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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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easing on the oil exports he. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the head appliance we're following for you. typhoon haiyan. some members of congress ready to take a hard line with iran,. >> we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> america pauses to remember the men and women who serve and served in the armed force he. force -- forces. typhoon haiyan is now inundating
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south china. this just days after it tore through central philippines, and people there still trying to cope with the death and destruction the storm left behind. the philippine military says nearly 950 people died but actually the number is nearly 10,000, apparently. wayne hay is there. >> the storm devastated a fairly large supermarket that collapsed with the storm wave and storm surge, desperation noaa now shown by the people who live -- now shown by people who live in takloban. food from the supermarket has been taken, people are focus on whatever else they can get their hands on, pick their way through the supermarket, are get food or water that is still in there. they're not getting quick enough
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from the government from the military, food water and shelter. if we come around here and you can see some of the desperate situations that people are in. people finding of what they can, to shelter in. many people wanting to leave takloban, taking advantage of those military flights and getting out. there are so many bodies still lining the streets around the city, some of them sitting uncovered, some have a sheet over them with a name scribbled over them. slowly but surely the authorities are going to the bodies and taking them to a central location in the city trying to identify them, once they have they are taking them to a mass grave for burial. >> and a short time ago we got an update on the situation on the ground from the philippine ambassador to the united states, jose cuisa. >> we are trying get them to work together, in raising funds.
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because what's needed in the philippines right now is, food, drinking water, temporary shelter, and medicines, particularly antibiotics, risk reduction management council which is the agency that's overseeing the entire relief operation. >> have you been in touch with u.s. state department and military and if so, what type of help are they offering? >> the state department has informed me that the u.s. government ask ready -- is ready to assist the philippines, in fact can has already sent aircraft kc 130 and pc orion aircraft, to send are relief to the philippines and the exr force had oklahoma gnaw qua has
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sent a team to see exactly what is needed on the ground. >> mr. ambassador, do you have any family in the affected areas and are they okay? >> no, my family is in manila but they too are trying to find out how they can help the people who are in the vesias island. >> with regard to people who are watching and they want to go to the philippines to help out where what do you tell them and where should they go if they go to the philippines? >> well, people are going to sebu because sebu is very close to takloban. right now we would not suggest they go to takloban because the government is drying oget the place in order, restore order because for a while there was some looting taking place.. but the police and is soldiers brought in by the government
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have restored order in the city but a a lot of the facilities have been damaged. sabu polite be the place to go. there are of course volunteers who are needed also to insist in repackaging of relief goods. because they have to put this-- they have to bring this relief goods to sabu and then in turn they have to be brought to takloban because there are no commercial flights to the takloban airport. >> mr. ambassador so many people are trying to get in touch with their loved ones in the philippines they are having a tough time, communication he is a nightmare. what should they do, who should they call? >> well, they can call the embassy or the consulates because we can try to help them locate their loved ones. google and bropler have teamed up to provide a database for
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missing persons and the national disaster risk reduction manage council has indicatelines, hot lines that they can call to get information. >> and again i want to make sure that we have the numbers correct. we are hearing unofficial reports of 10,000 dead. you say those numbers are premature. correct? >> yes. because they have not been confirmed. those are estimates from the provincial government. the official figures comes from the national agency. this is the national disaster risk management council. >> but clearly you do not expect the to 240 plus number to be the official death toll? >> oh yeah, yeah, definitely, it will be much higher based on the reports we're getting from the ground. >> and that is jose cuisia, the philippine ambassador to the u.s. working to restore
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communication he there and they say that you can donate $10 just by texting aid to 27722 because roads and bridges were washed out, unicef is air lifting aid to hard hit areas. theiring website is you can also today donate directly to the philippine red typhoon still on the move. dave warren with the latest. dave. >> it has weakened considerably but the last 24 hours you can see it centered there, clear center of schtion there but over -- circulation over water. are southern portion he of china and really weakens as it moves over land. now it's not dissipated
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entirely. there's still a lot of rain coming down and even wind. flooding is the big problem. inches of rain have fallen over portion he of vietnam and southern china. as the rain continues to come down. many pictures continue to come in right near hanoi and there's flooding problems in northern vietnam, also china getting the heavy rain. the storm no longer tropical, no longer followed by the joint typhoon weather center. we're looking at that flooding potential a big change in our temperatures i'll have that coming up in a little while. del. >> thank you dave. secretary of state john kerry is trying to witness convince allies that an agreement would not put anyone under risk. mike viqueria what is the white house saying about the lack of a deal? >> secretary kerry was on television saying the
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administration wasn't blind, the administration wasn't stupid. but involved in, secretary of state john kerry broke off planned travel in the middle east and elsewhere to hurry off to geneva, it was thought they were close to a deal with iran open its nuclear program. it turned out the deal could not be struck and it engendered a lot of criticism, with the united states's allies, including the french foreign minister. both republicans and even some democrats, secretary kerry left geneva empty hand he. he traveled to abu dhabi and explained what happened. >> iran couldn't take it at that particular moment they weren't able to accept that particular agreement. hard work was done, progress was made, the p-5 plus 1 was united.
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there is a gap still between what planning may be appropriate that they're prepared to accept. but the kent concep -- sketch tt we'rconcept that we are all unid on. >> it is for civilian purposes but countries like israel which is very much against what is on the table coming out of geneva some very sharp words exchanged public lir between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and john kerry. that nuclear program is for civilian purposes, many say it could turn the corner very quickly and start credit producing weapons grade plutonium. the sanctions imposed on iran is what is bringing iran to the table to begin with. >> if the marred liners get their way and sanction he are toughened are we looking at a game change are?
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>> i think the administration is trying to talk them down. if sanctions were to be imposed, further sanctions, the administration has said all along the sanction he are very stringent. it would take months for them to kick in. secretary kerry says the sanction he are moot at this moment. from curtailing its crude oil purchases from iran. >> mike viqueria thank you very much. today is veterans day, americans pausing today to honor the sacrifice and service of men and women in uniform. towns and cities across the country are holding veterans days events, president obama among them, traveling oarlington national ceremony for the tradition laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. president obama then played tribute to those who answered the call to serve. >> the highest are service anyone could offer this nation.
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those who fought for our freedom and stood sentry for our security. on this hillside of solemn remembrance and in veterans halls and in proud parades across america we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> two of the original tuskegee airmen will also be honored in a ceremony in washington, d.c. >> going digital? they haven't changed anything since the days of johnny cash.
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i sunday 7:30 eastern on al jazeera america
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>> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax cuts... the economy... iran... healthcare... it goes on and on... ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story theses are strait forward conversations, no agenda, just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> the hierarchy of the catholic church is gathering in baltimore today, they're there to select a new leader. the meeting of the conference of catholic bishops, many changes from the vatican itself. lisa stark is in the vatican.
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>> i can tell you del the pope's tone and how he is changing the church has definitely been on the minds here of the bishops that have gathered here in baltimore. the papal enuncio made it clear in the ears of one observer, that the pope wants them to be good pass tra pastoral observer. >> st. matthews parish church sits six miles from where the bishops are gathering. a handful gathered for plas. part of a diversion congregation the main sanctuary lined with flags from 47 nations representing members here, a church that welcomes immigrants, gays and lesbians. he doesn't hesitate:
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>> laughing. i'm enjoying his reign as the pope. >> as religious leader of 1 billion catholics pope frances has dramatically changed the face of the church. a disfigured worshiper, the very young and perhaps most astonishingly, has deannounced an obsessive focus on a position such as abortion and homosexuality, saying who is he to administer. >> you must get more into the world, this present pope says. okay i'm ready to go. i might nok not like that invitation. >> the st. francis effect, may not be far from the bishops' minds. calling poverty amoral scandal are urging the bishops to focus
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on economic justice an issue that is not on the conference agenda. for the bishops the new pope's style and tone has shifted the ground beneath them. >> i think some of the bishops are excited and what does this mean now, how do we do our jobs? >> an answer for the bishops, are hard of hearing and blind, on this the they sees things cl. >> they may offer some resistance but i have a feeling this pope has the holy spirit. >> and that says haney will win out. now this afternoon the bishops will talk about their efforts to promote and defend marriage and they will also talk about immigration reform. they want impressive immigration form -- comprehensive immigration reform.
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the u.s. council of catholic bishops, the u.s. conference of catholic bishops the face for the next years ahead. del. >> lisa thank you very much. and record-setting pace continuing on the new york stock exchange if just barely. the dow up just slightly, adding to friday's all time my. the blue chips riding about 13 points right now. trading has been light mostly because of the veterans day holiday. drivers you may find this familiar. you're enjoying a break at the pump but it might not last. gas prices have fallen thanks to lower crude prices. the lundberg survey says the average price for a gallon of regular is just $3.22, by the way this is 33 cents less than last year.
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lundberg says we may see the end of those falling gas prices so celebrate now. amazon is had teaming with the u.s. postal service, to are roll out sunday delivery, that service is free to amazon customers. nashville has long been synonymous with music, everything from country to rock 'n' roll to soul, now, one business that is make music history the old fashioned way, and we do mean old fashioned. jonathan martin has more. >> you are work into the oldest letter press shops in the country. >> hatch is an iconic place that's been around for 130 years. >> i know that we saw led citizen liedzeppelin in here ea. >> latch is a functioning museum
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of are rolling out posters, no digital posters here. >> the layman's definition of letter press is letters are pressed into paper with ink. >> letter press for everyone from elvis to johnny carb to b.b. king. retroand cutting edge in our digitally dominated culture. >> we are proud when the new band comes in and asks us to help dweeb thei define their prn into being print. >> right of passage for many bands all over the world. >> it could be mum ford and sons, these guys are traveling everywhere, hatch fans proud to say. >> where preserving history is their business. it's a museum within a museum but nothing sits on the shelves and gets dusty.
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the design and press he are always up and running. >> we are an accredited museum. an important part of america's culture. we had an important part of america to save it we 30 we have been good tutors. >> our personal mantra ask appreciation through production. >> they are -- preservation through production. >> it ain't sleeping here. we want bill monroe's mandolin to rest. we want hank william's test to rest. we don't want these presses to rest. >> these hand printed images continue to capture defining images of their lives. jonathan martin al jazeera nashville. >> world leaders are meeting to talk about the issue of climate
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change. why some activists are protesting this meeting.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm del walters, these are your headlines. on this day the nation pauses to honor the sacrifices of are the nation's men and women. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. iran has agreed to expand its monitoring of its nuclear sites. more talks are scheduled for next week. an emergency why relief is headed to the philippines. officials say the storm affectclose to 10 million people. a plea for help this morning in poland. it claim from the climate change commissioner from the philippines. he begged the hundreds of world leaders gathered to try to
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prevent world disasters like typhoon haiyan. >> prevent the future where supertyphoons become a way of life. >> meantime, mr. hundreds of people took to the streets of warsaw to protest. >> it reliance on coals for almost all of its electricity. now poland is playing host to the annual climate talks. activists say it's no surprise what country has been chosen to sponsor the event. they include aslo mittow, the largest steel and mining company. its activities produce over 190 million tons of carbon dioxide for the year. that's more than the entire output of venezuela. also a partner, poland's largest
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electric company. it runs this power station, one of the largest fossil fuel power plants in the world. >> it's very concerning, it's very dangerous and we've got to ensure that this conference is for the interests of people in the planet and these companies and their bottom line is to ensure that they continue to make or maximize their profit. in my mind this is akin to having cigarette companies sponsoring a conference on lung cancer and then being surprised when that conference says smoking is acceptable and should be encouraged. >> but others say the involvement of business and some of the dirtiest is welcome and necessary. >> business you know is really worried about climate change. it is a big issue for many companies. and business has to be part of the solutions to climate change as well, we can't do it without the active engagement of business. >> how to help the world's most vulnerable populations to adopt to a changing -- adapt to a
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chienging environment, and change kyoto protocol, and growing awareness that any agreement must include developing nations like india and carolina. remained more or less constant. add to this the emissions of other industrialized countries and you even see a decline mirroring the recent economic downturn. but how look at china's emissions and you see where the real increases lie, more than 10% between 2010 and 2011, you get a sense of where the greatest are are situations lie. no break through agreements but those tying part say they hope it will lay important groundwork for a future pact. many imeeting voices and interests. the common ground as always will be lard to find.
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terek basley al jazeera. mr. . >> i'm dave warren. here's big changes happening across the country. with our temperatures clearly seeing where this cold front is. dropping from 68 to 34 between tulsa and omaha. this front is moving south and you'll see a close change in temperatures, crashing down quickly. as the front moves south we're seeing rain and light snow but this is moving. maybe a little coating of snow as it moves through. all this front approaching from the north. moving from kansas city heading to -- kansas to oklahoma. atlantic and mid east right now the drop is happening through kansas. here is the last 12 hours with this snow and rain. you can see it slowly pushing south but where it's headed also from the south to the east.
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by 7:00 tonight it's through the graicts'great lakes just pushing through chicago. these are lake effect snows, cold air over the warm waters of the great lakes now, virginia and washington, d.c. by tomorrow afternoon and evening. the temperatures will quickly drop once this moves through and the cold air sets up over the mid atlantic states, not quite to the southeast all the way to texas and oklahoma and back through the eastern face of the rockies. the temperatures by tomorrow morning will be 28 in dallas, texas, 37 wednesday morning, warming a little bit, 60 by thursday and friday, hitting the freezing mark for the first time this year a hard freeze warning in effect for texas and oklahoma and even extends to the east. new york see rain and snow tomorrow, there is that drop in the temperatures, back to the 50s wednesday and thursday.
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del. >> that up. techknow featuring electronic cigarettes is next. hello and welcome. i am phil torres here to talk about innovation that his can change lives, we'll explore the innovation of hardware and doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientist. let's check out our team of hardcore in other words, christ is a molecular neuroscientist. tonight science and cigarettes. they are the new rage. the smokeless smoke. what's the truth about e cigarettes? we'll investigate. marita davison is a biologist. tonight inside the food lab. we have the crazy of the looking innovation that his will your palate to the test. lindsay moran is an ex-cia operative. i am phirr


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