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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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i'm del walters. these are the stories we are bringing you intersectio. >> i am the head of the treatment and we diteam andwe d. the confi confirmation hearr janet yellen a nomination for the federal reserve bank. and hundreds are buried today in mass graves in the bill philippines.
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philippines. we are following breaking news coming out of wisconsin. there are reports tha that a childrens' hospital there is in lockdown. it's in the city of wauwatosa. it follows the shooting and when we get more details we'll bring those to you. this are stunning numbers coming out of the philippines. 4460 people dead. those numbers are just coming in. the philippine government is saying the death toll is lower 4357. we'll have more on the death toll of typhoon haiyan in a moment. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. president obama is admitting the white house fumbledded the ball twice. but the president said the game is not yet over. mike viqueira is standing by at the white house. a contrite president it seems with a solution to those that
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their insurance companies have dropped their plans. >> the president came out and faced the music. he was retenant. last week in a one-on-one interview he apologized and today he came out before the full national press corps and said this is on me. he has democrats in revolt on capitol hill and they threatening to jump ship. he said yes the quebe website is fouled up and if you like your plan you can keep your plan. grandfathering in some of these plans is insufficient. what he announced today a lot of people considered to be insufficient. if you have a plan insurance companies and through insurance commissioners can still offer the old plans even if they are not come pliechbt compliant wite
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affordable care act. here is what the president had to say. >> regardless of what congress does i'm the president of the united states and they expect me to do something about it. >> interms of how i intend to approach it, i will just keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. and i think it's legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some yesterda yesterday soe healthcare act. eivelgthey could change the ruld destabilize the marc death. alreadthe altit all de
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compliance. now to the battle of the survival in the philippines. the government sources saying the death toll jumping to 4400 people. now after you see the mass burials in tacloban. dozens of body bags were placed in hillside graves. the government says 1500 more body bags are on their way. in a small town villagers are saying they were forgotten. the aid is going to the larger cities first. and the u.s.s. george washington arriving in the philippines 2 this morning. it's there to boost the international efforts to to get the supplies to those that need. 12 more ships are heading to the
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philippines to hope out. -- hel. and on those ships are more planes. boeing v 22 are on the tarmac and those that are left behind fear for their lives. speciaespecially these that livn remote areas. >> all this 62-year-old wants to do is sleep. he hasn't been able to do that in six days. >> his home was destroyed after typhoon haiyan slammed into tacloban. he may have survived the storm but he still lives in fear for his life. >> how many of us are left? now this something else ma may e you're lives. people are coming into our houses and if you fight back they'll kill you. >> so few of us left as it is are they going to finish us off.
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>> his nation neighbours share s concern. it's bad enough that haiyan turned their lives upside-down without the additional confusion over security. many inmates in this prison escaped and survived the storm. many fear that some of those escapees are behind a wave of crime. >> a curfew has been declared from six in the evening to six in the morning to establish peace and order. many people say nothing has been explained to them androux rumoue rarampant that this is the retun to dictatorship rule. >> we have received no news and there is no radio what is the real situation. >> he has not lot the uncertain if uncertainty stop him.
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he has gone back to work as driver even though the money he may earn is worthless here. >> what happens to us is up to god but i will not leave here. this is our home. no matter what tragedy befalls us next. >> it stal still rains here on t days. they cram into the only dry space into the makeshift shelter. sometimes they stand like this all through the night. even the gentle sound of rain now is cause for fear. and finally ther there may e this preliminarier o glim glimm. the associated press is recalling the story where they quoted the u.n. they said there were 4 4460 peoe dead the filipino government
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2657 people much loer. the whitloer. janet yellen was on capitol hill for her confirmation hearing. she has reminded the countr us e country has come since 2008. did she receive a warm welcome in the senate this morning. >> it was a smooth confirmation hearing. many were watching and speculating how janet yel yellen would spend time in the ring because janet yellen had not been tested politically in this way. there was not a question about her credentials there was a question on how she would deal with this. thiit was a healthy exchange.
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on issues like what creates a healthy economy and how do you look at the financial crisis of the past few years and learn lessons from it. and what is the connection between main street and the federal reserve and not just wall street. republicans ran up their concerns about longterm stimulus and we heard from the committee member from nebraska he is concerned about runaway inflation and asset bubbles. take a listen. >> i think the economy has gotten used to the sugar that you put out there and i worry we are on a sugar high. >> janet yellen managed to handle the questions. foanother republican from tennessee if b.c. th we see thet bubbles do you have the ability to prick them. and she said yes she believes she would. and what else did she have to
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say about the new york stock fis and recovery. >> she is walking a fine line about continuing the policies that the federal reserve has all right had in place. she has been serving as vice chair and she continues with the methods that benber knackd bernt down. >> this is a virtually unprecedented situation. and we know that the long spells of unemployment are particularly painful for house head household impose great hardship on those without work and on the marriages of those who suffer these long unemployment spells on their familys. so, i consider it imperative that we do what we can to promote a very strong recovery.
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so janet yellen walking the line between a dove and a hawk. she is concerned about unemployment but not afraid to deal with issues like unemployment. >> members of the senate are walking a fine line. janet yellen is the first woman to be heading the fed, were senators aware of that going into the elec election cycle tot was all about policy and decisions and what is the federal reserve going to look like under your tenure. >> libby casey joining us at capitol hill. canadian police have announced the arrest of 380 people connected to a child pornography ring. it happened in toronto where people had to be rescued. all of the them children. they were victims of a horrific acts. ithe arresteds include 76 people
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in the u.s. he was one once the most wad man in america of white whitey r was sentenced today in court. did bul bulger show any signs of remorse? >> no he didn't show any signs of remorse. when the si sentence was handed down he looked ahead and showed no emotion. the judge handed down two life sentences and five years. that was cold comfort for the families. >> i talked to the families and it was cold comfort. they did get closure. one of the people i go tal did o was the son of a man who was
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killed 30 years ago. he spokeest difficulty his family has had for the last 3 years. 30 years. >> it's been hell for my family for the past 30 years. when my father passed away there were three boys and you can imagine an eight-year-old boy losing their father and 11-year-old and 13-year-old. it's devastating. >> the judge did take into consideration the statements that she heard in court from the victim's families and she also received letters, many letters from those family members as well. she considered the scope and the calcallousness of the crime and bulger was on the lamb for 6 16 years and intended to stay a fugitive because of all of the money he had.
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we'll see if he does make that appeal. >> dianees at thadiane estabroo. the police have a suspect in custody. the suspect was shot. the children's hospital in wisconsin remains on lockdown until a sweep of the area is completed of none of the patients was hurt but the suspect has been shot. coming up on al jazeera america a massive sink hole swallowing up a louisiana neighbourhood. crews are trying to stop it before it doubles in size. job creation... climate change... tax cuts... the economy... iran... healthcare... it goes on and on... ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story theses are strait forward conversations, no agenda, just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you ray suarez hosts inside story
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only on al jazeera america e the.
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>> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. one of the nation's largest sink holes has caused residentses tresidentsto leave d in louisiana. robert has the latest. >> he says it's expected to double in size. >> this is a neighbourhood where people don't live anymore. more than a year ago the entire
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town of bayou corn louisiana about 350 people evacuated. mystified scientists from around the world and federal and state regulators came to find out why. what they found was the swamp being swallowed and the bayou water burping natural gas and oil. their challenge how to stop a 5000-foot deep sink hole the size of 20 football fields from getting bigger. >> dennis came back a few weeks of after the evick evacuation. >> we have talked in august what changed since then. >> the big change for us that live on sportsman drive we have become aware there is a lot more gas under the subdivision here than previously thought. that may change. lately the ground here has become much more unstable. >> typical microer microearthqus
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before maybe ten to 1 15 that we noticed through the equipped and several weeks ago it got as high as 326 in a 24-hour period. because of the quakes parts of the swamp have sunk two feet. the mining company that the state blames for the disaster is out in full force digging wells to release the gases. it has to accumulate you have to have 5% in the air for it to be ignitable. >> that is the real threat right now. >> that is the risk that is posed to the residents here. >> the computers are monitoring the inside of each struc structr gases. about half of the town has been bouboutbought out by the mining company. >> are you aible t a able able o
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for five minutes. >> we tried to talk to a representative to get their take on the situation. >> the mining company representatives are not interested in talking to al jazeera america today but there is a flurry of activity out here as workers and contractors dig new wells to take up the natural gas. >> despite being u upheld by the situation for a year dennis is willing to stay. unless gas comes up and gretzky intgetsinto the house that woula game changer. >> that is why the mining company is rushing to vent out these once vib vibrant neighbourhoods but it's a big job. >> we estimate 6 million cue miccubicmetres of natural gas ir where we stabbed. >> the liberty insurance are arcing they don't have to cover the damage covered by the
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natural gas because the mining company knew it was risky. robert ray al jazeera, assumption bay, louisiana. we could be looking at another record societyin settinn wall street. the dow is up 47 points and stocks getting a boost by suggestions from janet yellen that she will continue the fed stimulus pr program. if the dow and s & p fi finish p at all time highs. the prices are at lows and they could drop even more. dealers are trying to unload
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cars coming back from leases. a boom in oil production is cutting into opec script on the world fuel supply. the international energy saying that opec fell for a third straight month and opec will fall next year. america will be the largest producer of oil by 2015. boeing is saying that the world's airlines will need a half million pilots to keep up with demand. that shortage will ey affect ane and everyone that flies. >> flying through the clouds at the controls of an airplane has been be an andre's dream sincee first took a flight as a child. >> from the wings to the controls as a pilot handles the
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situation. i call that art. >> the 22-year-old has his private pilot's licence he is studying to get his commercial licence in florida. a pilot certified by the u.s. is highly coveted globally. >> of course i do have a concern finding a job. aviation analysts are concerned about finding enough pilots. there is a looming shortage at trying untiregional airlines. the president of the regional airline association says the flight reductions are inevitable. in autin a recent magazine artie there is no short term fix. you can't nurture and fix enough pilots to fly in a decade. a starting pilot can make 18 to
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$20,000 a year as soon as they can move onto a higher paying airline they do. they have re. >> dawn: e re. >> dawn: e reduced the number of hours to become a pilot. boeing known for building arab airliners is also training pilots. >> there is a sense of urg urgey and that is why boeing is involved in the process and looking for opportunity that is going to be required worldwide. new requirements implemented this year double the cost of training to become a commercial pilot. as much as he would love to fly for an american airline he is planning to return to colombia. >> it's not always dreams are instanley possiblinstantly prom.
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welcome back to al jazeera america i'm del walters. these are your headlines. the nominee that heads the
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nation bang is basing the senate committee today if confirm january he hajanetyellen welcomt female chair of the federal reserve. the death toll is still rising and more mass graves in the city of tac tacloban. and six days after haiyan hit there are problems getting fresh weathewater and food to the philippines. and i'm meteorologist dave warren. we are talking about the highs and lows across the country. high pressure dominates the weather across the southeast and the east. it's centred over the southeast now. what that really means is you get the sunshine and clear skies and chilly. the temperatures reall temperat. things will start to change and the high clears out and we'll look at temperatures warm up.
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>> there is a low developing off the coast of canada and this is dropping south. and you are starting to see rain in the lower elevations in washington and oregon and that will continue to move south and really start to develop. really looking at winter weather developing. a storm watch in effect for washington, oregon and idaho and the tip of the pan han e handle. the outlook shows that things are clear until tomorrow morning and look at how the snow develops. rain in the lower elevation and idaho and monda montana lookingt snow coming down. it's not until tomorrow night we see the snow coming down of the lost trail pass in montana there is snow is on the ground and that will be changing the higher elevation also get snow as this storm moving south. seattle will get rain, 4 48 on
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saturday and temperatures are cool below 50-degrees. the temperatures are warming. denver at 51 degrees and chicago at 48 degrees and here is the storm bringing showers and thunderstorms possible. it clears out monday and tuesday. the warm air will move east and it looks like we could have rain across the northeastern states by late this weekend and early next week. if you have ever wanted to own a small town, this is your chance. the town of synica up for sale. it's listed on craigsliss list t can only be reached by narrow dirt roads. all that is left is ten acres and three ca cab cabins and a bd
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that comes with liquor licence. thanks for watching i'm del walters. >> sir charles, the round mound of rebound. he is one of the best players and biggest personalities to ever play the game. basketball star charles barkley was a dominant force on the hardwood, but he's also known for his entertaining and sometimes controversial commentary, from sports to politics and social issues, he everything. i sat down with the nba legend termed emmy award winning analyst when he was in new york. >> well, with the nba season starting, i know you are in hand demand. first of all thank you for taking some time to talk to al jazeera. i remember years ago when you were still playing, it seemed


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