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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> this is al jazeera 678. >> the in democratic of congo they defeat the rebels. >> this is the highest point of what was the rebels final hideout. the vo view from here is
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incredible. the cop significanc o p oppg to win. >> the u.n. still cannot organize a date for peace talks. >> plus. >> i give you the next democratic mayor of new york city. >> the big apple votes fo for te first democratic mayor in deca decade. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in israel and in the wastwest bank in his latest attt to regain pes peace talks. it's the faltering peace talks that are taking pres precedence. >> i hope that we would continue in good faith that brought the parties together in the first place. this can be achieved with good
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faith, with a serious effort on both side to make real compromises and hard decisions, this can be achieved. president obama sees the road ahead as do i. >> so a positive turn from john kerry, but prime minister net netanyahu took the time to point the finger to the palestinians. >> i see the palestinians to create artifical crisis and continue to avoid and runaway to the start of the decisions that are needed to make a genuine peace of . i hope that your visit will help shsteer them back to a position that we can achieve peace and what our people deserve.
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>> mike some different tones from kerry and netanyahu, and criticism from netanyahu that it's the palestinians that are being obstructive. >> the palestinians will argue strongly at their meeting with john kerry as far from crisis being artifical the chri crisise real and center around the netanyahu government and center on plans of the netanyahu government to build a separation wall at. jordon that will keep them away from their at the three. three--territory. this is going to be disputed and heatedly rejected by the
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palestinians. there is another issue brewing in resent days, there has been discussion in the israeli parliament about the issue of granting no you. jewish access to the sacred sanctuary. and this is something that the palestinians warn is mo potentiy explosive. even by the stormy standard of debate this meeting stood out as rowdy. and a discussion in a parliamentary committee is the issue of whether jews should have free access to pray on one of islam's holiest sites. jewish prayer has u always been allowed at the western war, but not on the haram sharif itself.
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in the past the status quo was largely challenged by an extreme fringe of the israeli row will i greligiousright. now it's a matter of mainstream political debate. fused together of the coa coalin government are members of the settlest's movement to gain free access to the temple mount. >> it's the most important place. the temple mount is the holiest place in the no jewish row list. remission. religion. but to allow the prayer it would bbe apoor right of act.
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the israeli hoye cour high cours refused to decide it i it's a ah right. 13 years ago former prime minister insisted on walking on the site of the boil h. while he didn't stop to pray it was an action that sparked the inat thainterinterfa da. but should the israeli prime minister continue to listen to his police and block moves to introduce new laws he could face the collapse of the coalition government that keeps him in power. >> and medulla oblongatt mike ty the former leader was found not
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guilty on corruption charges. how is that likely to impact ime peace talks. lieberman has not played any role in talks about peace. right now the minutes te at mins justice is taking part in the peace talks. if there is any development within these talks, then the some stage at israeli government is likely to have to sign off on it. lieberman's position backing that government for foreign minister is likely to add a own more hard line position within the government and within the government. remember that lieberman is himself a settler and a strong proponent of settler activity and would certainly describe
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himself as no friend of the palestinians. >> now an exclusive report from a democratic republican of congo where soldiers are celebrating the doug diet defeat of m-23 re. malcolm webb has been with the military at the last base. >> they should m-23 are finished. the game is over. after days of heavy bom bombardt the rebels fled of this soldier claims he took this rawanda army majoritbadge from a rebel's uni. this one is from rawanda and
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this one is from uganda. >> the government troops are in good spirit. spirits. there is no phone signal, but this man makes the most for the cameras of he announces the victory to an imagine imaginar. >> this is the highest point of what was the ren h rebels' final hideout. the view from here is incredible. you can see for miles. into the neighboring uganda and rwanda. here they have trenches they ducdugand they probably fired ws from these trenches. most of the weapons they gues destroyed befe they left. now it's full of government soldiers and the rebels are gone. they fled before the government
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troops got here. >> here is the remains of their weapons stash they blew it up before they left. the victoria jus just u victorir to so what they were up to. m-23 was in this area. and now it's over. it's a good victory for us. these men know they were lucky. they were soldiers taken prisoners by the rebels and now they have been rescued. but in other places he woul base body of soldiers that were shot. the government says the next step is to disarm the militia here. but for now there is relief one fight is finally over.
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malcolm webb in the democratic republic of congo. what does this mean for the dnc? felipe, i want to touch on three issues. let's start first with rwanda's possible involvement. if we can we saw in malcolm webb's report thaa soldier that is holding up evidence that rwanda was participating. rwanda has been supporting congolese rebel moves and have created some rebel movements from 1996 to today of there is no question about their involvement through weapons and actual operations of thea army.
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rawanda has denied this, but it's been accepted by the international community. and reports by anecdotal efforts. >> the m-23 will not the only rebel group in this conflict. how will they deal with the other conflicts. >> that will be the problem as m-23 has disappeared. the congolese government and also the u.n. peace keeping operation will have to tackle all of the other non-stay groups operating in the region. also rebel groups from uganda r from rawanda. >> this ithis is going to be a h moment and it will take quite some time. it's essential that it should be
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if only t to reestablish the statehood in the row gone. region. >> where does all of this leave the future of drc? do you think one day it can cash in on it's rich natural researches and operesearchresoue rawanda did after the genocide. the congolese state does not perform a number of essential state functions or at least defends them very poorly the rebuilding of the state, in the form of a solid army and also in the form of public taxation remember tharememberrather thane taxation. it's going to be essential for the congolese.
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still to come on the news hour. it seems they want to chase christians, not only from syria, but from the region. christians from syria tell how they struggle during the war. and the disturb being story of a nazi turne turn preacher is coming up. mad co ♪ >> now a court in cairo has up heahestledheld a verdict to bane brotherhood. it follows the must lim muslim d
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government in jewel. what does all of this mean then? >> well essentially what it means is another door shuts on the muslim broe broer hood. brothebrotherhood.i don't thinkl come as a surprise to people in the organization. what it does mean that the screws are going to get tighter still. even though the decision to outlaw them as an ngo and go after their capital assets and their finances was taken back in sseptember toward the tail end f september. the government has not put as much of that plan into operation yet. it was waiting for a committee that had been h set up to investigate the finances of the musmuslim proer brotherhood andg
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for the out come of this appeal. now the appeal has come back, bother stilweare still waiting e committee to report on the muslim brotherhood. in the coming weeks we'll see a tightening of the screws on the muslim brotherhood's finances and it will be increasingly difficult for the muslim protester hood to operate. brotherhood to operate. as for now it's been give for -- difficult for them. and they are going to dry up further i think it will be difficult for the muslim brotherhood to operate. there is no date set for a long anticipated peace conference. >> efforts to organize the talks have been harder than expected. they are due to happen later this month. the u.s. ambassador says not
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enough is being done to help the sir yes osyrians for re leaf. >> they have not lifted a finger to allow relief workers into syria. among those seeking shelter in neighboring countries are hundreds of thousands of syrian christians. many ar pier fear speaking out. >> it's out of fear of retaltion of rol relatives inside of syria hanna will not show her face or givgive her name. >> as son as the protest began they were chanting. we did not react. after a few weeks they had a new slogan.
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christian woman for pleasure. >> hanna has no home to return to. some fighters loyal to the one of the most feared armed groups in syria took up position in her flat. a relative central her this video after government forces backed by hezbollah reclaimed the are air area last summer. >> they havmany say they fully t the president. armed rebel groups have attacked churches some saying there was no place for the christian faith in syria. george is not also his real name. decide 15ed to leave after armed sold yoursoldiers went.
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wentdoor-to-door looking for christians. look at eequipment they say we are infadels and we are pigs and we don't know god. they don't know good. these arthe syrian communities e oldest in the world. >> to the united states now where elections have been held in several states and cities. it's a first major round of voting since the presidential election a year ago in virginia terry mcauliffe has wound the we governor ace race there and in new york chris christie has been elected. and detroit is going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. in boston where the incumbent is not soaking reelectio seeking r.
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>> i give you the next mayor of new york city bill deblasio were. >> he replaces michael bloom berg who has been in office for 12 years. dough blast yo is in favor of racing taxes for school problems. >> well there have also been elections virginia, detroit and pose ton. ton -- boston. there results could have a nation-wide impact. >> as voters cast their ballots think werthey were ding more thn electing their leaders, they were stein a seen as as sennin . the political analysts say their
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candidates fate in virginia would send a message sitting member of congress. >> if the tea party candidate in virginia loses very padly you then you might see more interest in challenging tea party candidates or incouple pants or candidates within the republican party. their candidate ken couc couch . >> the blam obamacare is the wot decision this nation has ever made. the backed candidate won with the slight of the of marc margi. the biggest win went to noon ace republican governor chris chris de. >> now listen, i know that if we can do this in trenton, new
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jersey, pai maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right now and city ho --see how it's done. >> we are seeing the first part of a civil where. >> and they are not one day affairs usually. this will go on flew bt 2014 and 2016 election. with the vote cast and counted the result send a mixed result. making it likely that the finding the sole o. >> the mayor of toronto has been acowsed of smoking crack cocaine. the story started five years ago. until now rob ford has denied using illegal drug. that has changed dramatically.
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>> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. am i an addict? no. have i tried it in probably in one of my drunken stupors. you have asked the yes and i will of will answer it the best i can. last thursday toronto's police chief told reporters that officers on a big jug depression that seems to show the mayor smoking crack. >> news of that ey emerged in w, but ford denied it emphatically at the time. >> it appears that ford is in the mid yo, bu video. >> since that the probe your is on the mayor to resign or take medical leave. in a much awaited secretary press conference the mayor em235
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sized h235faem235 -- emf emphast going anywhere. >> folks, i have nothing left to hide. >> i would do anything, shoutly- absoultabsolutely anything to ce the past. but the past is the past, and we must move forward. >> police say the mayor's admission of smoking crack cocaine will be turn over to investigators. some of his colleagues will try to row move som row ryto removen the coming week. the mayor's reputation is under a severe strain. >> there has been a search and rescue rows of small explosion
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at at communist party's offices in china. one person has been killed and eight others are injured. >> at this stiecialg was was behind the tackle and give enwhat it tock place right out 15outside of an office block the was likely a co-called petitioner. the people that have taken it through the official complaints procedure and go through extreme links to fake th take shape. tensions are high right across china because of a jeep attack. a jeep that was deliberately crashed in the the heart of tiananmen square. that was blamed on a minority
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group. it was a is lambic terrorist attack. this latest attack doesn't look like anything on that daily. it looks to be more localized. >> let's check on the global weather and traffic with stef. >> thank, darren. it's looking very, very intention to the east of the filphilippines. a huge storm here. you can't make out and i. don't let that fool you it's an intense storm and it's gradual lograduallytracking it's way to. it's going to slam into the philippines and work it's way to vietnam. both of these countries can see severe weather as we head through the next few days. the first place to be hit is the philippines. and it will be friday. when it does the sustained wind will be 240 kilometres-per-hour. that is a category ha 4 hurrica. and that scale runs from 1 to 5
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with five the highest. the en winds will cause a lot of damage and as well as that we'll have a storm surge and a lot of rain as well. that area of wet weather will work it's way across us an by friday some of us would have seen over 300 millimetres of rain and some places as much as 500 millimetres of heavy rain. that will cause a final problem with flooding. and then that system is going to work's way to ve vietnam. and vietnam has had heavy rain over the last three days. and right now we are watching a tropical depression making it's way over the seven part of the country that is giving us heavy rain and there is still more to come in the next few days. the area will stay wet on thursday a and on friday. it slowly desintegrates as it
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works it's way to the west already the rain is turning heavy an after a few days it will make it's way towards vietnam. so first of all it's the philippines where we see the worst of the weather and then vietnam. >> stef, thank you. let's take you live now to bethlehem and the west bank. secretary of state john kerry has arrived at the west bank. he has been visiting israel and is attempting to revive the peace talks. he has already met with net anaynetanyahu and now he is movg to pale. pale. pa palestine.
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\. >> and in sports tiger woods finds a new way to drive from area to europe. >> where did that ball land? we'll have more on that later. stay with us. ♪
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stories. benjamin netanyahu has growthed
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john kerry. and we now know that john kerry has arrived in west bank. >> soldiers are celebrating defeat of m-23 rebels in the democratic republic of congo. some soldiers have found evidence that the rebels have support from rwanda during the 20 month uprising. the government is not going to win and the opposition is not going to win on the ground. >> syrians must wait for a diplomatic end to the war. they have not been able to get a diplomat to agree to peace talks in geneviev again geneva. >> how is john kerry's visit being seen there in israel. he is aiming to revive peace talks. i suppose the question is will he get anywhere? i mean even kerry said this is
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going to be a difficult call. >> yeah, on one hand the israelis and i believe also the palestinians are very cynical. look this is his eighth trip and this is happening after the second round of what you just described as confidence building measures and both taken by the israelis and palestinians under pressure. from the israeli side the second round of releasing terrorists and the palestinians call freedom fighters. prisoners that were sentenced to life after targeting israeli civilians. >> an and at the same time the construction of new units in the occupied territories i can
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hardly believe that kerry and president obama are able to just turn a blind eye to a stalemate in the peace talks and be remembered in history as an administration who just put back into the west bank, hundreds or dozens of prisoners and giving legitimacy to the construction of thousands of units. i believe he has invested too much american political chips can, presidential chips in this process that he cannot just say, well sorry, i tried, but it didn't work. and let me try somewhere else. i mean is there a feeling that kerry has to come away with something from this trip? there are reports that kerry might propose some kind of interim deal. let me ask you, what would that deal entail. it won't address the core issues
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like settlement and borders and of course, security arrangements. >> yeah, as you know, the american diplomat, senior american diplomat is present in the negotiating room. and di it seems seems that he ig from -- after the next meeting after 14 meetings without much progress he is going to change hats from facilitator to mediator and put forward the american ideas, which will look as far as i understand, like the ideas that were submitted by president clinton at the end of 200. the israelis and palestinians are not able to reach an agreement on what you mentioned on issues such as divided
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jeruselem refugees. it has to be a third party and there is a prize now. and the prize that kerry is putting forward is an american embarrassment. that the americans have failed, as i mentioned they just gave legitimacy to the settlement pro project and the release of prisoners and got nothing out of it. what kerry is doing here when he comes here again and again, putting a higher and higher price for the american failure and nobody, not netanyahu are willing to pay the price. and the a at the end of the dayf this fails, what they are going to see a year from now is palestinians states rec night 'noiserecognizedby the u.n. >> thank you very much for your time. a international court in hamburg has gun hearings
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relating to green peace activists in russia. the rush yank russians won't tan thpart takepart in the hearings. let's get more on this. is this court largery irrelevant do you think? , because the russians say they won't take part in the hearings ananyway. >> not if you leave the dutch delegation, darren, in the last hour or soy the legal team for the dutch foreign ministry has been telling the junction the fact that russias ha not turned up changes nothing. and the court has to ascertain whether the case is grounded in factor law. and whether the court in it's ownman has jurisdiction over it's case. and i will make the case that it does those two points are true. >> they are hoping that the court here in hamburg in the
5:37 am
next couple of weeks will esche u a decision on what they are asking for the demand for russia to be they want the court to tell them to release the activists and the arctic sunrise. they want the legal proceedings to stop as well. russia has failed to turn up because it doesn't recognize this arbitration and procedure. but in the legal teams opinion, that doesn't change what the court can actually do, darren. >> in the meantime what is happening to the activists themselves? >> well we have been speaking to the grown peace direct year he stayed it's not clear ive when they ar --alberta when they are going to be thanks ford fro --transferred to a jain st. petersburg. it's good news and as far as the conditions weather were are very
5:38 am
harsh. the came page campaining group e dutch government wants them liee leased immediately. lease -- released immediately. but i don't think anybody is holding their breath. >> in many areas menstruating women are segregated every month and are off ste often kept in s. in far western nepal men' men's menstruating women are not allowed to sleep in their houses because they consider them unclean. >> the older generations say the tigers will come. >> many think of menstruating women untouchable. >> this shed is tiny. it's imfob to stand straight.
5:39 am
you can touch both walls with your hands. it's one. bigger sheds and it's absolutely gash here when you close the door. it's what helps in th happens is what they are afraid of. >> many have been bitten by snakes and some die from asphyxiation. >> their 14-year-old daughter was found dead in their men mems value themembersmen'men'smenstr. >> some say it was the lack of oxygen and some say it was cold at the time. >> even though they banned the they had in 200590% of the people abide by the rules. there are villages 245 are tryinthat are trying to change that. last year the men and women
5:40 am
decided think ought to stop this decision. they met with a lot of confusion. >> everyone said it was because we had stop staying in our menstrual hut. >> it rainedar a month and you fold people i said it wouldn't rain and it 267 2. >> we are not happy that we are the only ones grow from menstrual segregation. >> this used to be a community menstrual shed. most of them have been denothing itched. the women have kept this one to remember how many years they kept suffering. zplrchlt. >> now more tha more than 50 yer nan nazi took up shop in mexico. he would visited what was known
5:41 am
as dignity colony. >> in the foothills of the andes in central chile an enclave of germagermans:. martin speaks with a heavy german ar being a beingermanger. >> yurge net. works at the restaurant, hotel come prosperity cheques. complex. >> i'm 45 happy to be a waiter e and i'm happy and free. >> the organiz they are trike ty
5:42 am
finredefine themselves as a tout area. it was set up by a former teacher named pahl shepard. theyfollowed him to thrill lay to establish a charity. once here the inner circle turned the isolated colony into a fortified prison for the rest residents. at ground level it was innocent looking enough. this was a place used to store potatoes. come this way. down these stairs. this was a torture chamber for more that be wh 40 years before, during and after the dictatorship the colony operate the as a state welcome back a w. the school an cost colony wa wad
5:43 am
concentration camp. the lawyer was the first to press charges for raping dozens of chilean boys. finally in 2005 shave5 schaffers tried and sent to prison. it was not until earlier this year that many of his top accomplices a was jailed. the people were force fed drugs and forcibly pete pete beet en. all of our families lives of work and sacrifice are here. i have nothing else. i'm trying to throw out the bad and take in the good. i feel like this place is mine too. >> some are out ranged at the attempts to turn this no a ba
5:44 am
vancouveabavarian resort. there this is a playing where they sacrifice their health and sanity. >> we'll have another they are from the glassd nazi era comingp after the break a treasure trove of lost art is seen for the first time in decades. sanand support, more on that, sy with us. ♪
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the world bank help? >> the houses in this now estate are about to go on sale. but some may stay on the market for years because of the high interest rates on lozenge loansy them. the program to help nigeria with mortgages is good newsness the few that have managed to buy their own home say it will take more than a loan from the world bank to solve the problem. >> i'm grateful to the world bank for doing this. it doesn't go far enough. what the federal government must do is parcel out the land and
5:47 am
build the infrastructure and provide the electricity and provide water and provide roofs. >> often it's the developers that have to put in those things and they say that drives up the cost of building homes. here in nigeria buying a home with cash is cheaper than taking a loan with a high interest rate. the government plans to set up a finance company to lend money to prospective homeowners at low interest rates. that should increase the number of people that take out loans in nigeria which is currently around 30,000 very low for a country of 160 million people. what the world bank has done they want to help develop the nigeria financial agency which will help us standardize our approach to mortgages.
5:48 am
to be able to own a home without stress. >> mortgage providers welcome the government plan. >> this is probably a step in the right direction. you financial th finance the moa low interest rate an and you get your money back. >> they are still a long way to go the lack of affordable mortgages has led to a shortage of homes to be built by 2020 to meet demand. >> time for sports now. thank you very much. manchester city has reached the last of the champions league. for the first time in their history. argentina striker scored twice for city. a penalty in the third and the hat trick put the match out of reach.
5:49 am
and they are hope toking his sit --hoping his side will go en further. we have a strong team and it's not our only target. we have a strong squad and i repeat we will see the job because we don't know with whom we are going to play. but i assure that the team we play against them they won't be happy to play against us. >> also through to the next round they beat victoria 7-nil. sand thethey scored is a headere oof56th minute. >> it was more difficult than the first game two weeks ago. i remember clear ou our game in
5:50 am
barcelona here in barcelona we suffer to win the game. it's always difficult for a princple when you play away. >> rwould thethe world record sd a goal. mmadrid dropped their first point, but still stayed on top of group b. >> we haven't just played on the counter attack we had great possession in the second half. being great without possession. we have done very well in the second half. >> we are still alive because in a group nothing is decided. we have to beat copenhagen at home. >> and the other matches.
5:51 am
mexico will face m nigeria n the final of the fifa world cup. argentina had a chance to get the early lead, but they missed and mexico quickly took over. and in the fifth minute the first of the two on the night. his second came in the 21s 21st minute and mexico went onto a 3-nil win. >> nigeria beat we ha sweden. a double dare lead in the 80th minute. they sealed the 3-and-0 win for the african side. the final will be on november 8th. the under 17 world cup may limalmost be over, but for for t
5:52 am
there is still a lot to do. it's provided the young players with valuable experience. >> they have the home fangs ands anfansand the months of enthusio succeed. the world cup was beyond the ue's reaches. the host submerged without a single victory or even a point. but it's a minor failure in the. u theua's resent form of various competitions. >> in the resent years they have done a good job. most of them played in the olympics in london and they did so well they were promoted to thto senior side. they are close to cal qualifyinr
5:53 am
the 2015 asian cup in australia and after that it will be the russian cup. >> after they have got over the disappointment of 9 the tournat it's these place player place ps that are looking for the call up. it's hoped that they can repeat the successes of a previous generation. in 1990 the eua failed to qualify for the world cup. the success for reach being the finals in italy causes riples back home. many believe that the young players that are coming through can emulate the nation stage. >> they are poised to go to the work up. they have a excellent team and a young team. i think you can see them at a major tournament in 2018.
5:54 am
>> when and if that moment comes niecthese fans will be ready foa long awaited return to the world stage. >> tennis and doug defending chn djovich defeate, extended his wg streak to 18 matches. >> and the spaniard has never won this event before. >> denver anythin nuggets are sl looking for their first win of the season after losing to san antonio spurs on tuesday. in the final 12 minutes, tony parker scored 24 points and tim duncan dropped in 17 and the
5:55 am
spurs rallied in the fourth quarter to beat the nuggets 102 to 94. >> here is a new way to drive from area to europe o europe. tiger woods has become the first to play into the countries. >> dan can do that? >> six cours >> of course i can. now to germany a discovery of over a thousand pieces of art that were thought to be lost forever. much of it was looted by the nazis in the second world war. they were found in an apartment of a recluse. a self portrait by dix and the
5:56 am
true value of this treasure trove is coming to light. among the 1400 works found some never new existed. >> some works like this. at a press conference german authorities evaded questions as to why it took pore tha for morr to make it public. instead they focused on the quality of the works. >> when you are standing in front of these works which for a long time are thought to be destroyed or disappeared it's a joy. they are in relatively good condition. some 6 thesome of them damag dit damaged. >> he was recruited by his father to sell degenerative art.
5:57 am
hitler deemed some art immoral. that was the case of edward monk's "the scream". it sold for 120 million-dollaring$120 millie paintings will come floodings in. the people dolin dealing with ts arpt will bwill come like ferrea sack. >> there is a glut and it will knock the prices down some say this horde is the tip of the iceberg. judging by the owners and their desefnedescenddescendants tryine
5:58 am
property taken by the war. >> that is it for now. thanks for watching. >> a senator under investigation and only al jazeera america is there. uncovering the corruption opening the files... >> are you going to resign if your're indicted? >> breaking the story real reporting, this is what we do... al jazeera america determining using some sort of
5:59 am
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the election of two governors widely seen as barometers of the national political mood. republican chris christie winning new jersey in a landslide, which democrat terry mcauliffe takes swing state virginia by a nose. secretary of state john kerry calling for real compromises and strong decisions as he pushing for renewed talks between israelis and palestinians. amid the party atmosphere in new orleans, there's a big problem in the big easy, an explosion of homeless women and nowhere for them to go. and the vehicle of the future is taking flight. the sky car could make sitting in traffic a thing of the past.


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