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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> it is election day 2013, and you're watching al jazeera america, tony harris in new york city over the course of the next hour we are going to span the country from east to west taking a look at the key races and issues on the ballot. from the governor's race in virginia, putting a tea party favorite. in new jersey the governor who may be aiming for higher office and the state senator who wants to unseat him. in new york, a democrat poised to become mayor after 20 years of republican winners. and for the first time in decades a white mayor may lead the motor city.
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>> voters across the country are heading to the polls from coast to coast, al jazeera is tracking the big races. on the east coast two state houses are up for grabs in detroit and new york, we're tracking races and we're keeping an eye on the race in new jersey. the first stop is new jersey where the nasty governor's race is coming to an end. mike viqueira just outside of washington, d.c. mike, good to see you again. if you live in that media market, i'm talking about virginia, parts of maryland and the district you have been treated to a particularly nasty race. >> well, that's right, and polls close in about an hour. in large part the race is about the future of the republican
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party. it is changing every year now, becoming bluer and bluer when was once solid read. you have a social conservative, ken cuccenelli, of course and friend of president clinton, terry mcauliffe. mcauliffe has outraised his republican counterpart, and he's outspent him on television. by a factor of 10-1, and it has been very nasty. a lot of people can relate to this in an election year. you can't turn on the tv.
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out of touch with the changing demographics of washington, and cuccennelli trying to attack the obama healthcare plan. >> and can we say the virginia race will be a good parameter for the rest of the country? will it tell us, for example, where the tea party stands? >> reporter: you know, i think it will be, and when you look at ken cuccenelii, obviously pro-life, anti-abortion. he's opposed to violence against women act. and terry mcauliffe has mimicked what president obama has done here in 2008 and 2012. getting together minorities, women, younger people on his side, evidently according to the polls he has been largely successful. this has been an off year
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election. and thus far the turn out is relatively strong. that goes in mcauliffe's favor. there is one other factor here that really does reflect on the tea party, and that is the government shutdown. the tea party shutting down the government for three weeks because of obamacare. that has made cuccen lli suffer in the state. many federal jobs, the economy tied to the federal government. and the tide water area of eastern virginia, a lot of military personnel who felt threatened by the government shutdown. and so cuccinelli, the breaks have not been breaking his way. it all is determined by turnout. >> from the old dominion to the garden state, new jersey's
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gubernatorial race has been eated. trying to kick chris christie out of the state house. we're joined from new jersey, john, look, chris christie says the republican party is certainly watching this race tonight. but there is as much as winning it is the size of the victory that is important to chris christie tonight, isn't it? >> you have governor chris christie seeking a second term in office, but he may not stay for the entire four years. you have his democratic challenger, yo, new jersey peope don't know who she is. but they know who with governor chris christie is, they remember how he sandaled hurricane sandy, and that has been good enough to catapult chris christie on to the national stage, and it is the republican party, he admits this now, to look at him to see
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how well i does, to see if he might an contender for the top of the republican ticket. and you're right, size matters here. if he gets a really big win he's really on his way if he chooses to run, of course. >> all right, john terret for us in new jersey. we appreciate it. thank you. from a state leadership to the nation's largest cities, the new mayor will take over in the motor city and it's bankruptcy problems. but first new york city is poised to elect it's first democratic mayor in nearly a quarter of a century. randall pinkston joins us from brooklyn. joe lotus said the numbers will shock everyone. why does he believe he has a shot to win? >> reporter: he's looking at the last 20 years under the republican leadership, giuliani
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and bloomberg. they've brought this place to a pretty good place. crime, murder rate is way down to levels that have not been seen since the 60s, and if the current trend continues new york city could see murder rates down as low as in the 50's. of course, all the election polls say that he will loose. >> what will the major policy differences between these two candidates? >> well, crime. they promise to stop the stop and frisk, which a lot of minorities hits them especially hard. the democratic candidate, bill de blasio said he will end stop and frisk. that's one major different. also de blasio comes from a liberal social activism background. he wants to do things that takes
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care of the poor, homelessness has doubled since 1994, de blasio wants to doing iser about that, and to build more affordable housing. those are his two big issues. >> on to detroit in the motor city, voters are choose agnew mayor, we have bisi onile-ere, look, i guess the big headline there is that detroit could elect their first white mayor in 40 years. tell us the dynamics of the race in detroit. >> reporter: tony, former hospital ceo mike duggen and wayne county sheriff are both vying for a seat in city hall, and this is interesting in that it has 40 years since we have seen a white mayor in office. i did speak with a political
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science professor, and he tells me that duggen was leading 2-1, and this tells him that there is a look for more leadership rather than just race. >> how is the mayor essentially running things? >> reporter: as you may know, the city is in really serious financial trouble facing $18 billion in long-term debt, and soon we'll learn whether a bankruptcy judge will decide if the city is eligible for the chapter 9 protection. meanwhile it was this emergency manager appointed by the state earlier this year that made that bankruptcy filing. he has been in charge--he has been in charge even though the city currently has a mayor.
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there has been talk about the power and it really is determined how the person who is elected and how they approach city hall, they can work with the city manager or work against them. when it comes down to it, whoever is elected will have full control. >> bisi, how is voter turn out so far? >> you know, they were expecting voter turn out would range 20% to 25%. but it's been around 5%. that could change because there are a couple of hours before the polls show. >> bisi onile-ere for us in detroit. in iowa it is not the race itself but who is behind it that is causing all the controversy. diane estherbrook, good to talk to you, if you would, tell us why the election in this small town has gained such national attention.
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>> reporter: it's very interesting. it's a group called americans for prosperity backed by the koch brothers. it got involved because the city took on an awful lot of debt to build the hotel, the marriott hotel that you see behind me at a convention center. it said that that was irresponsible. now one of the candidates for city council that we were talking to today said that he was campaigning against that kind of debt, but he said that the involvement at this outside party has actually worked against him. here's what he had to say. >> when those guys showed up, that was my fear that no one would listen t any more. they would say you're too old for the koch brothers. i'm not. sometimes i can convince them of that, but sometimes they slam
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the door. >> now we tried to reach out to the local chapter of americans for prosperity, called him and september e-mails but no respond today. >> diane, what's the final take, the outside money, helping or hurting in ma mayoral race? >> it's hard to say. this has been the largest voter turnout from municipal election in a decade, but so far only 10% of the 11,000 registered voters have turned out, so it's hard to say. maybe it's a muted reaction, you could say. >> there you go, we found a word. diane estherbrook. 16-year-olds can barely drive. legally they ca they cannot drin tacoma they can vote. this is the first city in the nation that 16-year-olds will be
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able to vote. city officials say 90%, 90% of eligible young voters have registered. and for complete coverage of the day's elections any time, anywhere, we invite you to head over to our website at we've got stories on key races and results as they come in, and you'll find it all on snow could be having an impact on voting in some parts of the country. also health insurance costs are going down, and not for the reason you may think. after stringent denials from the mayor of toronto about his use of crack cocaine.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. >> about an hour and a half ago after admitting to smoking crack cocaine.
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he said he won't leave his job. he said he did drugs sometimes in the past while in a drinken n stooper. >> i know i have embarrassed everyone in the city, and i will be forever sorry. there is only one person to blame for this, and that is myself. >> canadian police last week said they found a copy of a cell phone video that found ford smoking what appears to be a crack pipe. ahead, secretary of state john kerry made a de brief de tour stopping in poland. he has been traveling to the middle east and africa. he addressed the nsa spying
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issue and ultimately will cause the right balance between security and privacy his next stop is israel where he'll focus on israeli-palestinian peace talks. the pentagon is preparing for budget cuts. high tech defense systems and the u.s. will move away from a per peperpetual war footing. kevin schupps said he does not know what drove his brother to fire o into the mall ceiling. he was found dead in the corner. at issue, the federal prosecution of a woman who tried to poison her husband's lover.
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justices will consider whether prosecutors should have used that treaty her attorney said it should have been a simple assault case. and todd coburn is facing prostate cancer. he had surgery for early stages of prostate cancer back in suggest. he has been treated for cancer two other times. one for melanoma and coale colon cancer. we wish him a speed which recover. >> the centers of medicare and medicaid, the republican chair of the house ways and means committee issued the subpoena. well, hopes for peace in syria appear to be dashed. diplomats fail to afree on a day to bring both sides in the
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syrian war to the table. they're striving to have a conference by the end of the year. in syria th, nearly 9.5 people living in the country need help. 6.5 million syrians are currently homeless. 2 million people have left the country, and 4 million more are internally displaced. >> reporter: more than 40% of syrian's population now relies on outside help to survive. and the situation is getting worse. u.n. estimates the figure will rise to half the population will be in need of aid by year's end. >> it is not one single event that has caused this. it is a gradual increase because the conflict continues to
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deteriorate day after day, hour by hour. >> the two and a half years of civil war have left many syrians without proper sanitation facilities, sufficient food or access to medical help. of those who have fled to neighboring lebanon the biggest numbers could from the provinces where syrian are suffering the most. but for those who have been able to escape the violence more than 100,000 are seeking shelter in egypt. half a million are in jordan. lebanon has the most with more than 800,000 syrians, and together turkey and iraq have around 700,000. the u.n. said there is a will to help those in need from outside, but its calling on both sides inside syria to allow aid in. an outbreak of polio in the northeast has made the matter
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even more urgent. a group of doctors say it has identified 35 cases of the disease. >> it is extremely important for us to be able to give any kind of aid, be it food, health services, medicine, vaccination for children and so on that we can actually reach those who are in need. syria and the people in syria displaced or not in need of decision are going into winter. it's going to be very cold, they need more aid and we can't reach them. >> so as hundreds of thousands of syrians continue to leave their country, the hue man tyrian crisis appears worse than ever. erica woods, al jazeera. >> your health insurance premiums may be heading higher but it has nothing to do with the affordable care act or the recent health exchange glitches. david shuster will be talking
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about this and more at the top of the hour. he's sitting in for ali velshi on "real money." good to see you, david. how high can healthcare costs actually go? >> there are estimates that the premium folks will pay is 7% more. the key here is for employers, something like 155 million of us who get our health insurance through our employer. that's who we're talking about. the employer, some are facing the option, do i pass the cost on. do i cut off the number of dependents that we're going cover. we're going to look at that and the other problem here are healthcare costs are occupying a larger piece of the pie in terms of overall expenditures. healthcare costs is getting bigger and we'll talk about the impact its haling on our family. >> what about household buckets.
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budgets. >> it means less money for transportation and foods. it means people are having to change their choices. wait a second, i thought healthcare costs were supposed to start coming down, and they have the last couple of years, but there is every indication now that the are reason the healthcare cost versus been slowing is because of the recession. people are using fewer doctor visits, using less drugs and everything else. >> what else are you going to be looking at at the top of the hour. >> reporter: the brain drain in manufacturing. there are 200,000 jobs that need to be filled, but companies cannot find properly trained workers because the generation coming up now is not ready. we'll look at how that needs to be done and we'll talk about marriage as a commodity. yes, many see marijuana as a
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commodity now, and it is all legal. >> hmm, i see tax implications for that down the road. appreciate it. see you at the top of the hour. real money for david shuster for ali velshi. >> i'm meteorologist kvin corriveau. there is one basic theory in terms of elections and weather. that is if you're used to having the weather like seattle with an inch of rain that won't affect the election and the turnout. but if it were to be southern california and an inch of rain that boo definitely take a toll. it really wasn't a factor. we were looking for showers. over towards the west coast not a factor, either. there were light snow up here towards parts of idaho. but over here towards iowa, that was a major problem. we're talking about rain, sleet as well snow has been going on all day in that region. it's going to continue for the
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next couple of hours. you can see it right there pushing up towards the northeast. if you are on the roads you want to be careful because this is a major problem especially in that area of pink that is icing and that can be a major problem there. you can expect this to end, but it's still going to be a problem up here towards the northeast. we do expect to see four to six inches especially where you see those darker purposes, then up here towards parts of minneapolis, that could also be a problem in the overnight hours. we'll keep you informed of this over the next couple of hours to see how this turns out. as well as your travel forecast tony, back to you. >> all right, i got to tell you it's been a bad year for nfl years. we'll take a look at your headlines. >> reporter: and it's not good for the image or entertainment. it cost just the game, and also cost them their starting
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quarterback for the next three weeks. aaron rogers suffered a broken collarbone. it's not going to require surgery. that's the good news. but the also also forge at three-way tie between the packers, bears and lions at 5 and 3. houston texas head coach released from a houston team. he shoulhospital hospital, but he won't be back in time for the game against arizona. tiger woods did something that has never been done anywhere in the world. he hit a golf ball from europe to asia. using the only city in the world built on two continents. one thing that you notice in the
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video. he was on one side of the principle. traffic is still moving on the other side. he said the wind was coming off the left, so he was concerned about hitting cars to the right. so he was hitting a draw into the wind to keep it on the bridge to roll in bridge. >> like tiger to hit a draw with a driver. our election 2013 coverage continues. we will take a look at some of the state and local issues on the ballot including alcohol education funding in colorado, and if there should be a big raise for certain minimum wage workers.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. it is election day and the races across the country. a tee party favorite in new jersey, the outspoken governor chris christie goes head to head with the democrat
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who wants to unseat him. and today's elections are about much more than governors and mayors voters are bogey asked to consider a wide number of amendments an. in colorado one of the big issues that voters are having to grapple with their poll. paul, good to see you, education reform is huge on the ballot this year, isn't it. >> reporter: good evening, tony, yes, it is the biggest issue here in colorado. this selection season. i'm here with the election watch party, an effort to completely overhaul the way it would
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replace the flat income tax with a two-tear system. >> colorado has attracted big outside names and money. >> reporter: correct. to reform how colorado pays for education has attracted people from all around the country. mayor bloomberg backing this as well as strange bedfellows, teacher's unions and labor unions backing this bill even though this would put money towards charter cools an schoold public schools. this is a model for all to follow. so many in the nation are looking at colorado. >> the legislature has signed this, and the governor has signed it. how will we know if it's been
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passed by the people of the state? >> reporter: that's right, in colorado any changes to tax laws have to be approved by a referendum like this. this is a mail-in election, so the ballots are still coming in today. they're expecting to get a count about 7:30 so we'll know later whether this amendment passed. >> voters in the seattle suburb of se seatac are being asked to raise minimum wage. >> reporter: we're talking about a boost in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. this would involved about 6,000 workers here. not all the minimum wage workers in the stay of seatac by any means. just those here at international airport and base businesses around the airport. the hotels, rental cars, parking
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lots that kind of thing. this is something that specifically targets the airport. this is a battle between organized labor and business interest at the airport, service employees, international unions now this is like colorado, a mail-in vote state so a lot of ballots are still coming in. people are dropping them off at certain election places but most people are putting a stamp on them and mailing them in. it could late tonight or days from now before we get an answer whether minimum wage here at the airport and related businesses will go unto $15 an hour. >> what about food label. >> reporter: this is a big one. this has been drawing interest in all of the cash, $30 million campaign spending on a gmo initiative. this would require a lot of food items to be labeled as containing genetically modified
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organisms if in fact, they did. major grocery manufacturers, food processers, big farming, agri business and chemical companies on one side would like to see this defeated. those supporting it are mostly in the national food, organning health product industry they would like to see it approved and that washington would be a template to be spread around the country. we may not know much on this one. the polling has shown a tightening race for yes on i-522 which would require the labeling. >> in texas a three-year drought has resulted in prop 6 which would use $2 billion to fund water projects across the state. for more details mark snyder joins us from austin. good to see you. my understanding is that this proposition has made for strange bedfellows.
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>> absolutely. whenever you have a conservative republican governor like rick perry on the same side as environmental groups like the sierra club that's a strange situation. but that's what's happening here. they all realize that water is a finite resource. they want to protect it, and they think proposition six is the way to go. $2 billion would come from the states rainy day fund and go to create low interest loans for cities and water districts across the state. they could fix aging in this, leaky pipes that are wasting water. build new lakes and hold on there, is opposition saying that three-member board appointed by governor perry doesn't set well with them to be controlling all of that money. some say there needs to be more overseoversight, and taking $2 n out of their emergency fund could hit their ratin credit ra.
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>> in southern california the issue is guns. it's called measure c and it would require gun own tours keep their guns locked up when they're not in use: we go to lisa bernard. >> reporter: well, we're here in silicon valley at a senior residential area where the sonny dale mayor just voted on his gun safety measure. we've seen mixed continues here tonight. there was one general who said he was opposed to proposition c, but one woman said she's pleased because she said the measure would ban here in the city magazines of rounds more than ten. now mayor michael bloomberg from new york city contributed financially to get measure c passed here. and the sun vale mayor said he
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felt he had to do something at the local level. he feels the state and federal government are not addressing the gun control issue adequately enough. >> no one is exempt from something like this happening. to go around in life oh saying this can't happen to us is foolish thinking. as we know and we see every day the shootings go on every day. it needs to stop. >> soss sunnydale is considered a low crim crime area. why do they feel like they needed this measure. >> so from the cities of new town and columbine. >> elise is a bernard for us. thank you. and here to give us insight into several of these elections across the nation is al jazeera political contributor michael shure.
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good to see you as always. >> good to see. >> you pleasure to have you. let's go to the gubernatorial race in new jersey. chris christie. look, he's going to win, and he's going to win by a big amount, but that's part of the story, isn't it? how large of a victory because he's trying to send the message to the entire republican party, isn't he? >> to a degree, yeah. i have to say i don't buy into any of it. >> you don't? >> no, no, i don't think that chris christie's margin of victory is going to matter. i think we all expect him to do well. he's not the guy who needs a mandate to govern the way he does. he is also some northern quantity of a far member of the fellow. >> isn't he suggesting that republicans need to follow my example here?
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>> reporter: well, essaying that. the example they need to follow is what did he last night in union city, new jersey. a big hispanic population brow in the governor o much new mexi. he is an amazing governor in new jersey. i think people are just looking for something to talk about in this race. that's why they're seeing this margin of victory is so important. >> like the mayor's race we're likely to see a big win. what statement will new yorkers be making with a de brasio win? >> i think a bigger statement than being talked about. we talk about this liberal city and has been a bation of liberal thought for a long time, but a
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republican in new york city is different than a republican in birmingham, alabama, but nonetheless it has been kind of leadership for 20 years. to have that, it's pretty impressive. i think it's a pretty impressive victory. here's where margin might matter. he has the mandate to governor the city in a way this "t" hasn't been governed in a while, there could be big changes. >> you led me perfectly to the next question, changes, stop and frisk was recently reinstated. does the de blasio change this? >> i think this will be one of his first lunches with ray kelly. i don't see how he could run the
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campaign that he ran without changing this policy. a lot of people in new york have a problem with the policy. there are a lot of people who don't think this is a right way to live in the city, and i think de blasio has embraced it and ran with it. >> okay, two questions, and you just embrace it and run with it. what would a mcauliffe win say to you and would a cuccinelli loss speak beyond the borders of virginia? >> yes, i think he's a little bit of a yesterday candidate in virginia. i think republicans will have to wake up and see how to embrace a candidate, that's what i would like to see, what is the percentage of women that he gets. if he's trending flew right our. they have two sitting democratic
6:42 pm
centers. it's an important state, but there is something to be said. reince priebus, they see their future in terms of national office, not the ken cuccinellis. that's the party structure and there will be those conservative who is say we have to keep beating this drum. in the race where there are two republicans running dee lynch and brad burn. you have a tea party republican running against an establishment republican. it's a small race in the scheme of how congress is going to be run, but to see the first time we test the two together, one up against one another, that's one to watch tonight. >> where is that again? >> in bam, south alabama. >> got it. michael shure.
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>> tony harris. >> yes, good to see pup still to come, we travel to sanford, florida. the city where trayvon martin was killed. what's changed is how neighbors watch neighbors. read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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>> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point.
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>> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. the house of representatives have voted in favor of gay marriage. the bill still needs to go back to the senate and be signed by the governor which is both believed to be a done deal. george zimmerman's hometown, members of the watch will no longer be allowed to carry a
6:46 pm
handgun with them or follow someone they deem suspicious. natasha, there was controversy before the new rules from announced. why is that? >> let me clarify. the police chief wanted to require that neighborhood watch volunteers keep their watch at home. some advocate cried foul. now the chief is recommending that volunteers keep their guns at home. they'll be requiring to through background checks, training and sign a waiver if the to relief police if they choosing to beyond observe and then report.
6:47 pm
>> we got a bit of reaction. what else are you hearing? >> reporter: this whole issue is so--people have told me how sick they are of talking to it. while they may be sick of talking about it, there is an under counter. one man said the death of trayvon martin taught people that neighborhoods are not safe and people need to do a better job of taking care of them, but he said guns are not the answer. >> natasha, appreciate it. thank you. >> michael eaves is here with a day in sports. aaron rogers, boy, to lose him. he's one of the best players in professional football.
6:48 pm
>> one of the most durable. calling it a significant, aaron rogers has, indeed, suffered a fracture in his rest collarbone during last night's lost. the fracture does not require surgery but there is no specific type of rehab. thus roger has to wait for his bone to heal. he did not say how long he would be out but the packers are expected him to miss at least three weeks. now if a quarterback throws a record number of seven touchdown in a game, eagles coach said that performance alone did not guarantee that he would take over the starting spot from the
6:49 pm
injured vick. they will challenge to lambeau field to face the greenbay packers. >> it's a very legendary field something that since i could remember holding a football you hear about lambeau field. you hear about the philadelphia eagles fans the game starts, and its practice time. you block everything out and you play the game. >> in baseball boston red sox justin pedroia is scheduled to have surgery on his left thumb. the procedure could be more involved than originally expected. the surgery was to repair a torn ligament in his thumb. but after the mri today, they may have to take a tendon from his wrist to reattach the thumb ligament. he could be out six to eight weeks.
6:50 pm
he should still be healthy in time for spring training. now the investigation of jay-z's birthday gift, the watch could be in violation of the organization. they signed cano as a client. the rule against agent gifts to clients has to insure that players choose representatives by matter rather than improper inducements. if he's found in violation of this law he could be facing a hefty fine. but $34,000 for a watch. if you're robinson cano, couldn't you afford the fine? >> nice watch. india said it was to explore mars. the nation launched a satellite towards the red planet. we have more.
6:51 pm
>> reporter: it's not the traditional start before the space launch but nothing could be taken for granted. tuesday's launch is the country's first attempt at reaching the red planet and if successful it will put india in an elite group to have reached mars. >> space exploration is an area that the country can feel proud about. i feel it could unite the people. i think it will overshadow all the problems that exist. >> it has taken 16 months. that is to accommodate the window when mars is closest to the earth. 2011 china's mars mission nailed tfailedto leave earth's orbit.
6:52 pm
successfully reaching mars would not only be an accomplishment for india but the developing world as well. >> we hope that it would be successful. they have the hope of the third world country reaching this kind of level of technology which is very important to develop the country with high level jobs, high level technical jobs that will permeate in a lot of things. >> reporter: 80s mars missions cost $83 million, a fraction of what nasa's mars mission cost. a low cost model that if successful could mean more indian missions to measures and the country taking a lead role in exploration. but that would not be determined for least six months, the time it will take to probe the red planet. >> coming up kevin has the forecast, and then it is real money tonight with david schuster. >> reporter: coming up next on real money, open enrollment
6:53 pm
could mean higher health insurance premiums, and what you could expect to pay, and how one wireless carrier is turning things around and dialing up more subscribers. all that and more on real money. >> audiences are intelligent
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so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry.
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i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. >> we are a back to al jazeera america. an update on a story we brought you yesterday. authorities have been giving us a little bit of a look at the art work stolen by the nazis in world war ii and found i in a munich apartment. we have this update. >> reporter: a landscape, and portrait by matisse, a self portrait, the value of this stolen art is just come to go light. among the 1,400 works some the world never knew existed like this piece often called the quintessential jewish artist of the 20th century.
6:56 pm
at a press conference authorities evaded questions about why it took more than a year to make the find pubic, instead they focused on the quality of the works. >> when you're standing in front of these works which for a long time it was believed they disappeared or were destroyed, it's a feeling of joy. they are in good condition. some of them dirty but not damaged. >> reporter: discovered by customs found the collection owned by the 80-year-old. hitler deemed some artist work immoral and jewish collectors were forced to sell them at reduced prices or have them confiscated. that's the case with edward munch's the scream, a painting so valuable it solid for $120 million last year. but the discovery poses a legal
6:57 pm
and moral problem. >> those who deal in this kind of art, they'll be fighting each other like ferrets in a sack partly to get their hands on them if they can, to sell them, and others to protect their own interests in case there is a glut of artists and knocks down the value of other art they have. >> reporter: some say this hoard is just the tip of the iceberg of the property that was taken during war. al jazeera. >> we are going to take you over here towards the western pacific. this is going to be the 11th storm that we expect to hit the philippines in the next t
6:58 pm
time. it would be equivalent to a category 5 storm hurricane in it the atlantic. the problems is the infrastructure as well as it's mountainous country. we're expecting to see mudslides that are usually dangerous and sometimes deadly. we're going to be watching this very carefully over the next couple of days. we have two days before it makes landfall in the central area. so a big problem there. across the central plains we're looking at rain, a mix of rain and snow and ice as well as that snow pushing up there towards parts of minnesota. south dakota and nebraska for the next couple of hours you can see it pushing through. down here towards the southeast it is the rain, that is now making its way up towards minneapolis. just to the north of minneapolis that is the mix of precipe.
6:59 pm
misvisibilities is coming down d it could come down quite quickly in some locations. now overnight this is what we expect to see, four to six inches down here. we'll watch this carefully for the rest of the evening. then in the northern sections of wisconsining another four to six inches. it could be on the roads by the end of the day we think it's going to start to melt. current temperatures across the region, well, you can see where that cold front is right here. omaha right at 22, and for minneapolis, tomorrow is 38, low of 26. we do think those temperatures are going to come up but a mix of rain and snow on friday. that's a look at your national weather. have a great evening, everyone.
7:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. we have a look at today's top stories. toronto mayor ford spoke a short time ago. it was his first public appearance since he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. to apologize but said he'll stay in his job. there is still no confirmed date for syrian peace talks. they had been hoping for a conference later this month. things could be turning around for the affordable care wins. they had a problematic roll out. senior obama


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