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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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york and here are the top stories. scientists in switzerland say there is evidence that yasser arafat was poisoned he died in 2004 and they exhumed his body last year the scientists say there were unusually high radio radioactive substances in his remains. >> secretary of state john kerry says developl develop israelis s can find peace. >> kerry met with the prime minister and president early other today. >> a super typhoon will make
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landfall in the philippines in the next 24 hours. the emergency officals are making preparationings fo prepae storm. >> twitter will start selling shares on thursday for $26 a piece. the price puts the value of the social media site at 14 untiles for a company that has yet to turn a profit. >> those are the headlines at this hour. "consider this" with be antonio moria is next. ♪ >> was yasser arafat poisoned to
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death? an al jazeera commissioned study found shocking information on the plo leaders' demise. what does it mean and who are the suspects. >> the n.f.l. has been taken to task for bullying. rookie hazing has been going on for decades. when i does it cross the line tt right abuse. >> what does is it like to be part of the sketchings. >> hello i'm antonio mora. >> a swiss study commissioned by al jazeera has found strong evidence that palestinian lead areaser arafat had been poisoned with a rare element pulonium 210. the study supports the theory that the pew loa pulonium poisog caused arafat's death. >> first they found high amounts
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of pulonium 210 in arafat's clothesand now they have found the substance in his bones. the swiss scientists prepared this 1 108 page report. >> the data conofficials buy loaconfirms pulonium poisoning. >> if i was a judge and jury this is absolutely stone cold certain. um, this is beyond any doubl don my pun that i opinion that was m that caused the death of yasser arafat. >> for widow and daughter it's 10100%. >> when they came to the house and told me he just died. i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts all over the world to punish who did this crime.
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>> now that i have proof that he was poisoned, i feel a relief, actually. a final closure will be knowing who killed him and the motive and the ambition behind it. >> more than 40 years of research have given scientist knowledge of the average levels of pulonium and radioactive led in human schedul schedule skele. >> everyone has a tiny amount of pulonium in their bones. the amount in yasser arafat is 900 mfg and that is 18 or 30 tiles the average depen dependin the li literature. the soil around his bones bones8
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times high ir. on a scale t of confidence. the data support poison being at level five. these results conif i recall a theory of pulonium poisoning first put forward last year and then the same skin tis found that arafat's blood was contaminated with the pe pew pum 210 of the. >> the latest test was on arafat's flesh and bones baueryd in l ramallah since 2004. three teens have take three teae tests. >> there was a team in frank.
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-- france. the french results remain see yet. secret. and the question is whether the palestinian authorities shift 9 case to the national criminal court. perhaps mrs. arafat and her daughter will see suspects come to try and learn once an for usual what killed arafat and not just who. arafat led the palestinian liberation declaration for decades. he was viewed as a terrorist by israel and western nations. the u.s. had behind the scenes contact with the plo. arafat shook hands with the israeli prime minister on the white house lawn. over the neck decade arafat returned to the gaza and the west bank, but his relationship with israel and the u.s.
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deteriorated particularly after the start of the palestinian uprising in 2000. israel again saw him as a terrorist and washington would have little to do with him. for more on this i'm joine joiny these two guests. great to have you both with us amed what was your response when you heard the news. it was suspected that there was poispoisoning in 2005. >> i was not surpriced. this is the biggest non-story story of there was the investigation of al geeze and thealaal gathera.the questions r
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remain at lark. what the -- large. and what the motive and who did this. without that there is no accountability. the fingers have long basketbaln pointed in israel and the other leadership. the most important thing to focus on is account ability. the time frame limits us in terms of being five years ago. >> and let's talk about about e different alberta ankles. >> i'm full of anger chbl this is a crime. this is an assassination of an
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elected palestinian leader by his people. it's a political asass nations. nations -- assassination. the palestinians blamed israel, but arafat had a lot of different enemies around the region. there were questions about his inner circle even. and according to the "new york times" there were attempts on arafat ease life perhaps 40 attempts not just israel. that is correct with those attempt on his life really happened at an earlier face of his exist tension. i mean when i was killed or when he passed away he was you know surrounded by close allies and close could be if conif i conf. and it was the israelis that had local ovecontrol over the area e
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lived. >> he was holded up in rah mali in the west bang and a presidential compound. it's not like the israelis had too much expert to him exactry. they were besiege the the deputy prime minister said he would surkilling him. in 1982 in tunisia and and in ramallah be be a a geck aid err the prime minister insisted that israel didn't do it saying "it was government decision not to touch heir fat at all. if anyone poisoned him it could have been someone from his inner circle. when arafat was confined in the compound, israeli vice president prime minister says killing minimum is one of the offices. >> we are trying to eliminate
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you will of the sets of der other 678 mouth 6 you have why question is r j are you convint had to be israel. they are the ones that could pull off an operation like this. therthere is a personal animosiy that sharon and his advisessors had towards arafat arafat symbolized resistance to israel and knackism ants there is a me difficult that one can point to. but ultimately i don't think we know. we'll have a direct linkage who administer the pulonium. >> let's listen again. he said something about the report. >> i don't know many countries that have 23450u clear reactors to find this substance of pulonium which is heir and only
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done in lee actors and to only bill. and mummabill. >> the only person we know who was killed in a pulonium attack was a rush yan dissident when russian abilities put pulonium in his tea at the hotel doesn't that muddy the trail where israel is concern? >> not really. you have to ask you yourself in times like this who benefits the most when removing arafat does russia blo benefit or israel benefit. this type of pulonium is largely manufactured in russia. many people are questioning why there was no tawsmtion don't when he traveled to france. there was no toms don autopsy dd they didn't request it. if there was who items you bo
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think that was something pos important to. he was taken to france and that is where he died. >> you would expect glypy enthe of air 2359 and given the misser mysterious circumstances would is around his doat. if i can add the biggest that wl length is the time lean. it's-for-r tofer to porn to nots sophistocated to trap this. >> i think we had to raise questions from the russian experts recently saying there was no indication that will was pulonium involved. the russian and the french are looking at a nine year later autopsy of arafat.
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and there was an inanial report that the russians said we didn't find any pew he pulonium. it's a eight page report and it's going to be translate by a translation service. what i find suburb just even if it was gone monks th done done e leadership there are unlikely any punitive measures taken and the r they continue to be annexed and the row disparticulars don't warrant in terms of what is gone the ground. what will come of this? less israel is implicated the biggest part of the test and the peace protest itself ask is a gal have value have agalvanize f
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communities. >> john kerry moat with net yana roo. do think you think they will hurt the peace talksch. >> not in the sor sort storm. 23 this stays in the headlines it will raise questions was this a plot to row move arafat from the scene and replace him with zoom one more com liability if s tracks on, and if it station in the head lines. and it could make him acts a oosh are alberta r sikh are are
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are are. -- chr chr chr kl in that sense it could prove very complicating anticly for thanticanticly forae administration. mahmoud barrack negotiated the prison exchange. why not go there new and include the icc and yet they are momentums are u necessary co. and politically this does have implications. >> this is nine years later area fat is considered the father of terrorism and televised terrorism. and spectacular attacks he was behindnd mostly from the krcht oh, o and a partial list from
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the zrfer eb don't don' astros . and arafat had relost in the compound. how do palestinians look back at the acts of violence it's a great question. it's a key question. >> and the same time it's symbolic how people look back at him in terms of him being a symbol of ry resistance. whether he is bringing peace through non-violence means or associated by those reports. it's not ir,but not, front and center. for many years now the palestinian leadership was divided between f fatah and ham.
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and this brings it home for those that are close to him and >> and a division that grew after he died. arafat's chat dough is looming over the peace process and what is going on in the middle east tonight. >> we thank you for joining us tonight and we'll stay up on this story. >> bullying where do you draw the line around where it is san out right game. >> a california high school mascot has caught the attention of an anti-discrimination group. >> i will tell you more coming up and what do you think, aj consider this a an on our face book and google pages.
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bullying and hazing is a rite of
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the passage. it puts the own tir entire cultf the national football league into question. can the n.f.l. one of the hyper masculine competitive environments in the world continue to ignore the bullying it ca can foster we are joined y one of the civil rights movement pioneers dr. harry edwards. >> and from silver spring, maryland. dave ziron sports for the nation and great to have you guys both with us tonight. johnathadr. edward johnathan mas given a nickname of big weirdo. and typical hazing that happens
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in the n.f.l. an pee and peoplee you guys were aware of this went further it went to voice mail and text mes messages and eventy leading to a emotional breakdown how tre brief prevalent is thise n.f.l. and sports in particular. i was associated with the n.f.l. for the last years. i was wha with the golden state warriors and in all of these sports there is some degree of this kind of thing that goes on. this is an extreme case. >> this typically runs the spectrum. the people singing the school songs from the colleges they came from and right up to this. the thing that has changed is that the technology has eliminated the line for all practical purpose.
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in-house an locke and locker rod public information. >> no one can be sure that what happens in-house is going to remain in house. not even the nsa or the cia much the less a locker room in the n.f.l. what we are witnessing new is a change in terms of the cultural risk of exposure for a institution that has been long embedded in a se secrecy of what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. that is no longer possible. >> we are talking about more than singing the school songs. we are talking about haircuts where people had a mohawk that looks like a penis. on the dolphins team. we are are talking about rookies being made to pay tens of thousands of dollars to veterans
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for trips to vegas and is a $15,000 for dinner. >> there is no question that is over the line. but the line is different in almost every locker room. what the public sees on sunday is the sausage. they would not like i don't think to see the sausage being made. >> the kinds of things, the challenges of becoming a professional football player, the practice and the drudgery and the hard work and the injuries, all of that is part of what happens in terms of the developing an n.f.l. level product. and sometimes these kind of backstage activities that are geared to generate camaraderie and geared to generate a deep teateam spirit an and so forth can go or the line. >> and every locker room i have
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been involved in that line is different. what the league has to do about it is to crackdown on it and eliminate all of that activity, because it does nothing, but make their image worse at the time when they are already struggling with the brain injuries and so forth. the technology and the exposure risk is going to cause the league to eliminate all of it right down to singing the old college anthem. >> dave, should be a lin there e at all. could you think of any other profession that this bu behavios acceptable of the we have a young man that started on the show this week and there is no hazing here. it's something that doesn't happen in any other profession. >> that is one main line of argument. >> the n.f.l. is a big business.
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and the players are a unionized work force. and the question about the locker room, is this a work space or is this a space that requires the kind of very inten sieve camaraderie building that dr. weerededwards describes. that is something the n.f.l. will have to answer for themselves going forward. a lot of people in this follow n story have made the comparison to "code red" and doing a top down and organizatione organized turning him into a man's man. the marines had a uniform code baning all hazing since 1 1997. >> the n.f.l. has nothing in their rule book that has a to
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deal with hazing. >> people calling themselves soldiers and generals and this is how you get a war mentality in the locker room. and you have people like johnathan martin saying look i just signed up to play football not go to war. dr. i ha he had weird edwards is it's different in every locker room. the players have contracts that are not guaranteed. you are on the team at the pleasure of the keac coach and general manager when the coach goes like this and says go toughen up the players ritchie and that is what is going to happen. >> that is the news of today. that the coaches talk about the
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hierarchy that righ ritchie wasd to toughen up martin. >> some went as far as blaming johnathan far continu mother maf be bullied. >> ritchie incognito absolutely not. >> but the other guy is just as much to blame he allowed it to happen. [bleep]. you are a grown man you need to stand up for yourself. >> so many players are standing up to incould g incognito. is martin the one that is going to be hurt more than incognito? >> no. these players are so ensconesed and rooted in 20th sen century culture. the day and gone when you can assume that anything that lapse
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ihappens in the lock other room iroom -- locker room is not against going to be up to scrutiny. >> glen fire ford tells his an g antagonist play don't force me to fight. you will not like the way i fight. what mr. martin did is fight in the 21st century way. he had the electronic e-mails and voice mails that he accumulated. >> i'm quite certain that mr. incould g incognito and thes organization and the league would have preferred that he thought ritchie in the 20th century fashion and hit him in the mouth. he didn't to that do that he fom in the 21st century way. he got all of the electronic
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e-mail and voice mails and put those into public view and that is the reality we are feeling with. these guys we are talking about well he should have stood up for himself and he should have fought him and he should have drew a line. they are so ensconesed in 20th century locker room. they couldn't see the steamroller that has already crushed them flat and it's barreling down the road. >> this is what the n.f.l. league is going to have to deal with. we can't control these electronics and so there for it's a risk for us. >> how about the n.f.l. being enschooencomesed inensconesed i. as a pro he has been fined five times as for fighting, there is late hits and he argues with
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refs and he appears on the dirtiest players list and there have been a lot of altercations and i could go on and on. why are the n.f.l. mind to these behaviours. >> they keep getting concussion after coon cushio concussion. warren sap says rid chi incognito would call him the " n" word as well. that is one of the things that johnathan fa martin was respondg to of course. and to have all of what you just said. let's remember he was on the dolphin team leader council coul which is meant to be an interimmediate dinterimmediatei.
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you know who was on my wall growing up? a man named lawrence taylor. that wag was my hero agreeing u. and if my mom had known 1/50th of what lawrence taylor was doing those posters would be torn the heck down. if you take the 53 guys in a locker room and go back to the environments that they came from and just pick 53 guys i glare ant --guarantee you that the 5 s in the locker room are going to be a better set of guys with goals and thing though want to
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achieve with yo with all of thee and problems. you will not find anyone in the n.f.l. in the locker room who will pass the more theresa character test. you will find guys that have all of the problems that come from those kind of backgrounds and it's 9 job of the organization and the leak to manage those problems. >> that is the important point that needs to be made the teams in the league have to take control of this. guys it's a discussion that could go on a long time i appreciate you discuss it with us tonight. people should gook el harry gooy edwards and see about his history. >> antonio. a high school in california is at the center of a budding controversy. they call themselves the key coachella they are decorated
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with murals that look like a page ou out of arabian knight. knights. but last friday the e aec wrotea letter to the school. on wednesday though started an on-line petition. the a dc director told me that once we were initially notified about this issue we ran it by a dozen individuals in our community to find out if we should take action. >> the overwhelm majority people in our community now gaz thoughs offensive we asked if you it was offensive and 93% said, yes reducing diverse cultures is offensive and unacceptable. on the website office fernando
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disagrees isn't this school celebrating as much as possible anything from the arab culture? isn't that supposed to be a good thing. >> you can read this and more on the website at >> and straight ahead a millionn dollars discovery of har art stn by the nazis during the holocaust. >> and a woman who has become the world's eyes. the author of sketching guantanamo joins us in the studio.
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calgarclaims of ownership are pg in. >> it's rea wakened a dark past and awake end you. wish tooth of troops. we have been tasked to find and protect the art that the nazis have stolen. they have taken everything with them. so we have to get as close to
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the front as we can if girl any falls they will destroy everybody. who cares about art. they are wrong. it's the exact reach we are fighting, for a culture, for away of life. >> what is all of this? >> people's lives. the mobments men is set to 12k3w4r06r7b8g9s what they found in this munich paramedic is the biggest cash of art since they were disbanded after world war ii. >> it's a remarkable story and there were important very much layings in the soviet union in the 1990s for missing works of
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art this is of a different kind. i'm not surprised we are having events like this. the volume of works of art are as stonastonishing and those ofo are working in the area still know this is the tip of the iceberg. there are hundreds of cultural objects missing from world war ii and this is an important part 69 georgofof the gorggeorge clo. and allow main street to understand a story that hacks hn struck th monuments have a righo these. >> there were only handfuls of them over there.
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and at the end of the war they started discovering thousands of hiding places containing tens of thousands of works of art stolen by the. thenazis. it was an extraordinary challenge for them to go through imillions of objects to find the rightful ofteners. did shall --. >> and when the areas they sorted the art was closed they had taken 5 million objects. >> they believe 20% of the art in europe was taken by the nazi. among the 140 1400 pieces that e found only one a mattiace wags s
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pospositively identified by it's owner it's been joy 7 jo 70 yey are we still finding them? >> my father was in sig saipan d we are going to lose most of the people this greatest generation and as they pass everything they own that is in at particulars -d basements are going to be someone else's. they are sometimes picked up as souvenirs. there is going to be a whole new period for us. >> i think the world has looked the other way. at the end of the war there was a desire to come home. the horrific conflict that cost the lives of 61 million people
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people want to get back to their lives. the cold war was on us in korea. and the will to stop prosecutebeinprosecutinggermanse monument was cut short and 9 2k3w06thegovernment wanted out . they could have saved that's the works of art. >> we are talking about a guy who had the paintings in drawers in a cramped apartment in munich. who is this guy? a 80-year-old corneilus. gerlit oe>>ts . >> he was one of the sons of gathegerlit and he made acquisis
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of art at the end of the war. and ultimately interrogated and the focus of the monuments at the beginning was to return to the countries that have been victimized by the nazis and their works of art and in particular jewish collectors and libraries. >> and own recently did they worbelong to them. he is a curious figure and certainly someone that the documents show. we are talking about a guy that had a mattiace and picasso and renoir. how did he hold on to these
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pieces? how can nobody find out about it? >> can he be charged in germany for not giving these back. >> the zbe english german news e has not given us any answers. it's been han handled as a taxmr there is a certain privacy right and they can't release the incelebrity tory. inventory. >> they found these paintings two years ago why did it take so long too giv to give everybody e information about it. the investigation was driven by tax mat,. matters. the important thing is that the gather magerman north authoritye
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the works. we have posted on the internet 160 objects that we believe were in a collectio collection at thf the war. a com complete list should be provided because the most important thing is to make sure that the victims of the greatest theft in history can get their works back. >> rob the other thank you for your time. the movie coming up next year. >> thank you antonio. consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person.
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>> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. >> today's data dye brings out the most among us. three quarters of kids under eight years old have access to a mobilmobile device at home in te
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past three years children's use of tablets have quad it u tuple. kids time in front of tv setsess has dropped a half hour a day. the time on mobile devices jumped from five minutes a day to 15. what do serv seven year olds hao text about. tv is the most widely used platform. but when you break it down by levelevel of income. poor families capitalize on tv's and high income families use mobile devices and computers more often. young kids are not the only once that are increasely active. mom's under 25 are more likely to be on soak social media.
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moms are more likely to use the devices than the general public. they are often shopping on-line for their children. it's a big digital circle. >> what is it like to be the eyes. sketching guantanamo is up next.
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>> what is it like to be the world's eyes for the most controverscontroversial trial oe the courtroom sketches gave us the only window. she pu published several of her pictures in her now book sketching guantanamo 2006 to 2013. janet hamblin is the author. you are an art school grad and
10:51 pm
you are all of a sudden in guantanamo with some of the most dangerous men in the world do you wonder how you got there? >> yeah. it was initially surreal. the first time i went down to guantanamo i thought it was going to be one time and the first time i saw kle klee shaq d and it struck knee. me. you are the only artist that have been given us the windows often thon the trial. you have covered other trials how different is this? >> this is very different. no other court i have been to have i had to sit in a separate viewing room, media room behind glass with a 4 40 second secon y with the other gallery of viewers and journalists and victim family members and all
10:52 pm
watching the trial behind this glass. >> , oon a 40 second delay so ty can stop the audio if they talk about something classified that you shouldn't here? >> that is correct. >> how do you get close enough to see them. how do you get the pictures where you see their faces. >> that is a come pr a compromie military made with me. in regular federal court the court artist will sit in the front row or in the jury box. and i made i i made a pitch toe military to see if i could get security access. >> around and i could not. it's not going to happen. but they gave me access of a private room and i have two monitors. >> and talking about kalib sheik
10:53 pm
mohammad one of the interesting ant goatanecdotes from the bookt he didn't like one of the sketches that you drew? >> yes. the very first time i saw him. and the pressure was on. it's a huge responsibility. i was asked to draw his face a good close up. i whip out the screec sketch ano it and i realize it's not quite right. and i finish the sketch. >> this is the modified sketch we are looking at right now. >> that is right. >> there it is. with the corrected features under knight. -- underneath. and he didn't like the way is
10:54 pm
had nose looked. >> he saw the sketch and i saw him pick it up from the glass and shake his head frowning and i knew right away he was not pleased. >> when they came out and told me the sketch was going to be held on premises and poin printt his fbi picture and come back and fix it and then it would be approved. >> why do they have a right to say anything about it? at first you weren't allowed to draw their faces. >> why can they censor, do they have the right to? >> that did become the secondary focal point i was asked to change it and i had to before it could move. that is all part of the idea that the military is working to be as fair as possible and make sure that nothing unflattering goes out. personally the likeness was not
10:55 pm
initially very good. the opportunity to do a likens. >> yo. >> -- likeness. you were not able to do it. >> y. >> yes. >> this is a painting of what you see from the glass enclosed room. >> yes. >> this was the first time? >> this is not the first time it's actually the 'gated down dn below august of this year it's pretty resent. >> it's a recent one. interestingly there is a little white re rectangle there. >> that little white rectangle is on all of your pictures? >> that is right. >> the government needs to approve everything. >> you can see here the features are not clear the guards are not drawn. that is one of the rules you can't draw any of the security personnel. i can't draw any doors.
10:56 pm
no en indication of exit or enty that is one of a few things. >> this other one you have here why don't we show this one. >> sure this is klaib sheik mohammad when he dyed his hair red. we were told that boar berries d juice were used. >> what is he doing here. >> the detainees are able to pray to mecca. they will unfurre their prayer rugs and they will pray for 45 minutes. >> what is his demeanor like in the courtroom. >> the whole time he is reading and he is conversing with his
10:57 pm
defense team. in the first hearing he stood up and chanted and we know he pled gillty an guiltyguilty and he ds intenses. but since then he is extremely involved. >> we have a social media question for you. >> january he had. viewer pron renee wants to knoww did you get to be a court room sketcher and how are your sketches different than anyone else's. >> the associated press was a client of mine and they saw i did a lot of figurative works and they sent me into the court too manroom in connecticut. and i was from there on out going to be the courtroom
10:58 pm
covering and guantanamo came up and scott johnson the art director there stayed we would like to send you. the first three years i went to the associated press and there after i went as a sketch artist for the media and i continued. you are the world's eyes on this courtroom. and one criticism of your book and personally i don't think it's fair you should be objective as a artist that is going in and showing what is happening. you are not giving any opinion of what is going on there and your pil impression of the tria? what do you say to is that? >> i say that is good. it's how the book is perceived. i think my job is to be a visual conduit. i'm not going to be unemotional or unexpressive. anand inevitably my feelings otr
10:59 pm
opinions are going to couldn't ougoodcome outto a degree. i'm composing to choose what he is focusing on i feel this is my responsibility and my responsiblity is to bring what i see back visually to the world and let the viewers make their opinions from what they are seeing and what their descriptions are. you do have sketches that are not just in the courtroom you do bring a bloo broad particular fo what you have in that book. it's a fascinating look at that place and a por important trial. the back t book ask "sketching guantanamo". >> the show may be over, but the show continues on our website. and you can also find us on facebook and twitter we'll see
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you next time. 12k3w4re6r7b89s. >> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler. >> pulonium poisoning. authorities say that is what killed yasser arafat. selling healthcare. the president ease message in state where millions don't have any insurance and no insurance exchange. >> rejecting labelings. >> what voters in washington state say they don't need on irvegetables. >> and plus twitter tweets big news. >> the company goes public in the morning and says it's worth billions.


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