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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ ♪ welcome to al jazerra america, i am del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. it is an endless path of misery as typhoon aid workers rush to give vital water supplies for the fil philippines. a heated debate on the troubled health care roll out. convicted murderer and know tour your boston mobster james "whitey" bolger to be sentenced today. a paint that go sales for a record $142 million. that's right, $142 million. ♪ ♪
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in the typhoon-rav i believed philippines more relief is slowly making it's a way to that island and the government now saying all major roads are clear. but five days after haiyan hit, food, water and medicine remains scarce in some areas and those that survived, who managed to survive the storm, now have to con contend with hunger and disease even as they try to identify and bury their dead. here are the latest numbers we are getting. the casualty figures come income, 2,334 people now confirmed dead. another 3800 missing and injured. 79 others now officially listed as missing on the island. clegg has more from the philippines. >> reporter: international aid continuing to stream in here in at the air force base. the italian medical team just arrived. they, a collection of doctors and nurses provided by the australian government. they are going down to the island to tacloban to set up
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field hospitals and help provide relief on the medical front. much needed right there at the moment. they arrived on this c130 just a short time ago. philippine government today saying that the situation is still extreme. they don't expect the number of dead to be as high as they originally thought, however, which is the first good news that we have had, but there is still losing. and they currently have about 60600 soldiers that have did ben deployed to the area to try to control what they say is a very dangerous situation. >> and that is craig leeson reporting. extra police and soldiers have been deployed to some of the areas hard hit by the typhoon, trying to stop desperate people from raiding shops and even digging up water pipes. some survivors panicking because of food and water shortages. there are impending health crisises as well. al jazerra's wayne hey has more. >> reporter: there are so many
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casualties in tacloban the main hospital has no time to deal with the dead. some patients are outside while tired doctors and nurses take a rare break in the fresh air. most have been working long hours since the typhoon struck. no electricity inside and it's extremely hot. the storm detroit its main power generator. >> the ground floor was flooded, so we had to bring the present patients on the second floor. but the roof are all destroyed, when it rains it leaks. but it's the only available space to keep the patients dry and safe. >> reporter: a small donated generator is enough to power one light bulb in the operator theater, which is in desperate need of a clean. more drugs like at the time let shots are also needed to treat the variety of injury suffered during and since the typhoon. despite the many challenges, the hospital hasn't stopped taking patients. all things considered, this small hospital is coping remarkably well.
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the concern is that the health situation could be about to get a lot worse. in many areas, a clean up is far from beginning. debris lines the streets and in some cases the only place for a wash is the water in the harbor, which is now more polluted than ever. adding to that problem, the many bodies still gloat floating in the ocean. proper search mission to his find the missing have only just started. and survivors aren't getting the basic needs to stay healthy like food and water. >> for the next week we are expecting influx of patients with typhoon related diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia. >> reporter: with the pain and misery, though, there are some good stories. babies born in the aftermath of haiyan are crammed in to the hospital's chapel which has been transformed in to a nursery. exhausted mothers and fathers reflect on their ordeal of living through the storm. >> we are in a church, but we are happy to be alive because
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there is water. and so -- >> reporter: but survive they did. and a few days later, baby vienna was born. >> and that is wayne hey reporting from tacloban in the philippines. there does seem to be good news. a break in the weather which would certainly help with the rescue efforts there, dave warren joins us now with the later on that, dave. >> meteorologist: it's really good news we are seeing a break. it's frustrating to want to get all the help and relief to the area and not being able to get anything in because of the weather. there was a tropical system that moved by. here is the philippines clear with the satellite picture. so we are seeing a break from the rain and the wind and any type of developing storm. so you can see scenes like this now, clear skies a lot of this aid working its way to the philippines. this is just one storm, of course we have watched, there is still a few more that we are keeping an eye on, heading over to the bay of bengal and here is a tropical system that may develop. watching this closely because it
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could continue to track towards the south eastern coast of india. and we did have a problem there in africa near somalia, very rare to see a storm intense if i, trap come say line inning iny there. it dumped a year's worth of rain in just one day. a lot of flood to go so knowledge yeah, unfortunately deaths and mayor aid needed in that region. a look at our national forecast later. del. dave warren, thank you very much. turn to go health care. president obama facing friendly fire over the affordable health care act. former president bill clinton saying the white house should honor the promise to people who want to keep their current insurance. in recent weeks millions of people have received their cancellation notices. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.
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>> president clinton says he still has faith in health care reform and compared the botched roll out to trouble with his medicare part-d which was introduced during the bush administration. president clinton saying, it too was a disaster and it too was fixed. but that is not stopped congress from seeking answers as to what went wrong. congress calling the tech guy behind the affordable care act, but he did not come willingly to testify. al jazerra's lisa stark on capitol hill, lisa subsubs s*u s complying. >> reporter: pwaerpblgingbadgers witnesses remember sans saying they are just trying to get answers. why is it such a mess. one person tying is todd park the chief technology experiment he is here under is pena, he's trying to fix the website he admitted volume was a problem when if launch but it was not
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the only issue. >> as you do more pain-staking diagnosis you learn more about what you need to do to fix it. i can say now in addition to volume other key issues have to be addressed with the site in terms of its performance, stability, functionality and there are aggressive efforts happening to do that. we are make great progress it's getting better and better each week. >> reporter: getting better and better. what does that mean right now? according to mr. park it means that at this point the remember site can handle about 20 to 25,000 people at one time, but that's only at about half of what the administration wants. >> the white house countered by saying mr. park should be back there work to go fix the website not up there testifying on capitol hill s is there a sense or a concern on capitol hill that the public might go seeing this as more politics than problem solving? >> reporter: there is let political grandstanding at these
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hearings and it continues today. they were called to task for issuing the subpoena for the reason that you say that the white house wanted mr. park at work trying to fix the website. the chairman responded to that today by saying i assume by this point there are hundreds if not thousands of people trying to fix this site. indicating that he assumed mr. park's appearance by this one gentlemen, was not going to slow that down. >> lisa stark, joining us live from capitol hill, thank you very much, lisa. and also joining us now from washington is igor, the managing editor of thinkprogress i want to you listen again to the statement now causing so much continu controvert i, thatg former president clinton saying if we broke it we should fix it. speak of the democrats. listen. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they do . >> is this a case of friendly fire?
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>> it's certainly causing a lot of problems at the white house, hammerth president on the promise that he made too emphatically. there is little that he can do legislatively to make sure people in the individual markets stay on their current plans. he has to make sure that the exchanges work so they have a better option. but in terms of what can be done to make sure that you have the plan and always have it, that's not very clear. >> what do you say to people that say that former press clinton is looking out for a future president clinton in, this case hillary clinton in 26 between who might want to put some distance between herself and the affordable care website problems? >> i am not sure what is motivating him here. i think, though, if the exchanges are operational by the end of the month or maybe later now, that that's something that hillary clinton, if she choose to his run will want to run on. something that democrats finally accomplished and i think democrats even in 2014 are going to have to run on this law no matter what they can't politically really distance themselves from it. >> igor, the obama administration has been promise
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that go this website would be fixed by the end of november. this morning's front page of washington post saying it's not going to happen. what's the reaction? >> i think people are kind of waiting in anticipation, you have, you know, a couple of more weeks left. they have to get it done. if they don't, they run in to some real poll at this problems, they have to make some really tough decisions. but, look, it's going to -- it's going to be up to them, it's either done or not done. and certainly i think a lot of people in the white house and d.c. health care advocates are hoping that story is ron. >> igor is the managing editor of joining us from washington thank you very much, igor. >> thank you. in other news israel abrupting suspending plans to build 20,000 settlements in the west bank. saying it would cause unnecessary fringes. thfriction shun. the u.s. and pa*p palestinian leaders have october today that. >> it means negotiations are
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over and everything that the united states has planned isn't work. we have asked all parties to hold israel for the collapse of the negotiations. >> that plan calling for 4,000 new settlements in jerusalem and 1200 east of the city. the white house also trying to stall any furthers action against iran. today john kerry meeting with members of the banking committee. considering new sanctions on iran after the talks in geneva failed. secretary carey will brief the senators on the status of the talks while urging them to give negotiators more time. coming up notorious boston mobster and convicted murderer, james "whitey lega" bolger learg his fate today. we'll take you trait to the white how when we come back. whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy.
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>> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream.
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consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? welcome back to al jazerra america, i am del walters with a look at today's business
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headlines. the blue chips feeling a bit blue again today for the second straight day. dow is lower on concerns about when the fed might pull back on that money stimulus program. the dow down some 52 points. macy's saying it's optimistic about the upcoming holiday season following a better than expected third quarter. profit jumping 31%, sales rising 3 1/2% over the summer despite what retailers are calling a tepid economic climate. macy's says it's going in to the fourth quarter with confidence. starbucks says it's going to have to restate its innings this after losing almost $3 billion in a decision to kraft foods an an arbitrator ruling that they violated a contract with kraft to provide coffee to its groceries they will lose more than $2 billion in the last quarter because of that decision. on fire. the virtual current seu trading above four her dollars for the first time. that according to bit come's exchange side.
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currency analysts saying the demands from china is driving the prices, a years ago or you could buy bit coin for just 10 bucks. in health news the number of americans taking cholesterol medications could double. american heart association and the american college of cardiology is out with new guides lines, those guidelines will determine who will benefit from taking statins, the new plans consider more risk factors smoking, high bled pressure and family history. and encourage higher dosage to statins regardless of chess roll levels with risk factors. some cardiologist are saying it's about time. >> if you look at the history, heart disease has been the number one curl of americans since 1918 when it was supplanted by the spanish flu. and that's been a very long run and we would like to see that tide stemmed. >> under the new guidelines a third of all adults should considering taking those includes are drugs.
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drugs. to the nation's capital. talking about several issues in washington including education, health care and protecting native land, libby case any washington right now and libby, president obama and more than a dozen cabinets secretaries will be at that conference. so why is this event so significant? >> reporter: well, del, when president obama began these tribal nation summits five years ago it was really ground breaking doesn't sound like a big deal but it was. because it was an opportunity for the federal government to talk directly with tribal leaders. not necessarily to them, but with them. that tradition has continued over the past five years and native leaders say frog has been made but there is still a lot of areas that need work. attorney general eric holder addressed the hundreds of people that come from across the country this morning and he talked about how there are issues today they are working on but also has to be a recognition of painful issues and episodes in the past.
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>> today, today we declare that we must never forget. we must never deny the injustice that for decades upon decades was inflicted on native peoples. and we affirm that this painful past has informed and given rise to a sustained period of cooperation and self determination. >> reporter: to give you have a defense, del, of why looking at law and order on tribal lands so important. half of native american women are victims of sexual assault, rape, stalking, that's 10 times higher than the national average. one of the things announced today is a new task force that attorney general holder is putting together that will study the impact of violence on native american children. so there is an unveiling today of a number of fronts and this is just one of the issues being talked about. >> libby, what do the tribal leaders themselves, what do they want to talk about? >> reporter: you know, financial issues are really a huge part of the conversation today. everyone of talks to has talked
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about sequestration. the mandatory a cross the board cuts that went in to effect last spring. a lot of program that his help the low income american population were exempted from those cuts but not true for indian programs. head start, health care or tribal justice issues they have received huge cuts, so they are fight to go get that funding restored. >> libby casey in washington, thank you very much, libby. now to boston. convicted mobster james "whitey" bolger will learn how much time he will spend behind bars soon. but first he had to listen to relatives of some of his victim, vie an is standing bailiff in boston with more on the hearings today. will the court hear from bolger himself? >> reporter: well, it just wrapped up the sentencing hearing wrapped up just about a half an hour ago and no one was able too hear from whitey bulger. he was asked if he wanted to address his victim victims and p defiantly and said no. just before that, about a dozen
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of the family members of his victims stood up and told their story about his what life was like since their fathers or uncles had been killed decades ago. many of these people were children, some babies when they lost their family members. one of the people who spoke most eloquently was a woman named marie mahoney, she talked about being 11 years old when her father was killed. he was going to come -- her parents were did swrorsed and her father was going to come by on a friday night and take her out to dinner and called her at the last minute and said he had to run errands and he wouldn't be able, to he might be late. she said she never saw him again. another victim who stood up to address bulger was a woman by the name of patricia donahue who lost her husband michael when he was 32. she had three sons at the time and had to raise them by herself. tomorrow we will hear from the judge, denise castro, who will deliver the sentence to bulger, under sentencing good lynns he
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till probably get life plus five years. del. >> diane, whitey bulger is now 84 years old. so even if he gets just a few years, just a light sentence, he's looking at the death sentence? >> exactly. he will die behind bars. in a sense, some of the people today were saying they were looking for him being hoping that he would get the death sentence and in some respects he is, because he will not get out of jail for the rest of his life. >> diane, thank you very much, by the way for dancing around that question, you are right, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. which will end his life. still ahead, another one for the record books, still ahead on al jazerra america, how much this piece sold for and why this particular auction was so different.
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power of the people until we restore our freedoms a
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♪ ♪ welcome back to al jazerra
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america, i am del walters these are your headlines, more than 2300 people are now dead in the philippines following typhoon haiyan, supplies are getting into the hardest hit areas but some people say they want out. they are lining up at tacloban's airport with hopes of being he aggravated. the white house tech guy on capitol hill testifying before congress about problems with healthcare do the golf. he was subpoenaed last week, this despite objections from the white house, president obama set to speak for leaders from nearly 600 native american tribes today. they came to washington to talk about several issues including health care, education, and protecting the environment. a video game has become the latest tool to help employers find the right employees and it's happening right here in new york. stacey tisdale tells us it's being used to find the best and brightest doctors. >> reporter: what if playing a video game could get you a job
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interview? what if it could help you find your next star employee? that's exactly what this game is designed to do. it engages a job seek never a seemingly simple desktop video game. all while gathering a ton the data that can be analyzed to reveal a candidates abilities, behavior and personality. >> part of the point of this game is trying to see how well you can evaluate people. >> reporter: nyu's department of ooath beeted pedic surgery piloted the program to see if it would help them select candidates for their residency training programs. >> we have seven to 800 application ace year for hour 12 positions. >> reporter: the group is narrowed down to 72 people and pharmacy spend four days interviewing them. >> he would think that every person who got a position would work out wonderfully. and doesn't always work out that w5eu6789 it'way.
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>> reporter: it's a problem guy hopes to solve being he's the founder of the game and a new game balloon brigade. >> game it is an experience, is a human experience that reveals lots of information about our behavior and who we are. are you competitive? how due deal with change, how do you deal with adversity? do you strategies? >> reporter: beyond insight in to the candidate, he believe the data his game gathers will help predict which candidates will be successful in the specific roles the company is looking to fill. the game does this by matching job seeker profiles to those of top talent already working within an organization. >> the first person that comes up is person that is a 95% match. >> reporter: health tech isn't the only one that sees poe 10 schools in solve this is problem. online dating company e harmony known for its formulas in finding compatibility in relationships is also developing annal ga risk that matches employers and employees. and several other companies from new york based connect cube to
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silicon valley has designed evaluations that match applications and jobs. these data-based approach dues more than identify and match talent. they can all pinpoint which job seekers are likely to stick around longer. nyu's orthopedic department is still undivided whether or not it wil willam ploy this applican the next time they choose new residents, but program director kenneth eagle sees the potential in using video games. >> the m ma len yell generations very in to this and a dealt at it and it's part of their state of being. >> reporter: stacy does tail, al jazerra, new york. >> if you want to get a sneak peek of what your next job interview and how it might look, balloon brigade san itunes app. once you get your job, here is how you spend your money. the painting she is than 50 years old, but it fetched a record-setting price at auction. three studies by fraud, bacon sold for a $142 million. the work done in 1969 was
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auctions off on tuesday by christies, the price breaking at a record $120 million set last year. that is when edward famous work the scream was sold, no doubt the person who bought this one screamed as well. ♪ ♪ >> meteorologist: looking at the national forecast. quota cross the country. we have some snow in pennsylvania if you call that weather happening here. lake event snow. areas can get a lot of snow once you get the cold arctic outbreaks, it's just cold though, no clouds out there. this is the satellite and the clouds together. clouds over the gulf of mexico but not over the country here. pretty quiet cross the southeast. southwest a little warmer. pacific northwest some rain, idaho, montana, and wyoming just
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some light rain, warm air returning from the south and the wind as it goes over the robbies and sinks on the eastern side warms up quite a bit there in colorado and that warm air will slowly begin to work its way a cross middle of the country and the north weise east until then, just cold temperatures, told in the morning, just a little warm third afternoon each day. slight warming trend here over the next few days. 35 now in new york, philadelphia still below 40 degrees, just above 40 in washington, d.c. and these streamers of that lake effect snow put about a foot in western pennsylvania just one small area with quite a bit of snow here this morning. temperatures climbing in to 50s and almost 60 but it takes about four or five days before we see that. and it will come with some clouds by the end of the weekend. freezing temperatures again expected tomorrow. not really over texas, but across the southeast as that cold arctic air moves through the east coast, del. >> dave, thank you very much. and thank you for watching al jazerra america, i am del
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walters. "the stream" is next. check you want u.s. out 24 hours a day on what it means for civil society. >> our digital producer is here, bringing all of your live field back in the program. freedom of speech, national security. whistle blowers and criminals and you name it. >> we'll have comments on all of it. but you mentioned hackers, criminals whistle blowers. on


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