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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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we rejoin the program already in progress. >> continues coverages of events happening in cairo, the trial of the ousted president mohamed morsi gets underway this morning and these are supporters outside of the academy where the trial is taking place. his supporters there have been gathering this morning. the trial at least we are hearing has been adjourned as we are saying because mohamed morsi has been defiant from the beginning and not recognizing the legitimate si and not
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wearing the overalls that is demanded in the case and the judge temporarily adjourned proceeding and we have dominick from cairo with the events up to this point. >> supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi outside the police academy where the former leader is on trial. they say he was forced from office illegally and they demand the charges against him be dropped. mohamed morsi is charged with insighting others to commit murder in connection with the deaths of several people killed in street fighting outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead. but public opinion about it is polorized. >> translator: god is on our
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side and it will be for us to move forward and morsi was not fair at all. >> translator: this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair, he was the president and he the do what he wanted and contact who he wanted. >> reporter: hundreds of died in the revolution to force the predecessor. they had high hopes when morsi was the first democratically elected president last year but frustrated with what they saw as his rule and failure to fulfill promises egyptians took to the street again and protests ended up with the military decision to remove morsi from office in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> translator: the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubaraq is he
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has authority and mohamed morsi says he is the president. according to the law and constitution morsi is the president of the republic. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of insightment to commit murder he could be sentenced to death, dominick cane al jazeera cairo. >> reporter: we have live pictures we are seeing outside the police academy on the outskirts of cairo. this is where the former, the ousted and former president mohamed morsi is getting his trial underway and temporarily adjourned because of his defiance in court and the judge was hearing the chants of protesters from inside the courtroom and that is another reason he said it was temporarily adjourned and listen to the mood there that we can hear on the streets.
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[chanting and car horns going off] a few hundred people and it's difficult to tell the number from this ank angle and they ar making their feelings known and we see regular supporters and bremen against the coup that ousted him since he was deposed on july the 3 but there is a great rally of people because they are so against this trial being held, they do not believe that it is fair due process and do not believe the first democratically elected president of egypt should be put on trial. they think it's politically motivated and we can speak to the senior lecture of islam and the world and thanks for being with us. what do you make of these protesters demands that this trial be stopped, this is not
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due process, this is not a legitimate trial? >> well, i think that the turmoil we see today is indeed reflecting the polorazating by the intervention of the military and the ousting of the president, both sides now the supporters and the government will try to use this court case for their own purposes and obviously morsi and supporters will contest the legality of this court case, arguing that it is a political rather than a judicial procedure that is being used by the government. while of course the interim government has every interest in having this case proceed in an orderly and legally manner in order to get some legitimate si for their authority which of course came about in a very questionable manner. >> it's not proceeding in an orderly fashion.
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we have seen morsi be defiant from the start and refusing to wear the white overalls and should be bound by law to wear and insisting on wearing civilian clothes and this is not a straightforward trial. >> they will challenge the authority of the courts from the beginning and that is the whole procedures that are now being laid out against morsi are illegal from the beginning. and they will push forward the argument continuously that he still is the legitimate president of egypt who has been ousted through illegal military coup. >> reporter: we have volunteer lawyers and only received the case notes a few days ago from 7,000 notes. they said they did not have enough time to look at them. it's a little unclear, isn't it, as to whether they have been allowed access to morsi and
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whether or whether morsi has refused to see them. what do you think has been going on there? do you think they are trying on the surface of this to give him due process and morsi is refusing to take that? >> yeah, i mean the whole situation since the coup ties that the president has been virtually held and it's unclear where he is held and what his situation was and a few days ago concerned parties across the board in civil society and in politics also issued an open letter to the government where they said this whole kidnapping as they called it of the president was illegal and due process was not happening because of being ousted and held by the military. the transparency of what happened in the last couple of months has been a matter of convention from the very
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beginning. >> reporter: these are more pictures and coming of protest and coming from the town in southern egypt and clearly not just in cairo where people are rallying and we heard of tear gas being fired at protesters in alexandria and we see women coming out on the streets. the opposition to this trial is very widespread and although we saw the process diminishing in numbers because of the crack down of the muslim brotherhood, we are now seeing this trial as a rallying point. i mean, do you fear that egypt is going to take a step backwards in terms of its security? >> yes, i think that is a very important point to make. this whole experience of today is a kind of a de-ja-jiew but if
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you look in time in the 1950s after the coup there was a brief honeymoon between the officers who took over and the muslim brotherhood but very quickly that period of cooperation was over and you saw in the 50s and 60s also widespread court cases against the muslim brotherhood. the fact it is not just an issue in cairo shows there is still quite a broad segment of the egyptian population that continues to support the muslim brotherhood and president morsi and in the last couple of months there has been a change of tactics that many of the protests actually took place in the provincial towns where there is support for the muslim brotherhood and fully well aware of of course that the eyes were
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centered on cairo and authorities would make it extremely difficult for them to hold any protests on any scale in the capitol city. but today of course with the court case the government clearly knew that this was coming and they also have had something to do with changing location. >> reporter: changing the location, not showing the proceedings live on air as many people thought they were going to, putting some 20,000 security personnel the streets. i mean this country must remember as well it's under a state of emergency. and is it wise to hold this trial? >> yes, i mean the government is probably of two minds over giving live coverage to the court proceedings. on the one hand it's to their advantage to give that degree of transparency like with mubarak trial so they can witness what was going on and anticipated there would be a defiant
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challenge on the part of the defense and teams as transpired this morning with the refusal to recognize the court and follow procedures like wearing the required attire and i think the government was very worried this would only insight further prozests. they are almost like in a no win situation here and if they have coverage it will be clear how defiant morsi and supporters are by not covering it, they will only insight further suspicion among his supporters that we are not facing a transparent legal procedure but something along the lines of what they call a kangaroo court. >> reporter: many thanks for joining us and stay with us and we will be coming back to you as we continue our live and comprehensive coverage of the trial of the ousted president
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mohamed morsi. this is the scene outside of the court from the cairo police academy where those protesters were gathering. here is another area of cairo where we saw not quite peaceful scenes and scuffles there and people's anger clearly running pretty high and we are seeing thousands upon thousand of security personnel out on the streets and they are saying authorities very nervous that this trial would insight more anger and it would appear on the streets they changed the location of morsi's trial to the eastern edge of the city and also decided not to run the trial proceedings live on television. let's go to the following event from our bureau in cairo and sue
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we are hearing lines in the courtroom where we understand it's temporarily adjourned but morsi is in a mood calling judges part of the coup, saying he is only there because of coercion. he is really not going to cooperate, is he? >> no, clearly not. we are also hearing inside the court he put up the four fingered sign, the one you see among protectors in and around cairo and out of egypt, the sign the raba sign refers to the square that back in august had a huge pro-morsi sitting and it was clear and a violent clearance that left hundreds of protesters dead and many injured. he is very much embracing the fact the protesters are carrying on outside and he is not as you say not accepting the fact he is even on trial and made it very clear he does not believe he is
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any kind of defendant and there is no legitimacy to the trial and he engaged lawyers and the lawyers have given their services voluntarily and one high profile attorney who is known in egypt politicians and was a presidential candidate, he has gone in the courts with a colleague and they were given two permits for his legal team to go in and try and mount some kind of legal defense. from what we understand from the legal team they have not managed to meet their client before today, there has been no working hours as to how they mount a defense. they were angry when they told us there are 7,000 pages of court documents for this trial that the prosecution has compiled but these documents were not made available just a couple days before the court proceedings. so it's possible for the lawyers to wade through all of the evidence the prosecution is
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putting forward. we understand they have not seen him and have not met him and kept in an undisclosed location and we are very different reasons for this, one is the authorities were not allowing him access to any kind of legal representation. we know he has seen the european policy advisor and foreign policy advisor cath rich ashton over the last few months and with african allegation to see he was properly cared for and the message by his family is he was properly carried for and well treated, but the authorities, whether they would allow the legal team access or whether it was the legal team wasn't given access because he didn't want to talk to lawyers. if he is saying i'm the president and if he is still saying i have nothing to defend, then what is he going to talk about? they would have been looking at what happened in early december last year, what the charges relate to, outside the
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presidential court there and we have a huge antisitting and that was cleared and the charges were more than that and there were more that were killed that night but not bringing those up in court because the other people that died were muslim brotherhood. they are only referring to those who were not and the charges relate to insightment to commit murder. so we understand and we don't know this because we have not been told but the prosecution's case will be all about how they can refer all the way back to the chain of command where mohamed morsi ordered clearance of the sitting and clearance of the antiprotectors outside the court and whether the use of lethal force was given the go ahead and how they prove this i don't know, we don't know if they will pull in people to give testimony, whether there is any kind of footage. we have seen footage from that very night, vie sense committed
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against some demonstrators but no idea how detailed they gathered their evidence together and neither until two days ago has morsi's legal team because they were not given any of the documentation. >> reporter: thanks for the update there from cairo and we will be going back to you over the course of this hour as we continue our coverage of events there in the egyptian capitol. just to update our viewers, if you are just joining us it's quarter past the hour and this is the main events we have been seeing in cairo up to this point today and mohamed morsi as well as leading the muslim brotherhood figures arrive and figures arrive for their trial at the police academy in cairo. that was just a few hours ago and the trial is now delayed as we have been seeing because he is wearing civilian clothes and a suit and will not put on the white prison suit.
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we are hearing leaks in the courtroom morsi telling the judge he is still the president of egypt and the trial is illegitimate and thousands of demonstrators outside the police academy. they are standing against this trial. several people, we have been hearing have been arrested. demonstrators have been filmed attacking news crews who were trying to reach the court and let's listen to the reaction of some of those protesters there. >> translator: we are human rights and we are the united nations and injustice taking place here, why are they put on trial and the criminals are found innocent like mubarak. i don't know is happening and where are our rights? . >> translator: you can't put an elected president on trial. this president took office through the ballot box, not by imposing his will so he is the
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legitimate elected president. >> translator: i do not think this is a fair trial because i as a lawyer have not received any accreditation to enter the court although i applied a week ago. >> reporter: well let's now speak to the professor of political science who has been with us throughout the morning here in the studio. good to speak to you once again. a lot of issues to be raised here and one we have not touched on and this is the second former president to go on trial in two years but how does this case compare to the former president of mubarak back in 2011? >> he was tried in the democratic elected president, that is mohamed morsi and he was given all the rights and due process and this is different. this is -- this has been tried by military government, to prove to the whole world it cannot
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approve -- provide to the region. so two different things when you try somebody under democratic rule and when you try somebody like that, by many, egyptians. >> reporter: it's about morsi insighting murder in the case of the demeanor straighted clashes but as you said it is a political case. what are the undercurrents here, what is he really on trial for? >> it's supposed to be if anybody it's supposed to be insightment of murdering other people and should be according to other people a cc because a lot of people were killed after the military coup and about 5,000 people were killed and after that. and what is here is a trial for the dignity of the egyptian people at trial and the dignity
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allowed to vote and dreams of having to live in democracy and you see all of the people in the streets. they want to live in dignity. they want to have prosperity and want jobs and freedom of expression and the military coup would not allow them to do so. i think that is why they are stood up today and showed support not for mohamed morsi personally but as egyptians and human beings they have aspiration they want to achieve in the near future. >> we have seen the pictures of thousands of people across the country and not just in cairo, and widespread protests in support of morsi, against the military coup. but we must remember as well that al cc is a popular figure given that as you said he is ignoring all democratic processes. >> he is a popular figure as far
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as the egyptian media is concerned because the picture is overflowing in terms of numbers but if you go to real numbers i think mohamed morsi was elected by millions of people, by more than 25,000 egyptian elected morsi and the figure is correct and the whole figure. but i think if cc wants to show support for himself and his role he should go to the ballot boxes i think and he should use the peaceful means in order to achieve that. >> reporter: you raise an interesting point because what does this mean for the roadmap? there were presidential and parliamentary elections and coming up, in a few months. >> the roadmap and the thing here, the only thing to remember is we will use force as much as we can in order to push the people off the streets and to achieve the stability by using force. that is the only thing that has been implemented by the roadmap. egyptian promise they have early
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election and constitution and having cc for election and going back to the story of egypt that nobody can rule egypt in the modern history attached and has to be somebody coming from the military. >> back to the mubarak era. >> yeah and including some american, european actors having the same region order because of the spring and they are not happy because this part of the ward, 47% exists in the arab world and if egypt is in the arab world as we say in arabic it will have a lot of overlapping in other countries that is why there is support from arab country in order to have him achieve the objectives of resetting egypt to prearab
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spring. >> we had john kerry u.s. secretary of state arriving in egypt yesterday and he was pushing the relationship between the u.s. and egypt saying that it was intact and it was strong. but at the same time they have withdrawn all military aid and not giving billions of dollars in cash they were going to. >> i think because of a lot of pressure i think internal pressure from international organization that it looks like that american supports democracy but they do not. so they did not call it a military coup which started from the beginning but they withheld some aid to egypt but this is the first term that kerry went to egypt. but he was lecturing them how to
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achieve political development and it's alone and given to the military to define the future. there is no international initiative or american or european or other initiative to solve this problem. >> reporter: thank you very much for being here on set with us and sharing your expert opinion and i'm sure we will be back with you in a few minutes and we will take a closer look at the charges that are being held against mohamed morsi. ♪ . >> announcer: this is al jazeera america, we will return to this program after messages from your local affiliate.
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the whole court case as such from the beginning and it's unclear how the prosecution intends to present their case, how many witnesses they have lined up and things like that and i believe that was also the
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complaints of the defense team if i heard it correctly, they had very little insight of the details of the case of the prosecution and having the ability to respond to that. if you look at the charges, they are indeed sort of rather common criminal charges rather than challenges that president morsi did not execute the office of president properly so i think that is exactly the reason why his defense team and he himself zero in on the legitimacy of the court case and as the sitting president he should have immunity from such charges. how long is this going to take? if it's on procedural matters you could see a very lengthy case. >> reporter: one wonders if the charges are insighting the killings of protesters why it is only morsi in the dark and not
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his interior or no members of his security forces. >> that makes it so interesting. these are very serious but normal criminal charges that have in themselves maybe little political implications attached to them and maybe that is exactly the tatics that the government is pursuing they want to present them as a common criminal which of course plays down in the hands of morsi and the defense team around him that they will say you are dealing here with the head of state and you face an entirely different kind of a trial setting than if it were simply charging a citizen with criminal offenses. >> reporter: and let's not forgot some 14 muslim brotherhood being tried with morsi today. would you remind us what they are on trial for and their
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significance in the whole prote protest? >> it's a full scale assault of the government on the muslim brotherhood leadership and structures. i think the muslim brothers unfortunate for them find themselves in unfamiliar territory here. if you look at the governments egypt had since 1952 coup against the king and the installation of a republican regime decade after decade they are wearing hats with the government. so there is nothing new to what is happening at the moment here. in the 50s, 60s and also throughout mubarak years, the intent is of course to lay all kinds of charges at the feet of the muslim brotherhood they have like a secret agenda into changing egypt into something allegedly most of the population does not want.
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the danger, of course, is by taking that course of action is that while the muslim brotherhood has been operating in the open for the last two years, they are being pushed back in the shadows again where they have tried for decades. so actually what the government is presently doing against the muslim brotherhood might actually play in the cards of i should say the conservative or leadership of the muslim brotherhood who operate internally quite differently from their public appearance. it's a very big organization where instructions come top down and they thought probably by taking out this leadership they would basically turn the whole organization into a lame duck. that has clearly not happened because although the protests over the last couple of months were smaller in scale they remain widespread and continuous
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and there is a fair support base for the muslim brotherhood throughout egypt. it's not by no means carried universally because we have seen this polezation and those who say it was illegal process and it shows that the muslim brotherhood is a factor of significance in egyptian politics which you cannot ignore or try to push out of the whole process by putting them on trial and declaring them illegitimate. >> reporter: thank you and as we were saying the brotherhood is a significant force to be reconed with in egypt and we have live shots of two protest
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tights, one outside of the police academy where the trial is getting underway and the other one at the constitutional court. they are making and choosing the locations to make their point they are against this trial, that morsi is a democratically elected presidents as one of our earlier guests was making the point and therefore should be immune of being put under trial and we are hearing from the courtroom that the trial has been adjourned with morsi defiant against the proceedings and refusing to wear the mandatory white overalls in the courtroom and insisting on being in his suit and he is only there because of coercion and refusing to cooperate. we will keep an eye on the pictures and developments and will be returning to this story in just a few moments. for more comprehensive coverage on morsi's trial. ♪
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it's just gone half past the hour and let's bring you other news from around the world. a pakistan court approved bail for former military leader musharraf and he is under house arrest since april and granted bail in high profile cases including the former prime minister. there is another series of bombings in iraq, at least four people have been killed after a parked car blew up near a police station, in baghdad two police were killed when a bomb and suicide attack targeted a military compound. john kerry is in saudi arabia
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and they are unhappy with the u.s. ally over the lack of military action in syria and planned talks with iran over its nuclear program. the united nation is calling for cease fire in yemen and rebels are battling sunni fighters in the northern town and the red cross has access to the town, 58 people have been killed in the past week. the fighting is threatening to derail the drafting of a new constitution. a cease fire has been declared by the leader of m-23 rebels in the republic of congo and he wants the political process to work. rebels on the run in the mountains after the army took over the stronghold last week. a plane has crashed on landing in bolivia killing 9 people, another 9 escaped the burning
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wreckage at the airport near the brazil border. police in thailand are searching for a ferry captain over his over crowded boat sank near a tourist resort and six drown and almost 200 rescued. let's go back to our main story mohamed morsi, egypt's only democratically elected president has appeared in court and dominick cain is in cairo with the latest. >> mohamed morsi outside of the academy where the former leader is on trial. they say he was forced from office illegally and demand the charges against him be dropped. mohamed morsi is charged with insighting others to commit murder in connection with the deaths of several people killed in street fighting outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of
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cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead, but public opinion about it is polarized. >> translator: god will be on our side. the court will issue a verdict that will be for the sake of egypt and the egyptians to move forward, morsi was not fair at all. >> translator: this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair, the man was the president, he had the full right to do whatever he wanted to and contact whoever he wanted. >> reporter: hundreds of people died in the 2011 revolution to force morsi's predecessor from power. millions of people have high hopes when morsi was the country's first democratically elected president in june last year. but increasingly frustrated with what they saw as his authoritarian rule and failure to fulfill promises egyptians took to the streets against.
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growing protests removing him from office n an act of morsi himself says is against the law. >> it's a legal crime, i'm the president according to the constitution of the country. >> reporter: now morsi is on trial in the same court which is trying mubarak. >> translator: the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is mubarak has authority and morsi said he is the president. morsi is the president of the republic. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of insightment to commit murder, he could be sentenced to death. dominick cain, al jazeera cairo. >> we will be going live following events closely from cairo. before we start questions, we should flag up we are expecting
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amateur pictures from inside the courtroom and as we say them we may bring them to the viewers and hearing the trial may have resumed and we will get an update from you of the latest you are getting. >> yes, we are hearing the same thing, that reports coming out of the court are it has resumed but what we don't know is what mohamed morsi is wearing. we understand that and proceedings were postponed because he was still not wearing this white overall that all defendants are supposed to wear and so they had an adjournment of the trial for that to be addressed to persuade him to put it on and we are hearing reports of his main legal representative, i would nl say his lawyer because we don't know if he is speaking on behalf of the former president but he had a chance to go see mohamed morsi while this adjournment happened
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to calm him down. things were getting agitated in the courtroom before the adjournment. and we understand others of the muslim brotherhood also on trial. we are starting to shout and chant in the courtroom and we also believe that mohamed morsi addressed the judge saying you are responsible for the coup, i'm only here because of coercion and he raised his hand to do that customary four finger sign, all the protesters do the street and it's a sign which relates to when there was a huge crack down of supporters. >> reporter: sue, we are just going to break in because we have an egyptian judge and constitutional researcher on the phone and thank you for joining us from cairo. very interesting to get your opinion as to what you make of this trial. >> this trial actually reflects the political crisis that occurs
5:40 am
in egypt for supporters and we believe 100% this is not a trial by law. they believe it's a political trial and this is the continuous problem undermining, of the execution including the judicial itself. >> reporter: do you believe in any way it can be free? >> that it can be what? >> reporter: free and fair? >> i can't say that. we have to wait until the procedures with the trial and it may take two years or four or one year maybe and i'm not sure about that but according to the procedure and according to the situation of the president morsi himself. >> reporter: he is refusing legal counsel, do you think that is a wise move? >> do you think what, sorry?
5:41 am
>> reporter: a wise move for morsi to be refusing to have a legal defense team? >> i don't think it's a wise move. morsi and the muslim brotherhood should admit to the situation in egypt. there is a force the street that he is in the trial, he is in the cage today, a trial is beginning and he has to admit the whole process and defend himself. he is not the president of egypt. this is a reality. and he has to admit the assistance of his legal team. >> reporter: yes, i see your point but he is now in the situation and therefore he should make the best of it and it must be an incredibly difficult situation to accept as the first democratically elected president and one should be immune from such trials. >> yes. just like the president of egypt
5:42 am
but he is not the president of egypt now. he has to accept the situation, he has to be on the ground. but talking politically inside the courtroom it's not a wise thing to do and would not benefit from talking about it and think the court and the judges will prevent him from speaking and making some political rerhetoric speak and he has to defend himself legally and he is not involved with the movement and he has to defend it from the legal point of view and not the political point of view. >> reporter: what you hear among legal circles in there was there reluctance among the judges to take on the case? >> can you repeat? >> reporter: was there a sense of reluctance among judges there in egypt to take this case on? >> this is a personal decision
5:43 am
for the justice. they can accept or they can refuse. if the court today or if they decide they can't continue and decide to withdraw just like the case of mubarak, the trial of mubarak if you remember last may they decided to withdraw from the case because they have some doubts about their ability to continue in the trial itself and the morsi trial happened many times. >> reporter: when you see these protesters coming out on the streets, the fact the trial is such a rallying point for renewed anger, one wonders how long the trial is going to go on for because it's a destabilizing factor for the country. >> this is right. my main concern and there is many but the trial is destabilizing the country and i do not want the situation to take a long time because the
5:44 am
egyptian situation and they are in a very critical situation and we have to reach a point for stability. so i think the court should get this done as soon as possible just to have an end for this. >> reporter: but also we must not forget the trial that has begun today is one charge and he faces many more and realistically speaking this is the reality for egypt for quite a while. >> that is right, that is right and i have seen this and four years to come from now. >> reporter: okay, thank you very much joining us with your legal expertise and very interesting to get your opinion on the matter. of course mohamed morsi should accept the position he is in and accept the legal defense team and fight the charges against him to the best of his ability and perhaps defiance he is showing today is not in his best
5:45 am
interest. it is 45 minutes past the hour. let's bring you a reminder of all the main events we have been seeing happening in cairo this morning. a few hours ago mohamed morsi as well as let's not forget other leading muslim brotherhood figures and some 14 of them are on trial and more arrived for the trial at the police academy in cairo and a number of others being tried. an extra 20,000 security officials being deployed in case of protests and we have seen the protests already happening out on the streets. and the trial has been delayed because morsi is wearing a suit and refusing to put on the mandatory white prison suit, according to leaks in the court he is telling the judge he is still the president of egypt and the trial is illegitimate and telling judges he is only in court because of force and coercion. meanwhile we are seeing
5:46 am
thousands of pro-morsi protesters demonstrating outside of the police academy where the trillion is being held and several have been arrested and demonstrators attacking a news crew trying to reach the court. let's listen to some of the reaction of the protesters there on the ground. >> translator: we are human rights and we are the united nation, why is there injustice taking place here? why are the honorable on trial and criminals innocent like mubarak. i don't know what is happening. where are our rights. >> translator: this is not a real trial. you can't put an elected president on trial. this president took office through the ballot box, not by israel so he is the legitimate elected president. >> translator: i do not think this is a fair trial because i as a lawyer have not received any accreditation to enter the court although i applied a week ago. >> reporter: those protesters
5:47 am
going on and numbers have been swelling over the past few hours in the run up to this trial. we have been seeing small protests and they have been running out of steam after a massive crack down on the muslim brotherhood since the mohamed morsi is there and the trial of insighting protesters is a rallying point and more people are coming out on the streets. there we see them gathering outside of a police academy where he is being held and other leaders also on trial and also on your screen we can see another big demonstration outside the highest court and we are live for us from cairo and sue the positioning of these protests is telling for the message. >> reporter: the court has been suspended. >> reporter: sue if you can hear me we are talking about the protesters that we can see on
5:48 am
our screens there at the police academy, they are at the high court, the positioning of these protesters is very telling to their message. >> yes, indeed. we are seeing protests across central cairo. we are hearing that the crowds that were outside the constitutional court from earlier, they had a small sitting outside there where the numbers are in the thousands and they started marching away from the constitutional court and we are not sure where they are going and it's fine where they are in areas where they keep them to peacefully protest and they will stay there and not go anywhere but when there is a movement there is a concern and try to enter some of the areas that are deemed no go areas by the interior minister saying if they attempt to go in the key squares like raba square then
5:49 am
they will be dealt with severely. but we don't know at the moment where the movement is headed but they are chanting antimilitary chants. as you say there has been a little bit of violence outside of the police academy where the trial is being held. we saw violence against some of the journalists there and seeing some of the female journalists being beaten up and the channel is promilitary was then attacked and their equipment was thrown around and they drove away rather quickly and we are hearing of adjournist -- journal list being arrested and a lot going on in the protest in cairo and also alexandria and we understand large groups there demonstrating security forces and pro-morsi demonstrators and tear gas has been fired and we
5:50 am
understand 18 protesters have been arrested. >> reporter: so you mentioned before that the court and we can look at that for the moment the trial has been suspended again. this is really stopping and starting and it's very hard to keep up. >> it's very hard to keep up and hard to keep up with contactually what mohamed morsi is wearing and a really controversy this morning. he came to court and we understand in normal attire and the other defendants have 7 muslim brotherhood defendants were dressed in prison garb and white overalls and there is only 7 in court, the others are being tried in another state and he arrived wearing civilian clothing and instructed to put on white overalls and he refused and it's difficult to piece together what happened but from what we are hearing he went into court wearing civilian clothes
5:51 am
and made these comments towards the judge about them being responsible for the coup and he is there due to coercion and putting up the four fingered salute that all the protesters do and then there was an adjournment and we understand the adjournment was again one because he refused to put on the white overalls and the co-defendant and possibly him started chanting slogans in the court. there was an adjournment and we are told he met up with one of the lawyers who wants to represent him. and again i'm hearing he calmed him down and they resumed the trial again. no idea why this adjournment happened again, as you say backwards and forwards and could be legal procedures, it could be the lawyers are really pleading that they need to spend more time with mohamed morsi, try to workout how he wants to move forward and how he can respond to these charges.
5:52 am
it was interesting the judge speaking slightly earlier, look, her is in court and not president and has to recognize the reality of the situation and start to mount some sort of defense. but until now we are not seeing that and also seeing the lawyers have a very difficult job and only given the 7,000 pages of documents to do with the trial but the prosecution has compiled and given it a couple days ago thats that no time to wade through the evidence that the prosecution will put at the door of mohamed morsi and the 14 other muslim brotherhood officials and we think they have all of the evidence they need to wade through and have a client that doesn't want to take them on board. >> difficult and we will move outside of the courtroom and see the reaction of morsi supporters and those who are against the military coup.
5:53 am
and twice we understand over the last four months of his imprisonment and we spoke to his wife and he had another conversation with the family. and a somber morsi did speak eloquently on sunday evening and angry this trial wasn't going ahead and not recognizing his father should be on trial at all, not recognizing the legitimate of the court and they released video that showed mohamed morsi in this undisclosed location talking to a number of people and we believe the video was taken in secret and we don't know how it was filmed and shows morsi discussing how he is still
5:54 am
president and saying the same things that the coup was not legitimate and should not be put on trial. now that they are angry that video has been released and calling for the people who leaked the video to be put on trial themselves because it's quite belittling for the president to be filmed this way and relaxing and in casual clothing and no idea he is being filmed. so very much an anger among the family members that not just his own trial but he has been shown on television in this way in an unvery dignified way as they would put it and really blaming the authorities for this whole situation he is now in. >> okay, sue, many thanks for the updates from cairo and we go to london and speak to the doctor who is in the study of muslim world at the college and i want to know what an expert was saying earlier, it's not in
5:55 am
mohamed morsi's interest to be this defiant in the courtroom, do you think he is correct? >> it's a good observation of the judge and it's of course understandable that morsi reacts to being put on trial like this and sort of try to create this victim role may not eventually help him. it's also probably important to make clear that the 25-person defense team that has been put together is the work of alwa who is not just a scholar of reputation in egypt but himself a formal presidential candidate who ran against morsi in the last elections. the fact he is now siding with morsi in this court case and offering his legal services
5:56 am
could actually benefit the ousted president if he was choosing to take advantage of this kind of support. >> reporter: how might it benefit? >> well, the very fact that a leading politician, a legal scholar who actually ran on a different ticket against morsi in the elections has now decided to put a legal team together in order to defend against the charges is a very clear signal that morsi has a case against to court case and the trial that is now presented by the prosecution. reacting himself only in an emotional matter and choosing to represent himself within what are going to be probably extremely complicated procedural matters might not benefit him, although from a political point
5:57 am
of view it's fully understandable he has chosen to take this stance. i think a more better approach and taking advantage of the expertise that has been made available to him might in the end benefit morsi much more than just playing the emotional card. >> reporter: we could just broaden it out for a moment, should egypt be concerned or indeed how concerned is egypt about the international image that it is portraying here with this trial? >> i don't know how concerned they are, but they should be. i mean, this of course is extremely bad public relations not just for egypt but i think the whole impact of the arab uprisings over the last few years had expectations of when these events took place in 2011
5:58 am
were much too high. but at the moment it seems that the whole process is derailing not only in egypt but also neighboring countries and indonesia which has taken it much more modest approach to governance in the country and nevertheless has conceded to appoint tecnocrats to the cabinet and try to get the country out of the economic quagmire. and this is the problem egypt faces. we have this whole political circus almost taking a lot of attention away from the real issues at hand that the economy in egypt is indeed also in shambles. a lot of that can be put at the feet of morsi that he did miss manage the economy and that indeed he was evidently resorting to certain
5:59 am
authoritarian tendencies. >> announcer: this is al jazeera america. we will return to this program after messages from your local affiliate.
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♪ protests across egypt today as the country's first demeanorly elected president is on trial accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getti


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