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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera america live in new york city i'm tony harris. with a look at today's top stories. >> the deadliest tornados we have ever had in the month of november in illinois history. the stated's govenor visiting community hit by a strong of deadly tornado. >> and a major market milestone. the do you the dow reaches terrr seen before.
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>> more than 24 hours after a string of deadly tornados ripped through america's heartland it's time to sort through what is left. >> the storms that barreled through the region spawned tornados that leveled neighborhoods. diane estabrook is in the hard hit washington, illinois. what are folks saying about what happened yesterday. >> tony, today reality is sinking in. yesterday after the storm tonigo people were grateful to be alive. today they are picking through the rubble and recognizing what exactly they have lost. >> insurance agent roc roger hin was stunned at the sight of his
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office. his shock quickly turned to grief. >> it's hard, it's very emotional. >> how many o of your customers are affected? >> over a thousand. it's devastation. it's unbelievable. people my friends, gone. life, just wipe out. >> all around washington, illinois residents are picking through an picking up the pieces of their lives of. >> there is no furniture in site. no refrigerator in sight. >> a tornado the national weather service is calgar callif 4 turned homes inside out and businesses into a mangled pile of trash. 200 people are homeless. cell phone cameras recorded the twister barreling toward washington as the pastor tom and his parisherses watched in
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horror. >> it turned a big sweeping turn and took out a farm house shout osouth of here. the state will likely seek federal disaster aid. >> it's important to begin the assessment of the damage for insurance company purpose but definitely for any application we make to the federal government for federal disaster relief. we must make an initial assessment. hickman is confident that they will rebuild their lives an homes. >> we are tough here in central illinois. but it could take a while to do it. now when you look at all of this rubble behind me it's really amazing here in washington there was really only one fatality that they have confirmed. i say they have confirmed. authorities here say they have about a thousand structures that they have to go through to make sure that there is nobody there. that maybe is trap uppe under t.
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no one has been reported missing. aat this point they are safe to say one fa fatality in washingt. >> diane what is the process here. does the govenor have to request federal disaster assistance or is it something that the federal government will take care on it's own. >> there are several hoops to jump through. one of the things the govenor is asking people to do is check with your insurance company and snakmake sure that you have loss that are insured. they have to figure out what is insured and isn't insured. and so they can apply for that aid. and part of the aid will go to providing like temporary housing for people that maybe don't have insurance. diane appreciate it. >> joining me now on the phone from springfield, illinois is
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the patty thompson she is the communications agent. we are reporting that central cl illinois is the hardest hit. do you have a complete assess. of how damaging the storm system was? >> no, we are not at that point at this juncture. because of the timing of the storms yesterday and with the 12 or more hours of darkness that intervened in there, we are still baitin waiting to get upds from the locals about their assessment. yesterday e, particularly in the washington area was prim primary about life safety issues and that is always the primary concern after an event like this. now we are trying to wrap our
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arms around what kind of magnitude and homes and constructiostructures isstruckss destroyed or damaged. >> do you have a general idea. it's not the first time i have ha -- youhave had to deal with a situation like this. do you have an idea how you will mobilize the effort here what you will need in terms of material a and manpower. >> that is why we work with the locals also so we dan pin can pt their needs. the state is readily to provide any assistance that we can. eactivated our emergency operations center in springfield here yesterday. we have had a variety of people from aid agencies assessing the sets we have ready to mobilize
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and we are aassociationinassocis for the local community. >> i know there was some some indication through weather reports that you would have a significant weather event. and did you have any idea it was in this magnitude and was in the offing and did you feel you had enough lead time? >> well we'll certainly go back and look at everything. we did have calls with the national weather service as early as friday. and there was talk then of a high chance of a significant weather event. and that was played up in the media over the weekend too. so, as far as the warnings that
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went out right when the storm happened, you know that comes from the national weather service and that information goes to local communities 2350rr whatever warning systems they may have in place. we always re recommend at all ts that people have a working weather alert radio in your home. patty appreciate your time. patty thompson is the communication officer. >> peepeople in six neighboring states were assessing the damage from sunday's deadly tornados. marie joins us with the impact of the storms. we are getting information from the social media. the tornados first hit and passing through illinois and wisconsin and michigan and the bad weather affected ohio, kentucky and indiana. that is where we have seen
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extensive damage. you will see this picture. >> wow! photo of a house blown onto a road from tornado. >> this citie city has been tweg pictures throughout the day. they tweeted this one a short while ago. students cleaning up along hopper street. many schools are closed in the damaged areas. and you see this one. it shows you the imagine tooth omagnitude ofpile going out people going out to help. students came to local 6 85 to help clean up. the illinois government declaring seven counties disasters areas after this tornado. this was tweeted out by a storm chaser. >> and amy tweeted this one. she tweeted this picture in
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perriesburg ohio and she used to work at the mariott next to this damaged area. shshe tweeted earlier she still doesn't have power. today the electric companies are trying to get power for the thousands of people that are without it in the affected states, tony. >> thank you maria. we need to get a better sense of this storm system and how it formed and why it was so powerful. let's check in with ebony. and if you would give us the back story on this storm. >> we have been watching the southerly wind flow throughite outhroughoutthe day. temperatures soared much warmer than they typically do. in chicago the high was 69° when typically we see the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s at this time of year lots of warm moist air.
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it was helping pull up the moisture in advance of the cold front that pushed off to the east. that front provided the lift and stablity. at the upper levels we had a strong jet stream and that helped to push the storms off to the east. we had a lot of wind energy with this system this is how the storms lined up across illinois. we had them spawn into western illinois and it moved into indiana and then we lost the daytime heating so the storms weren't so potent once it moved into ohio. behawe the strong wind but no rotation of take a look at the damage reports across this area. we had over 500 reports in all. the red dots is where we had reports of tornados when it was said and done 71 reports of
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tornados. and we are still dealing with wind today. and hail upward to an inch size in diameter. today much cooler as the strong wind pull down from the north and west. >> ebebony do don't go anywhereu are so smart. break this down. >> are we at this point in the calendar where we have the end of fall meeting winter and wovee have warm air meeting cold air and that is what we simply put is a collision of those two front. fronts. warm meeting cold and that is what you get. >> that is what a cold front does it divides a warm air mass from a colder air mass. that cathat is what we had yest. the storms sparked in the afternoon and now things are are quieting down.
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>> warm meets there you go. >> that is part of the story. >> ebony thank you. >> on wall street it's another record in a month full of the record. for the first time the dow broke through the 16,000 mark. but the rally ran out of steam late in the day and they ended at 15,975 and that is the all time high. the s & p touched a new high before finishing the day lower. >> there is increased security at french media outlets after a gunman open the fire at a newspaper office and late a lata bank. this comes days after a shooting in a news channel. >> the first images of a man that every police officer in paris is now hunting. this is last friday of the offices of the 24-hour news channel. ignoring an elderly man making his way up the stairs the man
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pulled out a shotgun weapon out of a sports bag and pointed it at a security guard and senior editor who was standing at a reception did h desk. the gunman was unable to shoot and he quickly fled the building. >> the gunman has lost his inhibition. at the office of the newspaper he walked into the reception and opened fire at a photographers assistant. critically wounding him in the chest. the same team of detectives are working on the two incidents. >> two 12 caliber bullets and one unexploded ammunition has been found by investigators. it's important to highlight the tv intersection den don't incidr nemunitions. >> the gun man was able to evade police appearing an hour and a
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half later across town at the offices of the bank. this time he opened fire on the building's exterior. no one was hurt. this time despite police helicopters he was able to flee by taking a motorists hostage and ordering the driver to drop him. and then he melted away into the crowds. the police are facing difficult questions. not just about the speed and effectiveness about the response to monday's events but also if they could have done more after friday's threatening in inciden. french media outlets have been given increased security. the police perfect has taken the necessary measures a patrol in front of all media outlets. as long as this person is still on the loose and we don't know the motives this represents a threat. and this protection asked for by media outlets is proving to be
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vital. >> the police have issued more cctv pictures and anyone who may recognize the gunman to come forward. but for the moment a major alert is ongoing. paul brennan, al jazeera paris. >> french president conducted salshuttle diplomacy today. he talked about how france wants a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict. mike hanna has more on the meetings in israel and the west bank. >> a gesture of friendship. a symbol of respect for the palestinian state and a reminder that france was among the nations that support th supporte successful bid for statehood in the u.n. general assembly last year. in palestinian eyes a leader with no bias in this conflict.
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and the president outlines a message he want taken back later in the day. the major threat to the peace process is the israeli activity in palestinian land. >> the french president made clear his believe that they trampled on palestinian rights but they said vale have the right to security fair an tease. >> it's up to you to make peace we can only encourage you and support you. two states of with people living side by side both states secure and recognized borders based on those of 1967. but with the possibility of plan sexualandsexual swaps. >> the lingering belief is that the negotiations is on the sideline of his visit.
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on return to israel the french president will shift his focus on the question of iran. >> indeed his address to the parliament the french president uttered the word that israel wanted to hear of. >> france won't alaw iran to get get -- allow iran to goa get ahd of a nuclear weapon. we have nothing against iran who has a rich history and we don't have anything against their people. we can't allow they'll to have nuclear articles becaus arms bea threat to israel and the people. the set 8 settlements are not oa threat to negotiations but also to israel's security. >> in so far it concerns palestinian it has to be built on a solid base. it has to be vinyl. viable. that is why it has to stop. it's the only way to a i two stp
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solution. the israeli members of parliament were a few that applauded. the aonce at the end of the speh the uncomfortable moment forgotten. he has faded as the western leader that has stood up to iran. >> johnkerr kerry spent some ofs day. if we harness the power and the sunshine in chill lay an in chid the natural gas in the united states and the local health and climate change could reach the americas and beyond. this is what a new partnership is ail about. ail -- all about kerry made a brief mention of the nsa
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controversy that has soured the relations between the u.s. and latin american countries. kerry says latin america leaders are right to have concerns about what was leaked by edward snowden. >> two suspects accused of hacking a british soldier to death stand trial. >> and making the case to congress for a new virtual currency. live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage. >> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to
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>> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor...
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job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america >> it's a new arrest and new mug shot for former neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. police responded to a disturbance call. so far the information about the new charges have not been released. the 30-year-old zimmerman was acquitted in july for the shooting death of trayvon martin. zimmerman was released without charges after his wife punched
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his father-in-law a and threated to shoot him and his wife. >> if you are looking for a big turkey for thanksgiving you may be out of luck. butter ball has a shortage of fresh birds 16-pound and larger they will be able to supply the usual number. but frozen turkeys is not affected. >> virtual currency is the topic today on capitol hill. >> they are learning more about bit coin. >> the hearing about the virtual currency needs regulation. it could open the digital economy to poor countries. criminals could use the service to launder money. it was a record day for wall street today. anand a record day for two big companies. >> we are talking about boeing
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and sony. joining us to talk about that is michael santoni. >> what do you think of this bit coin and whether or not there is a place for it in the united states. it's not here now. >> it's here. >> it is? >> everybody yoyou can go on-lid exchange dollars for bit coin of the it's a global virtual currency. it can cross borders an used for certain things on the internet. right now the price of a bit coin is $600 today and it wa $1a week ago. it's speculative currency. >> how real of a concern is it that criminals can use it to launder money. >> it's u untraceable and it's t
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endorsed or pro he had prohibiy particular government. electronic payment systems are popping up all over the place. bit coin has got the buzz recently. the authorities are going to weigh in one way or another. the justice department doesn't want to stand in the way of innovation. >> why are stocks doing so well, michael. >> slow growth is good for investments because it has the federal reserve pumping money into the system you have a two side slow and steady growth is positive and even if it's not a boom. if it was a boom the fed was going to pull back. we are up 30% year to date. >> look at the numbers. >> we touched on a new record today. >> today we hit 16,000 on the dow. sixteen thousand on the dow. the public say the big risk on
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the financial crisis doesn't seem to be coming around. and corp a corporate america seo be doing well. let's talk about boeing. what about the local union fell through. >> the local machinists voted against a deal that was going to get the 777 built in washington state. so that is not going to happen. boeing is looking at other parts of the cub we ar country we areo assemble this thing. boeing doesn't want to re-open this in washington. it's a loss for the state. the state is going to try to create some incentives to keep it there as with other locals as well. >> michael thanks for being with us. >> see you soon. ♪ >> look michael leaves us here with the sports headlines for the day. fee spitdespite a nine and one d
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the football team has been deem ineligible after some of the players beat up the quarterback from wi winston-salem state. the game was canceled following the altercation. >> lance armstrong says the form other head of the international cycling union organized a cover up of arm strong' armstrong's fg tests the uci went against it's own rules when it accepted a backdated prescription for a cream to treat saddle source. >> jimmy johnson made hi historo become the youngest driver to win six championships. he trails richard petty and dale earnhardt for the all time seven. >> they come over the course of eight seasonings. seasons. we are going to talk about the fall out of the last night's
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chiefs proble broncos game. >> still ahead on al jazeera america. a british soldier hacked to death and two suspects get their day in court. a special edition of america tonight 9 eastern / 6 pacific on al jazeera america
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power of the people until we restore our freedo
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court. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america here is a look at your top stories. a string of tornados ripped across five states killing eight and injuring dozens. >> so many illinoicentral illine hardest hit area. businesses are trying to pick up the pieces. the dow rose above the 16,000 mark for the first time iin history before retreating slightly. the ble blue chips end the day a record close. it's been more than a week since typhoon haiyan struck the pilpillphilippines. the death toll is now almost
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4000. the total u.s. contribution to the relief effort is now more than $37 million. al jazeera paul is i guiuan whee the supplies are arriving of we >> arriving. >> bother awe are at the airporn guiuan. we have seen flights come in here non-stop. i have spoke to one of the military officers who lost count a long time ago. there is aid coming in from all over the world. that plane is being unlowe unlod from u.s. there is food and temperaturetarps and material. we have a man on a stretcher who was brought in a short while ago via ambulance. iit's a more orderly scene since
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the last time i was here a company of marines have established a camp off to the right in the grass they say they are going to be here until they are told to go home. >> i will talk quickly to communication officals here from the international community of the red cross. alberto. >> albert medrosso. >> what is the most urgent need here now? >> basically since we are bringing food about four days ago we are here and we have done the rapid assessment and we have done the need for food and water. right now we are bringing 72 tons of food and right away or immediately. and are you getting out to the remote areas where there are a lot of children and they need medicine and far from places like guiuan.
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>> basically for several days we have seen that people are in dire need for food and much more for medicine perhaps. that is why we are basically putting up with our basic healthcare unit in the coming days. >> thank you very much, sir. >> as i said i spoke to a couple of us military officers here. they are going full tilt now and this is maximum capacity. the question is how long is the operation going to go on? i spoke to marine general paul kennedy he was here earlier before going back to his headquarters in manila. nare goatheir goal is to happeno others. they are going to provide as much as assist tabs it is a ta. china is unfire for their lack of donations to the
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philippines. even swedish furniture company ikea pledged more in the aftermath. one is the a country and the other is a furniture store. but other the last week the two have been compan compared and ia ha has comthat has come out on . it's been more genera generous e philippines than china in. >> japan donated $10 million worth of aid and had soiled yoursoldiersand doctors on the o help. the private companies have contributed fast. through the charity unicef ikea gave 2-pnt millio $2.7 million. even a state run newspaper said it was a snub and called for extending disaster relief.
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china has now offered search and rescue teams and upping aid to $2 million. that is a comparatively low figure. and despite calls for sending the peace arch hospital ship and it hasn't none of that is a up b say government reporters. >> the fill phoeni philippines d out to their traditional allies. they didn't proactively i will k china for aid. >> there is more to it. the philippines and china are not happy neighbors of both both countries claim the same islands in the south china sea an many are angry with the philippines for the mishan mishandling of tt kid situation. >> the philippines is china
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neighbor and we should give more. >> two million$2 million is morn enough. the chinese government is not that generous to their own people. china is it a leader in paying for infrastructure projects around the world \. >> thaworld. that is what makes the lack of generosity remarkable and some only can say it's deliberate fee signed to make a political point. >> the murder trial began today in london for two muslim converts accused of stabbing a british soldier to death. security was extra tight as the trial opened. phil joins us live in london. tell us how the first day in court went. >> well, tony, the first day was taken up with procedural matters swearing in the jury an identifying the defendant referring to themselves by their
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arabic names they adopted after their conversion to islam. that is how they want to be addressed while this court trial proceeds. and there was we know a side bar hearing that had to do with some issues about how this court case will proceed. outside of the old bailey here the central criminal court here in london. there was a small but vocal group of nationalists they were calling among other things a return to the death penalty as a result of this court case. there was equally a large number of police officers here in order to keep the peace. >> how is it being perceived? the uk? >> well, tony it's a highly controversial and a very much a touch stone issue. this is something that really touched a nerve in britain when
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this killing happened back in may of this year. there has been backlash against the muslim community. we have had mosques burnt and attacks on the streets attributed to the killing of drummer lee rigby. and we have had death threats against muslim leaders here in britain who have voiced condemnation of what happened in london. a lot of strong emotions. >> an attorney who successfully sued the chevron oil company is taking the stand for alleged fraud. steven don donzinger. chevron is accusing him of using bribery to secure the 19 boll 19 billion-dollar judgement.
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what happened in court today, kath? the man in question has been on the stand for an hour and a half. he has been grilled quite carefully by the chevron lawyers their strategy seems to be paint steven donzinger who was motivated by money of and basically what has been said here the 19 billion-dollar fee that was handed down by the judge he has the ability to make $2 million and even from $5 billion he stands to get $600,000 if he is successful. they've gone through line by line through his expenses and his in voices. i imagine he will be on the
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stand for another day or two as chefon or ron makechefchechevroe who is concerned about money. >> japan's troubled nuclear power plant began to remove fuel rods from fukushima. three decade and $50 billion to be exact. that is what the electric company is saying and the workers don't have any problems during the decommissioning process. >> these fuel rods have 14,000 times the rat radiation of the . >> they are extracted from the pool and placed in a giant cask
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filled with water. it will take two days to fill and a week before it's hoisted by a train and secured in a trailer in a more secured building throughout the removal process the fuel rod must remain in water to prevent them from over heating. >> if the fuel rod become damaged or over heated highly radioactive substances will be released no the air. >> the entire decommissioning process is to last three decades. that is provided that everything goes as planned with no other accidents along the way. since the disaster they have made a store series of mistakes. the company has been criticized for a lack of thanks parentsy. in fact few days before the start of the critical operation they revealed that there are 80 spent fuel rod at the plant that
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have been damaged. there are a lot of foul rods with pin hole cracks and some that are belt. we are preparation a special cast for these rods. >> that is not a few shared by other nuclear experts. if they have been deformed you can not pull it out or put it in a cask. if you force it it will release massive amounts of radioactive substances. >> the domly kat complicated sts outlined today. >> a tragic mining accident in colorado. david shuster joins us with that and other stories making head linings. headlines. >> the authorities are trying to pinpoint the cause of a mining accident that killed two miners and hurt 20 others. it happened 270 miles southwest
4:43 pm
of the denver. authorities blame carbon monday monoxide poisoning. ithis particular mine is known for producing gold and silver the united church is parking sprays and demonstration in southeast pennsylvania. the methodist schaffer efishated at his son's same sex wedding in massachusetts. the fellow on left could choose to tea frock him as a minister or choose to do nothing. the church's teeings on homosexuality are discriminatory. the prosecut prosecutors got a y against james hole holmes. >> the prosecution can use ed that they found right there in his amount including the home-made bombs and a calendar
4:44 pm
with the shootings highlighted. the apartment search was illegal because it began before the police obtained a warm. holmes faces charges for the july 2012 attack that killed 12 and injured several others in his trial is to begin in february. >> today a russian court granded bail for two green peace activists. despite the water cannons and everything else being poured on them they tried to scale an offshore oil rig which is crucial. each member you see them appearing in court if convicted face up to seven years in a russian jail. several western leaders and paul mccartney have asked russian leaders to release these activists. >> finally you stay classy emerson college.
4:45 pm
emerson anew jerseyed it will host after will farrellen campus in two weeks and help him provide "anchorman 2". farrell will hold a news conference and give a speech an perhaps talk about his movie. and he will do this all in his character. students can final women can hold positions of authority. emerson's president says farrell understands the power of media and his character burgundy is kind of a big deal. >> don'ty as ron burgundy would say, do not act as if you are impressed. >> i won't. that should be a lot of fun. david appreciate it, that is good stuff. thank you. >> next on al america the latest mars mission. >> and it was the latest game in
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the n.f.l. and it could return the road to the super bowl, next. the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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>> nasa's newest explorer is on the way to mars. it's known as mave net. n blasted off from the kennedy space center hoursininghours ago. >> julia the price-tag is $671 million the program has been in the works for years now please tell me what scientists hope to learn from mars this time around?
4:49 pm
>> well, tony, i expect they are hoping that their money is well spent. what they are hoping to learn is more about the red planet, mars. and the launch described a short time ago as picture perfect. the launch of maven. >> launched at 6:21 eastern stanstandard time. and as the clock ticked down we could hear the rumbling and we could feel it. 50 secondses later the rocket disappeared into the heavens and it's on it's way to mars $671 million. what is at stake? maven is heading to mars to study the upper atmosphere of that planet scientists believe that mars had a atmosphere similar to earth. now it's cold and dry and has
4:50 pm
temperatures of negative 64 degrees fahrenheit and no water. they believed that water at one time had been on the planet. what caused it to lose it's water and it's mauve. atmosphere and that is what maven is on the way to find out. julia roo yo you are right. let's hope the money is well spent. julia, good to talk to you. ♪ >> okay. that was clever. all right. we are getting ready to check in now for a moment or two with michael eaves with a day in sports. there was a fabulous football game. two of the best teams in the league. >> the game was decent. for what we saw midway through the n.f.l. season it's rare to
4:51 pm
get a match up of a 9-and-0 tem an 8 8 8-and-1 team. peyton manning came in with the wheels. wheels -- chiefs. the bon broncos kept the chiefss at bay. they had 27-117 denver victory. the chiefs are dropped down to the fifth seed with a rematch coming up in two weeks in cab ks city. >> listen we played a good football team and they got us today. we'll bounce back. we'll learn from our mistakes. there are men thin plenty of the can learn from and get those fixed. to start with when you have an opportunity to score touch downs against this team you need to score touch downs and not kick
4:52 pm
field goals. and then we did a nice job with a turnover in relative scoring position. on their side of the field and we gave it right back to them, with a turnover the next play. you can't do those things. >> too many penalties. way too many penalties against a good football team. there are a lot of things we can work on and we'll work on and get our selves better. >> joining us now is anita markson. did we determine who was the best team in last night's game. >> absolutely not. keep in mind week 13 these two teams are going to go at it again. >> this time it's an arrow head and one of the most difficult venues to play at. you sea payton manning. he is calling them omaha and wiggle waggle. >> i will see a different out come and i think kansas will
4:53 pm
beat the denver broncos for week 13. >> they have to mak to take on m brady and the new england patriots. that is going to be a tough match up for peyton manning next week. >> this past week they are heading to new england to take on the patriots and week 13 on the road again at kansas city. teasit's a tough three weeks for peyton manning and his go-to wide receiver got really beat up and now he is dealing with a concussion. there is talk he may not be able to play against the patriots. you know he wants to play against the patriots that is where he played for several years. you have two of the best quarterbacks going at it. speaking of the patriots they are trying to stand in line for the no no. no no. no. 2 seed in. the panthers are the hottest team in the afl right now and they have their own battle going on. this match up tonight.
4:54 pm
cam has been doing well and now they are taking on tom broady b- brady this is a great match up. >> you are right. carolina at home and they favored. this is mind boggling to me. you give bel belichick two weeko prepare for anything. they are coming off a buy. carolina has given up 12 points a game. cam newnan has been hot and on fire. they have won five in a row. carolina need to win. the saint te defeated the 49ersn carolina and the saints are battling it out for a great playoff position. i do anticipate them both to make it to the post season. >> the saints and maybe the panthers to get the no. 2 seed. >> mohow about the nfc east. thit's with the one the one dive
4:55 pm
least amount of wins in it. the giants have won 4-and-0 and they are in the hunt to win that position. will we go down to week 17 before a division champion is crowned? >> i think we will. it's pretty interesting. the philadelphia eagles are on the top of the nfc. they g did beat the washington d skins. the washington red skins are out. that is first and foremost. now you have the new york football giants. they've won four that a row. the past four opponents have not played against second string but third string quarterbacks. that is ridiculous. now the schedule gets difficult. they go up against rg 3 twice and seattle with ron wilson and the detroit lions and matteau stafford. it's going to get competitive and down to the wire. the one team that wins the nfc
4:56 pm
will be the one team that makes it to the post season ainto at that thanainto ataanitathank yo. >> michael appreciate it. thank you. >> sunday's devastating storms moved east and cooler weather wags close behind. ebony is up next with your national forecast. ♪
4:57 pm
>> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
4:58 pm
>> well conditions are quieting down across the middle of the country. we have the tail end of the frontal boundary that made it's way through the me mid west and through to the east coast. draped off florida and we are seeing a little thundershower an activity. this will slip down into so manl florida and across the mid west thing are dryer now that the high pressure is building behind the front. we have cold iraier air behind s front and a little snow coming into mish minut michigan and lon
4:59 pm
as well. the winds have been strong as the low pressure lifts up to the north and east into canada. >> we have wind gusting to 35 miles-per-hour around chicago. the cold air is going to stick around here we have been holding steady here in chicago in the low 40s today and we have only made it in the 20s in thunder bay and minute an minneapolis ar you. just off the area of ma are death this is an area where we have snow showers and the visibility will be reduced. and in the northwest watch out for wintery weather but for now all rain and lots of moisture in advance of the next frontal boundary that will bring rain from seattle to northern california.
5:00 pm
s in is al jazeera america. i'm tony harris. with a look at the top stories. mayhem of tornadoes ripped across the mid states of the united states. pat quinn declared the region a disaster area. and do you see this, the dow rose, and sales did retreat in a midday sell off but did finish in a record high. and in philippines aid is still coming


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