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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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. good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. abortion wars - landmark votes from the supreme court and a city that could profoundly change the direction of the bitter fight. living in america, making ends meet on minimum wage - reality for millions - what a day pay gets for thanksgiving dinner. rob ford flops - toronto's mayor keeps his day job and loses something else. gettysburg, lincoln - the speech that changed america 150 years ago tonight.
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>> we begin with two major decisions in the battle over abortion - both have far-reaching implications. the first is from the supreme court, refusing to block parts of texas' sweeping restrictions, some of the strictest in the country by a slim 5-4, the high court kept in place a ruling requiring doctors who perform abortions to have privileges at a local hospital in texas. it's a rule that caused more than a third of the state's abortion clinics to stop performing the procedure. that's in texas. in new mexico albuquerque is taking up a photo to ban late-term abortions including for rape or inassessment. it's believed to be the first time a city government took up the issue. to tara banks for more on that. >> this is the largest turn-out for a special election in albuquerque history.
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the early numbers are in. let's take a look. a little more than 25,000 voted for the late-term abortion ban, and 31,000 voted against the ban. so so far this measure is not going to pass. we'll have to keep up with the numbers throughout the night. advocates on both sides of the issue across the country are watching the special election this evening. voter turn out is high on the controversial city abortion ban. >> it's the same as killing. if it's 20 weeks. >> you know, if you are a woman and don't vote for things that involve your body, people will do what they want, it's not right. >> antiabortion activists gathered thousands of sits to force an election on a referendum that ends abortions after 20 weeks city wide. it makes no exception in cases of rape or inkest, but allows one if the pregnant woman's life is at risk.
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antiabortion activists say the idea is to pass broader protection when state and federal levels have failed. >> interest groups, local and national working together are pursuing the policy agendas in this different, perhaps more hospitable environment. >> antiabortion protesters rallied outside a local abortion clinic. >> we believe there are other more humane and compassionate ways to deal with crisis pregnancy than taking the life of an incident baby. >> prochoice advocates says it's a tactic designed to chip away at roe v wade, a 19 3 supreme court -- 1973 supreme court ruling that legalized abortions. >> it's to ban abortions. this is important for the rest of the country to understand. >> both sides plastered their
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messages across local media - spending $100,000 in tv ads last week alone. >> what it really is... >> new mexico is typically a blue state - democratic and at times liberal - it is also home to many catholics. >> the issue crosses party lines. democrats are stepping up and voting against this. 13 states passed a law similar to what we looked at here. other states are looking to see how this succeeds, to see if they can implement that in their state. this could be a turning point in the abortion issue in the united states. >> if the referendum pass, expect a challenging court and copycat local abortion referendums to pop up in other places.
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joining me now is adrian. you are with strong families, an advocate here on pro choice. where does it end here? is the party the end of the evening, the battle? >> definitely not the end of this battle. strong families is part of the albuquerque women's campaign. we are proud of the campaign we ran and the conversations we had with families. this will continue. a legislated session is coming up. we have built a strong base in new mexico - obviously with women, family and supporters respecting women's decisions being kept to themselves. we'll deal up with the legislative issues next. >> you are known as the abortion capital of the company. how do you respond to that? >> new mexicans respect different religions, beliefs,
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family backgrounds. new mexicans and the people of albuquerque, and the voters - we knew they would stand with us. we are excited to see early numbers have come in in our flavour. it's optimistic and we are excited for the end results. >> this is an emotional divisive campaign. tell me how you bring the community together, real quickly. >> we have been working with families across all of albuquerque. there's hundreds of volunteers, we had child care, offered families rides to the polls, and had people from all overcoming together. several different organizations, people that don't weigh in on reproductive rights. they have stood up and really respected the fact that we need the decisions in our hands. >> you have been working hard tonight. thank you for your time, adrian from strong families. we are at the advocates pro
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choice. numbers are coming in. we'll keep an eye on those throughout the evening. >> in washington, health care headaches for barack obama. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> there are questions about who knew what when, in terms. troubled rollout and the problems for over the last six months. it's a government inept attitude problem, threatening to undermine public confidence in the enterprise, not to mention a political disaster. a new revelation, a consulting firm six months before the launch, mckenzie&company had a meeting with the government and outlined the problems, predicting many glitches - more than glitches that brought disaster in the words of administration officials - inefficient testing, no set targets. the president was briefed about the report, but they reported in reaction to the report no one
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could have anticipated, they say, the size and scope of the problems faced by this website and the rollout of the affordable care act. president obama was across town at a forum sponsored by the "wall street journal" and was asked about his troubled law. >> we probably underestimated the complexities of building out a website that needed to work the way it should. there's a larger problem that i probably speak personally, but as the administration, could have identified earlier, and that is the way the federal government does procurement and does it is just generally not very efficient. >> when we talk about undermining public confidence - a critical mass of people is needed to enter the health care system to buy insurance. we know the story. it has to balance out between the young invincibles that don't use a lot of health care, and
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the premium system that people pay on a monthly basis is predicated on that. as the health care law is undermined with glitches and more stories of warning of the glitches, public confidence wanes and that threatens the system. >> thank you to mike viqueira at the white house. now to capitol hill, reb -- republican critics say is not secure. libby casey is at the white house. >> the focus is on how unready the it infrastructure of the henry cho talked about how 30-40%, the it web infrastructure for the marketplacers not ready as of today. this is not what the consumer sees, it's not,
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where you log on to select the policy. this is important back-end stuff. insurance companies - when they'll get payments or the office infrastructure. that was a surprising number for people to learn. there has been so much continued focus on when will be up and running to the degree that americans can take advantage of it. >> are there fixes. >> there are continued fixes every day. henry chow said day by day it gets better. we are continuing to hear a push back. if we think about it, where we were a month ago. democrats were riding high. they were unified during the republican shut down. republicans were sinking in the polls, and public opinion. now the tables are turned. republicans have not gone up. the democrats are dragged down by what are seen as not just problems with the website, but members of congress and house speaker john boehner is going over a litany of things that he sees as president obama's
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responsibility., and you can keep your plan if you want to. and concerns about how premiums will change. speaker boehner is pushing that. we are hearing from democrats, including governors that if there's buy-in at the state level, this health care system can be a success. we saw the governors like washington and kentucky, who were able to do it at the state-wide level because they took heart in it and got it going. it will be significant. are people buying in, can it move forward and function? >> in washington, thank you. i spoke to paige winfield cunningham, horp health care reporter at "politico." i asked her about the politics surrounding the law.
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>> republicans have been trying to repeal it since it was passed. even though things died down they resumed efforts. now they voted 40 times to repeal it. since the rollout, you are seeing a good number of congressional democrats call on the administration to delay enrolment, to - some are calling on postponing the mandate penalty. so politically i think the plot is thickening, and it's no longer democrats versus republicans all the time. >> do you expect good news before or at november 30th. >> i think the administration is sort of backing away from the expectations that they have been studying over the last month and a half. all along for the last few weeks we had congressional hearings over and over they plan for the website to work well for most people by the end of this month, which is next week, next friday.
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but, very recently over the last few days you saw them backing away from that a little bit. now we are to the point where the white house said - jay carney said about two out of 10 people will not get through the site. >> that was reporter paige winfield cunningham from "politico." >> we are learning more about the stabbing of a virginia state senatored. the son of senator cree deeds stabbed his father in the head before taking his own life. austin deeds had a psychiatric evaluation earlier but could not be admitted to hospital because of no available bed. austin died at his home. >> it's been 12 days since typhoon haiyan hit. many survivors are waiting for relief, especially in island towns. the u.n. says in tacloban one of the hardest hit areas, significant amounts of food are
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distributed and every resident has access to clean water. more than 4,000 people are confirmed dead. more than 18,000 people were injured in the storm. doctors still trying to reach some of them. half a million homes were destroyed and 4 million displaced. paul beban visited one town which received its first medical care today. >> >> two u.s. seahawks are delivering care to the hard-hit town of luwan. the landing zone is a schoolyard. doctors and nurses unload vaccines and antibiotics. the first order of business is evacuate this injured man to manila. the team heads straight to luwan's town hall - ripped to shreds by the storm, it's serving as an aid center. today it's also a triage center.
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>> people are coming in. they haven't gotten tetanus injections - they are the walking wounded. >> winds and waves pounded luwan. amazingly only nine died. >> how did you survive? >> we swam. >> you swam. >> over the... >> off the street. >> up the street. >> wow. >> one town official, and yi heidelberg says the town needs everything. >> how many people do you think are homeless? >> almost 80% of the population. >> 80%. >> yes. is homeless. >> 8,000 people at least. >> yes, yes, it's almost destroyed. >> antonio immigrated from luwan to the u.s. in 1982 but built a home here. he raced back when he heard how bad things were.
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>> there'll be no help from international community. this will be a ghost town. right now, about 50% are already moved to manila. >> but recovery is about more than food and medicine. these are some of the children of luwan playing in antonio's front yard. their games are guided by social workers. the goal to let kids be kids and let them open up about what they live there. they are coping with disaster like everyone else here - some better than others. >> >> good evening, it's official in 2013 for november in illinois, it will be the strongest and most intense in terms of tornados. the one that went through washington was confirmed as an
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ef4 tornado, there was another ef4 and 3 that came down. they have never seen an ef4 tornado come into illinois in the month of november before. this is a first. you can see the path of the storm as it made its way to the north-east. >> now, over the next day the area will see rain, unfortunately, as more systems start to come in from the west. that means rain will be in the forecast. as we go towards the weekend, we have another weather system coming out of canada. this will have cold air. we don't expect severe weather, but we expect to see a bit of rain pushing through. that will be a problem with recovery efforts. more on that and how cold it is in the north-east. >> kevin, thank you. next, the u.s. attorney-general and george zimmerman - could he face civil rights charges. a new development ahead. no - cancelled toronto mayor rob
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ford's new tv show does not last.
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>> tonight a civil rights investigation into george zimmerman may be completed. that report from "the washington post" says attorney-general eric holder is closer to announcing if george zimmerman will face federal charges in connection with the shooting death of trayvon martin. a jury found him not guilty of murdering the african american teenager. he was charged with assault after pointing a gun at his girlfriend. >> rob ford had high hopes his new talk show would do well. the embattled toronto mayor is out of luck. the program launched a day ago is off the air. cancelled by the network. ford is not faced. he has his day job - whether or not the city likes it - and as daniel lak tells u the mayor vows to run again. >> to really get a sense of rob
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ford, you have to leave toronto's glitzry suburb ridden etobicoke. it's a different city, quiet streets. it's where rob ford grew up, the youngest son of a self-made millionaire. he learnt the values that led him to run for mayor. >> city hall spending is out of control. >> outside a shopping mall it's easy to find ford nation by the mayor. his base of loyal voters. his problems - admissions of drug use, bad language is no one's business they say. >> everybody drinking, everybody's doing things, they don't catch them. they catch him and they make so much publicity. >> i support him. he's good here.
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>> he says he has stopped drinking, he is going to therapy. give the man another chance. >> so the political entity that is ford nation began in the western part of toronto and spread around the city in the 2010 elections. it goes beyond. support for rob ford can be found amongst people who see him as someone that delivers the goods to their particular group. >> they are fighting against a guy that used to steal money. he is fighting for us. >> mo hakimzaddah came to canada from afghanistan 27 years ago. he drives a cab and considers himself a small businessman. he said overwhelmingly the frulal mayor is the man -- frewingal mayor is the man of the people. he takes us to meet people like him. >> i like rob ford for making the office accessible for one. in terms of bringing it down to the level of the common man.
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with rob ford, he has a common touch. back at city hall where most voters didn't join ford nation in 2010, the mayor's popularity is at a low. as supporters point out, behind the controversial character whose gaffes are familiar around the world is a stubborn tenacious fighter. that's what the mayor says he's doing, fighting back, aiming for election next year. >> in denver, mcdonald's is getting involved in promoting local elections. the fast-food giant allowed some to vote during the local and regional elections. they hosted debates and allowed candidates to campaign there. denmark's last major election was the lowest turn out in 35 years. to the largest settlement of its kind in u.s. history.
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jpmorgan agreed to pay out there 13 billion for knowingly selling risky mortgage investments contributing to the financial crisis. >> after months of negotiation, it's official. >> i'm proud to join our partners in a federal partnership. the settlement with jpmorgan for misconduct that contributed to the global financial crisis that brought our economy to its needs. >> the $13 billion deal requires jpmorgan to shell out there 9 billion in compensation. settle charges during the financial chris sis, misleading investors about what contributed to the crisis. meshures to help struggling home owners was also included.
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>> the settlement amounts are half jpmorgan's profit. during a conference call the banks' chief financial officer indicated the sting may not be as painful as the head line numbers suggest. >> it's our understanding that the $2 billion penalty will not be tax deductible. but the remaining payments will. as part of the deal jpmorgan admitted to making inaccurate comments to the public. it is not prohibited from criminal charges stemming from its practices. >> now, i ask "real money"'s ali velshi whether the deal means an end to the legal action against jpmorgan. >> it may not be. there's one criminal case under way so far in california. jpmorgan is part of the deal, is agreeing to cooperate with authorities in a criminal case against it, and unlike prior deals we have seen, this does
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not give jorl -- jpmorgan immunity. >> michael eaves is here with sports, involving a case of a top heisman trophy contender. >> we know why it took nearly a year for a sexual assault case involving jamesin winston to reach the attorney-general's officement the case, which was declared inactive in february after the alleged victim changed her story was reopened because someone involved brought forth new evidence. neither the victim nor jamesin winston spoke to the tallahassee police about the assault. >> in soccer four more teams secured spots in the 2014 world cup, including portugal, beating
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sweden behind cristiano ronaldo's hat-trick and france rallying from a 2-0 aggregate deficit to defeat ukraine. croatia and greece advantage. >> reining olympic downhill champion lindsey vonn crashed after recovering from knee surgery. it's not sure wherever lindsey vonn hurt her surgically repaired knee. she for an acl and mcl in a crash in the world championships. she was aiming to return to competition in beaver creek next week. >> that's all. more sport in 20 minutes. >> tough break. next - living on the edge. minimum wage - the reality from those that live it. >> mugles and the mayor - harry potter the postage stamp.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america on this tuesday, november 19th, 2013. i'm john siegenthaler in new
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york. and here are some of the top stories. abortion fight the u.s. supreme court upholds texas's sweeping restrictions on doctors performing abortion in the state >> in new mexico, albuquerque residents vote on whether to ban late-term abortions. if passed, it will be among the most restrictive in the country. >> barack obama feeling pressure over the affordable care act law. the site proposes security risking for those enrolling. >> rob ford silenced - his program yanked off the air after one day. he was stripped of most of the his city's powers yesterday.
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>> now to an important story we want to share. a walmart is making headlines after a donation center as set up inside the employee area of the store to help workers who make minimum wage, but can't afford to buy food for a thanksgiving. this is not just a walmart issues, it's one facing many people who make minimum wage. juan carlos molina has that story. >> with thanksgiving approaching people are packing stores like this one to shop for turkey and the trimmings. at $7.75 an hour, those on minimum wage, or close to it, find it a challenge to get a holiday dinner on the table. >> groceries is $125, depending on what do i need, and coupans that i have. >> so you regularly budget $125
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and for thanksgiving you are talking half a week's worth of groceries. >> yes. >> that's a big deal. >> yes, it is. it's thanksgiving. >> otilia murillo and her family of five live off a single wage. it's $1,000 for the rent and the rest is for food, washing clothes and utilities and the cell phone. >> maryam malay makes minimum wage, but gets a break with a holiday dinner budget because she lives with her mother. >> i get paid every two weeks. it's hard to budget everything in the two weeks. when i'm paid a minimum wage. it's hard. >> we went to a growsry store to by a typical dinner for a family of four or five. we got pumpkin pie, turkey,
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vegetables, drinks, ham - and we got the most affordable. tallied it up. came out to about $62. for many families the struggle to put food on the table is beyond buying the basics. >> the goodies that they like, can't afford it, can't buy it. you have to buy the things that you need. >> while the debate over minimum wage continues, people who live on the salaries work to find creative ways to put food on the table during the holidays. >> and joining us to talk about the struggles of low-wage workers is sarita gupta, executive director of jobs with justice. jobs with justice is a labour organization representing working-class families. welcome. >> great to be here. >> talk about the primary changes that these people face. >> well, as you heard in the
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stories, there are too men men and women in america who are facing very difficult decisions and choices of paying for food or paying for rent, you know, paying for medicine or childcare. too many people are just not able to meet their basic needs. that is really what is wrong with our economy today, and what we need to fix. >> this story about walmart - it is not the only company that pays minimum wage, but the idea that minimum wage workers would need extra money to make it through thanksgiving puts a period on the end of the story. so how does the u.s. fix it? >> well, for one think, i think it's important to remember if you look at workers and work for a company like walmart, a major corporation, walmart is one of
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the most profitable companies in america. they can work full-time and have a job and end up not being able to afford food for themselves or their families. most of these workers depend on public assistance or in the case of the story in ohio, the generosity of co-worker to put a good meal on the table for the holidays. it's a disgrace. it's not okay that we live in one of the wealth wealthiest nations in the world, and there's so many people who are struggling to get by. one is holding corporations accountable to paying the wages that they can afford to pay to be cheer, many of them can afford it, they are choosing not to. we have a responsibility as a nation to raise our federal minimum wage to make sure we are lifting up the wages and the standards for working people so they, in fact - workers can, you
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know participate in our economy. >> why is the low age job pool expanding? >> well, i think because more and more companies find it more profitable to create low-age jobs, to make sure their part-time jobs - this is a trend we see in the workforce, the growth of part-time and temporary work versus full-time jobs that include benefits that support workers and their ability to support themselves and family, families have access to health care and retirement. what we see is in the drive for profits, workers pay the expense of that. when you look at a major corporation like walmart, whose tag line is "low prices", the question we ask is what is the true cost of the low prices. our experience, and as we have heard in the story in ohio, the
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burden falls on the workers themselves, and on us as taxpayers who end up adding to the bottom line because we are, in fact, helping subsidise low-wage workers through programs. >> what do you think the minimum wage should be? >> well, let's be clear that the current federal minimum wage is $7.25. it has not been increased since 2009. the current proposal is for $10.10. we believe - i believe that we need to increase the federal minimum wage well above $10.10 an hour. >> $15. >> exactly. you look at fast-food workers who are taking a stand. the demand that they make is we need $15 an hour to make it in this economy. >> good to talk to you. thanks for your insight.
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>> thank you for having me. good to be here. >> new details on the power of sunday's deadly tornado outbreak in the midwest. one tornado stayed on the ground for 46 miles. the the storm destroyed communities across several states with the devastation. more from ashar quraishi. >> some batteries, flash lights. >> this is a community banding together. here at crossroads church, a red cross relief centre has been set up. bottled water is stacked high and wide. the hallway is lined with donated clothing. the making of a warehouse is filled with bare yeses cessities. >> -- necessities. people are coming in the building to get warm, sit and have a coffee. we have councillors coming in.
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retired basketball coach's home was levelled. >> there's nothing left all the way to the ground. the pair foundation flooring. that's what's left. >> his wife cathy was inside at the time. >> here she is here, over here. >> cathy is meeting with an insurance adjustor, amazed she is here to talk about the tornado that shredded the neighbourhood. >> a try wall game off and the coffey table caught it and made a bridge for me. someone is looking out for me. >> after a half century of marriage with decades spent in a home building memories, the hermans ask, "how do you start over from this?" this is what their home looked like before the storms. this is what it's like today? >> it was a small little area that i crawled out of >> while they are grateful to be alive, they say it's difficult
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not to in this community. >> i don't know if i want to live in washington now, after all this. >> a question that lingers for them and others, when there are more pieces than can ever be picked up. >> in the mideast. a suicide bombing near the iranian embassy. this morning's attack are the late ness a string of bombings linked to the war in syria. at least 23 people were killed, and we have this report. >> scenes of devastation. two powerful bombs were detonated outside the iranian embassy on tuesday. many civilians were killed. >> firefighters rushed to the scope to put out the flames and help the wounded.
11:41 pm
>> i am syrian, i work opposite the iranian embassies, on the way to work the first explosion took place, minutes later the second. i was unconscious and woke up in hospital. >> al qaeda claimed the responsibility of the attack. it was a message to iran. >> it was a message saying, "we can hit you wherever you are. if you are going to be involved in syria, we can hit you", or, for that matter, anywhere else. >> iran is a backer of syrian president. and its local ally hezbollah. >> the attack appears to be the latest spill over from the war. it wasn't the first of its kind. in august a car bombing scored scores of civilians in a strong hold in the southern suburbs. those that carried out the attack said it was in retaliation for hezbollah's participation in the war.
11:42 pm
>> it won't change the positions of hezbollah. for both of them the fight in syria is their fight. >> this message is useless and our deployment is not only strategic, but political and didn't from sectarianism. iran's position cannot be changed by such a message. iran and hezbollah will be allies to syria, and hezbollah will fight to safeguard its strategic enterprise in the region. >> lebanese people are divided about syria's civil war. sunnis and shiites support different sides. there are warnings of attacks in the days and weeks to come. a war is also being fought in lebanon. >> in new york the biggest move to stop teen smoking. mayor michael bloomberg signed a law banning the sale of tobacco
11:43 pm
problems to anyone under 21. >> new yorkers start smoking early. 80% take a drag of a secret or a bu buff of a pipe before their 21% birthday. a bill signed by michael bloomberg on tuesday will make it tougher. >> it's an invasion of rights. >> too many die of cancer. if there's a way of trying to stop people getting cancer, by raising the age, it's a good thing. >> at the smoke shop the clerk was glum, saying young people were a sizeable amount of his customers. the mayor smists the measure is about saving lives. >> this is not an issue of whether we'll kill people. a billion will die from smoking. we don't want any of the people to die to be new yorkers.
11:44 pm
>> this is michael bloomberg's final public health initiative before he leaves office. michael bloomberg considers himself a maverick when it comes to enacting laws that make new yorkers healthier. in 2006 he passed a ban an transfat. the fda is thinking of doing a similar one. last yeah he tried to push through a ban an large fizzy drinks. it's tied up in legislation. we didn't final smokers on the street that were outraged. they didn't think it would stop young people. >> kids will buy more at other places. there'll be more trouble. people getting arrested. >> people who want to smoke will get the secrets somewhere. >> city officials say the shift from nicotine is under way. since 2002 teen smoking decreased from 19 to 8%. the tobacco law goes in effect
11:45 pm
next may. michael bloomberg hopes in a generation or two the law will ensure that smoking is no longer the number one cause of preventible death among new yorkers. >> next - 150 years later the gettysburg - what it did then, and what it means now. plus - the return of rickie incognito facing accusations of bullying. the player hoping to rejoin the team - that story ahead in sport.
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. 150 years ago today president lincoln delivered the gettysburg address. president obama paid tribute to the speech with a reflective note on the white house website. he says he walks to lincoln's office late at night to look at the original copy. lisa stark reports from gettysburg pennsylvania where others paid tribute to the speech that resonates today. ♪ glory glory hallelujah >> it was a day to remember the past. at a cemetery where thousands of troops are buried lincoln's words rang out. >> a new nation... >> the gettysburg address is the most important speech in all of american history.
11:48 pm
it's 2 minutes of presidential poetry. it's doubling down on the declaration of independence saying we believe that all men are created equal. >> it was a speech calling for national unity - something torn apart then, and even today. >> his words - chiselled on the walls of his memorial are like wise chiselled on our hearts. they tell us what it means to be an american. they call us the unfinished work, not just to win a war, but to continue to perfect our nation. >> on this day 16 immigrants were sworn in as american citizens and welcomed in a message from president obama, who declined an invitation to attend. >> you can help write the next great chapter in our american story. >> i never feel more patriotic than i go on this day in pets. especially with the commemoration service. >> the last stanza of the speech
11:49 pm
is everything that america should be. it's a government of the people. >> also marked an overlooked part of the civil war. the nearly 200,000 black americans who fought for the union. just two are buried at gettysburg. inequalities are felt by many today. >> the mission of the war, the mission of the union, the mission of lincoln and of the black troops was a more extensive equality than what we have seen today. >> it is coming, we are striving forth. those words are the most meaningful out of the whole thing for me >> all men are create equal. >> yes, all men are created
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equal. >>
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>> michael eaves is here with sports. i guess he wants his job back. >> we forget with the allegations tt games are played. he wants to get back to playing games. despite an ongoing investigation into hazing and bullying, embattled mohl fin rickie incognito wants to return to the team. the dolphins must grant his grievance hearing scheduled for thursday. the team asked the league office to delay the proceedings because the lead investigator is in miami interviewing players and coaches about the dolphins' culture and whether it fostered an environment accepted and encouraging bullying. conduct detrimental to a team can last four games. rickie incognito has missed two games thus far. >> jamesin winston, florida state quarterback, is a suspect
11:53 pm
in a sexual assault case. now we know why it took a year to reach the attorney-general's ovals. the victim indicated she did not want to press charges. the case was declared inactive. someone involved in the case brought forth new evidence, reopening the case. the victim doesn't live in the state of victoria. tallahassee police were trying to interview here. jamesin winston's sounds has said he's innocent. and he is yet to discuss it with police. >> on the high school level graffiti lead to the cancellation of a football seen. members. lurenburg football squad sprai pointed "nights don't need n words" on the home of a team-mate. isaac phillips - his mother is white and father black - in announcing the cancellation of the last game, the lurenburg
11:54 pm
said, "we have no tolerance for race im." no arrests have been made. >> when kobe bryant tore his achilles in mid-april ril, he dashed la's play-offs, he put doubt over this year's. bryant went through a second full practice with the lakers at their facilities, following weeks of conditioning before joining the team for a workout last saturday. both coaches and players are impressed with how bryant performed. kobe bryant says he should be back by the end of the month and impressed himself. >> i went out there and played. tried to do what i normally do. tried to figure out some things about my game, and work through
11:55 pm
it. it felt good to compete and move around. playing with my guys and against my guys. it feels good to get out there and move. >> on the nba hardwood the miami head took a 3-led streak. chris bache lead. ray allen who missed with a flu added 17 for the heat, who were without dwayne wade. lebron james did not play the second. coming into the college season, on the basketball hard woot. marcus smart was the only unanimous selection for the associated press pre-season team. through the first three games he struggled to find his games, something oklahoma state need if they are to get past memphis.
11:56 pm
he did more than rediscover his game, setting a high torching the tigers' defense. he's decided not to enter the draft. 20 points in the first half. 11-21 with five three pointers. his effort topping a career high of 28, set against oklahoma. the cowboys win - this in a blow-out to 80. >> defending national champion put a 1-game winning streak on the line. 20 points and nine rebounds as the cardinals posted an 87-48 win. russ smith added 14. their winning streak is the longest in the nation. finally tonight - the longest torch relay in the history of the olympics continued in the far east as members of the ice swimming team - yes, they have a national ice swimming team in
11:57 pm
russia. trotted down to the river and carried the torch all the way across the ice-filled water. the 4-month olympic torch relay will travel more than 39,000 miles by the time it reaches socchi in february. >> that's tough. that's really tough. >> how is that not an olympic sport. in the winter olympics ice swimming. >> they held it above the water. >> that's the feat. >> looks kind of cold. just a little bit. >> harry potter will pop up on a stamp near you. the u.s. post at service will release 20 postage stamps featuring the young wizard. the honour coming with hope that potter will bring in more rev few for the service, and from harry potter to monty python. the troupe is reuniting. john cleese, eric idle, michael
11:58 pm
palin, terry jones and terry gill yam say they are putting together a new stage show. the details will be announced this week. . >> textures are close to feeing -- temperatures are close to freezing in new york city. they are close to going over. boston is at 33. the difference between 11:00 pm tonight and last night - there was a drop. temperatures dropped 16 degrees from what they were last night in new york. for boston, it's about 20 degrees colder there, feeling chilly in philadelphia. 18 degrees colder than last night. it will be the coldest situation until we get to the weekend. what is happening is another weather system is coming out of canada, similar to what brought the cold air to begin with. the air mass behind the cold front came from alaska. the system will make its way
11:59 pm
down, across the northern plains, bringing the cold air, the coldest that we have seen all even long. we'll see temperatures into the single digits. some will see a couple minus 1, minus 2. what else will happen is crusty winds off the great lakes over the end of the weekend from saturday to sunday, bringing the wind chill down across the region. when the temperatures go up from thursday to friday - enjoy it. this system will cool things off. the rain will come in across chicago. the temperature will drop to a high of 27. overnight low of 13. colder air is down here towards the south-east. we are looking at birmingham alabama. that's a look at your weather. have a good night.
12:00 am
. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york, and here are the top stories: texas antiabortion advocates got a temporary victim. the u.s. supreme court agreed to keep tough abortion restrictions in place while they are being repealed. the rule requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital. it goes before a federal appeals court in january. >> the health care rollout is causing headaches for the barack obama administration. is a security risk, say republicans, for people trying to enrom. the administration knew of the flaws. at a hearing on capitol hill, the top


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