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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the pakistan taliban names a new leader hours after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills its former commander. [ ♪ theme ] hello, this is al jazeera, live from doha. also on the program - the interview with egypt's military ruler in which he calls for immunity from prosecution for the armed forces. >> chaos at los angeles airport - passengers flee as a man opens fire at a security checkpoint. >> and the problems of running the disputed sudanese region of
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abeyei, where government offices were destroyed a month after they were opened. the pakistani taliban named a new leader. it's this man, khan said. his appointment coming after the death of hakimullah mehsud, killed in a suspected u.s. strike. the country is on high alert and plans for peace talks appear to have been derailed. in a moment we'll be live in islamabad. first, a report from al jazeera's correspondent. >> it is a set down for the tal pan. hakimullah mehsud had finished meeting tribe all leaders when his compound was struck by four missiles fired from a drone. the united states had been pursuing hakimullah mehsud for years. in 2009 he was pictured with a jord anan suicide bomber who killed seven c.i.a. agents at a
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base in afghanistan. now the c.i.a. has its man. it puts the pakistani government in a difficult position. >> he was a man of strategic military and tactical skills. we don't want to romanticize what he did, he was a mass murtederror who -- murderer who killed hundreds. they will be pleased but on another level they won't be pleased he was killed by a drone strike >> reporter: peace talks were meant to start friday. it's uncertain what hakimullah mehsud's death will have on the group. they may retaliate with attacks. or others suggest he may moderate. >> he was one that pushed for an aggressive violent campaign to the chag rein of some in the pakistani taliban. we could see is a lessening of the violence committed by the group as a consequence of his death. >> reporter: the u.s. drone strike may have taken out
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pakistan's number one enemy, but has dealt a blow to the government's efforts for starting peace talks with the taliban pakistan. let's go to al jazeera's correspondent live in islamabad. hours after the death of hakimullah mehsud, the taliban in pakistan has a new leader. who do we know about khan said? >> well, what we know is that he was a trusted lieu tenant of baitullah mehsud. he was responsible for south afghanistan. it was an area where hakimullah mehsud was killed. we know little else about him. that being said, some people are suggesting that of the three
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candidates put forward for the leadership of the pakistani taliban. khan said is seen as the most moderate. the one most likely to go forward with negotiations or peace talks with the pakistani gost. however, that being -- government. however, that being said, the death of hakimullah mehsud is certainly a cause for alarm here in pakistan, as you point out. there is a states of high security in the capital. many people concerned that there'll be some sort of violence, sort of retribugs for the death -- retribugs for the death of hakimullah mehsud, even though there's a new leader. >> the government was on the briping of launching -- brink of launching talks about talks. do the politicians believe it was a deliberate attempt by the u.s. to scupper peace talks between the taliban and the government? >> well, i think the answer to that is twofold.
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on the one hand the government here in islamabad, and the military is very, very pleased hakimullah mehsud is dead. this is a man who outwit and outplayed both the security forces and the government and the intelligence agencies in the country for years, and was able to carry out extraordinary attacks against the military and the civilian pop u lace in the country claiming thousands of lives. they are not sad to see him go. that being said, they want to negotiate a settlement. hakimullah mehsud is not the pakistani taliban, they are a group of smaller groups. in order to stop the violence we have seep in the country, the government things that talks are the way forward. the news that khan said is the new leader, i think some in islamabad are breathing some sigh of relief, thinking that he may go ahead with talks, and we
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may see a sloe down in the violence we have seen in the country. >> that was a live report from islamabad. >> egypt's army chief wants the military to have immunity from prosecution under the new constitution. abdul fatah al-sisi made the comments in an interview recorded a few weeks ago. al jazeera obtained a copy of the recording that was never made public. the constitution was suspended after morse mohamed morsi was deposed in july. >> the military should bep gip immunity, not for fatah, but for the institution. it is the backbone of the state. in light of the circumstances the constitution should consider that. the military institution should be protected in the constitution for the next 15 years, notwithstanding who will be in power. whether it belongs to the
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islamize, secure lar trends. >> a man at the los angeles airport shot and killed a tsa agent and wounded other people. the gunman was shot and captured. widespread panic ensued at the airport. hundreds of flights were cancel. >> cell phone video caught the moment when panicked travellers at los angeles international airport ran for the doors to get away from the gunman. police identified the gunman as 23-year-old paul ciancia of new jersey. they say he pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to shoot at the tsa screening station. he seemed to target employees of the transport security administration. >> he looked down, shooting multiple shots. 10-plus shots. >> police say airport officers followed paul ciancia to the end of the terminal where he was shot and seriously wounded. >> a man came in to terminal 3
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of the airport. he pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal >> reporter: local authorities say it could have been much worse. >> there was additional rounds of this gunman - that he had. the fact that the officers were able to neutralise the threat as they did, there were more than 100 more rounds that could have killed everybody in the terminal today. >> the tsa officer, the first in the agency's short history to die in the line of duty was declared dead at the ronald reagan u.c.l.a. hospital. police scoured the airport for hours, to be certain there were no other dangers. almost 750 flights were affected - some never left lax, others that never left other cities. >> passengers screamed out of lax, pulling their luggage, looking for transportation and hotels. >> we'll try to find a rental
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car place, get where we are supposed to be. whenever they let us go, we'll go. >> there were reports that paul ciancia told his family he was unhappy. investigators have not confirmed a motive for the shooting, putting the focus on the safety of airports and travels sfoox germany and brazil submitted a draft resolution to the united nations calling for an end to espionage, opposing electronic surveillance, data collection and other invasions of privacy. the document doesn't name specific counties, undocuments believe it's aimed squarely at the u.s. >> two supporters of greece's golden dawn party have been shot and killed in athens apt the suburb of neo iraklio. a greek spokesman declared aum those involved in the -- all those involved in the attack will be punished. >> the murderers will be dealt
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with unsparingly by our democracy and society. >> more from john in athens. >> counterterrorism police scoured the street outside golden dawn's northern suburbs office for clues, which included a dozen bullet casings. two gunmen fired the rounds into the heads and chests of three golden dawn supporters sitting at the entrance. golden dawn says security camera footages shows the gunman arriving on a motorcycle, firing at close range, emptying the magga zones into the bodies. all of greece's political parties condemned the killings as a threat to democracy. golden dawn calls it a terrorist attack. >> translation: it was clearly an exclusion. the person who did this was a professional. the terrorism of the left shows its face again to stop the rise of golden dawn and our numbers. >> more ominously the government
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suspects that this may be an idea logically driven reprisal killing. friday's attack on the golden dawn offices follows the killing of a left-wing musician in september. six golden dawn mps and more than a dozen party members have been indicted for running a criminal organization, ordering acts of the violence against opponents. after the indictment the government stripped golden dawn mps of the police security details normally provided for parliament airians. police don't normally provide protection for regional party officers, golden dawn failed to take threats seriously. >> all right, still to come on al jazeera - to sell or not to sell. should a foreign company be allowed to take over one of australia's biggest farming assets. plus, burger, fries and a book to go. the latest attempt by mcdonald's to convince people it sells
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healthy foods. j
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hello again. the top stories on al jazeera - pakistani taliban names khan said as the new leader, coming a short time after the death of hakimullah mehsud killed in a suspected drone strike. >> a man at los angeles international airport killed one tsa agent and wounded several others. >> two supporters of the greece's golden dawn have been killed outside a party office in
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athens. golden dawn has been at the center of a government crackdown since september. the u.s. president and iraqi prime minister have been discussing thou stop the increase -- how to stop the increasing step of al qaeda in iraq. nouri al-maliki is in washington to gather u.s. support to deal with violence in his country. president obama wants an inclusive iraq and elections should be held as soon as possible. more from patty culhane in washington. >> iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki came to the white house with an urgent request. he wanted the obama administration to speed up or promise additional military equipment for the armed forces in iraq. at the end of the meeting president obama said that the u.s. was committed to helping iraq fight al qaeda, but did not give specifics. >> throughout this discussion the main theme was that the united states wants to be a strong and effective partner with iraq. >> translation: we had a common vision about all issues we
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discussed, when diagnosing the return of terrorism to the middle east. we talked about ways to counterterrorism and we had similar positions and ideas. >> the obama administration wanted concrete promises from iraq's prime minister that he would change the way he governed in iraq, making it an inclusive prospect leading to the election. they said that was the goal, but didn't out line what, if anything, they agreed to. >> in yemen the organization drafting the constitution said it would ban child marriages, we have that report from the capital. outlawing the practice will not be easy. >> when nora was 11 years old, she was forced to marry a man who was 35. she suffered years of physical and psychological abuse. today he is a leading activist fighting to ban child marriages.
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>> translation: i was an innocent child. i was poor. when they got me knew clothes i felt happiness. everything changed. my husband was an alcoholic. when he first took off his clothes, you can imagine what happened to a child. >> nora fled her abusive husband only to be turned back by her parents. she suffered miscarriages and internal bleeding. a traumatising experience that affected her and her three children. she has been taken anti-depressants for years. >> translation: because of all i have gone through i feel scared when i think about my daughter. i don't want her to marry, i want her to continue her studies, my daughters haven't been able to forget the beatings i suffered for years. >> after a battle nora has been granted a divorce. and her experience and determination to ban child marriages seems to have paid
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off. members of the organization drafting yemen's new constitution say the charter would set the minimum age for marriage at 18. some clerics and tribal leaders said it would block the motion as the country transitions to elections next year. >> translation: we don't have problems related to child marriage. most cases are fabricated. foreign institutions impose their will on yemen. >> a wedding in the capital. a relative of the bride pays tribute to her and her tribe. then a poet praising the groom. but weddings in yemen are not always this happy. >> this is a country where marrying younger girls to older men is a common practice. we may not know the exact number of child brides because yemen is a conservative society and
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anyone that speaks out against marriage may find themselves rejected by their family. >> here in the capital a storyteller praises yemen's past. it's the presence that will shape the future. a future where under-8 marriage will finally be considered a crime. >> an international report says that pirates hijacking ships off the horn of africa earned over a quarter of a billion in ransom money. a study by the u.n. and the world bank says the piracy cost the global economy $18 billion. pirates use the money to pay for crime, including human and weapons trafficking and funding militias. >> the immediate closure of a mine in a town after 92 people
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women and children died of thirst trying to cross the sahara desert. traffickers who transport people through niger will be severely punished. >> an unofficial referendum to decide the future of abeyei has done little to clarify the position of the region. sudan and south sudan has claims on the oil-rich territory. 99.4% of people - mainly from the ngok dinka tribe voted in favour of joining the south. a rival group boycotted the vote. the result is not recognised by either government. al jazeera's peter greste reports on the difficulties of running abeyei. >>. >> number four, you have recognition which is important. ... >> this is abeyei's new state government. a local committee meeting under a tree. these are the people who organised the unofficial
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referendum among the ngok dinka. they voted 99.9% to reject sudan, and instead joined south sudan. >> they want to govern themselves. they want to govern with something that is consistent to what we inspire to and the rely tisty and capability. >> and those capabilities are extremely limited. this is what used to be the regional government headquarters. the brand new offices were formally opened in 2011. just one month before fighting erupted and destroyed it all. the argument between sudan and south sudan over who shoe control abeyei -- who should control abeyei, the administration crumbled. >> the government of juva nor khartoum took responsibility for maintaining the infrastructure here in abeyei. the community was trying to end the idea of statelessness and
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make someone responsible for developing the region. even though electricity is a dream, before they withdrew sudanese troops pulled down the tables and looted the town's oldest school. >> this man taught at the primary school. >> it was newly built when sudanese troops advanced on the town. they took everything - the desks, the windows and the roof. this man lives over the border in south sudan, but will be back the moment his school is restored. >> now the war is changing everything. we should at least cope and become like other countries we have developed. they developed through education. we need to give this to our children. >> the more optimistic people argue that they can create the town and state that they want. it's another way of saying they are starting with nothing.
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>> in myanmar hundreds fled fighting. government forces and the independence army blame each other for hostilities. it broke out as ethnic minorities met to discuss a ceasefire. >> a fire factory has killed 11 at a factory, they were mostly female assembling fuses for firecrackers. the cause is still being investigated. two factory executives have been arrested. >> a u.s. company wants to take over one of the australia biggest agricultural groups - graincorp. it's proving controversial with the coalition government split over the proposed sale. andrew thomas in sydney explains why. >> along australia east coast
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farmers are worried. the grain industry is at a crossroads. the company with a near monopoly on grain processing and transportation is on the brink of being sold to the united states. >> they are selling infrastructure, and with the largest market share to tell it to a foreign entity is a big concern. >> reg u laters approved the $3 -- regulators approved the $3 billion sale. the final decision is with australia's finance minister. he's understand pressure. a part of tony abbott's message is australia is open for business. he leads a right of center coalition government and the national party is against the party, worried that former's costs will rise and influence a climb. they claim australia food security is at risk. >> it's against the farmers' interest and a fair return at
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the farm gate. nobody has proved otherwise. >> others welcome archer daniel midlands investment. >> we are essentially swapping one owner to another. adm is willing to bring money to invest in dysfunctional up-country facilities in new south wales. if the deal is opposed on political grounds, we are sending a signal to agribusiness investors globally that australia is not open for investment. >> foreign companies are big buyers of australian assets and lands. two cattle farms have been sold to indonesians. block the adm sale and you scare off a big chunk of the market. >> to refuse the application, i think, would be devastating for the message it sends to foreign investors. >> those supporting the sale say foreign owned companies will operate under australian laws, farmland and asset will remain in australia and risksers
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overstated. >> agriculture is a big chunk of australia economy. deals are scrutinized and farmers hold political sway. the graincorp sale is a test - will the government's free market credentials prevail or defer to junior partners and block the deal. >> police in costa rica arrested six suspected drug dealers d belonging to farc. 492 kilos of cocaine and guns were found in their possession. >> venezuela's president mad euro accused twitter of hacking his it twitter account. 6,000 of his followers disappeared from his feed, and he says it's part of trying to
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destablilize his government. >> we are discovering a massive attack from the twitter company and the international right wing against blifivian patriots and others. they have attacked my account. they took away thousands of followers from my account - just like that. >>. >> trance transwhat are you trying to do, i'm making a call to multiply the visitors. if they take 6,000, let's multiply it by 20,000, 30,000. >> no doubt you are familiar with the mcdonald's happy field which includes a toy. for the next two weeks the toy will be swapped for books across american restaurants. it's caused anger among some community groups. >> for some a book instead of a toy inside a happy meal sounds like a good idea. >> instead of wasting time on toys that you don't use, i think
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books will be more useful. >> it's a good idea. instead of telling the kids it's about toys, it's encouraging literature. >> for two weeks the golden arches is replacing happy meal tas with four different children's books. earlier this year mcdonald's launched a similar promotion in england. >> >> critics and consumer watchdog groups have been after mcdonald's for years, not only for the traditional content of the happy meals but marketing for kids. >> it's about mcdonald's marketing junk food to kids. in doing so, trying to associate their brand with healthfulness, which clearly it's anything but. >> mcdonald's declined an on-camera interview and refused to respond to the criticism. pointing us to a press release announcing its plan to distribute 20 million books during the promotion. the fast food giant last month
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made an announcement, an agreement that it would no longer advertise soda with happy meals, pushing milk and juice. >> mummy blogger and mother of two young boy, donna, is not happy about books in heap meals and says parents need to take control over their kids' eating habits. >> mothers, fathers need to be aware that things are not changing, it is what it is, and you have to educate yourself and know that this is really not the kind of food that should be going into our children's bodies. >> over the past two years mcdonald's slashed spending on promoti promoting happy meals. over the past few years they spent millions. consumer groups say it's not enough. >> mcdonald's can stop undermining parental authority by stopping marketing to kids.
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a move that is unlikely from a company that builds its image on kid-friendly characters and fast, cheap food. >> more than all the stories we are covering, plus analysis at our website they're genuinely require worried about the holiday purchases. usually big retailers like walmart, target, and toys "r" us are offering holiday deals closer to thanksgiving. but not this year. they started rolliut


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