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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> welcome to the news hour. from al jazeera news center in doha in london. the top stories. pakistan interior minister accuse the u.s. of sabotaging a peace process after killing a taliban leader in a drone attack. also this hour forced to be a child bride at the age of 11:00.
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now she's working to stop child brides in yemen. >> we'll have all the sports including the latest from the match with liverpool and the english premier league, and we'll tell i couldn't ne you whe fans were singing. all coming up in the program. >> pakistan has criticized the united states for the drone strike that has killed taliban leader hakimu will, lah mehsud. we have reports. >> reporter: this is the pakistani taliban's new leader. khan said is in his mid 0s. he was appointed by a taliban
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commanders securing 43 out of 60 votes. although some factions of the taliban organization is still pushing for other candidates to take the top job. still said is well-known in taliban circles. he's thought to plan an attack on a jail in northwest pakistan last year that freed 400 prisoners. he was a close leader with hakimullah mehsud. and pakistan criticizes the drone strike and many pakistanis are also angry at what the c.i.a. did. >> the americans have absolutely no right to cause this type of
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destruction in our country through these attacks. i believe that this was totally criminal. >> the person killed in the american attack was a muslim. he was a brother. this should not have happened. in fact, there should be no drone attacks in the first place. >> it makes the process of dialogue difficult when hakimullah mehsud is dead. peace attacks can only happen with no drone strikes. >> during mehsud's time as leader of the taliban he was able to carry out attacks against the state that claimed thousands of lines. there are still a few details about the pakistani taliban's new leader but some suggest that khan said is the contender for the top job.
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the peace process started by the government could possibly still go through. but with the pakistani taliban vowing to avenge the death of hakimullah mehsud, there won't be any talks. >> we're joined by richard vice, director at the center for political and military analysis at the hudson institute. thank you very much for being on al jazeera once again. first of all, what do you make of the reaction by the pakistan government? is this mostly more domestic consumption? >> i to think that it's more the latter. we've been through this before in the past ten years or so, the pakistani government has denounced the drone attacks. it's a little bit like king lear
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and "macbeth" wh," the character who says i love the deed but hate the doer. as you point out the military will be happy to see him go, and of course the americans will, too. for those who have seen the film zero dark 30 a.m. there is a defector where they have a defector who women to meet with agentcame to meet withamericansf up. >> they intend to review the entire perspective of the pakistan relationship. do you see this incident. the death of hakimullah mehsud
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having an impact, a big one, could we see this being disrupted again, do you think? >> no, i think that we won't. as you point out we had a very successful visit of the pakistani prime minister last week. the drone strikes were mentioned but it went beyond that, reviving economic partnership, the cut off was an unusual step taken because n.a.t.o. accidently, as we say flippantly kill dozens of pakistani soldiers in this case a taliban leader. in the long run the relationship could be improved. there are those experts of the pakistani taliban who believe mama sad's removal could cause the taliban to split.
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there is a going to be a split. >> they said that this would have an impact on the peace process in pakistan. what about the impact on the peace process in afghanistan trying to engage the taliban in afghanistan as the u.s. prepares to withdraw in 2014. do you see it having an impact at all on that? >> that's a good question. just to point out the pakistani peace process had really not gotten anywhere. this may delay it. but with respect to the afghan peace process there are problems impeding that, recognition, security, suspicions about u.s. motives, and soen, i think that i think what is going to happen
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is a factor and will need support for any peace process or peace agreement, but i don't think this strike will have a big difference. as we had the story of al jazeera last week there was meetings in the afghan intelligence, and afghan intelligence thought they were going to use the afghan taliban against the pakistan, and i think this may help to dampen those pressures. >> thank you for joining us. thanks for your time. energieyou can go to our in-deph section on you'll find new information, graphic about the pakistani taliban, and it's leadership. that's on in other world news two
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french journalists have been executed after they were kidnapped in mali. they were killed in a northwestern town. the regional governor said four armed men seized the two journalists. this comes as the malien government tries to talk with rebels in the north to prevent a wider conflict. separatists have told al jazeera they'll fight on. they launched a battle to create an independent state that they want to call azawad. and we have met fighters from that group. the first journalist from a news organization to do so since the fighting ended. >> reporter: it's a long and bumpy ride deep in the desert to reach the azawad rebels. finally here is the first sign of their existence in the area.
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it's like a morning ritual for the mission they have vowed to pursue. they gather to show their might. these are the fighters of the movement of the azawad. one of three groups that have been waging war against the central. >> we've taken up arms because of the wrong that colonialism has done to us. >> reporter: azawad signed a movement lead to go a general election. but fighting between the two sides resumed. >> we're not warmongers. we have decided to defend ourselves and our rights. we want autonomy for the people of azawad. if we're not granted that autonomy, we're going to fight until the last bullet. we're going fight until the last
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bullet. >> reporter: even though they call themselves the arab movement for azawad their goal is to speak autonomy for all components of the azawad society, and they work in full coordination with the other groups. >> reporter: one of the issues that bother the azawad is that they're criminals. some of the youth have joined radical groups. but for this senior commander, the azawad have other grievances. >> no single child here has a high school degree. every few years we get expelled to refugee camps, we've suffered enough, and we should be able to return and those who are foreigners should leave. >> reporter: the rebels have managed to put aside their traditional rivalries and reversing the decision only under international pressure.
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now they say that their patience with the mali government is running out, and there will be a speedy response to their demands or a return to civil war. al jazeera, mali. >> there are reports of rising gunshots in a prison in saud saudi arabia. a fire had broken out in the north. the fire is set to be now under control. a local website is reporting that security forces are at the scene. syrian's army say the capture will allow it to defeat rebels in the province. after three weeks of heavy fighting the army now controls supply routes to aleppo. meanwhile people i on on the
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outskirts of damascus want food and water to be allowed into the town as winter approaches. people are reluctant to leave because conditions in refugee camps are no better. now child marriages could be banned in yemen if a government drafting the new constitution win approval. yemen has no age for marriage and more than half of the women are married before the age of 18. >> reporter: when nora was 11 years old she was forced to marry a man who was 35. she suffered years of physical and psychological abuse. today she's a leading activist fighting to ban child marriages. >> i was an innocent child. i was poor. so when they got me new clothes i felt great happiness. but then everything changed. my husband was an alcoholic. when he first took off his clothes you can imagine what would happen to a child.
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>> reporter: nora fled her abusive husband many times only to be turned back by her parents. she suffered miscarriages and internal bleeding. a traumatizing experience that affected her and her three children. she has been taking anti-depressants for years. >> because of all that i had gone through i feel scared when i think about my daughter. i don't want her to marry. i want her to continue her studies. my daughter has not been able to forget the beatings and abuse i suffered for years. >> reporter: after a long legal battle nora has recently been granted a divorce. and her terrible experience and determination to ban child marriages seems to have finally paid off. members of the organization drafting yemen's new constitution say the charter will set the minimum age for marriage at 18. but some clerics and tribal
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leaders say they will block the motion in elections early next year. >> we don't have any problems related to child marriage. most of the cases are cases ared by foreigners who have an agenda on yemen. >> reporter: in a wedding during the summer a yemen uncle to thee pay tribute to her family. and then poet for the groom, but weddings are not always this happy. >> reporter: this is a country where marrying young girls to an older man is a common practice. we may never know the number of child brides because those who would speak out may find themselves rejected by their family.
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>> reporter: here a storyteller praise gentlemen men's past but the future where underage marriage will be considered a crime. >> all right, still ahead on this al jazeera news hour. why growing old in afghanistan where they are forced to keep working well beyond retirement age. and we'll have all the news from the far side from the abu dhabi grand prix. >> kenya's chief justice has already meted action after those who are reportedly to a rape are order to cut grass as punishment. the girl was raped kidnapped a y
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six men then thrown in a sewage ditch breaking her back. the last remaining m 23 rebel fighters in the democrat c republic of congo has been given the final warning to put down their arms. we have this update. >> reporter: i'm in a military base that originally belonged to the government, then the rebels took it from them last year and it was a major rebel base for some time, and then the government took it back just a few days ago when the rebels retreated. you can see a gun behind me that the rebels had to leave behind. they tried to destroy it. they poured petrol all over it, and tried to set fire to it. but soldiers here think they can get it going again. everybody has to be resourceful because resources are scarce. they think they'll get this
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fixed up and fight rebels with it soon. if you move the camera across to the right you can see the hill in the distance. this is one of the three hills where the last of the rebels remain, and the government has been bombing them with tanks and artillery. the government said they would give the final ultimatum to come out or they're going to go in and finish them off. but it's not easy. these hills are very steep, and it's very hard to fight someone from the top of it. ♪ >> reporter: now we begin with a developing story from kosovo. an election candidate has been killed head of municipal poll that was to take place on sunday.
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>> it could be vital for kosovo's ambition of one day joining the e.u. >> reporter: for 15 years they refused to accept the government. now the serbian government is telling them to toe the line. in northern part of serbia they're preparing for local elections. but for the first time they'll be organized, and many are prepared to vote but many will be refused. >> the purpose of these elections is to absorb the north of kosovo in kosovo. they're against the serbian people. the aim is to an independent
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kosovo. i think under 1% of that will vote. >> reporter: now the serbian government in belgrade has withdrawn its support for such defiance as part of talks with e.u. they have agreed to take to north kosovo, and many feel abandoned. >> reporter: many feel abandoned. these barricades are the place where this sentiment is so much presence. the fact that the election is being held in the north kosovo is more important. but government officials are setting up targets for serb turnout. >> i think more than 15% in first election we have to
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encourage people in coming election it could be much higher percentage than in first election. >> reporter: with the threat of a boycott of the elections in the north, pledging that they won't be a silent observer. >> we're working that it will not fail. it is not easy elections there. it's not ease for people there to see how their lives will improve after the elections. we will believe, and we will make sure that life will improve. >> reporter: in recent days the tension has risen. some serbs willing to vote have been intimidated. >> in greece the far right party golden dawn has held a religious service for two supporters killed in athens. in a drive-by shooting in the north of the city, violence may be rising as greece struggles to
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emerge from its financial crisis. we're in athens for the latest on investigations into the shooting. >> reporter: police have retrieved 12 bullet casings from the scene of the killings and the security camera video that shows two men dismounting from a motorcycle walking up to four golden dawn supporters, one of those two men taking out a handgun and firing 12 rounds into i three supporters. it killed two of the people on site. the third remains in critical condition. after that event the two remounted their motorcycle and made off. the police are now looking, of course, for any abandoned motorcycles they can find in the athens area. they're also trying to analyze the video for any potential give away signs. the gun that was used in this
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attack does not show up on police records as having been used in any previous attacks. it is what is called a clean weapon. this is possibly a new group or a group operating with new weaponry. the problem has also taken on a political die mention, golden dawn is saying that they're being victimized and encodely protected. they have condemned this attack and many describing it as a terrorist attack. one or two party leaders even saying it is intended to create civil conflict, a system of reprisals between political extremes. that imply this is a reprisal killing for a left-wing musician killed at the hands of a golden dawn supporter. that is the last thing that the government wants to see take place on the streets of athens. >> more demonstration taking place in france on a new tax
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even after the government greed to suspend the levy. it happened in a northwest town that would be affected by the tax because of its dependence on agriculture. >> reporter: the police have used water canon briefly. most of the crowd are very peaceful. they are families. they've come out because they're angry about what they say the government is inflicting on their region. it's not just the ecotax, of course, which has been suspended for the time being after some demonstrations last weekend about that particular tax. it is also about the general state of the economy here. not usually a region that has suffered in the past. employment has been pretty good. but in recent months there has been a number of closure of food processing factories. they say the unions and the
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owners say they're being under cut by cheap labor unfairly elsewhere in europe. they're angry about that. they want the government to do something to redress that imbalance. they've been promised state aid to help them, but they clearly want this ecotax, which would put a tax on heavy lorries using the roads here as it would elsewhere in france, they want it scrapped here because many people's jobs rely on transportation taking their produce to other parts of france and the world. so a lot of strong opinions being expressed here, and they hope that they can convince françois hollande to change his mind about what he plans to do about this ecotax. >> now let's go back to doha.
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>> very much, indeed. afghanistan has been ranked the worse country in the world in the way it treats elderly people. government payout is $10 a month and most children are too poor to care for their parents. we have this report from kabul. >> reporter: for the elderly life here is the toughest in the world. that's according to a recent survey which says afghanistan is the worst country to grow old in. in kabul it is common to see elderly men working. their children don't have enough income to support them further. >> this is why kabul's elderly come to find out how much they'll get for their molly pension. if they worked for the state for a set number of years then they're entitled to cash, and they'll come here and look at their details on the list. some of them get as little as $10 a month. >> reporter: but few are lucky enough to get anything from the
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state. the culture in afghanistan leave the care of elderly for their children. but here that only means a small amount of food. most are like this man. he is not sure how old he is, perhaps 65. to him age doesn't matter. he must continue to work to survive. he gets less than $2 for chopping half a ton of logs. >> this is the $0.70 i've made so far. that's today's work. god is great. maybe by the evening i will make another $1.80, and then i'll pay $0.35 to take a bus home. and then i'll buy potatoes and bread. we'll eat it and then tomorrow i'll come here and do it again. >> reporter: he doesn't blame the government. he said they have their own problems. >> the government can't stand on their own feet. today they're taking help from
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their own countries. how can they help their people. if they cannot help themselves then how can they help the population. >> reporter: living in a poor district today at home there is not much to eat beyond tea and bread. his wife knows there will not be even that much if he ever can't work. for her it is a brutal reality that she accepts. >> if you don't have an income you must die, she laughs. death comes early in afghanistan. most die around the same age as this couple. but for those who survive longer, their final years are a continued struggle against conditions rarely seen elsewhere in the world. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> and in part two of our series, harry reports from south korea where the population is aging faster than any other. that's senior times in south korea right here on sunday.
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there is plenty head on this news hour. we have a story of a popular egyptian satirist and his television show. >> reporter: i'm daniel in canada, and i'll be reporting on a new and growing threat to bee keeping and all bees in this part of the country. >> and there are thousand who is warm up for the new york marathon. the security tightens. that's ahead in sports. just stay with us. impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart
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conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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[[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of
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time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. you're watching the news hour. a reminder of our top stories. the pakistani government has summoned the u.s. ambassador to criticize the u.s. drone strike. the groups number two commander khan said has been named as it's new leader. in kosovo election candidate has been called of a poll.
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and two french journalists in mali has been killed in the region of kidalb. now to our top story. the word taliban is often found in pakistan. the group's fighters mainly target the pakistani government and security forces but many civilian versus been killed. in may of 2011 they are responsible for the deaths of 80 people mainly army cadets in
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response of the killing of osama bin laden. now al jazeera is there where leaders are threatening to block the supply route. >> reporter: not just a conspiracy but saying that the americans will were playing a double game with pakistan. he said that he had talked to the american ambassador to islamabad before the pakistani prime minister went to washington. he said the ambassador had been told that pakistan was holding a dialogue and had assurances from americans that they would support the dialogue and there would be no attacks by any drone inside pakistan. so this is definitely causing considerable anger. and just in the last few minutes we also have heard fromter
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rookie taliban. this is a province that has suffered hugely come monday they will stop n.a.t.o. supplies coming through this territory or nato cargo which is on its way out, that includes military hardware traveling through the front towards karachi. so a very strong reaction. >> welcome back to london. we have news of prisons where extra officers have been deployed following earlier reports of a riot in one of the prisons. we'll bring you more details on that story as we get them. fresh concerns have been raised about one of the jailed
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members of russian punk band pussy riot. the husband of one band member said that he has not heard from his wife since she was put in prison. >> reporter: she has disappeared into a soviet style gulag system. they fear the russian authorities are trying to crush her spirit. she was being held in a so-called penal colony number 14, several kilometers east of moscow. al jazeera contacted her husband saturday night, who said nadia was being deliberately caught off from the outside world, and he was seriously worried. she is reported to be in a weak condition after two hunger strikes. she staged them to protest the appalling conditions in which she was being held. >> reporter: in a letter smuggled out of the penal colony
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she said that inmates were forced to work 16 hour days in what she called a sowing sweat shop. she said they were streeted like slaves. she was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of hooliganism for staging a punk proest. >> i want to say a few words about pussy riot. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the pop star madonna joined the international campaign calling for her release. but the authorities in russia have refused to listen to the pleas. a sentence is due to end in march next year. the russian prison system is supposed to inform prison family ten days before the prisoner is moved to a new prison.
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that deadline has now passed. >> protesters have been out in london. demanding the release of a so-called greenpeace 30. the activists and two journalists have been held since a russia protest on an oil rig in the arctic. on charge of hooliganism they can be held for up to seven years. and competitions don't come harrier than this one. germany's weird beard and mustache. 300 entrants from 20 countries are taking part. you're up-to-date with all the stories from europe. >> thank you very much. now honeybees in canada are
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dying. a pesticide based on nicotine is being blamed although it's manufacturer is saying its safe. the future of bees industry is bleak. >> reporter: this area is a paradise for bees. the huge amount of plant diversity. a third generation beekeeper he's known for the quality of honeybees he raises to other bee keepers but he's finding far too many of his charges devastated and dying. >> they're just sitting on plant leaves, hundreds of bees, running in the grass not coming home, twitching, spasming in front of the hive. a good percentage of the population of the colonies have disappeared. >> reporter: bee keepers across central canada report similar losses. dead bees, moldering hives.
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many blame a pesticide used on corn based on nicotine. but manufacturers say its safe and the bees deaths are caused by other factors. honeybees protect each other from disease that means less immunity to pair sites or other insects. >> bee keeping as an industry is becoming more and more expensive to keep honeybees. eventually we're going to reach a threshold where it's not going to be worth it to maintain a colony only to see 40% of the colonies die every year. >> bees do more than just make honey. they pollinate crops. whatever the reason for the honeybee deaths the consequences are worrying scientists. >> reporter: if we lose bees we'll lose a significant part of our food supply. that's it.
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without bees we don't get fruits. we don't get a lot of animal feeds dependent on bee pollination. there are things that we'll lose. >> reporter: europe has already banned nicotine-based pesticides and there are calls on canada to do the same. these bees colonies look healthy now but after several years of die-offs bee keepers are beginning to wonder about the future of their industry. economically small but important in pollinating the crops we rely on. al jazeera, ontario. >> australia's biggest city has been blanketed by haze caused by bush fires by sydney. the sydney bridge and opera house were barely visible through the smoke. officials are asking people to avoid outdoor activities. bush fires destroyed hundreds of homes in october, 40 fires are still burning. all right, still ahead on the program, why the mexican
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government is trying to breathe new life into day of the dead celebrations. clashes, we'll have all the sports next. do stay with us. >> i'm phil torezz, coming up next on techknow. >> hike! >> america's favorite sport is under fire. >> now, that impact simulated 100 g's of acceleration in your brain. >> it's the opponent no player can see. >> so the system is showing real-time impact. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. ♪ >> welcome back. egypt's military government said it will end a nighttime curfew in two-week's time. it was put in place shortly after president mohamed morsi was removed from power.
2:44 pm
now popular egyptian satirist had his television show suspended minutes before it was due to go on air. it did not give de trails but it's been a week since the show triggered complaints after it poked fun at military leaders. we have reports from cairo. [♪ music ] >> reporter: on the set he's talking to a vendor selling cakes and chocolates decorated with pictures of generalla gen al sisi. he was asked if he would have pictures of soccer players. he said what, you don't like al sisi. okay, i'll buy the lot. it's landed the host in trouble and his program taken off the air. >> reporter: the channel's board of directors has decided to
2:45 pm
suspend the program until technical issues are sorted out. >> reporter: the comedian has yet to respond. it's not the first time that he has upset the authorities. he ended up in court back in march for re ridiculing hamaed morsi. one of the egypt's most prominent news presenters was also taken off the air. she views the banning of the program as another sign free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to free speech in egypt after a revolution. that we have reverted back to prejanuary 2011. the red line now is the military, it's untouchable.
2:46 pm
>> reporter: a free press is virtually non-existence. those working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticize the military-back the government or establishment. their freedoms are disappearing fast. >> in egypt we cannot say that there is complete freedom of oppression. freedom of press, freedom of speech, i don't think so. because in egypt now i described thas a mcarthur state. now people have to be classified now. are you against, pro. >> and in this tweets over the summer he said he was very glad
2:47 pm
about the military coupe. he was hoping for a more positive reaction from his satirical barbs, he was mistak mistaken. >> people all over mexico has been celebrating the day of the dead. it's a festival that combines indigenous rituals when taken over by spanish conquistadors. >> reporter: a tragic tale of what happened when this country was captured by spain. on the banks where the aztec empire once stood ♪ wailing ] >> one indigenous woman decides to kill her own children rather
2:48 pm
than give them up. racked with guilt she drowns herself. >> we've all her her cry at least once. we tell her story so she's not forthen about when people hear her wail they are not frightened, and they try to understand her pain. >> reporter: condemned, she spends the rest of eternity screaming to remind others the suffering from th the conquest. the day of the dead. >> in mexico there is a lot of insecurity. there is only the certainty of death. this is so we do not forget our roots. >> reporter: they made it part of the cultural inheritance. a move many welcome. >> the only way to preserve
2:49 pm
these it was is to participate in them. it's our culture. they are beautiful and we need to protect them. >> reporter: so that for generations to come mexicans will hear the haunting yet welcoming cry. al jazeera, mexico city. >> time for sports now. >> reporter: thank you very much. off to the emirates where english premier league are hosting liverpool. it was arsenal who took the first goal. ramsey just scored another to double the gunner's league. chelsea lost 2-0 at newcastle. newcastle gave them the lead doubling their advantage, remy made it 2-0. it was a good day for manchester againsmanchester.
2:50 pm
and a huge kick from the penalty area, bouncing over southampton keeper, and stokes top scorer in the league. over in italy where serie-a, theaction is comeing to an end. napoli will take on catania and ac milan. they hope to improve on a poor season so far. they'll host fiorntina. 5-0 to move up to seventh. well, on friday barcelona extended the lead four points
2:51 pm
beating their city rifles rivals espanyol. his third strike in three matches. the time score, 1-0. bayern munich has moved to the top of the german bundesli bundesliga, 36 games. they've beat oppenhaim, and results upsetting 1-o and the match between frank fo frankfure aapiece. scoring after the break to make it three goals to one. and the striker grabbed the hat trick. once more he set up as they romp
2:52 pm
to a 6-1 win. there will an redbull one, two, the top of the give fo fo u daughteabudhabi. the australian is exciting in his final season in f-1 and he's still looking for his first win of 2013. he'll be aiming to win after six straight race wins. mercedes will start on the second row just ahead of luis hamilton. >> in terms of a layup, yeah, we certainly enjoyed the quality today and we have a good count on the race in these conditions. >> we have a couple of rugby union internationals to talk about. first to london england came from behind 30-13, and earlier
2:53 pm
the new zealand all blacks beat japan, 54-in tokyo. and the all blacks still unbeaten in 2013. >> i thought japan should be credited with participating in a game in a big way. they're looking to score point whenever they possibly could. they wanted to play at a pace that really only they can play. they did that very well. >> to tennis now. nadal is out of the paris masters. he was beat ferrer in the semifinals. the world number one went down to ferrer in straight sets. for ferrer he might consider this to be revenge after his loss to nadal. and now finally the world number three will aim to win his third title of the year. to do that he'll need to beat
2:54 pm
this man, djokovic, world number two came in to beat federer. johnson had his lead cut to three shots at the wc 3 champion events in china. despite ten birdies he had two double bogeys on the back nine to finish six under for the round. that's just three ahead of second place and defending champion in the englishman with his round of 63. the round of the day belongs to former number one martin kamer. he moves into a tie in seventh place. >> a lot of good shots. a lot of holes, but you know, obviously ten in that rough. i drove it in the rough there. didn't quite get it to the fairway. you know, it just came out a
2:55 pm
little dead and came up short. and hit a couple of matchups from there. ended up making a really good put. >> in the nba, brooklyn nets edging their game on friday, 101-100. elsewhere, timberwolves beaten after winning their second game of the season. they beat the oklahoma city thunder 100-81 to their start to the season since 2006 kevin love with 24 points. the hundreds of thousands of red sox fans have lined the streets of boston for a prayed celebrating the world series championship. they beat the st. louis cardinals. and they did it in front of a home crowd at fenway park for the first time in 95 years. >> i'm trying to honor the
2:56 pm
victims in the marathon and raise money for the victims. that will be on my mine from before i start the race to when i start the race. when the times are tough i'm going to imagine what they had to endure. >> as the runners hit columbus circle in the final stretch of the finish line they'll look down and see our traditional blue line is joined by the yellow line in honor of boston. we hope that's a moment for everybody to remember boston, and to be inspired by the strength we saw in boston. >> reporter: thousands of runners have descended on new york for the marathon that takes place on sunday. last year's event was canceled in the wake of super storm sandy. this year security is also in the forefront of many competitors' minds following the bombings of the boston marathon in april. and polic with the three peopled
2:57 pm
and hundreds injured in boston still fresh in the runners the there. in cricket india scored 383, and the third player ever to reach 200. in response australia tumbled to 205 to 7. and a the aussieest dismissed for 326, india wins for 57 runs and wins the series. we have more sport on our website at that address for you again. let's go to on liverpool, we'll have more on that. >> that's it for this news hour on al jazeera. from the whole team here in doha thanks for watching.
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determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well.
3:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz. here are the top stories this hour. part of los angeles international airport remains close. a gunman open fired in terminal three yesterday killing a tsa agent and wounding others. the police identified the suspect as 23-year-old paul ciancia. pakistan summon the u.s. ambassador after a drone talk killed taliban leader halimulle mehsud


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