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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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jazeera/consider this. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera america on this friday. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. parting ways, the new setback for president obama and his market plan, as dozens of democrats back a gop fix. was it murder? a white homeowner kills an african american woman at his doorstep. the racially charged case out of detroit. outbreak, the growing meningitis scare at an ivy league university. and caped crusader. a city opens its hard for this caped crusader. even the president is talking.
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>> way to go miles, way to save gotham. >> we begin tonight with the killing in detroit, theodore wafer is facing murder charges for the shooting death of ranisha mcbride, touching a nerve across the country. vment aboutc. onlieri explains. >> his name theodore wafer, he appeared in court for the shooting of 19-year-old ranisha mcbride on his doorstep. charges with second degree murder, possession of a firearm. >> we obviously do not feel that the evidence in this case feels
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that the defendant acted in lawful self defense. >> the charges come two weeks after wafer shot the girl on his front porch. before mcbryd mcbride was shot,e struck a parked car. she went to wafer's door seek help. the airport maintenance worker told police he thought someone was breaking into his home and his 12 gauge shotgun accidentally went off. >> there were no signs of forced entry into the home. >> mcbride's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit for driving. are rallies and protests calling for justice.
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>> in this case the charging decision has nothing whatever to do with the race of the parties. after wafer turned himself in, mcbride's family spoke out. >> we want to thank the prosecutors for the thorough job they have done in bringing charges against mr. wafer. i don't know why i'm saying mr. wafer. this monster that took my daughter. >> you took a beautiful life that started to blossom into a beautiful woman and for that i hope you stay in jail for the rest of your life. >> wafer's lawyer maintains he acted in self defense. bc ona leary, detroit. president of the national action network. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> are you satisfied with the
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prosecutor's decision in this case? >> we are definitely satisfied with kim would be think -- worthy's decision, we believe kim worthy is very thorough in the work she has done and particularly in the past, with case like malice green and we believe she was thorough in this case, we are certainly supporting her and we are going to be watching and waiting patiently as the jury and the judge make the decision about what will happen here. >> do you believe racism was involved in this case? >> you know race in america has definitely amped up a couple of levels in the last few years here. you know we have seen trayvon martin ranisha mcbride, we have heard statements from right wing conservative folks like ted knew jent and hank williams in regard to their hate for president obama. we believe that there is definitely -- we are going in the wrong direction in terms of race relations in america.
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and we've got to really stop these politics of division from becoming pervasive across the country. obviously, this man was acting you know in a sense of him saying an african american. we have to ask ourselves the question if it was a white woman that was coming to his door would he have shot her? and if there was a black man who shot a white woman, would he would have stayed out of jail for almost a week long? so there's definitely some questions of race we have to ask here and we've got to continue to raise these issues and work through them as a country, together. >> on the other side some have said this could have been an accident. could have it have been an accident? >> i find it hard to believe that an accident would have happened in this situation, only because really, if you are threatened inside of your house you keep your door locked. which his door was kept locked. he shot her out, inside, from a
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locked door. but you keep your door locked and you call 911 immediately. and at the point where you feel you need to protect yourself in your castle or your home is being breached, that is the home that you have the opportunity to defend and protect urs uh. but-- yourself, but nothing like that happened in this situation, this young lady on this day she wasn't able to find help but she found heaven. >> reverend williams it's good to you have on the show, thank you for coming. >> thank you. legal analyst jamie floyd at the bottom of the hour. now a struggle to save survivors. thousands remain homeless and in dire need of aid. craig leeson joins us again from
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abeentayan island. what are you seeing and hearing from the people there? >> well, myself and cameraman mark dobbin spent 36 hours with the rapid relief are force, off the northern tip of cebu. once we got here our car go of rice milk and building supplies were taken right straight across the island to a town called tsa fe. as you can see behind me now, it's been absolutely decimated by the typhoon. luckily for the people here though, there was no tidal surge like they saw in tacloban killing many thousands of people. less than 20 died leer because of the lie winds.
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so they were just struck by high winds and as you can see, all of the buildings are not standing or if they are they have no roofs. that was the power of the wind and that's what took out their hydroelectric capacity and also their phones and has left them without food. so they were very happy to see us and they are very hungry people. >> are there any of their relatives found? we have heard from many who were searching for their relatives and they have found no one. >> well, here less than 20 people died. and they've all been accounted for. as i mentioned, there's no tidal flow here that came with the storm. and most people who died in letey province drown and people died from being hit by objects,
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literally their house roofs fell in. they are very lucky here. what it did was take out their ability to produce food for themselves. they used to produce 1.5 million eggs a day. that is gone. fishing bothers gone. only transport has been recently reinstated. there has been some food so they were very happy to receive the packages that were brought in and in fact the scenes that we witnessed last night were quite chaotic as people fought to be first in line to get some of that food. >> we are just getting live pictures from tacloban of military aircraft and supplies being taken off. but can you give us a sense of whether or not there are more islands, there are so many islands in the philippines, many ielts such as bantayan that have
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not had supplies reach them so far? >> well, there are about a dozen islands up around this part of the northern part of cebu and many of them haven't received aid. they've only just received aid here. so there's no international aid going into some islands further offshore here. in fact the only way they have been getting food is locals have been taking it to them with supplies from volunteer help. they don't have any power, there isn't any sanitation, just like there isn't here. so the international aid while it's trickling through in other areas lowser to lehte, it is yet to be received in remarkable force. >> craig, thank you very much. there is some progress, the u.s. military has already distributesome 620,000 pounds of supplies, more supplies are coming in as you just saw.
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in addition nearly 2900 victims have been air last lifted to safety. much of that relief is going to the hard hit island of tacloban and margo ortegas is there. >> everything here changed seven days ago and ever since then, very little has. while the living struggle for basic necessities. running water like that from this broken pipe is now a prized commodity. and petrol is in high demand. this sports coliseum was supposed to be a refuge. hundreds of people came last friday to ride out the storm. but it's also next to the water and haiyan created a surge that reached the coliseum's third level killing many of the people
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inside. pregnant with her third child, janice verona says sing helps her cope. she and her family are staying in front of the coliseum because the stench inside is too hard to bear. >> when i think about what i might face, exr i sing so as to focus on something else. >> his mind is on his family just north of here. >> it's hard being away from family. they're also victims of the typhoon but this is my i don't . it's okay. >> those in shock and struggling to survive many of the people here are also beginning to worry about what lies ahead. >> god gave us a second chance to live. i will do all i can for all of us to survive and to keep the system together, even thoughists hard we're all suffering here
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even the rich. >> a crowd gathers at the coliseum's edge as another dead body surfaces. it is not easy to see the future from here but many said they had to leave it up to god. >> margo ortegas, al jazeera, tacloban. impacts nearly every family and now leaders introduce a series of reforms. andrew thomas has more from beijing. >> this isn't official abolition of the one child policy but it basically amounts to the same thing. in future if either member of the couple was a single child himself, they will be allowed to have two. there aren't that many people of child bearing age that this doesn't apply to. back in 1979 china had an exploding population and it was a relatively poor country, it couldn't afford millions more
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people. now ey ironically its faces a different situation, the growing age population. goes against human rights and judicial processing, initially set up in the 1950s to imprison people to make people do forced labor, it's been used by local officials to throw anybody in a labor camp that didn't agree with whatever local policies are going on. both of these forms that a crediruling political party. >> joining us from san franciscan is our own melissa chan. melissa, welcome. >> hi. >> so how real are these reforms? especially let's take the one-child reform. >> well, you said it was
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seismic. and i think to a certain extent you're right. they have come out to say that they are going to make thee changes but it's a great question that you've asked. because the question with china always is enforcement. they come out with these formation, they make these big declaration he, the communist party papers, but often the proof is in the pudding. long time china watchers won't believe any of this until they see the changes on the ground. with a one child policy, people don't really understand it's not really a one-child policy. for many people in comploin there are exceptions. if you are a farmer in des moines you can have more than one child already. so in many ways this law that they have just passed is really not going to affect that many people in the cup. you have more than 50% of the population that is farmers so
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they are not going to be affected by this rule. >> is this an issue that they talk about quietly? they have definitely talked about this every year, actually. ylg you hear the if if headlines, about the family policy, the one-child policy, this remains to be scene if this will affect the population of china or just how many people it will affect. it won't affect the exr rich in china. they go ahead and pay the penalty because they can. you are cutting into the population that would be affected. i think it's unclear at this point and we'll have to see in the next couple of years what kind of effect would this have on there country. >> that's going to be an even tougher one for the chinese government to try to change. i fleen beijing may have ideas
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about ending reeducation through labor but one thing i worked on a lot in cloin is these in the capital of bay ying they want to change, but again what happens to those people, hm? you close the camps but officials turn right around and put those people into a different kind of profession. it will be a few more years before we really see whether they are very serious about these reforms. >> is china's president see ying pinning behind some of these reforms? >> definitely, he has just started a term that will last the next nine years in china. he has definitely tried to portray him self, is this
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something in writing or are we going to see chaifng? i don't think we'll ever get to know what shiji pinning. melissa chow in san francisco. >> all right, thank you very much. good evening everybody. we're looking at a lot of snow up west. it is a travelers nightmare for a skier's dream. the temperatures are quite low across the region. we have some big pool of cooler air. these temperatures, seal is at 37-but in the bitterroot mountains, we could be seeing up to a foot of snow in this area. and through the rest of the weem we could see more than two feet
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of snow. actually, stevens pass in washington could actually get opened, if you are traveling, not so much. we will bring you if the list, in a short while. >> foirnlings looking overseas to contain. plus mounting pressure, obama's health care plan takes another fit, this time that captured a championship football game. arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage.
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>> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to
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al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >> introduces america tonight. >> in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next on al jazeera america >> president obama's signature market plan takes a hit. this time from his own party. 39 democrats supported a gop bill, keep your health plan act.
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>> our straightforward one page bill says: if you like your current coverage, you should be able to keep it. the president should heed his own advice and work with us. the congress. as the founders intended, not around the legislative process. >> remember the bad old days when preexisting conditions were discriminated against? this bill brings back that practice. >> the white house says the president will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. following a house vote, the president sat dune with health industry executives and the meeting included are executives from cigna, aetna, blue cross and blue shield. tonight a health crisis at princeton university. officials there are desperate to stop an outbreak of meningitis. this week, the seventh case
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ofmen in items b strien was confirmed at the -- meningitis b strain. the current vaccine doesn't stop the this spread of this deadly brain and spinal chord disease. dr. corey hebert, great to see you again. >> always great to see you john. >> what can you tell us about this strain of meningitis and the danger of it spreading? >> this is one of the most dangerous diseases that we know in the united states. people don't think of i.t. that way they think of viral meningitis but this is meningal meningitis. our vaccines cover all four of
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those strains however in princeton they are having an outbreak of b, and there is no vaccine in the united states. there is in europe. so princeton is trying to import a lot of this vaccine from europe so we can give it to the princeton students. >> how easily is it spread? >> it is spread very, very easily and adolescents are most at risk. that is why routinely we give the vaccines to 11-year-olds, you share water bottles and you have risky sexual promiscuity behaviors. with that intimate contact, it is spread through ris rest pri - respiratory droplets. they get exposed by drinking out of the red solo cups that
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everybody drinks out of. that's how it's spread. >> it hasn't been proved outside the united states, is there any dangers there? >> novartis pharmaceuticals makes the vaccine that's in the united states, as well as the other vaccine for meningitis group b, they didn't approve it because they said it wasn't really a cost-effective measure to bring that vaccine here. not because of any safety issues. i want parents to realize if your child goes to princeton or any ivy league school where meningitis breaks out, this is a very safe vaccine played by the same manufacturer that we give to every 11-year-old in the country. >> because there is a new strain is there a possibility that the vaccine will be given or the u.s. should decide that everyone circulate have the vaccine? >> i think they should and i
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think when it comes to cost i'm not into if you are rich you can get this vaccine, if you are not rich you can't get this vaccine, if we know meningitis b kills people in the united states which it does i think it's very important for us to have a vaccine that covers things that kill us in the united states. i don't care if it's ten people or 20 people. if it kills one of us, it kills one too many. >> thank you dr. hebert. >> make sure no matter what anybody says, you vaccinate. >> good advice, thank you. well, mark morgan is leer with sports. and we kick things off with the nfl. >> people are wanting to hear from jonathan martin. he spoke to nfl investigators today, jonathan martin in new york city today as i said
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meeting with nfl investigators giving his side of the story concerning the team's bullying scandal that has ensnared mart martin, richie incognito. the session breaking up in the early evening. he eermdz mechani emerged to a f reporters and gave brief comments. we'll have that in a few minutes. jamison miller's role in an alleged sexual assault, they could decide whether to pursue charges against the in nfl quarterback. several witnesses have been interviewed and the timing of the attorney's decision is important because if winston is charged with a felony he will be immediately suspended and ineligible for competition according to the florida state athletic rules.
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officials have cancelled a contest, after being johnson being beaten up in the bathroom, 22-year-old la plont britt, clarnlgd with misdemeanor assault, inflicting serious injury. johnson was treated and released. >> active bizarre story. more on that to come, mark, thank you very much. coming up, extreme security at 1 world trade center but are the precautions too much? if. plus hero worship, the kid turned bat kid for a day and the city who loved him for it.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america on this friday. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. president obama is feeling more heat over his health care program, coming from his own party. a solution, the president is vowing to veto it. u.s. forces leading the global effort since last week's typhoon, thousands still desperate for food water and
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medical supplies. princeton university, several students sickened and authorities turning to an imported vaccine to help stem the outbreak. get ready for the comet of the century. where and when to watch it, meteorologist kevin corriveau will tell us. san francisco becomes gotham for the day, intreasing the wishes of a five-year-old boy. a story that's touching people across america. >> tonight, a story that many people across america are talking about. the shooting death of ranisha mcbride. the african american teenager killed at the doorstep of
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theodore wafer, prosecutors charged wafer with second degree murder. authorities said the 19-year-old was looking for help after being in a car accident. it is a racially charged case and joining us, is al jazeera's legal contributor jamie floyd. welcome jamie. >> hello john. >> let's talk about the law. he was charged with second degree murder today. what does prosecutors have to prove? >> it is not first degree murder, of course that would require planning and lying in wait so that would be the top charge. but this of course requires intent to kill. and he's also charged with the lesser manslaughter. so first degree murder is off the table but second degree murder is a murder charge and it does carry a possible life sentence. and the manslaughter if they go for the lesser, the jury goes for the lesser, carries a 15-year sentence. there's also a weapons
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possession charge, that's the third charge on the table. so he's facing three criminal charges. >> what's the likely defense? >> well, he could claim it was an accident that he fired and that was the original suggestion here when initially the police were alerted that he fired accidentally. or he could claim that he was justified, that he was defending his castle as we've always said in the law of self defense, that a plan can defend his home. those are the two likely with defenses, those could be used together or he could use them separately we will see. >> there was the allegation that he told police it was an accident. if that is the case what does he argue? >> he can say i didn't intend to shoot, it was the middle of the night. i was roused from my bed, i could barely see, the autopsy already indicates there was from some distance.
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the facts are still coming out, we have to be careful, this is early. the 12 gauge shotgun went off accidentally. so if the facts can bear that out that would be his defense. it will be a ball i ballistics n then. between defense and prosecution. >> because of trayvon martin and so many other case he across the country this case has raised lots of questions and you know one of the stories that came out today says that ranisha mcbride had been drinking and had both alcohol and marijuana in her system after she had this accident when they found her after this accident and the shooting. does that matter in this case, should it matter? >> it came up of course in the trayvon martin case, it comes up in so many cases. really all that matters is the state of mind of the defendant. and the prosecution of course has to consider the victim's
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toxicology because the defendant can claim that somehow, they were threatened by this victim, that the victim was acting in some way that was irrational, or aggressive, and that perhaps toxicology affected the behavior of the victim. >> a smaller young woman. >> a -- exactly. traditional self defense john assumes two equal men of shall size engaged in some sort of fight in a bar is what we usually think about when we're talking about self defense. here we're talking about a woman it's late at night, whether she's drunk or perhaps influenced by drugs, i don't know that it plays a huge role in this case but of course it will come up at trial. >> jamie, thank you for joining us. my pleasure. >> how secure is too secure, are security measures for
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neighborhood, residents say it's turning their community into a fortress. raylynn johnson reports. >> mary perillo experienced 9/11 up close. world trade center is just outside her windows. it took years for her to call this place home again. ten years later it isn't what's going on inside the apartment that concerns her but rather, what's going on outside. >> this is the regular check but the plan calls for those cones being replaced by a cement wall. >> earlier this year the nypd announced a plan to create a security perimeter around the world trade center. around the campus it's called streets would be opened to pedestrians and bikes and closed to unauthorized vehicles. sidewalk barriers would be built around the perimeter with police
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in booths to operate those are barriers, and securities to be smectded for explosives. what they would like with enhanced security once the campus is in effect. the nypd said the proposed measures are necessary. following the 1993 world trade center bombing and the september 11th attacks. however they say residents will be able to get around free reply on foot so long as they enroll in a screening program. so far that's not enough. >> security campus, describe it as an isolated fortress that will impair their quality of life. >> laur albert butsell represents. >> without the world trade snrer essentially a fortress that's what we don't want it to be. >> the neighborhood group says they want security just not on
11:38 pm
this scale. their fear is, they worry tourists will have an easier time getting around than they will. >> respect the families, give them a place to go but don't cut life out of here. don't cut this off from the rest of the world. >> the majority of the security measures will be implementby 2015. the city anticipates the world trade center to be fully occupied by 2019. which is the same year the nypd will take a second look at the security area and see how well it's doing. many. democrats are broke with their party and joined republicans, failure to meet standards set by the affordable care act. the warehouse says it sets minimums that every american should have.
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every friday we turn our attention to the arts and tonight we are looking at books. amy tan's book, the joy luck club launched her to fame in the'80s. it's been eight years since her last novel and now she's out with a new oback the, the valley of amazement. she sat down with al jazeera, to talk about her new work. >> she has always been the inspiration, in a photo, made me think she might have been someone i didn't know she was. >> explain that? >> the photo had her wearing a very elaborate outfit and headband. and when i was researching, it led me to think? why is she wearing these
11:40 pm
clothes? >> this story of violet who grows up in a courtesan's house? >> unwillingly are grows up in one as the daughter of the madam who runs it. >> how do you take there inspiration of your grandmother's life and it becomes this novel? >> it involving and obsession. and the obsession always has to do with who am i? i have to say selfishly, the books are all about me. not so much autobiographically, who are we when we enter the world, who influences us or parents or peers, circumstances in life. >> you were quoted once as saying books are your salvation and they kept you from being miserable. why? >> well reading them as a kid you know i felt very alienated and i needed to keep myself
11:41 pm
company with books and later on i started to write. and i felt i could meditate on who i was and create these stories. it was like a subterfuge. and i found out more about what i believed. >> the new book is called the valley of amazement and our thanks to amy tan for coming by. toronto, what the city is doing to force rob ford out. and the nfl bullying case, jonathan martin meets with an investigator, what he said coming up. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight next
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on al jazeera america determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well.
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>> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax cuts... the economy... iran... healthcare... it goes on and on... ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story theses are strait forward conversations, no agenda, just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you ray suarez hosts inside story only on al jazeera america if. >> as of right this moment, rob ford is still toronto's mayor. but for how long? as daniel lack reports, the city council has had it with his
11:44 pm
confessions and transgressions. >> it's never happened before. toronto city councilors moving against his mayor, stripping him of his authority. but then this city has never had a mayor that has admitted to smoke crack cocaine and he hasn't resigned, even a little contrite. >> obviously if someone else steps out of line like i have, it's going to affect councilors and the mayor. i think for years to come. >> in fact when it came to a vote just the mayor and his brother, a councilor owned the motion to limit his powers. his apologizes, for what he's done is not enough. he is mayor in name only. >> those powers he that has been
11:45 pm
dell gated to the mayor's office not to rob forward, are now withdrawn. >> he has imr promised to cut spending and taxes and he has. if the latest polls are right many of his latest supporters too. this woman voted for mayor ford three years ago, now she's part of a campaign to make him quit. >> it only took about a year and a half before i realized what a terrible mistake i had made and in the past year his conduct has become so unacceptable i had no choice. >> there is almost no way to displace a toronto mayor between elections. now according to rob ford there was talk about changing the law. >> it was never envisaged, that a mayor would be doing cocaine in his office, allegedly doing cocaine in his office, with prostitutes, you never looked at things like that. >> he will be going to court to
11:46 pm
get his powers back pnd and councilors will try to strip him of his office budget, his ability to hire and fire. daniel lak, al jazeera, toronto. >> mark morgan is back with sports. it seems like this nfl bullying story is dragging out. >> it is you know john that is the truth. it seems like this is the first time that jonathan martin has spoken to anyone about it and for the rest of us to hear about it is in dribs and drabs. >> jonathan martin was in new york city today meeting with nfl vectors considering the team's bullying scandal. the are affair has ensnared mant, richie incognito and others. as you se see emerged and spoke
11:47 pm
briefly since the time of leaving the dolphins. >> consistent with my commitment to my player on the miami dolphins. i'm not intending to discuss this matter publicly at this time. i do however look forward to speaking directly with steven ross, tom garfink l and the rest of the miami dolphins organization he. officials have cancelled a game after rudy johnsonen was allegedly beaten up by multiple virginia state players. 22-year-old la mont britt was arrested by where officials and
11:48 pm
are charged with misdemeanor assault, johnson was treated at a local hospital and released. a stifling defense and stellar rebounding have the pacers cruising at 8 and 0. ray hibbard put on a show. eight blocked shots. grabbed 10 rebounds as well. four blocks per game leading the league. he added 22 points for indiana. the pacers, become the first squad to begin 9-0 than when the mavericks did it. >> gruesome injury in the midwest regional final, flit on the cardinals court, he scored five points and grabbed two
11:49 pm
rebounds, as louisville won, 19 straight games as a school record. it's week 11 of the nfl and while the playoff picture is starting to take shape, some head coaches are coming under fire and may be on the hot seat. our john henry smith has the story. >> last year on route to earning a playoff spot, this season his vikings have already passed that loss total. a revolving door. >> they were a surprising 10 and 6 last season, they had playoff expectation he this .. they have the toughest schedule coming up the regulation of the way. so the chance he of leslie griffin getting a influence contract probably aren't very
11:50 pm
good. second coach greg schiano's future in doubt. rumblings from other players calling for schiano's ouster, maybe have the former rutgers coach. >> they went 7 and flynn last season really high expectation he for this team this season and they haven't gotten it done. what might save greg schiano, he has three years and $9 million left on his are contract. do they want to undo that deal? >> the cowboys are battling for pr place in the nfc east (p) since then he has yet to record a winning season. if the boys don't get over the
11:51 pm
hump this season it's tough to see jerry jones bringing garrett back. should the cowboys miss the playoffs it will be for the fourth consecutive season. after a surprising 4-1 start miami joe philbin had his name in the records, after the jonathan martin richie incognito scandal continues to unfold. establishing the leadership in the dolphins locker room. >> from what i understand, joe philbin, somewhat of a control freak wanted to why exroal everything that went down in that locker room, joe philbin's guys were a part of that council that were the leaders in that locker room. >> john henry smith, al jazeera. >> thank you very much. two perennial world cup
11:52 pm
participants having to fight their way into the field this time around. new zealand won on aggregate goals, portugal in the same spot facing sweden in the same scenario. a crowd of 61,000 in list bon, kind of sloppy play, until christiachristiano renldo, thate portuguese team a 1-nil win, the rematch will be on tuesday. that wraps up sports, the key there, aggregated, whoever has more wins, right? >> i don't know. >> i think that's wha aggregate
11:53 pm
means. up next a story that even moved the president. >> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
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>> it is not every day that little five-year-old boy captain elevates an entire major city, san francisco, and the internet. but the boy who would be batman did just that. as melissa chan reports, he put on a cape for a day to remember. >> holy smokes it's batman to fight crime, to the great relief to the citizens in the city. his first feat of the day rescuing a damsel in distress. whew, that was close. we're hearing reports of another are crime, let's see if batman can put a stop to it. >> where he beat this tricky villain, and of course he does. >> who are fools the ri riddler? no one. >> in union square, thankful fans wait to catch a glimpse of
11:56 pm
the superhero. >> i was at work and i heard the commotion, and helicopters flying and bat kid saved the day. it's good to be in gotham today. >> we're here to support what the city's doing. it's a great amazing thing, it's so fantastic to represent a city that has so much compassion. >> miles' adventure oust day, includes taking a victory lap, and meet the very thankful mayor who presents him with the keys to the city. >> what would we do without you? the streets of our city are safer, because of you. >> when this started organizers expected a few hundred people to help. instead it went viral and thousands of people offered support. including the president. >> way to go miles, way to save
11:57 pm
gotham! >> miles has fought cancer nearly all his life. but now it is in remission. now he's healthy and started kindergarten this fall. it may seem hard to believe but miles are battle with are lieu ceek ya is every more difficult than his battle in gotham city. mels chan, gotham city, well, really san francisco. if you are an astron me are buff, you can be seeing this comet for the next three weeks, it is going oget very close to the sun and brighten up the skies, the other one will be the
11:58 pm
leonid meteor shower. so for the meteor shower, this is what we expect to see. unfortunately the northern tier states except for new england, you will not see it. very good sightings, southwest, northeast, only trouble is full moon on saturday night will create light pollution and you play not see all the showers. this is going to start a problem across the states in terms of severe weather. almost like springtime severe weather where you get that warm he air here and the cooler air to the north. so we're going to be seeing some very gusty winds. they're already beginning right here. you can see the winds are coming from the south, sustained winds, ten, 15, some places 20 miles per hour, that is only going to get stronger over the next couple of days so watch what
11:59 pm
happens. we're going osee some dangerous winds. first for chicago on saturday night, moving out on sunday, sunday night then we'll see that system make its way a little bit more towards pretty much most of new england and the canadian maritimes by the time we get to monday. damaging winds, power lines are going to be down as well as branches. all weekend long and the beginning of the week. rain from the south all coming from the gulf of mexico pushing up towards the north, a problem for new york city on saturday, mostly rainy conditions sunday, and monday, going from 68° down towards 49° as we start the week. that's a look at your weather. everybody have a good evening. your headlines are next.
12:00 am
>> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler on this friday and here are the top stories. theodore wafer has been formally charged with murder. accused of shooting and killing an african american teenager at his home earlier this month. wafer thought she was break in but her family said she was seeking help. president obama's changes he's proamg to his health care reform act will make sure that all americans can get the kind of affordable care they deserve. the meeting occurred just hours after a bill


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