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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. >> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time. but we're working hard. >> secretary of state john kerry travels to geneva to meet with key players in the nuclear talks. a typhoon leaving four people did and leaving untold damage. the family of a woman press for charges of a man who shot and killed here. they say she was merely asking for help.
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talks to end the stand off over iran's nuclear program will go into a third day. iran hosts a deal will east western sanctions that have crippled its economy. there are five sites where iran is believed to be enriching and converting uranium or doing other work for its nuclear program. and one area where they suspect there is research. there is a lot of rumors connected to the talks where you are in geneva. first of all can you clear this up for us? is the russian foreign minister about to join these talks? >> it's been a really interesting day on that front.
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the foreign minister said that they would not be coming here, and we even reached out to the foreign minister. they said no, we have no plans to come. not an hour later they said nope, we are coming. so some last-minute plans, and this really kicks things up a notch. this was a summit at this point. every leading diplomatic dignitary will be here. and we're hearing that the chinese will be ratcheting things up possibly sending the deputy foreign minister. kerry himself, secretary of state kerry himself was not scheduled to come. his decision to come was a last-minute one, but it does indicate that the international community does take this meeting quite seriously, and they're sending all of their guns to
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finally hash out some sort of deal. >> it's about the deal at the end of the day but i'm curious how would russian involvement, and potentially chinese involvement change the course of these negotiations? >> well to begin with, it's the individuals coming here. but the russians and the chinese have a perspective they still remain optimistic. we're hearing back peddling and there still remains serious adivide between members of the eu and the united states. but the russians are saying they're hopeful and they hope they're going to be able to do something positive and push this into its next phase of hopefully
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what will be a process in the end map and end the conflict over the iranian nuclear program. >> okay, it will be a busy weekend, and we'll be there in geneva. secretary of state kerry met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. as we report from jerusalem, netanyahu adamantly opposes a deal with iran. >> well, it's been a rocky business for the u.s. secretary of state john kerry ending with a breakfast meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in which netanyahu repeated his assertion that he would not accept any deal with the iranians in terms of rela relaxing sanctions in exchange for guarantees of keeping nuclear development a peaceful one. >> the deal of the century for iran is a very dangerous and bad deal.
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for peace for the international community. >> reporter: this comes after a series of meetings with secretary of state and dignitaries. saying if israel does not reach a peace deal, sources within the israeli government saying this was a language of violence and of threat. at the end of his visit secretary of state john kerry met a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. once again iran was discussed and once again the israeli prime minister emerged from that meeting making absolutely clear that israel would not under any circumstances accept the deal that may be made. >> western nations try to impose sanctions on iran. they targeted 18 companies oil production and insurance. it's designed to exports and
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transactions. unemployment is widespread and the economy has weakened significantly. they hope easing the sanctions will bring jobs and end isolation. as you know, there have been some positive signs but there is a long way to go. we travel to iran's holy city of home to find out what is his fellow clerics think of the progress so far. it's iran's most conservative city. small but powerful. it's also here where the president himself studied to be a cleric. signs he became president he the
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letterics have been watching closely, especially when it comes to sensitive foreign issues. >> iran's foreign policy is much more complicated. the power made up in the country is set in a way that the president is the executer of the establishment you ask me about performance over the past few months and they're satisfied. >> reporter: in 34 years of official silence between washington and tehran most iranians are pleased with the president but others warn that foreign policy must be on iran's term. >> we don't accept it. our ties will be normal.
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the u.s. should change interactions with iran, and i don't think the political atmosphere has reached a point where people or the relationship. >> reporter: they have not reached a point of allies. while the nuclear issue has dominated the first day in office the u.s. and its allies accused iran of using it's civilian program as a cover for a military one. and because of that international sanctions have had an impact on iran's economy the sanctions have not eased. in the presidential election many do not support rouhani, and many have since changed their
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minds. they think he was, indeed, the right man for the job, but there are many iranians in this city who would remain unconvinced. with only 100 days into a four-year term, rouhani will have many opportunities to win over the parliament. >> and we'll be following all the developments throughout the night and the weekend and you can always get an update on our website at this is a satellite imagine of typhoon haiyan. it killed four people when it slammed into the philippines. storm force winds at 150 miles in die matter. now this storm is more intense than two of the largest storms to hit the u.s. in the past few
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years. in 2005 hurricane katrina had winds of 175 mph but its storm force winds hit 205 900 miles fm end to end. the red cross is calling for help. >> huge waves pounded the coast. as typhoon haiyan hit the philippines. this is a category five super storm. the red cross says 15 million people need help this is what the typhoon is creating. terrifying wind which has knocked down trees, uprooted
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electricity and phone lines. cutting communication to affected areas. flash floods have inundated found that send debris down the street. the president warned people to move to high ground. >> as always no storm can bring the filipino people to its knees. we'll all stay safe in the coming days. >> reporter: emergency shelters have been set up and many more will be needed. three-quarters of people are on the move. >> we feel safe already. we're far from home in case of a flood. especially since it's the danger zone. >> as the typhoon heads to the central, it should weaken. the gusts of winds should probably drop to under 2 kilometers a200 kilometers pe.
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the philippines have been hit hard, but it won't be until phones are back on and emergency crews reach isolated areas that we see how bad it is. al jazeera. >> and i'm meteorologist dave warren. this is the visible picture but it's the infrared picture of the enhanced view that shows this storm and how intense it was. we estimate the speed and intensity of the storm and never had seen such an intense storm like this. it was off the scale. that's why the estimates of 175 mph. this was the actual track. this was yesterday showing it moving across the country and the wind showing with the strongest wind was just north of the track. these are the wind gusts measured, the ohioer amounts were estimated and the estimates are really becomes to realize the wind brought in damage as this storm moved across the country.
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this is where it is now. it's focused on vietnam, and not gnarly like the satellite pictures before it hit the philippines. it will continue to track to the west-northwest at 26 mph, and the focus now is on vietnam. this will be early supplied morning, saturday night here in the east coast but wind will be at 120 mph. but the track parallels to the coast. so still getting some of that energy from the water. we'll have this and the national forecast. >> coming up on al jazeera america, the mixed results of this month ace job report. we will break down the numbers. police in michigan investigate a shooting that has captured national attention. a woman is gunned down, and she was just asking for help.
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hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> returning to our top story. joining me from washington, d.c. to discuss the talks in geneva, focusing on nuclear weapons policies and conflict resolution and a member of secretary of state kerry international advisory board. joe, it's always great to have you on the program. let's spend a few minutes and talk about this issues. let's work it through here. how close do you believe the sides are? >> i think it's very unlikely that secretary of kerry would have gone to geneva if we weren't very close to getting a deal. i expect a deal to be announced over the weekend. it's just a question of whether it's saturday morning, saturday afternoon, maybe into sunday. but you see the foreign ministers of all the converged on geneva. we're going to get a deal.
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>> let's work this. it would limit the capacity of the centerfuge of machines and prevent tehran from producing plutonium. those are some of the bigger-- >> right, those are the kinds of things that are being hammered out now. how strict are those limits? are we limiting the quality, the number of centerfuges will they really agree to the online reactor. those are the fine points that they're hamming out right now. almost certainly the deal are include iran's enreaching 20% uranium. once you get to that level we can make a dash by stopping that
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you really accomplish one of your major goals. you put more time on the clock. you very present iran from being able to build a jan. >> prime minister netanyahu utterly rejects the deal. his words, in quote, utterly rejects it, and tell me why and is it a good strategy. >> apparently prime minister is talking about two things. that these limits are not really all that serious, and we will dismantle our sanctions regime which brought iran to the table in the first place and then new clearliran's nuclear capabilitia year from now, two years from now. those strategic shifts those most affected by that change
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gets nervous. it could be about these two powers who could fundamentally alter the powers in the middle east. >> joe, so let me pick up on that. i think that are big ones. underpinning lot of this. a deal would be significant, right, but could it lead to cooperation from the iranians on syria and on iran, and on iran and hezbollah? >> yes, that is why so many people have said so much attention to this. the deal in and of itself is significant to the region and to the united states. the one that gets more attention than all the nuclear nightmares
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together. but it can rebuild relationships between the u.s. and iran the kind of arrangements we had before the revolution with the shah. this time not as client state but no longer as an adversary, no longer as an enemy. and now here u.s. irans and u.s. objectives actually overlap. we both have an interest in iraq. we both have an interest in afghanistan. we both have an interest in beating al-qaeda. and we both have an interest in ending the slot center syria. those overlapping objectives to lead to geopolitical transformation. >> joe, thank you. the monthly job report came out today, stand turned out to be a bit of an october surprise for
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many economies. they had been expecting much bleaker numbers because of the government shutdown. we have more on what the numbers tell us. >> reporter: the 16-day government shutdown was expected to dent an already weakened job market. employers added 204,000 jobs blowing away estimates. the unemployment rate edged up slightly but more worrying, the number of working-age people participating in the labor force fell to 8.2%. signaling discouragement among the unemployment. >> the best remedy is to grow the economy. that's why the president keeps talking about investing in our road infrastructure, and capital infrastructure and passing immigration reform. as we create those jobs that will come from those investments, then you'll get
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more people back in the workforce. >> the job market is still sufferinsuffering from the sailg issue that plagued it from last year. the lack of high-paying jobs. >> it's extraordinarily lackluster. we have the situation right now where the most of this year we saw enormous creation of jobs, jobs that pay. >> 50% of all new jobs created in the private sector this year has come from three of the lowest paid groups. retail, administration, and hospitality. discouraging news. >> americans had more income spending would take care of itself. unfortunately we don't. we have record numbers of unemployment and under employment, and that's a problem if you're taking homeless you're not going to put home under the tree. >> reporter: analystizes are expecting a less than merry christmas, this could be the worst shopping season in five
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years. >> and to see "real money with ali velshi" we'll have more on the jobs report including more of ali's interview with the secretary. now joining us from pensacola, florida, professor of economics at georgia tech, danny, it's always great to talk to you. what is your take on the jobs report. 200,000 jobs, on the surface it looks pretty good. when you take a deeper look what do you see? >> you're exactly right. you have to look more deeply. the numbers remind me of the famous line in the movie this is what we have here, my friend, failure to communicate. that's what the numbers play. there is one aspect of the numbers that is out of suicide-bombing with the other aspects of the numbers. generally what we economizes call noisy data.
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there is something there that is no, sir mixing right and we'll have to wait for a while before we know what is goingen. >> how concerned are you with the labor force participation rate? my understanding is that it's at its lowest level since 19 the 78. >> it's a huge concern. that is one of the down side of this report. there were two parts of this report. one side was rebright the, the report generatings from two different sources. the first report comes from businesses, 104 new jobs. and the other side of the jobs number comes from households. on that side what we saw is the size of the labor force declined by 702,000 individuals, and
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that's enormous. >> danny, appreciate it. we'll get you back when we have a little bit more time. it's good to see you, and have a good weekend. at a funeral today, many gathered to say good bye to the 19-year-old. she was shot when she stopped to ask for help after a car accident. bisi, what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: tony, right now police are releasing little about this information. we know the 19-year-old got into an one-car accident around 1:30 last saturday morning. when she realized she didn't have her cell phone she sought home. she went to a nearby neighborhood. she went knocking on doors. when she got to one man's house, he shot her in the face, killing
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her on his front door. her family said this is a simple case of racial boudoir. but the shooter, he's said to be 50s and is a white man. he said he thought that mcbride was trying to break into his house and his gone discharged on accident. there have been rallies calling attention to this case, and as you mentioned there was a funeral for mcbride today, an and. >> there is nothing else to say. i want justice for my knees. i don't want this guy walking around. he needs to know what he did. he took the life. we couldn't even look at her. but he can look. he just need to pay for what he done.
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>> and mcbride is described as a bright young lady. she recently graduated from high school and was about to accept a job with ford motor company. but her life was taken too soon. in regards with the case we know that supervised submitted information to the prosecutors. >> a bisi onile-ere, thank you. from detroit. >> michael eaves is here with sports headlines and we're getting more information on this miami dolphin hazing scandal. >> this time its news from the jonathan martin camp. participant will meet with the nfl's appointed investigator next week in los angeles. now participant left the
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dolphins last week following a taunting incident, and that martin had been receive harassment bying i could go neat toe. by--harassment by incould gincognito. and in the nhl. the head denee and two of assistance the panthers finished with the worst record in the nhl last season. this season they led the panthers to the only division title in team history. when we come back a little bit later we'll focus on college football. >> hunt for a drug lord. he was released from prison in
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the killing of a dea agent. now authorities are trying to get him back mind bars. an exclusive. a look at the russian reports on the death of yasser arafat
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>> here is a look at your top stories. thousands of people who take refuge from the typhoon in the philippines it may be the strongest storm to ever strike land. and at least four people are dead look at this, it grows almost 170 points after an unexpectedly strong job report. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting with diplomats from iran and there is no deal yet but there is plenty of optimism. the search goes on for a notorious drug lord who was released from prison earlier this year.
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serving a 40-year sentence for the killing of a dea agent back in 1985. he was set freebie a court who said he should have been tried by a state court instead of a federal court. we're joined live from mexico city with more on this, and adam, why is he so important? >> 's important for a couple of reasons. first off he started the cartel in the 1980s this was a pre-courser from the last two years taking over lots of operations, running a lot of drugs from columbia through incomes and he revolutionized the modern cartel system. he's called the smuggler of all smugglers. this case, the killing of a dea agent in 1985 in mexico caused a
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big fury not just in the united states but also in mexico because it woke mexicans up of this massive problems. a lot of people had been asleep to that and didn't recognize that. >> does anybody know where he might be? >> the u.n. government put out a $5 million reward leading to arrest and conviction overturned that ruling, now he's a wanted man again. we're not hearing where he is. it's unclear how many people the mexican government is putting thon case. we have some thoughts where we me be the power base guadalaja
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guadalajara, second largest city in the country, he probably has a lot of ally there is and a lot of money stashed away there, too. but that is just speculation at this time. no one really knows where he's hiding out now. >> the police have detained a somali man linked to the drowning deaths of hundreds of migrants. police say he organized the crossings to lampedusa to over 500 migrants. he faces charges, sexual assault and human trafficking. eight agencies are struggling to cope with the crisis. in the second part of our series on the violent conflict, we went to the refugee camp where tens of thousands of people are
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found. >> what you can't see is almost all of these huts are empty. many have run to the bush. others have made it to the blue and white tents. shot on his way here. he said armed men burned his house. >> they shot at me. >> there are now more than 40,000 people here in this remote northern town. mostly christians. this is the family that walk, td 25 kilometers to get here today. they say they can't go back to their farms and their livelihood because of the fighting in the
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area. >> people keep coming because they're afraid of revenge attacks. they are mainly muslims. they backed a cue with the country eight months ago. in september, they were attacked by a group on the other side of town muslims are hiding in a school. they accuse men of targeting them. they said they killed his father. he's now looking after a family of 20. >> my message to these people is they may want to take power. they may want to take back government but they need to spare civilian lives this is a
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complicated conflict. the u.s. said more of its workers on the ground could reassure people enough to go home, but it needs more money and resources. >> i think certainly the united states stands for the rights of women and we have the obligation not to abandon this country. >> there is a sense that the world is taking notice with pictures like these. it's unclear how much power it will have to then cycle of fighting and running. al jazeera. >> as part of an al jazeera exclusive three different groups of scientists have tested the remains of yasser arafat. russian findings say their
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results are inconclusive. but scientists were give specific instructions by the russian foreign minister. >> a new development brings me to the armenian capitol. we were expecting results from switzerland months ago but the news is they will be delayed for more testing and verification. in the meantime, a man from the former soviet union contacts me. the palestinian authority brought in russia to conduct a third examination on top of the french and swiss studies. the leak could be significant. after months of communication i decide to meet the source.
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he asked and we agreed to hide his identity. we spent hours that neither of us are being followed. unsure of the risks of releasing classified material. he shows us 15 pages said to be the summary findings from the russian lab. after we convince him to speak to us on camera. >> they were not only restricted but they were given incomplete samples. they measured four out of a total of 20.
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>> it's not clear what happened to the other 16 samples. in the four that were tested readings of polonium in arafat's bones are suspiciously low, even less than scientist was have expected to find. the tests are inconclusive.
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>> that was al jazeera's clayton swisher with the upcoming documentary "killing arafat." richelle carey is here. we're all excited. you're here. we're going to take at other stories making headlines. >> reporter: let's talk about libya. libya is struggling to maintain "law & order." rival groups clashed with heavy fighting in a hotel near tripoli. and in australia they're battling wildfires. this time they're breaking out near sydney. firefighters and helicopters continue to contain flames. so far no evacuations have been ordered. rangers in kenya's parks are
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going high tech. they're using micro chips, small devices to track the movements of rhinos at the park. micro chips are being put into the horns and neck to combat poaching. =fplt and folks are dusting off their record players, yes, i said record players. l.p. sales have doubled in the last two years, almost 600,000. indy rock bands helped make records cool again in a vintage kind of way. still a niche record but they hope the technology combined can keep sales steady. >> are you have a favorite album? >> are you kidding me? i still have a lot of my old funk, but longer and older in
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the tooth, but i got all that stuff. >> it still has that sound. that crackling gland that's good news. >> the legalized marijuana business actually on the rise in the united states. up next, we're live in washington where countless marijuana products are on display. and it was a very big night of football. michael eaves brings us up-to-date with all that and more that's, um, next.
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>> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. >> it looks like you're smoking
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but it's not. it's vaping, the newest trend for people who want to smoke but can't light up. vaping is done with electronic cigarettes. and azte as "techknow" shows us. >> some days you're in a sour apple mood. and other days you're in a lemon mood. >> there is no combustion to p produce the carcinogen. this turns into vapor. the habit is called vaping, and those who do it call themselves vapors. >> we have over 100 flavors, and we're basically the yogurt land.
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>> it actually smells like pizza. >> for me because of my background, one of my main concerns is there a concentration of nicotine that you can put in? >> right now there's not. we have the choice right now to go buy it online and mix your own juice. >> with we tend to regulate that "n" this country. we don't like people making their own moon shine in their bathtub. this is something that the fda is going to step in and influence? >> the fda is going to regulate it, and we're prepared moore. >> now to los angeles, california, is "techknow" contributor crystal, good to see you. did you ever get an answer to that question? how much nicotine can be used in these cigarettes? >> right now there is no top limit. i mean, you could buy all the ingredients necessary to make
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the juice canisters to make e cigarettes. and you can vape that. >> er, vape out. so smokers use this to wean themselves off traditional cigarettes. does it make it healthier? >> no, you're reducing the amount of nicotine so you're weaning yourself away from the addictive behavior, that's good but as far as the exposure to carcinogens, we know it's not the same ones but we don't know anything about the mixtures you're getting in electronic cigarettes. >> i don't know how to track these things but i know it is a trend. do we have any idea of how fast this trend is growing? >> i would say exponentially. we're about to hit $2 billion in sales this year which is
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incredible. i think part of the good news is that it's getting attention of the federal government and other agencies that fund research into these types of phenomenon to talk about comparison to conventional cigarettes, what should be we concerned about with e-cigarettes. >> you can catch crystal's full report right here on al jazeera. i knew there was one pretty big game. >> okay, all right. >> the biggest one was oregon. the odds of the bcs standings undergoing reshoveling this weekend was almost a certainty. number five stanford taking down number three oregon, stanford
4:50 pm
led 26-0, and they would win it, 26-20, thus changing it'sbcs standings even though they may not care about rankings right now. >> we may go down in rankings after that fourth quarter, which is fine. we can't care. people say we're overrated. that's fine. that's no big deal. but what we have is the next saturday. >> earlier today john henry smith talked to writer graham watson about how stanford win effects the national title chase. >> well, i definitely think it shapes things up. oregon is no long center the race for the national title. that's over. florida state and alabama are the two teams to look for and if alabama can win this weekend, and florida state can stay
4:51 pm
undefeated those are the teams that control their standings. stanford, but it's lose to utah is a red herring in its schedule. while this is a great win for them, i'm not sure it's going to be enough to push them into the national title game unless someone drops out first. >> baylor takes care of oklahoma in convincing fashion. >> i was surprised to see how well they played on defense in oklahoma. oklahoma put up really good numbers and baylor shut them down and made them look average. there has been a lot made of the baylor offense, but the defense is definitely for real. there are still major hurdles in the big 12 that they have to get over to get into the national championship conversation but this is a team that is a lot better than a lot of people thought in the first place. >> well, let's keeping it to state of texas, steve patterson
4:52 pm
will be the new ad, how hot has the seat gotten under the head coach matt brown. >> he needs to go all out and go out and win the conference. they definitely need to make ab cs pool for matt brown to keep his job. i think there is pressure on mack brown but his team is flourishing so far. >> how much celebrating will there be between florida state and ohio state. >> november is notorious for this for teams get knocked off and then it's crazy team in the bcs and no one knows who is going to play in the final company.
4:53 pm
>> yeah, now, until they get to the title game wednesday missouri, which would pose an interesting problem for them, i think missouri's defense is really good and could get afte after--let's not get ahead of ourselves. missouri has a long way to go, and alabama has a long way to go. but alabama should beat lsu and coast for the rest of the seas season. >> fresno state that caught the attention of football fans everywhere, can they stay unbeaten? >> yeah, they're going to wyoming, and they're catching wyoming on a good weekend because it's not snowing there. it's not too cold. that's rare in november. usually wyle takes advantage of that. and so they're going to have an
4:54 pm
advantage. they've won some close games the last couple of weeks, and i think this could be another one, but i think they'll runaway with this and come out on this game. >> last night was huge. we still have saturday. >> mike, appreciate it. with medal recreation use legal in 20 states more businesses are getting into the legal pot business. we spoke with budding entrepreneurs, and listen to this, the marijuana business conference in washington. >> a marijuana business conference expo and they will come. no smoking, please, this is serious business. >> business people are coming in from all walks of life, from all sorts of industries to take advantage of that and really
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harness the power of the cannabis industry. >> you didn't have any trouble putting on this conference. >> none, none whatsoever. >> this has everything for the pot entrepreneur. seed to sale tracking soft. liquid gold ex-track. >> this is your battery powered. it warms up the seal to oil enough to take an inhale and hit. >> we see them pay for themselves in five days. >> that, of course s a super critical fluid extractor for pulling he essential oils from cannabis. they say they cannot keep up with de . >> and the fluid extraction business is good. >> very good. >> insures, and bankers willing to bet on legalize recreation
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pot. learn how to grow your own. >> we serve a market of discrete adult who is like to medicate for whatever reason whether it be physical pain. >> with sparkling pomegranate soda. >> that is one of our best selling products. >> the inex-pen simple american herbal blend jars in seven smoking size. at cool jars they're trying to pioneer the ultimate secure stash. >> where we wold 32 ounces of liquid, powder, turn the key, turn the cap, you're into it. child resistant for under 21. >> it's an expo for the expanding world of legal weed, and the buzz is all about business, or mostly. >> they get you wonderfully hi high. >> next year the showplace vegas
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with organizers expecting 2,000 people to attend. al jazeera, washington. >> did i really just see that piece on television? when we come back dave has your national forecast. >> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> meteorologist: here is a quick look at the national forecast. we have rain and snow, and parts of minnesota getting light snow. moving quickly so it won't amount to much. we had some colder temperatures there in the pacific northwest and gusting winds. that storm is now pushing to the east and things are calming down with light rain and snow showers. not much, picked up on the radar. there are a few flurries coming down. you see that storm pushing through over the great lakes over the next hour or so, and the temperatures are warming up. the wind picks up in the south and into the 60s. still cold across the northern plains. there is the wind advisories in effect with gusting winds that will continue. we have a look at the headlines coming up.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. president obama is trying to smooth things over with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu is vehemently opposed to the deal with iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting with diplomats with iran and six other world powers. there is still no deal but plenty of optimism. thousands of people are taking refuge from typhoon hai haiyan in philippines. at least four people are dead


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