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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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welcome to am al jazeera america, these are the stories we are 2308 lowing for you. a major airline merger approved by the justice department that could effect your wallet. new scenes of desolation and desperation coming in from the philippines in the nonstop effort to help those who are struggling just to survive. ♪ amazing grace. >> and an emotional memorial service now underway for the first tsa officer to die in the line of duty.
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that story is straight ahead, first we want to tell you about a deal that would create the world's biggest airline. earlier today, signing off on that merger between american airlines and u.s. area ways. john has been following this story now for months. >> wheels off the new giant carrier, the merger of u.s. area ways and americans being allowed to take off after all. somewhere sighed to stop the merger, concerning the $11 billion deal would hurt consumer choice. they filed a lawsuit back in august, with the u.s. and a.m.r. corporation, the parent of bankrupt american airlines should be forced to scrap it on the ground that if it went ahead, more than 80% of all u.s. commercial aviation will be in the
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hands of just four companies. blue now the deal is back on, but there's a price to pay for the new megaairline. the landing slots and gates at several major airports including dozens outside washington and at new york's airport, must be given up to win antitrust approval by the department. competing low cost will also be given more under the terms of the deal. the agreement has the potential to shift the landscape of the aviation industry, according to the d objectionj, by guaranteeing a bigger foothold for locule carriers at key airports. the settlement insured will see more competition on nonstop and connecting routs. u.s. and americans say the mergeser the only way they can compete in what is increasingly a consolidated global aviation industry. the final settlement must
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be signed off by a judge. >> joining us to talk about which this means. the first thing people think of when deals like this happen, is are my ticket prices going to go up, are they going to go down. so which it? >> other the long term i'm afraid the prices will go up. because the airline rah merging because they are having trouble making money, and one way to make more money is to cut on profitable reps and raise prices. every time there's a merger like this, we are told things will be better, now we are paying more for peanuts for extra leg room, if we warrant a window, an aisle, i take it this will be another example like that? >> that's right. this is an industry wide move.
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clearly this is not clearing up the issue of antitrust, so why did this take place? >> in part, because there's no manying os for the large airliner and the the government. because if they don't merge, the chance exists that one or both cut fail your right. >> is there any chance, and i know a lot of people are thinking this, this could mean an end to the pesky baggage fees and all the other things? >> those fees especially bag gauge fees are one of the corner stones of the profits. i don't see them going away. >> what about the boeheim meth that is being created. how concerned should consumers before about now a big airline in a lot of little airline that used to be that led to those prices that are gone. >> well, probably the best thing for consumers is competition. some of those smaller airline that aren't so small, like jet blew and southwest have figured out a way to make a
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profit. so. this merger drops rout, this could be an opportunity for them to move in. >> that is our transportation expert dr. todd curtis, now we want to return to the philopenas where that massive effort is now underway to get aid to the people. relief workers are now encountering difficulties to get supplies to those that need them the most. setting in as survivors wait for help. more from northern sea bourn. a cry for help from the children. landed in the northern part of the island. most managed to survive, but many are left with nothing. we ran to the mountains and we are still staying in a little hut used to dry sugar cane. with they have yet to receive any aid.
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although many people managed to survive, they also badly need water and food. mary ann and her husband were just burying their mother when the storm hit. hungry and has been drinking on condensed milk for five days. >> even if we get a little bit of help, we would be so grateful, all of us here would share it. the few organizations and volunteered have already reached here. >> the problem with the water and the sanitation, and of course now the most pressing also shelter. because of the constant drain, and they have no homes to go back to. >> only three hours to the south. the worst hit area. the air force base is the certain for the relief operation. while not far from here, many people are in need,
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there were problems with the distribution of supplies. >> quite a challenge, one the weather is a bit not cooperating at this moment. and we have limited air contractor due to our -- due to the archaeological nature of the country. we need to transport it by airlift, or through chips. so that's one of the concern of the command right now. >> the children in the north of the island are not giving up hope that someone will bring them food soon. but until this happens they continue to beg. even at night. al jazeera, northern sabu. >> meanwhile, the six, injured and those that survives the brunted of the storm, are now being airlifted out of harm's way, they are -- as craig lesson tells us that base is overwhelmed by the
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sheer number of people that say they need help. >> hay lumbered into the air force base with military precision. delivering their precious cargo, from the nightmare that is one of the philippines worst natural disasters. those who couldn't walk were carried. the sick, the old, and those that simply quantitied to escape the disaster. >> bodies are on the road, and nobody is picking them up. >> the injuried and sick were taken to a military hospital. for many year, the horror of losing their family outweighed the pain. this woman was struck by her roof. she managed to crawl out with her daughters they were among the lucky ones. >> every now and then a ray of hope. >> today we have a spine
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fracture, so mostly trauma injuries. we have pregnant women coming in. so we are ready to deliver the babies yet. >> after the c 130s are loaded with relief supplies intended for those still facing the hardship of yet another day. without food or water. the u.s. government is helping us, and various other international governments are helping us. and we with continue to bring the support the people effected by the super typhoon. >> but the relief supplies are not always getting to those that need it most. alts a few bray survivors determined to go back, despite all they have been through. >> imagine the courage of these people here, at the edward air force base, many of them who were there during the storm. they are waiting here for a sea 130 herck lose 80
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to arrive to take them back into the devastated area. why? because in those bags are food, and water. things that they say their family needs to survive. these survivors say the aid isn't reaching fast enough, and going back is their only option. i am scares but i have no choice. >> the united states has directed the carrier u.s.s. george washington to head to the philippines and provide support. u.s. marines are already on the ground, but as bad weather closes in, the survivors wonder if they will ever arrive in time. al jazeera, sebu. >> and unfortunately, there is even more rain on the way. someday. >> just a little bit of rain, but not really ask organized storm, but a
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little bit of rain can hamper the relief efforts. now, the track just to the south, well south of man nip la, this is the track. you put on the satellite picture you can see the rain. it was the potential this could become organized but no classification. it is dumping rain though, and you can see how this cluster of showers and storms moves across the philippines. it really hampered the relief efforts people out trying to get relief. they are dealing with the rain, not really wind or rain or flooding but just hampers the relief efforts. that's what we are watching now. in los angeles. the fist tsa officer ever to die in the line of duty. jennifer london is at that memorial, set the
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tone are we seeing a sea of tsa glue? question certainly are. there are hundreds of officers here in attendance as well as members of the los angeles fire department, the los angeles police department, as well as local state and national dignitaries areny any dance here, as well, and today's public memorial is really about remembering and celebrating and honoring the life of tsa officer. as you mentioned he is the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. the event inside is quite somber, it began with the procession of the flag, and the back drop inside the arena is honor flag, this is the same u.s. flag that was flown over ground zero? the days following the nebraska attack, and it has really come to symbolize and memorialize law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty. moments ago, we heard from l.a.'s mayor.
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and we also expect to hear remarks from attorney general eric holder. >> jennifer, what is the latest on the suspected gunman? >> the suspected gunman is 23-year-old paul sense yeah, and he has been charged with first degree murder of a federal officer. as well as causing violence at an international airport, he has not appeared in court simply because he remains hospitalized. he was shot four times, and again, he has been charged with first degree murder for killing year gerald doe hernandez. >> joining us from los angeles, thank you very much. coming up, tragedy in the skies the son of a prominent u.s. senator dies in a plane crash, we will have the full story. as we go to break, we want to leave you with the tribute of the first tsa officer ever to die
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in the line of duty, we will be right back. ♪ >> what do you think? >> stories that matter to you consider this unconventional wisdom. weeknights 10 eastern on al jazeera america
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jazeera al here is a look at today's top business headlines. after closing a record high for two straight days the dow now in negative territory. some 55-points the market lower on concerns that the fed could decide next month to cut back on that bond buying stimulus program. one bright spot, american airlines, shares are up 17%. to allow that merger us airways. america's dream of energy independent is one step closer to being reality. saying that in two years the u.s. will pass saudi arabia and russia to become the world's
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biggest producer of oil. they say the i.i.e. says fields in texas and north dakota will be past their prime, and then once again, the middle east will be number one. last month's government shut down with a punch in the gut to small business. survey of small business showing declines last month to their lowest level since march. they are worried that grid lock in washington could hurt sales. they say the cut back on hiring and capitol spending plans. fewer people missing their mortgage payments. people falling below on home prices. overseas pleas ited are 40 million people in nigeria can't read or write. that's close to 456 of the entire population. now the world bank is getting involved. they are pledging $150 million to improve the literacy rate.
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>> these men are some of the million adults learning to read and write for the first time. some of them never went to school because of poverty, some were stopped from attending because they didn't believe in western education. worked as a messenger. being it lit rate means he has not been able to get a good job. he is happy the world bank is giving aid money, but he is already benefiting from a local campaign helping adults learn to read and write. >> when i was grown up, my mother looked at western education. but the world has changed. without education you cannot survive. now i can read. >> he used to have one of the lowest literacy rates in the country, but it has been recognized for its anti-literacy campaign. >> the state government
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has put more than 300,000 adults to read and write. and by the time the campaign ends it hopes to have taught more than 1.5 million. be uh the root causes think take a long time to resolve. >> because they are historical. >> for education, for western education, and predominately, the people of northern nigeria, are predominately mugs limbs. >> the world bank says it hopes to challenge some of the beliefs by supporting literacy programs. the world bank is to support the government. the government and the strategy that they want in times of how do you want to improve literacy. >> but moussa believes they must be determined to learn without aid. no mat err how old you
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are, you need to embrace it. >> the world bank's aid will help some people, but for the more than 40 million adults unable to read and write in nigeria, increased government funding for campaigns like the one here, could be the best way forward. and the country is in the middle of a program that aims to educate four to 5 million ill lit rate adults. michelle obama has a new initiative, she will visit schools around the country, and use social media to reach out to students. she will also use her own life to show how children from low income families can still get a great education. a court hearing was held today for accused boston marathon bombing. prosecutors say they will make a recommendation on whether or not is he should face the death penalty if he was convicted. the u.s. attorney general says that they would make the decision, the attorney says the
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government is hindering their efforts to defend they client. hawaii could be the next state to legalize gay marriage. allowing gay weddings to take place in the state. if that happens same sex couples could be married as as soon as as december 2nd. the son of oklahoma senator is dead. he was killed in a plane crash. he died on sunday when a small plane went down near us the a. he was 52. the younger was an orthopedic surgeon, the plane spiraled out of control. he reported mechanical problems before he lost control. now in healthcare, will be released late they are week. but earlier leaks reports show that the impact of the website glitches were pretty devastating. wall street journal reporting that fewer than
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50,000 signed up for insurance, that is 10% less than what the white house wanted. but those figures don't include sign up from the state run agencies. with all the those problems health insurance companies are now pushing the government for a back up plan, abalternative to insurers want a short cut that wow allow them to directly enroll those that qualify for the subsidies. and problems with have kept thousands of people that qualify for medicaid from standing up. the door closed on low income applicants in 36 states. that's because the federal government has been unable to transfer its files as plans. up next, what once was bootleg is now a billion dollar business. legalizing white lightening, that story and much much more when we come back.
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just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you ray suarez hosts inside story only on al jazeera america
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at our top stories this hour. aid continues to pour into the philippines from around the world. the typhoon is believed to have left tens of thousands dead, and many are left without the basics food, water and shelter. we want to switch gears to a tradition that is older than the state itself. turning out moon shine, white lightening, now despite crack downs by law enforcement, brewers are still making home brew barrel by barrel by barrel. al jazeera take as look
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the sheriff is always on the look out for illegal sites in p the ten years he has uncovered 15 illegal dill stillries. >> would this be a big operation? >> yeah, this is a big operation. this site was recently uncovered and they shot holes in the barrels to make sure they couldn't be reused. he says destroying stills isn't always well received i had one lady, she says you need to leave those people in the woods alone, because that's how they make their living. even the citizens have accepted this as part of the county. it didn't take us long to find ask illegal still
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that will song produces litters of white whisky for a healthy market. despite the risks little has changed and people here still want their moon shine the old fashioned way. but the spirits in union springs they are not too worried about their black market. this is the first legal distillery. >> what comes out here is the finish prod duct? >> yes. took almost a year to get their license, but they said it will all be worth it. >> extreme satisfaction knowing we were the first to the market, the ones that took the chance and got out there and did this. we know we are the first, and won't be the last. >> when this brand hits the shelve, it will mark a milestone, but it is unlikely to change old habits.
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uniian springs alabama a big change in the weather up to the north southeast, and that change is pushing south. is this snow here is the front and the mix, this is about 12 hours ago it pushed to the south. we saw some nose this morning and that now moves south. these are lake effect. you get the cold air coming over the warm waters that creates snow. a little bit of sunshine here, but that's battling that warm wind. so not much of a warm up. some heavy snow could be possibly. they could be clearing out by tomorrow evening as the wind changes direction. now here are the
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temperatures barely climbing out of the 30's. in fact, it has not climbed out yet. that cold air is still continuing to move in. temperature at 34, there's dry weather and slightly warmer thursday, friday, and saturday. across the northeast, there's some rain on sunday. now that cold air is pushing sought, it has not hit the freezing mark yet, but it will. as the temperatures climb -- drop from the 50's down to the freezing mark. we have freeze warnings and hard freeze warnings in effect. first time we will see these numbers here since last winter. that will happen overnight tonight as these drop down to the think's tomorrow mourning. thank you very much. and thank you each and every one of you for watching al jazeera america.
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earth rise is next, check us out 24 hour as day at >> i'm russell beard in london england to meet a local hero who believes in the environmental benefits of sharing. >> i'm joyce ohajah and i'm in copenhagen, the worlds cycling capital, where many people prefer to travel on two wheels, rather than four. >> and i'm oliver steeds, and i've come to the coast of northern ireland to explore the power of tides. and i'm tamara sheward, in australia's dairy hearan


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