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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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, >> they just wrapped up a press conference. paul cianca a 23 year-old man who was dropped off yesterday morning at lax plier tx prior te shooting. walked into the prescreening area and pulled out an assault rooifl anrifle and killing a ts. the spe suspect went on an he escalator. three people were shot and two
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tsa workers and one passion injury. one -- passenger. brian rooney, what more have we learned? some of the details that came out of the press conference. he is not able to talk yet. what his mental condition was before the shooting. did he have new diagnosed problems that anyone knew of where did the gun come from and how did he get it did anyone know he had it. there are answered questions and more unanswered questions and the fbi said they will build a full profile of cianca as this goss goes along.
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>> the other thing who took him to the airport. they say he was dropped off at the airport. >> he had friends and room-mates here. i would count that as a neutral fact. not necessarily the person that dropped him off may have just dropped him off at the airport and may have known nothing about this. his friends told reporters that they saw him thursday and he seemed fine. >> i wouldn't read the drop off one way or another yet. >> the big question you said his motive. the fbi saying was carrying a note that said "he hoped to instill fear into their traitorouus minds and he was targeting tsa agent. ". the motive may not have been rational. we don't know that.
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but from the little evidence we have so far it doesn't seem like a rational act. we are talking about what happened in terminal three today. terminal three had fully re-opened. are passengers still dealing with a bac backlog of delays. >> yeah that always happens with air travel mess ups. whether it's weather or something like this. it's a chain reaction through the system. they are getting the planes back in terminal 3. it's like an accident on the freeway there is little traffic delay for three hours. i'm sure everything will be up and running normally today and tomorrow. the next question is where is everybody's bags are. there are large piles of bags in the airport today. >> are they talking about how they will reunite all of those people with the bags. >> i know in the rush to escape
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the gunman a lot of people left things behind. >> people ared advised to go to the air line desk for the airline they were going to my. all of the bags that were left in the terminal are brought into the ai airline dose desks it maa little bit of a treasure hunt for people. the luggage that was checked. they are scanning the bar code tags to let people know exactly where those bags are. there was a delay in that. but probably they are all scanned by now. and the airlines know where everybody's bags are. you just have to look through all the bags. >> brian i'm curious to know if you have seen stepped up,
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visibly stepped up security there? >> yes the police are a little pit more oubit more out front ty normally are. this being an airport there is a visible police presence as there have been since the 9/11 attacks. but there are more police here than there are on a northern day. >> we heard earlier from the airport police that he moved officers from inside of the terminal t to outside of the terminal. they have been shifting resources to better accommodate future security concerns. >> edescribed it as changing up your football play. if you run the same play every time you will not advance the ball because the opposition will know what you are doing. people that travel are familiar that very often this are police
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officers when you go through the screening. and he moved the police officers to the front of the screening area and believes that made a difference in cutting this short. lax is returnings it normal after a horrible day yesterday. >> we want to turn to other news. pakistan's government has dough mappeddedemanded a meeting with. ambassador. it's to do with a drone strike. they are accusing the u.s. of involving themselves in the peace talks. it was a ambush. it was not a fire from the front it was an ambush. and we see it as an ambush. >> the assembly is going to pass
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a unanimous declaration not to allow any nato sp supply to entr the province until though tell us the drone attacks have stopped. roslin joins us with more on. this what are the pakistani leaders accusing the us u.s. government of. >> there are two things they are accusing the obama administration of doing. one of violating pac pakistani sovereignty by launching a military attack on pakistani soil without islamabad's permission. and the other thing islamabad is accusing them of doing is skuttling an effort to broker peace talks about the pakistani taliban. therthey are arguing that with e death that basically that everything is lameverything islg to achieve is back at square one. the pack ta pakistani citizens g
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to be suffering from the attacks within their borders. vandait's widely assumed the pakistani government has been cooperating first with the bush administration and now with the obama administration. it's been the obama administration h that has increased the frequency of these attacks some would argue out of a sense that the pakistanis have not been doing enough to crack down on taliban and al qaeda sacactivitywithin it's borders. there was recently a front page story in the "washington post" that outlined in detail, not just how much access the pakistani government was giving to washington, but the fact that the pakistanis were getting top level intelligence briefings about the targets and the strategies used in deciding when to launch these attacks.
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it's worth keeping note that pakistani citizens do not like these drone attacks. so it's not surprising that you would see a vociferous objection from the highest level in the islamabad government because they have to find a way to play canadian theiplacate their citi. >> if it's killing pakistanis why this latest call for accountability. >> the prime minister was recently re-elected as prime minister. he has not been on the job for six months yet. it's essential to his staying in power to say to pakistani sit citizens i hear your concerns and i hear your fears. i'm going to try to do my very best to stand up to washington to prevent these sort of attacks from happening. there was a family that traveled from pakistan to washington this week to tell members of congress
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that the impact that one such drone attack had on their family. they were not the ta targets. but they lost their grand mother in what could be described as collateral damage. it's the surety of thin -- sortf thing that has terrified people and they can't trust washington and it's a close ally with pakistan. >> and have we heard anything from the white house today? >> we have not heard from the white house but from a senior administration official who is telling al jazeera that while the administration can't confirm that massoud was killed on friday in this drone strike khan said has port coquitlam th becol leader of the taliban. the taliban is a enemy of the united states and it's going to be working with the pakistani government to bring it to heal.
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massoud as death has pakistani's concerned about the peace talks. >> this is a major blow to the pakistan taliban which may have a struggle for power for succession. and a serious blow for the government of pakistan which was at a advance level of the preliminary talks with the taliban. a delegation was supposed to arrive on saturday to hold talks talks. so the peace prospects are now out of the question and yo of course a big blow is seen to be delivered to the pakistan. they will not be able to recover from this any time soon. it will be interesting to see if they go for punitive reprisal attacks. the government of pakistan has asked the security forces to be on red alert. >> a big development between
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u.s. and pakistan today. we'll have more news on al jazeera america in just a moment.
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[[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. (vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation.
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(vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. >> well a short time ago we heard from the fbi agents suspecspecial agent in charge. he told us what he knew about the shooting suspect. >> the defendant paul cianca we are look into husban his back bd we are examining that. that is an extensive process and it will take time. we do know that based on the complaint and the evidence that we reviewed to date that he targeted specifically tsa officers. ihis intent was clear in the note. we did recover a note at the crime scene. >> i in that note he
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indicated his anger and malice toward the tsa officers. there is a video of the incident as stated in the complaint. the video shows the defendant's activities during the crime yesterday. at the crime scene we row recovd five loaded magazines and a host of unspent ammunition, bullet casings. >> it was a large crime scene. the fbi's evidence response team-worked that scene. we called in assistance from our san francisco office and phoenix office and san diego office. the fbi indicated four people were shot and one was a tsa agent hernandez. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, brother and friend. he would have been 4 40 next we. i'm truly devastated. we are all heart broken and will
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miss him dearly. thank you very much. >> and our brian rooney joins us live from lax with more on this. what else do we no about this suspected. he is 23-year-old and he his name is paul cianca from new jersey and do we know what possibly motivated him? >> well, obviously we are told that he left a note and messing ans thaingan -- messages that hs targeting tsa agents. we have to ask if husband mow if yomotives were rational once. and we have to ask if he had any diagnosed condition or anything was amiss about him. the fbi are looking foo his ints background and it's only a day later. >> they say he was possibly influenced by fringe conspiracy
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groups as well. >> you know i have to be honest i have not seen that. that may go along with some kind of mental instability. >> talk about what is happening today. we heard from the airport authorities that terminal three has finally reopened. what has passengers seen? how crowded is it and are there long delays. >> this is normally a very bus questiobusyairport anyway. earlier in the day there were long delays as people were waiting in line to be rerouted to other terminals and other cities. there was a lot of chaos in the air traffic system. because airplanes di did not tae off or land at lax. that makes the dominos fall in a lot of places \. >> that takes a long time to sort that out. there were long lines here throughout the day. people were taking it well. they weren't weren't happy but y
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understood the situation and were dealing with it. >> we are gettinthank you for yy brian rooney. >> in mali two french journalists are dead after being kidnapped in rebel terrorist tree. tree -- territory. both were there on assignment for radio france international. they captured the pair in the northeast region. an area that rebels want to be independent. >> and today politicians and activitactivists are immediatino find ways to stabilize mali. mohammad has this exclusive report from north mali. >> it's a long and bumpy ride deep into the desert of northern
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mali to reach the rebels. finally here is the first sign of their existence in the area. it's like a morning for the struggle they vow to persue. soon they gather to show their might. these are the fighters of the arab 340,68 movement one of thre groups that have been raging a an armed rebellion. >> we have taken up arms because of the wrong colonialism has done to us. last june three rebel movements signed an agreement leading toa general election. full trust has never situated and fighting resumed last month. >> we are not war mongers but we have decided to defend ourselves and demand our rights our rights consist of a broad at autonomy. if we are not granted that
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autonomy we are going to fight to the last bullet. we are going to fight to the last bullet. >> even though they call themselves the arab movement, they say their goal is to seek political autonomy for all of the components of society and they work in full coordination with the other groups. one of the issues that is bothering them is the bein accun that they arecriminals and religious fighters. system of the youth have been involved in radical groups and drug trafficking but this senior has other issues. no youth here has a high school degree. we have suffered a enough and the world should come to our rescue. the rightful land should return to us. the re rebels have put aside thr
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rivalry and together the they he announced their collective withdrawals from the peace talks last month. now they say their patience with the somali government is running out and there will be either a speedy response to their demands or a return to civil war. >> and there is still much more ahead on al jazeera america including the latest on the shooting at lax airport.
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>> welcome back. we are learning more details about the suspect in yesterday's shooting at lax. fbi just had a news conference a short while ago and just wrapped it up. >> the defendant was not a ticket the passenger. we received that question repeatedly we do not have any indicia of that. in the note that was hand written that we found from the defendant that was signed by the defendant, we found a statement
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where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated that he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds. ". the u.s. attorney discussed the gun the subject's fire arm that was a .223 caliber assault rifle. it was concealed in the bag when he went into the terminal. the shooting of the victims with in the prescreening area. that did not occur in the terminal. >> the headlines today pakistan's government says a u.s. drone strike may have sabotaged the peace talks with the taliban. massoud and three others were killed on friday massoud was accused of planning an attack
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three years ago that killed 2 s2 tsa workers. >> a show was pulled off the air last night after making anti-military remarks. the channel says he violated editorial policy but demonstrators say he is being conditioncensored. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren. we take a look at the weather. we are in the north east. the wind has moved off the not coast. the code colder air is moving i. the showers will die down and the skies will clear and the temperatures will get a little colder. we are in the 60's in new york and philadelphia and washington. toronto is down to 39 degrees. and there is that cold air. 30s in the freezing mark outside of the i-95 corridorment
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and 44 in philadelphia. and tomorrow afternoon not much of a warm up. there is cold air from the north. and some areas don't make it out of the 30s tomorrow afternoon. wind will gust out of the north and really start to pick up in the afternoon. and dying down at night. you will see the temperatures really drop, the skies are clear and the cold air is in place. the wind dies down. by monday a chill in the air as you head outside. a wind from the north and the low pressure from the coast and that is what brought the storms yet. high pressurhigh pressure is bud it picks up the wind speed across the northeast. here is the cold air from the north as temperatures are dropping. you can see the numbers drop 49 and 47 for the high and not even climbing to 50 on sunday and monday. tuesday and wednesday 50 and 60s and the warm air comes
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back. and so does the rain. by wednesday we have a few showers in the forecast. the warm air is returning to the south for texas and oklahoma and the highs in south dakota will be in the 60s. one storm moving out of the northeast and another moving into the northwest. there is snow in the higher elevation with this storm. low pressure over seattle and a lot of moisture coming. picked up rain in the radar and you go to the higher elevations where it's cold enough. we have winter storm warnings in idaho and the eastern front of the rockies and winter weather advisory but it does not include the valleys include flat head lake and missoula, montana we are not seeing much of a winter weather advisory, rain at at lower elevations and this time of year the snow starts to drop a bit. >> johnathan. >> thanks dave. we'll have much more news after the break on al jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm jonathan betz, with a look at the top stories. pakistan condemns a u.s. drone strike that killed a leader of the taliban there. one politician threatening to cut off nato supply routes. >> he indicated anger and malice towards the tsa officers. >> investigators look at what may have motivated the fatal attack at los angeles international airport. >> two french journalists are abducted and killed in northern mali. the same area where the government helped to defeat those fighters months ago.


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