is not armed. correct? and where exactly are those who
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are armed be inside of an airport terminal? mr. wedick are you still with us? >> yes, i am. i am. i wasn't sure you were directing that to me. would you mine repeating the question? >> yes, i was saying we appear to be seeing tsa people coming out. this was recorded a moment ago. appearing to show other representatives now leaving the terminal, but if indeed these officers were among those being shot, where are the people who would have had guns. tsa agents don't have guns. so where is the first round of, i guess, resistance in the airport. >> well, there is an officer right behind them. each check point has an officer, and sometimes two. the tsa is not the kind of training that the officer with
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an armed weapon has. he is a sworn officer. extensive weapons training, and hours and hours of legal training, and that's why there is a difference of armed versus not armed. but i do remind you that the tsa is a federal employee. they are considered officers, and if one has been shot or wounded, that is a federal regulation. and i don't doubt that federal authorities will be interested in prosecuting the individual. >> jennifer london you are still with us in los angeles? >> yes, i am, del. are you hearing anything new. can you bring us up to date on any new reports that have come out? >> we certainly hope to learn more at the press briefing, which is supposed to happen at any moment now. and we want to be so careful with the reporting because information from the officials
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has been very close to come out, and we want to make sure that we're only reporting what we can confirm. and the official word is that the suspect is in country and there are multiple injuries. there are reports that some of those injured may have been taken to the ucla medical center. and also i want to point out that with lax at this -- in this ground stop situation, that means flights are not taking off -- >> okay. jennifer, i'm going cut you off. >> i'll toss to the press conference. >> yes. the press conference is now going on in los angeles. >> jim featherstone is the emergency management department of the city. he is an old fire guy. don't tell him i said that. >> okay. one more time, mayor garsetti. >> two-minute warning --
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>> okay. they are getting the news conference ready right now as you can tell things are rather hectic. jennifer i didn't mean to cut you off but as they begin to speak we're going to go back to them. so you were saying? >> yeah, i was saying, del, with the ground halt you basically have the nation's third largest airport stopped right now. no flights are taking off, the flights that are landing all of the passengers are being held in the area. bob hope international airport is the nearest one in the area. flights are taking off and landing at that airport, but they have increased security, we
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are told. >> those trying to get out of lax are going to find it almost impossible to get. we'll be right back. (vo) tonight ...
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i'm del walters in new york welcome back to our continuing coverage of the shooting at lax. this is what we know for sure. at 9:30 this morning, there were reports that a gunman opened fire inside terminal three at the airport. there are official reports that the gunman is in custody. that the incident itself has now ended, but there are also reports of multiple injuries, including what we saw on videotape, what appeared to be two tsa agents who were being
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evacuated by the terminal and assisted by medical officials. one we saw a bloody hand and the other appeared to be more gravely injured. this was the first person. he appears to be the person who suffered the lesser degree of injuries, if there is in fact such a thing as being only slightly wounded. this is a terrifying moment in that person's life. there is also video that we have of another person who appears to have been more gravely injured. "the los angeles times" is reporting that the tsa is confirming to them, citing law enforcement sources they say, that up with of their own, a tsa agent was shot and killed by that particular gunman. we also have an image that we received via twitter of what appears to be police processing
2:47 pm
a crime scene inside terminal three. we don't know what type of gun it is. it also appeared to be a magazine clip located just in. s away from that particular gun. we are at this hour, awaiting a news conference in los angeles. they say they will begin speaking at 2:30 which means they are late. brian rooney is there. brian what is the late snes >> they are late. we were just told that it would be several more minutes. and i have a long view of the road that the major and the police chief would come down, and they are not in sight yet. we are at the intersection of 2 major avenues, and hundreds of passengers are walking away from the airport with their rolling bags. we just had a giant cluster that were allowed to cross the street, and a crowd is starting to collect again.
2:48 pm
we're waiting to get a more thorough run down from the police chief and possibly the mayor on what happened here this morning. obviously details are still sketchy. brian stand by, ines has been monstering social media out there this. there were reports of people fleeing and the photographs started to come in. >> yeah, this image comes from tom donnelly. he tweeted this one and the following. it seems to be a wider image of this scene. so you can see all of the officers there. we also want to show you this other one -- he has been tweeting -- all of these images of the scene, and we also want to show you what some of the people that are waiting at the bradley international terminal
2:49 pm
have been saying. josh is there, and he is -- says -- right now inside tbit, lots of people here, being questioned and having identity recorded by police. and you can see another one of his pictures earlier. he says being held in baggage claim at terminal three. waiting to be interviewed by police hopefully can leave soon. >> all right. we're going to take the live image from los angeles, and it appears that news conference might be beginning shortly. again, as you heard brian rooney kate, one of the big problems with this news conference is the traffic. we have seen aerial pictures coming out of los angeles that indicates traffic is a nightmare. this is a new image.
2:50 pm
it appears to show a person in custody. we don't know why he was handcuffed. it could be a variety of things. he could have just been running or he could be the suspect. we don't know. jennifer london you say you have new information from los angeles. >> i do. lax has confirmed that there have been multiple injuries. and the ucla medical center tell us they are treating three patients, one is in critical condition, two are in fair condition. so we know at least three injuries have occurred off of this shooting at lax. all three are being treated at ucla medical center. and brian rooney has this press conference begun? >> we are seeing a hundred yards down the road a cluster of
2:51 pm
officers, and i can't make out whether the police chief is among them. but the press conference has not started, no. >> no, it's very difficult to determine what is going on there. jennifer london, again, your numbers. you were talking to the medical center and they said what? >> ucla medical center told al jazeera that they are treating three male patients. one is in critical condition and the two others are in fair condition. so what we can tell you now, del, that we do know -- again, this has been confirmed that ucla's medical center is treating three male patients. and we understand also that lax is working to try to id the suspect. >> and jennifer we're watching
2:52 pm
the police officers approach the podium so if i should cut you off that is why. but one of the things concerning that image that you just saw, i realized as you were talking, the images that we saw from inside the airport seemed to indicate that the person who had that gun that we saw on the ground was wounded. and yet there are reports coming from inside the terminal that the shooter may have been wearing camouflage. that person not wearing camouflage, that person appeared to be wearing a jean jacket. so we need to be very careful of that image of someone being lead away in handcuffs. but the official word is that the shooter is in custody, and several people have been injured. this is the news conference now.
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>> i'm here with representatives of law enforcement as well as administrators of this airport. at about 9:20 this morning, an incident occurred here at the airport with a shooter who was actively involved in terminal three. i'll be having the chief from the airport police give you a run down of what occurred. gina marie lindsay who is our executive director here at the airport will inform the traveling public and their loved the situation here on the ground. but i want to thank the law enforcement community for their excellence response to this incident. we believe this to be a static situation now. a safe one for those in the airport, and one in which we are all confident we'll be able to conduct the investigation necessary to get all of the facts out that no doubt you and
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the public want to know. second we're working very hard in the operations at the airport. if you haven't been able to be in touch with one of your loved ones, flights have continued to take off at a slower pace, and those folks may be in the air right now. so do not worry about that. we have flights that are continuing to land, and gina marie lindsay will talk through that as well. but again this is a situation we'll being proactive. if you have a flight this afternoon, we're encouraging you to stay away of from the airport because the ongoing investigation makes it a very difficult place to come to and travel to. folks here right now, if you are already in the terminal, the terms besides terminal three are open, and airports close by. this will probably be at least a
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series of hours before we have the other terminals open and with terminal three an indefinite amount of time. so i would like to turn it over to the chief on the ground to give you a run down of the incident this morning. >> thank you, mayor. patrick gannon, i'm the chief of airport police here at l.a. international airport. as the major indicated, at 9:20 this morning an individual came into terminal three of this airport, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag, and began to open fire in the terminal. he proceeded up into the screening area, where tsa screeners are, and continued shooting, and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. personnel officers from airport
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police, los angeles airport police responded immediately to the calls. they tracked the individual through the airport and engaged him in gunfire in terminal three and were able to successfully take him into custody. we had an officer-involved shooting that that took place. as you can imagine a large amount of chaos took place during this entire -- tire incident, we believe at this point that there was a loan shooter; that he acted at least right now was the only person that was armed in this incident. there's a tremendous amount of investigative work that will need to be done, and i will turn that over to the fbi in just a second -- in a little bit, but nonetheless we have done security sweeps through the entire airport. we feel confident that this particular incident is tied to
2:57 pm
terminal three, and terminal three only. and that's all we have right now. there's a tremendous amount of investigative work that will need to be accomplished. we have multiple victims that have been -- been shot, and have been transported, and we have had some other injuries as well in addition to the suspect himself. so i don't have much more information than that. i don't want to give out information that may not be consistent later on, so i appreciate your cooperation and -- and -- and just getting this number of information out now. >> next we're going to hear from gina marie lindsay who is the executive director, and let folks know what is happening here at the airport with flights, with the traveling public, with the traffic around the airport. >> thank you, mr. mayor.
2:58 pm
i want to let everyone know that technically lax is still accepting in-coming flights, but we are doing that at less than half of our normal arrival rate. we are only accepting those flights on the south airfield. we are not accepting any flights on the north airfield. passengers that were ready to leave at the time this incident happened have left on their aircraft or holding in the terminals. all of the amenities are available in the terminals. we have aircraft also situated on the west remote pads. they have not been unloaded yet. there are one or two diversions that we are making to ontario part. i want to encourage any of you who expect to have flights out of this airport this afternoon, please check with your airline. the very best up to date information that you can get would be on our twitter line
2:59 pm
which is lax, under score, official. and that is going to be the most real time information you can get. we understand there are many people were not quite in the airport yet when this happened. we encourage you to find a place at some of the hotels along century boulevard, and we will -- as soon as possible we will get you know when we will try to get back to full operation. but that will take quite a bit of time. it is going to be a carefully orchestrated logistical ballet to get people back on their flights. >> next we have chief featherstone, who is the fire
3:00 pm
chief. this is the first day on his job. >> good morning. gym featherstone, at this time the lafd has treated seven patients, transported six to area hospitals. we have approximately 100 firefighters committed to this incident. the incident started somewhere around 9:20. in terms of a more heightened awareness, the city's emergency operations center has been activated at level one and has been for well over two hours now. the city is standing tall and leaning forward to deal with any associated issues that happen outside of the actual lax property. >> thank you. next hear from the chief of the los angeles police department, chief charlie becker.


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