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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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. > syria's main opposition group confirms it will not go to geneva to talk peace. >> hello, i'm in london. top stories we are covering in europe - masked men attack a
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kosovo polling station as tensions erupt over a crucial election. france condemns as revolting the murder of two french journalists in mali. >> a 20-month rebel gone in the eastern democratic republic of congo, which made an existing refugee crisis worst could be closer to an end the the political leader to the m23 rebels declared a ceasefire. it seems that the call for a trues is so far -- truce is so far being ignored by his military wing. these are exclusive pictures - rockets fired around m23 positions on congo's border with rwanda. in the last week the rebels have been pushed out of a stripping of towns by congo's army, bringing rwanda and uganda accused of supporting rebels and
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the conflict in a region rich in minerals. malcolm webb has the latest. >> the government troops has been fighting with the m23 rebels on three hills close to the border with rwanda. if i hold up the microphone, you can maybe hear the sounds of rockets and bombs landing. the hill that you can see is one of the three hills where the rebels are. there's about 300 left. they are at an advantage. there's tanks, helicopters. fighting uphill in this terrain is difficult. >> a short while ago the political wing in kampala put out a statement that the m23 should stop fighting. but they are still in the hills continuing the battle.
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>> over the last 10 days as troops took over positions held by the m23 rebels they found a few nasty survivors in their aftermath. a number of dead bodies were found that looked like people who were executed. >> syria's main opposition groups says it went go to talks in geneva unless a deadline is given for the departure of assad. they won't take part in the negotiations if iran is there. they spoke during a meeting at the arab league. the talks known as geneva ii are set for the end of november of the the aim is to find a solution to the syrian crisis. let's talk to sue turton live from cairo. >> this is not the first time we've heard this, but the fact that it's three weeks from when the talks are being held, makes it seem less likely that the
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talks will take off. >> yes, another nail in the coffin, really, of those hopeful geneva ii talks that were due to happen late november. not the only nail on the coffin. not only did they want an assurance that iran would not attend the geneva ii convention, he wanted an assurance that iran would pull out its revolutionary guard, and iraq boo do the -- would do the same with its fighters involved in the syrian conflict. that's a tall order. the only way they'd sit around the table is if all fighters were pulled out. iran was not at the tail something that russia was pushing for. >> will it make a difference in this publishing arena, in front of the arab league? >> will it make a difference? i
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think it pushes the point forward that they are in a difficult situation, to try to get both parties around the negotiating table. lakhdar brahimi the u.s. and arab envoy who has been in syria trying to persuade the assad government side to come. they are having difficulties. it's underlying the fact that it's almost an impossible ask to get them arrived the table. we heard that the foreign minister was going to present an idea to the arab league who were interested in what is going on in syria. there was a meeting behind closed doors because of the full secs. we don't know what the vision was, we understand it was on the say so of an agreed talks, agreed vision between the u.s. and the egyptians and we hope
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when they give a press conference we'll have more of a clue as to what was said. >> coming back in a moment after a report that earlier in the day the egyptian leadership is hosting the highest number of american visitors. secretary of state's john kerry's visit to cairo took place a day before mohamed morsi's trial was about to start. kerry coming into the country, has to reconcile two policy aims, maintaining america's strategic relationship with egypt, which is strained, and promoting the path to democracy. despite difficulties he said the u.s. is committed to working with egiment gipt. i -- egypt. >> i wanted to express to the egyptian people in no uncertain
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tems, the united states is a -- terms, the united states is a friend of people of egypt, the country of egypt and we are a partner to your countedry. as i told minister federal farm services agency, egild -- told minister farmy we'll continue to work with and cooperate with the gst. we have much to work on. the minister and i discussed candidly the issues and challenges we face. we think there's agreement even as we need to keep faith with the roadmap and the path it has to continue the march to democracy. >> how is going doing there - pragmatic for two-faced? >> i think the reaction here is
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they almost feel that the americans rolled over on the calls for democracy, greater respect of human rights. the americans made the decision to pull the aid or a large part of aid it gives to egypt after the ousting of mohamed morsi. at the time there was a sense that the americans would hold firm when they made an announcement. there's a sense that this shows a march to democracy by bringing in the roadmap. we are seeing a constitution written by a committee, appointed by a military-backed government. it's a justification for a thank youing of relation, if you like. they have not stopped the temporary freeze, and said, "we are going to go back to giving them the full aid. it is recognised as doing the
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right things and are proceeding in the right direction. that's not what a lot of people say. we are seeing almost daily protests. not huge but the pushing for the process to carry on. we are expecting when mohamed morsi's trial starts monday, to see a large protest against legitimacy of the trial, and the legitimacy of the whole government. >> thank you sue. john kerry moving to saudi arabia tomorrow. we'll look at that later here on joz al jazeera. >> united nations is looking for an assess fire in yemen. the red cross has been given access. 58 people have been killed in the last week. the violence is threatening to derail the draft of the new constitution. >> yemen's security forces on
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alert in the capital. a wave of political killings and attacks by al qaeda increased fears. a future that is being decided at a national dialogue conference. >> activists are debating the structure of the state. this is what yemen may look like. map arg -- many argue people in the south must be convinced to join a federal system. >> in aiden a separatist movement is grow, calling for the south to break from the north. >>. >> the most important issue is to sort out the southern question. if not the whole of yemen is facing a grave situation whereby the men in the north continue north and south.
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>> a federal system may encourage houthi rebels to call for an independent state in sadda province. yemen will seek to remain centralized. >> in a changed situation those will lose positions of power. some say they used it for decades. the democratics governance is not going to be easy. >> people are anxious. they know that their future will be decided if the south agrees to join a federal state. >> there's little time for the yemenees to seek issues with the south. there's a sense that all political factions will have one
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option. thousands of illegal foreign workers are rushing to leave saudi arabia before an amnesty expires. nearly a million unskilled workers took advantage of a four-month amnesty. many from the south-west, nepal face fines. they are employed about unemployment for its own people. tra >> translation: we'll arrest ex-patriots who are self-employed or who don't show up for work. and those in the kingdom in addition to on the borders. they'll be put in housing center where we'll apply the law before deporting them. >> those that give shelter and support to the violators, and
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the non-departure of anyone invited into the kingdom. >> found guilty. unlikely to be put to justice. two men sentenced to death. >> and a special report into mali. >> and real madrid plays catch up with spanish larsd. -- leaders. >> the pakistani government says it is reviewing every aspect of its relationship with the united states. the killing of the tal map's leader -- dal ban's leader -- taliban's leader in a drone strike is part of the process. north-west province wants to block nato routes into thailand.
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>> this man said he shouldn't have come to work today. he said he can't afford it stay home. he fears reprisal attacks by the pakistan taliban after the u.s. killedize leaders hakimullah mehsud in an unmanned aerial drone strike. >> translation: people stopped coming to market. we are afraid the taliban will attack us. i don't know what to do. >> fears are based on personal experience. the storyteller's market has been attacked several times by the taliban. his uncle last month was killed. the taliban threatened too avenge the death, saying every drop of the former leaders blood will be turned into a suicide bomber. beside fear, that's anger.
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interior minister blamed the u.s. for destroying the peace process with the pakistani taliban. >> you have scuttled it on the eve of the day, a day before, 18 hours before a formal delegation of respected group of religious leaders was to fly out. >> other political parties wanted more than angry words. the border is in the tribal area. they demand that nato supply routes to afghanistan be closed. >> translation: i will raise the issue on monday in the national assembly. nato supply lines should be blocked until drone attacks
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drop. we shot not allow them to enter until they stop the drone atakes. >> privately many are pleased with hakimullah mehsud's death. he was responsible for carrying out several major attacks, claiming thousands of clivelive. he was also open to peace talks. but that is under threat as pakistan taliban threaten to avenge his death. >> masked men burst into a polling station at kosovo, during a crucial election. more on that from the news center in london. >> it happened in the town of mitravita. ballot boxes were smashed inside a school, where voting was taking place. it was cleared and shut down two hours before voting came to an end.
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there'd been reports of intimidation to stop compatriots voting. serbia is hoping to join the e.u. our correspondent joins us live from kosovo's capital pristina. this is what the government had been fearing? that's true. it's not just kosovo, the belgrade government warned that this sthept could happen and they pointed out to the radical elements, the serbs to the north, that they'll try to disrupt the elections north of kosovo. eventually only one hour and a half ahead of closing the polls in the forth. yes there were a number of interesting incidents in the north of kosovo, a number of
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people intimidating those trying to vote in the north of kosovo, and maybe because of that a number of people there decided not to vote but, of course, there are official reactions from the kosovo go. . more on that, i have with me a government minister, from the kosovo government. could you tell me a little more about your position about the incidents which happened or that incident that happened north of kosovo. >> let's try to put things into perspective. two-thirds of the serbian population in kosovo live in the south, not the north. we have one-third of serbian citizens living in the north. in the south there has been a high turn out of serbian population, and we had a turn out in the north under difficult circumstances, under huge
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discrimination from an organised mob. the situation we have is not a result of one electoral campaign, a day or week. it's a result of 14 years constant pressure and politics from belgrade. and constant lies told to the people that live there. there's a situation that can result easily. in the north it was quiet. there was one incident which was of a major nature. it was - a school was attacked. there was tear gas. other that that, the rest of the munize ipalties in the north, it was piece and quiet. >> how would you describe the elections in the north. the local elections are created because of agreement between kosovo and belgrade. would you describe the elections as a success.
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>> i would describe them as a first step towards league ate and towards acceptance of a new reality. this is the first time we are having kosovo elections throughout kosovo territory as a result of the 19 april agreement. this agreement has its supporters, but has its opponents to the north. this was the first step. >> that's it for now from pristina. >> thank you. meanwhile there has been violence between fans at a football match in serbia's capital, belgrade. crowds held flares and started fires in the stadium, which pilled with smoke. play was suspended while security personnel restored order. >> thousands of people including
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european leaders attended the state funeral of poland'ses prime minister. he died at age 86 in warsaw. his time in power lasted two years. at the service on sunday he was honoured for transforming poland. >> france's for instance minister says -- foreign minister says the killing of two journalists was not on. as tim friend reports from paris. >> nolent knows -- nobody knows who took them or why they were killed. ghislaine dupont and claud verlon worked for radio france internationale. they were found dead a few kilometres away. the tuareg rebel leader they interviewed before being abducted describes haed m i
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heard an unusual noise in the street. the car was parked in front of my house, 10 metres from the do door. i went to see what was happening. there was a pick up next to theirs. there was a man on the ground with a weapons. he pointed it at me and said, "go back inside." shortly after they took off with two journalists, leaving in a hurry. >> a statement said the prench military warned the journalist not to do to the area. toour ebbing and groups are active despite a riltry intervengs. al qaeda fightersar known to front their activities with ransom money. france's foreign minister said on sunday that the journalists
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were assassinated, adding that security in the kidal renaling job would be increased -- region would be increased. >> translation: a crime against journalists is a double time, a crime against people who were coldly assassinated. it's a crime against the freed tom be informed. >> french president francis hollande demanded a reappraisal of security in mali. >> i'll have more from europe later in the newshour. now back to david. >> map of those who fled the -- many of those who fled the fighting in mali have become refugees in maurey tainia. doctors at one camp say there's a high rate of disease among children because the malnutrition. >> fighting between rebels and
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government forces be dan, an stilted 204,000 have been displaced within the country, according to the u.n. ref eej has been found in niger, mauritania and neighbouring places. northern mali and the people remaining are found to be ipp accessible. they can't get to them pause of the preps of heavily -- presence of heavily armed groups. we visited some of those refugees. >> the school at the refugee camp? southern mauritania should have started on 1 october. the schools are not ready. so this is where and how children spend their time. the other place is this one. at this medical center worried
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mothers come to seek assistance for their sick babies. the numbers of diseases is alarming m children are dying. this woman brought her sick daughter. >> he was sick, i brought him here. they five him food bags. then they stopped. i begged them to give him treatment. he refused. >> doctors without borders runs a place for malnutrition in the camp. >> since january we raved a flow of refugees in northern mali. in may the situation is to improve. we have high rates of 300 new cases every month. if nothing is done, those
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children may die. >> the refugees blame the organizations. >> translation: my daughter felt sick due to the lack of milk. when we came here we couldn't find it. she began to vomit. >> the aid agencies has in explanation. >> the amount of food in the camp is 1 rnings is00 characters. we private 2, 200. two things we don't distribute that is part of their diet is meat and milk. their hygiene rules and regulations. >> as if the lack of school in malnutrition was not enough, the children do most of the hard work for daly living.
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or training for a future imagined to be one of war. >> in a couple of minutes here on the newshour we'll look at how bulgaria is trying to fence off what it sees as a syrian refugee problem. plus - we meet the cuban musicians wrapping to their own beat. in sport - how italy clenched a kourth federation cup -- fourth federation cup title.
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you're watching al jazeera. time to go through the top stories: fighting continues in the democratic republic of congo, despite the leader of the m23 rebels declaring a truce to allow peace talks.
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>> the red cross has been given access to a besieged town in northern yemen. 58 have been killed after fighting between houthis and sunnis in damaj. >> syria's rebel groups will not go to peace talks in geneva unless a departure date is given for president bashar al-assad. >> the leader says the snc will not take part in negotiations if iran is there. >> we have taken the decision to take part of the geneva ii conference united with honour. in oar for it to be a success it should include a transition of power. there'll be no geneva ii without a time frame and irane occupier.
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>> detracted negotiations as everybody tries to work out a way of ending syria's conflict. the fighting conditions across the country, particularly in the east. heavy government shelling of a number of neighbourhoods. sholdiers stepped up attacks. violence in the capital damascus. attacked in the air and from the ground. rebel-held parts of the surrounding country side. jordan's kink abdullah said the influx of refugees is placing a burden on water supply, power and housing. there are 600,000 syrian refugees in jordon. kink abdullah called for international help.
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>> if the international community does not move quickly, jordan is able to take measures to protect the people and or country. >> everyone is fleeing in the eithererb european nation. let's get more details on that. >> the bulgarian government says humanitarian forces are being overwhelmed and is taking a step of constructing a border fence. al jazeera is visiting two fences along the boarder to examine conditions. >> the former army barracks was designed for 430 people. there's 750 refugees held here. there's a shortage of everything. >> there's no water,
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electricity, bathroom. outside you pay to eat. we go to sprm -- supermarket. someone with no money don't eat. >> for food or medicine the refugees bribe the forward to let them leave the camp. those without money must do without. >> they make agreement with the lawyer, the people inside to bring people here. they did the propaganda to ask them to give more money. >> the camp's administrator admits the situation is tense. unless the european union helps, bulling will be exhausted -- bulgaria le about commauffed the >> translation: bulgaria is small. >> this is a solution. bulgarian army has begun to dig
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the base for a fence. >> this is a difficult part of the border. migrants crossingment >> it start in the fall. they risk a plilt call controversy. some believe they are building a wall to separate christians and other religions. >> that is rash. muslims and christians were among reeve gees. -- refugees. bulgaria says it's desperate for help. as the sophia government points out this is the e.u.'s per iment her. a new video surveillance system is in place. still the migrants come. >> the father of a gaoled member
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of the russian punk band pussy riot spoke to al jazeera about his desperation to find out where his daughter is. nadya tolokonnikova is thought to have been moved to a new prison. but family have had no contact for days. >> a daily vigil is beej staged outside the hours to protest about the treatment of nadya tolokonnikova. her family has not heard anything from the authorities, apart from the fact that she's been moved to a new prison after going on two hunger strikes to publy sis conditions inside the penalal colony where she's being held and they fear for her safety. her father told her she made the decision to speak out after receiving threats to her life. >> it's been 14 days without contact.
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we don't know if she's alive or dead. we don't get any information. the federal penn ten shary will not comment. they shut the doors in front of us. >> his daughter was gaoled for two years after taking part in the pussy riot protest against vladimir putin in the cathedral. >> katerina was a member but released upon appeal. she's on probation, sentence suspended. . the situation shows how the detention system works. it's cruel. the person can be transferred for a month or two. they can go three or four gaols, spending a few days in each before moving on. condition are terrible. >> nadya tolokonnikova's
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five-year-old daughter no longer knows where her mother is or how she is. there was a reported sighting m she was seen on a train in the rural mountains. it appears authorities are moving her further away from her family. >> staying in russia president vladimir putin approved tougher counterterrorism laws at the socchi winter olympics. the games will take place a few hundred metres from the kaucks awes area. new laws will make fighters' relatives pay for damaged cause. fighters guilty v carrying out app attack will face time in brait an. >> propose add laws are designed to stop lobbyists from having
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too much influence. >> when doreen and john found out there was a plan for a gas fracking sight over the road from their house in northern england they wanted a wap to fight it. >> hello, i'm doreen. >> they found friends in a cosmetic company called lush, which paid for a video by anti-fracking to spread the word on fracking on communities. >> under the terms of legislation going throughing parliament. deprooen piece are unable to use propaganda like this. >> to many they have to be concerned. if we find themselves doing the wrong thing in the electoral commission it threaten their existence. >> a prominent commonate tore
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scribed it as putting britain halfway towards putin's russia: >> the pol sirn that came up with the idea of the lobbying bill argued that professional lobbyists good too close to the political past. the bill has gone through parliament, there's a core us of complaints from still liberties groups and charities saying they and not many professional lob yists will be acted. big corporations have in-house lobbyists and oil companies wouldn't be subject to the same restrictions. charities are restricted to $15,000. there's evidence of the possibility of bad decisions because of the new law. health care campaigners in
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london celebrated victory over generalie munt, health secretary, who wanted to close part of a successful hospital. if the law didn't exist the hospital would have been close. >> the hocht campaign did - the postst, process and taking jeremy hunt to court would be caught under the proposed legislation. >> videos like the anti-fracking one might be made. >> charities or campaign growls could be exempted from the law. what started out as democracy could be the others. >> let's get back to david. >> earlier in the newshour we talked about john kerry's egypt stop over. his middle east tour will include israel and he'll be off
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to the occupanted west bank. the trip is part of an effort to revise peace talks between israel. stefanie dekker is in the occupied west bank. plins are losing hope that there's anything left to gain. >> it was not like this 10 years ago. this is the only way home. he says living in a prison would be easier. here he and his family face a threat of harassment from the jewish settlers. >> we live inside the wall, not behind or next to it. this is a military zone. i'm surrounded by gates on each there's a mortal danger sign. >> the separation wall completely surround his house. to show you what that means, it's over the back, goes across the side and across the front. he's completely isolated. there's a settlement down the
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road, on the hill and wep r when we come to his garden there's a settlement across the way. it's extreme, but reflects the reality of ever-expanding settlements. israeli government private thousands of settler houses after the release of 104 prisoners held for 20 years. there's a thought that because bett didn't agree to stop building, the talks were a failure from the start. . >> there'll be a continued israeli presence in the territories of the palestine state and the actual fact is they want to maintain the
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de facto situation and call it a 2-estate solution. >> it's echoed by ahed. he says israel has taken it all. he calls his fenced in home the independent state of ham jirks afed. we'll brighten up your life in a moment. how china is doing with the festival of lights for millions of innedians, and all the sport, the formula 1 world champions. sebastien vettel and is that story in the rest of the sport.
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good to have you with us. bangladesh sentenced two men to death for war crimes committed in 1971, one a prominent muslim leader based in the u.k., chowdhury mueen-uddin. he spoke to al jazeera and denied involvement in the killing of 18 intellectuals during the country's war of independence. he's been sentenced to death in his absence, along with ashrafuz zaman khan, who lives in the u.s. >> i was not involved in any why actions in 1971 or since.
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i was not supporting military action. >> dissent in cuba is not enkoujed. saying the wrong thing can land you in gaol. young wrappers are finding ways to express themselves and are telling the government what they want in rhyme. [ ♪ music ] >> it is a rap about life, family and cuba. [ ♪ music ] >> his artistic name means "the potion man." he says his music is perceived as a threat. >> i think that hip hop is not convenient for the deposit. the society had the same system for the last 50 years. our songs can open the hearts and minds of people.
1:48 pm
we repeat what people are silent about. in this land hip hop arrived in the 1980s through the radio stations in miami. it was only in the 1990s when the government organised the first rap festival. m this is where it was important. a lousing project. wrap is not the most popular type of muck in cuba -- type of music in cuba the young turn to it. this is a grabbing designer. he's also a government employee. an example that authorities are open to criticism >> translation: hip hop is a
1:49 pm
process. there is a deposit agency, we get lit the help. i have to do it myself. rt big problem is a lack the communication. there's no internet for the young people. >> in spite of the criticism in the lir ucks rics. rap is not -- lyrics, rap is hardly a threat to the government. they are trying to change that. >> in cuba everything is difficult. there are obstacles all the time. the studio was built with a lot of effort. i'm working so rappers can have all promotion and be heard around the island. >> that's what the people would like to see, so young people here can use wrap to get their mess bij out -- message out. time for the sport. sebastien vettel wins his 7th
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formula 1 title. the newly crowned world champion started second but overtik fairest place team payment mark webber. sebastien vettel has proved untouchable and dedicated his win to his parents. >> it means a lot. i spent a lot of time racing in front of them. now there's bigger toys, more watching. it's special they were here this weekend. i want to dead-kate the win to them. >> world number 2 novak djokovic beat david fer to win the paris masters final. he took pt match 7-5, 7-0. novak djokovic has a slim chance of getting the number one spot back from nadya tolokonnikova by the end of the year.
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italy games a full courted fed cup against russia. they easily beat the cuban team. s >> athletico madrid is a point behind barcelona. the hosts 1-0 up in the 33 rld minuted. >> nine minutes slater span punish dell costa fired in past the keeper. that is the 11 the win in 12 matches. >> valentia won their first. dore misunderstand scoring a goal. easing pressure on the coach. his position has been in
1:52 pm
question. the first world derby won by cardiff. they are four clear of the bottom three. everton and tot none missed a chance to move to second. spurs are fourth. >> for all the emotion present in the game, a chance for both teems go second, we did well, bearing in mind the results and the frame, getting to the point where we droppeded. >> inter milan won moving to fourth. bayern equalled the german record for the longest unbeaten
1:53 pm
run of 36 games and move to the top of the bundize leagua. a trop matched -- dropped catch allowed the opposition to take the lead. marion - more about the winner after the break. 36 games without defeat. >> pacers make it three wins this a row with the start of the new nba season. they beat the queensland cavaliers at homement -- home. a day after being thrashed 7-0 by the capitals. they bounced back.
1:54 pm
philadelphia's fourth win. season. >> dustin johnson won the champions event in shanghai, chiping in an eagle helping him to win. it's his eighted pga win. >> it sound good. i played well. they put a lot of pressure on me and played good golf. i got off to a bad start. i'm playing good. i knew i noded to plug along. i played good on the backside. >> an australian olympic medallist in kayaking has been arrested in new south wales. nathan baggaley won two sul verse.
1:55 pm
. he faces drug charges. >> there's more sport on the website. check out that's it from me. >> see you later on. india's biggest festival is in full swing. diwali is the festival of light. many of the decorations are made in china. india cannot compete with the chinese imparts. >> prayers are an important part of diwali. this is less traditional. light made in china flooded the market. indian manufacturers can't compete. the chinese ones are brighter and cheaper. a local business association
1:56 pm
says a third of consumers buy chinese-made decorations for diwali. manufacturers have adopted. >> the trading of chipees products - -- chinese products, they feel it's more profitable. >> although it's the company's biggest festival, good prices and better quality are more important than made in india. >> sweets made of butter and milk, also given out, are being replaced by foreign flavours. cupcakes, cookies and chocolate from european res is more popular. people maintain some old traditions. markets like this selling handmade decorations are busy.
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for some people if it's not indian, it's not diwali. >> if you have something in from you you, where would you buy something from china. it's good enough. >> diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil. foreign made product may take away from tradition, for others it's the festival of light no matter how it's lit or sounds. >> lights going on and out. a rare solar eclipse is sweeping across parts of north america, europe and africa. caused by the moop passing in front of the sun, blanging the sun -- blanking the sun totally. this one is unusual because it will do both as it travels across the sky. that's it from me.
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thank you for watching us here on al jazeera. zplrn
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>> welcome to al jazeera america here is the stories we are following for you. secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise visited to egypt pushing for a new initiative for syria. >> a drone strike that killed a taliban leader. >> and a violent show of force in congo, but there is hope for peace. ♪ >> secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east. hidetour includes


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