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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. >> it's a fence penin mending fr secretary of state john kerry. >> and a wall street player becomes a player as the government announces a record setting fine for insider trading. ♪ >> it is an eight nation trip over just a ten-day, secretary
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of state john kerry arrived in poland ontari only moments ago. it's a trip that for the most part keeps him in the middle east. saudi arabia earlier today his goal to ease growing tensions on several issues including syria's civil war. mike viqueira joins us from the white house. what he is trying to accomplish with this middle east tour they >> they are downing playing the differences with the longstanding allies they are not denying them the saddie sawdie e dispintedisappointed the route e taking. taking. and backing away from the military force on iran. her again the saudis are
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disappointed there is this diplomacy the sudden opening between the united states and iran. the united states is testing to see if iran is going to cooperate and let the world see that their nuclear program is purely for civilian purpose. and in egypt the saudis back the midterm government, the united states taking away in the last few weeks or curtailing sharply the annual aid that goes from the united states too egypt. secretary kerry had a press conference with the foreign minister there. here is a little bit of what he had to say a few hours ago. >> there is no difference about our mutually agreed upon objective in syria. as i have said many times before assad has lost all legitimacy assad must go. and the secretary saying once again that agai geneva is the pe
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where these polite call cal poll differences have to be worked out these elements are now becoming the dominate force that is causing us concern here in the united states. >> where is the secretary headed next? well as you mentioned, he just landed in poland. secretary clinton set the record for the number of countries if not actual miles flown. secretary kerry is fast out of the gate approaching that record. he came from egypt to saudi arabia and in the midst of an eight nation store. -- tour. >> mike viqueira for us from the white house. >> it's the first oath that doctors take. >> do no harm. docdoctors are accused of violag
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standards to help the u.s. military and the u.s. intelligence agency. one. book's authors details the allegations. >> they over saw and coo consuld on interrogators. doctors and nurs nurses had been involved in portion feeding detainees with restraints. these are all matter of policy. it's not a doctor or sigh cool gif --psychologist that violates because they were bad. >> ththe hedge fund group will y
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$2 billion to resolve a criminal indictment brault agains broughe company against federal prosecutors. >> well sac will also plead guilty to securities fraud and agreed to no longer manages outside client money. speaking at a president press ce in manhattan today the u.s. attorney says the penalty matched the magnitude of the crime. >> the world's large overtime an -- largestand most powerful s agreed to plead guilty and pay the largest fine in history for insider trading offenses. >> federal prosecutors brought charges against the hedge fund in july. six former employees had pled guilty to insider trailing.
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trailed -- trading. >> two more are to set trial. today's record breaking se settlement is to bring a message to wall street. there is a scandal for the too big to jail problem. and a determination on a certain prosecutor and certain regular regular -- regula regulators tho institution or person is too big to jail. they do not grant immunity to employees including sac founder steven cohen. to stilwho still faces a civil . the precipitatiofinancial penall on third party investors and neither sac or part of it will be able to claim a tax deduction. sac says they never encouraged,
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pro momented opromoted or tolerr trading. >> how big was hedg sec. >> iat it's apex it had $15 billion in assets under majoritmanagement. >> fifteen bill john. billion. mr. cohen was estimated at 5 5 5.$4 billionings. >> we watched as the tea party movement. a special election is exposing the true republican divide. >> as the su sunsets on the watr that defines mobile, alabama.
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he get to work. >> i have been a fan for a long, long time. he calls himself a true believer. the cause? the tat tea party. >> it will be a goodl godly cou. a country that god can look down on and say i'm proud of this country. >> right now he can't do that. he is campaining for this man, dean young. prom millinpromising to change n with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now barack obama does not want me to go to washington. we don't have a lot in common and so there won't be a lot of bipartisan ship unless these guys come over to our way of thinking. >> the other partner bradley burn. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do
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not honor our principles. we are sending billions of dollars to countries like egypt and pakistan who are using that money to attack chri christians. but for the tea party he is not christian enough and in this old bastion of the south the tea party always goes on to win the election. >> wha what happenings here could determine if the federal government functions in the next year. >> professor sam fisher says if the tea party ca candidate wins other republicans will decide it's safer not to list ento the- listen to the republican leadership. it's one. things that the parties has been effective in doing, is threatening and saying look, if you don't t tow the line in your house we'll find someone to run against you. >> the candidate has money and
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the tea party challenger has support from the likes of ogislby who says this is not the first fight and not the last. >> the voters will have their say on tuesday. the entire country will hear and feel the impact. you know millions of americans heading to the polls for election day 2013. not all of you may have a ballot to cast, but there are some kiey races getting alot of attention. >> we just heard of the congressional races. >> as fast at party wide. there are two gubernatorial races tomorrow that could trigger a huge debate of that direction of the republican party. in new jersey chris christie appears headed towards a land slide victory over buono. christie edge braced obama's help a year ago after hurricane
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sandy and ran the campain as a moderate. and i chris christie will be int position to argue that is the most electable candidate for 2016 and the party needs to follow his lead. christie has been blasting the tea party republicans for shutting down the federal government last month and nearly causing a debt default. we need to show the republican party in america that we can win again. anguess where they are going toe watching on tuesday night to see if we win right here in new jersey, they are going to be watching us. >> a christie victory could be more sixty given the out come the republicans are bracing for in virginia. >> the state attorney general is the tea party favorite. he brought the first lawsuit against obamacare and to build new rolle roads and ease virgins
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congestion. >> he finds himself down points of terry mccullough. >> you abouhe has been able to s race a referendum on the tee party. >> mccullough wins tomorrow in virginia and chris te christie n new jersey look for soul searching and another direction for the tea party. >> maybe this is a question to consider moving fort. forward. what is govenor christie saying about a possible 2016 race for presidency. >> he says he hasn't made a decision and he is going to be in an enviable pro significance. he is going to be able to travel across the country and speak on behalf of the gov forc governord speak on the fil philosophy ande
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will have all of th the chits yd to build up a organizations. >> our focus on election day continues at 4:30 when we take a look at the key mayoral races in new york and detroit. >> we have dare -- dave war warren for the storm has not developed yet. this goes hour-by-hour and the rain and snow whether come together by tomorrow morning. it is in nebraska neighbourand
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the rain snow line there is heavy snow and rain and that is where the stormed will -- storml be the heaviest. the snow accumulation from four to six inches. that is the forecast. mostly rain to the south and hitting the north northwestern portion of of iowa. >> ahead of the rain and snow we are seeing temperatures climb back up. it was cold in the north east. temperatures will be warming up a bit. and the storm will impact the area. a five-day is coming up in a built. >> ahead on al jazeera, a growing rural america and it's impact on the vote. and a giant in the healthcare industry is ordered to pay a big fine for promoting unsafe drugs.
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>> returning to our top stories
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secretary of state john kerry of john kerry has returned to saudi arabia. he has taken issue with motor vehicle over their refusal to intervene with the war. >> joining me to discuss the relationings with saudi arabia is nicolas burns he is the former unfortunately secretary of state for foreign afairs. through for your time. i know you have to run soon, but i want too get a couple of questions to you. >> thank you. we are setting this up that the saudis are upset because the u.s. wouldn't intervene militarily in syria is that how you see it? >> not really. >> i think it's only half of a store. secretary kerry is there for one solid reason the united states they will be meeting with eye iran and others and syria
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secretary kerry has been engaged all along. the trip is to work on all three of those issues with the variety of governments and one. big problems has been the extraordinary aggressive assault by saudi arabia on the policies of the united states. and it's very unusual. we are not seeing the saudis reacts this way. i think for decades in opposition to american policy. so ambassador, what is going on here? >> i think if you read what the saudis are saying, they are making a case across the board in the disembarf president morsi three years ago and in deciding to negotiate with iran the saudis are saying it's acting in interest of saudi arabia. i think it will backfire on saudi arabia. i don't think it's smart to create a public view between two strong friends if their
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disappointments and disagreements and diplomacy is always better. to keep those private and have private arguments and not to engage in a public feud which i don't think will be helpful and influential the united states. >> 34r ambassador are the saudis with diplomacy on the issue of syria? they can't be against -- they have to understand that the americans are concerned with the funding of sue any extremist groups they have to to be aware that they are concerned about that looking ahead to a post assad government. >> you have most of the fighting being done by radicallist forces. >> and what is your take on this? is this public money or is it
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live -- private money? >> i assume it's a combination of both. the united states does not want to be funding radical jihad groups. and the obama administration has very little running room on on this. the bigger issue is iran. there the united states and iran have not had conversations with 34 years. here is an opportunity to do that and president obama and secretary kerry have substantial support from the american public from the penalize -- american allies. the saudi are on thin ice. they have very little public fort support -- public support in western urine. western europe.
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thank you for talking to us and taking on these issues today. >> egyptian president morsi appeared in public for the first time since being forced from office. he is in court being charged with the deaths of protestors outside of the presidential palace last year. >> the supporters of the deposed president mohammad morsi are outside of the police academy where the former leader is on trial. they say he was forced from office illegally and they demand that the charges against him be dropped. mohamed morsi is charged with incitiing the deaths of others. forces are on the streets of cairo to ensure that the trial goes ahead.
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public opinion about it is polarized. god will be on our side. the court will issue a verdict that will be for the sake of egypt and the egyptians to move forward. morsi was not fair at all. >> this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair. the man was a president. he had the full right to do whatever he wanted and to contact whoever he wanted. >> hundreds of people died in the 2011 revolution to force mummar barak from power. many people had high homes -- hopes when morsi became the first democratically elected president. frustrated with what they saw as an authortarian rule, many egyptians took to the streets again. a growing wave of protest, ended up with a decision to remove morsi from office, in an act that morsi him so--himself says
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is against 'against the law. according to the law and the institution morsi is the president of the republican. this is the lead and constitutional situation right now. >> if morsi is convicted of incitment to commitment murder he could be sentenced to death. ♪ >> okay let's get going with today's business bites. two tech giants are making headlines. back berry has abandoned their plans to sell itself. and twitter has raised the ip range. and joining us is matt. of good to see you. what is going on with blackberry?
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in late september this canadian investment group fairfax announced this plan they were going to buy blackberry. that man -- plan was contingent on them raising the money. >> see fairfax couldn't raise the money. >> there was not enough interest to spend 4.$6 billion on this company. >> what does that mean for blackberry moving forward. that means a 250 million-dollar investment. >> does blackberry think they can survive. >> it's not a good sign that this well respected group couldn't raise the money to buy them out. >> it will give them a little breathing room. >> you are not liquidating do they have a plan for blackberry.
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they are cutting costs and chen has a stirling reputation 20 for being a smart guy and had led the turn turn around of a troubled company before. >> i don't think this is about john chen it's a about a smart phone company that used to be $80 a share and it's down to 6.50 and it's a 1:15 march -- 1:5 market share. >> what is happening with twitter it's raising it's price for the ipo. >> it indcase -- indicates that they are getting a lot of interest in the ipo instead of pricing it between 20 and $25 a share they are pricing it between 25 and $30.
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how do they make money. they are like a media or broadcasting company. they are like al jazeera. they sell advertisementses and 80% of their revenue comes from selling advertisements. >> and. >> s -- isn't there data to think that twitter is a good product. you invest in twitter not because it's a good product. these big institutional investors who are playing in the stock market for fun who have tens of thousands of dollars set aside to buy stocks are in their 40s and 50s and 60s. >> do these young people in the age range that twitter is engaging right now do they bother to invest right now?
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i think since the financial crisis sis young people are pest pessimistic about putting money into the stock market. matt, thank you very much. >> you too. >> all right. let's get the check on the sports headlines. now michael eaves is here. michael? >> yeah tony less than a day after the miami doll -- doyle -- doll dolphins ritchie incognito. >> the 76ers are on the best start in 13 years. they are taking on the golden state warriors. >> the 76ers have not started 4
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-and-0 we'll talk about the richie incognito issues coming up. >> an election eve change. and party is likely for new york city mayor's office.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera american here is a look at your top stories. secretary of state john kerry visited saudi arabia. >> the saweddies have take enissue with america over their refusal to intervene with the syria's war. morsi says he is still the president. he made the first appearance since july and the trial is adjourned until january. >> major wall street hedge fund sec pled guilty to insider trading and paid a is
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$.2 billion fine. >> for the first time in the nation's history the rural 30 -- population is in decline. and now activists in seven states are looking to break off from their state capitals and form a 51 state. ronnie and chuck sylvester's roots run deep in their land in la salle 50 miles south of denver. but lately their home state is a house divided. there is getting to be a great disconnect. and unfortunately it's drawn a line between the urban people and those that live on the land. >> colorado's new energy regulations and tougher gun laws and legalized marijuana refledge the -- reflect the values of
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colorado cities and not their part of the world. >> we are so sparsely populated and they don't need us. >> they don't need our vote and they have become arrogant and ram rodding whatever they want through. >> that frustration is fueling colorado's recession drive. >> eleven counties are voting to become the new 51st state. >> i think it's a waste of our time and taxpayers money. >> i glue up on the western slope and this doesn't feel like home anymore. it would have to pass here in denver and then in washington in congress. it only happened once before when maine british broke away fm massachusetts. in 1853 west virginia carved itself out of virginia, but that was during the civil war.
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>> they say they are send being being -- sending the city dwellers a message. people don't know where their food comes from or the natural gas comes in from to heat their home. >> we do provide something that they need. rural rest -- restdents lack the population to pull it off. the professor says the one thing that they may get out of all of? is attention. it's a success successful way of publicizing one's grieve grievances. >> from the heart of rural america and the heart of the big
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apple the race for new york city mayor is expected to have a big win for the democrat party. >> joe is trying to keep leadership of new york city in republican hands where it's been since it's former boss giulaini was first electioned in is 1993. >> he is running a unionist campaign. a small group of new yorkers are doing very well and every day new yorkers are falling behind. in the last weeks of campaigning they showed bilosio up 45 points. the last time a democrat had that kind of a lead going into an election was in 19 85. >> he has a master's degree in
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international affairs and a long history of activityism. for years he supported nicaragua raising money for food and medicine he entered poll six with david dakins. >> i would like to introduce you to the next second secretary of state of new york. it demonstrated better than any speech that he would fight for any new yorker. he is the only one that will stop. the son of a police police polir supports stop and frisk. >> the era of stop, question and frys frisk is over and then the
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other night he said no it's not. we just need to train the cops. is the federal appeals court ruled that it's unconstitutional. they believe this will have an imbabbling -- impact on the election. he is married with one daughter and holds a nba from harr harvard. most new yorkers are n'sync with where i am. you are going to be very, very surprised on tuesday night. >> if polls are correct he will need a political miracle to win. tomorrow voters will decide if it's time to end the republican rule and give democrats a chance. >> and let's see over in the mid west, electionings in detroit are under way and the motor city may get their first white may year in years. they face a choice between mike dugan and benny napoleon.
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dugan is widely expected to win. whoever prevails will take olfson under -- office under the emergency messengerrer who is tackling detroit's crisis. >> in afternoon hour they are expected to pass a measure that would make it illegal to fire employees based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. it will fail in the house where speaker joint sides johnson and johnson is under fire after allegations they marketed three drugs never approved and could be dangerous to consumers. we have more. >> this is the latest of several multi-billion dollar settlements agreed to by big pharmaceutical companies in resent years for wrongdoing.
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johnson & johnson bribed dock portion and -- doctors and pharmacies they ar it's the thid largest of the drug makers. >> they lined their pockets at the expense of the patients and the industry. >> last year glax glaxosmithklie broke the record. agreeing to $3 billion in fines for approving their anti- depressants. that represented less than 11% of glas glaxo's revenue. >> as for johnson & johnson no individuals were held
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accountable. these companies look at it as a cost of doing business. when you look at the fraud involved, the period stretching ten years which was system attic and then you look at fine that was paid. 2.2 billion that represents less than one-half of what the company made on i on the drugs a single year. and it represents one ten tenthf what the company made on the drug. >> johnson & joh johnson will pd guilty to a single misdemeanor. it's not an admission evidence anevidence -- admission of any liability or wron wrongdoing. >> a crime wave is tearing apart paupuerto rico.we travel to then
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to see what, if anything, is being done to stop the violence. >> on the outskirts of san juan they say goodbye to one. neighborhood as he i most loved residents. >> the 71-year-old was shot and killed for the few dollars in his pock else. pocket. >> shocking let' residents in a neighborhood. we have the loss of a good friend, a good father and we are very, very sad for our country. >> with the murder rate six times out of the continental united states most people feel powerless to some the crime wave that has permeated this island. last years' operation caribbean resilience held to th -- led tof
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300 people. the drug gangs fight for a multi-billion dollar cocaine trailed. puerto rico has logged a thousand murders. the rate has fald fallen since,t remains high. this is the man who has been charged with the task of tackling crime. in a few days hector will step double as police chief, but not before expressing disappointing what he calls institutional failures. yes, i do get angry and i let it out sometimes, maybe more often than i should. but it bothers me that because of inaction, people are being killed here every day. >> but his son has heard enough talk. >> he wants his father's death to bring a change to an island in deep trouble. we have to stand up and go to
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deliver the message because it's the only way. if the person don't hear that, those crimes are going to continue. we have to stop that. but stopping or even containing the violence here maybe the biggest challenge that por -- po rico is about to face. and on tuesday por peurto ricans that have left in droves and bringing businesses back to peurto rico. >> terror suspect slipped by london police surve surveillancn friday. security cameras caught him on his way into the mosque where he changed clothes. he is seen leaving the mosques dressed in an out fit for must limmuslimwomen.
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>> investigators are learning more about paul ciancia. the fbi says he was carrying a handwritten letter during his shooting spree. in it he expresses his desire to kill multiple tsa officers. he wrote getting a gun into the airport was seesy. sees -- easy. he opened fire on friday killing a tsa officer and wounding three our people. >> a panel of judges will begin hearing arguments in the bp oil case. last months they threw out a set esetelement. and the supreme court dismissed a appeal by oklahoma to revive a abortion law. it banned drug induced abortionings. the oklahoma court struck it
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done last year. they are asking the court to reissue a detailed version of their opinion. with the supreme court's dismissal the law researc remair turned. >> isome european union lawmakes say the laws are too soft. in denmark where the bags are taxed their use is down to four baggings pebag -- bags per persh year. they're to set targets for each country to reduce bag use. >> that is terrific. >> they end up in land fills and they don't breakdown and they end up in streams and water ways and estuaries. they kill off marine life. >> in new york city they wanted to put a surcharge, ten cents a
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bag. >> move forward on that. >> recovered in munich, priceless artwork looted. >> and professional athletes are not immune from bullying and hazing. mike eaves is here with sports.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera merge. a treasure trove of art believed to have been looted by the nazis has been found in the apartment of an 80-year-old man in munich. the works include pieces by picasso, mattiace and it could be worth a billion dollars. the nazis considered the works
4:48 pm
deagain rat. the pieces were found by a tax investigation. sonja has more on the discoughedry. the story of a billion dollars nazi art was broken by a magazine. a flesher trove of master pieces. the large over the amounts 6 art confiscated by the nazis was considered rubbish. >> they lay in darkened rooms. a reclusive son of an art collector. >> this is the building where the art collection had been uncovered by german authorities. is 500 mass at the pieces were located in the munich apartment. the collection is being held in a safe outside of this office in munich. authorities are reacted cautiously as they attempted to piece together the evidence around the discoughedry. the government is support" the state prosecution in the field of so-called deagain rat art and
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nazi looted arts. >> he was questioned by police for ta tax evasion. less jewish collectsors were forced to sell arts works at a greatly reduced price. as was the case of edward munch's "the scream many". the issue of rest 250ugs is one that collectors have been forced to confront. the they have been at the heart of dispute between current owners, but they were forced to give up their art to the germans. we have sofer 1,000 picassos and 100 renoir and 100 matice. they the pick durs pictures thae
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naziingnazis would have looted. >> with art continuing to command a an increasing value. the ry recovery will come to fie out who has claim to these master pieces that have not been seen if public for deck -- in public for dec decades. >> michael eaves is here with the day in sports. beknow first year players -- we know that first year players in the n.f.l. can be taken to wrath. >> this is going to bring to the dark corners. sunday they th the n.f.l. annout they suggestio suspended the rie incognito.
4:51 pm
he sent pr violent threats towas martin's mother. copies of the messagese messagen turned over to the n.f.l. for further investigation. and joining us now is anita marks. when you see the comments he made relative to joh johnathan martin. it's troubling what we have seen here in the cor corners of the locker rooms. >> what our viewers need to understand it's commonplace. bullying happens every place. >> maybe not to this extent in locker rooms there is an underlying code that what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. >> for whatever reason it's become public knowledge. and to this extent i hav have nt seen anything like this to the
4:52 pm
n.f.l. they did their own investigation and they si suspended incognitod now they are conducting their own investigation as we speak. i have a from time to tim transe e-mail. i will read a little bit of it. incognito called martin a half inward piece of blank and he told him he wanted to blank in his blanking mouth and he will slap his real mother across the face lol. >> people on the street hear this language, how is this happen with the team not knowing about it. >> i spoke to an individual at the nflpa they said that johnathan martin never reached out to the nflpa and that is what they are there for.
4:53 pm
how do i handle this situation i'm being bullied by a teammate. the way the dolphins have handled this situation so far has been fantastic. if th n.f.l. they uncover that johnathan martin went to the head coach or went to human rises and wenrise -- resources d we are talking about a whole another story it's important for folks to know that incognito is a bad guy. this is a guy who was when he was at the university nebraska he went to anger management classes. >> he was made to do that. he was not draftedded to the third round. >> no surprised to the individual. a lot of people steered clear and a red flag for incognito coming out of nebraska. >> this is not a miami dolphins issue it's been going on for
4:54 pm
decades. and there recently was an inninginningsininnings dentsinik giants. we heard he came out and did an interview for a fitness magazine. he is a virgin and resently got engaged and he is getting married thisoff season. he dances to the beat of a different drum. he is looked a the like an odd bald. he is gaining respect by his teammates in the locker room and on the field. that is not what happened with johnathan martin and the miami doldolphins. >> you are seeing a change.
4:55 pm
this hamthis happenings happen e noistled -- n.f.l. two coaches had issues with their heart over the weekend. gary cubiac in houston passed out at half time is this an issue of the coaching culture of the n.f.l. leading to a lot of stress full situations for coaches. >> it's a stressful job and one of the stressfu stressful jockss in the world. textance are not doing much and therapy not going anywhere and that is adding to his stress
4:56 pm
level. the humidithouston texans are oe most disappointing teams in the n.f.l. they are making a run and possibly winnening th winning tl this year. they are now at 2-and-6. >> you mentioned john fox. the don' denver broncos that isa team that is making a run nor fr it. you have to keep your eye on john del rio. and tony, you know we love the entertainment, but we don't know the under belly of what happened in that industry. michael appreciate it. thank you. winter weather moving in. meteorologist dave warren is up next with a look at the national forecast.
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good goo
4:58 pm
rain-snow line and that will be the key who gets the most sneh. >> that setting up in northern western iowa and nebraska.
4:59 pm
the temperatures are setting up in the south and getting cold in the north radar and clouds together showing quiet conditions across texas and oklahoma and nebraska. we can go into the forecast and watch this develop. thisyellow area is heavy rain and where it's cold enough it's heavy snow. that will be coming down heavy in s central nebraska at 10:00 n the morning. >> and will spread east to iowa and minnesota and late tuesday and wednesday and everything's will be clearing out on thursday. not a long storm, but enough to coat the ground with a couple. of inches of snow there is that snow on wednesday and thursday it clears out. >> eventually it will moved to the northeast as rain. >> the temperatures are in the 40s and climbing to the 50s and 60 sea 60s before rain comen this week. a look at the hea headlines is .
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with your top stories. the george soros society foundation, medical professionals helped design and enable the torture, cruel and unmain treatment of detainees. the chairman of google said it's outrageous if it's true that the nsa spied on its data centers. he has registered complaints with nsa and with president obama. secretary of state john


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