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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha and these are the main stories, the philippines worst hit by the typhoon and hundreds are in need, a plan crashes in flames killing all 50 people on board. a french president meets leaders and live in the west bank and
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more than 6,000 candidates are vying for a seat. ♪ welcome to al jazeera, in need of help and desperate to flee, the u.n. says 10-30 million people in the philippines have been effected by typhoon haiyan, the medical challenges are monumentel, rising temperatures and rain are providing perfect conditions as pneumonia and diarrhea to thrive and they have rushish and debris and a large numbers of bodies are yet to be buried and trying to flee the typhoon destroyed places and there is little food, little water and no shelter. the president is leading government relief operations in effected areas and comes on a
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growing criticism of the aftermath of the storm and handing out packets of food to survivors. >> despair and the minute they despair then it cascades down and everyone is hampered. what will you do to challenge mother nature, but the over all question with any casualty, what do we want to try to maintain is what more can we do to minimize casualties number one and disaster effects. >> reporter: food is getting through to most people but some survivors say what they are getting is a poor quality and we are in palo. >> a few minutes ago one of the residents here showed me the aid they had received when they went to try and get some. they got this tin. i don't know how close our camera man mike can get to it
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but basically whatever is inside of it, maybe it's fish or sardines expanded so the tin is deformed. it really is not the kind of thing that looks safe to eat. let me also show you the rice that they got. excuse me, sorry about that. the rice that i got and don't mean to be wasting it but it's not good quality at all, if you are used to eating rice it's dried out and maybe it's like a really old stock and maybe it got wet and someone has dried it out. but it's such that if you were to kind of push too hard it would turn into powder and if you were to cook it it would turn into mush. this is not pleasing to people who are getting this kind of aid and looking at it and thinking why are we getting these kinds of things of relief. >> reporter: the philippines government is working hard to get services backup and running and trying to get schools open
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as quickly as possible but it's an impossible task when so many classrooms are in rubble. harry forset is speaking to one teacher who says his school is far from reopening. we are in palo down the coast from tacloban and the elementary school and everything along the coast has been swept away but the huge storm surges that the typhoon generated and the government is saying it wants schools up and down the coast to be back and up and running by january the 15th. the man who has been at the school since the disaster is the principal and is january 15th a realistic target date forg getting things up and running again? >> it's not realistic because no government entity came over to my school to look into the effect of the storm surge.
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so i hope i'm calling around the globe, the nongovernmental organizations to please rehabilitate all the schools effected by this storm surge. >> reporter: and how important is it that children who have been the victim of something like this have the regular real life thing of going back to school again? >> it's important for the children to come over to school because this is the first step of education where the school children knows how to read, write and count. that's it. >> reporter: thanks, and we were speaking to a social worker, another evaluation center in tacloban which used to be a school and she was saying the children there are having stress debriefing sessions and drawing pictures of what happened to them and that really the natural proclivity to play and laugh is masking emotional damage and need some kind of normal life,
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however difficult that seems to imagine in the circumstances to restart again. >> reporter: in vietnam 36 have been killed by floods and heavy rains triggered land slides and 80,000 of people fleed their homes and roads are blocked. the national flood agency said the waters started to recede allowing some residents to return to their homes and nine people are still unaccounted for. socialists are celebrating victory in chile election and she didn't get the 50% she needed to avoid a runoff. the second round will take place on december 15 and we report from santiago. >> and michelle is the number one choice of the election was never in doubt. but with nine candidates the former socialist president fell short of 50% or more of votes
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needed in the first round. >> translator: in one month we will go against someone who defends rights and one who sees them as commodities. >> reporter: the candidate came in a distant second and attempts to sound optimistic. >> translator: we defend the rights of chile to live in peace, that is our big difference. >> reporter: and left a top job at the u.n. to run again has an ambitious agenda, a new democratic university and education for all, better public health and pensions and corporation taxes in a country where the economic power has extraordinary political clout. she has bigger problems than getting elected on december 15 and challenging the demands of chil society that will be her
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real challenge. to underscore she is under pressure to deliver students occupied headquarters on election day. >> translator: we will maintain our protest because we know that the changes we need won't come from within our institutions. >> reporter: without the three fifths majority in congress to push through her ambitious reforms she is counting on a victory in the next round to show she has the will of the people on her side. al jazeera santiago. workers at the fukushima nuclear power plant began the dangerous operation to remove fuel rods from the damaged reactor and as we report it's the first step in a process to make the plant safe that could take decades. >> a delicate dangerous operation takes place in four at the fukushima plant and it's removing some of the 400 tons of
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spent nuclear fuel from the crippled complex and has risk. and if they break or become exposed to air huge amounts of highly radioactive gas could escape into the atmosphere. >> translator: we hope this process will be conducted in a manner that will not disturb local residents and removal will be done on schedule properly and safely. >> reporter: there are about 50-70 fuel rods stored in an assembly. it will take roughly a week to move 22 assemblies to a stable pool to keep the fuel cool with 1500 fuel assemblies requiring removal this is a year-long operation. >> i would assume the electric company has serious evacuation plans and not public to raise fear and must have very serious evacuation plans in case the worst happens in the same pool.
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but the workers one must give them high respect they are going there and know how dangerous it is. >> reporter: the earthquake and tsunami damaged the reactors at noouk but unit four did not have a meltdown and the current experience will help it deal with the other three reactors where it's higher because of core meltdowns. tetco has criticism of handling of the nuclear crisis and it will safely decommission the plants, a process that could last decades. joanna, al jazeera. >> reporter: investigators are trying to establish why a russian plane killed 50 people in board and trying to land in the republican and peter sharp is in moscow. >> not much is left, the
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airlines flight u 363 crashed on landing and not one of the 44 passengers and six crew members survived and reports suggested the plane aborted the first landing and attempting a second one when it lost altitude and exploded on impact. >> translator: we are looking into all reasons for the crash, the main ones are of course a failure of machinery, fault of crew, weather conditions and bad quality fuel. >> reporter: russia has the worst safety records in the world, in 2008, 88 passengers and crew were killed when a plane cruciated near the yuro mountains and 44 were killed in killed in 2011 when a plane went down and 31 died last year when a passenger plane crashed in
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siberia and the plane had taken off from the capitol an hour before it exploded at its final destination. almost a year ago the same aircraft had been forced to make a landing after problems with cabin depressurization and on that occasion no one was hurt, peter sharp, al jazeera in moscow. in egypt 26 are dead carrying guests home from a wedding and it took place south of cairo near the village and the authority says drivers ignored warning lights traveling through the crossing and police opened an investigation and arrested four people including the driver of the train. at least 24 people have been killed in the iraq capitol in the serious of blasts and car bombings struck markets in baghdad overnight in the districts and cities and no group has responsibility for the
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attacks. we have reports of an attack on the regional chief in the libyan city of benghazi and survived the assault and tripoli they freed the spy chief conducted outside the international airport on sunday. syria lost the leader and bill was leader of the brigade and pulled into aleppo and he was injured from government forces last week and died from shrapnel wounds. syrian foreign minister arrived for talks in moscow, the united states and russia are pushing them to the negotiating table in geneva and rejected talks because of western military intervention, china and easing the one child policy they are calling on married couples to
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wait before having more children and needs time for local laws to catch up with the new national policy and parents are permitted to have a second child if one is an only child. one-child policy was introduced in 79 to control population growth. millions of people head to the polls on tuesday to vote in the assembly elbow shups and a lot is at stake and how to resolve the deadlock over the constitution and we have one many issues that created uncertainty in the world's youngest republic. campaigns are out in force, every political party trying to get its message across. but it's complex. there are 6,000 candidates, 240 constituencies and 100 different political parties. the current legislature had four years to draft a constitution as part of a peace deal reached with former rebels but still
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nothing has been agreed. the country's unpopular was replaced in 2008 by a multi-party system. but there have been no election since 2001 and they are in a political vacuum. >> translator: i don't want that. >> translator: politicians make promises and ones that do what we want and need will get my vote. >> reporter: how to satisfy a bitter and cynical elaborate. >> there needs to be a better framework and the aspirations need to be reflected in the constitution and what is at stake here, what the future of the state looks like. >> reporter: and the man charged with overseeing the ballot and prime minister and chief justice has refused to stay whether he will step down
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after elections and led to some parties threatening to take to the streets if he doesn't go. in the weeks leading up to tuesday's poll several people have been hurt in election-related violence. thousands of soldiers who have been confined to barracks are called back to not only secure the capitol catmandoo but the rest of the country and they are some international observers are here for the elections and this could be a long period of time of instability which may well turn violent so the solution could be found here at the constituent assembly and to get there these elections are their only option, hill robin al jazeera catmandoo. >> more to come, storms and tornados in the u.s. midwest flatten homes killing five people and leaving thousands
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without power. why is it the worst time of year for air pollution in new deli. >> i will fight this and a sportsman at heart and always a sportsman. >> reporter: we sit down with batting star who tells us what his plans are after this, that is in the sport, coming up. ♪ global check on the weather now and here is step. >> north america and devastating storms and a big white area of clouds going east and brought us destructive weather and a lot of rain and seen 54 millimeters of rain in milwaukee and further south we have been seeing 77 millimeters of rain, but it's of course not the wet weather that really caused us the problem,
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it's the wind and hail and the tornados as well. here are the storm reports that we see and you can see the tornados there, the red colors, they are mostly over illinois and indiana, that is where we have seen the worst of the storms, the worst of the tornados. and we have seen 68 confirmed reports and could be a few more added on to that, if that is the true that is the largest november out break that we have seen since 2004 and it's quite late in the season for us to see such a large outbreak of tornados. the system is marching through quickly and ending its way eastward and as it does behind it you notice it does cool down as we head through the next 24-48 hours. so by the time we get to tuesday then new york will only be at 9 degrees and toronto is 4. >> the west bank where the president is holding a press conference for the palestinian president, let's listen in to
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what they have to say. >> as the capitol side by side with the state of israel living in harmony and peace. i welcome you, mr. president, a deal, guesses and honorable friends to the state of palestine. we also appreciate under the circumstances and your courage and circumstances opted by you condemning the palestinians and also given by your estate to lift the status of palestine to an observer member and before that and devoid of membership. we have held very constructive meetings where we discussed the means of the philippines of bilateral relations at old fronts and today i am pleased to
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see six french ministers and the accompanying delegations which will pave the way for the giant committee to be between the two states for the development of mutual corporations between the two states, and the best answer is peace for the entire region. we together with the president discussed the development of the peace process in the middle east and the challenges facing the process. we will also discuss about developments and the latest incidents taken place in the region and it's impact on the whole world may lead them to national peace. we emphasize to the president that what undermines most the peace process which may be and the failure is they continue the
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israeli expanding settlement on the palestinian including the eastern and the hostilities and hostile practices by the israeli citizens including vandalism, arson, raising of farms and assault on places of worship and the continued imprisonment of thousands of palestinian presidents and why we adhere to the last comprehensive lasting permanent peace. we will continue to exert efforts to reach a diplomatic solution that guarantees the establishment of peace, stability and reason ending the israeli occupation that started in 1967 and the establishment of the suffering and independent palestine with eastern jerusalem and it's a lynchpin to security
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and stability in a region that will have positive impact on the countries and i will not fail to remember to heed the efforts experted by the u.s. president obama and the secretary of the state john kerry and also the international quarters including russia and the european union through the resolutions made by them that settlement by israel is unlawful. we also hail resolution taken by the european commission with regards to the products of the israeli settlement which will cause the israeli government to reconsider its policies of expanding settlements. it will also move forward the peace process. we hail the tour adopted by you mr. president thank you very much and we thank the european union and when we call for in
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the products of the settlement does not mean that we call for by cutting the israeli products. our stance together with yours is known towards the israeli settlement. we cannot forget the continuous efforts exerted by france and the conference held in 2007 was a success. we look forward to continuing -- to continue working with you for holding another conference in paris at your convenience and it is with pleasure that we commend the economic support provided by the government of france which stands to this. in terms of the assistance to the budget, all the cooperation
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through the france including secretary of water, sewage, education, technical support and aid show it best in the resent school for training of palestinianens and we will work for further development and cooperation and partnership, cultural, social and economical together with the political discussion and constitution and here i would like to heed the agreements signed today for the budget, local administration and establishment of a french school in palestine in partnership with the municipality. it will no doubt be a big one for knowledge and science.
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on this occasion we bank on the efforts exerted by france and the auspices of president olan for the success of the conference for support of the palestinian cities. such partnerships and by mutual agreement with the french and european institutions carry great significance as they play a big role reenforcing the bonds of friendship and peace among peoples and governments. once again mr. president i thank you and i welcome you in this dangerous visit which will contribute to giving an additional impetus and momentum to our deeply rooted relations extending all the appreciation
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to the government of the people of france. welcome you, mr. president, always to palestine. [applause] mr. president, i'd like to thank you first of all for this welcome which you have given me. and the trust which you have given us. this is the fourth time we are meeting each other, exchanging opinions since the beginning of my presidential mandate. it's my first time here in palestine. the time of this visit and coming here as the head of an
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important delegation. as you know and i thank you. the ministers, the parlamentarians, friends of palestine but also i want to point out to you representatives of the jewish committee of france and rumala, this is the spirit of the people of france because the commitment of france is not something which is very resent in order to recognize the rights of both sides, the rights of a sovereign state of palestine and the rights of security for israel. these are not contradictory rights. these are rights which can
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strength eneach other and give the best guaranty for security and peace for the israelis and to have a reliable palestinian state. and at the same time it cannot be a rival state for palestine unless there is a guaranty of israel's security. these are the principles which i go back to submittal and you mentioned them in 1981. they have been referred to regularly by my predecessors and so with even greater strength today i remind you this, because there is a peace process which has been undertaken, it is complicated, it is difficult, and it's easy to understand
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because this conflict has been going on for decades and now we need to end it. you have accepted continuing discussions in order to seek a final agreement which will exhaust all the demands and will set down the rules, parameters, for the regions to be able to live in peace. you have also made gestures and one always has to make gestures if you want to reach peace. you have wished for there to be a discussion on all subjects in order to reach a fair solution. france trusts you and israel and
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as well as the palestinian authority. it is not up to france to decide what the agreement should be about because it is you who has to make peace. we can only encourage you and to say to you what are the principles for us two states for two people living together side by side in peace and security with jerusalem as the capitol of the two states. safe, secure, recognized borders based on those of 1967, yes, but with the possibility of exchanging territory. and the possibility of international organization, of compensation, our palestinian
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friends recognize these parameters but we must go through to the end and at one time commit ourselves. >> reporter: you are watching a live press conference from the west bank and a meeting with the palestinian president, let's cross over to al jazeera's mike who has been monitoring this press conference for us and mike is there, mike, both leaders not surprisingly focus on the stalled peace talks issue. how significant is tell visit? he has met with the israelis and palestinians but to what extent would both sides consider him a fair person? >> you heard from the palestinian president warm words of welcome and one must remember and was mentioned in the speech that france recognized the state of palestine in the u.n. general assembly last year and supportive of the eu settlement
5:32 am
outlines which have been brought into being as well. so certainly france seemed very much in palestinian eyes as a good friend and as a fair interlocker in terms of it recognizes the palestinian state and the words that he spoke there particularly concerning the stumbling blocks within negotiation, principally as he pointed out, settlements are words that he hopes the french president will take back with further talks with the prime minister in the course of the day. >> reporter: mike, in terms of confidence billing gestures and we heard about this, what measures would he be looking for? >> well, we had the question, a phrase that has been used repeatedly every time he refers to the negotiation process and that is gestures. he says that both sides have to make some form of gesture to push this process forward and
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not quite clear what exact gestures he is looking at from the palestinians at this point but he said that the palestinian state requires the recognition of israeli security. now whether this is some kind of code for palestinian recognition of israel as a jewish state, well, that is open to question at this particular point but it's very unclear as to exact gestures the palestinians can make on the israeli side and they would argue strongly and so too would the french president that freezing the settlement building would be more than a gesture and actually could be a crow bartow -- bar, to move this process forward. >> reporter: time for a short break and indonesia is talking about spying planes and joe will be here to tell you how the
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world champion set a new record in the sport. more on that. stay with us. of the people until we restore our fr
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the president during his three-day trip to the middle east and has meetings with israeli officials and he will continue to oppose sanctions against iran. firefighters in russia raced to put out the planes of the boeing
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737 after landing and all 50 people on board were killed and the cause of the accident is unknown. and the philippine's president is leading government relief operations in typhoon hit areas after the official response. there are growing concerns of supplies of food and medicines failing to reach people who need them most. the u.n. is responding to criticism about the relief efforts saying despite the scale of disaster aid is reaching those in need. >> this is massive, between 10-12.9 million people have to be assisted to recover from this, it's absolutely huge, it's like taking a -- the whole of belgium and trying to assist. it really is a huge effort. >> and number of people and the nightmare and this fret, we are not talking about months, we are
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talking years before that portion of the territory of this beautiful country can get back on its feet. >> reporter: and i'm joined live from tack tacloban and david it's interesting because the world health organization says the medical relief is a monumentel challenge and they placed this on the shoulders of the medical relief part of the operation. what is your overall assessment of the medal progress being made now? >> the medical system here was practically destroyed. the typhoon went here and just shut down the whole health system. at the moment the biggest problem we are having is logistics and trouble getting medicine and logistic supplies to open hospitals from saboo and manila and the airport is struggling with the demand and struggling with refueling planes
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and getting planes in and out of here. >> reporter: what are the major sort of medical problems your teams are seeing on the ground in terms of injuries and disease, what are you treating people for? >> just tell you i'm not a doctor but the things that the doctors are telling me is that they are seeing wounds from people going back in their houses who cut themselves or fall off roofs and that sort of thing. some of the other hospitals are treating wounds from the typhoon that are effected. there is a little bit of tetnus and upper respiratory infection and diarrhea. >> reporter: how are you getting to the remote areas that many of the relief operators had difficulty getting to? >> darren, i hear what you are saying about having trouble getting there but we drove down
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30 kilometers yesterday and walked in a village no one had been to in ten days since the typhoon. the philippine government and the ngos here have done an amazing job clearing the roads. the roads here in tacloban are clear and all passable. if people are saying there is difficulty getting places, medicines is not seeing it. we have been able to get and gain access to basically the whole island. >> reporter: a final thought for you and i know you are not a doctor and i don't know if you can try and answer this for us, what do you think sort of longer term medical and health problems might be as people try and rebuild their lives? can nsf help to support the people in the long-term? >> most definitely, darren, we made a commitment to be here and help people in the philippines, often after situations like this
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after the coming weeks and months there is mental health problems and people start to reflect and suffer from mental health problems and we have a psychologist on the ground and starting to work and do assessments and also rebuilding a hospital to help with surgeries, deliveries and in-patient departments. >> reporter: david reported in tacloban in the philippines and david, thank you for that. and bangladesh prime minister will swear in the new cabinet but won't include members of the main opposition party and she had a number of seats but party leaders said it can accept if she resigned as prime minister during campaign elections and this will take place in january. the trial of controversial south african politician julias and four others is postponed and facing charges of money laundering and racketeering and the movement gathered outside
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the court in a show of support. storms and tornados have torn through several u.s. states destroying homes and killing at least six people and we have the latest. >> reporter: it's a massive storm system in the midwest and the plains and in washington, illinois tornados destroyed several neighborhoods. >> we ran to the basement and it was gone this 3-4 minutes and you can see what it has done here, just everything. >> reporter: homes completely levelled and vehicles flipped over and possessions of a lifetime now buried in piles of rubble. >> those are our vehicles in the field and one was in our garage. >> reporter: a twister ripped this neighborhood to pieces. in chicago the threat of severe weather forced more than 60,000 fans at soldier field to take cover and the storm put the game
5:42 am
on hold for about two hours. >> a lot of wind, a lot of people concerned about the conditions that were going on. >> reporter: in indiana strong winds tossed a car into a "starbucks" coffee shop, in wisconsin damage and evidence of a suspected tornado and trees ripped and sheds and form structured toppled. this video was taken in st. louis, missouri and downtown looking more like a wind tunnel and said the severe weather system could effect more than 50 million people across ten states and we are al jazeera. >> reporter: indonesia recalled because he tried to eavesdrop on calls made by the president. the wife and senior ministers were targeted by spy agencies according to secret documents by the whistleblower edward snowden and said they are used for u.s.
5:43 am
surveillance operation and the prime minister tony abbot addressed this before parliament on monday. >> all governments gather information and all governments know that they gather information, the australian government never comments on specific intelligence matters. this has been the long tradition of governments of both political persuasions and i don't intend to change that today. >> reporter: let's get more on this and talk to brian thompson who is live and we did not get much from tony abbot and refused to say much about this but what more have you been hearing about the allegations and australia is accused of spying on the president and using embassys as spy bases and what more do we know? >> well, we have known that australia has allowed embassies to be used for sometime but the revelation today that they tried to listen into a specific phone
5:44 am
call that was made to the indonesia president is new and what also is new they tried also to listen in to the phone calls and try and track down his wife's phone as well as members of the elite, this is new and this is really sent relations with indonesia in a tail spin and prime minister refusing to give much away tonight but relations are particular low, since 2006 since australia withdraw the ambassador and it was an overreaction because of a west seekers that came here and reaction tonight is much more expected because to know that we were actually trying to get to his wife's phone as well as his phone itself is regarded pretty seriously here and of course very seriously in indonesia. >> i was going to say, brian, is this likely to be embarrassing for the australian government and how is the whole thing
5:45 am
likely to be seen by people there in australia? >> well, you have to be reminded we have a new government here and it was elected three months ago and came to power saying the relationship with indonesia was the most important relationship and planned to work on that relationship, it had to work on that relationship because the conservative government here was elected on the basis of stopping refugees and boats from coming here and to do that it needs the cooperation of indonesia and indonesia said it's reviewing this and it's a disaster for the government here. >> brian, thank you. in a moment joe will have all the sport including nba, the king reign supreme and more on that. ♪
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♪ welcome back, now environmentalists in india estimate half of the cities there have critical levels of air pollution. green groups are concerned about the long-term effects after the world health organization learned lung cancer with poor air quality and we report from new deli where pollution has reached toxic levels. >> members of a cycling club pedal through the new deli thick smog and the idea is exercise and fresh air but with pollution hitting dangerous levels this time of year the health benefits
5:48 am
are questionable. >> it does worry you for your own self and the next generation. the pollution that is in the air. not only impact you but impact the generations to come. >> reporter: studies show that the air in new deli is think with pollution known as particulate matter and include toxic heavy metals like nickel and lead and this is so severe it reaches 20 times the levels considered safe. every year at around this time people in new deli are literally choking on fumes and it's stagnant so the pollutants from cars cover the atmosphere and the local government is blaming neighboring states for the poor quality of air and the situation is so bad that people are actually being hospitalized.
5:49 am
doctors at the government-run all india institute of medical sciences say emergencies rise up to 25% when pollution is high. patients suffer from asthma and bronchitis and other health risks including cancer and heart attacks. >> pollution can cause lung cancer and it can be indicated. >> reporter: 1400 new cars hitting the new deli roads everyday they say pollution will only increase. >> the fundamental solution is going to emerge, if this city can't stale up and modernize, two peern vehicles, you need to scale up your public transportation.
5:50 am
>> the world health organizations said illnesses related to pollution are the 5th leading cause of death in india. environmentalists here argue that there are few measures in place to improve air quality and without them the city faces a bleak future, new deli. >> world champion vettel has a record of eight consecutive wins in the season with victory at the grand prix and he beat the record from 2004 and positions and fine iring 6 minutes and the teammate came in third and the victory in texas is the 12th of the season and 38 of his career. >> it's phenomenal, the race with the crowds and it was
5:51 am
fantastic and roman had a good start initially and i didn't know whether it would be enough. it's tough going up the hill and i tried to focus on myself with incredible pace in the car and could control the gaps. >> reporter: and he is the third african to place at the world cup finals in brazil and in the second leg of the qualifying playoff and after the first goal cameron had 4-1 with john mccoon scoring twice and this is an african record. after winning the final single match and they have been training 2-1 to the holders but world two won the second match in straight sets, 6-4, 7-6, 6-2 to tie i up two a piece and they
5:52 am
had world 117 in the deciding match and 6-3, 6-1, 6-1 for the victory and retain the trophy and the second win in the event as an independent nation. in the nba they beat the raptors 118-110 on sunday and in sacramento the season continues and the grizzlys and on receiving end of the master car and they hit 19 points, 8 rebounds and nine assists and background had a big game and had 23 points as they run up 96 to 86 winners. they made history by becoming the first player to finish top of the european and u.s. top money lists and three won't the european ending tour
5:53 am
championship in dubi. >> he is the hottest playing in gof -- golf with six birdies and eagle on the 18th. as he claims the tour championship and the race for dubai crown with 25 under. >> i had a healthy lead coming up, and making news for myself and a nice three and made a name for the pin and it was quite fitting that it ended up a foot from the hole and got to finish in great style. >> reporter: and nothing could have denied him from making the money list. he ended up six shots behind in second and last week's open, the
5:54 am
eight strokes back in third. and stinson had 8 under 64 and gets a combined of $2.3 million including a cool million bonus nor the ice man and topping the money list and the first golfer to win dubai and fedex cup in the same year. >> a little time to sink in and a great week this dubai and achieved more than that and the important was to win overall but in trying to that i know if i win the tournament i will take care of everything. >> reporter: it is a turn around and less than two years ago he was 230 in the world and now he is world number three and we will see if next year he can win the first major title. >> reporter: jason day said 8 of his relatives were killed by the typhoon in the philippines and his grandmother, uncle and six
5:55 am
cousins were among thousands who died when typhoon haiyan hit the country. in a state day said i'm deeply saddened to confirm multiple members of my family lost their lives as the victims of haiyan and my family thankful for those who reached out with prayers and concern and feel devastated for all who have been effected by this horrific tragedy. one of the greatest cricket in history is in love with the sport and his 24 year career on saturday and spoke to al jazeera about his plans for the future. >> i have spent 24 years away from family and thoroughly enjoyed a huge honor. and for sometime i think i should be giving all the attention to my family because there are various things i missed out on. >> politics has no pull for you, i'm sure there are political
5:56 am
parties that would do anything to have you on their ticket. >> i'm glad to fight this, i'm a sportsman and always be a sportsman. >> on your twitter page you describe yourself very simply as a proud indian. what is it about this country that inspires you so much? >> this country has given me everything. from the time i started playing cricket right from the age of 11 knowing the kind of encouragement i received and the support i got from various people, people have actually gone out of their way to help. >> you have always been known as a very dedicated, a very focus cricket player and when you walk out on a pitch who or what are you competing against regardless of the team you are playing, is there something higher you are aiming for? >> madly in love with the sport. i have never counted the number of hours that i have practiced.
5:57 am
many are madly in love with the sport and then we want to go out and give your best every time and don't look at a watch. >> reporter: there is more on our website including details of his 4-1 victory that helped them reach the 7th world cup finals and check out al and that is the sport for now. >> joe, thank you. now this has erupted and spewed 8 kilometers in the sky and nearby residents say they felt the ground rumble before the eruption and more than 6,000 people are told to leave their homes and the volcano was dormant before it erupted in 2010 and one of 30 active volcanos in indonesia and more news is ahead at the top of the
5:58 am
hour, thanks for watching. ♪ joie chen reports live typhoon haiyan: a special edition of america tonight monday 9 eastern / 6 pacific on al jazeera america determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's
5:59 am
some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. >> al jazeera america brings you live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage. >> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to
6:00 am
♪ mayhem in the midwest as severe thunderstorm spawn dozens of tornados, in illinois an entire neighborhood is gone and lives losts. they seek comfort and fake, the massive international relief effort is beginning to pick up speed. a delicate and dangerous operations at the fukushima plant and workers start to remove radio active fuel rods and the first step in stabilizing the site. and pushing themselves to the limit, hundreds participated in 24 hour tough mudder competition, it


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