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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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. . pressure is mounting on the white house to prevent americans being dropped by their health care fans. a fraction of those eligible to sign up for obamacare have done so. >> typhoon haiyan has claimed thousands of lives. it's feared disease could lead to more death. >> three students have been shot outside a high school. police say the three boys may have had a run in with the gunman last month.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. we are following a developing story out of washington state. earlier tonight union members called for a no vote to protest boeing's push to end a pension plan and decrease health care costs. workers would have received a signing bonus of $10,000 if they had approved. >> boeing says it needs the deal to assemble the new planes in washington state. >> figures show sign ups through the federal website have fallen short of targets. fewer than 20,000 americans bought policies through in the first month it went on line. congress wants to know what went wrong.
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lisa stark has more. >> over 106,000 signed up for health care under the only a quarter, fewer than 27,000 used the federal change. house speaker john boehner called the law a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. the administration faced tough questions from republicans about the bungled roll out. >> this was a monumental mistake to two live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> on the other side of the aisle democrats say republicans want nothing more than to d dismantle the affordable care act, known as obamacare. >> nobody in the country believes anyone wants to fix affordable care act. >> it was questioned why after years of work and hundreds
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of millions the website was not tested before it went live. >> it was designed, implemented and tested to be secure. >> testifying under subpoena, todd park, the u.s. chief technology officer. the white house insisted he was too busy fixing the website to come to capitol hill. he said round-the-clock efforts are under way. >> there's much to do, we are making progress. >> as of now can handle 25,000 users at one time. half of where it should be. security was a concern, will personal information be safe? according to the department of homeland there has been one unsuccessful site. >> would you put your details in there. >> i would have to see it. i haven't seen it yet.
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>> the answer is not yet, yes. >> up in the air is what to do for millions of americans who have got notices that plans have been cancelled and they must reenrol in new coverage. the white house is promising is fix for that as well. >> the house plans to vote friday on a bill that would let insurance companies sell the plans that are cancelled because of the health care law. >> now to the crisis in the philippines. relief aid is trickling in to survivors of typhoon haiyan. a shortage of medicine threatens to complicate overall efforts, forcing doctors to become creative during the humanitarian crisis. al jazeera's wayne hay has more from tacloban. >> there's so many casualties in tacloban the main hospital has no time to deal with the dead. patients are outside, doctors and nurses take a break in the fresh air. most worked long hours since the
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typhoon struck. inside there's no electricity and it's hot. the storm destroyed its main power generator. >> the ground floor was flooded. we had to bring the patients on the second floor. the roof are all destroyed. when it rain, it leaks. it's the only available space to keep the patient dry and safe. >> a small donated generator is enough to power one light bulb in the operating theatre, which is in need of a clean. drugs like tetanus shots are needed to treat injuries suffered during and since the typhoon. despite the challenges the hospital has not stopped taking patients. all things considered the hospital is coping well. the concern is the health situation could be about to get worse. in many areas a clean-up is far from beginning. debris lines the streets and in
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some places the only place for a wash is the water in the harbour, which is more polluted than ever. adding to the problem many bodies floating in the ocean. proper search missions to find the missing have only just started. survivors are not getting the basic needs to stay healthy like food and water. >> for the next week we are expecting influx of patients with diseases like diarrhoea, pneumonia. >> with the pain and mystery there are good stories. babies born in the aftermath are crammed into the hospital's chapel, which is transformed into a nursery. exhausted mothers and fathers reflect on the ordeal of living through the storm. >> we are lucky to be alive. >> but survive they did. and a few days later baby vienna
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safina was born. >> doctors think disease will spread for lack of medicine and the looting of pharmacies is blamed for lack of medicine. parts of the country are in a state of anarchy as looting and famine increased. it raised the urgency of getting aid distributed. the uss "george washington" is on its way and should arrive today. it is carries 11 helicopters and dozens of planes that can deliver fresh drinking water. the ship can produce more than 4,000 galons of water daily. it's not the only assistance. military personnel say the number of troops will triple from 300 to 1,000. more u.s. ships and planes will arrive to distribute supplies and evacuate survivors. the obama administration has sent $20 million for relief efforts. >> the u.s. military is investigating the death of four
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marines killed whilst dealing with unexploded maintenance on a training range used for target by artillery and aircraft. there was no firing under way when they were kill. >> a 16-year-old was under arrest after three students were shot near their school at pittsburg. the victims were attacked by a shooter who came out of the woods as they walked near the school. investigators believe the shootings may be drug related. none of the wounds are life threatening. >> a push for diplomacy with iran. the vice president and secretary are urging for more time for negotiations. joe biden made his plea at the concess hearing and john kerry at the banking committee.
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>> our hope is no sanctions will be put in place for the simply reason if they are, it could be viewed as bad faith by the people we are negotiating with. it could destroy the ability to get agreement, and it could wind up setting us back in dialogue that has taken 30 years to be able to achieve. we are asking the congress to give diplomacy they sought a chance to work, a chance of a matter of weeks. >> talks with iran resume next week. the u.s. and major powers considered offering relief in exchange for nuclear concession, if a deal is not reached next week he'll afghanistan congress to impose more sanctions. house spoker john boehner says the house will not negotiate on the bill. it will provide a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. john boehner believes it's important to pass immigration
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reform, but the focus for the session will be on the budget and health care. . for many people on the eastern sea bored to the south-east it's been the biggest taste of winter so far. as we have gotten into november. what we are seeing is all the canadian polar air mass to parts of northern florida. across the region we'll see overnight lows. as you wake into the morning to the mid 20s, towards birmingham. to the north-west you are seeing clouds across the pacific. we'll see rain showers coming into the forecast for seattle. they haven't been as hard as what we saw previously. that storm system is moving over parts of montana. this is what the 5-day forecast looks like. raining thursday, harder friday. by the time we get to saturday
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and sunday you'll see a break in the rain and temperatures getting to 41 degrees. down to the south-west things are looking nice. we are seeing a few clouds coming into san francisco. no rain in the forecast. phoenix - you look beautiful. today 82 degrees there. the temperatures will drop down as we go towards the weekend, getting to about 71. overnight lows down to 54. over here, across the parts of central texas, we are looking nice in terms of clouds. that is where the clouds are, brownsville. high temperatures to dallas. you are reaching to 60 degrees at 66. your 5-day forecast - you'll get warmer and wetter. on friday a temperature of 76 >> former egyptian president mohamed morsi making allegations against a military that removed him from office. a claim he's making in a prison letter. president obama sitting with
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leaders from the native american community. promises he's making to help solve issues they are facing.
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. as much of the world focuses on the humanitarian crisis a flood is growing worse in the horn of africa, in somalia the flooding submerged villages and farms, killing 100. 4,000 survivors have been displaced and have no food and clean water. relief forces are scrambling to set up camps. the situation is complicated by clashes between plans. >> ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi has released a letter from prison. he says the country can't return to stability until he is back in hospital and those responsible must be held accountable.
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he claims to have been kidnapped by egyptian military offices. >> syrian forces are pushing to regain territories ahead of peace talks. a battle is under way in the northern city of aleppo. in response opposition fighters are calling for reinforcements. al jazeera's correspondent reports. >> cornered into a battle for aleppo opposition fighters dispatched reinforcements to a strategic city. this shows the first batch sent to fend off advances by the syrian army. over the past few days government forces believed to be backed by regional fighters who support the regime, including hezbollah, are pushing in. the north-west city was an
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important hub. it's valuable for the fighters who have been using the north along the supply routes from turkey. with large districts under rebel control at risk of government attacks, fighters belonging to religious groups called for support to the front lines. in july of last year the rebels made a first push into aleppo, managing to control the eastern port and district in the western center. one of the objectives remained upped government control and in recent days the army appears to have secured the area around it. it has recaptured a number of towns since the beginning of the month, including those that open the road to government forces. >> if the regime takes aleppo, it doesn't mean the battle is finished or over, but the syrian
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regime will have a big credit. if the syrian regime goes to geneva, it will go with the greatest luck. it will go with the conditions of the successful, with the conditions of failure. >> intense fighting killed many on both sides in the last few days. it's a turning point for the rebels, who at one point managed to cut off all government supply routes to aleppo. fighting among opposition fighters have battled each other - it appears to cost them dearly. the divisions sapping much-needed energy in the battle for aleppo. >> fighting in syria is increasingly sectarian. it's mainly sunni rebels against bashar al-assad supporters. >> president obama is reaching
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out to native american communities. he spoke at a conference in washington, and the focus was on job creation and better access to health care. he promised to improve the lives of native americans. >> we have to keep options alive for helping native americans. we have built internet it connect your communities to the financial economy. the fact remains native americans face literacy rates that are lower than the national average. that's a moral call to action, we have to do better. >> president obama promised that next year he would make his first trip as president to indian tribal lands. for many, the number one factor is economy. one man is trying to make a difference, one cup at a time. >> the coffee is on at ben's
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place. this is the 10th years ben has opinion roasting and grinding beans from south america at his factory near southhampton, long island. it has not been ease yip. >> i had to -- easy. i had to build the facility, work for years, keep pouring money into it. perfect the green bean roasting process, purchasing process, find stores - that's six, seven years before a return. >> ben emplois three young people and plans to take on more as soon assee can. >> it's great -- as he can. >> it's great to have something different. who doesn't love coffee. >> a future head of marketing there. >> for generations the chinakok
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lived on their lands, on some of the most expensive real state. it's rare to find a native entrepreneur like ben. >> according to figures from the senn us bureau the trend is up. there's 237,000 native owned businesses employing over 184,000 people in tribal communities nationwide. altogether these enterprises generate $34.5 billion in receipts, mostly through native owned construction and manufacturing - an increase of 28% over 2002. >> so what is this area? >> this is the wigan village. >> elizabeth thunderbird, a teacher, an elder shows me around the recently opened outdoor museum. >> our people today recreated a small village so everyone can see what it looked like in
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1640 - not like my house down the road. >> you have airconditioning. >> i have airconditioning. >> she's confident the trend towards native american entrepreneurship will continue. >> we don't imagine someone will hand us money. we have no idea of that. i don't think that the chinakock people want to live that way. we do want to find a place in the outside world where we can make that kind of money, but bring it home and develop what we have here. >> she says native americans may have a hard time qualifying for bank loans to start businesses, but they have other distinct advantages. their indian family. >> ben didn't have to go out and rent at the will of somebody else, come and go, go out of business, ruin him. no, he built here and nobody would take it away.
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that's what you have to know. >> and in these uncertain economic times, that's quite an advantage. november, by the way is nation national native american month. toronto mayor rob ford admitted buying illicit drugs while in office. it came during a heated city council debate. he's refusing to step down from his job after all but 42 council members voted to urge him to take a leave of absence. >> i'm not an alcoholic, i'm not a drug addict. have i drank? have i done drugs? yes, i have. i am not leaving here, i'll sit here, attend every meeting, executive meeting. i have not missed a day here. i have one of the best attendance records ever.
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i put my record against anyone els. >> the vote is symbolic. the council can't force the man from office unless he's convicted of a crime. >> president obama's nominee to ball become the next chief of the federal reserve to be grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill. >> macey's latest results spreading cheer on wall street ahead of the shopping season. spreading the good word without god. a church created by two aith yests, creating a following.
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>> president obama's choice to lead the federal reserve takes center stage on capitol hill. the senate banking committee is expected to grill janet yellen on fed bond buying program and interest rates. they'll question the need for further stimulus. yellen says she's:
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>> yellen, and the suggestion that she continues economic reform helped the wall street to a record-setting day. >> macey's is putting investors in a sell battery move as we head into the shopping season. earnings rose 41% to 47% per share. >> a movement of atheists grew into a movement. it started in a london pub. its founders will not thank god for their success. >> hello. >> jones and evergreen spring - two pop -- and pippa evans, to
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stand-up comics are on a tour in the u.s. >> it was chiefly invented... >> they are not here to spread laughter. they are here to change the world. >> we would like to make the world as good as it can be. >> welcome to the fastest growing atheist megachurch. >> we have complication, we celebrate being alive. >> the first sunday assembly was held in north london in 2012. >> we thought a few people would like it. it turns out that there are millions of people across the world. >> fast-forward 11 months and the comic preaching duo turned to crowd funding and are racing through 40 cities in north america and australia, launching local chapters for thousands of godless-fearing people.
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>> we have taken the best bits out of church and got rid of the god bit. >> by the best bits evans means creating a community with a focus on good and gratitude. >> when people sing, dance, laugh - it's wonderful. and it shouldn't be mon op lised by religion. >> religion is out, but there's no escaping the church-like feel of the church - singing, dancing, reflecting, donating and the founder himself. >> if you think jones looks familiar, he admits he heard plenty of jesus jokes, but he had the beard first - not before jesus, but sunday assembly. >> according to the pew research center 20% of americans say they have no religious affiliation, an increase in the last five years. >> i think the people need
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community support as much as anyone else. >> father james heft says picking and choosing the best pits from church, followers may end up with all flash and no substance. >> if they, by their own choice automatically exclude a possibility of something beyond community, i think that they are probably missing out on something. >> back at sunday service, it's clear jones and evans know how to get the party started. whether they know how to launch an atheist movement depends on non-believers choosing to believe. >> and that will do it for this edition of al jazeera america. "the stream "is next. we have news at the top of the hours. log on to for the latest headlines. we leave you with a look at the
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capital dome in washington dc. thanks for watching. have a nice evening.


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