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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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pakistani and drone strikes that killed a taliban leader. hope for peace in the congo. will it last? thousands of racers cross the finish line in the new york city marathon. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east for a nine-day tour.
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his trip began with a surprise visit to egypt where he urged that country this morning to move towards democracy. he stressed american egyptian ties are critical. >> the u.s.-egypt relationship should not be defined by assistance. there are much bigger issues that matter to us, that concern us, that define the relationship. >> kerry's visit marks the first by an american official since the ousting of mohammed morsi in july. rosalyn moore has more from washington? >> the first stop john kerry made on his latest trip to the middle east was to cairo, egypt, the first and highest-ranking visit by a u.s. official to the egyptian capital city since july 3rdrd. >> that's the day that the military removed mohammed morsi and placed him under arrest. the u.s. has been anxious about what has been happening in egypt
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ever since. it was john kerry's mission to deliver a message from the obama administration about what washington expects cairo to do in the weeks and months ahead. >> ross lin, how can the u.s. reconcile working with this government while supporting move toward democracy? >> basically let's put it this way. the trip was unannounced. in diplomatic terms, that is denying egypt the ability to say, look. the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the past five months. so, by having this unannounced trip, the u.s. was able to send a message that it does disprove of what has happened. that said, the u.s. also is making it very plain, and we heard this from secretary kerry on sunday, that the u.s. looks to egypt as a security partner across the middle east. it had a long-standing military relationship. he job description soldiers train here in the united states
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and attend high-ranking think tanks to get more professional education. the u.s. looks to egypt to help maintain security, particularly between the border with israel, with whom egypt has a peace treaty and the u.s. also looks to egypt to try to make certain that insurgent groups don't find a toehold particularly in the sinai peninsula. but this is really a case of the u.s. trying to be practicigmati right now because egypt, for many, many decades as had an out-sized amount of influence in regional politics. the u.s. sees that in its long-term interests, it's best to still be an ally of egypt rather than have some sort of political and diplomatic rupture. >> kerry making a visit to saudi arabia. how significant is that visit? >> reporter: well, when you consider that up until really in the past three months or so, the relationship between riyadh and washington was unquestionably a strong one, this is an important
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visit for kerry to make. the saudis have been very concerned that the obama administration simply hasn't done enough to try to bring the civil war in syria to an end, and they have made their pleasure known. one, by not takingun of the non-permanent seat did on the u.n. security council. and, two, by deciding to not take part in certain diplomatic and military operations with the u.s. where these things would normally happen otherwise. so this is a chance for saudis to express concerns to kerry, not just about syria but also about iran. the saudis are very concerned about the iranians trying to assume a greater role in regional politics, and it doesn't want to be pushed out. so kerry has to go with listening to these concerns, trying to placate the saudis as best he can. in syria, government forces tried to quell much government controlled areas. assad's regime has tried to
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secure that area from months. video shows thick smoke. al jazeera cannot verify these videos. more than 100,000 people have been killed since that war began two and a half years ago. meanwhile, another area of syria, a giant bronze statue of jesus has managed to end the violence, albeit briefly. government forces and reynolds stopped fighting for three days so the 40 foot statute could be erected. a london based foundation has been trying to install that statue for eight years. the mountain over looks a pilgrimage route to the jerusalem. private donors paid for the statue. >> pakistan's government says it's reviewing the relationships after a drone strike killed a taliban leader. the local political party wants to block american supply routes into afghanistan. the taliban now wants revenge noor mohammed said he shouldn't
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have come to work today, but he said he can't afford to stay home. he tells us he fears reprisal attacks by the pakistani taliban after the u.s. killed its leader, hak. mil massud in an unmanned drone strike. >> people have stopped coming to market. we are so afraid that the taliban will attack us. i don't know what to do. >> mohammed's fears are based upon personal experience. the historic story teller's market has been attacked several times by the taliban. just last month, his uncle was killed in a bombing. all across pakistan, security is on high alert after the pakistani taliban threatened to avenge massud's death saying every drop of its former leader's blood will be turned into a suicide bomber. besides fear, there is anger. in a media briefing on saturday, theyt in the u.s. was blamed for
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destroying the peace process. >> the efforts have been ambushed. it was not -- it was not a fire from the friend. it was an ambush. and we see it was an ambush. >> but other political parties want more than angry words with washington. if the party controlling the putun province is demanding nato supply routes to afghanistan be closed. >> i will raise the issue on monday in the national assembly. the nato supply lines should be dropped until drone attacks stop. we will not allow nato supply lines to continue until they stop the drone attacks. >> reporter: >> reporter: during his time as leader, he was responsible for
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carrying out several major attacks claiming thousands of lives. but he was also open to peace talks with the government, and now that is under threat as the pakistani taliban threatens to avenge his death. tyab, islamabad. >> one lawmaker defended the drone attack. the chair of the house's permanent committee says the attack will protect american troops. >> this is the guy trying to create the problems both for pakistan. he relates with afghanistan taliban. these are the folks that closed 500 schools, most of them girls' schools in the eastern provinces of afghanistan. he is part of the hakani network, which is basically a giant organized crime group operating in the tribal areas of pakistan who have been involved in supporting al-qaeda, taliban, and others. this was a bad guy. and by the way, there are some -- there is some
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information recently that concerned us about the safety of our troops. i feel a little better for our troops today than i did before this ent happened. >> rogers also said massud haul ties for a fail bombing of new york square in 2010. in northern yemen, 58 people have died in clark. the fighting between shiia and sunni muslim groups began and it's an area long outside authorities' control. they have been trying to broker a cease fire. >> the political leadership of the m 23 rebels in the democr democratic have declared a cease fire. a little background on the group. the revolution began in may of last year after several mutinies in provinces along the rawandan border. under a piece deal and that's how the group got its name, m
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23. the rebellion gained traction. if those rebels retreat, troops are now finding mass graves. malcolm webb reports the fighting is not over >> reporter: the government troops have been fighting with the m23 rebels on three hills close to congo's border with rawanda over there. you can hear the sound of some of the fighting. if i hold up this microphone, you can maybe hear the sound of some of the rockets and the bombs that are landing. this hill that you can see there is called ambuzi, one of the three hills where the rebels still are. we have heard there are about 300 of them left. they are at an advantage on the top of the hill. they have more men, tanks, helicopters. fighting uphill in this terrain is difficult. a short while ago, the m23 rebels' political wing put out a communique saying that the military wing should cease fire, that they should stop fighting. there is no sign that the military wing is in agreement
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with that because they are still up here in these hills continuing with the battle. meanwhile, over the last 10 days, government troops have taken over positions in this area that were held by the m23 rebels, they found a few nasty surprises in their arsenal, very close to here, a number of dead bodies were found that looked like they were people who were executed. this patch of bush next to a former m23 rebel base looks lie any other in eastern congo, but something more sinister lies within. the soldier leads us to the body of a man lying in a shallow grave. he clearly died very recently but the smell is already very unpleasant, and it looks like he was tied up with his arms behind his back and his legs tied together at the moment he died and there is some blood coming from his head. so, it really looks like he was executed nearby p soldiers in villages
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say three are there were four bodies here before heavy rain buried them in mud and there were many more throughout the surrounding bush. it's next to a barracks that the rebels took from the government. a few days ago, the rebels fled. some who will surrendered said they executed it's prisoners before it left. we tried to contact m23, but they haven't answered phone calls since government forces fought them back in the last 10 days. the people in the villages say living under m23 rule was tough and the rebels were often cruel. >> they had prisoners there. we heard they killed the prisoners. they killed them all. >> they would beat people for nothing and they would arrest people and make them disappear. >> the world's largest u.n. peacekeeping 40ss here in congo have been helping the government fight m23. the u.n. hasn't managed to stop
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atrocities in the 14 years it's been here but they say they will find out what happened. >> translator: we all know that bodies have been found in that area. the area has been controlled by m23 for about one year and that it has been taken by the army a few did i see ago. on the u.n. side, we are quickly following a team which is going to investigate. and from the results, we are going to tell you what was discovered >> reporter: the government says it's investigating, too. but war crimes can common in congo's conflicts. the full story may never be uncovered malcolm webb, in the democratic republic bling of congo. murder charges have been filed against the man opening fire in los angeles airport. new details are emerging about the shooting that killed a tsa agent and wounded several others the suspect is unresponsive and unable to talk, according to the f.b.i. he was
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wounded in the face by police officers at the end of friday's gun battle inside lax terminal three. investigators say a note inside his bag gave insight to his frame of mind. >> he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated that he wanted to, quote, instill fear into their traitorous minds. >> the f.b.i. says he shot tsa agent gerardo her and ines and went up the elevator and came down and shot him again, killing him. his widow spoke to reporters. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son, and friend. he would have been 40 next week. i am truly devastated, and we are all heart-broken and will minutes him dearly. >> the federal complaint says he
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used a smith and wetson assault rifle and wounded two police officers and a civilian in addition to killing hernandez. the f.b.i. says it will build a full profile of him and what brought him to this point. the 23-year-old was raised in this new jersey house and he had lived in los angeles about 18 months. unanswered are questions about where he got the gun, why he targeted tsa officers and whether he was mentally stable. >> there is a host of social -- or of surveillance video that we are still going through. we are still examining that. there is a tremendous amount of evidence in this case that we are continually examining. that will take some time. >> if convicted, he faces life in prison or the death penalty. brian rooney, al jazeera, los angeles. the lead issues of issue is i can't and kosovo are coming together to move closer to the european union during crucial
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elections. alioshi milenkovic reports >> reporter: the youngest european country should not atrack too much attention worldwide but these did because thesis are the first in 14 years since kosovo succeeded election were held in the entire territory of kosovo. they defied the rule of the youngest european country for 14 years because they wanted to stay with serbia. international community refused to grant them that request. but eventually, belgrade, which has strong flu finfluence for s in that part of kosovo had to budge because it was offered the eu membership, the eu perspective. that's why belgrade decided to let make a deal with pristina
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and have these local elections organ entire territory. eventually, serbs from north were not happy with that decision and we had several incidents in the north of kosovo in a number of voting stations. he elections were interrupted. so what will be next for kosovo after these elections? will the north be integrated in the rest of the country? it is up to politicians to see whether they can overcome this boycott which the seriously hampered this negotiation processes between belgrade and kristina. i am eboni deon. it has been a mainly quiet and dry day over the eastern u.s. we have clear air. it's allowing that much colder air to drive in across parts of
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new england. temperatures really haven't moved all that much. earlier this morning, around 46 degrees and in new york city and we are only sitting at 50 degrees. it's now 46 in boston. we are at 54 in philadelphia. it's 58 in d.c. so what a difference a day makes at a passing cold front. yesterday, we were mild enjoying temperatures slightly above average. but today, the bottom will contain a fall out as those temperatures drop overnight tonight. we will have freeze warnings in place. it does now include coastal areas of connecticut along with new york city, newark south. cover up any sensitive plants that you might have because they will be in jeopardy because of those very cold temperatures that are going to settle in across the area tonight. now, frost advisories are up over western areas of georgia. here, you will want to do the same. as we go through the overnight hours, we are expecting temperatures to fall. that cold air is going to filter in all the way down intoga. atlanta, around 4 three degrees.
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we will have much older air in place for the northwest where our winter storm continues to bring snow into the mountnous areas. >> eboni see you later. rating to victory at the new york city marathon. and ahead, growing older and working longer, the troubles of seniors in south korea. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next on al jazeera america
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always
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explore issues relevant to you. >> a senator under investigation and only al jazeera america is there. uncovering the corruption opening the files... >> are you going to resign if your're indicted? >> breaking the story real reporting, this is what we do... al jazeera america >> it was one of the largest
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turnouts ever. about 48 runners showed up to test their endurance. heavy security was also part of the backdrop. as kilmenyduchard. it says, it went off without a hitch. >> it picked up where it left off. for runners crossing this finish line, the comeback was one of personal victory and pride. >> it was really grade. last year was supposed to be my first year, and cancelled obviously. so making up this year was i did better than expected. it was really, really happy. i think i qualified for boston. that's even better. >> but all along, the 26.2 engineers journeys, helicopters, police, boats, scuba drivers and bomb-sniffing dogs. >> we lost the video but you
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could hear what she was saying and darin, it was a big race today and the kenyans did pretty well. >> that's right. a double victory. mutai defends his new york city marathon title and priska runs to meet the women's race. >> mutai finished in the time of two hours, eight minutes and 24 seconds. jetu, both earned 100,000 winning the new york marathon. bronc cos's john fox will under gom aortic heart replacement. he was taken to a hospital after fe feeling light-headed. the broncos are on their bye this week. brad ausmus has never been a manager but now of the tigers.
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he suck cease leyland following the loss to the red sox last month. he was a special assistant with the san diego padres and spent 18 seasons in the big league. i am darin haynes. that's looking at your sports he headlines at this hour. >> south korea is growing older faster than any other country. the number of elderly people seeking jobs has usually doed. in the second part of the cod world's senior citizens, harry fausa reports from seuol. >> shin so yu is 62 after she closed shop at her own cafe, she is coming back to work. it's a welcome change from grandchild duty. >> it keeps me feeling young. i meet people. i make some money. as long as i can, i want to work. >> shen is not alone. at job fair exclusively for the over 50s is packed with
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citizenship. each applicant has his or her own reasons. >> i am in good shape. do i look like someone who is over 70? >> my son got married last month. now, i have a daughter-in-law. i need a job to save face. >> the overarching reality remains, south korea is aging faster than any other country. the over 65s make up 12% of the population now. by 2050, it will be 37%. the government is already encouraging employers to hire older workers. >> the government provides half of the salary for the first four months of the internship and about 600 for the first six months of regular employment. >> to many, working in old age isn't about shifting demographic did or a lifestyle choice. it's a question of survival. by advanced country standards, south korea has poor levels of welfare for the elderly leaving most at the bottom looking to scratch a living by any means thing.
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? >> you see them all around, stooped slow figures pushing carts ladened with other people's professionsinged junk. shun lin does this every day. bringing her haul to this recycling yard. on a good day, she makes maybe $6. >> my other daughters told me to send her to an institution and live comfortably. but i didn't do that. and now, they don't even call. they say they cannot bear her. not even for a single day. >> south korea ranks 33rd out of 34 advanced economies. as its population gets older, improving that provision is going to get all the harder. many more are destined to keep working whether they like it or not. harry faucet, al jazeera, seuol. >> we will tell you about blue zones, home to the healthiest and longest living people in the world. jennifer london explains on monday right here on al jazeera america. and when we come back, egypt
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prepares for the trial of former president mohammed morsi. the style may be american, but the message is pure cuban
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. m23 rebels in the democratic republic with congo declared a seats fire. it raises hopes peace talk between the two sides will advance. authorities have filed murder charges against paul samsia for the shooting on friday. the airport has opened all flights. come okay out of a meeting between secretary of state john kerry, an initiative on the crisis on the conference. the plan will be presented to the arab foreign ministers later today. kerryts visit to egypt comes
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one day before mohammed morsi is due to go on trial. he is accused of inciting the murder of protesters in december of 2012. dominic cain has more on that trial >> reporter: it was a moment that seemed to suggest egypt's transition from dictatorship to democracy. the inauguration of a first freely elected president, both in a traditional government setting and then more emotionally in tahrir square, the recruicrucible. he is in detension, facing charges of insighting others to commit murder. on monday morning, he is due to be brought to a courtroom in the cairo police academy for his trial to begin. it is the court in which hosni mubarak is being tried. the prosecution case against morsi relates to violence between his supporters and opponents last december outside
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the presidential palace. according to human rights groups, protesters staging a sit-in against the president's sweeping new powers were attacked by pro-morsi supporters. several people were killed and many more injured. morsi, himself, has indicated he doesn't recognize the court's right to prosecution him and that he will not appoint a legal team. one lawyer who will be in court to observe morsi has told al jazeera the charges are baseless. >> there is no evidence that dr. morsi has committed any crime. trials of a political nature in the atmosphere after coup usually -- i hope i am wrong -- they are never knew tral, transparent or fair >> reporter: security around the torah prison and court house has been stead up in recent days. a control room will monitor the area. 20 members of the security forces will be on the streets
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with metal detectors to prevent protesters disrupting the trial. the anti-coup alliance has called on supporters to stage mass demonstrations in protests. on the streets of the capitol, opinion is divided before the trial. transtrans i believe it's a good thing because morsi was as bad in one year as what happened in the past 30 years. he should be tried. he did not fulfill his promises and during his time, there was no security. >> i believe this trial may lead to another wave of wretch lucien and people will start taking to the streets again. >> mohammed morsi's family has been able to speak to him only once since he was detained. they will not be in court on monday since, like him, they reject the court's right to try him. dominic cain, al jazeera, cairo. all right. to discuss all of this, we are joined by ashaf hagazi, a senior
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associate at the harvard international negotiation program. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you, jonathan. >> so kerry had some interesting comments in egypt. he said one thing that it appears egypt is moving toward democracy. do you degree with him? >> the road map put in place by thetritional government does lead to a democratically elected new government that's expected to happen over the next several months. so, as we move along the roadmap, we are headed toward democracies, at least electoral democracy. what happens in terms of who is doing the governance in the country and making policy decisions, i think for now, we don't know how that will develop. >> how can you say the country is moving toward democracy when we have scene hundreds much protest orders killed, basic rights that a lot of americans take for granted like freedom of
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the press are not allowed in egypt? >> and that's been a cause for a lot of concern. i think both in the u.s. and on the streets in egypt. but the popular sentiment in egypt is very much pro-military right now. people feel still that the muslim brotherhood and their supporters have hijacked the revolution, the 2011 revolution and were exclusionary in their governance and resorted to violence. so people have been supportive of the crackdown. most are waiting for the military crack down. the interim gom are caught between a rock and a hard place because even if they wanted to institute more open democracy, they are being pressured to crack down harder and harder on demonstrate. the egyptians may be favor but is it appropriate for the united
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states to be outwardly supporting the military? >> i think the united states has very few options right now. they don't have much leverage with the ruling government. they don't have much with the military. the u.s. military aid has been put on hold. i think the has suffered between military leaders there and military and political leaders in the united states. so the u.s. has to interact with the -- whichever government is in pour in egypt. right now, that's the military government. i think bind closed doors', they are trying to pressure the government to continue along this roadmap and actually establish a democratically elected government over the next six months. but publically, there is little they can do to influence aid on the ground. >> we have talked about the aid that the united states sends to egypt.
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the united states has held fighter jet shrimps. secretary said the military aid being held back is not a punishment. do you agree with that? >> figure out what muddies the waters and i think the obama administration recognizes now that with holding the aid may not have been the best policy decision. it really doesn't affect -- it doesn't pressure the government there very much because they are getting a lot of financial sport from the arab countries in the gulf long-term, this removes one of the key leverage points the u.s. has. so since secretary kerry is using the language of diploacy to commend the relationship a little bit with the military rulers there, in egypt, but ultimately, i think it's a failure of policy to do
4:37 pm
something like with holding the aid which is clearly meant as a reaction to the ouster of morsi and say this is not punt. what's the purpose of with holding that? all of those questions are left hanging after his comment today. >> it is complicated ground and, in fact, morsi's trowel begins tomorrow. thank you for your time today. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> more allegations against the nsa. this time, it involves spying on u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. the new york sometimes says the intell sequence agency intercepted talking points from moon prior to his april visit with president obama. the disclosure was considered a operational highlight in a weekly top secret report. the white house has not commented on that article. there are reports the administration ordered an end to the surveillance of the organization. >> until cuba, new generation is asking for change in the
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island's 50-year-old system. as al jazeera's teresa bell reports, they are making their voices heard in aniquely american style. ♪ >> he likes to rap about his life, his family and cuba. his artistic name is river himan which means the potion man. he says here, his music is perceived as a threat. tra tra i think hip-hop is not convenient for the government because our society has had the same system for the last 50 years, our songs can open the hearts and the minds of people we represent what people here are silent about. you. >> in the land of chachacha, pop culture arrived in the '80s to the miami stations in miami.
4:39 pm
it was in the 1990s the government authorized the first rap festival. >> this is where it was born, a housing project in havana. even though rap is not the most popular. music in cuba, young people tell us that they turn to it to express the frustrations of their daily lives. >> al graphic designer that sings for change. he is a government employee, an example that will authorities are more open to criticism when it comes with music. >> hip hom is a culture of protest that is difficult to develop here for obvious reasons. en though there is a government agency and we get a little help from them. i have to do everything myself. the big problem we face is the lack of information. there is almost no internet, for example, and that is a big problem for young people. >> in spite of the criticism in the lyrics, rap is hardly a
4:40 pm
threat to the government. mainly because it lacks promotion. if he is trying to go change that. in cuba, everything is difficult. there are obstacles all the time. we built thistu studio with a l of effort. i am working so rappers can get more promotion and rap can be heard all around the island. >> piece? what people would like to see so young people here can use ram to get their message out. havan a. in india, celebrations for devali real underway during the festival of lights. they set off fire crackers. this year, foreign goods are making the festival a little less authentic. jamil tells us why. [ music ] >> prayers are an important tradition during devali, the
4:41 pm
festival of lights. but apart from prayers, this is somewhat less traditional. lights made in china have flooded the market. indian managers can't compete. >> these jean ease ones are brighter and cheaper. they only make one or two pieces in a day. in china, protection is much higher. a local business association says at least a third of consumers are buying chinese made decorations for deval. some have adapted by embracing chinese i am ports. the chinese products here, they feel that that is much more profit al-than manufacturing. >> although it's the country's biggest festival, good prices or better quality are more imports than a maid in india label. it's not just decorations that are losing some of the local flavor this devali. sweets made of butter and milk given out during this time are also being replaced by foreign
4:42 pm
flavors. cup cakes, cookies and chocolates made from european and american recipes have become more popular each year thanks to a growing middle class with a taste for international treats. but people maintain some old traditions. markets like this one selling hand-made decorations are busy because for some people, if it's not indian, it's not devali? >> if you are getting something made right in front of you, right here, i want to buy -- why would you want to buy something that's from china? >> devali celebrates the victory of good over evil while for some, foreign made products may take away from tradition. for others, it's still the festival of lights no matter how it's lit or how it sounds. fez jamil, al jazeera, new delhi. >> sports is next. can the kansas city chiefs stay
4:43 pm
undefeated? darin haynes has the details. also coming up, aspiring doctors discover a taste of their own med maybe isn't so bad after all. sacrifice my brain to do it. determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse.
4:44 pm
they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. >> every morning from 5 to 9am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america.
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>> we have all heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. a medical school is taking that to heart, encouraging future doctors to focus on writing more recipes instead of predescriptions. ben lemoines screens from new orleans. >> when it comes to the culinary arts. >> you have an hour and 15 minutes >> reporter: new orleans seems like the perfect place for a cooking class? >> it's all about what you ate and where you have been eating and, you know, what you put into your gumbo, what you put into your crawfish boil. >> while food is essential for life, it also plays a major role in american deaths. >> people are overweight, getting heart disease, hypertension. >> at tulane university medical school, aspiring doctors trade their white coats for white aprons. >> you want to hand mash this. >> teaming up with the johnson and wales culinary institute, it's the first such long-term culinary program in the country. the goal is to provide doctors
4:46 pm
with the tool did to help patients lead a healthy lifestyle. >> no one has taught us, as physicians, how to have that conversation. >> instead of telling them what not to eat, former chef turned physician tim harlan wands to tell patients what to eat. >> i can talk to you in two minutes about how you can make simple changes for your breakfast and lunch that can really have a proceed found affect on your life. two or three points on the mediterranean diet score that ruleses your risk of dying from all cause did by 25%. >> you want them pretty soft. >> the program focuses on practical nutrition, low sodi , sodium,lo lots of flavor substituting salt with sit rick freud juice. a total of 380 calories. >> it makes sense to get the doctors involved early on helping to prevent and control these diseases through food as a
4:47 pm
means rather than putting bade aid on it with medication. >> while some patients require medication no matter their diet, dr. harlan says many could find a cure in the kitchen. >> so this is about eating great quality food and us helping educate people to do that. >> i want to get your plates up. it's 3:00 o'clock. >> nobody said it was go be to be easy. >> gives new meaning to a phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. . >> darin haynes is here with supports the we have one team trying to keep it perfect this season. >> that's right. the kansas city chiefs are the first time in n.f.l. history to start 8 and 0 after owning the worst record the previous season. but -- and you knew a but was coming. the chiefs have one of the most things at stake.
4:48 pm
they have won 5 out of the last 6 against the shifts. chiefs down 10-3 until geoff actual mak jeff tull makes a boo-boo. longest since tim collier in 1977. the chiefs have the best defense in the league. watch as marcus cooper, going to force a fumble and the big fellow on his 29th birthday scoops and scores. 23-13, the final. chiefs are now 9 and 0 for the first time since 2003. cowboys and vikings, third quarter, cowboys down 10-6. tony romo, the pats. jason witten, the signal. dallas 13 lives teen. dez bryant loves it. wave the checked backage fee. a ride into the end zone. 140 jars, a score, 23-20, minnesota. under a minute to go, tony romo
4:49 pm
hits dwayne harris for the 7-yard td peptase. romo 337 passing yards, two touchdowns, 1 i and t. cowboys win 27-23. how about brdrew breeze, first d 10 for new orleans, brees finds jimmie grand. watch him drag the defender seven crochets for the 51 yard touchdown. saints up 7-3. just before the half, jets down 1 and geno smith, a nasty move, scores from three yards up. jets taking 20-14 lead at the half. fourth quarter, jets up 26-17. on fourth, inches, hands off to josh hill, access denied by the jets. they come up big on the defensive stop and a big win as the jets defeat the saints 26 to 20. after a huge trade in the of seasons, the brooklyn nets are a team full of guys who have done it before. yet in the middle of it all is jason kid, one of the most recognizable faces in mets'
4:50 pm
teamshift also their only unproven quantity. >> there is a new sheriff in brooklyn. his name is jason kidd, the 10-time nba all star rejoins his former team, this time as the nets new coach. >> it's a learning process. one, as a coach. and, two, media availability is over the top. but, you know, it's part of the game, and it's something i have embraced. >> jason is a proven winner and leader with an incredible wealth of basketball knowledge and experience, which makes the move a natural transition. >> i can talk as a player and a coach, but i am trying to get on to that coach's side. the more i spend time with coaches, i am picking up their language. >> despite taking the coach nine days after retiring as a player, his former competition now his new team likes the move. >> he is definitely going to be a player's coach.
4:51 pm
i mean he just retired. so he's going to be, i think, very understanding and a guy who, i think, everybody, you know, the whole team really looks up to. >> and look at his resume. kidd is second all time in the nba in assists and a two-time olympic gold medalist. >> jason is a proven winner. he has won before. he is a great leader. i play with him a couple of years in olympics and got to see him firsthand. and never forgot it. >> what jason has brought to the game over time, he has been one of the greatest players, one of the best iqs that we have ever seen as a basketball player and he is well respected. >> any trainer, i have taken pepto to settle my nerves because bavening ball has been something that you can never
4:52 pm
control. you don't know how it's going to turn out. >> kidd is surrounded by a well-seasoned staff to keep his nerves calm. he is very pred. i have been assistant coach worked my way up. to have him on my staff, i am very luck. >> one thing is for sure, after a disappointing season last year, the nets plan to do things the right way. he goes 110 miles an hour. if you are not working at that rate, he will tell you about it. >> when he spoke, people listened, and i think he has the ultimate respect from everyone in their locker room, and he is ready to lead this team. >> there is something to be moving that i know what i am
4:53 pm
doing. yes. did i make someone sit too long? every coach has done that. we want to win and we want to win now. jonathan, jason kidd will make his coaching debut tonight as his team is orlando to take on the magic. >> i remember back in the day when he debued with the dallas mavericks, close to 20 years ago. >> what's funny is that team was against the nets, the team he now coaches now. >> interesting. it's cool to see his career going this far. >> we will see how he does in the nba. eboni will be back with weather.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
one of america's first seven astronauts, scott carpenter is being buried this weekend. jim houli has more >> reporter: scott carpenter was one of nasa's elite chosen in 1959 as one. original mercury astroknouts.
4:56 pm
in the space race against the soph youths. >> they were the first rock stars. >> it was the cold war, the american program was struggling. carpenter and his colleagues were determined to win. >> it was a special time in u.s. history. obviously, you know, very proud of dad for being selected. >> candy carpenter was just 5 when her father climbed into his capsule and soared into space. the time is etched in her memory. >> i remember a lot of press, cameras wherever we went and dad just always handled it with great humility. >> carpenter was at the nasa microphone in february of 1962 and gave this send-off to his friend, john glenl on his first oritial flight. >> god speed. >> the naval i have a 80or would be next.
4:57 pm
>> scott carpenter became the epitome of the hometown hero. he named his capsule the aurora 7. this bolder elementary school bear his name. >> scott carpentered used his scientific knowledge and experience nap different way as well conducting research at the bottom of the ocean. >> he spent 28 days living at the bottom of the pacific in the under water colony called "sea lab." "it was, i think, about 300 meters below the surface off of the coast of california, and it was a lab designed to test how long human beings could live under water for extended periods. it's the only person that i know of who is both an astronaut and aq aquanaut. >> scott carpenter will find his final resting place.
4:58 pm
[bells toll . >> i am meteorologist ebon eboni deon. cool day across the northeast. different than yesterday. temperatures tumbling as we get into the overnight hours. we are at 48 degrees in new york city. it's 57 in washington, d.c., 65 in atlanta. just slightly below average, but through the middle of the country, we warmed up nicely. it's been windy thanks to the southerly winds, high temperatures have gotten a boost. it's the opposite here across the northeast as we get into the overnight hours. we are going to see widespread 20s across north earn sections. some areas will dip blow freezing point around new york city and surrounding areas. >> that's why we do have freeze warnings in effect. coastal areas off of connecticut
4:59 pm
around newark and southward into fill definitely i can't. if tough any sensitive plants l get those covered up. it will be a chinly night. a cold day is in store for monday as well. we are expecting a lot of sunshine. temperatures aren't going to heat up. 47 degrees, we will start to rebound. by wednesday, high temperatures getting back to where we typical lee see our numbers in the low 60s. as we take a look at satellite and raydar, high pressure building in a line that dryer air taking shape. we have been dealing with a few showers across the southern areas and western areas of texas thanks to that moist flow coming in off of the pacific, thanks to tropical storm sonia at that giving way to showers. windy day across the upper midwest. we will see those winds winding down. windy the in the northwest. that will will make for some very dangerous travel conditions across the mountain west.
5:00 pm
>> you are watching al jazeera america live from new york city. i am jonathan betz is top stories. >> major develops from syria with secretary of state john kerry. leaders came up with an initiative on the crisis there for the geneva 2 con sfrejs. the plan was presented to the arab foreign ministers meeting in conroconroe. fighting continues despite calls for a cease fired called by m23 rebels. the announcement raises hopes that peace talks will advance. >> authorities have filed murder charges for the shooting ram package at the los angeles rp


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