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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thank you. in >> good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. deadly weather, daylight in the philippines and a look at the damage from one of the most powerful storms ever. >> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this point in time. >> no nuclear deal yet but the decades of chilly relations with iran could be thawing. >> our series, champions of the economy, an experimental local currency in massachusetts, could it be going global? are scientists why unearth a
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newly discovered dinosaur they call, the king of gore. we are beginning to get details from the philippines after a direct mit from one of the most powerful storms every recorded. huge waves crashed ashore, as supertyphoon haiyan made landfall. the are island of lehte is wrecked. spotty communication, filipino authorities credit report at least expwhrp 110 people are debt in tekloban. two c-140 cargo planes have left there and they are trying clear the runway. >> goa what's the lateliest?
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>> well, we understand that government aircraft have now been able to land in lehta which is believed to be the worst affected island. and initial reports are saying that there are innewer rabble can casualties on leyte many coavment villages was given fair warning that there somewhere would be a storm surge by it, we understand if waves as high as 15 feet also crashed on the island because it was supposed to be a tropical storm. there is only so much you can do to prepare for the strength of haiyan, one of the strongest in history, and also the damage could be in the millions of dollars. the government itself have
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published 1.5 million to help. we're exactly trying, much of the philippine islands, people there have not been heard from in over 24 hours. the government saying there is no need to panic and this could be because the power lines are down, and cell phone sites are also inoperational. they need to at least have some information coming out. >> on the phone with us is nicola jones, from the somewhere international storm center. what can you tell us about the damage and the impact here? >> the typhoon came earlier. fortunately it didn't make landfall on this island but what
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i he did was bring intrm some rain and high winds. this island just three weeks ago was devastated by a massive earthquake and ot the moment we have got seam teams hitting, is what they will need and that will be an ongoing emple, from towards the east of here, two places, leyte, takriban, we're trying to get a clear story of how many buildings were destroyed. spl. >> how does the are red cross work in a place like this? the international red cross is working, credit they have
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about half of the a million volunteers and staff as well, everybody was already in place. mrm teams were ready to be deployed, rapid ask assessment, certain and record. it is radio big coordinated effort across all of the effected islands. >> what does the pred cross, obviously going to be shelter now. and we had already in anticipation of this, the international red cross had been looking make sure our shellkinn will need things like emergency are tarpaulinless, building buildings smerktd will be the last, beyond that there will be longser term recovery.
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>> nicola jones with the internationaadditional informat. kevin cor corriveux. no. in terms of the rain, not scidges the last the for the search and recovery. now, with this storm we now have the newest update from the joint typhoon warning center saying, 132 miemp winds, not a superdie foorn anymore. we think this is going to continue no keep its intensity. ought lets look at the new track
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it's coming out, expected to hit the central to southern coastline of vietnam. the change is that it has now come a little bit further to the south. that means it's going to be doing is more of a direct hit person diperpendicularly to the coastline. we see storm surge 85%. is gls secretary of state john kerry are flew to geneva, from diplomatic editor james bays has this story. >> smiles from the u.s. secretary of state, but still no deal. >> optimistic mr. kerry?
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>> his counterparts decided to fly here to personally take part in the negotiations with the iranians. >> i want to emphasize that there is no agreement at this point in time. but the p-5 is working hard and i look forward to the pleeghts we will be having shortly. >> no one is giving a running commentary on the progress of these talks but the iranians have said even though a deal is close there are still difficult sticking points. >> translator: we have now entered the very difficult and sensitive phase of editing the text that will be published should the talks reach agreement soon. it is possible the talks will take more time but given the sensitivity of the discussions we can see the ministers are eager to participate and we have to see what the results will bring. >> clearly all these ministers can't stay in geneva for days on
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end but there's a real determination to get a deal done now and not adjourn these talks. they know that if that happens there are many in ra israel, the arab world and in the u.s. who would try to kill the deal before it was even signed. jaimentsd bays, al jazeera. richelle carey has more. >> talks will go into a third day. iran hopes a deal, believed to to be enriching and converting uranium and one facility where some suspect that iran is conducting nuclear weapons research. that is what prompted sanctions against the country. the sanctions target 18 countries from a variety of industries like oil production banking and insurance and the
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bulk of the essential restrict transaction is. the iranian people, their wages and savings are suffering, unemployment is widespread and the economy has weakened in recent years. they hope that the end to the sanction he will bring jobs. however the hard liners are opposed to bowing to international are pressure. >> we don't accept it. if our ties are going to be normal the u.s. should change its interactions with iran and i don't think the political atmosphere of society has reached the point where people or the government will accept a condescending or unequal relationship. >> saturday, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov will join the talks. >> richelle, thank you.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu post office the deal. >> mindful of this, president obama called are netanyahu. joining us to talk about these talks in geneva is jamal abdi. jaxal, welcome. >> my pleasure. >> what is your reaction to benjamin netanyahu's statement there? >> i think it's becoming very clear that benjamin netanyahu is not interested in this deal, or any deal with iran. his efforts to ratchet up samtions, to level military threats, to goad president obama into doing the same, i think these are all being revealed as very transparent and not having to anything to do with actually attempting to resolve this
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dispute with a deal or supporting any sort of off ramp in which iran does not obtain too nuclear weapon, and this standoff is result. i think that benjamin netanyahu is interestonly in keeping iran isolated and that's why he's obstructing this deal. >> the last few years or many years of rhetoric from iran is that iran wanted to destroy israel, right? >> well, mahmoud ahmadinejad said a lot of things, they don't have the capability to destroy israel. the president of iran that is the now in office is not saying these things. >> if you listened to the cleric we just heard a while ago, seems like most iranians do not want this deal either. >> there are many hard liners in iran who don't see this as in
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their best interest. >> why? >> because their entire source of power is dependent on the standoff with the west. that's not the case for rouhani but he definitely last opponents who are dedicated to not doing this deal. >> they thought a deal could be done by the end of this week. it hasn't been done yet. did they jump the gun? >> i don't think so. i think what iran is indicating that they are ready to make the concessions that would be necessary to get an interim deal. basically to agree to a framework in which the steps are laid out. but i think what they were trying to do was put the onus on the united states. because what needs to be ironed out is not necessarily what iran is going to do, i think that's clear. but what is iran going to get for that? what sort of agreement would the united states be willing to accept? i think that was the tactic with
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making that type statement. >> isn't it also whether or not the united states and the west can trust that iran and verify that iran does not have a nuclear program, a nuclear arms program? >> yeah, and that's exactly what the deal is intended to do. it's intended to put the mechanisms in place where the international community can actually ramp up the inspections. i mean there are inspectors in iran. they monitor the sites on a weekly basis. but we want that ramped up to guarantee that iran doesn't have the ability to cheat. in order to do that you have to put inspections in place, to ramp up inspections but the only way to verify is to get a deal. military action, sanction he can't do it only amilitar accrea diplomatic deal will do this. >> health and human services
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secretary kathleen sebelius says treatment in line with physical care. >> now that incredibly important law combined with the affordable care act will expand and protect behavioral health benefits for more than 62 million americans. this is the largest expansion of behavioral health coverage in pooh generation. >> meanwhile the white house is facing more problems with jeff zeinz who is leading the effort to fix site, says his group is miking progress but discovering more roadblocks. why are people moving up and trying to find work? we'll ask the labor secretary. and twitter's brand-new stock has made a lot of people very rich but some people living in san francisco say their new wealthy is costing them their homes.
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>>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories. >> it was another record-setting
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day for stocks. for the second time this week the dow jones industrial average closed at an all time high. a better than expected jobs report fueled the buying. this is the fifth winning week in a row for the blue chip average. economists are expected -- economists expected businesses to slow down hiring because of the recent ghoft smownt. instead employers, added 204,000 jobs in october beating estimates. the unemployment rate rose anyway to 7..3%. now the percentage of working age people participating in the labor force fell 8% to 62% signaling growth discouragement among long term unemployed. as real money's ali velshi points outs, the results were mixed. >> more americans drop out of the work fog, the so-called
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labor force pearpghts rate, the percentage of people who are actually working or looking for work, dropped to 62.8%, that's the lowest rate in more than 35 years. moments after the reason friday of the new job report i asked labor secretary thomas perez why america continues to see a drop in labor participation. >> given effects of the shutdown, what we saw last month as i mentioned was the highest one-month increase in the number of people who are out of work temporarily since they began keeping data in 1967. but we also have to be mindful of is the fact that as the population ages labor force participation resolution along with that. the best remedy is to grow the economy and that's why the president keeps talking about investing in our road infrastructure.
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investing in our human capital infrastructure, passing immigration reform. because as we create those jobs that will come from those investments then you'll get more people back in the workforce and that's why these self-inflicted wounds are so frustrating. >> it's so remarkable, it has not kept up with any form of inflation. we have a minimum wage that does not suggest that we are one of the most wealthy countries in the world and yet business leaders even small employers continue to come out and say if you mandate a high are minimum wage one that is above $10 an hour you will crush the ability to how do you square that circle? >> i've tokd to many business leaders that have said that increasing the minimum wage is not only a moral imperative, it's an economic impair advertised. the economy -- imperative.
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henry ford knew that in 1914, he said they ought to be able to afford the cars that they're helping to make. >> john, this is an issue we will be looking into more closely next week. an average of $10.10 would take a big chunk out of this but some say too much is too much. >> twitter closed down more than 7%, closing the day at $41.60 a share. that is still 60% above the price for yesterday's ipo. >> not everybody is celebrating that ipo. as each new infusion of high tech money is coming into the
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state, older people have been forced out. >> new buildings shot up block after block, supply doing its best with the demand. but the situation has left san francisco's less advantaged behind. >> now it's about money and greed and with -- it's very competitive. the i.t. crowd, is a very competitive crowd. >> artist rene yunyez is being evicted. >> what we are seeing is a lot of gentrification in our neighborhood in different forms. one is, tenants are being bought out by their existing landlords to make rook room for newer residents that can pay higher rental fees. the.
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>> many people are not happy that the city offered a tax break to keep twitter in town. supporters of twitter starting with the mayor argue that the company has benefited the city's economy bringing along new business is and reviving a once shape part of town. that will offset the cost of the tax break. >> we are seeing a bit of a ren assassins that others want to be here. -- of renaissance that others want to be here. >> there are a lot of businesses that are leaving, a lot of businesses that can't afford to be there anymore. >> and for people like renie the new businesses are just too expensive. >> have it's taking the soul out of san francisco. it's taking the soul out of the mission district. >> regardless, with each ipo dividing the city more and more,
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part of the price of success. >> with the marijuana legal in 20 states, the legitimate this week that is in washington sta state. alan shawf le schauffler spoke h entrepreneurs. >> no smoking please this is sheers business. >> these people are coming from all walks of life to take advantage of that. >> you didn't have any trouble selling out this conference? >> none, none whatsoever. >> everything here for the aspiring entrepreneur. are cannabis based hair care products. liquid gold,.
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>> this warms up the actual c 02 oil, enough to take a nice hit. >> sounds like a lot of money but in a perfect situation we've seen them paid for themselves in five days. >> that is a fluid extractor,. >> the supercritical fluid extraction business is good, it's very good. >> you can talk to groups who would be willing, grow your own, chem check out the best from hemp mess and dimple ea investors. >> whether it be physical pain. >> with spark pling pomegranate
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soda? >> inexpensive american played strirng vanitiable, her ball jars in seven sizes. at cool jars they are trying to pioneer the ultimate secure stash. >> up to 32 seeds or 32 owbses, turn the key, turn the cap, you're into it, child resistant for under 21. the. >> the buzz leer is all about business or mostly. >> they make you wonderfully high. >> next place vacation, expecting 200,000 to attend. allen schauffler, are al jazeera america. >> so michael eaves is back. i assume you are going to talk
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about miami. >> why are they leaving? where martin has stayed, outside of los angeles, now when he said he would mead, allegations next week in l.a. nfl news, denver broncos head coach, has been in the mid of cardiac surgery. no time for his return. charlotte's bobcats, are not saying when clifford will return to the game. are coming up a little bit later in sports we'll talk more about
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incognito and tonight's action in the nba. >> is it really in the best interest, i'm ask are former u.s. security advisor.
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and to contact the centers and the luzon
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>> no power, no communications. at least 100 people are confirmed dead. that number is going to grow. more than 200,000 jobs created in october, despite fears that the government shutdown would damage the economy. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.3%.
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>> i want to emphasize there is not an agreement at this time. but the p-5 is work hard. >> iran says the talks have been productive so far. russia is expected to join the talks tomorrow but no deal yet. as negotiations come down to the wire, i spoke to dr. disg dg brzezinski. there has been some indirect dialogue between the u.s. and iran, between our are country and theirs. either the iranians are exhausted and tired and
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suffering from sanctions, we at the same time know that if there is a major explosion in the region our vital interests will be adversely affected and we may be bogged down in the larger regional war for as long as iraq and afghanistan have already been battle fields for us. so we do have legitimate interests in trying work this out if we can. i cat categorically say that we will. >> but as our friends say you can't trust iranians, yes you have to verify but they have lied in the past. >> first the question how unusual is lying in interstate relations? a lot of people lie, we have been accused of lying and i suspect the israelis lie too. what are we to infer for that?
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unless the israelis say we are for peace, we this go for war? we should avoid a war if we can do it. it is in the interests of israel and it's to the interest of the united states and our interests in the nation and that's all for the good. >> you can watch sunday, 10:30 eastern 7:30 pacific time. >> washington navy yard the family of the shooting victim, mary de lorenzo knight had taken the first step towards filing the case. the family says the navy and the department of veterans affairs ignored warning signs about the shooter's mental health. 12 people died in the september shooting. all this week al jazeera is focusing on some of the innovative ways americans have been succeeding in tough economic times. we call them the champions of the economy. some american towns are trying
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to buck the dollar by making their own money and as jonathan betz reports, it's an idea that is now gaining international attention. >> the berkshires of new england is a place where the offbeat is a way of life. home to a workshop that makes thousands of ukuleles a year, and where the money of choice is not the dollar but something entirely different. >> i think it's great. >> phyllis says she prefers her customers use berkshares. just for the western portion o f massachusetts. it was a way to protect the area from large chain stores. >> you might not choose to go to mcdonald's but a locally owned
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restaurants. >> at only 25, alice's job is to convince customers to embrace berk shares. 140,000 bills are now in circulation. five banks exchange them and more than 400 businesses accept them across rural towns. >> a lot of people think this sounds crazy. >> i have to remember that sometimes. not like all hippy dippy businesses taking berkshares. they are lawyers and accountants. >> there is an encouragement to get berkshares. 20 dollars get you 20 berkslairs and 1 dollar. >> we're not unhappy to do it.
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>> the berkshares has even gotten international protection. half million dollar grant to start offering berkshares loans. he thinks this could help protect from things like the euro crisis. >> small and medium size crisis, so introducing this loan program within the berk shares,. >> for now, it's a way to connect with neighbors. >> now is a good time to do it. i'm showing you that it means a lot to me to support local. i've taken that extra step. >> keep it local to where even now the money doesn't travel. in the ber berks berkshires of massachusetts, i'm jonathan betz. >> the great hunk l of
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tyrannosaurus rex. ut's natural history museum. joining you to talk about this discovery is dr. mark lowen. great to have you. >> how you doing. pleasure to be on your show. >> first of all why sit called the king of gore? >> we basically made an homage to tyrannosaurus rex. which translates to the tyrant lizard king. we decided to go with some that exeexemplified itself in gore. southwest wind of homer, the southwestern part of the united states.
11:38 pm
>> is this great uncle tougher, badder than the t-rex? >> no, nobody is tougher and badder than t-rex. at its time, it was the biggest baddest meat eating dinosaur around. >> so why is this discovery significant? >> well, what it really does is, it rewrites the family tree leading to t-rex. and also shows us there's a lot of evolution going on within this tree and these animals were really invented on western north america. it pushes our history back to look back into the particularly record. >> this is called lythronex, am i pronouncing it right? >> yes. >> it roamed an area the stretch of mexico to alaska and parts of utah and was the topped from or
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the of its time, correct? >> yes, there was a giant sea wave that separated america about 90 million years ago, this isolated north america and produced a continent we called larimidia. t rex triceriritops they foot lg skull weighing about 2500 pounds. t-rex weighs in at 6,000 pounds, 40 feet long. so t-rex really is the king of the tyrantly arts. >> i wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark yale.
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>> absolutely not. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> a report from the philippines on the devastating typhoon haiyan. the dolphins hazing scandal, the man in the middle. that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next on al jazeera america determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was
11:41 pm
actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well.
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>> back to the philippines and typhoon haiyan and the damage that it's done. the country's government is reporting many casualties and joining me now is margo ortigas where she's gathering more
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information. margo, what can you tell us? >> yes, as you mentioned, the government still being very, very cautious of giving out estimates of the expected casualties here. many areas are unreachable, no communication he established even to their own forces, they are physically send thing out c 130s and commoners including a few journalists just to see the damage firsthand of haiyan on the central islands. these are populated areas, a group of some of the most popular tourist destinations as well, a wide bert ove bergt bere philippines. pacloban which is the worse hit of the islands, are are cars one
11:44 pm
on top of the other, many of the holmes have been completely destroyed. be roads impassible, towfe makee people they can reach are given food any medical aid and a communication slide be set up to be able to reach their loved ones. >> margo, can you talk about how many islands were actually impacted by this? >> well, the central philippine islands really is a group of -- is very -- it's very difficult to give the exact figure. there are hundreds of islands in the central philippines, there are about ten major ones, where the larger cities in the central district known as the sabias region, you have sabu, you have
11:45 pm
pabloba, the entire island has close to 2 thunder shower people, also affected by a very powerful earthquake, then hundreds of thousands there have also again displaced. there is also panai island with severalty million living there as well. these are not sparsely popped area, millions were living there in the pa past. >> we appreciate your sharing.the after-math of this horrible ti typhoon. >> we could be in the permissiblal moment. >> jonathan martin is about to
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speak, he will meet next week with the nfl's appointed investigator. martin's the attorney are david cornwell, he left the dolphins plas week following a taunting incident in the locker room which led to believe he had been undergoing for emotional distress, incog neat owes did fly to los angeles today. matt laporta's are attorney issued the following statement: jonathan went beyond locker room hazing. he attempted to befriend is same teammates with the hope that the
11:47 pm
haze wog end. jonathan endured a racist epithet, those facts were not in dispute. into complej football andbeck offering games on thursday night acknowledge pardon me, are this just coming into newsroom. effects they have on belong term players, the espn, receiver mark duper is the ninth, degenerative brain disease that results from repeated head trauma. cte typically lends to depression and dementia. group of players who were tested over the past two months with medical center and diagnosed with cte. saturday's slate of games could
11:48 pm
clear up the picture even more. sits in number 13 then the latest bowl championship rankings, because of their flosses that aibl has a chant to do, four of the last six meeting from thation to. thtigers. going back to 2010, lsu has won 5, including victories of number 5 alabama in 2010 and number 2 alabama in 2007. >> all these games, it comes down to three or four plays. you've got to be in the priet play every play i can only tell naw every expwhrks games we play with these guys have been very, very flg, it's a little bit like a heavy weight fight and you are
11:49 pm
certainly not safe in any ground. >> it's the blow for blow and the plas are team that wins. i rools loved playing these type of ghaims. if i request jubs to the nba, after taking eventually champion monday, the goal for the indiana pacers that this year was quite poches. nox off the ceiling tiles, glantd it, a 5 and 0 in, plead over have minimum art. 28 points, pulled down 7 reebdz. as the pacers remain the nba's loan ungeelted team. if evere the pacers improved
11:50 pm
from 6 and 0, and the club played in the aba. the conspires, minus great any that spurs point guard doan ideas parker, a below scaring affair, sphifs to 84. are 18 points, one is whai straight at home genetics golden state. can well in the college ranks for a fourth straight season, kentucky coach john calipari, number 1 in the country. can i opening the, street, why east spent ising do be a the top kentucky players in double digits. randall is considered the best of high school groups, some are
11:51 pm
callings him the best. duke's recruiting class was the best in the nation as well. now joins massachusetts state transfer -- mississippi, fourth ranked blue devils blue out davidson, each are five of duke's three pointers on the night. so some very good talent in the college rinks thee day. have. >> thank you so much, michael. hundreds of red, white and blue lights illuminated new york's freedom tower. officials are testing nearly 300 led on top. 1776 feet tall and on a clear
11:52 pm
night, it should be adviseical p to 50 miles. one world fried never where is is close for that.
11:53 pm
>> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
11:54 pm
>> also the world renown artist chriso, wants to drape miles of fabric over a colorado river but some say his vision should never become a reality. paul abou beban reports. >> what chriso wants to do is span six miles of cloth in eight sections along the 42-mile stretch of the river. christo says the best way to see it could be from a prample, they have 300,000 in, to experience
11:55 pm
the project from inner space over the river. no created play of pliets passing, remember the fabric, perfecting all the water. >> chriso and his team have been working for over 20 years. much of the project is on protect it planned. >> chris o is raising the $50 million it will cost by semg hudges of preparatory works which he makes by hand. chriso and his wife became famous for their outsized and some say controversial projects. somewhere over the river is no different. are. >> when the project is in the mind of a thousand people who are trying to stop us, or trying to help us, even in some way the
11:56 pm
public hearings i say to the option, you're part of the projects, will or not willing, you relate to the jt propanned decorated that energy. >> he said he and jean claude scouted 89 rivers before decidings this one, the arkansas, ahorrible. but this is not on the idea of a small,. >> roar stands for rags over the are exr area. prifer, the work will damage the landscape. >> it is a major exruks projects in an judiciary of have critical environment concern. >> criefs horvetions team sea shiz will fourth the project. >> i think it will create a lot
11:57 pm
of crocial and i think till do as exrch colorado,. >> construction will take another two years. but when it's completed over the river would be up for just two weeks. chris o is fame owtion over the river could be one of the last works of his belong and winding career. are paul where beban, are are colorado. >> hello again. one more update on our typhoon right now. it is a very strong storm. this is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane if it was in this are, we think that in vietnam the next 24 hours, actually the
11:58 pm
next 20 to 22 hours it's expected to make have ooh capital 132 miles an hour not including the gusts and we expect that to 78 the same or get a lim closer on that. we'll are inform you as when the next the activities go by. as well as a few showers and snow flurries passing through the northeast.. new york city right now is 43 gown towards atlanta. not too much, across much of northern noirgs vermont, new hampshire, a mix sleet as well as snow. are new york didn't see much as far as the end of the stuff sufficient stuff. there 36 degrees there, but for miami if you have trouble, plan
11:59 pm
on when we dread, the showers will being pushing through. overnight lows at when 75 about well for san antonio we had a lot of rain murk through earlier. this not really faa, river walk we expect to sigh part cloig filling there, no rain all the way through the mid of the week and for the rest, the rain for the weekend is going to continue. what you're uh seeing is the request beginning of another storm, are very heavy showers especially on sunday, mawsh a break in the rain on monday with a temperature range of 46, overnight lows, are are 56. are coming up next, more news with john.
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>> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york and here are tonight's top stories. searkt john kerry is in geneva with world leaders trying oreach a deal on iran's nuclear program. iran says the toks have been where strong so far. exree insisted there's no deal yet. >> after a direct where is hit to the island of hayan. plvmentitte has no


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