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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories that we're following for you. secretary of state john kerry trying to smooth things over for saucy arabia. egyptian president mohammed morsi goes on trial. and there are new details about the man police say was behind that shooting at l.a.x. >> saudi arabia is one of america's most important allies in the middle east. but there has been tension between the two countries as of yet, and secretary of state john
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kerry now trying to put that relationship back on track. saudi arabia one of several stops on his middle east tour as the saudi's complain about the syria, iran, and the middle east peace process. >> right now we have things to make certain that the saudi arabia-u.s. relationship is on track moving forward, and doing the things that we need to accomplish. >> the saudi foreign minister telling kerry his country has no problems with the united states. the two countries promising each other that the region they would continue to work together on issues on which they do not agree. there is a new independent report out that says doctors and nurses under u.s. military order participating in the abuse of terrorism suspects according to the institute of medicine. medical professionals actually helped design and enable, quote, torture and cruel inhumane treatment of detainees, unquote.
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that report based on a two-year study of prison in afghanistan and c.i.a. detention sites at guantanamo bay. the c.i.a. rejected the report findings. the government of pakistan said it will be looking at every aspect of its relationship with united states. that coming after mehsud, the leader of the pakistan taliban, was killed in a drone strike on friday. the leader died just as pakistan was taking steps for dialogue between militant groups. a presidenc morsi rejected s saying he is the country's legitimate president. >> reporter: supporters of the deposed president mohammed morsi
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outside of the cairo police academy where the former leader is on trial. they say he was forced from office illegally, and they demand the charge against him be dropped. mohammed morsi is charged with inciting others to commit murder. in connection with the deaths of several people killed in street fighting outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead. but public opinion about it is polarized. >> reporter: god will be on our side, the court will issue a verdict that will be for the sake of egypt and the egyptians to move forward. morsi was not fair at all. >> this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair. the man was the president. he had the full right to do whatever he wanted, and to contact whoever he wanted. >> reporter: hundreds of people died in the 2011 revolution to
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force morsi's predecessor hasy mubarak from hour. from power. increasingly frustrated with what they saw as his authoritarian rule, and his failure to fulfill promises, many egyptians took to the streets again. a growing wave of protest ended up with a military decision to remove morsi from office, an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> the difference between the actual of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is that mubarak has no authority while president morsi insists he is still president. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder, he could be sentenced to death. dominick cane, al jazeera.
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>> pakistani president musharraf has been granted bail. he has been charged with the deadeath of benzar butu. >> reporter: musharraf, who was president, ordered a team to storm a house of worship. among those killed was gazi's
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father, the man who ran the mosque and it's affiliated schools. some of the supporters involved in the violence were his students. he wanted islamic law imposed. they said the former ruler was personally responsible for the deaths. >> musharraf said that they were terrorists. my father never hurt anyone. musharraf is the terrorist. he ordered the killing. >> reporter: those who lost loved ones here at the red mosque clearly blame musharraf for their deaths, but many believe he will leave the country and will never stand trial. after four years in exile, former president musharraf returned to pakistan earlier this year in an attempt to restart his political career.
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but a month later he was placed under house arrest and disqualified from ever holding office again. his confinement broke a tradition that pakistan's powerful army chiefs, who have run the country for half of its history, will never--the government has been travel restrictions on the former rul ruler. although many believe that efforts are made for him to leave pakistan before he faces the court cases. the fbi looks for a motivate for the shooting at the los angeles international airport. many who knew him describe the suspect as a loaner.
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erica ferrari reports. >> reporter: a picture snapped of terrified passengers hiding in a bathroom stall while a gunman open fired. the suspected shooter, 23-year-old paul ciancia startinged transportation security agents. >> he made a conscious decision tto kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: he also shot two others, both who are recovering. the fourth victim, a passenger, was hit in the leg. moments before the attack the police say ciancia's friend dropped him off at the airport unaware of his plan. a criminal complaint filed saturday in federal court said that he had a duffle bag containing a smith and wesson assault rifle, and at least five magazine seen full of ammo as ws
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a letter addressed to the tsa directly. classmates were stunned at the news. >> he was always a shy guy. he kept to himself. he walked around by himself. he didn't talk to anybody at all. >> ciancia's former roommate paints a similar picture of the out of work auto mechanic who moved from new jersey. >> i didn't have any issues. he was a loaner, but i would never expect him to do something like this. >> reporter: the police chief in new jersey is speaking on behalf of the suspect's family. >> we don't know what happened in la. we don't know. they don't know either, and they want to turn the stones over to find out. this is very emotional for the whole family. >> reporter: the fbi said ciancia had no previous record,
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and it's not clear why he targeted tsa officers. but authorities say he was ready to die in the attack. erica ferrari, al jazeera. >> authorities believe that ciancia bought his weapons legally in l.a. right now he's in the hospital and unresponsive after being shot by police. the birmingham airport is opened again afte after a threat forced a brief shutdown. they called the fbi after finding a threatening note. nothing was found during the search by the bomb squad and a dozen or so flights were diverted or delayed. in myanmar a dozen people are missing after a boat capsized in the bay of bengal. nearly 200 people is been killed in the violence and 100,000 people living in camps. many of those like those missing, have tried to flee the
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country. in east of bengal another boat accident of six tourists. the overcrowded ferry started to take on water before sinking. the boat's capacity, 150, but there may have been more than 200 people on board. witnesses say there just weren't enough life boats. demonstrators are gathering outside of the embassy in tehran for death to america rally. n. protesters ] >> 34 years ago today iranian students overran the embassy taking workers hostage. this year's demonstration comes as president rouhani has been making overtures with the u.s. government. now more with al jazeera. >> reporter: thousands of iranians have come out to sport support, and remember the hostage taking and the takeover of the u.s. embassy here in
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tehran, a very large compound. the crowds stressed all the way past the embassy and probably thousands of people here. now, the sentiments are one of defiance. the people here still see the united states as the great satan, and they do not support the normalization of relations with america. now, it comes amidst of positive diplomatic atmosphere, of course, that phone call between president barack obama and the iranian president rouhani. and now most iranians support normalization relations with the united states, the people here, the thousands of iranians here are still 100% opposed to the united states. >> in the united states the republican party is fighting an internal battle. the tea party movement has members of the g.o.p. now taking
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sides. we go to alabama where special elections show the true republican divide. >> reporter: as the sun sets onn the water that defines mobile alabama, omer ogelsby gets to work, trying to win the soul of the republican party. >> i've been a fan of deandown'n young's of a long time. >> it will be a godly country. a country that god can look down on and say, i'm proud of this country. but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we're conducting business. >> reporter: he's campaigning outside of a debate for this man, candidate dean young, promising to change washington with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common. and so there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys
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start coming over to our way of thinking. >> the other republican, bradley burn, backed by the party leadership and funded by corporations. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do not honor our principle. in fact, we're sending billions of dollars to countries like egypt and pakistan who are using that money to attack christians. >> reporter: but for the tea party he isn't conservative enough. and in this world bastion of the old south, the republican nominee almost always goes on to win the election. washington has its eyes on mobile, alabama. political analysts say what happens here could determine if the federal government functions the neck year. a professor says if the tea party candidate wins other republicans will decide it's safer not to listen to the republican leadership. >> it's one of the things that the tea party organizations that
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support it have been effective in doing is threatening and saying, look, if you don't tow the line, we're going to find someone to run against you. >> reporter: this is where the battle lines have been drawn. the establishment candidates have the money. the tea party challenger has grassroots support from the life of ogelsby who promises this is the first fight but not the last. >> we have got to keep on keeping on. we have remained silent too lo long. >> reporter: the voters will have their say on tuesday and the entire country are hear and feel the impact. al jazeera, washington. >> still ahead living longer and better. up next on al jazeera america, what some say is the surprisingly simple key to amazing longevity.
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undiscovered stories.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america here is a look at your top stories. secretary of state john kerry is in saudi arabia. he's there trying to mend the u.s. relationship with its close ally in the middle east. saudis have been complaining about the relationship with syria, iran, and the middle east peace process. morsi is telling those in cairo that he is still the egypt president. his trial has been adjourned until january.
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police are saying that the suspect in the shooting of international los angeles acted alone. what does loma linda have in common with cities in costa ri costa rica, japan, italy, and greece. they are considered blue zone and we go to the only blue zone in the u.s. to find out. >> reporter: 60 miles east of downtown los angeles you'll find the small city of loma linda. it's a university town that is in a blue zone, one of five places around the world where people live measurebly longer healthier lives. >> i'm 99 years old. >> reporter: the day we me met ellsworth we found him mowing
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his lawn and tending his garden. what is even more remarkable four years he retired from a long successful career as a heart surgeon. >> as long as your hands are steady and your hands are good, why, you could do it. i could do cardiac surgery right now. >> then we met 84-year-old jim anderson exercising in the pool. >> it's a great place to live. there are a lot of old people here. believe me. >> 77-year-old ida started taking spin classes two years ago when she began training for a triathlon. >> there are times when you really think you can't move another foot. and then you stop and you say, oh, yes i can. and you keep moving. >> ellsworth, jim, and ida are not just extremely active seniors, they're also seventh day adventists, a christian denomination that observes saturday as the hole day of
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rest. out of loma linda's population of 23,000, it's estimated half are believers. >> seventh day adventists believe and practice rigorous exercise, and eat a diet with plenty of plants, nuts and seeds. they faithfully observe the sabbath from sundown on friday to sundown on saturday. >> it gives me a time of physical rest and a time i can think on spiritual things. now if there is such a thing such as eternal life that's worth thinking about. >> from the very beginning of the denomination the focus on he health has set the adventists from others. >> reporter: studying the correlation between september 11th day adventists and longevity sinc.
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>> she was focused on older people can ride bicycles, drive cars and squaring off the mortality curve. as you're aging you're not in an nursing home. you're climbing mountains, walking around the streets. >> or spinning, mowing, eating healthy. the largest market in loma linda is run by the church and sales only vegetarian and vegan food. >> we find that vegetarians have less cancer, heart disease, obesity, less stroke in every disease we look at they have less. >> which ultimately leads to followers having more, more da days, months, and years. >> i've seen people around here in their hundreds, so i guess i could be a century, too. >> for generations people have often prayed to find the elusive found of youth. but for the seventh day adventist living in loma linda,
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it seems their prayers have already been answered. jennifer london, al jazeera, loma linda, california. >> federal prosecutors in manhattan held a news conference today. they're going to announce a record insider trading gill. sac capital agreement will pay the largest ever settlement for an insider trading case. sac has been one of the most fristible he hedge funds in decades. it has always denied that it permitted insider trading. we'll have more on that on "real money with ali velshi" right here on al jazeera america. and in another justice department settlement johnson and johnson said they will pay $2.2 billion in penalties. the government said it paid
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kickbacks to doctors and pharmaceuticals, plus marketed drugs that were not approved by regulators for use. a mixed day on wall street with headlines that will come out later this week. among them the:watched october job report which was delayed because of the government shutdown, the dow down just nine points. and twitter's first day as public trading as a company. ahead a treasure trove of stolen art, what the future ho holds by paints stolen by the nazis and discovered in the basement of a german apartment.
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>> it happens from time to time, a massive world war ii bomb was discovered and carefully de fused in germany. more than 20,000 people were evacuated from the city as a precaution. the 4,000-pound bomb was
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discovered after experts analyzed old aerial photographs. they believe the coordinates were dropped by an ally aircraft. and then east experts are exploring another relic of world war ii, hundreds of paintings stolen by the nazis. now these paintings could be worth more than $1 billion. >> the story of the billion dollar nazi art was broken two years after it's discovery. perhaps the largest collection of art confiscated by the nazis were found amongst cans of food and rubbish. belonged to the son of an art collector. paint percent located in the menu i can apartment. the collection is believed to be
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held at a safe in this customs office outside of munich. authorities have said little about the discovery, refuseing o release details. under hitler's regime jewish collectors were forced to sell art work at a greatly reduced price or have it confiscated such as the piece by edward m unch, the scream. oh some mart pieces have been at the heart of disputes between current owners and those who claim to be the owners but forced to give up the pieces to the nazis. and with art continuing to command increasing value the recovery of these works were the result of figuring out exactly who has claim to these masterpieces that have not been seen in public for decades.
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al jazeera. >> meteorologist: we're watching a storm that will be developing over the midwest over the next 24 hours. a lot of moisture coming from the tropics here. this is the remnants of tropical storm sonya, and it will continue to push all of this moisture north, and then gulf moisture comes in the mix. there is very cold air moving in from the north, and a storm will develop here east of the rockies, and then we are talking about rain plus snow coming together. the timing of this it looks like its overnight, early tomorrow, and here is this de defined rain-snow line. storm developing right here. we're talking about a lot of rain, a lot of snow not far apart. that looks to be going through nebraska, iowa and up into minnesota. warm ircoming up from the south. areas in the northeast from the cold. temperatures will be climbing as
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well as the southern plains. it looks like four to six inches of snow will be coming down through nebraska, eye a and maybe a little more up towards minneapolis, minnesota, and the timing looks like its overnight tonight, throughout the day tomorrow and it could linger into wednesday. these temperatures will drop as that snow starts to come down, mixes are rain, snow, and all snow tuesday night into wednesday. temperatures down in the 20s wednesday morning, 43 wednesday afternoon. the rain and snow clears out of the midwest but it is still cold thursday and friday. winter storm watch around minneapolis. winter weather advisories in colorado, nebraska and wyoming, and this storm starting to take shape now. there is the difference between the warm and cool air, and the warm air will head to the east a little bit clear and cold this morning in washington, d.c. but the temperatures across the northeast will be climbing ahead of rain later this week. >> thank you very much. and thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'll del walters. the stream is next.
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check us out 24 hours a day on >> hi. i am lisa fletcher. you are in the stream. is the republican party at war with its self over gay marriage? same-sex marriage is now legal in fourteen states. just before it came into effect for new jersey, republican governor chris christie quietly dropped his effort to stop those unions. now, some say his action or lack thereof shows a larger shift within the republican party on the issue of gay rights. earlier this year, the republican national committee voted unanimously to keep the


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