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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> welcome to aljazeera america, i'm del walters, and these are the stories we're following for u. >> the president had been shot. >> 50 years after the assassination of president john f. kennedy, they share their memories of that tragic day. and the roof of a supermarket collapses, killing dozens of people in latvia, and a major storm moving across the northeast that can affect your holiday travel plans.
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>> today the nation remembers one of the darkest days in its history. it was 50 years ago today that john f. kennedy was fascinated as he went -- assassinated as he went through texas. jfk's burial site is marked by the eternal flame, and it's one of the most visited gravesites, and for the first time ever in dallas, a memorial will be held at the scene of the shooting. heidi is there, and i understand that they're expecting huge crowds. >> reporter: they are, del. 5,000 lucky lottery winners will be here at the plaza, and on this unseasonably cold day, it's nothing like the clear skies that were in dallas in 1963. well, this bad weather is not keeping people home.
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but crowds are gathering already in the anticipation of this event. just above them is a book depositry where from the 6th story window came the shots that took president kennedy's life 50 years ago. the people there said that they remember it, and it changed not only their lives but the course of the world. there were tense moments for everyone, and perhaps none of which were more intense than the emergency room at parkland hospital, minutes in here. only half an hour from when he was shot, president kennedy was pronounced dead there. despite the effort of surgeons who tried to accomplish the impossible task of saving the president. doctors ronald jones and mcclellan were young surgeons at the hospital in 1963. friday, november 22nd, was a day that began like any other, and
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just after lunchtime. >> i heard a little tap on the conference room door. the president has been shot and they're bringing him to the emergency room and they need doctors right away. >> men in business suits. >> and i saw mrs. kennedy sitting on a folding chair outside of trauma room one, and i was horrified to realize that it was just what they said it was, that the president had been shot. >> president kennedy lay on a gurney, arms spread and eyes open. >> i couldn't get any blood. i got an iv going in his left upper arm. >> dr. mcclellan was the first to see the head wound. >> the back half of the right side of his brain was gone, and as i stood there, the cerebellum, the lower part of the brain, fell out of the hole out and this was obviously a fatal wound. and nothing could be done about that.
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>> dr. jones was asked to deliver the news. >> the secret service came up with a badge in his hand and said i need to tell j. edger hoover, and behind him, the secret service, i need to call joseph kennedy and tell him the condition of his son. and realized that the whole world was going to find out that kennedy was dead. >> jacqueline kennedy had asked doctors to delay the death pronouncement until after her husband received his light rites. >> i told her he was not doing well. >> moments later, a priest arrived. >> he said, if thou livest and i couldn't hear him say anything else. >> after that, mrs. kennedy entered the room. and mcclellan witnessed her farewell to hearths. >> she was very self contained
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and she stood there and changed a ring from her finger and his finger to her finger and walked out and kissed him. >> less than 48 hours later, both doctors would be operating on a dying oswald. they said they just did their jobs while history unfolded on their operating table. >> and the city of dallas will be commemorating that history starting in half an hour, that's when the preprogram begins, and then at 12:30, there will be a moment of silence. that's the moment that the fatality shot took kennedy's life. >> heidi, thank you very much. they are expecting so many people at the plaza that video cameras have been set up around the city to handle the overflow. mark, what's the mood where you are? >> .
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>> yeah, we have mic checks going on right now. in one of those overflow areas. can you see the big screen set up behind me, and they have 1,000 chairs. they had 1,000 tickets or not enough as far as the interest in this event today. the mood and dallas is a reflective one. the power of this day is not lost on anyone. the people i talked to are in somewhat of a somber mood. and we have the gray and cold weather here. there are still a lot of people in dallas that have a connection to not only the events of that day, but the people involved in that day. i talked to a woman not too long ago who was 11 years old when she knew lee harvey oswald. her grandmother ran a boarding house, and six weeks after the assassination, she told me something that she will never
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forget. oswald did something when her brothers got into a fight in the front yard. >> lee got up off the porch, broke them up, set them on the stairs, and sat down between them. and he looked at them and he says, i want to tell you two something. and he said this is important. he says, you're brothers, and you need to take care of each other, and you need to love each other. and never do anything that would harm another human being. >> unreal. that all said, after the assassination, it was really tough times for her grandmother. she was embarrassed and ashamed that she housed someone who would do what oswald did, and she was the victim of a lot of threats, death threats of people who found out where oswald was living at the time he committed the assassination. >> we should point out that
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where you are save just one site where people have gathered today, correct? >> yeah, this is one of three locations around downtown. we're always in about a mile of the plaza as the crow flies, if you will. and right now they're showing where kennedy visited, i believe its fort worth, before he was assassinated in dallas, and they're expecting up to 1,000 people to end up at these other overflow areas, but again, it's a nasty day weather wise. and we'll see hat crowd is like. >> -- what the crowd is like. >> and a reminder that aljazeera will have continuing coverage of the events surrounding the death of jfk50 years later. typhoon haiyan has become the worst natural disaster in the history of the philippines, and the death toll has now jumped to 5,000 people. and 1600 are said to be missing,
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many of the dead buried in mass graves. and aid is pouring in from all over the world. less than two weeks before thanksgiving, and a major nor' easter could be developing. more on the weather. >> normally we wouldn't be focusing on a storm ate week away, but given the fact that it's such a big travel weekend, watch how the storm develops. this wouldiblthisthis would be r thursday of next week. and if the low develops in the gulf and tracks up the coast, this track is an estimate of where today track, but it would intensify. so with a storm like this, you could have travel delays with rain on wednesday, and then it would move up the coast and interact with snow in new england. that would be on wednesday, and on thursday, it would be up over eastern canada, taking all of the rain and the snow with it, but the wind would pic pick up.
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>> at the such. very much. it's now day three surrounding the talks in switzerland. and the iranians met with representatives of the eu this morning, and there was much room for optimism: two areas of kennedyconcern. an agreement with the united states, that deal would keep thousands of troops in afghanistan. karzai is urging the elders to approve the pack, but he wants his successor to sign-off on the deal. the united states is saying that
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the dealt needs to be signed as soon as possible. in egypt, thousands of muslim brotherhood taking to the streets in protest, marking the day of the sit in killing 600 people. they were met with resistance by the egyptian security forces and clashes with the university students. >> reporter: well, it has considerably calmed down in the last half hour or so, but earlier in the day, they were here, with protesters trying to reach the square where they held that week-long sit-in, at a time when mohamed morsy was removed. they fired teargas all the way
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back, and then made sure that no one would go there. it was a violent crackdown by the security forces. 600 died on that day where the government said about 600 have died on that day. >> and we're used to seeing these demonstrations in egypt on a scale compared to other demonstrations and how is it today? >> on the street, they have been [ audio difficulties ] people go, after egypt and other places, what you have, you have a demonstration, today was another one at the university, which is the most prestigious
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university in islam. and they are going to end up there because the security forces, into the streets, and four people were arrested. but i think what they're trying to do now is contain both of they want to the universities, the security forces will not be able to enter unless they have prior agreement. before them, unfortunately the cabinet voted to let the security forces to enter the university campuses. >> joining us live from cairo, hoda, thank you very much. in latvia, searchers are looking for those who were beneath the roof of a supermarket that collapsed. 35 people have been injured. and the supermarket was filled with shoppers, and firefighters were hurt when it collapsed.
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latvia has declared thread days of mourning. >> still to come, witnesses recalling the day that president kennedy was fascinated. >> shortly before the dawn of saturday morning, john fitzgerald kennedy comes home to the white house. he had been the president for two years and 10 months.
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>> we can't see if anybody is hit, but something is terribly wrong in the motorcade.
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and it looks as though they're going to the hospital. >> that day, 50 years ago today. the scene today. and you're looking live at the shot of the eternal flame, burning at the site of president john f. kennedy's grave, and it has been burning every day, with the exception of two days ever since. he was a reporter for the dallas herald, and he was assigned to cover a reception for the first lady. but he witnessed one of the biggest moments of history. take us back to that day and what do you remember most? >> well, i remember of course our city desk officials were listening to the police radio. and we heard the transmission of that shot having been fired. and that was a frightening moment. and i was asked by the city editor to go directly to the
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plaza, which was five blocks away. and i remember it being a scene of bedlam, and there were rifles and fire clucks, and people were in distress and tears, and at the repository, it was concluded that the shots had been fired from there. >> and you found that abraham had footage of the shots themselves and what happened next? >> yes, as i interviewed eyewitnesses u, a couple of youg ladies told me that their boss had filmed the shots being fired. and they didn't me he was dead at the time. and they asked me about that, and i asked them to take me to their boss. and they did. he was abraham zebruder in the next office building, and i went up there, and i saw his camera on top of a filing cabinet.
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and he described it to me, often in tears, and he said that the president was dead, he knew he was dead. mr. zebruder said, i know he's dead. i was watching through the view finder and his head exploded like a firecracker. >> people on that day talk about their life before the assassination and after the assassination and their lives were different and how did it change? >> i don't think it changed much, but horrendous memories, and i was always mindful of that. and we knew there would be a moment in history forever edged in my mind. >> in fact, you kept a notebook from that day. >> this is the regular reporter's notebook that we had. and let me hold up my notes from -- well, here are the notes. notes that i took.
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i took the note of the address at 1026 north beckly. after i finished with mr. zebruder, they gave me this address which i wrote down, and that would be the rooming house where oswald lived . so i went to 10267 north beckly and i interviewed erline roberts, the land lady and other young men who had rooms there, it was a rooming house, and i got a lot of information about oswald there. though he was registered under an assumed name, the name being o.h. lee. >> there are so many opinions, and in your opinion, having lived with the story for 50 years, who killed president john f. kennedy? >> i'm convinced it was lee harvey oswald, his palm print was there, and three expended
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shells were on the floor plan. and he was the only employee to leave the building. he shot officer tippett when he was confronted by him. and he tried to shoot one of several police officers arresting him in the texas theater. if he had been part of a vast conspiracy, i don't think that they would have chosen someone is like lee harvey oswald. he was mall adjusted and had visions of grandeur, and the night before the assassination, he went out to irving where his wife was, they were separated, and he becked her to come back to him. and i think if she had agreed to come back to him, to live together as husband and wife, he wouldn't have gone through the assassination. and it's very difficult to keep such a secret for 50 years. i can't imagine having survived for that time if others had been
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vomit. >> what wabeen -- involved. >> it was the most pom lus state in the country, and america's population, 190 million people. and it was the richest state and getting richer. the longest peace time growth in history. and women, they were homemakers, and it would be three more years before the national organization for women was launched. coming up next on aljazeera america, remembering jfk, the unforgettable pictures taken on the day of his assassination. they're on exhibit for the first time. >> the flash, president kennedy died at 1 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. 38 minutes ago.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera
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america. i'm del walters, and is here are today's headlines. today marks the 50th anniversary of the death of president john f. kennedy. crowds of mourners are reexpects to his gravesite. and a memorial will be held until dallas. typhoon haiyan, officially the deadlyist disaster in the history of the philippines. the country says that the death toll has jumped to more than 5,000 people. and another 1600 are still missing. talks on iran's nuclear program continue today with a note of optimism, russia wil's foreign minister will be joining talks in geneva and iran is saying that it has the right to nuclear enrichment. and negotiators call that their red line. it was 50 years ago today. a sunday in dallas turned into
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one of the darkest chapters in american history. a photography exhibit opens in new york city. and we have a glimpse. >> reporter: they're images taken by americans wishing to shake his hand, or at the very least, get close to the charismatic president. >> this passion and intimacy and dire to get close is what fueled the photographs. >> pictures of president john f. kennedy taken-by-standers adorn the walls in new york, taken at a time when cellphone cameras weren't even imagined. >> how is it different than by standards today with their i phones? >> exactly the same. i'm making the argument that this is the prehistory of citizen journalists as we know them today. >> the most famous photo was
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taken by mary ann moorman. it circulated on the wire services in hours, what is known as going viral. >> the photograph that went out on united president international. this was on newspapers and television stations around the world within hours. >> this is the only photograph that captures the exact moment of impact? >> to my knowledge, yes. it's the photograph that shows a unique look across the grassy knoll. if you look closely in the photograph, you see shadowy figures, and it's the one that has generated the most debate, and is reproduced in all of the conspiracy books, related to the assassination. >> reporter: television stations went into continuous coverage of the aftermath of kennedy's death. >> the intersection of these two
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heightened photograph were from people's home television sets as they witnessed it on television. >> reporter: his assassin, also caught on television, moments that made their way into family albums. >> they put them into scrapbooks and saved them in newspapers, so there was a very personal relationship to this event. people trying to understand and simulate the news into their own lives. >> reporter: captured images that had meaning for those who took them and now pieced together history. aljazeera, new york. >> and i'm meteorologist, dave warren, and what you're looking at, it's happening now. there could be slippery roadways as we get cold air in texas and oklahoma, a storm bringing moisture and warmer air above
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the cold air in the same areas, and now you're getting rain, which is falling through cold air, freezing when or before if hits the ground, freezing into rain and sleet. any of the temperatures below freezing can see that. it's just blow freezing in dallas and wichita. all seeing a mix of precipitation now. bridges and overpasses. this is from yesterday. and it will makes the roy even colder than the ground around it. so that makes it the first to freeze. there's this moisture coming in from the south. and now there's rain and warmer weather across the midwest and the northeast, and light snow through the great lakes. colder. the northern plains and the great lakes over the next 24
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hours. there's a cold windchill this weekend. >> thank you very much. it is one of the most enduring mysteries of that day. what happened to that iconic pink suit worn o by jackie kenny on the day that the president was shot. it's being held in the national archives out of the public view. only with their approval. thank you for watching aljazeera america. i'm del walters, and we'll continue our coverage all day of jfk's assassination. assassination 50-year-old today >> ask not what your country can you consider you, but what you can do for your country.
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if you were holding outz. hope that bipartisanship still had aerolite to play, you can give up. today the democratic leader harry reid launched the so called nuclear option and removed the minorities ability to exercise what little power it had left, to block president obama's judicial nominees. frustrated with the g.o.p.'s long list of obstructive judges and agency heads, the move by the democrats upended 225 years of senate history,


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