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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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calderon good evening. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. tonight - survivors of the storm. incredible images and stories from the philippines. the u.s. marines in a leading life-saving mission. we are live from the disaster zone. game changer - in a fight against heart disease, what guidelines could mean for you. why some doctors are not buying it. >> the megamerger shaking up the airline industry. will it cost you more to travel. sold to the highest bidder.
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it is wednesday in the philippines and the survivors - a new day brings suffering. they are desperate for food, water and medicine. and for the people who lost everything, time is running out. help is on the way from around the world, but reaching the hardest-hit areas is difficult. helicopters having trouble finding places to land. debris blocking roads and the country's president had to send troops to stop looting. in the central philippines the devastation stretches. joining us live from cebu is craig leeson. what is the number one priority there now?
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>> strangely as it sounds, the number one priority is getting the relief out there. we are told that it's coming in from all over the world, but we are not seeing it on the ground, particularly in tacloban, where it's most needed - the hardest hit city within the central parts of the philippines, when this tidal surge swept through and took many people's lives with it. this is where this relief is supposed to be. there's supposed to be a coordinated management plan which there is still no evidence of. so what's happening is that we are seeing ngos coming in and doing their work, moving down the coast to remote areas. we are not seeing it on the ground - from the philippine government at least. >> reporter: they lumbered into the cebu airport base with military precision - delivering the precious cargo for one of
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philippine's worst natural disasters. those that couldn't walk were carried - the sick, the old. and those that wanted to escape the disaster. >> bodies are on the road. nobody is picking them up. >> the injured and sick were taken to a military hospital. for many the horror of losing their families outwed the pain of their injuries. this woman was struck by her roof as it collapsed in the storm. she managed to crawl out with her daughters as it passed. they were among the lucky ones. >> doctors are working around the clock, overwhelmed by the volume of injured. every now and then there's a ray of hope. >> mostly trauma injuries, pregnant women are coming in. we delivered two babies yesterday. >> after discouraging human
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cargo, the c130s load again, ready to face those who have no food and water. >> various other international governments are helping us, bringing in aid. we can to support the people affected by the super typhoon. >> reporter: relief supplies are not always getting to those that need it the most. the government sending in troops to control the looting. at the airport, brave survivors determined to go back to the disaster area, despite what they'd been through. >> imagine the courage of these people in cebu at the air force base. many were there during the storm. they are waiting here for a c130 herbingualies aircraft to -- hercules aircraft to arrive to take them back to the devastated area. why? in the bags are food and water, things that families need to survive.
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these survivors say the government aid is not reaching their families fast enough, and going back is their only option. >> i am scared, but i have no choice. i have no choice. my family is in tacloban. >> international relief is on the way. the united states has directed the carrier, the uss "george washington" to head to the philippines and provide support. u.s. marines are on the ground. as bad weather closes in, the survivors wonder if they'll arrive in time. >> we saw some of that bad weather yesterday. the weather systems are moving through here. today we have got the opposite. we have sun shine. yesterday the relief effort that was taking place, particularly from the helicopters which are the only way of getting this - these packages in to remote areas, because of the debris, they were grounded because it
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was too wet and too dangerous for them to fly. today they are back up and running. as i mentioned earlier, in tacloban, they are not seeing the relief effort arrive, and that food being distributed, even within the city itself. >> are they expecting this is a matter of time? talk more about the american mission and what has been going on, and what will go on. >> well, locally the problem they've had is many of the people who are supposed to coordinate this, the government officials in the local townships and police, they became victims of the tsunami, and were too busy looking after the family situation. the central government doesn't have the ability to coordinate the relief efforts in each of the provinces where it's needed. this storm touched 44 province,
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we are talking about in tacloban - just one province. the u.s. government has been one the most significant contributors in terms of what it pledged $20 million, the "george washington", the carrier, has been sent from hong kong, where it stopped recently, with a flotilla of ships - carriers, supply ships, destroyers. the carrier will have 80 aircraft on it, able to provide support in distributing the aid. it will also be able to produce 400,000 gallons of water, which is needed immediately because that is the chief problem - finding fresh, clean disease-free water. and already on the ground from the u.s. are 250 military personnel marines, flies orion tilt rotor aircraft and they have the april ability of taking
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off vertically because of the debris. they have moved in about 106,000 pounds to remote regions. they are doing their job. what is needed is a coordinated local logistical campaign. >> craig leeson continues to provide us new information. thank you very much. the situation is worse a few miles away, wayne hay reports from palay. it's not system you see if from the air that the devastation is ef dent. when typhoon haiyan struck land little withstood its power. in this predominantly catholic country the church is at the center of the community. some are standing. it will be a long time before they are restored to their former glory. people are desperate for food, water and shelter. the weather is deteriorating, leaving people to look for protection in whatever is left
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of their homes. >> we have to stay here. we don't have money to leave. we don't have anything to improve our shelter. >> as the storm clouds roll in, helicopters and the aid they are supposed to deliver to autolaying areas are grounded. that means more waiting for those who received little or no assistance from the outside. some areas remain cut off to vehicles, trekking across the debris is the only way in or out. locals try their best to clear what they can with the few tools they have. >> in some areas where the storm surge came assure, it took houses completely away. others stood up to the force of the waves, despite the fact the water rose to halfway you have the second story. >> many are missing, presumed buried beneath the rubble. many of those found are stored on a stage of a children's
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daycare center. this woman is struggling with the pain of losing her niece and seeing her home destroyed. they used to not care about storms, because they have experienced so many. they are scared to stay here >> translation: after the typhoon we heard rumours that water was coming in. we left to a local hall. every time it rains, we leave. >> days have passed since the storm struck. in many areas, it's as if it just happened. now, here is a look at the aid president obama is sending to the philippines. uss "george washington", four escort shifts leaving hong kong this afternoon and arrive tomorrow night. two more american warships are on the way. the helicopters on board will be used to carry fresh water where needed. more than 22 nations sending money and supply, including britain, australia and france. i spoke with the acting u.s.
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ambassador to the philippines about how the u.s. is helping. >> our mission is to support the philippine government in its relief operations. we have 10 aircraft and four osprey aircraft in the process of flying support missions for the philippines, moving relief supplies from manila to tacloban. last night or this morning a 747 arrived with plastic sheeting to supply housing for 10,000. we'll move a lot of that, into this afternoon and this evening. there's a lot of foodstuffs, water, et cetera, hygiene kits that are being arranged at the airport and the c130s will shuttle until it's moved to tacloban. and the government will arrange to receive it and move it on to
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subdistribution centres in the remote villages. much of what was there was destroyed, and there are not a lot of vehicles and support vehicles to help in the effort. >> have you been able to get a scope of the humanitarian disaster? >> numbers were mentioned in terms of dimensions. when you think of a typhoon that's 300 miles wide. tearing through the country side, that gives you a feel for it. most of the nine concrete structures and other areas in its path were flattened. that's why there's a huge number of displaced persons. it also, of course, comply kates the recovery of the disafed and the -- deceased and moving on with those issues. >> for more on how to help the typhoon victims, click on
11:13 pm, and click on the top. there's a list of relief sources. the israeli government put plants for a settlement in the west bank on hold. after announcing it would build 20,000 homes in the west bank, it today announced it would renew the plan, saying the construction would create unnecessary confliction. >> the israeli housing ministerry threatened threats to the talks by approving money to the first stage of construction planning in some contentious areas of the west bank , including 1200 housing units near jerusalem, where it is feared more settlements could end hopes of a viable palestine state. the u.s. government expressed displeasure m. >> we are surprised by the announcement. our position on settlement is clear. we do not accept the legitimacy.
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>> secretary of state john kerry used tougher language calling more jewish settlements a roadblock to political agreement. in interviews john kerry said: >> prime minister benyamin netanyahu said the housing minister ry's announcement was made with no prior process and had been cancelled saying: benyamin netanyahu did not signal a decision to scrap the long-term development of 24,000 more jewish housing units in the west bank and east jerusalem. before benyamin netanyahu cancelled the order the ploort said it would have destroyed the peace process >> translation: it means negotiations are over and everything the united states had planned is not working.
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we ask all parties involved in the peace talks to hold israel responsible for the collapse of negotiations. >> in july kerry set a deadline for the talks. with time running out those negotiations are in deeper daut than ever. >> secretary of state john kerry wants congress to give diplomacy a chance when it comes to ryan iran's nuclear program. he is expected to ask lawmakers to hold off on new sanctions that would put economic pressure on iran. negotiations rapped up after three days of talk. world leaders are trying to reach an agreement on cap reason iran's nuclear capacity and in response they are offering relief from sanctions. tuesday was the first day
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that the season - that many people saw a glimpse of snow. it is still falling across the carolinas. it's a mix of snow and sleet-type precipitation. it's associated with a cold front making its way to the south-east. behind it we have snow. you can see the blue streams like ontario and lake erie. the cold air is going over the warmer lakes, picking up the moisture, dumping it as it makes its way back over land. >> 25% of the united states is seeing temperatures below freezing - we are talking about minnesota, chicago, to the north of kentucky, new york. temperatures low. new york down 27, all the way down towards hooust on --
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houston, 35. the first transportation officer killed in the line of duet i duty was remembered. the memorial was held. eric holder spoke and hundreds of t.s.a. workers attended. gerardo i. hernandez was shot at the los angeles international airport. two other t.s.a. agents and a californian people were hurt in the attack. >> a deal signed off between american airlines and u.s. airlines - we have more. >> wheels up, merger of a carrier and americans allowed to take off after closed-door negotiations. >> it will eliminate overlapping routes that us air will share.
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it will make a more efficient airline. planes under sold on certain roots will be at capacity, driving the prices down. >> the department of justice, six state attorneys general and the district of columbia sued to stop the merger, concerned it would hurt consumer choice. they mild a lawsuit arguing that it should be scrapped on the grounds that if it went ahead 80% of u.s. aviation would be in the hands of four companies. but now the u.s.-american deal is back on. there's a price to pay for the mega-airline. landing slots and gates at several major airports including dozens at regan national apart and laguardia must be gip up to win anti- -- be given up to win antitrust approval.
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more access will be given in boston, las vegas, dallas and miami. >> probably the best thing for consumers is competition. the smaller airlines, like jetblue and south-west figured out a way to make a profit. serving routes by the big airlines. if they are dropped, the smaller airlines can get in. >> it is said to be the only way for competition in the aviation industry. the final settlement must we signed off by a judge. >> coming up, the dirty side of clean energy. the white house rallies around going green. is it worth the price. what our investigation uncovers. tough talk from a friend on the new health care plan. what bill clinton's words mean for the battle over obamacare.
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what our investigation uncovers. japan is an important partner in humanitarian societies. >> caroline kennedy was sworn in as the u.s. ambassador japan. she was unanimously nominated by the senate. she is headed to japan friday and will meet with the prime minister after that. ethan ol fuel is considered a clean source of energy. ethan ol made from corn may not be as environmentally friendly as many believe. according to an investigation by associated press, farmers planting fuel for ethan ol have had their crops pollute water ply, ploughed over land.
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the report has been regarded as flabbergasting. >> we are using less fertiliser than we were 10 years ago. >> scientists are wrong. >> we are using less fertiliser per unit of corn. farmers are more efifferent than before are -- efficient than before. >> the farmers are wrong. >> they are getting one plus one and equalling three. >> craig cox, the senior vice president for agriculture and resources at the environmental working group, and he joins us from washington. welcome. >> thank you. >> you heard a little of what bob said. what's your reaction. >> the only people flabbergasted by the ap report are those that haven't paid attention to what has been happening in the mid west. i have seen this.
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i live this in the middle of the corn belt. prices have tripled since 2005 when the ethan ol boom took on the corn belt. as a result farmers are ploughing up every square foot they can get their hands on, pushing the land harder to get every bushel from every acre. as a result our water supply, soil, wildlife are in trouble. taxpayers have lost billions of dollars invested in conservation. >> let me tell you what we heart from the other side. they suggest 12 years ago more land was used for corn. what do you say to that? >> i don't know where they are getting their numbers. i checked with the u.s. department of agriculture, natural statistic service this morning. according to that data, in 2005,
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there were 82 million acres planted to corn. in 2012 there were 97 million acre planted to corn. a 15 million acre increase. i don't know where the numbers are coming from. they are not the numbers that one finds looking at official data. >> run-off is causing environment problems in the gulf of mexico. >> that's is an absurd claim raised over and over again by apologist for arg culture. it makes no sense. in iowa there's 25 million acres planted to coin or soya beans every year. i can't imagine there's
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25 million acres of lawn or golf courses in iowa or in the corn belt. >> given the government has supported this and pushed it, doesn't this have to be a gradual withdrawal. you couldn't take away the supports right away, could you. >> our proposal is we phase down this 15 billion gallon mandate to blend 15 million gallons of methanal into gas lean and admit that corn ethan ol has taken us in the wrong direction, it's not headed towards sustainable renewable biofuels, and back away from an unsustainable goal - step by step. >> craig cox, it's great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much. . michael eaves is back with
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sports with an update on the miami dolphins hazing standard. >> everyone wants to hear from jonathan martin, including the dolphins ownership. a day before the owner was set to meet with jonathan martin about allegations comes the news that the team will have to postpone the meeting. ted wells, the lead investigator on the matter asked the dolphins to reschedule after wells meets with martins first, scheduled for friday in los angeles. they also issued a video statement. he left the team two weeks ago. >> baseball terry was named the manager of the year. francona decided cleveland to improvement going from 68 victories to 92. a 24 victory improvement matched the biggest in franchise history. >> manager of the year to clint hurdle.
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guiding the pirates to the third best record. it was the club's first winning season in 21 years. >> in 20 minutes mel hear more about the dolphins and a big night in college basketball. next, heart to heart - new guidelines to fight cholesterol - levels, lifestyle and more. to the top - the winner in the race to the tallest building here in the united states.
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. welcome back to al jazeera ameri america, i'm john siegenthaler. the super carrier uss "washington" is due to arrive in the philippines filled with food and water. president obama ordered two more warships to the region. white house chief technology officer craig park is expected to testify about the troubled roll out of, the website. today former president bill
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clinton said president obama ought to honour his previous commitment and find a way to let people keep his insurance. 43 votes separate the yes and no sides of washington's controversial minimum wage measure. yes, votes are ahead of the proposition that passes some in the si of sea tack, going up $15 an hour. certified results not until november 26th. most expect a recount. >> a lot of people not taking cholesterol medication could be soon. the american heart association and american college of cardiology issued guidelines that doubled the number of smerns taking stat -- americans taking stattons. at-risk factors like smoking, blood pressure - they encourage
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anyone with high-risk factors. under the guidelines a third of adults should consider taking the new trucks. under the guidelines if you had any one of these risk factors doctors are likely to provide stattons. heart disease, you are between 40 and 75 years old and have type 2 diabetes. ldl or bad cholesterol is above 190. or your 10-year risk of heart attack is above 7.5%. joining us is dr susan steinbomb, director of women and heart disease in new york city. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what does this revision mean for america? >> this is saying that aggressive prevention is critical. it is risk stratifying patients we consider at low risk, saying
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they are at higher risk by the new guidelines. we are looking at patients, saying if you have any of these risk factors, and you are between the ages of 40 and 75, you should actually be taking statton. that was not the case before now. >> that's about a third of all americans? >> yes. you know, we are really living in a fairly sick country in terms of the risk factors for heart disease. diabetes, hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and family history. if you have risk factors we are saying with risk factors you should be on the stattons. >> what about family history? >> that is critical. 80 to 90% of the time heart disease is preventible. those with a family history, it's important to treat aggressively. people on stattons need to
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take a higher goes, is that correct? >> we are getting the numbers lower. statton reduces ldl and inflammation. our goals for prevention is getting the cholesterol down and ldl, especially if you are at high risk or have heart disease. this means the population needs to take the truck practically. >> unless lifestyle changes, people who decide and exercise, who get the risks under control. >> we are told it's not great to be on medication for a long time. sounds like this is different. >> it's, again, about the risk factors. if you have had heart disease, this is a life-long medication, there's no coming off of it. for those with risk factors, who can change their lifestyle
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through diet and exercise, they may be able to come off it. >> they are coming out with guidelines regarding high blood pressure. >> we are looking forward to the high blood pressure guidelines. >> with heart problems that people had and growing health problems that americans are having. >> cardio vascular des is the number one and three killers. if we don't look at the risk factors of heart disease and strek, we are not taking care of americans pt the stringent guidelines need to be implemented. >> how significant is the move by the heart association? >> it's time. we have to do something. heart disease is the number one killer of all americans. there's a 70% increase in obesity and diabetics. younger and younger people are getting sicker. >> it's great to talk to you,
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important information for all americans. it may change their lifestyle. thank you very much. >> president obama is hearing more criticism over his health care law. this time it's from former president bill clinton, and he says president obama should hon or his commitment and allow people to keep their former insures. if there's anyone whose name rivals the president, it's the former president. 3.5 million people, roughly speaking, have been told they cannot keep old plans because they do not conform to affordable care act, known as obamacare. the plans were inferior and many people will be eligible for subsidies. the 3.5 million is 3.5 million more than many were led to believe when the president said
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if you like your old plan, you can keep it. the president apologised for saying that. bill clinton, a former president undercutting the white house message, here is what he had to say. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honour commitments that federal government made to those people. >> that will not happen, james carney saying that the white house is looking at options to make people happier, making the plans more affordable, not allowing people to go back to their old plans. it's causing political problems and for key democrats, mary lander vulnerable in louisiana, joined by di-january fine tine under no -- fine stein under no threat. a new poll out tuesday trouble for democrats, trouble for the
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democrats. 46% of americans thinks the prt - knowingly -- president knowingly deceived the public when he said if you liked your old plan you could keep it. the president polling at 39%, the same number that george w. bush had at the same point in his presidency. >> hawaii is on the verge of legalizing same-sex marriage. the state legs lure passed the bill the the governor will pass it in the morning. the u.s. state of hawaii says tourism will be boosted by $217 million. >> in indiana it's a different stoppy. they have a ban on same-sex marriage. some lawmakers want to toughen that law. >> when beth moved back to her home down of blooming tonne with her partner trish, 3.5 years
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ago. the state legislature debated gay marriage. >> it's not surprising that the indiana legislature could do this again. there's a political base that would have this expectation that they would pursue the agenda. >> it has been pursued every year since 2004. this year is no different. there's a propose add amendment to the state's constitution saying: >> opponents say turping the ban on -- turning the ban on the books into a constitutional amendment makes it difficult for same sex couples to have rights. >> this has implications for inheritance tax, pension, basic
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benefits that heterosexual couples take for granted. >> there's growing opposition. indiana university became the first public institution to support equal rights and speak against the amendment. >> the resolution coddifying something that is unequal just as it's something we want to see happen. >> opponents make an economic argument. we recruit for the best town. anything that sends a message isn't welcoming of people of diverse backgrounds. >> some of the largest employers like pharmaceutical companies, and shopping center giant simon malls sign add a petition against the amendment. a spokeswoman from the indiana
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house republican caucus offered no comment. for trish and partner it's equal rights. >> i care about equal protection for trish and i. to be a full-fledged citizen of this hooter land and be treated as such. >> to make it to a state pallet. resolution must pass the house and the senate. it passed once in 2011. if it passes again it would be put to a public vote in november next year. >> the nation's catholic bishops elected a new leader. curtz will lead 400 bishops and 70 million catholics. >> a californian state senator
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under investigation for bribery has been stripped of several assignments. ronald calderon has been removed from the state senate insurance committee and select committee on film and television industry. federal investigators are looking into an al jazeera america report saying that felipe calderon is under investigation for accepting $88,000 in return for pushing certain legislation. ronald calderon says his removal from the caucus is not fair, since he's not charged or convicted of any crime. there are sky strapers and one world trade center. the lower mann hatton high-rise is the tallest structure in america. we have this report. one world trade center rose from the ashes of september 11th. its highest floor equal to that of the north tower. the spire on top makes it the
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tallest building in the united states. bringing it to 1776 feet or 351 metres, above chicago's willis tower. >> one world trade is the tallest building. the louis tower has a higher occupied floor. >> the council on tall buildings rejected the argument that the spire was more antenna. it granted new york more than bragging rights. i think that those seeds of e motion and ride and defiance, the motives that might come together in the brg still have an echo in the symbolic tower. >> for most new yorkers and americans, one world trade center stands as a monument to those killed on 9/11. the height is symbolic. 1776 is the year the founding
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fathers signed the declaration of ipp depends. >> it's significant. i think it's an icon for the city. >> it's a symbol of united states, but also what happened here around it. >> i don't put too much important on it being the tallest building. the importance that i see is what it stands for. >> world trade center i will be considered the third-highest building in the world once it becomes occupied next year. that standing may change, but the building will loom large in symbolism to americans. next - picture this - the painting that set a record price a the auction. you won't believe how much it went for. an investigator stops the miami dolphins meeting with defensive tackle, jonathan martin.
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conversation >> some works of art bring out the most in people. that is true for this 1969 piece by francis bacon, entitled "the three studies of lucian freud - 1969 ." the artwork sold at the auction for more than $142 million. that is not just a lot - it's a record. >> and michael eaves is here with sport and more on the miami dolphins. >> it's hard getting something right now. jonathan martin, left the
11:47 pm
dolphins following a taunting incident he is yet to share his side of the hazing scandal with the public or team officials. a scheduled meeting with the owners will bepostponed. rawson announced he would meet with jonathan martin. but today the investigator into the matter asked for a reschedule until wells has a chance to talk to jonathan martin first. jonathan martin's attorney said martin would issue a video tape, but didn't say if it would be before or after the meeting with wells. in addition to an announcement that he planned to meet with martin, he will create a task force to deal with what appears
11:48 pm
to be a toxic out of control behaviour in the dolphins change room. >> i don't think so. from the guys - i guess he would have on the committee - we found it pretty much we follow in their footsteps, the locker room code, the way it is - it's a trod i suggest, coming from a line of traditions. the guys that i saw - it came from those guys. it is what it is, you know. >> with the nfl and college football seasons at the apac of their schedule, the start of the college basketball campaign gets overlooked. now is when the first step down the road to the final four begins. we may have witnessed a final four preview.
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uhuru kenyatta michigan state tipped things off the. it was joked that the wasn't fair for freshmans to face the older team. it was the case as the spartans opened a 10-0 run to lead the game. they led by 12 at the half. uhuru kenyatta stormeded back through randell scoring 23 of his 25 points in the second half. wildcats tied at 66-all. >> michigan state regain control of the gain with a 5-0 run, hanging on to win at 78-74. this was the earliest meeting ever. and the first since 2008. the second game of the night featured number 4 taken on kansas. it's the blue devils who had the 5-point lead.
11:50 pm
duch at 19 points. andrew wiggins, the top person in the country. >> in the nba, miami heat may be suffering from post-championship hang over of the the team's vocal citic has been rebron james. they turned up the heat forcing 18 turnovers, holding milwaukee to 14 shooting. that led with lebron finish k with 33 points in 30 minutes of the action. he didn't play a second of the fourth quarter. the heat posed a lopsided win of the season. >> noup to soccer. mexico - millions of fans are worried about the unthinkable - not qualifying for the 2014 cup. the last time they missed was 1990. mexico making it or not to
11:51 pm
brazil could be a disaster. we have this report from mexico city. >> it's a matter of national pride, whether mexico, a fierce footballing country, qualifies for the world cup in 2014. if they lose to new zealand it will be only the fourth time in history mexico doesn't make it to the finals. for dye hart fans, plans to travel to brazil - it's unthinkable that mem coe gets knocked out. >> if they don't get to the finals i'll cancel my trip. we plan to spend about $6,000 each, a group of eight of us. >> 50,000 expected to flock to brazil for the games are mexicans. >> in terms of the soccer economy a financial catastrophe would ensure, it would have an
11:52 pm
effect, lower sponsorship, brand priest eej and advertising. >> it wouldn't just be a financial disasters, it'd have a huge impact on the moral of mexicans throughout the country, especially football fields where the younger generation dreams of becoming professional football players. >> 14-year-old carmen has been playing football for the last two years. like many, she said she'll be disappointed if mexico daunt paying it to the world cup. >> they don't qualify after the training and effort to make it to the world cup. it will be really sad. >> mexico's moment of truth is around the corner. the hopes of people like carmen and more are weighing heavily on these players' shoulders. >> it will be a huge disaster for the fans if they don't make it to brazil. >> lebron with how many points? >> 33 in 30 minutes. >> more than one a minute.
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>> he's not bad. >> kevin with the weather next, and an update from the philippines where the desperation nearly a week after the typhoon, is growing
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updating the top story - the desperate situation in the philippines, six days after typhoon haiyan hit. food, water and medical supplies are beginning to arrive in worst-hit areas. eight people have been crushed to death as storm survivors stormed a warehouseholding supplies of rice. marga ortigas is in manila, the capital of the philippines and says filipino groups are working hard to help their neighbours. wanting to be useful volunteers are coming in droves, working around the clock to help relief efforts for the victims of typhoon haiyan. some have not let physical challenges hold them back. >> translation: i wanted to help those badly effected by the storm, in a small way that i can.
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>> the strongest storm on record, typhoon haiyan, crossed many providinses. dozens of countries, even those with territorial disputes with the philippines are sending aid, personnel, medicine. stretched and overwhelmed filipino officials are grateful for the assistance. >> the goal is to come up with 20,000 family packs a day - in them food and water that last them several days. there are distribution problems because of the extent of damage to the roads and airports. >> because the bags leave here, doesn't mean they are immediately delivered. relief workers had to walk for hours to find survivors, they are prepared to keep going. >> until there are volunteers and goods that need to be repacked, we'll keep going. we can't say how long that will be. it is important that we see the
11:57 pm
route together and help the victims. >> there is a strong sense of a shared purpose. typhoon haiyan may have wiped out communities, but filipinos are determined it will not keep them down. one of the things that helped to increase the recovery relief efforts is we had an improvement in the weather over the last 24 hours. this is a tropical disturbance or wave. it a disorganised mass of thunder storms. now, you can see over the last 24 hours, tacloban improved most of the rain. it is now over here towards the west. it's clearer. we are dealing with temperatures during the day time, 89, 90, 91. it's still warm. we don't expect to see much more
11:58 pm
rain for the next 48-72 hours. now towards india - it's a tropical cyclone potentially in the making. this came up on the satellite images. this could make its way to the north-west. we could see landfall on the south-eastern part of india. flooding is a problem. that is something we'll watch carefully. across the united states, it is cold for many people, due to an air mass. we are talking about how cold it was in the northern planes. now that low temperatures have gone to parts of the north-east, we are seeing a lot of snow as well. that is the cold air going over the warmer lakes, picking up the moisture and dropping it downstream. you can see how it makes the ribbons. look at the temperatures now. albany, new york at about
11:59 pm
freezing. we have light winds. that's making it feel colder, down to 24 here in new york. boston feels like 19. philadelphia - you feel like 22. we'll see one more day of cooler temperatures. by the end of the weekend we are back to having showers in the forecast. to the south all gulf coast are down to freezing warnings, including texas and oklahoma. temperatures coming down. dallas will go down about 32 degrees. this is all the way down to houston. they'll reboupd -- rebound. we'll see better conditions. by the time we get to saturday we'll get rain in the forecast. that's a look at the weather. stay warm, stay safe - have a great night.
12:00 am
welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york, here are the top stories at this hour. >> almost a week after the typhoon typhoon haiyan - the situation is still critical in many parts of the philippines, international aid is still trickling in, officials are struggling to count the dead. the official death toll is more than 1800, 2600 were injured, and the storm left 800,000 homeless. the israeli government put plans for a settlement in the west bank under review. prime minister benyamin netanyahu says that the destruction of 20,000 homes


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