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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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... this is al jazeera. >> welcome to al jazeera newshour. i am here with the top stories around the world. entire towns destroyed, thousands desperate for food and water. aid agencies struggle to reach survivors of typhoon haiyan. violence in bangladesh in day 1 of a nationwide strike designed to get the prime minister to quit. we are not blind, and i don't think we are stupid. >> john kerry goes on the defensive of how the u.s. is approaching nuclear talks with iran.
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hello there, i am philipa barr from london, the greek government faces a vote of no confidence following a police raid on the former state broadcaster. >> landfills of naples that many say are killing the environment and local people. >> rescue workers are struggling to reach survivors of typhoon haiyan. the destruction is so vast, there is no official count of how many people died just yet. on the ground, the situation is dire. there is looting on the streets, mobs are said to have attacked red cross trucks filled with supplies and the military has been sent in to restore order. now, aid is getting to some of the survivors. the philippine army has been handing out food and water.
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thousands are still trapped without help or electricity in towns cut off by the destruction. the half a million people are now living in temporary shelters. the u.s. says it will supply helicopters, planes and personnel. it will also help to deliver aid and in the search and rescue efforts. now, we begin coverage in one of the worst hit areas the city of takloban. wayne hay is there >> reporter: the city is in complete disarray right now. we are standing here at the airport still being used as a makeshift command center even though the airport, itself has been completely devastated by the storm. and the people lining up here, you can see, many of them are trying to seek medical equipment from the military who are assembled here, but, also, a lot of people trying to leave this area. the air force has been busy using the tarmac which is still intact, bringing in supplies to the people here in the form of
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food, water, medical supplies and shelter. but, also, they have been busy taking people out of here, so many people trying to leave takloban because the town, as i say, has been largely destroyed. most buildings have been affected. damaged, completely destroyed as you can see here and the big problem for people is that they aren't getting enough food, water, and obviously they do not have adequate shelter at the moment. security is also becoming a concern and that is another role that the military must do and searching for people missing and trying to secure areas because looting is a problem. not only are peek looking for food, water and things like that from destroyed shops and houses but they are also taking other things as well. reports of people looting things like television sets, so an important role for the military to play. again, the residents have been
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critical. government critical of the military for not being quick enough to get to this city to deliver the things they need the most. >> the typhoon set records winds into the city. t the core respondent was in the city when the storm struck. this is her account of how she and her cameraman, castan sundayergard managed to survive. >> it was a vicious force that paralyzed the entire province. it will swept through central philippines early friday morning. it destroyed everything in its path, paralyzed roads, villages, all wiped out in an instance. the typhoon arrived three hours earlier than expected. thousands of people were trapped b water rose as high as five meters once again one right at the eye of haiyan's wrath. >> this is a little over three hours of the wrath of typhoon
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haiyan has brought into the town. this place has become a ghost town the most powerful typhoon in the world this year. it was hard because we were preparing for it and the water started going up. before we knew it, we were by the ceiling, clinging for our lives lives. it's a miracle that we are survived and what we need to do now is to make our way out of here because there is nothing left. only destruction and death. >> it was the world's most powerful typhoon on record. the damage for small province is unprecedented. the governor says he fears that at least 20,000 people are dead. and those who survived face far more difficult days ahead. the entire province is isolated.
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thousands have been left homele homeless, unsure where to go, searching for shelter in the few structures that remain standing. almost everyone here has a family member or a friend who has died. the reality too hard for many to grasp. >> we almost drooped. it's so difficult. we have nothing left. no place to sleep, not even dry clothes to wear. >>. >> we were in the gymnizium which is supposed to be our evacuation center but it just suddenly collapsed. everyone started to run everywhere to save their own lives. >>. >> this is one of the few establishments still operating after the typhoon. doctors here are working under strained conditions, operating on the injured without electricity and clean water and
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the short supply of medicine is running out. most of the areas remain unreachable. the dead, the wounded, and those who survived cut out from the rest of the world. as night falls, people here become more desperate. the devastation is staggering. the true extent of the damage remains unknown. al jazeera, central philippines. >> we will have more on the situation in the philippines a little later in the program. the first flight carrying emergency aid has flown out of germany. th the united nations says it will be hard to get supplies to some areas because roads and airports have been destroyed. it's not known how many survivors who were trapped there will need help. one person has died in bangladesh on the first day of a nationwide strike. police used rubber bullets
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bangladesh party is calling for the government to resign. bangladesh is marching toward a political crisis with opposition activists outraged when the government's after of several leading party officials. they set fires and block traffic on roads including the vinyl highway linking the capital with the country's major seaport. opposition bangladeshi party or bnp has called a three and a half day general strike. the third shut down in as many weeks stores were shuterred. streets usually crammed with traffic why nearly empty. shop keepers who remain open or taxi drivers who dare come out risk a beating or, worse, by opposition activists. >> i am scared if someone throws a bomb and something happens to me and i get disabled, who is going to take care of me then?
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the strike was called by b and p leader, kalida leader governdem the government step down and install a neutral caretaker government to ensure fair polling. prime minister shake hasina has refused. she has offered to set up an all-party government to oversee the elections with her staying in charge. >> in an apparent reminder of the government's power, police surrounded b and p party headquarters in zia's personal residents for hours on saturday and sunday. the minister hinted she, herself, may be arrested if opinion 6 arrest continues. >> the repeated strikes have had a severe impact on bang la dishes economic and on the lives of every day working bangladesh's. >> during the shut down, many of my customers are too scared to leave their houses, so business
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is bad. many impoverished millions workday to day earning little more than enough to buy their daily bread. the strikes mean they can't work so many will go hungry. rob rental, al jazeera, dakha. >> the u.s. secretary of state says washington is still skeptical about iran's position on the nuclear program. it follows talks in general over that ended without a deal t iran said it will not be pushed to give up enrichment as part of any deal with the west. live for in washington, d.c. we have heard from the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry on the geneva meeting. what did he have to say? >> he is defending the lack of a deal saying they need to be careful that this takes time, but i can tell you that the delay could have consequences for the obama administration because the u.s. congress is poised to weigh in. it looks like they may pass additional sanctions this week
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they are saying that would be seen as a sign of bad faith. congress could almost limit any sanction relief that the president could offer. so this is a very high stakes week when it coaches to the negotiation. the secretary's message to congress is you have to trust us. >> you are not blind. i don't think we are stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe and particularly, of our allies like israel. and gulf states and others in the region. we are absolutely determined that this would be a good deal or there will be no deal. now, that's why it's hard. >> that's why we didn't close the deal here in the last couple of days. >> sounds like he had gone on the defense over why there has been a delay. do you think people will, congress will take his words on
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board? >> they are lobbying to have that happen. we did he from benjamin netanyahu. his power has often been more with the congress than with the president. he said he is going to do more than lobby and he is definitely being heard by some members of congress who are now applauding the french for scuttling these last round of negotiations. he is saying the sent rivfuges dismantled. but he doesn't have the final say here. congress would have to vote to eliminate any sanctions. what we are going to see this week is a battle between the administration, which normally gets leeway from congress but on this issue, it doesn't look like so far the israeli lobby has the strength to push this through. we will find out more in the coming days. >> thank you for that. patty col hawaiian reporting from washington, d.c. much more to come on the al jazeera newshour.
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bargained by the state. venezuela's state sent the military to chain stores he says are overcharging. in brazil for the indigenous games featuring athletes from more than 40 different tribes later in sports, we will see the manual of the moment, the youngster who has rewritten the sports history books. in syria there has been heavy fighting for a third day at a major military base near aleppo's airport as they battle for control of the base. it is considered strategic because of its access to supply lines between aleppo and the turkish border. >> u.n. calling on kkatar to
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improve conditions. in catar for the past week. he cret sized housing standards and said the government can do better. hundreds of new construction projects are currently underway in preparation for the 2022 world cup. >> i have seen dwellings by my grant workers. these are shrulls. i think this is a stain in the reputation of qatar, the richest capital. they should not allow slums. there are means of making this better probably relatively quickly. >> in saudi arabia, police have fought with foreign workters protesting against a visa crackdown. two were killed and dozens more injured in the capital. nicole johnston reports. >> hungry of them protested against a visa crackdown in the
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kingdom urging those who have over stayed their visas to turn themselves in arrangements have been made to offer them another chance to voluntarily surrender, individually or with families. >> in april, the saudi government announced am nest city for workers to get sorted out or face prison. thousands decided to return to home countries. the embassy ended and the crack down began this cops as part of the strategy in the current situation of violation of residents and employment to eradicate this phenomenon. >> many workers complained they haven't been given enough time to get paperwork in order. we need ways to make it easier. we need a period of time. i think that this time frame that passed wasn't enough. we need at least two years for people to get organized and for
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the trade in visas to end. >> saudi arabia has a sponsorship system. it ties them to their employers. this means they can't change jobs or leave the country without their bosses permission. some abuse this power. a large number of people, 7 to 8 million, different nationalities, ethnic groups it's 6 months but the government should check around and see what can be done for those who still have visas. >> the saudi government says it's part of the plan to clean up the sponsorship system and create jobs many who traveled to the country to find work may find themselves in prison, unable to get the papers they need to keep earning money. in ug ol' johnston, al jazeera.
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>> the government hangs in the balance let's go to felicity barl in rondon. >> the greece will vote whether they have confidence. left wing opposition party called for the vote on thursday. in the wake of government treatment of former employees at the public broadcaster. riot police forced them out of the company's headquarters in athens. the broadcaster was closed in june as part of the austerity cuts to meet international bail-out agreements. the move almost brought down the collision government. >> it's not justn internal challenges that greece's government is facing. it's having to defend its position to international lead lenders. representatives to the bank are all in athens to address a budget gap looming next year
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greece says the shortfall could be five times. the two sides need to come up with an agreement for greaece t receive its next bail-out. police in spain have arrested the lear of one of colombia's most violent gangs, accused of murder, drug smuggling and extortion. police say he was allegedly planning drug simultaneous ling routes into spain. he fled to the country after escaping from jail in colombia back in 2009. italy is investigating whether toxic waste dumped by the mafia is to blame for rising rates of cancer near naples. a previously secret confession could should light on how much authorities may have known about the problem. a report >> reporter: this is a land
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where grass barely grows. in the countryside around naples,tons of toxic rubbish has polluted the soil for decades. local residents say the waste is not only killing the environment. it's also killing them. >> first my husband was diagnosed with cancer, then me. my neighbor and six of my colleagues got cancer, too. >> that's when i started suspecting it had something to do with the nearby landfill. >> they are among hundreds of residents who say the mountains of toxic waste illegally dumped by the mafia for decades has led to a dramatic rice in cancer rates in the area. back in 1997, a former mafia boss admitted organized crime buried millions of tongs of toxic waste, a lucrative dirty business is in a statement made
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public, he said the people living near the landfills are at risk of dying from cancer within 20 years. i don't think they will survive. 16 years later, a local oncologist says with cancer rates in the area three times higher than the national average, the prediction is now coming true. >> what really hurts is not only discovering the criminals have been poisoning us for 20 years but discovering the state knew about it and hasn't warned us. >> it's not only toxic industrial waste that rules the echo stim of residents around here all kind of unsorted generic waste ends up in hundreds of illegal land physical like this one, turning this region into italy's unofficial dumping site. >> now, residents are calling for the authorities to clean up their act so thesis toxic dumps won't pollute the area for generations to come.
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al jazeera, juliano. >> more from europe a little later in the newshour. rye now, back to dohar. >> felicity, thank you. >> to brazil where the indigenous games are underway. thousands of men and women from more than 40 different tribes are competing in their version of the olympics. this report. >> the stair of a young man ready for competition, concentration, a specialist with the bow and arrow, the best shot in the tribe. he will be competing in the bow and arrow competition at the 12th indigenous games but he didn't need to do any extra training for these games because he has been doing it since he was five years old. it's part of his culture and daily life in his tribe. the tribe elders teach us how to
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hunt. the first animal, we keep the head. these teeth are like memories, each tooth is one i have killed with the bow and arrow. >> earlier in the day, women's football. the tribe were matched against the kanillo tribe, first time indigenous participants who traveled more than five days by bus to get here. the tribe won the match easily. the game was great. we won 5 to zero. we like football. everyone in our community likes football and all of the sports we will play in these games. >> in the late afternoon more than 40 participating tribes gathered to celebrate the official opening sceremonies of these games. it was a preview of things to
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come. >> organizers are thinking about the next one in 2015. they want to invite tribes from all over the world. >> earlier in the day, they were thinking bigger. >> i keep dreaming one day a trainer will see my talent and say i am going to invest in this guy and pick me because i hope to competeage and give my best in bow and arrow in the olympics one day. >> over the coming days of these games and beyond, he is aiming high in these competitions. >> in fact, we can actually cross two who joins us from kubuya, as we understand it, the games have kicked off. give us a sense of what the mood is like there. >> they were office supposed to kick off in the last few minutes. they are a little bit delayed. it will probably be about another hour or two before these
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first matches get underway here a lot of peopleco taking cover under shade because it's about 40 degrees celsius. they are waiting for heat to pass before they get on with the day. we expect to see events such as the bow and arrow, spear throwing competition and a relay race of indigenous people carrying huge logs on their shoulders as well. these traditional games that are played in indigenous communities in brazil. this is not only about the sports but a contract structural exchange as well. if you remember, there were thousands of indigenous people in this current tree, over 800,000ments they are spread out over the entire country. this is the most significant and biggest cultural gathering where multiple tribes can get together. not only about sports but they exchange ideas, what's happening in their communities and things such as this about here in the next hour or two, the first of the competitions will get
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underway here. >> as we understand it, the games were delayed for a month. what was the hold-up? >> a bureaucratic delay. they are mostly funded by the brazilian government, the min industry of sports and culture. there were some bureaucratic delays in releasing some of the money so these games could take place. it did happen but it is a little bit of a forecast of what we are seeing in brazil. everyone is talking about the world cup next year and olympics in 2016. some delays in the preparations in the world cup we have been talking about for months now. some of these things we are seeing here, the funding being released, the same reason we have seen delays in some of the world cup host city preparations as well. the city we are in right now is a host city for the world cup. they are delayed. the airport isn't even half built yet. the stadium is not done yet.
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the light rail line that was supposed to be built is at risk of not being ready for the world cup either. these are all things that don't relate exactly to the indigenous games right now. but it is sort of an indication of some of the bureaucratic problems that brazil is having in really making these events come about on time. the indid genous games are kickg off. money was released. opening ceremonies were last night. huge crowd turned out, very colorfulful. these games will go on for another eight days here. >> certainly is colorful and significant important to brazil's indigenous drives. >> that's our report. gabriel alexander, joining us from quaba. from the washington redskins to the valley arabs? u.s. sports teams are coming under pressure to change their massots. more on that story coming up. plus mind your head, a one-ton satellite is falling back to earth.
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no one knows where exactly it will land. sports, tiger woods on the charge in istanbul. robb and will be here later to tell you if it's enough to claim the turkish opening title. [[voiceover]] no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. and to
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>> welcome back. our top stories. >> thousands cut off from emergency aid. some supplies are starting to get through mainly to the city of taklovan and surrounding areas. at least one person has died in bangladesh on the first day of a nationwide strike. police used rubber bullets. the opposition is calling to the government to resign. the u.s. secretary of state says washington is skeptical about iran's position on its nuclear program. it follows talks in geneva that ended without a deal. return can to the philippines now and half a million people are now living in temporary shelters across the country.
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aid may trickle in but it's getting supplies to the people that need it that's proving difficult >> reporter: survivors of typhoon haiyan walked through what's left of their town, still in shock of how quickly their lives were turned upside down, reminders of what they have lost everywhere. thousands of people are missing across the central philippines and many areas are unreachable. missing and address addressing needs of those who are injured. >> the extent of the devastation is making revenge u and relief operations difficult. many roads are impassable emergency personnel are having to walk for hours to reach
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survivors. for many of the victims there has been no access to basic necessities. survivors are finding shelter where they can and looting has become a problem. displaced residents struggle to find food and clean water. >> it's important for us. we have no problem with food because we have found stores with lots of food that's being given away. >> other nations have promised help and food and supplies are beginning to arrive. coordinating it is proving a challenge in itself. for the millions affected by typhoon h ut aiyan is challenge enough. >> i can't think. i don't know what to do. right now, all we can do is survive the day. i don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after that or if we can continue survivoring. i really do not know. >> but there will be little time to catch a breath. the scale of the damage is being
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assess. now, there are reports of more heavy rain on the way. >> al jazeera. >> two police officers have been killed in the eastern libyan city of been as i after it was announced the security in the port city has deteriorated. prime minister says the government is moving to rein in armed militia and tame weapons off of the streets. >> chicken, mic, rice and toilet paper, basic goods are running low in parts of venezuela. now, the government is taking action to stop it. president nicholas maduro has ordered the army to check prices in stores and arrest merchants over charging. first, this report from alex d alexandra. >> hundreds of bargain inhunters crowded the stuart but it wasn't a regular sales day.
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it was one promoted by the government. >> i have ordered the occupation of that chain and to put all of the items for sale for the people at a fair price. all products but nothing is left in the stores enough. enough. with his country facing mounting shortages and sky high inflation, the president sent the military to stores accused of hiking prices. the managers of this chain were arrested and stores were forced to open with levels set by the states. maria sanchez shee says she welcomes the go governments intervention. >> i have been trying to buy a refrigerate offer but i haven't been able to because the goods are too too he knewpensive. what happens seems like an exaggeration. >> shoppers took the sale a step forward using a store closed by the military. hundreds of people gathered for
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a protest against the government plan in karacas. >> it's a spontaneous civil gathering to try to help some help to people. crime and inflation are killing us. >> madura accuses speculators of trying to sabotage the economy but many feel excessive government controls are to blame. with local elections looming in december, the government knows it needs to show it can fix this economy and fast clearly how did things get so bad? well, in 2003, the government introduced a fixed exchange rate to make basic food items more affordable but access to u.s. dollars is litted so people have been buying them on the black market. that's driven up prices by up to 49% and led to shortages of many basics like dement paper, coffee
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and flour. venzuela venzuela has the highest inflation rate inflation rate. it's now, more than 50%. now, the executive director of the global center for development and democracy joins me for you from washington, d.c. thank you very much for making it on the show. no, madur accuses business leaders of hoarding goods and driving up prices. is he justified in these allegations? >> i don't think so. i think one of the challenges that venzuela business people face is the price controls that have been instituted for more than a decade and a competitive environment that is virtually non-existent now given the fact that the government has created tan economic environ in which there has been a substantial amount of capitol flight. i think what's driving this move by the government in its seizure
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of the daka chain is that the country will have municipal eye elections innun with month. they're seen as a bellwether of the feelings of the venezuelan people toward the government. right now, president madura's poll numbers are at an all-time low. as you pointed out, inflation is above 50% and the challenge that the government has faced is -- as an economy, is that it's deteriorating largely because of government policy. >> it's interesting that you have mentioned this problem in place for over a decade now. it's a system and problem that was inherited by maduro. are we looking at the problem being the leader or the system, itself? would a different leader bring a different view to it? >> well, i think if we look at the last presidential election as an example, president maduro
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promised to follow the line of his predecessor, hugo chavez. he has done that. en reek aecaprilas, the opposition leader, promised he would make fundamental changes in the venzeconomy. at the end of the day, he did prevail in the last election although it was a very, very close election and maduro has withheld his promises. he is following the like of hugo chavez and, unfortunately, the economy was already bad during the last election. it's gotten worse since maduro has been inaugurated. >> barry thank you for your insight. the executive director of the global center for development and democracy in washington. >> my pleasure. >> the former soviet republic of ukraine is voids to sign a deal with the european union despite anger from the kremlin. let's go down to london for more
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>> reporter: rasha has been imposing trade barriers to try to persuade it to join the own customs union but that strategy isn't working. many ukrainian politicians will tell you mosque row politicians are pushing ukraine into the arms of the european union. they say all that's needed is for this country to release the person who is almost certainly it's most famous prisoner. >> hope for the future now that the newly we did are finally, married. the happiest weddings come with last minute panic and fears: it's the same with ukraine as it scrambles to meet conditions for a european free trade and political deal. the country is making a major shift westwards 22 years after it declared independence from the soviet unionmoscow.
1:40 pm
the most important thing for the normal republicanian people is european values. >> the former minister is pushing through to prepare for the association agreement involving vows to cleaning-up politics, the courts and business. >> i just want to have my country formed. i hate that we have to conserve this will economy, the you know fair political system. >> but there is a problem. european' union leaders want this woman, free. she was sentenced to jail for alleged corruption in a trial many in the eu saw as politically motivated. this is a protest camp outside of the court house made up of her followers. the republicanian parliament is arguing about the details but the expectation is she will be released in the coming days, at least for medical treatment in germany. >> ukrainian president victor yanokovich is under pressure from vladimir putin. he is proposing a customs union with russia, one ukraine is
1:41 pm
rejecting and putin has behaved like a jilted suitor. with chocolate, steel, milwaukee having heavy tariffs and surprised safety inspections? >> they see coming out from the orbit of the russian federation. >> that's why it's so painful for it. >> that's why they are trying to punish ukraine through all of these economic measures. >> a growing majority of ukrainians want the european deal and an announcement will be made by eu heads of state and government on november 28th. if the ukrainian bride and groom go forward, the deal takes effect until january. the process of reform, like learning to live together, will take years. >> the next step comes on november the 18th? >> when the foreign munsters the european union nemoot to deciden the progress crain has made. meanwhile, the ukrainian president says he will pay another visit to vladimir puton
1:42 pm
to discuss issues. >> a sat life weighing more than a ton is hurdling toward earth. it's expected to break apart sunday or monday, but no one knows where. gerald tan has more details >> reporter: march, 2009, the goch gocheyroars into orbit. it's mission was the map variations in earth's gravity. that mission is now complete bulb it's experiment with gravity isn't over yet. the spacecraft has run out of fuel and has been pulled back to earth. >> the explorer ways more than a ton it began falling at a height of 224 kilometers. once it reaches 80 kilometers, it will break apart, roughly four fifth of its mass will burn in the atmosphere.
1:43 pm
the rest of the debris is set to come crashing down, some weighing up to 90 kilograms. it's uncertain where the falling pieces will make impact. don't worry too much. the european space agency says humans are about 2 million times more likely to get struck by a piece of debris than they are to win the lot re. >> the space debris office, i thought of asking him where he thought the debris might land. the area where it's going to fall is very likely going to be a sparsely purposelated area. part ocean covered. the spacecraft will in all likelihood be falling outside human individualsibility. it's most likely going to break up at an a lltitude in a numberf
1:44 pm
fragments. >> that's what is mentioned, the largest one could probably have a slice of about 90 kilograms. all of these are going to spread a long track over about 900 or 1,000 kilometers. >> there is no actual guarantee that you can make a cause that this could hit any building or person? >> there is no guarantee. it's a matter of statistics to i know investigate the problem, and the probability if something happens of personal ground is very, very minute. in fact, every day, about the same amount of natural mass in the form of meet or its is falling back to earth. that falls down every year of human-made objects from space. >> i was going to say that the man-made objects falling out of space, you know, old satellites, disputes satellites, how often does that actually happen and we don't even realize it? >> in fact, in the year 2012, we
1:45 pm
have about 100 to 150 tons of mass reentering from space in an uncontrolled fashion and they were distributed across about 60 spacecraft and all different stages and most of them had a mass which was larger than the gocha mass, 1,000 kilogram and of these 1,000 kilogram, just about 200 or so are going to survive the re-entry in the form of fragments. >> a little bit of reassurance there. >> that's it from europe. >> felicity thank you. sports is coming up next. the english premier league, robb and has the details right after the break.
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>> it's time for sports now. here is robb and. >> fazio thank you very much. football from europe and africa to come but we will start with motor gp and mark markquez was third in the grand prix. lodrenza was the event annual winner of the race. the defeat of kenny roberts the only over driver, achieving feedback in 1978. too early.
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world number one, madral is a final in london. the spaniard is a rival of federer. one hour and 19 minutes to win 7-5, 6-3. they will face even lovinka. in about an hour's time. >> football and english premier league champions have beaten league leaders, arsenal won at trafford united, a bad start to the season behind them to dominate the first half against the gunners. it was former arsenal van per se who got the vital goal for the home side. sealing the points for united. the win moves them up to 5th while arsenal are on top by 2 points. earlier, 2012 champions. the figure out loss of the season, from second to bottom, sanderlon, swansee and stokes shared six goals between them and to theham miss add chance to
1:49 pm
move up to third. newcastle. a goal. >> 28th of october, 2012 was the last time munich lost at league game. they broke the record for the longest unbeat en run in bundesleage. beating 3-nil. a wondeducational background goal. 360 degrees to slam the ball home. a free kick. second half comes a penalty complete scoring back in 1983. >> a good day a great one with rivals. seemed to be going according to plan when markas gave the lead but in the second half, hit back with a free kick of their own.
1:50 pm
the scorer here. take a look at the winner absolutely brilliant. second successive match with the defeat. four points off of the lead. barcelona are away they could lose the top spot in the league maz drilled would say a win to at that i can them two points. action at the moment, halftime, they are 1-up thanks to a goal from the defender. the other game in space a 22 win. they beat he is pan yol until barcelona. valencia 2, 2. second against third and city all when nap lee go to defending champions almost identical starts in the season. separated by goal difference,
1:51 pm
roma at home earlier. coaches from both teams have been talking much up each other's chances ahead of the match. that started about -- starts in about 50 minutes or so. >> we know they are a strong squad. they are still with favors to win the title. what does this meaning? it means that we have to do everything right to win this match. roma who are currently on top, yes, we can do it. >> that's obvious. there is still another went 7 games. yes, a strong yard. bennettas is saying his naply is at 75%. naply at 75%qual. >> to us, three points below the leaders, roma? when naply is at 100%, there will be no champion. >> the games already completed in syria, wins, calgary and genoa while lattio and a. c.
1:52 pm
milan could only draw. he job description side have won a record extended 8 african which champ picks league title, fans, packed the stadium to see their side beat south africa's 31 on aggregate, now, representing the continental at the fifa club world club in morocco in december. now, the turkish open won by two shots despite the final record with a 5-shot league chased all the way with jamie donaldson finishing two shots behind. the welch man with the shot of the day, the 16th. the world number 1 title was threatened but didn't pull off the win. a tie for third. a final round of 3 under 69 was enough to give him his first european tour victory in 72nd
1:53 pm
attempts. >> now, whorls what's happening. i have heard so much press even though i was feeling so much stress, you know. adam scott has won the pga championship, the final round have been interrupted for an hour and a half due to thunder. when they returned, they got an eagle in a 12th. completed the hometown tournament of 14 and four shots
1:54 pm
australian. >> he is the one i wanted and it's the icing on the cake for me, i think, this year it's been an i hncredible year to come ho and play in front of my friends and family. that includes all of my queensland family who have come out here today. >> the nhl, tampa bay lightning beat the detroit redwings for the first time since back in 1994. they did it in overtime. this is no detroit's third defeat. at home. the nba, the clippers beat the houst houston, 22 points for the clifrdz. ty sent eshlts, eighteen points in the second half eventually going on to win 107 points miami
1:55 pm
heat and pacers, the seven games latest win against the brooklit nets our website being regularly updated. motor gp, al jazeera sport for more details. there is how you can get in touch with our sports team using sported for the latest. >> that's the sport from chicago blackhawks to washington redskins, several u.s. sport teams are under press to change mascotses because of complaints by native americans but they are not the only ones taking offense. caroline malone with a look at the story. >> the arabs may seem like an
1:56 pm
unlikely name for this school sports team a 2-hour drive from los angeles. it's been the american football team's since the 1930s. >> wouldn't want to change all of my family has gone here you know, we are all proud to be arabs and say proudly we are arabs. >> the inspiration comes from the date palm trees imported as shoots. now the area has streets named mecca and baghdad. the mascot and entertainment are causing offense. some call it gross stereotyping and racism. in a litter to the school, the arab association says while it understands the original reason, it's no longer justifiable in the 21st sent re. >> i think what we have an issue here is the way they are describing arabs to be, which is hooked-nose, ugly arab figurean with the magic carpet rides and belly dancers.
1:57 pm
the students are proud to call themselves arabs? >> if anything, it shows the arab pride as being fierce, mighty. it somehow power. it's a time of more high profile team names. >> there have been protest against the washington redskins and their their native american logo that's seen by some as offensive. that team's owner insists it will not change. he says he is listening to complaints. we understand this 2013. it's different opinions about things now. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. we will have the latest hid lines in just a moment followed by exclusive documentary looking into the death of yasar arafat in about five minutes time on al jazeera.
1:58 pm
s stay with us. iranians will see those sanctions as pure belligerence and then walk away. if that is to happen, it will be a dangerous situation because it means that the diplomatic path will have closed and what happens after that, well, you know, there have obviously been talks of a military option but the u.s.a. says that that should be the absolute last option on the table. they much prefer the idea of trying to talk to the iranians. they do not -- there has been no discussion of a complete lifting of sanctions. they say that possibly by easing some things, perhaps as the iranians would like to see an easing on the oil exports
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